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06-27 11pm Scoot/ loosing a pet, child left in a car

Jun 28, 2014|

Should leaving a child in a hot car and then they die be an automatic murder charge? Plus... coping with the loss of a favorite pet.....

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-- sports WWL. It's still just. -- -- -- -- Well it is very. Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us due to a report Leo what we're talking about this -- Have you heard about this. The company and Arizona says it has successfully completed its first small scale test flight. It was stratospheric balloon and capsule being developed shall Taurus a space like view of her personal travel. Nine team miles above the ground of the edge of space. At 75000. Dollars protect. At at at at at 75 Grand. Rapids expected initially to carry six passengers two pilots. What the company is currently peaceful sailing experience lasted about two hours and offering views of the Earth's curvature against race. In Google plays as well. As any commercial. I'm gonna pay 75000. Dollars to pig balloon ride. I don't think so here's what we are talking about the final hours of those -- show with -- Bob Mitchell authorities. If filed a new war against an Atlanta father accused of leaving his trial and hot car while he was working. Now they have questions on whether or not it may have been. Intention. To Austin -- -- structural felony murder and second degree cruelty to children. I'm gonna give visible effects. And and you tell me what your gut which are gut says about -- okay. He was supposed to drop Cooper. Off at day care. That he forgot. He told police she drove to work at Home Depot around 9 o'clock in the morning. During the lunch break he entered the vehicle through the driver's side -- to place an object. Into the vehicle it and close the door and left the car going back to work. Did notice the -- okay. He said. It wasn't until he left work and started driving home. That he said he looked in the backseat installed the trial those dropped and partially in response. I just don't understand. I would I would have to think. Have to think to be blunt and at least some type of older car. If not by lunchtime. Had to be by the time that he opened the cart before the left to go back home so -- Wants -- to believe that the child in the car the entire day. And he gets in the car and driving Holman. At lunch she puts them and in the car and he dose not in any way see this child. I don't know about that. Well what penalty would you give parents to. Forget their children locked -- -- -- part of time and do certain crimes to serve and I've foreign I just expect you can go online at WW dot com. And tester voted bluntly let me check group quickly concede. What the well. Is pretty good 75% say yes and automatic murder charge 45% say no. All right let's let's go to Jason industrial how -- you Jason. There's an art and about what does your gut tell you about the situation the child car. I don't because -- collection absolutely 100% to get guilty of art and your life. -- -- -- The child did drop off in daycare we can only assume that that the IP we money prize so that network them okay. -- Unless they're at its worst week in daycare. Opened that they don't either or like or whoever. That they on every day on the time that people aren't workable now. Partner the only repeat for all how you forget. And second. They've so much that we letter or so on and in my car he. My coworker and tell me that I'm not looking at the feet there one thing that. And confidently that thought OK maybe not -- -- didn't you. I mean you're in China. -- are still a little -- below. That someone not so market out such absolutely I'll orient. Were -- -- Paul -- in new and all the caller -- did not know on in your. They think about this here's what he's saying he didn't notice the child. When he got out of the car he didn't notice the child when he puts on the in the car for lunch and he didn't notice the child will be got in the car to drive all right how. That's impossible but it will be impossible to do I'll -- there isn't there. And there was absolutely. Intent. On that part. An -- you know I heard the story about him eating meat eaters that. This story researching all how long does it take for animal -- lie in a car I knew long before. I mean it's still there. I worked at it bought me a I. I mean beyond -- an old school on the air you know. I added well on that I mean that it that I can see how BP. An -- and a VP spot I didn't treat the job very well I want and they're selfish. I didn't care -- -- there or were they going on I'm on the -- he's technically at war. -- I mean -- are to die -- tell it not for their outlook with and I forgot about. Either. Jason do you think some crimes deserve an -- report just this. Without question and and you know part of the problem now is that there is that he. There and he knew it didn't hurt and now -- particular case you only get an -- not a career criminal the other for an audience why they want to see. But a lot of people are critical they aren't they're more important -- Why. -- -- time. Indy art it's pretty Indy. You know that you. -- in their -- and all of them aren't they intentionally commit crimes. Because they. -- rodent -- -- streak and I'm not I'm not really important. Point. It will report revealed today and it the structured lifestyle but people. Once