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Jun 28, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers and special guests at the ETM Boomers and Beyond Expo at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're speaking with chef Nino you know where have we met before because it's Humana yes we were you with you meant that -- -- but who you where you normally. A week or is that growth. Ronald that's it we do cooking -- -- -- that you and I bumped into each other -- in the files that was my last stop before coming view all the stuff but -- which when he went to the one in me and bill and so Covington on plea deal yet and what that was what I was after. What is -- this is just so you have the plan that's no way to. Which for guacamole and eat right -- But public those are only perfectly right for like a fifteen minute period. There is only right now so hard well -- I went to four stores yesterday and all like you find work. Avocados if you could throw to replace last week -- a five -- to come up with that ought to -- There were a little under but I think that. So. Anyway that's what we're doing what's happened that routes that these days old and nobody nobody gave it about how to commit. -- Only -- Bobbie that we compete in the -- And usually referred more offered to its corn. -- -- It. -- -- -- Unlike you Clinton got. Did you keep up with your wife I'll bet you can't handle all those folks don't -- that that's what makes these special equipment that -- Hitler. It's. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah. Bicycle and I only hope being you'll. You gonna go there -- that is you know talk about that is Louisiana yeah him and my -- I know that's the bottom but he he can go all out. Think about the honey quick go undoubtedly ended a war. Anyway if you ER and so if you. Executive chef for browsers -- it would only have enough ambassadors ambassador ambassadors of yes we do a lot of that cooking demonstrations cooking classes now with the expansion of the pot store and -- Oh yeah we -- Gulf Shores Google deal won't. A million fewer in Mississippi for Mississippi. And all gulf -- blanket in the Gulf Coast with. Well they can hear us loud and clear room -- oh loud and clear no problem -- like very clearly -- we gonna be there on the second in the Gulf Shores yeah. And there -- the radio personality. A hint he's going to be there on him we gonna -- is routes -- first fourth of July in all of them so it's of particular wonderful celebration. What a great place to go in the fourth of July oh -- yet perfect. I remember doing that once with. With this beautiful girl only window with you that one time and over again just happen well. Take a look at. Take a look and listen to you know again your girl you would want me well why do you think a moderate. Think it's the is that it was social credit. So I'm thinking you know I like that -- has -- been doing this this. Emphasis on local ship's course it's always been the emphasis on local ingredients and we get lots of lot of that stuff. But is this this magazine you guys old yet that's pretty good you know that's he just started it seems to be at least that became aware of that but maybe -- -- -- And lots of recipes and articles with the jets in its news -- quality they put it this is serious you know all welcome recipes stories special everything it's. But thank you and I had a nice little tidbit that you were putting up over at your boot though there. -- but I was very tasty. At least thirteen years and that's -- you call that Clinton no I always do -- brought it out with victory -- -- where what part but at times you fitfully. -- -- -- -- You know everybody beats up balances. But the crime you know all the other stuff. And we in the -- yes I think we're up to like five -- we just got back for about two months ago we were there we were in Palermo in fact. And you want I don't see the problem at all and their food is really good. It's a beautiful place to if you go right in the country and it's gorgeous it's the story it really use. -- -- Oh is that what a beautiful you with a -- idea that the I guess you guys -- this view of the blue cool ocean is unbelievable you sit at the table in this. Grapes hanging in that you look at the breathtaking thousand foot drop view it's me. It BP it's a wonderful thing was thinking of it is now you you -- kind of an Italian this year for. Tell you by Italian hospitality counsel Rosemary case. What thank you artichokes in some problems are -- olives. We get to write them creole tomatoes yellow onions. And meditate what we callable in it to win it light and take the healthy. Like it and -- ingredient substitutions we created -- more heart healthy repertoire. While here but all that stuff because I haven't had a heart attack yet when I do what I will say -- will should've been doing that -- call will be able. And you but if you were gonna