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06-27 8pm Scoot/ Grief conseling over lost of a pet.;

Jun 27, 2014|

Bob talks with Social Worker Sharon Henry, over how to deal with the lost of a favorite pet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Knew it is me Bob Mitchell be real. Robert Mitchell filling in for. Do tonight got a great show reported great -- but before I get to that and I've always. That a very blessed man the fact that I have to fail to my family home and you my radio -- And we have been together for a long long long time always made me feel good when somebody would say hey Bob. In all I used to listening use in the morning while I was on the school Boston and years later the fact that I used to listening to a school bus and now my own kids are listing view. So I consider in my family so I'd like to share a personal loss with you and -- -- my very best to. Get through this. When my daughter Meredith first introduce -- my first thought was what skinny little dude you'll throw him back. Now for the next year we were nice to each other and that was about it. Bench yesterday to move in with us too and of course I said yeah -- while there's no how hard it is to say -- to your daughter even when you're not teen appeal idea. Little -- -- that he would become my best -- Over seventeen years when I would complain about life's problems he would just listen he was a great -- sometimes. He would just not as Taylor rule applies but mainly just listen. When I had to make the thirteen hour drive back to Slidell after Katrina the eagerly jumped in the car so I would not have to make the hard grueling drive alone. This past weekend. Disfigured by. A little we spoke to said that the -- in this world to the other world. The story doesn't end here. The true love it was -- with my wife. When she was sick and I was at work he was at her side every minute. When we sent down to watch TV was on a culture right beside her when we came home. Deal was greeted her first was led jealous. Yeah. A little I couldn't compete because I couldn't when my tail like him rolled my odds to win he rolled his on this web -- -- People always ask to all dogs go to happen. -- I really don't know that answer but I know my boy -- is there waiting for a huddle I know. Because by wife received this letter. In the mail from him. Return address -- village. And if you don't mind no regional water. Says dear mom -- to. It's may you boy -- yeah I can speak the same language. Amusing -- boy he's tight machines -- real cool you can't believe what happened I was walking into the den of home and I saw this light. It looked like a hole in the fence I walk through it and here I am of this special place I can see and -- again I can run like when I was a young pup and I will never grow old again. Remember those squirrels are used to chase there are here -- I finally caught one but the big guy appeared mainly given that. I think there's some kind of rule here that nobody ever does again I wanna thank you for giving me such a great life. We have some great times together taking care of each other I always felt so special when you allow me. To take your view both of them on my best memories. I remember the day when Meredith that's our daughter rescued me from that awful prison. I thought I was going to have to spend the rest of my life and that cage. I thought that was the tempest in my life it was. Until you. My real mom came into my life and I knew what real -- was all about no one could ask for a better about. Tell dad I saw a dot dot was. Dog that who we lost about a year and a half ago because of a massive -- -- she looks great. And is chasing a rainbow colored with that she'd love to Trace loser to the back porch well I gotta go. -- the a couple of bucks getting too closely -- Would never let the dogs in the New York. I mean utilitarian when he does Donald but too feeble to -- after the he would be he would get off the cultural outside attracts -- -- the doctrine of the war. And gold fields said mom. And -- One seconds equal to one year on earth. So we'll see you tournament you poured water. I'll be back after the -- -- did. I'm Bob metro and sports do tonight on WW LR poll numbers 26 year old -- 78668. 908 Saturday. We're going to be talking park tonight about how to handle double loss of your gotten their furry little children members of repayment was an -- Concern of family and to grief and sadness and before going further and -- on the bring my guest on that analyst and a dual effect in my wife's cousin. -- -- -- A vote at the crematorium in the West Bank she's the -- who. Processed my -- forming. And that's what it's like he's on the mental right now and though we're gonna put his -- Astros in the gulf bicycle is like to go swimming there but only after the after the flea season are right. Before Ida sparked -- -- much let's bring on our special guest she is licensed clinical social worker and grief counselors have been coached at Lakeland memory. Sharon Henry Sharon thank you so much of in part of the show to. Thank you and I don't know I capturing that letter I was sitting here so I felt. You know -- seventeen years. Your -- for. And what I tell people all -- and one of the reasons at a lot should hurt a much. Is that really -- is unconditional. -- And we. Can't keep we keep expecting. That are special K and the -- That we can't do and say oh well they're catching. -- -- His his last act was act of love on what happened was -- he had gotten aware. You lost a slight loss to hearing. He couldn't really do any thing guy who was getting the point where he was. Stumbling going on the stairs and he he really was just not doing well and I don't know you know Greg -- doctor -- rich. Okay he is a he's an exotic pet vet and is one of my best friends. And he had arranged for us to bring -- into him. -- at 3 o'clock. Sunday afternoon and we were we were getting ready. To do that and that is. One of the most difficult brutal fleeing you have to do because if you feel that you are