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WWL>Topics>>06-28 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

06-28 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 28, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers and special guests at the ETM Boomers and Beyond Expo at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870. -- cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion people watts of power shooting through this guy blowing holes into the thunderstorms. And making sure that you hear every single word other by the police eventually -- Since 1922 WWL. New Orleans first -- think. And WWL. 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom Fitzmorris a yet passing as cultured person. Speaking to you alive today from the boomers and beyond exposed when he fourteen. Which is a great place to look -- look it if especially if you are in that age group. As I certainly Yemen right smack dab in the middle of the baby boom generation. There were there are things that we love that. You'll find a lot of here this'll. A lot of food to -- example. There is an antique. Automobile show right over here which some kind of cool. And though all sorts of services that a kind of aimed at people but our age that you might. Well the very twisted -- with a lot of very nice people explaining everything to you know parts sales -- or anything like that. Be a good way to spend an hour to this afternoon come on by where -- convention center's media punch train Jerry punch train. Conventions that are up here on Williams boulevard -- almost all the way into the lake. Come on over and say hello you we're doing a -- right in the middle of that -- if you stop that. And shake my hand I would be. Flattered by that and we cousins is here. My -- icon Evans talked to you in awhile. Yes because it while an Alley has in her husband have done something that I -- to this day really get things. Usually when someone asks me this question you know I've got this great. Slots that come up with that everybody looks at them trying to get it on the shelves of supermarkets. And I'm not having any luck at all I can't believe it but everybody wants. And -- senate which -- asked me first because I went and told you don't need that -- Well -- and her husband. For some reason drawing the point that his name rights act cousins Jack that's why. Anyway they. Did originally I think it was the blue -- dress was that -- we started at the farmer's market a farmers market. And he everybody -- that and then one week uranium out of blue -- is the way. I hit with the. Form -- all day with my dad has always felt pretty used for them and at the farmer's market thought little added value -- make public cheese. You can. So late at night and I can and actively she sounds like that instantly homes and creole tomatoes. In a few of the things so with this dress it up and I'm never gonna make it again. And when I got to the market my daughter. I asked Catholic let me call this is just real tomato salad. I'm like hey we sold out and oh my gosh matter like half an hour. Well with good reviews -- all you have to do is takes this one's. And you say what you mean that you are -- like right there and then after you use -- a few times and it's going to be as it is about wasn't kidding about that. This stuff he's always you know refrigerate it's always a jar that you there. And you do have to keep it refrigerated -- you don't have to preservatives or anything like that that's an attack fresh product everything that goes into -- French. And it's so I'm kind of glad you fueled your thing about. Is that real tomato dressing you would guess is what color what color would you say but sir sir. Can I ask you a question. I guess I can't. Oh well I was just an escapee innocent bystander this -- what color -- a creole tomato salad dressing me they would I think most people would say. Well read or maybe orange but well it's not because it's -- a white cut off right. Don't want is that anyway if you have real debate is it yours and you do it. Stop your raids -- they're -- -- -- cure rate gap -- if you look at it out of the charm it's kind of like champagne -- color I don't know I think. And we use press Canadians in fresh garlic everything expression products and a little parmesan cheese that those who actually we don't know no -- on TV at all. And it's so -- because I always hear you and I talk about it how I I always. And although I would never seen him like I was I was. Because I got that flavor. I know what type it makes an incredible Caesar salad when he had to -- -- -- -- now I have to tell you it's them it's better than Caesar salad. Well radiate it in addition to being great on salad which it's a no brainer. What we uses for a lot -- I think probably more than for salads actually it's. -- we. -- -- in -- we just read it on the bread instead of mayonnaise. And won't dissent turns them into some. Or instead of tartar sauce with fried seafood -- use this instead. Again I mean just it's right on the money just what you want. My favorite is cramped cheeks grand -- that would mongering that this is unbelievable in fact act actually. You know when you make crab -- kind of use a little bit of that nannies to kind of habits yet you know I -- the -- to eighty yen. Actually in the -- in the cranky that's our interest and it has fallen