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06-27 10pm Scoot/ Loss of a pet/ Favorite Movie

Jun 28, 2014|

Biob continues to discuss: coping with the loss of a favorite pet, and your favorite movie and/or actor in a movie.

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It is me Bobbitt shall be real Robert Mitchell Carolina and forest could undergo ride back the political usually step to show up but that's some of our listeners have been waiting for quite some time let's go to K. In guns files Kate thanks for calling the show tonight. He. Shadows thank you so much. I am an introduction. And his name which direction. And I drag down all my life yeah. In ten years ago when he was sixteen years old. Fairway. I go to beat him. T -- and a high ground. He had a great urged -- So he'd go right now and he consciously. Thought. And I -- -- -- and then it would need me. -- -- -- All that is the that is socially with what color was your dog. Are black and Cheney have lucked into a long -- short. -- hair. Banner short hair black and can now no longer bring you. Let 18 -- -- and cremated. -- and anyway everybody at work let me sympathy card. And -- network. Access lots -- let pat and it can guide to coping. With the grieving process. -- -- that -- that rights. It's tough it really does. -- -- run. I have a -- I did get one tech's best on the criticize us talking about them like there are children. But it you don't have to if you don't have kids in the house with you they are your children they really are. Yeah. Make it. Welcome -- -- and walls. Well now and you always get somebody. To say yeah yeah no -- And get an action would be and then on new. And you and you become dependent on them you become dependent on that love that they did view. I Julia and stretcher actually went mania and -- it's got to play it -- -- -- in the -- -- can't change it during a lawyer. I hear. Your iPod and an interest in nickel for a companion. And I and that -- -- -- I had the big picture doctrine while. You and I. How old are you makes me spew and I am. -- five while that's a bit. Jaded view watch movies much. -- he had earlier around -- slumping to talk a. As if you like Julia Roberts did you see her in my best friend's wedding. He acts I have. -- -- Bet that that's -- -- that's what those movies I can watch over and over again strictly because of that scene when they all start singing actually a little prayer for you but they are the movie. All right yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And anyway. Arm. Which -- there cheat you. And and then how how. And it really hit it could yet apple care. I don't know if I remember that movie but hey I appreciate you -- and tonight okay. Yet. Late adolescent -- -- don't midnight every night. Thank you K thank you so much of power that you. Yes. Been listed you won't be full go -- -- little -- OK to -- -- tonight that you. -- it was -- that he would empty you know top two nights. A -- this enemy is. We left a couple of months ago he decided is that they don't read it he has some lines. And Bob -- -- the topic tonight show I mean you've bounds. You in the listeners have I can -- at all. It's like chiseled hole -- -- you listen to sample. And this story on the tail was Mattel right -- -- -- -- -- -- With a capital of Texas and people drop -- -- kept the ball here these. We have a cab fare okay colony. That's the lift her cat cronies here. It shows up is big green -- great community that -- that can come. If you know -- any issues came up the issue is accepted by attack outside porch. If she stayed out there it is it looks like. -- on the tech companies is no. Generations from our economic take care of. It's -- in the Sudan. Bad news and we take pictures. For a it would play and I am in the celebration. Not of a passing of -- life. It was -- -- that local account ice houses here it's you know can have a celebration of light which you passage. But from the city. Cat after his -- they need the -- live and Katrina crisis let's get a cat. We went to the SPZ. In the walls could podcast went someplace else located at BC -- We walk it -- and it just look at it and some did with a cat picks up Paul is kind of put -- did he catch. As a OK that is. He's coming home and that was -- -- if you passed a couple of years ago. And not that was original cat. You have a dog and listen to night and I have to hear about you know that these people rescue and cat little kitten costly. And if you read that you. He then ought to treat him Felix the -- You lucky -- might keep it. We take care because I -- my -- that data yet critical it -- -- which many do you want to grapple you know. And boy -- I get the old school. Well I personally believe that we should be able to take our pets as dependence on our