you're used to that -- Well I'm sure I'd I wasn't aware he was he had been in jail earlier. When your partner at that apply in this K okay all right he's not. He's not you know a career criminal like in in -- crime and -- like terrifically violent crime. You know as Lou I've and I am happy that it doesn't it to go. I'm I would I would -- given a carton and let him -- -- to death at that that would be my justice. It was absolutely beat that thing to deal that this poetry though you know they take care so much about all of prisoner has light. The -- once you commit that it's a crime and you -- look -- wake her own ball right to your home. Well here here's what I find incredible. That distort the news a few weeks back where. They stopped giving lethal injections across the country. Because there was something wrong with the medicine and it might. Hurt them I mean that that just blows my mind wait you're hectic shooting. Number and you don't wanna give them the lethal injection because it might be uncomfortable while their -- -- Double what you mean the people who don't deserve the comfort of you know the culprit. Although not all right you know more of a celebration. Spotlight like -- -- good play today we are good -- let's let me ask him but before you go lob or you type person that you can watch. Certain movies over and over again are you one and dog person. Oh no not mean obviously only wanted unlike. You know I like to talk about the passion of the Christ you know it was one -- it didn't he let people. I couldn't watch the second time I don't want to listen to it. I felt like in my heart that I had to watch it won't detail why it took the -- Because what with the idea on -- -- any and then warm palette that you know I never watched that lead. Same here same actually in the same here when you talk about -- -- the mop in the legal block. You can definitely channel being yes Ruddy on movie. Where it doesn't matter at what point -- -- network TV and I know that for timing and language never -- I mean they're on where we're at what point in the near -- like what he -- You're right you know I mentioned to well one of my buddies the other day. -- that I had to the godfather trilogy are right. -- on dvd never watched it once but when it comes on TV I'll watch it every time. We keep -- -- things like that dvds that I I'd probably watch this. Are like why would I don't -- the eight does it can be a new cartoon art he's eaten. All right Jason thank you so -- -- go to markets and get their power you markets. Yeah. Wouldn't. Say. That this child the back -- yeah yes it. It what -- worked. At an entity that -- right. They take years and -- did it here. Don't know that's -- that's that's a that's a very very good question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- England and -- the world. Could we go in the car during his lunch hour to put something in the car a Kelly said that he could be put something in the car. That he went through the driver's side door to place something in the vehicle. So if you open the door and you and I'm I'm trying to put my summit and and you put the package down. As your clue as you're closing the door I would have to imagine that your -- at your New York. Peripheral vision you'd you'd do it would have to drift so I'm not going to be looking straight ahead of blinders on. You don't -- The old school. -- that old job late in. It's no excuse that it Q you say those things that would actually is huge yeah. Ya think that's the way. I'm what did markers. Anything else wanna add them in the other -- we'll talk about Japan or movies. I'll. Read you know these are just like we know that golf. That the rich -- is out there. Stop -- -- So like. Would joy you -- while forced to watch it. Was it would. So I really do. Any particular type of movie like to see more than -- up another. Well. It's. Become almost a pretty well. There. Will be like that -- -- I'm not I've not seen any of the transformed movies but. I like elect the Star Trek in the Star Wars and mission to Mars and stuff like that. Who like -- immediately that it was but it -- -- if -- keep voting and I appreciated. All right this 601 late 78668. At 90870 whenever. So blinds open we're talking about that's maybe you have -- something stranger funny that you did were also talking about movies. Do you watch any movies over and over -- what type of movies do you like -- like the -- of partial but actually science fiction. Crime movies like funny movies. 2601 late 7866. Avic I know it's seven Bob Mitchell and the -- On WW well. 1053. I'm the tiger speak of tiger's always something new a WWL dot com -- -- a's pitcher. Aaron -- named top college pitcher the nation my national college baseball hall plainclothes. Weakened on including our -- com New Orleans boomers and beyond expulsion from one person -- of -- -- Where you can -- what a unique -- from 25 brewers around the country. And if pets are family do you. Please read my blog at WW dot com and is he a picture of my boy got her on there let's let's go to Jeanne -- how are you tonight. Are you don't have that I -- I'm doing good -- Thank you for calling and. But don't want to say -- was bad now why can't -- -- what do you -- a story about my dollar. A plan hadn't seen him the ball -- -- -- night white. -- -- -- She -- appreciate that happened I don't mind that it didn't have to -- need to get credit go to school. Q -- literally put