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Jun 28, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome back to the home improvement show we are alive at the -- boomers and beyond expo for 2014 this is that we could do well and our entire -- confidently of radio stations. Magic 1059. Buy you 957 B 97 we WL thirteen fifty group monitoring center at the end of Williams boulevard will be here to 5 o'clock. Lot of great information coming up the legendary. Tom Fitzmorris he's going to be your life it is Saturday edition of the food show from noon to three and then there's a special Saturday edition. All things legal with attorney ducks series from three to five. A lot of chefs here on a sample food to two to eat all the -- a wealth of information. And it's free and on a warm Saturday like this where there could be some thundershowers we are in side in the air conditioning. And it's also very dry and it's not -- going to be forming from three to five -- -- their -- -- but also some classic cars inside and outside as well. Again it's free at the -- trees and I'd screw with a construction consultant Paul -- -- this is the home improvement show where we answer your questions about repairs and renovations that job you can do its job you have done. Maybe there's something going over your house that you're not exactly sure why it's happening. Or maybe you are getting a quote from somebody you know you're not exactly sure what something's gonna cost or if the cost that you're being told. It's really affair cost you know you can always check up for the person who wants to do the job for -- by calling your show here's number 260. 1870. All free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 87870. At all also this morning we've been talking about movies that have. Have construction and is not necessarily the main theme that there's a lot of construction in in the different movies are talking to polar earlier -- How funny -- must be in the watch your movie like the money it. Because he goes all leave it's I mean it's funny if he can only imagine what -- the supporting you who knows the only creature. Rory you might know more doubtful that might be a lot of fun for you. I'm so we're getting a few more text about this. Mr. blending the -- the dream house I do remember that captain Ron Martin Short about this this week gilts. Sailboat that was truly a funny movie I recently that I didn't really consider. And that is. The Star Wars. As somebody says Star Wars. Return of the -- guy. The death star was a major construction projects. I had no idea if you wanna join us with your question or comment our numbers 2601870. All 38668890. It's happening in Texas for 87870. Now get back to your text year just a moment from battery. John Johnny we welcome you to hold recruit which are here now on with -- great Johnny -- Pay out any group we done. And he ball got a question for you -- when -- mediate vina out should keep the doors closed to all spectrum. Or I'll leave -- they might might begin is that I keep them close with or installation on those laws. I'm gonna have more. A suction on net room so therefore been -- from. The poor installation. What would you -- -- Don you really wanna keep the doors open in the one of the reasons why. It is in the you -- we look at Eric the -- the best way to even considers this air flows just like liquid close. So art is brought. In in -- topic go to the -- Yeah but but also. Go look at pressures too soon we are Asian our room that like that better than you and closed off since alike a month. As -- -- liquid in this -- it -- -- it's the top you can import more liquid -- it. Some are part of bedroom with the door -- you think once we fill it up -- there it in the air flow actually slows down you know you've been signaled that look so much. And then we cause a different pressure problem is that whoever becomes possibly pressurized. But when we have a positive pressure. In one part of our house we need to have the equal model. Negative breast or someplace else so in the place files that maybe and Bernanke departure you would be throwing conditions in from the attic or maybe from the outside. Which is harsher than. You know that -- installation that one wall of that bedroom so you know like -- at. I want them to follow I think at least feel that hot air when I come home and I have an awful their date. So. People open right. Keep them open yes or UV so much much but it -- -- operation. All right John you -- to correct something innocent -- last week -- Via apartment -- burn the actor in the air conditioning off even when it's hot in the summertime. When I get home somewhere between 7879. And I like it around 77 to -- takes ten minutes I like minded enough seats. Fifteen. Still no it's really it's it's it's it's not like -- Johnny Johnny -- culture explicit. I can rejoice with your question our numbers 260187. 