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Jun 28, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome to the -- -- which -- we are live at the big expo which the movers it beyond expo 2014. At the Emmanuel are constantly radio stations. We're live at the -- trees and -- It's already crowded there -- just a lot of boost here there's a lot of information that while we talk about this event. This is still -- home improvement show where we answer your questions about repairs and renovations. John you're gonna do which argued had done. Maybe there's something going over the house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening or who to call to get something done about it. Here's the number for the -- recruitment -- -- -- Whites haven't. Told 386688. -- nearly seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the -- just like -- -- by trees that are reporting well good morning that was something that somebody that would do today -- -- -- show with what -- somebody cute today especially to think about being. Pro active with their house here accidents. Tom you restless and -- -- -- -- projects because the -- -- become little more predictable you know you put a good. You know spot of the few hours in the morning -- afternoon showers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pictured the words short siding when you read it to our offense. These are all things that they consider or let's get right she calls this morning and from Algiers. Eric you're on the home improvement show into the interview on good morning. Aren't you more -- Paul the median you just are real long time. Where passing on HDTV where these guys can go and find appliance warehouse that they fail last year's model for. Is there anything locally like that. Well I'm not sure there's -- warehouse and sells producers models are -- there or. Facilities resources you can certainly turn to -- sell all appliances -- contract with price. -- With with with that's a life what weekend components. I think if you're in the in the market for the low points. -- concern which -- research on which Margaret Beckett and go shopping at some really good progress salesman mail. Even from the retail stores so I typically -- you buy appliances that -- and wait weren't the replace it. What a great in the liquid quality videos but it's those prices typically -- -- -- contractors. Okay yeah. Yeah -- -- -- that you know like minute -- but it really collective good internal upon them to like the. All right Erica thanks. Yet this is up for boomers and beyond you know maybe you're not quite a boomer but you have -- Paris who wore. Boomers over beyond that and maybe there's some things that you would like to learn. About then end -- there immediate future there are so many different seminars and it's it's free and there's just a lot of great information. -- and maybe -- something that you need to do for your house. My friend tip jar with and the yet packed days with -- shielded in their places like that. It hit it help you with information you can come to them incidents sales person going do you. You can come get the information you need and his all kinds of stuff going on here but if you do have a question about repairs and renovations with your home. This is still the home improvement show where lies it was beyond expo. 2014 and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- a -- him is a 77. And from the Gulf Coast in Gulfport rich -- -- on the home improvement show with Paula brings. Good morning and have a question about. Few weeks ago my age he went out I -- -- an apartment so maintenance free. And the ladies property management. Bill water -- we're going now. It's -- -- unit on the ground I don't know that. -- bumper convinced there with the guys be fixed the capacitor. And note warmer waters took capacitor. Okay so look past her. Helps that approach for stars historical -- -- -- lectures that comes in it gives it that big jolt the spot the compressor. Some people -- had parts markets to their units so like you -- and rural society and the powers. You know announcing Boston's you if you needed to be. Or few notes from you know voltage -- issues apart from couldn't work. Typically -- pastor. Will last a number of years that's like something that goes oh all time with him you know you do hear comparisons and on occasion. -- work. I'm fine now vote could -- are very effective you -- -- have a good day. In my heart just sinks -- -- somebody's having you're talking about their air conditioning went out. What is Tanya when you don't want to go you know it's disabilities is it is when they see goes out that we experience that we've we've storms are just the occasional. Big storms have a big storm that swept through the area yesterday I was out there driving in and it was wild. But when the electricity goes out as uncomfortable as it is. You know went -- when I I hear about people in the in the north and I've been in areas where it's very very cold. When he goes out in the -- and it's more deadly than when they hear air conditioning goes out in the summer because our bodies are. More -- you deal with extreme heat than with a vehicle you. Die quicker -- Sure absolutely so in the condition that like for instance is rich called. Listen apartment by air conditioner broke waiting for to be repaired some things you can typically do to help get buying into that -- -- is I would. I'll consider giving some moving -- so if you have a box fan on -- or ceiling fan. Eternal incident beneath it kind of reducer activity. You know if you're hit plans for clean the house that they need to be very active -- floors and dusting in