out and bought them probably drop me an average and and it barely. Attempt to break out all right. -- want and I get up every conceivable Whitney engine that would make did you. And I bet on that and they -- it. Sounds good Jane what do you think about people. That predictor kids in the car. And the kids die what what what penalty for the place. He couldn't even -- -- -- -- I don't on in other words. I'm sometimes think that we ought to take people like that and stick them in the same situation well -- -- -- when these people do these heinous thing -- And I will do it back to the Internet. Hank and the argument that number and compact without. All right Jeanne thank you dear. All right here's a text message of putting in the hot car let him suffer and god. Also in response to the opinion poll question when the child is left of hot part of dollar should always be an automatic murder charge. 75%. Say yes 45% say no this type of murder. But as the -- say now days. Child car seats are turned. Placing in the rear part deceive the street is occupied yeah I guess so but if you would think that when you would see the sleek. That it would jog your brain oh my goodness I didn't drop him off I don't look the hoping that it's just it's just a suspicious that's Wada. That's -- the cops are looking into more go to Bert -- how are you tonight. And I don't know what age of the child laws. I wanna say darn it I don't have a problem the may be to something like that at an adult now you've got me. Well how many children do you know there or in the backseat of the car that -- Really crying. Laugh you'd link that question dude whatever team and album and well. I am not don't know that -- back there. I'm listening on the radio blaring shall we -- Well you know I mean my children -- How how did the right you. But. I don't know about everybody else when -- -- to get in my car I'll -- examined the backseat lectured me about it yeah. And -- They're going to without. Did that everybody is innocent unless proven guilty. And how they should come -- -- trials so. But do you do you think depth. It should automatically be. A murder charge. Well I don't. I don't know what is it illegal drop. While all along it a -- -- understand in my car I get it okay all right what should if there's not murder what should the police charging. Well. It at least out about it something -- -- yeah it's something neglect or something. I would say. It's almost impossible not to know their child there. I would I would think so too -- are you a movie watcher. On occasion. I like like -- -- from nineteen cents in movies. I've watched I was between. Not -- the win more than any Libya may have bought one to watch one more than more you know. I like to read books and I was older age isn't helpful. And that that's my -- Even eat nuts. I don't anymore. I had little never bow. And it was kind of funny she should get out of the refrigerator beg for food. And she would go down and when -- first time in this thing. -- a pair of without any help. And when she got into guerrilla tactic that that's an out and have them around. And implement that in the door and I technical get it. And it if you look at the end and back. Thank you if there is market. -- and I appreciate that so much. All right a text message concerning the is situation. In Atlanta but the trial Donald -- Bobble it's called an accident. And unplanned event while we don't know of with the likes of that -- the police are investigating you cannot punish an accident. The same way as an intentional -- you're suggesting in the humane treatment. Okay we'll just suppose they find out that it was plan. Then. Is -- in humane treatment okay. All right Bob I know how hard it is I had to put my thoughts and sleep only six years ago they are the best dogs in the world. When it comes to movies mrs. doubtfire. I can't change the channel analysts say it's on television funny movie. Come on Bob you need to review it but biology of Utica body is going to start smelling after eight hours past the -- I don't know if if if that if that body is locked up in the car in all of that -- You know hoping there would be some kind of voter. I don't know here's the here's someone and that says the daycare was that his office. Well that's if that's the truth. You would think someone would see him that worked and say hey where's the baby. Don't know. 2601 late 78668. -- nine point seven just go to Sam on the West Bank Aureus Sam. Welcome bubble essentially here on radio thank you so much -- -- -- -- -- -- atomic Tucker problem short Morton. That's -- from ten to want an annual night. -- A lot of work. I'm not every night now I'd I'd I'd like I like doing the stolen work but. And love you guys of the -- want to -- I would not want to work every night work is just just disrupt -- like -- We -- you about that much. It's better to do I did a prolonged and no I don't know -- beat you you -- Guantanamo but it anyway. I'll highlight I'd really like doing the pill and stop it doesn't it's absolutely great they call me and they say. Bob you wanna work this time this time in this time and I can say yes yes no other. In I've been on my -- the past three weeks and I've I've enjoyed it and it's it's it's nice but. No Sam if you offered me a job ought to come back full time tonight to Matt I'm I have to tell you know right. You are you -- Utah but a happy memories -- Yeah -- do -- on what we have to do