income -- the top. I'd like to see that but thought we'd take these pet -- responsibility in that. We all response would take -- popped. You know Howard it's and it's people like you that. Of government should. But you and I have talked for years and years and years and one -- -- started the show. I said I'm fortunate and blessed men have two of them. And my family home and I am radio -- get a ticket and we'd. You know we've been together through through a lot of things. And and I'm. I'm just I'm just I've just of a very blessed that. You know I mentioned a couple of times at. I had people to tell me that a -- lifting the U. And then now I'm girl my kids growing up in years so it's I'm I'm very very blessed me. Well I think we're all blessed enough not respond to talk to some guide them and that takes eons ago. Guys -- my kids look at you -- that they feel bad. And no we have very blessed when we found out we have -- And trying to call -- Okay you you followed me all in the matter where I don't you still fondly Howard hopefully. It together. It's an email about -- becoming a doling it sign in now doctor will flop -- appear but again. Bob you know could top two nights ago. Thank you know we appreciate you should get short question a let's go to Tom uptown power you're Tom. I'm very good -- downtown. -- thank you for waiting for so long. I can't -- I got my -- back. Bullets he told his only hope now -- hip and I didn't. My comment. Is about the latitude so violently red. It's a symbol of loving caring. And that that'll be an inspiration. To many pet response. Could look to you yeah you sound like a good Christian man. And try to be looked at what Tom that it would Thomas talking about it by the way the letter is posted on on line at WW. But I can't take credit goes out -- right delivered -- Butler. Well that you let you read -- that's true but anyways and that shows the loving church you have an analyst. And that's why you read it it could like take you now. Thank you Tom. Good to talk to you are right. We have some lines Obama mean -- time the go ahead and reset -- WWL -- table if you are -- -- and if you've ever lost that. You know the victims and your family in grief and sadness and you know in all I've lost my guidance this past Sunday. -- in this long. To be able to even talked about it on the show and I'm gonna open up our phones and to those of you who have lost apparently that college you -- And let's go ahead and and and swap some positive thought -- are you a dog fan your plan or you're an exotic pet person. Do you treat your pet. Like an animal Leo and some people the -- -- dog or cat display is outside. Other people Brigham inflow -- do you treat your pet like a family member most of the people. That have -- and most of the people that I have read text message from. Treat their pets like their family members so. How about tell -- some some fun. Or some strange habit maybe that does your -- 2601. Late 7866890870. And have you seen any good movies lately -- -- on the movies. Do you like -- or maybe a particular artist that you liked you watched all all of their movies elect romantic movies like sports movies you'll like how many movies come movies do you like the slot I'm a big on the big slot. I like all of seeing every start for lethal anything to do with with space. That's the that that's what -- like that's that's number one loyalist and we're also talking about -- -- heavily project or opinion poll question. What a child is left of hot carted shouldn't always be. An automatic murder and one line at WW dot com and the feel old the bases of this question about it -- -- a break we'll come back. I'll fill you in on what happened in Atlanta or you can call late. At 26 year old late 78 -- actually at 90 -- company. I do have lines open so you can pull in right now and a object of -- ready to -- and book on Bob Mitchell -- would show on WW oil to the show. Thank you Jack Harris. What are the things you're talking about tonight have you seen any good movies lately and what type of movies do you like the most do you like. Scifi like duo like all Star Trek movies and anything about space. No like crime movies -- mob movies like comedy movies like. Romantic movies what kind of movies and are you all these people that you can watch a particular movie over and over again. Or is that one and on 260 late 78668890870. Or big 870 pretty drug war principled question with a child left and hot carted dollars. Should always be an automatic murder chart but here's the story. Behind that give to the polls in just the second and both for even start report we do have lines open so if you want to -- in. Which can take your -- right now to 6017866. Andy -- it's up. Authorities in Atlanta. They filed a new war against the father. You