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06-27 10pm Scoot/ Coping with the loss of a pet

Jun 27, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss: coping with the loss of a favorite pet...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No hitters maybe -- shall be real. Robert Mitchell filling in for. -- -- -- -- To what's on our WWL talk table a -- and as we take the show to. Midnight tonight in the just the metabolic I gotta tell you about this story or -- -- if you heard this year. But. We are. Such a litigious society you know we will sue for anything at all and this is. A latest recently to show up in rated -- A New Jersey driver. Has sued her former employer for requiring her to commute. During rush hour. At that. According to court papers she suffered from anxiety and depression. Which was a specially aggravated by crawl out roadways experienced during that heavy traffic of Russia our. -- traffic induced anxiety however was especially acute. Rising to the level of a medically diagnosed disability. That is of course according to court documents initially requested a revised works by which she -- Come in after morning rush hour. And leave prior to afternoon Russia wouldn't you like to have a job like those of you gotta fight traffic in the morning and the fight traffic in the afternoon to new imagine. Can you imagine going to your bosses they look. I need a new schedule this is just too stressful for me drive it in in the morning during all this traffic and driving home during all the traffic or former employer. Allegedly made no attempt to come later or why would day. In fact they down greater test the clerical and then eventually fired her that she was sued for unspecified amount of financial damages. Just open that position. Going to your boss and send it off a I just can't take. This morning and afternoon traffic so you need to create a job where I could comment after the traffic and leave before. May be what we should do is maybe everyone else may be good for May be the -- can read the situation. Well every everybody else to wait and comment after rush hour traffic and lead before and then. She would be able come to work in the morning traffic and leaving and there would be no one else on the road. Alright here's what we are talking about the -- you know we spent. And our last hour talking. About what it means to lose patent how to operatives and we had a great counsel Sharon Henry. Lose it a bit of course I don't know what you but and mocked by heavily committed. The whole family the whole family -- to agree if in -- when we lost our dog you know we we knew we knew what was going to happen. And the whole family cable the day before in said is that good by the governor so. Have you ever had to lose a family -- how did you cope with the things that the that you did not agree proposals of coping is you know remembering and may taking some pictures and some moment goes to to just -- like always remind you all of them and so. -- ju co and I wanna get some positive pet stories -- okay. I want you to call -- and brag about your putt I wanted -- call and then share some fun. Or some strange pet stories 2601 late 786689. Point 71 of the things with the with my dog collar. We used to play this constant game. Of him trying to get out of the yard and -- trying to keep being in the York and I would do would ever Ike could I'd I'd put -- I would look response. And it seemed that didn't matter how many times I would find a spot but I thought it was getting out. He would continue to fund it -- it was almost like this game. It was almost like he would sit on the porch and watch me it's the go ahead go ahead and try to plug the holes. What I didn't know and then he would he would go across the street in a little body dog over there. Sometimes it would go off together and run on the golf course and people would give -- upset with me. But this would happen over and over again my next door neighbor was always. Bringing -- back over to the housing body and over again even even after. His -- dog left he would still go over there and I could never figure -- I would never catch. He would always come back -- And one day he was on the side of the house and he's coming back and -- and we're gonna -- him so -- call him. What happened is that he had taken one of the -- boards and moved it to where he can -- take his pol. And -- the board up. And get out and then on the outside -- of torture incumbent so all of this time. I'm putting the things around the yard and around -- he's got his own little secret Norway. Well like holding he came through and then he was busted so. Let's let's go ahead and swap. Some some good pet stores let's let's maybe some fun things or some strange things but your pet doesn't line's open right now. And he won't have to wait long at all to -- that zero late 7866890. It's -- -- -- And have you seen any good movies lately. Which do you enjoy the most when it comes to movies do you enjoy the movies with the the special clicks and all all the high tech things. Already -- -- the old fashion movies where they're good but they don't have quite as as many special effects to 60. One late seventy. 8668. At 90 it's seventy and we have our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. When a child is left and heart card to dog. Shouldn't always be an automatic murder charge you could go on line at WW dot com or you can call me at -- -- -- late seventy. 