this wonderful flavors and it is this really gets something unique in its national. Now it's it's it to rip -- -- like you what you are doing something for people to try and here origin yes that's what you're honest and obviously -- in the asparagus at this is the real to -- right here. This little -- yes so may I may I take -- but it do you have some say so -- -- absolutely. -- -- eating fresh well I'm not double dipping going the other end. Rescue grilled asparagus -- and marinated in our spending and rat. Mean just -- twelve -- George Foreman well for a minute and keeps it nice crunchy. He and wait this image that regret. He's also witness that's correct so where does that figure into the inspire you. Did I can't block behind. Put it asparagus and the clock back before you cook. Yeah France and -- the distance and erratic manner and we also did the same with the monster that's been married me and my friends. In the asparagus and it's been an -- -- Michael George Foreman Grill or any -- around. And then we're using the sauce the real to -- dipping sauce. In Europe spilling all this out and going through one night after another now have a much. -- -- And everybody asked wolf what lessons it is you know but they're just plain don't like much else that's what they look like. And then you have little baby carrots yes. By the way -- they make the I most of the time and could you and I think. I think these are real I think the once you have here are real baby carrots not but most of the time. When you see bags of them. And there are all exactly the same size and shape. You know that the tape -- carrots and ultimately that they actually just. -- -- down to that's fine -- let's bring her enough that there's anything wrong with that. It's just a strange deal on what it would take you with -- excess of you know maybe make guarantees or something on a beach seemed to waste you know. The -- a little carrot and. This is good you know -- sure appreciate -- our love I love to cook and it makes me happy enough people enjoy it as well. Last time I talked to him. You had just bored with that of a supermarket -- taxes. And -- put it on the shelves isn't going it. Very well on clear how much did you swearing in next right now and it's huge expansion on -- Oh yeah I'd never stops we just not recently picked up nine seems clubs. No hitting and 64 while months which you'll be able to -- and your local Wal-Mart store and of course crowd -- in the Dixie -- Now at the -- you were doing this moralists out of your own kitchen. Think that's where it's like -- you got to be doing this and land now yet who's doing it for that that outfit. -- -- On iTunes I think we still we still make everything sound into everything is -- -- small batches. We bottle everything -- our plan is not Caribbean. And help witnesses sentence him on hand everything's -- there and to keep them seem Roland you. Well why not -- in the consistency of the product leave me I would know because. Again I tell you I am not. Blowing smoke when I tell -- there's always enjoy this and we're always using it for something and do we just love it cousins. Creole tomato dressing but you still have the blue cheese dressing it's definitely. The spinach in the -- which is a really good. That it's kind of like any. A lighter style that this these are premium that. Like -- column -- the idea. Think evidence of past felony use it likely guys that's true on. Like cold pasta salad to all of my goodness it's no amazing talent on grilled salmon now. On parity that grilling and not lose any other kind of season -- that. But now I'll just you know I mean. Right than you do assaults we do and it's a spot south salsa which a lot of people a lot of other. Brands in the history him spanking him salty ours -- you know all France. Especially on heroin when he. Apartment that's what you want. -- nice talking to you again this night we CEO you know and its cousins salad dressings and this truly is in every supermarket. I don't know doesn't. You know who doesn't have. Whole foods is the one that's -- ounce out now that nobody expects. That. -- Okay now they'll pick it up again this year due to. Look it's his Gary thank you Ali and this year and now it's the Ochoa and tell my wife hallows -- July oh yeah did they tell Marion -- -- will -- Really loud -- stoppage. If you look worse. That's that's a good. And we come back with more children but first please -- it's the -- show on thirteenth on the negates any WWL WWL one by went at them. Have a gentleman just walked up and ask me a very good question which comes up often actually. And that is where it -- to get a good line. And it's not something like restaurants anymore. But and the place I'd like most. Things but it's close for good race today. And the red room -- nuts but Paul's does real well but you -- -- you know. -- blaming necessary to know the problem. But when is it you would call shipment rate at his place. -- in -- -- -- -- here now it's like -- cooking you know bullet the other side and give them like two days' notice. Or. It's it's it's it's not just Roland real cookie it takes hours -- so. But -- ask him currency -- the ship at the room when the referral was like that it is now and I know is all but prime. He'll do it. All right thank you. It is The -- 026063. What 260187. Years -- own music so money. 