taking their life and touched a terrible. Horrible decision to try to make and we were that it was like 215. And my wife and I were actually getting dressed ago. And he walked into the bin and collapse and quite -- But that made it's so much easier Reynolds yeah we -- them with his last act. In thought about us yeah. And he would serve. -- he wants it really. There's no -- you know you know but some people don't understand other people say. You know it's well it was just the dog -- I never even referred to was a dog -- my body. Right well you know -- or -- it differently. To now probably to the majority of the population. They are our best friends. They're. Special they're not just dog or just cat she can't just get up. Of course she -- if you remedy -- the on the we're only. Yeah. Well it's interesting that you say that because you know I in the beginning. Win. Talked to my wife about. In a bottle whether -- one another one and then. My first thought was I'm gonna go get me a little brown dots and property on the named him Goddard to on the replaced Miller with a new color. But that only lasted about maybe 23 hours and I realized I will never be able to replace ever. Right when when I was growing up. We've had -- we have a dog. And that dog died when I was very young. And my father never awarded another dog and I would every now and then would -- a puppy in my folder paid no attention to it probably wouldn't -- if by mama mama -- What is it with dead. And then dogs and she said because. He lost when he lost -- That was like losing one of his children and he says I will never replace that with a notebook and I guess that's the way we didn't. Yeah and people feel differently from people. Can't -- -- -- darker cat because. They just don't think they handle a lot like at. And then there -- some people. Just believe they can't because Cuban people actually. -- -- And in me and it came to agree group from war and year. End. -- -- mr. Carrier's stock bullet so much. And the current picture that one date late which strange. In when he can't get a quick momentum and they column. Is there -- At the taping this dog -- shall we believe you regret and you're -- And he got gunned down. So you -- such a beautiful story and he along the way it can talk about it -- I think it was. -- fear of being. Gimme some inside on you actually hold group sessions for actually to tell me about -- and where'd you have them and if a -- wants to go to them how to do it. -- To start it can't happen at slightly longer battery trauma they're but he knows weirdly long battery useful -- the -- There's a free standing building and that. Crematory and -- -- beautiful where should he can actually eat well. At the actual play they're. Actually over in the current -- -- or put a -- out at. And are the first -- -- regard and I mean second straight -- their. Trip and all the -- group. And all they have to do is call patent protection at the numbers aren't so forward. 482. Happened streak they happened. And say that they want to temptation never caught. And the only reason we want people to Kabul. Is is to group get too large. I have to use the power to fuel -- Let me do this let me give my phone number in May be people who were lifting right now might want to after apportionment of -- The big question is is when you know it's time if you have if you wanna take -- show a -- -- -- Europe that tells about a loss of Europe and if you wanna. As Sharon Henry cluster and we can start taking calls while her and I have talked in its 260187866889. Though it's seventy. And we're going to be talking tonight at least the -- may be into the second hour -- -- -- to put it up and down on. How -- you make the decision if if you need if you need some help than trying to make that decision I'm sure share and will be glad to help you right now. Our our lines are open for you should be able to get right through. 2601. Late seventy. 866 -- -- nine OH seventy follow. What's the what are the guidelines if Andy about when it's time to sleep about it. Is. He -- get caught dead in any case. And I would say -- to twelfth -- how stupid screw. Every single person -- and -- -- feel guilty because. Me here they kept the Cadillac to. Maybe eight or protective put them down to her. Q. So it's a very difficult shall make you think it is one more attention we can make or. When you and Asian -- start looking can go on it can't do. So people schedule. In the post. But gently they're like you're at it for you very fortunate that. Most people -- And so they can't appoint a number. I thought Clinton. Kind of like -- In. I got an extra -- and you know it would be okay it probably. Well actually. And shall. Give -- Election yeah. And we get that cool. Able to record. Cold in her early. Wonderful earned it not a cruel and yet and we look at it that way you're a law. To our. -- And. And a little things that I told my wife for quite some time. I said you know he loved us unconditionally all these years and it's time for us to show him the love directly. The one that we've lost about a year and a half ago. That was to a brutal though with with a gun or we could see he was it was old and we could see him slowly useful another. We have another one tree was. A white optional pliable and yet they don't fund money like that she was white. And you get one big black spot -- like circle ball all over timely and we Calder we called her daughter while she developed such tumor. Around her heart at about five and a half years old and the tumor kept growing and growing and growing and as she was having that you have a hard time -- the and we we did we did what ever week good week put her on some I mean. We went to a heart specialist and -- on my buddy Greg rich. Sent all over pictures over to the L issue for Marion school which is one of the finest that schools in the country. And they said there's nothing we can do for her if we all Europe on the table she's -- she's gonna die on the table. And it was getting worse and worse you could hear in bed where she