866 and nine OH seventy text be added 7870. Let me. BC couple text -- here about pets I just spent 2800. Dollars on my dog would not forever ago. I can't believe that caller. Just -- losing two cats and one dog with like losing one of his children. The death of opponent should never be like that -- well then obviously you don't know what we're talking about. Because when -- when you -- of that. That that. You know especially when you don't have any children in the house that it becomes your child and I'm sorry for you but you can't understand. What we're going through we're not saying. It's that you would that would not say that the child that you lose. But the hurt -- real real tough and I'm glad. The U. Had never never have to go through something like that. 26 year old late seventy. 8668890. It's seventy we have about some lines open so you wanna call lunatic part of the show I mean look at orbited seventy -- -- or opinion poll question. Well at trial -- left in a hot car to -- should always be an automatic -- charge 67%. Say yes. And 33%. Signals so you can go on line at WW dot com. And cast your vote or you can simply called lead. At 26017866. And nine poets and of course the job. The situation that we're we're we're talking about in with or opinion poll is what's going on in Atlanta authorities. Have filed in a new war against the baldor accused of leaving this trial in a hot car while it was were. And now questions are that he may hear about it intentional. They found some. Things on his computer. That showed he was looking up -- Paul dogs dollar in cars and out in other words. I guess it was he was broadly drawn to read up on. How long it took for animals who were left in part -- an unknown itself to both our. And why that would be on his computer and they don't even know it actually he he was the one that did it but. It it it looks very very suspicious. -- you know I'm I'm definitely in favor of automatic -- charged with a person leads. A child in a car and they've done and in fact one of the questions I have this all on some of these things. I'd liked be able to move forward judge -- Maybe hope the elected. Installed video on four off on some of these crimes of go to a Rhonda in that -- already Rhonda. -- can call shall. I checked -- com and -- All over. All reading. In the car and -- in back politics. And. Me my opinion on. -- on. -- At our big deal with the consequences. Wouldn't do certain circumstances. You. Would you want the consequences be rubbed. Off the old -- are part time. I went wait a minute to the possible channels. All in. Jail and you know about it. -- aimed at the of the opinion poll question is shouldn't be an automatic murder charge I say yes. Thank you thank you Rhonda. You all right let's go to a -- how warrior tonight Tim. I'm I'm I'm fine I'm fine them I'm getting in their first of all media. -- your thoughts and our opinion poll question when the child is left and hot part of dodge and always be an automatic murder charge. I believe that big gate -- mean it's probably. The worst thing you get into the job. And I wouldn't mind he is hearing from people tonight. I don't I don't know of anyone but I don't know of anyone that accidentally. Honey you accidentally did child in the car. Straight -- Like -- probably would it would help it'd be sure it's still not scary -- -- jobs. Well it looks the looks really young culturally interesting. About this story and that's that's why the the police are starting to. Wonder if maybe it was more than just an accident because. The child up was in the car all day now. I'm I'm not trying to get I think. Don't know what word to use here except that the child was in the car all day. And the child died in the car and the father gets in the car in the afternoon. You don't think. The old -- the smell of death would be in the car. You couldn't help rights wolf 0840. -- well at all. Right so how how in the world how in the world could you say I didn't notice. Oh no you wanna talk about -- Petra said. I bought the area I'll be here like -- department of water argued that they know. -- -- -- There's got to be -- in the -- it really. Oh there are all greatly you wouldn't let quite such a bag is checked that -- Are we go to bed at night you know like Albright. Let. We check out the Bartlett. Left shoulder and although at the recovered. Is that the glory to covertly -- late -- Every night every night. Like that that it would reach that ought to know what scope it out. You know when what I used to do the morning show and move on Gunner was around I used to go to bed usually right around. -- quarter to 9:9 o'clock it was like gone up like think of like 3 o'clock in the morning. And he knew what time that I had to go to bed and it was really interest in if I stayed up a little late like a one to watch a show. He would get off the couch. And walked toward the bedroom our bedroom was right off the dead and it would walked toward the bedroom and get to the bedroom door. And turn around and looked at and he does have to say come on. It's time to go to bed I mean -- I couldn't. He would not let me stay up late. But it checked that the bank thing to me. Okay I work -- beat bit and -- Baton Rouge I pick it up by our. -- -- well that these show that that about it he -- like it's. -- that -- I get all righty you know without bad. You go out that they a lot of the chairs all of Dale Jarrett that they looked it up that. They're a way to look at that you know at. -- Jim Tim rather I appreciate you voting intimately. I -- love -- well you know I hope not. We're not call -- the video quality. That'll be great thank you so much okay. All right Linda and Brian I'll get you a second we have lines -- -- wait to get on the air will not be that long 26017866. And a nine point seven. We're gonna swap them up that's stories tonight. Maybe you have lost -- -- -- -- rupture of that investment and also we want some positive poached or who want some some fun and some strange pet stories. And on the serious side we have -- seventy pretty -- opinion poll question -- a child is left and hot part of Dalai. Shouldn't always be an automatic murder charge you go on line at WW dot com or simply call late. At 260 late 78668. At 90 it's Sunday. -- pursuit. Poll numbers 260 -- seventy. Told 3866889. -- seventy you can text me at 87870. Call waiting time -- -- -- -- there's not that long. How we are talking. Prove we're talking about pets. We're talking about have you ever had to go -- losing a pet. And how would you cope with -- and -- alert do some what do some automotive some some positive. Kept things in -- likes to brag about their pat summit to be a chance but tell me about some fun. Or some strange things about the your pet to secure -- seventy. 