scrubbing. It's probably you wanna change your plans -- because you can find yourself giving the overheated. Very quickly and of course is always stay hydrated and you know typically I don't I tell folks if your country out there with some are all mostly water when it below the -- water because some Gatorade on. Who -- probably less than four. There is a temptation three. -- agreements for the past especially cold here. So we could talk about that today as well what what are you doing the AC goes out. -- I've been in net a couple of different cities where they didn't have but they have air conditioning because -- -- just -- that was part of the country really didn't have easy. And it's. I've waited got hot it was just so miserable trying to sleep. I know this is not the most pleasant topic to talk about this time a year because it is it is not. Just just walking from my apartment through my my car this -- I mean it's -- it's it's a tough time a year however. It's gonna get. Even hotter and the AC units are gonna be under even more strain so if you haven't had your AC unit -- needed. -- and you you still wanna get it checked out and serviced the pro active and it's a lot easier to get it checked now while it's still operating. Then when he goes out you need somebody that's who saw him urgently needed to constructive steps to get your license its technicians. Eyes and -- -- Two -- because -- the firm wouldn't even this summer. That the -- chance it's gonna break because running daytime and night so let's take those that the substance couldn't care. And the hope to prove -- show today is life from the boomers and beyond expo 2014 -- trade center on being candidates all at a queens boulevard early they're just turned right freak accident. The casino. -- we're right there it's absolutely free so come join us if you have a question about -- recruitment numbers 2601870. All 38668890870. In a Texan receipts of creativity and what advice do you have for some bodies AC goes out because you never know what's gonna happen but that is miserable miserable moment in your life. I'm suits with -- grange will be right back into the interview room. Welcome back to the home improvement show real life for the boomers and beyond expo 2014. From the -- streets and Eric -- We're we're getting out the -- fourth on the river 2014. Fans. And the fan has -- you looked you looked in the thing and that there has. It it has a little. See through visual thing that. That is going to be the the fireworks are looking at the lights in the project trade center and while I've never you know born this is about as close is that to keeping it to an -- -- trip. As I look at these these lights brought in by the way if you if you get this thing and don't drive home. While you look through this this fans think that it people walking around with food samples. There's a lot of information here for boomers and beyond and it is free. And it's very cool if it's dry it's much treasonous of you hope you can't buy -- Perfectly candid poppy bears here signing autographs and talk to you being here at least until news. Let's get back to a more to your questions about home improvement from Madison feel that you've -- -- now on the home improvement show and deputy -- with all the rage. Hey guys underdog. Paula and I have to me. Read -- them in my home with only two years old -- is -- probably. And I heard some guy comes through he recharge it really become an accident apparently. And it covered under and your part to want you. And he told me was that Clinton was twelve under now -- There's I don't know anything about that and I don't have the -- on on that you know what you do. Bottom period does that sound like it although I only get considering partner for being covered one the. -- -- Tuesday June visit here. It's a recurrent wrapped up to a park on. -- so. Really with -- total warranty and and I had this on personal profit on hold my system secure online and be a there will speed indoor activities they Johnson and Mike -- -- audience -- it. So we. So he leaked the vast majority of them out of the system. This years ago so it could replace the part was covered on board -- any pro rated among those labels a little more cute with a refrigerator wasn't. The -- portion of that is labor was not so that's probably how is coming up with that public dollars how much or your labor program brought. They dispute or -- -- only. So that covers the operative all but the cost of refrigerate today in labor costs. You know to remove and replace. It and you put a vacuum in the system. Could easily -- well concern. OK I know who -- -- of pounds of recruiter could be restored much from from. And not the insurance. I'm hoping come -- -- deliberate cover them all pro rated at all all the diplomatic that sounded like it could be within reasonable poetry to work out the guy. -- at all. Those are thank you for his. Okay what are you burn it you haven't read it. And Paul this is a reminder that you you've got a lot of really good information about what things cost and you know a lot of people feel like there possibly being -- and NGOs like business especially salespeople. Do something to their house. If you have any questions about. Getting the job done and what it might cost -- you think your being taken advantage. Republicans this last case -- last caller notes about what it -- we can confirm all of that for you as well our numbers 2601870. So free 8668890. Except. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning. My topic -- now. -- protect trees down on all night long hike its true. I'd -- probably very fine if you -- It did what all logic to get debt straight with the former is that useless to waste money. Don't judge you really want to if you could go to spray -- you room to go with the complete includes. Semi -- apartment which means you can recovering. The entire area groups want to make it than it did any disconnecting from the outside elements and keep it semi conditions based. You have to remove your assistance in the installation to do that. You also have to make sure that your kitchen bathroom fans. That don't work that soft stuff or is that you know extended outside. If you combustion appliances like the cast forty either gas -- there's some steps can be done there. If if you're looking just to reduce heat that we need heat in the attic and you only want to do once thought like the the southeast and solid yet about. Even cancer using a product called radiant barrier. And he can put that ready prior to be under Saudi your roof rafters on the south facing portion of your roof and it's the reason he comes in. Through Europe you're -- -- -- assembly who rejected back out into the atmosphere. That will certainly reduce the temperature inside erratic. There are some other concerns with that you do that because you your public reducing temperature you're stonewalling adequately ventilated seat will make -- from certain at that point. You wouldn't be true that they're commission duct work it's not leaking. It would also wanna make sure that it's got the proper insulation around that don't work in the ducks are not touch each other. And that you know having conversation problems because when you reduce the temperature your attic. But you still allowed to be penalty outside with the outside boy it -- seems to reach two point rather quickly -- would be very proactive. But when you reduce the temperature that -- protecting the things they could reach two point like the cold into our area -- -- -- -- -- -- don't work. Or if you got a lot of -- and lights you know make sure that those connections can edit your house or reduce. And bottle which on those often she would do anyway with you to predictor. Okay. -- John have a good weekend before you pick your -- and activities -- here just a moment -- would give you chance to ask your question most of your -- hold state witness read all of your calls here. I'm just a moment we -- live from the boomers and beyond expo. 2014. Assists can be if you will aren't tiger and confidently of radio stations magical or one point nine. Buy you 95 point seven. The 97 and three WL thirteen fifty it's free it's until 5 o'clock tonight I can't go on stage. And it's 3 o'clock this afternoon and look at those who believe right now -- -- such as a lot as soon but she is dressed for the parts. She's dressed. To be as you of course. There are also some classic cars inside and also outside. And -- -- -- public -- mentioned that he can Bobbie here's your side or regress like a lot of interest in lectures and get a lot of now a lot of great information. And this is a chance if you don't like seals people come to you. This is a chance to go to the salespeople. Get the information you need without them coming to you. And they're all kinds of the people walking around with special food samples so there's food there's cooking demonstrations that are shipped here from all over New Orleans. We're going to be on the cooking stage consistently. I'm -- Edwin Edwards is gonna be here later. And I would think if he qualifies in the category of boomers or beyond. I'm still without construction it's a welcome back to the home improvement show it to daily live from the boomers and beyond expo 2014 -- at the -- considered candor. At the end -- boulevard right where you get shoes casino turn left and it's right here. -- like going on here its air conditioning. It's dry and it's absolutely threes. I've come -- is kind of surreal moment for me weakness -- equipment like going remember listening to this morning that he would. And so here I am doing this -- beyond expo this weekend is giving tickets to Crosby stills and sinker and August. And he's doing it thirty years ago and so here it. It's -- and people like oh well it's located see that it was as if you are sure to Peterson was. When you racquets -- honored that people remember those days. They're crazy but I love the fact that stupid is that. I was get back to it to your phone calls this is only through which a few questions about repairs and renovations are numbers 2601870. -- 3668890. Accidentally texted receipts -- -- at -- look at the drug just around the beverage that he was looking for. Front battery die in your home -- which you know with all agree. Yes good morning good. I have a question for. They repeat it happened and on -- -- American is being replaced you know heater company in an hour and if it -- trained unit. And we have his hands events replaced in the attic. And now they. They would blow an attic insulation. And now reports. I'm done here is I know it depends upon what model train began -- via the and it was like 171000. Do you think that's reasonable. That was the 171000 units for the mechanical was that the installation and kind of equipment. Right I'm sorry I didn't understand -- the 171000 with the is that just for the air condition was that including the cost of the insulation. It was everything. OK and -- are -- losing -- my house is like wait to hear those. An event and they haven't been quite there's no flooring in the added. But the band -- -- collapse frame and now. We have prices on three for train models and -- home. Starting from 121000 after the 151000. And now most. Edinburgh communicating bit of a cooling and heating and indefinite number of cooling and