cook it yourself. Does it I think you have a cooking -- unit at some point don't you should do the pot stop off yeah. It that you would you cross all the other ingredients with a -- hostile what you let the the obstacle course and you could immediately but yeah this application because the possible that on the cool that all children we put all the ingredients -- and it's pretty good it did though olive oil pretty much carries a penalty other flavors come in with the outlook. Very taste the paramedic who K hopefully it is yeah yeah that's good stuff but hopefully not too heavy calendar all ought to damage yet. That's that's that's -- or whatever he created. That's currently global war but that's it. Think humans it. Well thanks for dropping. Out is how you will see you in the aisles of another wrote Rouse is always that I -- do you we'll run into each other and a and I won't revamping of that time either because at that time in my life. What's my name anyway if this is the eve what's your name show they're the big gates that I never remember the station that's. That's -- -- -- -- written record that's why haven't -- no you're not joking I mean it. And I'm not joking that you see this is the one on one usually. And so -- cost -- -- talking about this when that I you forget about this would but this is ought to be the one the so let's circle that for WW -- seven. -- -- -- Well nice good to tell you sir are the this is the food shall we would love to talk with you you make Paula. And talk to us about where you've been -- what you're trying to cook at home anything else you have argument about food about line about restaurant cooking. You can join us in person at the at the -- -- training center in Kennard. We're the boomers and beyond exposed 24 team is going on. And we have a lot of neat people -- Clark the gourmet truck drivers here. We have lots of other folks. But now please this bump bump the lot but our number 2606368. Elvis. I'm sorry I did it right off the -- 2601 late seventies Elvis is in the building apparently. Which -- come from the it last year the -- perform. At this event. But yet that he's not performing this year is another gate but have yet package right here. You know it's -- a glittering in the him in his place and what's moments yet acted it was swing guru. Swing through a unique contemporary Portland's big band -- there it's like -- That's at 1 o'clock that should be starting pretty soon and then the top that well they've been rappers do you know great you know with that -- please. And we come visit it's it's at the -- street century theater. Just get on Williams will point it toward the late in the U in there is no way you could possibly it is I don't know. And we look to see him doing cooking demonstration. At 330. I'm doing. What global -- with what the hotspots. And every one. It's it's it's not as good but it teaches the lesson out orders. Clark equipment truck drivers here -- what that tells you things you get a ticket if you come out soon -- now getting around here. But Clark will that will be happy to talk with you. Applaud all sorts of stuff. Clark. The next twenty years that notebook Clark. The great. Graphic grand -- Barricades. Jazz great. Trumpeter. Harry James. Q are there is few. That was his team that was as -- hello yeah. When I'm happy about it -- -- -- here Clark is you who drowned out it's gone beyond. It kept me it's not that that you Amanda. We'll all alternately I just you know he chipped it to blow through yeah -- And he could that it wouldn't do mode most it was this is now like while not itself growth -- -- maybe 80%. Of yet routes. Is about. So who is real -- Bob. Yeah what's it like that one of these pars or -- I know you've been driving a truck for a million years that. If you get off but these antique automobiles are there any of them that you recognize what you -- it. -- -- If not take a closer look at them -- -- -- -- rated that he does go public in the -- a little -- like that met its way to meet just the -- it. On the -- A few things what do you -- -- let you know otherwise you become -- thankfully. And you just drag things you know here but as you like that won't do him the -- -- -- -- At. He's he's not a -- lady yet but he does have a bag he's been very proud the point. You know something the worst thing happened when I got here today. I have a bunch of stuff the bring you to do -- -- all. And I hit two boxes. -- That we have -- -- these boxes at least once every five days it's and the dog food that my dogs while. And it's this what is wasted. And with that but at least needy dog food is that he comes plants the options. It's not moves. But the boxes they package. On like double walls. Really strong boxes with rips on the side which is -- look at things and hope no one gets -- that by the fact that I have. Box that was originally the storage. -- -- -- The problem might vote Broncos