is -- It is understand that the people that. Have never on the there is no way. Ticket understands that we really need to cut them some slack you know -- spirit that digital means they're not trying to be insensitive biggest spill. Understand that it would be like someone -- Never married and had the child -- -- would -- understand. Someone that it laws -- out tomorrow you know so we have to. -- -- For instance like that that we're experts and hear that before -- they they -- well believe that it's and so happy memories we have. We let him go with which and -- -- and everything. But. -- -- -- -- pit bull -- people were so scared that this dog but this was the most docile dog. -- army I'll be watching TV. Stick it under my hand to get. And and and what you mentioned earlier about like when it's that time yeah and were -- orchard -- later so you want to go to that. Elect walked down and all and an electoral -- looked at back into it like art beat you know on dvd for. Date they can make it used to go -- at a certain time and there'll internal clock. And they want you to do it and that walked toward the bed. An adult would would look back and he and justify ignored him he would just stand there and keep looking back -- say take -- time -- right. Trying to. -- -- -- -- -- But it that we -- That's the way. And ago when he was more active soccer you know -- -- my -- Asian and a few weeks he blocked extra. When. He was you look at -- -- like -- was scared was like. Windows locked in stone he would in the -- That that that that interesting you say that we we have another oxidant home. And and she. When limits thunder she either wants to get on the so they don't want it or should go back in the closet and in my bedroom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was more about it work about it mafia they had a -- -- of that. And news -- that at all and that's where we you know. RB Ahmard she says you know we can't wait it's time -- go to that buyers which you brought to the let her goodbyes that during the but it got the medication ready in all of that and -- Before you walked into the room. Well where -- -- he would -- -- the wayward there. And like you mentioned. Which which -- -- like in though it's time and it's almost like -- no -- wants to go through that decision. I think you're right I mean we. We were -- -- run at church and we were getting we were getting ready to go -- -- at 3 o'clock appointment Erica and and I'm very fortunate that I have a friend. Who has a vet and we're gonna do it on a Sunday afternoon where it would just be at an and the family and we win at 3 o'clock appointment to fifteen. I'm gonna just walked in the living room and just killed overnight it was a. Yeah and and and it will release it presto at all. Yes it did. And and took and took that that burden away but I mean you know you're doing the right thing but you question that. -- -- and you know but a lot of people go through it remembered. You know happy memories -- And I think to what -- got the social art. And if I mean you know like that -- everybody look bad and it wasn't. Our our our dog but -- God's way of properties are somebody. We would each. Gears low low tactic. Currently sitting analysts and go outside one -- about it or stared at the door caught at the door. He'd like chizik -- that ticket right. -- year. The packaging. And at any athletic and -- don't know about Nazis you know. Pardon me. Teller about -- and she told me one time which shoots. -- and yeah I know I've widened. -- -- it was guys out. Oddly I believe that happened I believe it may -- we have all week we have doggie door so darn good to go in and a lot when every one it. And I used to always tell my wife said. You know. Austin when he passes and I -- his bladder. Because he. Hit it could go I mean if if if that it was raining and he didn't want to go outside. Ago what David David and that meant I can't go to law -- should -- a couple of Sam I appreciate your phoning it but it should thank you so much on today body of bright back with a more your calls and let me read a quick text message about the the child in the car if you want to murder trial would there be a better way the mostly want to make it looked accidental. Just thinking about it too secure one late 786689. Points Sunday Bob Mitchell in -- -- WWL. It. Let's get right back as opposed to -- Jeff Jeff are you doing tonight on on public on your mind by the. And and and so on her body calling all of but Shannon earlier right and much. Like that the Katrina. Up next working Katrina ER dash and he does it -- sitting. Another dog during the storm and had three poppies. The -- giving her. -- one on one problem -- LaMont Katrina Rita and came up the name. Of Katrina. Captain and she had the -- chance and I am getting on second letter one of the national and passport that. That dog has saint my older talk. Like. -- -- But it's a key is just such a sweet little boy and there and he -- it just completely. Kept -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great. That we got married. And it just -- Dotson should tough little dog boy that's an arm powered here are they really they are -- Ayatollah Oklahoma -- -- the -- don't know if you know this. They bred them to hunt badgers. Yeah yeah I agree that for their tough. I never won national audit did it on the net but last week dentistry from the when he had a -- there. -- very poppies it's about