038668890. Point seven text summaries 870 him. Yeah I was asking you know Paul is. It's it's -- to turn year -- off because it appears theory it. It takes so long to build back up. It's better it is keeping unit -- at least a certain level. But I just I just turn mine off in the next fifteen minutes to -- right where it didn't listen if you walk your apartment it's not my game they have been. Keep up north. This is all the proof which show where are -- -- is called the grange with the great consulting and energy for solutions. We're coming right back with more real life to date for the -- recipient expo 2014. At the -- trees that are indices that we -- you well. We know you love rock and roll the Debian QL has more great concert tickets for you last week civilian courts on its record February tickets to Crosby stills Nash coming up in August. Attkisson -- -- obvious for Tommy at least Monday and Tuesday Tommy's doing in Ireland captured surreal atmosphere it's been obvious it is more action on Monday Tuesday. We got tickets to see that Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton on tour together coming to New Orleans playing gliding champion square Sunday. July 30 I'm sorry to -- twentieth at 7 o'clock if we've got your tickets now we're gonna give you two ways to win. On the air and on FaceBook. It's obvious from Monday and Tuesday Tommy -- -- -- its way and it's usually the rest of the week of reporting next week it was in between six and and the chance to win. We're gonna play part of The Doobie Brothers -- Peter Frampton song. And the first call or who knows the next line to the song. He's gonna be -- So here do you understand the different the fans sure. You know the next line to the songs will play. Like the song and dance before the next like the song and it will plea deal in its entirety the first person with -- -- the next line. When our countries like it will keep them out at the time they're gonna win tickets. Now you can also win by going to our FaceBook page WWL radio but the The Doobie Brothers Peter frantic concert. Like guys and register to win. Keep on rocket with a station while rocket well we're talk station but we love rock and roll VW well. I'm still without construction consultant Paul the great this is the home improvement show we are live from our annual boomers and beyond expo 2014 like the departments that are. -- -- -- From Terri Hamm and Julie you're on the home improvement show with -- grange good morning Joseph. It was got a question for Paul. And -- air conditioning. I had a problem a year ago I have the two story house in the unit I was courses upstairs and what is it like at three quarter and pipe that runs a confrontational -- the point now. In the world. Downstairs is. A larger pipe which is like -- mentioning. In that that small pipe just sits inside. What happened last year is the bigger site. The water backed up I guess you know my throat either bleacher better. Which your preferences have been -- do that 2223. Months whenever. My question is should those two -- be. I get the bidding that was sold -- -- them. That the larger one in the world went downstairs. So that it doesn't happen because I -- maneuvered it to upstairs there's like. Where the pipe goes into the you know the story goes in there. It like to why he was personally I understand it that supposedly shot the water all the act itself. So -- -- blood is that true -- -- -- do that or so badly that like it is what I do was like a war. Political -- or in or whatever with. Down it down there and that larger pipe is to make sure that that's all about why it stopped up and gamble homes in there and -- -- went out. Last year but I'm just don't want -- don't want it happening again you know. -- don't you should not use -- noticed that the chlorine gases move damage here to work with. Okay we're using in Parkersburg said. Do you. I would do once a month I would open letter once -- -- and I would also -- Improve the connection between the smaller the -- and that that connection you described. That's in the event that is it backstop that's gonna like that that connection. Rockefeller the pipe while -- -- took off switch that -- that. It's actually -- -- that the two wars the -- to it so that that device worked -- will however we viewers is that it's the auction. If the plight has never been to a public back -- unit could instantly at the lower section you know blows no good and get that corrected. Actually technical they -- this goes back years and years ago maybe 20/20 they had. -- you that you couldn't do that -- from the wall when I but. Apparently around the bottom and all it. Had to cut that she brought up they I noticed they hit the something like court case or some kind of spots you don't jamming those two together and I don't know if that was supplies are better to get the city -- that -- certain what do you call. It's it's actually better get the -- -- into that connect that type of connection commercial applications over -- that are rarely does the president can do. It is actually best to -- that the next that records the -- Do that and I've just been into more problem you know as one unit that does. That that that'll come off the water he gets up at that level there and there are no answer it went into my wife and I appreciated. I know it's courtesy dry in this area that -- Yeah. I -- -- a political allies continent -- thunderstorms yesterday we were like 4050 miles yeah. Ripped ripped through this India is just on the road it was. It was to -- jewelry for -- time -- time here. He'll have a great weekend if you if you have a question about the home improvements job you're gonna do the job done. Ayers renovations are so let's go with your house you know the temperature -- -- like at the -- and beyond expo. It the better school construction -- all the greens numbers 2601870. 