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WWL>Topics>>06-28 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

06-28 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 28, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers and special guests at the ETM Boomers and Beyond Expo at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's the third course of the food show on the big 870 WW LWWO. 105 point three FM. -- -- it more as a yet passing as a -- person. We -- here at the boomers and beyond expo. Which is a big thing where you can. Learn a lot and a marvel a lot and they'll -- -- and it's hard to explain exactly but the if you come here I think you'll probably hang around here for at least an hour. The there's a big band that's playing in the auditorium immediately adjacent. And they sounded great that's one of the reasons cited were I was sitting right down as we started this hours I was listening to them that they were that good. -- 6063. Penalties 2601870. Is our number. And we have over here Dave Dave welcome to the food show. -- -- -- I'm doing fine. To question -- and -- and and -- -- Arlen. Fries and chicken. I'm -- -- means but. It is dry and yet you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frying chicken what's interesting about it is that. There are a lot of people who have come along with what they say is the best possible fried chicken recipes. And it turns out. That it isn't but only because they were so many really good ways of doing fried chicken that can't really say that one is better then that all the rest. Right let me ask is something. Home. How much she can you do we get ones. Down about fifteen. The opposite in the. Okay. I would deep fry it that. If you're doing that but that's the equivalent of a -- or chickens out or correct yeah. -- -- -- Know what what makes it doubly instead of cutting him audience if you're subject to two to three treatments two to three. I would deep fry it meaning. And have a but six inches of oil it. A lot of oil. By. White -- And then the heat that up to. 300. 75 degrees. -- And have a habit of that there vomit which has seen that but it's the same thing. You want the kind as the little that'll -- coming back up the ones -- -- class. Okay and and watch that in the meantime bring your ship hit a two room temperature. Ticket out of the refrigerator on an hour before you. Before you cook and -- happy that more time that. This will also help tremendously if you -- The starting the night before like eight hours. Put it in a mixture of one gallon of water. A half cup -- -- and a half a cup of sugar. She wrote yeah it's all of that completely. And then put the but the running into love food storage bags with the chicken as well you -- packet that obviously would one day. But squeezed you'll need a lot of these could squeeze out year. And and that way you don't have too much pride with the outlet that's it is that all we're doing and then -- Wednesday. Put it to -- You know the ride you rinse off really really well with cold running water. You shake off the access that you let it come out what to room temperature at that -- to do that in the refrigerator the brining the one refrigerator. And then. The best coding I'd -- run. With cracker. That's the one that's worked that's. Cracker Barrel is just you you if you can buy it in -- box or not but you can make it up by month's all the crackers. Put -- in the food processors. Until until you have you know a -- Right and then. Coated with that. I don't. I wouldn't do the the thing we use what you put the egg wash and all that come back the second time I don't think it's necessary. This -- pretty easily cracker you will because it's a rise in the soaks up any oysters and applying it to the chicken. And then you go we need you cook it until it's golden brown you're looking for a temperature inside. Of the rest to be about a 170 degrees. And -- and that's at the -- to take longer. -- -- And things like that to find out -- that like fifteen minutes so. It is it varies so much I hate to even be on time on it but fifteen minutes would be about right. That that would be kind of like right down the middle it might take as long -- twenty minutes. Okay you know and that recipe on the bottom of the hour the water. Half a gallon of water with with the a couple of half a cup of salt and a half a cup of sugar. OPEC will dissolve to 100% so you've seen nothing there at all. A -- you put the chicken -- you know into food storage bag you put into what. Put into it but it would trade Europe pole or something just in case it -- new -- yeah I ever had it happen but it you know you -- Don't know bright and about that -- to crack -- -- An ethnic black and you don't have to battery quickly I got to the. No you really don't you just. Use the ticket is still a little wet and you you let me just toss it with this stuff. And salt and pepper -- could use a creole seasoning it's that this'll. -- -- That's it. I'm -- that let me know how it comes up. Now thank you see. It's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris it's like it's great to be here with you talking about food and wine restaurants and stuff. It's like to catch up but all that chef Andre has finished is cooking demo and he's looking to get on here can you believe that. Here's Lee Lee welcome. Better to Jong talked about Bonner bridge for probable on on -- On the way people yeah I. See. Don't support it you are involved who reject operative bias out stroke cancer and not others -- And it will. And that's all -- open the box. Hit it that once I and correct the record he'll sit global. -- -- -- -- It's -- where you want it you want it cost with the witness on -- article that might it might be easier for you. To get some -- It to get them some peeled shrimp. Or oil of yourself it's so easy to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been about myself and -- yeah yeah I -- build to order there are. Capable. -- -- Yeah. -- -- well yeah. Everybody. Remarked that. -- A program. What's that better partner for you went to scene that's grammar school. Early fifties that was the late fifties. -- -- -- our pressure you know -- that. You're beauty she's my sister act all of our. Partners an article. Accusing. I'll bet -- she's still remembers. -- well. Let's wait what you mean -- real. Accurate. -- okay Al -- there. -- -- -- All all levels aren't all I -- this. The Red Bull comes to mind or are not the New York. On how well there you go and then there's also 00 on Belle chase -- Just awful. But midway between regrettable Florida and look how cold is it this is -- great