couldn't breathe so we make the decision. It's time well that morning. It was like she was her old self again and running and running around but. The vet told us that they're they have those days and I don't know. If in her own little Braintree she knew it was time. But we we did go through with it and for a long time I felt incredibly. -- Credibly deal. Yep -- and error. At its normal. Just normal can. I. First couple unity -- -- skirt happened well. I believe that. Care action. Is and love is each cardinal -- -- and eagle at -- -- in steel area. And true. Sure. So -- that. Let me read a text message force I have had two cats. From kittens both were rescued cats -- the cat lived to be nineteen and -- died three years ago initially by stillness -- flawlessly. As a fourteen year old has cancer and I'm dreading -- one day and they have to make the decision I completely understand how you feel then. Absolutely. You. It you know first. For the average purse and we. Act which. You can expect first on you are a lot -- You know crime but yeah who are currently. More people could -- also true cheers and and it is it. Come some treatment and here's. -- -- You know or you think you can talk about it some -- -- -- did you think you can talk about it and then I'll go to talk about it and left after turmoil yet because. I can't talk you know fortunately for me I have I have a friend who has who has three dogs and he loves in the same way and he he he's helped lead because he lost one -- before a lost mine and you know at least I have some wonder -- talk to another guy weren't where I don't have the feel like -- a big win. And you know that's -- the group should not so much that I. But the people in the group had an RX in -- healing and it is true. Comforting to be able to let it all come out. Armed. TP. How long did you expect. -- have this feeling how long before the feeling eventually goes away. Well. You know it logically our IP changing and he. Would feel. -- -- first yeah. That hole or will it capture and -- the -- start that you. So hard it is. -- body. Would ever. That I. Would be reached her first herbs and Mary are you. You know. Years more pat. You pretty much for those people. And people -- In the UK. Can not wait. In the week -- We have we have a call -- 26 year old late 78668890. It's seventy Earl. Welcome to a WWL you'll -- about. Question for -- Well our ports our our our. Jury. Should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rupert. Were brought it. There. Aren't there you know. Tuesday. War here. Yet. -- Don't trust -- jury. -- that little. Ball. -- -- don't. Worry about our folk art. What are. All all -- Got a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are more and more are. Bigger. Rick -- she. We'll go to Europe was a Dotson. Little small legs but he strutted around -- like he was in total control. There are under -- signal. We -- we -- to sit on the couch and watch the saints game together -- put -- put collar zoning and -- -- because the he missed the block are. -- with a missed the tackle my wife called is to me. Calm down calm down on the you know it it that that's that's an experienced the I'm going to do this because he and I watched the saints games and -- shoot games together. -- real. And what -- you know what -- -- where you are at our drop chart that the art. I'll read it don't tell are. You out on top level. Jake -- it'll work the way -- -- white or stupid war. When I got -- it would give it up and goal edge. But the but it what is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It it was our corporate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Holmes and -- -- -- on August 1 let's talk all of all of our first last year we are. Oh. The first report by there -- Well. We are what we got him an -- -- -- are. Reverend doctor -- would call it that -- read. What went over got a report. -- -- -- -- The box or -- pictures around there at it would well. You know well we have the we have the picture up early he'd give me an item when I go home. About a put as a -- put his cholera in the box a thank you for that suggestion thank you Earl. All right 2601878866889. OH seventieth you've had do. Mature pat down recently. I I prefer a single by had to say good body apparently easily or you are facing that. This would be a good time for you to call and -- the device from -- -- Henry -- they bereavement counselor. 2601878866. In a 90878. -- -- One when it comes to -- to making that the final decision. To say good -- My of my my buddy Greg told me that what you. To help you make the decision what you should do. There's like people little diary. And put down how many good days and -- bed days than he says once the bad days. Get more than the good days and but as long measure that still wants to eat still wants to beat by U. Then that means that they still have some. Quality of life and and -- to the very enemy and he lost it could not hear at all and then if he could see in the and the he barely Tutsis and he no matter where we would go he would he would be right left in fact we had to put a bell on his collar. Because he would get on the beat you fetal time -- we didn't want to hurt him but. The piece of that stolen goods on the one they get to the point where they stopped eating it and then that's that's then you know what's on the make the decision. But really good practical -- Can help keep. And lessen -- jail and you know it's funny one answer thing. This thing down is. Egypt. -- Chris -- on the -- and yeah because perpetually. In the air so in TE. That they're right and you -- -- -- chick that can pack it up for Europe and attracting -- really -- Went back on your guilt for a long while being careful. On on the bank into. Sharon on the take a break and come back with you okay. All right 26 year old -- 878668890. It's seven report about how to handle the loss of -- -- of an interview. Have recently made that decision. And you need someone to talk to or if that decision for you may be -- right around the corner. Want to call us -- 260 late 78668. At 90 it's seventy Bob Mitchell and priests go to the big -- seventy WW. And I'm Bob Mitchell in for us due to better phone numbers 2601878668890. -- of it. Let's not try to start taking some phone calls have you ever lost a pet. And -- to cope with how difficult it was to cope with. And are you a dog or cat or an ecstatic about exotic pet Persian do you preacher pat -- Like an animal or family and and let's take some phone calls to let us know just how big. Of a heart that your -- is to your family and we really don't have much of a wait to have you wanna call you should be able to get right on. 2601 late 7866. And it 90870. Maybe we can take enough. Now we're talking about -- grieving but let's let's try to get some some positive things -- the year 226017866. 