0386688. Ninths early but he at a text of receipts -- the gates of a well we have a few minutes to get to a few texted them. So what are the Texas the questions is it true that meaning now or soon -- would help keep bees and birds away. And the answer is yes yes actually -- that my daughters -- -- those type BC keeps this -- very effectively. It in the blue is more like -- like sky blue. So if you go to a local things or what happens remorseful weren't gonna -- things they. Listen -- I want to paint the ceiling in my front or back -- sky blue to keep. These away they'll know exactly who voted for you I don't know if we keep birds away I've never actually. Known to be effective -- but it might -- effect of these animals and birds play I think it's this guy. Can fly up and it's like a minute if that's that's cruel yes. Well that. So it's effectively of these summits of it's and it's a but he might have thought that was just an urban myths it was clear that it actually works with -- so we have another Texas says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spring in insulation of Havoc that those from home. So that's actually what the services we offer great and so things that you're interested in learning how to reduce the risk. Hope of having a -- home and also improved indoor air quality and efficiency comfort. You so it's called the office on Monday will be up America obviously -- accuse them let's get back to your calls and from party. -- a year on the home improvement show with Paula grange good morning running. Good morning good morning that. I got -- an open -- while we hear about all that up right. And the little knob and those. The temperature at all. I don't know what effect this city you haven't checked in with the -- temperature in the freezer and the other reason you have them look like particularly -- If people are out trillions to try to keep that temperature around here is that normal. Written that we. Discern fact I have my efforts have sent him to nucleus of a factor cultural zero. I have my set at six degrees and the priests is while there's nothing wrong that. I would wanna go much harder than -- probably 1214 degrees so I think you're right in the zone but haven't read it to the -- she should be happy that. Running another good way if you don't have a thermometer to check when he took -- took your freezer at the proper temperature and actually -- prefer this management. Hope of seeing how good -- -- with a few of the settlements -- ice cream and it. Wait overnight take up again I speak -- you got through it exert a lot of effort with an ice could duplicate ice cream out of that gallon you know -- You got to -- Of course of it's easy to get the scoop and there you have to want. So my advice to use on your favorite player priced premium ticket office if you do it's that would protect the tension that his -- where you weren't likes officer. Won't go to they're going to go out. The boat went -- and stuff but. Obviously you -- throughout -- did you know five again. The notion that it. Yes. This got a hold them. Posted from. You know the UK so where it. Concern I think you're you're right on the money that should -- -- her picture -- we heard there were exploited I haven't really it's a cool. But if you're Holtz they witness if you have a question about solving -- what this is the -- it through what you -- from the boomers and beyond expo. Lot of people are here this is a -- -- -- he -- toward the end of Williams boulevard. Is your condition it's dry it's a matter what it's like outside is -- very comfortable -- to be lots of information here wants a better team top cancer stage. At 3 o'clock this afternoon I'm still without construction consultant -- -- and we'll be right back with more. The -- the proof which you know and here's another deputy real news update with Johnny's. I just took a picture of somebody who resist owners showed up at the boomers and beyond next knowing I'm gonna weeded out here just a moment. If you wanna join me on Twitter its ads suit WWL. But former governor Edwin Edwards has just arrived. With these beautiful life. And he's pushing a baby stroller. With these child. I would it be like it would net which like -- I mean this is like. Awesome. Over governor and it's a that it is picture of governor with the stroller with these child. That is beautiful wife. It out on my Twitter accounts at scoot him you know. Already people are taking pictures. Accurate but it's just one excellent -- victory bills. It just it just wanted by the year from that which museum is going to be performing dancer performing at 3 o'clock so a lot going on here. And it's hard to -- QL -- -- radio stations will receive beyond expo. -- point three -- this afternoon I'm still a construction consultant -- -- and from New Orleans east. Thomas your own Debian -- with all the rage -- And missed the Tom's good morning value today. Okay it conflicted. Grind it. You know. Again. If you quote back. About 1000 and brain to clean it you know on and I've got it right there -- now. And upload them them. Vehicle. Called on him but you know now with this bill because it and you know themselves conflicted here. Welcome to put it is drained me. It did you know -- you know. Mr. Thomas would -- -- you put those tablets and did you put it in the emergency hand underneath it or actually in the evaporator. Trained -- directly beneath that cool. What accounts -- You know -- -- right there. You know. Electrical output that approach that I have it now. And also put public and you -- -- run down and out because equipment after the impact on the so once it noticed they think