cheese stake in her eating. I don't know anything about it and you invite. Pattern outcome of what whenever the price tumbled off. Sure -- he would size they're connected systems in Freetown report on five time. I think -- a blanket I recounted -- dollar single story do Alan you know four bedrooms bombing three bedroom. I think it might be three or four I'm. Certain. So for replacing indoor and outdoor equipment replacement awkward adding insulation putting a three or four from unit 171000 is not. On -- and a -- depending on what quality equipment which trains and -- manufacturer actually train in my home. Really but there's a lot of which you can do for energy efficiency. For features like my extra media filter or -- programmable thermostat there was a lot of things they can add to some of these calls this really depends on. You know what -- Which include -- quote. Here's the thing that I we discussed scuba discusses on the show all the time. He's it's not that we select the wrong product -- it's how their products installed. It actually determines how well this is performing your home. We didn't get the -- -- energy savings that you expect. So I installation. Is the proper installations Paramount to the overall success in this project. Yeah well I'm looking at the two highest. You know models that trying that -- quoted and anything like the air Barry they made it this -- banquet in. And -- communicate that typically in heating it bit them and it's infinite number of cooling -- stage in burger eating. It's they don't -- that -- back like the prices like he announced over a thousand dollars difference. I didn't now. Diane Wood -- -- like he'd asked the question of the person that's where the salesperson you work the way it is that a condition and his two portions of like -- she says the three time machine. That capacity. Removes temperature and also removes moisture. Need to ask him how much three time. Used to remove the temperature sensible to -- and how much of that capacity return capacity is designed to remove latent heat what's the moisture. When when we start talking but in murder technology. Which is a great technology however frost in the BellSouth. We wanna make apps with certain that it's remove enough you community enough moisture from our house to be called the that's a very important question ask another important question that asked what he -- there and adding insulation to your ceiling. And they're also change in the awkward today performing rumba room manual shaped lid or heat Lou calculation. New -- if you had a three time before and you make an energy efficiency improvements more than likely unity go back with a -- done. You knew about but something that's smaller presuming that that original system was was designed properly. -- -- -- -- -- It's really important this process. A -- and a -- had you heard of these guardian -- devices. Yes that you have put on your system to. In -- remove the bacteria mold and so forth just. Okay all right are they worth while I think they run about a 1008. Five dollars. -- they work very well one thing you do need to keep in mind is that they -- require some maintenance every few years you have to change the lamp then it. What they do work for world I have I have this very similar system -- send your box at my house. Okay that it needs two billion dollar candidate into the air conditioning I mean that new air conditioning system wouldn't take care evolving out. Things -- mentioned like the -- the bacteria. That's correct distance and additional features -- you know that system you have that's an additional thing you have to keep that. That -- are probably count that's practiced on. I -- you know that helped write is why I don't want my. No -- I don't wanna beat you you've got -- in there it's installed as per minute Christmas occasions and -- that means is wrong with company you work with me. Well I don't know going to get I don't account well I -- you're -- -- the office on Monday talked about though the great thing. Well I Al periods that -- in pain FB RU NTI and it -- I think in I'm you know service and our leaders and their conditions are you know -- Africa. Good I'm glad to see your relationship with -- -- All right well very good you look at the project are thanking. Identical this weekend here's -- we are pretty jacked about the people do you watch movies over and over again or are you -- line. And done personally watch movies over and over again they have kids who watch mould -- that's true -- And I'm an adult and last of licensing movies over and over again it is. -- with a great movies. Construction -- about houses have heard things like the media company will talk about that we -- back after this break if you were to join us with a question about home improvement or maybe you want some consumer guidance or. You want to make sure that what somebody's telling you please replace the cost here's our number 260187. Toll free 8668890. Simply text -- 7870. It's a -- the -- which -- for the boomers and beyond expo 2014 and scoop when a construction consulted all the grange we're coming right back. But it WL. Welcome back to the -- recruit which show on this Saturday is is very warm and there's going to be some showers again but -- -- -- trade center. We're live at The Who recipient expo 2000. Fourteen times to construction itself on the range from great assaulting an energy conference solutions. Even though we're live on location here we're telling you about the boomers and beyond expo where air conditioned and dry so this is -- replaced via. Saturday like this a lot of great information about. Health care doctors years legal advice