86688908. Assembly let's go to let's go to Linda in Metairie -- Linda. I don't care. Only about Chico. Well -- -- everybody said that I'm crate it because -- French Poodle is and I met. It. He was -- -- -- REP out in the backyard and you know him in the -- -- thank you -- -- he. And here it's writer guitar can't beat Pete cook you know don't want. -- that you know act and act that epic yet occurred. And -- deport her at all. Out. And our -- where that apparent that all pregnant out on -- -- open secret cookie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think are good while it a matter fact my -- had grown by -- -- -- the exit network echoed -- allotted laps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can understand that you know there is a guy that sent a text most of them -- -- so. I can't believe that people talk about the depth of their kind of like losing a child sometimes it is it really isn't it just that. And -- -- -- say is if you don't have any children and on and -- and it would probably -- And Linda have have you been following the story about the -- in Linton leftist vile cartoon -- line. Crate art. Well there's some general assembly and -- what story because here's the way the story -- he was supposed to drop a -- off. A daycare. But he forgot that was around 9 o'clock in the morning and then after work. He got in the car and he said the didn't even see. The club and he didn't even see the car out of that the kid in the backseat but. I would think that if if a child was was in the car seat from that lol when. I don't know either that just doesn't. Do you -- do you think there's some crime that Richard go back to an eye for an. I don't know why. I don't know I know that. -- let it in the wrong punished. The fact that lighten. -- -- line up on the order that debt and a now I really couldn't. It's. Got to be worked out. There and it is a child but the -- they'd be out there for maybe I can't comment in the. That's the that's the point and that's the point -- the model that's deployment -- here's a text message my neighbor left his only son of a car by accident now. He has to deal with it every day it was like the -- or child severely handicapped. It's. Thank you today. They are much are all right let's go to Bryant Miller Torre or Brian. Eight on oh well RP a lot a lot to dog at the end of December both cardinal and the -- one -- Probably spring -- -- But both. We're just just roll on with thirteen 0111. Wanted kidney problems. We discovered that there Katrina and by that point it really -- often more could have done about it because it was a way. But so long and it is comes out there and ambush. In liftoff but you know I would remember that thing about. Extremely extremely loyal dog based slot where it is under the color. And then when you make him feel and -- -- to. Go and it would I mean. Fight -- -- -- -- at the upbeat when you walk in. The book summary made my blacks. Really I'm a lot. As an economy but it would tactics are. -- got a funny but now. You know I mean we got some not some new dog -- a year later. Easily about seven maybe eight probably this December was born in at the end of 06. The thing you know we need to do this and each -- police. That dog that died is it about creating new experiences and new memory. It's a good point that's a very good point losing losing -- for me. Was tough but. He was seventeen years old going on eighteen and we -- we concede. We could see him slowly. Getting worse -- that he'd lost his hearing. And then he could either lost his total -- or or he could barely see and he kind of follow us everywhere. We went because he had a be closed source and but the one that I lost about a year and a half ago. That was really really tough for me that that was brutal mean she -- -- up for my wife but. I became her master and she followed the everywhere and should develop a mask. Around her heart. And the home and there was no way to treated in the mask a growing more and more and slowly started to to strangle her. And so we we have we had to make the decision. To say goodbye tour. And the vets oh win -- -- the injection she goes -- like a light. Well we set our goodbyes. In the -- of the injection. And he missed. And he hoped her and she Yelp and she'd turned around and looked at the with a look on her face. As if to say wire -- and his men do this to me and then he gave for the next injection and she put her out. And that that's still haunts -- it I know. That we did the right thing because she couldn't breathe -- -- be in bed at night and you hear wheezing you know entry. And right at what she laid on the shall put you have to almost should try to go to sleep sitting up because she couldn't breathe. But that that still holds me absolutely. -- -- local and county outside collapsed though you legal will go out there and just letting miles you'd. Do it stopped only able Beatles. That patrol on the back audit. Went out there morning which is collapsed and that's when you know remain the -- severely wrong and that