our original -- that he -- -- -- well. You can even use what's called in tablet. PM yen in tablet would you can use -- It's safe ways that Intel was the best place but it. He's actually in that during and directly underneath you that report not the emergency plan. Not that gap analysis things open in the unit for overflow emergencies but this -- in the -- All of the property -- -- -- It -- meant to the front month -- but it does not play but I can't really get on. Others is that under the house the deuces. Yet you if you put to work you into work and basically that. He's that we're all the spins on its over fields for the opera cool and their plastic payment needs that -- frankly. That's Obama blitzes into okay. Thank you are. Yes -- but. Hi Thomas says stay cool and dry this -- -- if you have a question about home improvement repairs or where patients are numbers 260187. All 3866890. Instantly section averaging 77. And the case -- Bobby there is that signing autographs he's going to be here until -- And following our show live from the boomers and beyond expo here on trees that are. It's the legendary Tom Fitzmorris with the Saturday issue the food shield for three to five they'll run from noon to three. And that at 330. It's actually gonna to a food demonstration. Lot of shifts here. There are samples of great food Thompson to a cooking demonstration that read -- -- show. It read that the industry -- from. We 35. Well we have any other text that it can be in our Arctic discovery's 8787. So here here's another -- that. Accidents when about one class -- please -- construction. And Africa but this very commitments this -- house. The whole. What's more it's also been talking about those movies that feature construction. -- -- out construction. Sony Pictures will be mentioned money -- so but he nation. Fighting CDs with John Wayne overboard with the Leone Kurt Russell government the movie but it remembered and it beat you with construction. On my life as a house with him Klein mr. pleading guilty dream house captain run -- -- was which was about. This rebuild this week -- it's sealed vote. And anything else we haven't mentioned this in his -- 87870. Well once again we remind people. You know you hate to spend money if you do so if something wasn't broken it -- -- But if you wait until something breaks it's always more difficult. And you're comfortable if for example eight -- now. So even though we're in the season that you -- galactic is getting it done before they change. There are being more units that are breakdown. Leaders Indians in this warm weather that we're happy now that you had victories he served for answers yet maybe it's. This victory of the what's the point of -- summer. When we're runner you want to one element. But this. Whole -- -- so it's best. With a seasonal rods which is actually worth the source of the right now that we she misses. I am still amazed and it's former governor operative words here. Its its sense of real I think about this week. Accumulate tickets and Crosby stills and nation next week giving tickets to do treatment is different. -- you realize how long been doing this but I do -- And business. And then I see governor Edwards pushing a stroller. With these young child. And his beautiful wife and I think. Mean just looks very looks it looks great it would have sincere. Who recipient expo we will live at the clutch threes and -- -- for your question or comment on numbers 26 though when he. Till 38668890. -- him but he. Protects them is eats at him over for which you're coming right back line for the boomers and beyond -- -- -- Eric Cantor. You well. I just has sent out tweets have a picture that I just took a former governor Edwin Edwards Whitney's -- he's he's he's pushing a stroller with these baby. Andy's here with this new life and it's at the depository center the eighties -- Hoover's papers it beat him. Baby boomer and beyond expo I'll I'll cover it that way movers and beyond expo 2000 we're gonna put -- this picture is just it's really it's it's it's a real but man -- Regardless of what you think governor which is the only news is that an easy victory just figured out. On Twitter account disputes that leader Hugo. Hi this is the hope recruit which show with our construction consultant Paul agree to execute it we like it better for the public streets that are at the boomers and beyond expo. And up before we get to abort your text let -- say you're talent that we -- -- well at least we welcome -- home from which you know with all the range. I have a question summit Philip -- Albany. And check to. Listen. Vs the Annika. Now he has been -- -- hand the way he is that you put the game which. In. You know -- -- XP he. -- there's there there's a couple parables to vet it depends on the age -- system -- Newark into a proper cools army of hope ball with different types of medals. It -- -- the gas from the chlorine beach really. Attacks that and experience. -- now some systems or possibly pressurized at the pool and saw more than likely pressurized at the pool that also makes the difference. You know in very general terms we don't want -- easily too stupid Vinocur. Lore and tablets -- paint -- the problem would be installed by your HPC technician comes in here equipment. How low will become twice here right before the season starts. Yeah political and seasons starts and they can elsewhere and now looks at that time keeping up. It -- rain stays open it doesn't get