but hallow -- that -- in the cheapest rate. -- -- -- -- you know we have. We have a nice. To have you looked at that. It's it was sheep in the -- that's right. This is. It's it's all of it for 260. What says who's winning 70. Effect -- you recipe. -- that if you. -- you know what some food or other that is. You that you don't know enough but you know too much about it. -- -- -- up but analysts 2601. We have at all for him to that went 866880870. If you call right now you'll get right in and you don't have to say a single word about the would it be odd thing. Or it owns all right you don't have to pitch -- the Chicago or whatever. But now it looks like we -- the -- and the audiences ready to go with that he will probably. Give -- a few words to. The hot hot weather we have today please -- there. So here and it's not names with the news hey you know what Sam is on the phone Sam welcome to the food show. Good to talk to keep talking about. One might get it tonight and out -- -- -- would use -- food restaurant down. And not a maybe try to and I hope that -- the last couple months. Well it the last couple of months I don't know if I can answer that but the to meet the best news seafood restaurant around is mr. -- oyster bar and fish -- I'm OK okay there. You know that I haven't and it's a great idea. -- here's what they have done. You know it's the old -- Couric and mister mister MacIntyre who also owns the mrs. mr. -- other restaurants. In Austin. And once the regular customer at -- from the time he was about five years I think maybe the younger than those who told me he's been companies to pay. And and he appreciates what both know always the food in the wild caught at it real real oysters and all that. A lot of but he also beat it that you with all the stuff. Is -- oysters. It's one. But they have everything else. It is does it like Chris -- sitting by himself. Which I hadn't Egypt against Adrian aren't -- would like her spirit. All probably -- I'm Chris was a lot of time that you are in this which. If if everybody at the restaurant business will like that. -- it was because we had a world. And didn't -- as one of the questions I'm Dominic called him for what about it -- -- garden treatment based whatever it is secondary. Thought. OK -- Odyssey food although there early -- -- a quarter you there. It Porter PO RTE mark and Luke held. Its that we Rhode. Much you know where -- for branches off the battery -- it's it's -- block -- that it's in the shop. Okay. Looking place eight times real who are real good. Fry oil real. Last months and months it's optional program that just lifts. That's what. Well that's greater bike helmet almost two point eight results I'll call you back. On Google and you have a -- -- the -- and inventory. Thanking god. Thank you thank you very much salt Christians here and it's -- yes thanks -- Tony Harris. You are with Tony centuries who -- when you hardly have received their products where that's GO now. You have that you have -- -- bloody Mary mix this is too easy or do you know it's -- about a year now. Yeah and if I have a sip while you're talking again you have to keep talking all right it. We came out at this about a year ago it just adds vodka just had not yet a the difference between -- and others on the market is that we're gluten free. Where the low sodium on the market world for what. Gluten would there be you know bloody Mary actually -- we eat. Where would we be you know quality of that challenge you know. It I think it but it but it is I really am. Atlantic competitors -- -- state and what's it -- that the visit to veto content I'll -- yes yes yes that the tomato alone would take care. It would have been a lot of competition decide that we give -- little work to do it and so right now now it is used only centuries and yesterday we would what are real so yeah yeah. And the actual seasoning where the sequence of things we yanks will succeed -- -- it they use it even -- for the little it. You know 10 are you low passing out samples in this room they usually are okay. I have to do some -- And I'm doing that -- with -- And I was thinking of something like this that might if I could have like maybe just this much that the robot Ottawa the whole public to -- this much. Toot tootsie and groups that might welcome only we weren't happy and this is nice spices which is what you wanna -- yeah. It's good for a football season all of that coming out so especially the early games yes well now. What is itself -- it's this self. You'll see in the stores from fort when he went on hold -- that's not enough and it certainly takes a lot of under the work -- it wouldn't and it does like is that -- about -- did not the galaxy with -- here. Tomato juice from concentrate line Jews. Let the Jews. Support so good hot peppers laws. You have all the things in hot peppers doesn't just went down through I'm looking for things like snow