letter and I have I. And went out in the streets shipment and I had all three pop into my and one would. They're they're black and -- early. -- Korea in my hand. Talk in my shirt group on an amateur but yet because of the cold outside and I -- and has. A recliner watching it. Up -- mall -- or her black equipment have you received a white and no I have no. They're called they're called -- -- -- the one I've lost about a year and a half ago the one that died. Promote mass in her heart and her name was thought she was white. And had one large block bottlers agriculture dot. And my my son in Houston has. One from. A different litter but same mother and father it's a male and looked looked just like her the same markets in the cult or spots that we had spot in dot. Jeff I appreciate Chicago a bunch of calls about trying to get out of it thank you look at it okay is -- marry in New Orleans story of Mary. Bottom line. Policy board to that this felt the republic. Of people who have lost that -- At from this -- Canada because but I know what these people that is valuable information. They applaud them -- did they have the pet. And the guy that we had her on that we had her on the first the show. -- and I yet tonight we have we had her and India. And in the 8 o'clock -- oh degree count. -- capture yeah count Sharon right. I'll -- and she is people who go to heart that don't it did not even that had an excellent -- right -- I am but anyway I do understand that haven't docked them a -- minister. He gives a lot of funny funny thing really -- do. One thing -- quick selecting get everybody else to go ahead. OK then I'll get. Get the funny thing but I'll tell me the funny thing -- well I don't know which one I'll get. It's one of the closest they've been legitimate right have gone to Tampa today they had one. Not on the don't want to let's go to Dennis in Atlanta how orient Dennis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ball Congo and prosecute the familiar. Number I am stirred up you got it backward or place. That's an absolutely -- remains you know. Well wolf you know a few weeks. Had a -- my. Michael literature. Dale. And I and I ran back you -- too -- -- -- dig a hole -- -- you ought. I'm not cry or recurrent problem occurring. And I did and it played. And they were so compassionate. And so night. And everything. -- cremated. Do you vote for her and ashes on late in the footer right which you know in real well. -- Limbaugh. We're gonna take ours -- -- like the -- woman in the Gulf of Mexico. So yeah I'm gonna take him over to the coast but a little wait till after the end of saints season because they also like to watch the saints game so. I had him up -- Mandel and after saints season that'll go ahead and those predecessor Dennis I appreciate your voting and topic. That is the most brutal and on the North Shore -- -- -- Linda. I am and I am I have a band that can one of the toxins. And the wife daughter and learning to get more and now he said Natalie. And now he's got his -- at a eleven month sun -- classical music. And he -- and it argues that -- achieved human to somebody. You know business or whatever and say they haven't got that they had to give they have a pretty typical articulate. Are tightening with Sebastian you and Matt sat on the adapted in the housing you know mindset as our. That's great that is great that -- -- You have great you have grand dogs. You have land them -- dramatic Canada and that's it normally take that such. Personalities. They're great little dogs -- tell you one thing and. Well one of them and got out -- -- -- have actually that actually that's boring after Katrina yeah. And that her granddaughter she didn't -- and we need to Contra allowed me at a shell didn't have to wait shadow. She she definitely need and now changes its character she's she's -- shut the game and for sweetheart. He's been caught out. I bet thank to Linda let's go to mark -- -- -- power you marked. I am good I'm just wanna say -- we're on -- mission would get all. We'll -- boy when he comes back and side by poppy. I'll I'll be back I'll be back Monday dug up -- because I've been I've been here what for about three weeks now -- effort anyway so yeah. Sure will thank you so -- I'll I'll I'll be back. Monday and Tuesday and then dispute comes back for about three days and I do not know the schedule. The week after that and enough listen I've got a great. Now that you're getting my -- like. The Japanese car that it should be outlawed by. The -- One -- you know. That they might payable at the -- they'll talk to me in the debt in -- just three nights a week but now. I'm on love what I'm doing right now. A pop of love these past three weeks and you know I'm I'm so and so grateful to a WWL for -- the dude do the show tonight. That you know what you great. Audience -- You know appreciate. If you go online at WW dot com you'll see a picture my boy. I've got a product at a wild got what effort when you first started you showed remarkable article cup -- -- -- That was taken probably about a week. Four we we had to say goodbye you know and and -- it. There -- a couple weeks ago. You know how he was annual rate in the there's -- and it worked -- the way we were. Getting ready to go get it done on the growth five minutes away from leaving the house and he walked in the -- and just. I was at. Lumps -- -- Nation are. All right okay. All right. Coming right back at WW.