probably be his trial the heart part of -- and now. Questions -- being raised that it may have been intentional. The number one they found things on his computer. About dogs dying in car now. And not even it was his computer in the wind was looking them up but that was in his computer. He's been charged with felony murder and second degree cruelty to children. He was supposed to drop Cooper often daycare but he said he forgot. He told police he drove to work at home people -- -- o'clock in the morning with a toddler in the car. He said it wasn't until he left work and started driving hole but he said it looked in the backseat until all the trials to drop the partially. -- -- Now here's what they know about him that he actually entered. His vehicle through the driver's side door to -- it's an object in the vehicle. You know at lunchtime but he closed the door and left the card or re entering his place of business. So. The child would have been in the -- probably. At least three hours at that point. And when he. Opened the card to drive home in the afternoon. In the trial have been in the car all day. That's something as a little fishy to me I don't know what what does your gut tell you about this. Surely. Surely there would be some means some. I smell in the car have to imagine. So what does your gut tell you about this. And what do you say about what the trials of the -- -- -- be an automatic murder charge honestly yes and I've do you think there are some problems. That you should go to the hole I -- rule let's go to go to Shane on the ultra power you ashamed. Any property you beat. And rob what do you think with a lot of trials left -- a hot car and -- shouldn't always be an automatic -- charges here in eighty. Is there any any excuse -- up in -- I'll be no excuse but so are they get. Should be -- Well. Are are are you in favor of may be on some crimes let's revert to the all I've forward -- -- You know I sometimes wonder when you look at some of the heinous crimes -- goal on or things like this may be just perhaps that we -- Of course -- be -- -- -- of the cruel punishment but perhaps if we. Work to -- these people. Live and die the same exact way that these poor children do it might make people think it will -- go to this happens in partly too much. To -- out. You don't know it in my car and it does the court changed oh. Trap -- that scene expert you know people like for it but I mean this cat -- Well that's that is starting to suspect a -- you you go he checked he dropped a bit off from the car. At lunchtime. And he didn't see the child in the backseat. At -- -- I don't know I'm I'm I'm not a doctor I don't know. Win. Body starts to the decomposed but I would have to imagine what that much heat in the car. If not at lunchtime when he got the card the afternoon in the in the trial had been there seven or eight hours you would think that. Something what. Yeah. Now. I'm I would I would think so they know what other movies do you like. -- true sport that we don't want at that. Rate shall. Would that all of our star. That ever. Going to be a bad about. -- that you know being part of that young Koppel you know. You know it's what. -- -- -- -- -- -- I read. She -- right. Like Star Trek in light. Of the all star or. Are you more of a Star Trek fan or Star Wars. Or I'm more I'm more starch in them. Thank you so much OK let's go to rob rob how are you are the door I'm doing fund budget. All right. Talk. Don't. -- -- Digits and other -- well. -- Old days. Let's. Get your true or well the -- or. Burst out. Still here. -- -- -- Thank you so much at it it it's been a long time my I first went on the air here in New Orleans. I think it was 1965. Or work or worked in a smaller station. And then was out of radio for a up about nine months and then. Finally got on my big break here and and and and what tactics in the -- though. So but I've been on the air here I think it's 1965. I thought I was fortunate. I got in the radio right out of high was seventeen years though when I graduated. From high school and got right in Arabia so -- I am truly truly -- Do you do if you took a job and I think our. Show -- -- Yeah I hope this makes the best of. And a lot of our. Talk about you order Carol. And I'll go law thank you. -- there are. Three or four years ago and outlaw. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- About your old -- -- -- and so we thought about at all. There are. Hurting. Create a -- June jogger. Or sit back. Oh. Oh. Yeah. It. -- Answer and look very very. Or. A tree. -- -- (%expletive) out there are. Still today. She. Should street. -- And that. It's tough regional hold it at. Your. Bill. Which appears. Arch. I can I can understand that you know a -- got a couple of mustered just wanting to know where. Word to the the lever come from wall of course -- wrote the letter but -- Of course my wife stock listing -- -- actually I wrote the letter for him. And and where I got the idea promise that a year and a half ago we lost another one and it. If this were killed in and the -- dog died of cancer you know and talk about mine. Have a nest that grew around her heart -- -- -- slowly slowly was strangling her when she would she would have to sleep sitting up. And and so finally finally I had to make that decision. And a friend of mine. Wrote me a letter from -- and I held on of that. And to this day in my heart in mind in my brain I believe. That she wrote that because it tells -- that she can she can breathe well and she's running interest rates lizards which you like to do in in in my backyard. And and that that comfort in the to such an incredible degree because. In my brain that's how I picture -- so did the same thing. For my wife and -- at two were in the mail. And it's a bit so much to work. It worked at ultra. Everybody. And Errol when there. -- -- The best way or tell you. Are patiently. Oh -- optional. -- -- a back door run. Like that. -- people should call -- -- call. Her she's a little -- -- -- -- -- No she she -- to. Hurt. You all that you to -- That helped pay. All. You know. What. -- she. -- -- There. Are what. Are. So they're. Called. When it. While I'm I'm gonna quote the last line in -- letter to to my wife -- -- In heaven 012. Is equal to one year on this earth he said policy in less than a minute mom. I thank you rob appreciate so much. All right 2601 late 78668890. It's -- Mike I'm gonna get to you. In a minute we're talking about blow losing your panel also talking about positive vote. That the navy -- that's something funny in on the serious side. We're talking about with. And -- on an Atlanta another child left of a car. All day and it died. What trials left and hot carved should always be an automatic murder for -- got a bunch of lines open for those -- you have been trying to get and you can't. Now should gentry in calling right now Mike you will be next 260187866890. It celebrity. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show we have some phone lines open to six Euro -- 7866. AD analysts I would love that Joe Cocker thrown. We're talking about pets were talking about how do you cope with losing the net and we're talking about. Either fun or strange things that Europe at. Did or does. You can also text me at -- 7870. I'll get to the fold in less than a minute but let me read a couple of text messages. We're also talking and what movies you labor type of movies your -- may -- Movie stars are and are you one of these people and you watch movies over and over again or are you one and Olympic judo Moody's. I've seen all the casualties at least twenty times each Dog Day Afternoon great movie and sensible one point -- As far as that's my girl dancer. We got -- from the humane society. Was part Australian cattle was funny a favorite memory was would she would put her place on the self. As like husband and I watched the slaves she looked straight ahead at the back of the -- And to show after his left and I'm looking at each of buffalo movies like I can picture that my mind. And -- putter popped up on the stove and slowly bush earlier back and ended up on the slope let. As we laughed so hard. And she had more than her share of the -- I'm thoroughly convince actually -- arts. Our state helped our State's win the Super Bowl should love football. Bob -- too noticeable experience. -- previously did well I had a bit ago if I stroked her she looked back up at the and the like she was telling me it's okay. It's something indescribable. Thank you love to you differently Karen thank you Karen let's go to Mike in general or you might. Hey Bob it's on this and hit it like out though. When you first came on the you know we're I'll admit that I was I was crying to opt out -- -- And we all year clad fact -- anybody know view. You know we we we it -- and it will get there time and you know through -- gaga is great. You can see her again is what scripture in the Bible it says god is able to do exceeding abundantly are. That we can even ask that things and I -- that she didn't seek a. Well and I -- I believe that when you when you read the Bible and you read Adam and eve. Eve spoke to the serpent. And it's my belief that if she could speak to the serpent she obviously spoke to the other animals. And I believe that when when that happens that we will be able to communicate with them just like you and I communicate a truly believe. What I try to get -- -- this family member and any of the that they you know -- our family. You know. Our animal numbers about ambling and and we don't we know it's be it did it's -- -- well