reasons. It's hard that I -- -- The coaches. This mortal or they'll look there's a picture. As well. Yeah. It's. Really you know. -- and you learn examples here and samples. In prison Maria -- The best thing about the news it's local. -- by the support. They it is. -- proposal that the Arctic. Night we get those glasses. And -- he's -- who witnesses and that's the way. Well it certainly made for a great business I don't think it was anything quite like this court. I'd act -- -- recently we've. We've really started. Up right. Ice. Is so wrong. It's that you wonder why did not have the long before like everybody's got one now. Once or twice -- -- somebody -- it's -- real season. And they won't be dry. You know like it's like yours that that this was. What he's talking. Medal with a round yet we do over read that line thanks for dropping by. It's all Richmond with centuries which is a century. Thank you via its Puccio the ones. -- -- Are you going to -- Reuters on line is people would probably the call you'll like it. The trigger rate you in particular now are out there and put amber which. Yeah I think you reject it's a particularly. Good really. It's got just enough fat -- it. To carry the the show. It's in the same family as well but you know it's going to Jack you know pop but it was also a Jack -- And they're known to have that you know this -- that which is not the same fish oil which -- oil leak case it just makes it really good. So if you were to. Take a little irony. This is a picnic at Shia country he does this with just about every -- does. It's a combination. A little bit of a lot of olive oil lightly on the fourth of a -- for the a couple of -- white wine. But a couple of drops Tabasco a couple of shots but -- this year and could squeeze of lemon so it's five things you -- in April that. You mix it together you put the issues that were -- -- it that's all started over. Let it sit another minute shake off the excess put salt and pepper on a hot hot grill or under the broiler either way. And that's just look at it until it's you could tell fishes that if you think before you show evidence that. If you let her hold for about 34 seconds pull it out and touch the fourteen your lips connected upward so that's. If he -- he appeals. You're -- -- met he marinated. Yet we need to and we. It that you you put the salt and pepper on or the two centuries if you want or under the broiler your of the and it's what it takes about six minutes depending on you know how thick the the in project news. If it's a nice the way it's done when you show a fork. Right it to the middle and if you touch lips it feels warm. It's done. That's -- you know. It's the Puccio. That the -- -- the WWL and we will return with more than just the moment after first if you will this hello hello hello it's the -- show. On the big 870 WWL WWL 105 point three FM that and you were just pointing -- I think you're anyway that's Clark the group truck driver output of our regular visitor tonight show like black all the -- Diana show bandits here she is chef proprietor. The a lot Thai cuisine. Which not only is in my opinion the best Thai restaurant in New Orleans but it is without you know not been referring to my opinion it is the longest running. High risk but while it's going back to the very first place on the West Bank you'll mind body which was the. He introduction that night who repeat with the city we've never seen it before. And it's to rip you just edit them. Comment spicy beef salad. Spicy beef sound. Is this the same as -- of but -- -- right into line is close. It is clients it's just an artist is right this time he's friends with -- that I -- lower at a time like some -- -- my line lower -- -- -- let's get some aren't. But though with those in that this up sleepiness that it would this be for using beef tenderloin best companies to be that -- -- of. I can actually -- Long time from -- -- we you helping her but yes -- accident that image together so that she has sent Diana has a lot of discipline and you. That were already says nutritious and you know we have our program -- a lot. And so Diana has its -- to eat that politicians aren't you creating this I think it's. Easy to do with that we've seen to be huge locker room like Thai cooking every time I go to a Thai restaurant. As I'm eating I say you know. For once this is a deal I don't have to worry about too much in terms of its it was fattening up. Or cause other problems because it's brilliant machinery healthy cuisine you have all these Roth's. All the vegetables you know and the beats are all very low fat cuts like I all the fresh herbs fresh nervousness it's really great. And everytime -- and I do any type of picking them together I think she -- -- for me because that's east Allen is my favorite items irrespective we haven't done anything else to the extent that it. Well going on. And so this is it is what