very pretty much says you know it could do now. But adult doesn't stop. And you know a game to -- that I differences you know etiquette on eleven years and you don't stop go to politically beaten at a time it's good. You know it it's there if you sit there and watch and so far. It is Brian what do you think about the situation in Atlanta this guy leaves -- on. Forget to send his drop the -- the day care. And basically but it looks in the car all day I mean is that and to me that's an automatic -- -- what about you. Yeah I mean what does -- say about -- some an area. That's so caught up and -- the basic kit that they have a -- And they called me and not something that we keep it's -- talk about personal. Accountability I don't really mean. I acquired these people every kid it is so accurately and it Koreans. You know it to the point where I forget about much. That can call or are driven. By everyday life that I'm I don't know well I don't lose. You can predict about. A kid but I just don't think whatever but yet the -- the -- I don't know and then you know I had five kids have five kids -- I still haven't. It too big now but never never forgot them in the car. And do you think. Some crimes. Deserve the eye for an odd penalties. I'm -- I'm getting I'm getting mean in my whole agent though. General like for instance with the lethal injection I can't understand. That they stop giving the lethal injection because that might be uncomfortable when the person -- that that to me makes no sense at all but. I think some crimes deserve an eye for an all right and I wondered some I would wonder sometime. That if if if you do a crime like this you know look. A four shooting died the same way and that might make an impression on people. Even a step forward I would do appeal will you know grow on trees. And it. That's really -- zebra. It's -- That is run. In the action that could cost the taxpayers going to be so stupid. Who -- little old and western Iowa but you know it would go on tree being able. But I'm Brian I mean do you think that way to remain. They worry about lethal injection that the lethal injection might be uncomfortable while it does a murderer. So one of -- uncomfortable. Quiet I think some bombs like these especially children and only that extremely. All limit. I don't usually get the worst penalty for killing and killing children. -- -- All right Brian appreciate your call -- okay. Right 260 only 7866. And nine -- -- seventy Linda and -- and get to you. Right after this break we have lines are open to six year old late 7866890. -- seventy. Have you lost a how to make you feel high or you're coping and also what I want some fun. At stories call and let me know some of the stranger on things your parents have done 260178668. At 90870 on Bob Mitchell and -- it. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show 260187866. -- 90 -- some of the for those of view or hold on the league get to you right now but while while you're whole listen to this question here in May be attempting you can answer the -- also have you seen. -- league good movies lately. And what type of movies do you enjoy the most one of the of the special election. And do you like more sports movies do you like scifi movies like romance. Like funny movies. And do you watch any movies over and over again war. Are you O one and done -- and there are a couple movies and watch over and over and any of the mob movies. I can watch him over and over again. And there is a movie that Julia Roberts was idle wild like this movie so much of actually does because of one scene in the movie. A my best friend's wedding remember when they are all around the table and they sing us a little prayer for you that's what in my favor it was a total Linda Linda Hunt or you'd tonight. He Lindy Yemeni -- abuse -- children over it and train parliament. While right there in east and my Captain America thing. Holidays and you'll -- bustle let's move I care act. Older but still. Come -- for -- -- and it can eat that means. And a trio. Here in my. And I like it can't put. And not quite sure. I've seen the dog. And they are and by still. Anti. -- currency in between equity and I don't know what could. You know I'll get in the -- campaign -- attack -- Olympic. Team is. -- -- -- Quite sure. Yeah. I'm. In this brochure ahead of it answers that question says you may funded via a little to children about what happened to the net. But you now have an opportunity to correct some misconceptions they may have -- death and -- honestly. Is important if you're going to say the that was put to sleep. Be sure your children understand the difference between. This. And ordinary sleep though it -- say it went away. The BB this is obviously -- -- away than the child may wait and anguish for the -- to come home again or wonder. Well he or she. What would he or she did the make the company but it wanted to leave to make sure. The -- will not make it there but the pet will not come back but as happy. And that tees -- averages. I can't think part of -- bulky and that we don't want to be negative -- -- -- need you now. -- and I didn't have attacked Bonnie yeah because can't look at that now -- -- -- Leading. Should actually happening acting like it at Eric -- a letter. What what we did what what with our with our -- of course it's it's too late and we had the grandchildren come over and say good -- because. Gunner was seventeen years old he was or he was older than than any of them and they all came by and and say good -- and -- you listening when I started the show. Well you know. We actually planned on on on taking him because CPP just. He just knows who I stayed the the last couple days it was getting where he didn't eat and I'm I'm I'm very fortunate. To