good going to be right. Right and and if if if eve. Could talk to the serpent she could talk to the other animals to do that's that's the way to look at it. No question about it -- -- to come to the guy who let debate be. I don't. Like to be insane. Over it and so -- Punished by. I'd like him in the car and let him try to death. You haven't. Yet. On which which. You know I know and yeah you know what we want. The rest of the likely. Here's what's strange about the story when you go over the -- All right he went to work on o'clock in the morning he forgot the child and in the backseat but then at lunchtime. He went to the car and plays something in the car. And he said he still did notice the trial in the backseat. I don't know how long Charl have been dead at that point but I would imagine without trying to keep. Something that would start to smell then. He gets on the card the afternoon a goal go to work and he still doesn't than Sony think he still doesn't go home. And he still doesn't stability thing has not Juli is on the way home. Betty oh my goodness honestly my son in the backseat. That just doesn't seem to have. Make sense to me. No not not a rational people had done that but I'm sure that they -- the punishment fit the crime. You have to. The might just -- -- -- sure running. Out of the market in the. The jets you know -- -- it. And let them be it but the wind and will probably should be. I think that will be partly in -- picture. I'd like those. That the kind of in. Sixteen out -- you had been. This candidate and you know one of the picture. Government that. It. Get avenue in appreciation that -- but reaping what a beautiful. But anchors who that'll be you know -- in the band you. -- -- -- -- A wild a -- about a month ago. I can't even tell you would channel I was watching with some channel showed like the wolfman. Frankenstein him I'm I sat there for about eight. Hours watching these old black and -- horror movies and thoroughly enjoyed a creature from the black we'll do thoroughly enjoy myself. -- I didn't even know I didn't even know the black lagoon -- sequels. And critical. Yes I didn't even though it was a cynical but I can't I saw that two. -- -- -- -- But in the creature from the why -- should mention that well and and I'll read -- column -- -- and you know and you know we we we. And -- Got control Columbia. Thank you might let's go to Angela in walker Louisiana how are you Angela. You -- linemen in the you are funny story about a dog you McDonald's. Scenery. -- nineteen years ago and agree. Accountable for -- There a year. -- -- really ago. And yet there. Is that your. Tenure and it. Camera program -- the screen you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here. You -- a little heroes -- Angela kind of movies do you like. Lie reaching. Arm right. In -- real. -- -- a bit. Coal -- who. Got animal and then. That great book but he does say. It to come back to tell about it absolutely. And and I got in it's been -- -- -- -- -- and they like -- you were questioned about. And and when you lose one it is painful and and people who say well it's only a dog it's only a -- you can't compare that then you you've just never had that because. The love they give view is so unconditional. -- you didn't you know you could do anything you can. You -- you can forget the freedom -- -- -- water bowl or something like that ended and they still love you and that and that and it'll hold any grudges against -- -- in Italy or -- -- turn it rate currently being in the elite teams. They get the best. There ever could be academic problem from the economic. They can't thank you Angela appreciate your calling to secure a -- 78668. -- 90 it's heavily on Bob Mitchell coming right back. On the big -- seventy WWL AMF's and dot com. Safe and animal rescue New Orleans she had surgery to fix for facial wound today. And be available for adoption soon. Bob and I was in the first grade on school in 1966. -- Tutu played. All -- and and we all cried. Bob have you seen the movie my dog -- is great yes it is an incredible. Movie. If if you are an animal lover do yourself a favor find find this movie over the week and mark my dogs dipped just. Just a great movie alright we're going to a break for new threat now -- when we come back we will take more your phone calls and more your text messages. Over debt now meet student Paul LaGrange at our boomers and beyond expo tomorrow departure trend setter. Or you're working to upgrade your whole larger small -- -- RW WL home improvement show. Live from boomer and -- -- expo at the plot to train senator's future host Paul Le grange is the resident probe. All right if you what a call in during the Newsweek and get ready to go right -- to topple the hour 2601 late seventy. 8668890. Excellent.