890 it's seventy and our special guest this hour. Is Sharon and refusal licensed clinical social worker great council and have been pets at a -- on memory I never knew that. I guess the deported in my own words that a pet shrink even existed. When. Well I'm actually of people string. It's because the people. Agreed to do you. And in practice. 35. And ten more years. And bring clients. We're coming to me about some other problem. Essentially. So many of them started talking about the horrible decision. Putting their head down well treading a law. -- -- -- -- When you actually gone. And so I think for a long long. What Cherie yeah she did it -- women. Jennifer -- it started at at and master to agree group should absolutely outlook and just so -- and when I first started. Most of the people change we're no -- -- under straighter has compassion toward them. But what happened in -- -- years. It is. Bosses give people deja. -- card stroke not bad. From their friends. Just the general public has become. So much more understanding. The important. And values that -- -- play. Let's take a call from a Jimmy right now Jimmie thank you for calling WWL. And you are on the air which are Henry. Gesture and just wanna call and show. About the you know course. And it is. Named scrappy. And I guessed well we about years. Passed away unfortunately. But I -- waters. You know. -- and barely go -- -- at eight. Is phenomenal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two good arms. Car -- sport we -- In and try to LP. But do say that in every. Year. And I really like comfort to people you know Arab and replacing Edgar yet but I and a -- Not to not to. Harm. Well. Donated money in and try to help -- people -- gets -- to. You know I'm really chill out until now I'll -- -- -- I want it to ten PG -- Jimmy detriment. You doing. So many things that are the perfect thing to do and I'd advise people. If you start with gratitude. For the love being in and chilling she got. Whatever you know in the beginning you don't need to switch from Greece needs to -- But when it's still an arm -- and stop our equipment and gratitude extra credit older pictures. Funny things that they did to continue grateful for your life. Because we find. It easier on their emotions to switched to in you start. Operate better you feel better. In your -- in and other rating. And then the other things are already gearing donating money to help other people. Get a hat so wouldn't eat it and break the beloved -- Do -- -- or donate money. At. You know in doubt into the universe. And could and so. Help -- In -- in -- to say one thing and not to appreciate comments on. But I just couldn't. I I admired. Practically. Every home. And now and that's what it'll it'll. If you know -- Coordinate things are in the he's it was and now totals are able might look at that -- They're but we don't Jimmy you have to take a break a share hold on the comeback of probably 401 more caller on Bob Mitchell in -- in this debated seventy WWL AMF lemon dot com. I'm Bob -- welcome back to the show we're talking about losing the patent how to deal with that. With -- Hillary I have one caller left before that we go to news shall share in. And just in case we run out of time again to help people if they want to abuse your grief services I'll probably do it. Call it pet it struggle for. 482738. Had. All right let's go to William -- What they -- Euro which are Henry. Yeah. -- got pretty good story in less than a year we lost both the ball now. Problem with that. First word she was acting like she. Less then six months later. The ball. -- -- at fifteen. And then the last one maybe. That the seventeen Euro. Well -- man. Just you know want you and it's like. It's. It's partly but -- -- on time and actually you know -- is that. It. Others are aware of the yeah. So vote sometime like. You know. 11. Outlook he -- That -- and should change -- It is just tremendous -- to Austria animals in and year. -- to the cheapest right now. And about one -- Let me hear him. On. I want to -- Yes you -- you know but he -- at a -- -- to get it's still there here at that. -- and broker and then. And -- and so much. -- and well you know. You look down and those memories linger true I think it got richer experience. But it it's really typical -- to treat such short you. Are really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is Willie appreciate -- being part of the show and that is to -- he had it right on the when they goes like a piece of you go on with the Sheraton great. Thank you. So very much for being part of the show I know you've helped me and him. I'm sure there were a lot of people listening who who didn't phone and then went through the loss of pets and you've you've you've been a big help all of us. -- Thank you. I all right we gonna go to news next and then after the -- hours -- on at least on the pet thing let's let's -- the more positive about it if you still wanna talk about the loss of a family but that's fine. And let's go ahead and maybe. Start talking about may be some. Fallen or some strange pet stories that maybe your pet did too sick juror wanted seventy. 8668 at 90 it's heavily on Bob Mitchell in pursuit coming right back after the news and WW well.