clogged that's a good prevent damage consider. So what can use it right yes mean you can use that are absolutely I would do about a -- Vermont -- -- month. OK well thank you because. I didn't know who had my eighteenth about like four years they'll. Yes ma'am listen at this point. -- -- -- fastest normal life and you consider replacing your future but in any town wants to work and use better. Yes but look at. It nicely is upon the base how often in record comes on the show me it's such an inexpensive -- divide the store. I think about salvage equipment in anger but actually there are some practical uses of vinegar when he comes home improvement. Clean glass cleaning floors. If you McLaughlin you would -- -- immigrants they consider. And it. Air condition systems means it's the third parties would it be good to eat before you use that music because it might make him. Probably so if you have a question on numbers 2601870. -- 386688. Points -- recipients -- summaries 877. I'm still -- construction consultant -- range in the -- -- -- which -- today's life for the boomers and beyond expo. 2014 like that much -- Senator -- this is for them and you well namely if it -- stations magic 1019. By united front seven -- seven. And -- WL thirteen fifty. Life in the public streets that are till 5 o'clock on the victory -- are here they're going to be performing. Also topped it took the stage in the reform from 35 and Tom Fitzmorris will follow what's with these Saturday patients who show. Life from the boomers and beyond next. I'm -- and we'll be right back with more obvious you well. We alive from the WW -- -- -- -- of radio stations boomers and beyond expo 2014 line for the punch trees that are there it's free. And you know -- there's a lot of fun here and also a lot of facts. And we're insides or it's cooling and -- -- it right -- -- your calls from him -- Gary you're on the pulpit from which it was poetry you Laurie Garrett. Hello -- yeah I need to know anything you put in Vietnamese and Ernie kinky can't put. Bleak. -- -- -- -- Or this product called in tablets. And then maybe something you address your heating cooling view when he comes to services system twice a year but in tablet actually in the right. Underneath -- operator cool. Not the verdict and what the it's great for the pepper cool. -- -- and -- -- -- or Vinocur. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Gerri thanks for calling a let's go to -- -- and John -- on the home improvement over Paul LaGrange. -- all. I -- need to find out what would be having to sit in recognition. During the song. Thwart it like texture settings yep typical setting up. OK so. They Tom if you've been on the home than out easily you know that -- seventy -- have been on degrees so little sucker on and off throughout the day controls some moisture inside her home. Run at night time. Depending on what the relative humidity is your home. -- -- -- if you're in that quarter profit percent relative humidity range. You could be very culpable. At you know 747576. Degrees. Particularly if you have a ceiling saying 7576. Degrees with a -- within -- -- relatively easy it is theory compliment them. Well moon moved around now you'll fail when we have people home all of them all Tom won applause today and there and it gave my dog truck that the unit -- 69. That's. Yes he's gonna be all right that's that's that's our morning. -- -- united seven. 69 degrees is is very very cold so not only -- -- but using a lot of lectures you keep it to the temperature maintain that temperature. They're they're and that's what you below seventy degrees 71 as -- -- have some moisture challenges we don't. Sus suspect of your maintain 69. You know knowledge -- Costello hi that you probably have other more problems securities system that you may have been that the world. And -- opinions would run to sort of keep from a town. Yes welcome thank I don't Mexico. -- that's that's a personal preference thing Whittier BC is said and I've really like you know there are times that I'll put -- -- 72 but you know I generally like especially night elected -- that. Well in the here's what you keep them on Tuesday is the thermostat although they say seventy degrees that's -- that -- -- may -- off -- 23 degree Charles. So its title similar lines seventy whether it's 68 or seventy right. That you find that you know agreed upon a happy medium when you when your -- now if you heard the AC off for a long time it got really warm humid. And then you suddenly turned to going with that develop a cold front with -- -- kind of ringing inside your house. Probably not that we could -- overconfidence. All right if you like to get a chance to talk to Paula yourself when you wanna get ahold of him if you question. But repairs or renovations and home improvement of any kind I you can contact Paul at -- consulting. Number video phone number is 985. 845. When he went 48 website is the greens consulting dot com sister companies -- and -- solutions in the web sites EC has died she yes. Until number 9859504167. As always -- it was a great -- great show and we'll see you next week. All right this is the home improvement show we live for the boomers and beyond next though not the horse is coming up next with a special Saturday edition of the home -- -- show on WWL. And then at 330 -- gonna do a special. I'm cooking demonstration. From the from the states here we're live in Kenner who recipient expo institutes like -- Orleans.