70. We are coming -- -- today from boomers and beyond expo. It's at the -- train. What what is the pot plants. -- between centers thank you on center. On the north end of Williams boulevard just get on -- coming from either direction -- doors. On Williams will board -- section does keep on going -- Europe but the one yourself absolutely it before you do that sees a huge signs directing you. To onto -- center. And there you'll be and there's much to see much to do here you'll find us a great show antique cars relieved. But there are a lot of shots here -- will treat for you to try substantial -- so special that that. And now also the year art experts in Brookfield -- I -- just capital wacko here in the early eighties with singer -- Rescission. It's. Especially. And it is a little problem that I have with its way into it. Anyway but. I got to talking with -- in the exit you know we all that. So here and you'll never believe where it's well this sounds like -- joke but it's not really true and they board aware that that is. Kind of an interesting coincidence. There -- clear view. I'm not kidding. They do laser surgery and everything in their unclear. It's that's too good is that. Or am I losing my mind I'm losing my mind 260. 260187. Call right now you get right -- we would be very happy to talk with you but heating up but dining out dying in. Last night I went to del Monaco. Which I haven't been to -- by the year. And I was surprised and happy to see that Ron Jones. Is still there he's pianist in the singer. Does agree. Great repertoire. R&B and jazz. And a little bit of pop then some classical. Kind of special. American songbook kind of stuff the heat he does really does it all very listen double the food was great that they had crab -- redneck. This is it dish I really love. -- -- Is a little casserole that looks like a crappy you know rotten but the sausage totally different it's is a little bit of mustard in it a little bit of mayonnaise in it. A little bit but chili sauce. And beat it and all of this is sort of like be in the little casserole. That it is an appetizer to reflect. And I have. I had something called like -- -- -- GUAPPO. A lot -- salad is in the Italian salad we Coleman wanted Italians now. It is also. Known by another name that I want -- on the year although you probably know what I'm talking about it and actually that expression comes from the when they're using. Do you AP PO. Interest to 260187. Pulling -- you get right in love to talk with you but whatever is on your mind if you into good investment lately tell me when it is if you. Wouldn't mind answering this question I asked this -- -- -- everybody I -- to. What is your favorite restaurant. Not not that what you think is the best restaurant in town. But strictly for you. What's your favorite. Restaurant could be a little neighborhood place a lot of people have told -- that. A lot of people like the analysts steak house or Chinese restaurant or Mexican place. What some of them like the big deal. Creole French places to living whatever it is you like to answer that question for this it. It has discovered a lot of restaurants that we were aware. 260636. State where is everybody today I'm sorry I got to wonder giving wrong number 260 when he said the we'd love to hear from you. Right here on all of our frequency but now it's time for a news update. On names is here to do that. -- step up hello hello hello it's the food show it's the -- -- seventy WWL I WWL 105 point three FM. This topic -- as we are coming to live today from the boomers and beyond exposed. It's at the punch training center in -- come -- by and say hello I'm just sitting here doing the show right from the desk you can step right up. And you say hello to stare at you or I can put a microphone on it and we can talk. -- -- welcome welcome to the coach. Oh thank you you don't I'm doing great money. They'll want to make comment on my favorite restaurant at all please what is with. My wife and I continent and renewed spirit in the can we get in or go to our nose wait for a you know. And peculiar but that's just fantastic with just everything it's cute but straightforward. Really really good prices to. Yes yes and they are well let's I'll -- you know what's your favorite. -- delegate ballot to try to get in either secret. In the wind like since spaghetti and meatballs. Make very the pizza there and nobody ever talks about that too much -- Europe but there rose before -- in the seat we don't we Ryan. Their pizzas are actually I think real good. Why -- never try and certainly don't -- -- pretty. Well I'm fine thanks for call. Okay we're right here right here so thank you who chose to six when he seventy. We got something -- want to talk about you we look to allow their people walking by waving here we're at the constraints that are. But we can just as easily talk with you on the phone -- any other way to 60 when he said that. Where you've been meeting with what you're looking for him but -- feature. On my on my. Website that I would like to call your attention to someone. In fact all the -- Dick Clark is holding two yards. Creole tomato dressing in each of his hands. One jar in his left -- he's about to start chuckling no Clark know it's glass. Where -- I. I -- we have -- do. Featured in our daily newsletter it's called the food facts FA Hugh. Food -- they these