have all of that friend of mine who's gonna open up his place on a Sunday afternoon and let us have a private. -- situation just us and are our dog owner. And we were getting ready to leave. I'd put video of a big glass of water in the cart Casey got thirsty on the way. And you know you do all those things for for for your animals and and he. He went outside the use the bathroom and he came back in and went by water bowl. Trouble and then walked and then and just. They'll down one dollar. And that that. I look at that is less at a glove because that. I mean although was roughed watching it it would have been a lot tougher watching him being put to sleep. -- They don't act -- them. Sister -- I wanted to do I want immediately yeah. Our current Cuban he's only three and that means my children unit and again. In. When you look at her as currently being her. Yeah -- said we're just just be honest in you know oh. RC I have no problem saying that well -- my dog is inevitable he wrote me letters so I know that because I believe this. I believe that. God loves Austin I think god love for animals and if you if you believe in the Bible Adam and eve. Were able talked to the animals and -- eve talked to the serpent. So that tells me that the that they had that they would. Common sense would tell you that if she could talk to the serpent sheik -- talked to the other animals so I truly believe that one -- when my passed on. Among boys going to be -- -- there. And I I. Here that helped me a lot. More things I need to discuss it. My daughter Kelly into the heart in. You look at stories that can't. And I don't peak too long and -- -- and yeah okay right. Any ticket you know it should tell me and. Thank you Linda okay thank here -- all right let's go to kneel Neil how are you tonight. There about the party and I'm -- and and it did feel fully and thank you -- -- thorough -- I'm actually. -- One and yes -- well. -- we most of girl rescued a couple refused to enter refuse. I'm -- greatly from Shalala Susan. German ski. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything more than four. Permit -- -- -- -- so albeit permit for all we get inspected -- -- real problem. That inspectors. We love each and every one. And -- all personnel global war. When you have that many is it still tough every time you lose one. Yes well I have marketer. -- we rescued. Didn't. He would either current -- one of the place this opera here -- -- important event that's what you can't your so little -- to look at all. In later about a year and after he kept working on. Properly debated. -- -- I knew I thought I know what you mean Nolan and these people who have sent me text messages one -- of all hi dilemma. -- all sleep in your better and you could say if it hurts so much to lose when they're just animals they have no -- enough I feel sorry for them because. One when we talked to the who will vote the pet therapist earlier tonight. It was like she said that. That these animals they're just nothing but but love and and just. We can't all the way they love they can look at that they don't they have the unconditional love and as a human that's almost impossible to. Well you go to through you can screw up into all bring it going to be that way and that's right to look up. Oh -- from. At that. Months. You have just cannot be. Just months. Listen real quickly before you go. When a child is our opinion poll put him in the child -- left and hot part of -- You shouldn't let that always the murder charges. In fact what they need to do it just you know picked assured well polo -- on. Big in the Ottawa -- implement all about it in Mexico. Honestly say I'm I'm what are these people that on some crimes. I think an -- for an should applaud I think I think did you leave your child in a car and -- in that heat that poor child. You should experience the same exact thing that. I guess that to mean Rula. Know obviously there's no reason under the sun. That you can give me to justify. How you forgot your child -- -- there's no real well. I'm with you. Thank thank you so much okay. All right when we come back we'll get to some more calls to 6017866889. Owens on a power policy on there. I'll get to a used -- as I possibly can. I'm Bob Mitchell distance dutrow of the -- 870 WWL AM implement dot com. Big event this weekend boomers and beyond expo hosted by WW -- in her company and live radio stations magical one point nine by united five point seven B 973 WO thirteen fifty. At the Pontchartrain center tomorrow between 8 AM and 5 PM were -- one day designed to feed your mind. Your body and your soul with lectures optimizing brain function creating a confident retirement the truth about reverse mortgage and going solar. And saving money that visible -- -- made easy and a lot more all right we you know as. Oh sorry today. Tom and Howard to be a big favor if you possibly can and hang on details on a -- time right now. And -- get to you right after the top of the -- but text message. He says I'm 27 years old and I haven't cried like this since I was four. I know what you mean we're talking about. The loss of -- And also we're talking about the the fun things in the strange things that your -- those and we have our brigades ebony Prodi drag where people question please only with your thoughts on this. When a child left and hot part of dog. Should always be an automatic merger I say yes what do you say -- you don't know what I'm talking about. It happened again in Atlanta and -- fill -- in. On the entire story. As we come back on the big -- seventy WWL AM at them and dot com and I do want to thank again my wife's a cousin of -- AG for taking care of my -- in and cremated him man. Bringing -- home today. I'll be back after the news and WW.