how do you start with this what's what's that one to. Step one would be oil and the -- Olive oil in the pan am and and heated up on my tickets and the potential here the smoking a rippling rippling -- rippling. Just a little that are rippling around and then at the end -- incidentally again -- beef tenderloin which is cooling again we we only -- -- next month. I mean -- like we're finally comment -- -- caddie sensitive to in the sentinel let him we wanna that would let us. You know you make a good point because the only one who won the -- really good things hopefully is that it has very little fat and that's it's a very we -- absolutely -- So we just a year off and not just suicides -- side -- -- and then once its ears slice that out and I start with -- salads and take the local and but the greens and nasal don't pressure -- and I actually isn't just like design that grant which -- My secrets -- this now because that that dressing it's just. It's robust and hopefully parents might see it it's just got you know line parents and you know everything it's hot it's -- -- -- and actually asked what type of oil that's used in the dressing that -- was an olive oil tanks and no toilets -- don't mind. Oh yes it is as its line parents of these amazing things Anderson and -- -- -- justices crash refreshing. -- Well that's what we want this time of year anyway if Boston all the heat and humidity. You teach them that shortly that it really. Q and we won that we often talk about as well as its people you people are trying to obviously think about. Just like if they can use it as a little bit surprised if they expect that it expects it. And -- it at that point. It's not good. Not immediately. And agree it's it and that. You'll we're -- He's your but he but. Actual system. You know I go way back we run rate you together activists that the things that are actually but that's exactly. We have a death derby going. And he eats healthy all the time you've really -- sees that perspective that at least it's exercise that we. But who's gonna -- first futures we never went either one of those guys to know which means. Yeah well that's what his wife since every time I see is white pieces we took -- Yet and that's what it's very it's I look at it it's like guy thing it's that kind of thing that guys would with you about. Well we'll put him and you -- doing anything else around here you've done for the. Now we accidentally -- around without a difference at different experiences and it creates lots of different. Interesting things I think -- -- about here in the spin off effectiveness is you can go to a lot like which. You know this awful time you have not that we cute that you but I know. That if you ask for something. -- -- that -- way or another no problem could you do little ordered. And I would you up to -- that that we can get hold them. What we have suits and we've talked again about the restaurant. Partnership that we're in -- Diana and acknowledge that this is growing like crazy is it. People can find out more information in the participating -- -- on that comment that went -- mentally here in this we had about 25 more that we're currently working back and forth -- the restaurant look the the media's treatment itself but cute is this appropriate that hucksters like that now -- Yeah that's the Emory psychiatry restaurants like every good sign up for it but it get a lot of stuff and always will experience the very good. -- we're really excited about -- really community service to -- -- it. You know as much as we let it here in the city civility to his people he gets out of it -- Well thank you for this thank you. We will come back before the food to go after first if you will this hello it is the food show coming fuel on him. The big 870 WWL WWL 105 point three FM and HD one if you happen to have one of those mediums. It is worth getting if you don't. You know we should have brought one of those radios here for a -- so people could hear how great things those the HD ratings don't you think they can. You don't. You think if I'm getting a mixed reading from the huge -- here. Let's see what are we doing our program today is sponsored by and ones. And ones is open. Right now for lunch and they are every Saturday that's been routine for them for decades if not -- Saturday morning and it's once it's very nice. You can go there and get there are famous now. Lunch special twenty dollars and fourteen cents -- three courses with three choices in each ports. And at some of the best stuff that they make. Like the oysters Rockefeller -- -- there the door. But the species laws and the chicken dishes in the vision -- they -- all the rest of it. That's 1713 Saint Louis beat the French Quarter -- all the world there is only one and ones. WWL radio New Orleans WWL. FM HD one -- New Orleans where the news is next from CBS.

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