frequently asked questions. Because a lot of people Colby has been -- things over and over and over again and I'm not trying to say oh shut up you go look at this. What I'm doing uses is putting out there and making it much easier to get answers rather than wait for -- one year. -- email was something. But there was one that came up yesterday that an interest -- and -- there was some. Fairly strong opinions on and I have. A couple of opinions but I would be open hearing yours someone asked me. In fact many people that's what's the best kind of oil to pricey food it. So if you have a favorite like to know or anything else would you mind if it's about food that's good enough we -- to hear from the -- Lewis is here. You know to receive an oil use yeah it's one of my favorites to -- but not what we're about pre. Got out of Guatemala for lunch and really -- to -- option to not -- have a lot of people you know we'll IE. I hear that that that she decided that this is it that mean. -- she was gonna retire what like 23 months ago and then brag so much business that she set out on its okay -- -- but I'll stay open. But now she's close -- for real this time. -- Police. -- repeat justice. Yeah yeah well I hope so too. Was certainly. Historic -- -- -- please. It Ottawa outlook. Upon all the right things about -- you know thanks to see. The guy just reached over and -- -- -- there are just watching. You don't usually. How -- you wait wait wait but but but that's that put this -- to it here. If somehow Lauria -- -- -- guy that. Where's your lovely wife for that it's the earlier and she's running around somewhere excellent yeah. Went -- and -- have you been dragged into -- that we I have. Very happily come and talk about looking at the world rosy colored glasses with my good for any. From -- ones on Nokia. The it dispel some of the myths about -- day. It was a look -- just finished reading well I think what's. -- mode that the payments on its rose. Look beyond wrote oh yes money and what might -- bruise that was the that was a couple young guys in and a girl who was -- that it was war -- And they decided that what they were -- do -- go pro lines in for a trip a -- SL nothing but -- That at least -- -- and I don't know what that that's why I I think it was like. A challenge to themselves to see if they could actually do it like selling refrigerators as people's. Well. Yet I can execute you know is getting better -- -- -- -- the last few years but certainly commanders we've seen agreed improvement in in -- sales and I think in retail it's well it's it's it's absolutely a group market. It's all the region -- London -- and it is very much simulate this seems to happen about once every. -- the first time I remembered happening was 1976. And then it goes away. And it comes back in it it it's it license and and I'm good with that because it keeps the price. Yeah that helps -- -- and it also keeps you from getting tired of course it's like you don't have. I've never seen a anything but road cities that side. I don't think I have either those aren't 100. Let's do it. What what's gone on over at commanders these days anything interest ultimately you know you know stories with a group of shifts in Australia right now with the State Department -- city -- -- the American culinary scene. Yeah it's absolutely excited it took him a little while to realize the time differences and getting text messages that. 3 o'clock in the morning. Like I I appreciate your excitement enthusiasm and I'm sure the weather experience that you right now but I'm sleeping there is a video that's a that's a long tradition of that commanders. Did you ever hear the story of oh the jazz -- was invented by. I did -- across that very thin wire that went under the Atlantic yet sequence in some hotel England. And Ellis boundaries and it's 3 in the morning here is nothing like that. And he says -- Allah. Jazz brunch. What what are you talking pot with a I'm talented jazz brunch chat we'll talk about it when I get back and -- says it gets you in the market. Absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The wine guy from commander's palace is about to give forth with a lecture. Are conversing conversely usage over the air and that into the room. And you can go listen to a if you can get over here you know I think you've got plenty of time it never seen you run out of topics on the I promise you between David and myself we can we can exhaust our hour and a half quite quite easily. But will start all hooked in about twenty minutes look at this it's it's the only ones that victory -- the victory pass. They are great they're amazing to -- -- -- was around absolutely stop by the state to get a minute I will. Don't mess it up is I'm following you. Don Davis ovitz the wine guide commanders now all right let's get back to the phones here right the weekend yeah we. Al welcome to the food show. Thank you there are a couple things -- it reporting good. -- -- -- on Newton and but on milk fish will be no rational point in the now. I thought I would. Here but I know about it and it's it looks great. It tastes great -- I live there this young child. And the 111 of the distant memory chicken has no vote that but I orders and it went nudity that can remember there. That letter and the abortion rate -- I would not do it -- And accurately the big. -- Filipino food