here there's food demonstrations there's. A lot of information that it's that you might need it again here's your chance to go to different sales people supposed to. Happy -- -- -- maybe -- feel accurate a little more in control of the situation because. You're going to him getting information and some of the deals with the with home repairs like I'm -- -- -- and again it just so many different great companies here. And it's not cast a critical stage at 3 o'clock a plea from three to five. This -- there's recruits him as a classic cars inside and outside. Apology but -- gets in the open before we got to get to our tax if you can you graduated with a question or numbers 2601 point seven. Toll free 8668890. -- remedy at a Texas receipts to him. We were talking about the movies that you watch over and over again man. I was thinking about movies that. That you might be interested in that deal with construction. And somebody send text and said the money it salsa -- that would. Was it was that Tom Hanks is -- right on its facility. -- laws -- loan that's right so what you see a movie like that I mean is that like extra funny that you would it would be familiar to you that it would be to be because she would understand all the idiosyncrasies of what's going on. What what I think what's really picked Polaris -- -- to the movies that's so real life because I see folks do that all the time in the state. Well we'll discuss this one little project that -- -- -- explodes into something else. And of course that you never beats budgets always beyond the budget. We try to pinch yourself sometimes it works -- the system so I think you really -- it. The movie. About construction that. You -- it takes them for 87870. It was a few questions about repairs renovations. One of the great ways to use the Q -- agrees that race. Can answer your questions about the payers and patients. Not yours do you but it also helped him. -- the -- if you're dealing with somebody nature of the price is right or here's something else. Recently. If your -- house sometimes there or things. Wrong with how's. It might be better for you tell them you fix it. And that you despite the house floor but the price it will fix. So you wouldn't know if it's a good idea for you except that corporate. Entity here that hear -- -- house we can answer those questions. Numbers 2601 needs him. -- three XXX 87. Next number is 877. To beat -- like hear about -- -- emergencies. House that you get. It's not handle emergencies. We all have those this is vital information about Saddam's ex race. They're all the Saturday's -- industry. And again this is just the race figured there. Boomers and beyond it's -- to that construction will consult the -- -- that the break you will be right back with your questions. It's the annual boomers and beyond spoke for 2014 lie for the much trees that are generally is little more -- -- a construction so that all the greens this. Is the -- proof which you know. And we've been talking about construction and there and we -- occupied movies that dealt with construction and the money marketing at Hewitt next. John -- fighting CDs. -- doubt that the -- these these were people who built stuff during the war the military yes you know. Are also over port with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and I don't remember that big of a construction remember being about will fill in the water she was rich. Well I think he was their building shelving it or not which you fell over it and I think the later he was more creative and -- -- -- by. She was -- -- what if that's what they meant as a unit is still again not married -- it's the most elegant wonderfully but that it meant. Also somebody suggested that the movie in my life as a house with Kevin -- and remember that happened that red box -- -- let's go to a medicine judo and Mike we welcome you to the home from which show Mike you wrought with -- -- -- well. They got it I was wondering now what would be better. Or. Did that the on and off guys. Replace an individual are hoping that in the -- it back. -- -- -- -- but what are they do off. My what type of friend as a result that windows and settled little or final. -- okay do you know if in the winter time. -- it's really cold outside instruments does the it will be to -- -- statement in some of those aluminum frames. I don't leaked out and in the -- out now. -- -- So it really does more to the disappearances of reference -- principal waters that is that is what the disadvantages so since you don't have that problem. They'll be. You know -- there is a energy savings upgrading from aluminum frame. You like a follow best frame more -- frame or it would -- However most people do that because it -- all the moisture problem in the winter in your case that the issue so I think I would consider replacing the the glass insert. Our local west have -- -- -- they'll front pocket when you go back a week to later. Remove and replace so the frame will be intact since the collapse session with ruthless. Economical way to do it well. It is an economical way. More like. Back or not they'll rot -- On the bottom. -- their heartland. It. There's no right jammed you could certainly use there and also -- same thing with Brussels that from the -- synthetic products that -- my only concern Wilkinson we hope that helps you out and have a great afternoon there were getting it to a news break. If -- rejoice -- your question on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas the 7870. I'm -- with the construction consultant -- -- Oklahoma group which there was life for the boomers and beyond expo 2014 life reply to present her to -- -- well.