we have had won exactly one rest but the history of New Orleans doing that. And it's this it's like thirty years ago so it's great to have that back again. Good news and -- Com. I'm happy. Up yet cooking a deal which what do you to for specifically for deep frying things. Now. He had beaten -- don't be. -- book on. The way. Better and it. It -- it. Spent the -- Out -- younger. And animal. So. You'd be working with like the oil. Or you don't look at. That the war is and brought -- -- -- You know typically. Actor prize. Night beat the period. Didn't do much in terms of the program -- you know for him or any of the yeah. It's perfectly. You can -- out. But it. -- we did you know. That's interest. Bulletin that you I've I've not hit the wall and time and it got to go but thanks will be back with more of the food chill of the moment after first please this Ohio it's the food show coming to -- today from the -- -- center in -- Boomers and beyond is the event come on by it's free just come on in. It's all sorts of little samples of things in lots of information. -- an antique car. Show going on really a lot of fun. I have -- we hear Susan. I think let's -- in Pullman. And lately we do ladies first direct Susan welcome to. An idea I calorie yeah it. I'm -- take my daughter out to dinner. On your mind made for her birthday is like crap to me that she -- -- is. Photo and asked I mentioned filling in just up to and a. Yeah well you don't have to do that it is only one Rezko -- dress code anymore. So way but what does she want a change -- what that it. Like that. Crab legs. -- family. -- the picture -- it all just scrap. I think. The best place to go war for crab meat without going off the the part 101 Vietnamese as well. I don't think she really -- his career. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Okay. I would say. Pass skills and they do look really nice. The issue here it's we Easter in -- companies should hand rose. You can get a big -- little one it's militia here. A second tour. Okay there are a lot all right well at least we -- those currently -- you know right. There's so there's a wonderful little this -- on. On on and on magazine street called this broad DC. And they do they do crabmeat appetizer that's really something in the have a crabmeat oh well it after -- entree with a lot of crab meat on it. Clancy's also I think -- everything Clancy's does with -- it's fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- Our -- and well thanks a lot the food Julie here has kept him -- -- -- I'm doing great. Yes but it's more acute recommend a book -- town to all of your listeners operating right now. It. Well thank you very much it's very. Sure on -- on. From now that she's in the war on animal round tomorrow you get real or. Had draw -- they're wonderful -- realized that grows then these are great people want to recommend it there. Well if you're downtown. And I think I heard you say that like in the quarter worried that CPP. I'll be all around town and on the -- yours well. Well I've I'll tell you this drive goes downtown location but would appoint -- street in the in the Marriott that the area the -- to the Hilton Riverside hotel. They are open seven days -- week in all day long two months so speculative it's the same exact food seem recipes. And oysters and as good as about it so that's about it the original that's the really good when I think that there are a lot of other places that do. -- kind of in that style just let everybody serves oysters. -- brought to do with these days. And the best the ball abuse or lose you go -- or knows that give you won each of five different kinds. Of -- that is just. -- -- -- And they at -- time they knew that they've -- Nazi. But the records that it was like there the five dollars -- -- that ranges it's not bad in the two beautiful -- -- Yeah -- -- and Joseph thank you these foods show rolls ahead I think we do anyway. And theories Marty Marty welcome. Hello. I. Yet on day. They two of my favorites. But -- thing. The EC and tank that. The Big Easy where's -- yeah I know that China don't real well but where's the Big -- Big Easy is gone very area. -- -- Okay whereabouts. -- what. About. That you -- why the -- So it's it's on. It -- -- -- -- right thought. Outback. All right well that's easy so what do you love. What do you like to get there what kind of food is. 888 -- -- people who -- -- there you know like amber if they again not that different you know old time New Orleans neighborhood place. Yet britney's -- right. All right well thanks for that. Thanks here in China adult has a lot of -- and we'll be back with more of the Puccio after first -- that paid the full chill today is coming to from boomers and beyond next boat it's at the -- -- center here in Kenner. All the way up north toward the lake Cumberland it and free admission just lots to do much to find out about. Love to meet you personally I'm doing the show right here in the middle of the floor in fact a little bit later on them doing -- cooking demos so come by and say hello and you've got a few other nice things out of it too. On FM on HD one sky wave and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans. At WWL FM 105 point three -- -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of this frequency from CBS.

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