restaurant called. -- -- -- -- -- The excellent. It's it's. Oh it's a I'm sorry it's unit on I'm I've completely gone like on. -- It is our. And no. It's not far from the air but the EU for some reason just having bill block it there but anyway. I'll put you on hold until I can remember it'll pop up in my mind in the next and in the next thirty seconds on the put on hold though. And will come back and sitting next shipment -- who just finished doing cooking demo. Over here with that you cook. We'll put this thing on. It. Yeah. I had the biggest crowd ever calm and about this about -- Yeah people and it's too bad -- I only brought fifty copies of my recipe but that probably -- and everybody will be gone. And we're all waiting young man unmentioned in seventh. That you lately and I played I just remembered the name of the place to do this that as soon as my mind was taken off of the that would remembered. The -- -- is legally he's over here Leland there are united OK you're -- it O'Brien's grilled Paul Ryan's. Every. Or ya what good well that's a great place. Thank you see all right back to chef Andrea. -- fun I call them on what did you cope it very simple recipe at night I called in today simple and again they've lived well and healthy. You and yulia yeah and paramedic field and meet those songs. Which sent it it. The it's obvious. And it's so wonderful just feel real to me at all on the hunt for -- percent. Put in front again you know in front of you and that's an extra originally compliment upon. And for some now white onions up every time the Pentagon. And apathy in semis having -- all the Schuettler there and then it kept them in. And up but I -- it in. Water -- riddler yup and bring it to blunt but with the equipment you know the months. -- -- French area. In that growth but when he threw thirty minutes you know and a Sonya that's it would only finish and yeah upon them. Mom mommy -- your guns yeah that's nonsense. -- damage I'm afraid this and French does that sound -- we have some bountiful -- here. Expansion and I that your season -- that -- was -- insurance field that green onions and I would extra written on it long. And -- live with that difference to a story chopped factory you know I'm honestly. And -- -- -- -- -- that you branding and look at him like wind and attach a fish. Bring it to belong to him sound reduces songs though that's ultimate vote that's different you know. And that's what would use -- in chino for those who don't know different units of -- eyes the crushed red pepper with Corretja. And -- look using that has its. It hasn't mellowed speaks to -- -- it's red zone which mimic them last. That's not well since this thing. It's different it's different is sent them to see him. So. That's that he -- -- then that the rest of fresh. Makers put in implement the whole the whole -- whole -- and not feel it all -- And -- macular putts which isn't payment myself again healthy simple. Anybody in this on national mosque in clueless how to do it. And then it would serve of course -- -- -- the only which serves the insurance elect a president -- through this American -- the and the talk about unbelievable Cecil. And -- -- -- god that -- it's such -- -- ominously that -- -- you know he got. Well that's not a though I Connecticut it's an and a good and well being which I was a legend in the Christian ought to implement shook onion and then -- it. You have to say once a lot of folks here in and doing different things. Nice to see. Well I'm glad -- here it does not always -- my letter to win and you're going back to the restaurant now and I am getting going for the rest of the night we have necessarily night too because I know a lot of people come into the bar and hang out so like on a wee hours of the morning. That's islets and the comments and then today you know that they want them to miss it the it beats and some and out tonight. And was -- nine. Campaign and a few months in the. It's a good start at the Buick it's not always a pleasure and it's out and I think thank you I don't know that's a challenge Sharia. And that we will return with more impartial and just a moment after first if you will that's the third course of the food show we're right in the middle of the coming to life today from the punch -- center. Boomers and beyond. Or bloomers and only -- and or rumors. And freon. As in shot -- freon. 260. 187 mean you know I'm sorry that seat you have to -- on hold for so long now he's still there Wednesday. Here you are -- Yeah sorry about that welcome to our show. Thank you -- think every. Day I'm retired. In law -- it sounds like. -- -- I can't remember. But I need it -- On the greens are you know I think I should not. My heart and -- it -- -- it will -- -- this year are very well. What was ultimately. Can't remember. Which river. This is. Always on the Mississippi River. Also this -- this wasn't in it this isn't in Biloxi and right. Now I don't know all of actually not there. And any bill would plantation. -- And were. They were that was a wonderful rest. -- this is always good food. But not -- restaurant it's done really in the long. But it. Posted. -- -- these all in sell millions used to -- Out in that spot. Nice mean he's he's he's really great great -- And prices he georgians aren't just seem very. Low to me especially given that -- looked at these gigantic piles of and but it's all real good quality -- -- east to report that's it it's no wonder it's hard to get a reservation at the time because. So I know. It just bouncing -- you can't -- And you bring me. And I remember one time. Shall make -- like the Red Sox on you can I admiral Ali. Do you. Think -- -- check out the day. He would get any time. -- and it -- she. -- and AMP. I -- or is actually well here in June by his. The great general. In the tank that. My favorite it has in all -- -- here. OK you don't understand it's it's always been good always -- Aspen and and and once you get to be a regular over there. You know on any given night half the people at least are people who show up there like at least once a week he's got a lot of. Customers. Now why should -- -- into thinking you. Look. Thank you very much that's nice hearing from. -- by it's the food show. And let's see it's Bobby Bobby welcome. Good thanks -- you. The bottom brawl mode each bid let -- in for or -- your brain. Oh really that that's a huge heaps. Yet -- and go to jail and ordered the murder rate that will occur. I think that's that fish that you can call any way that you would use for speckled Trout with one addition I think it reals per well. The arm throw it on the grill. At marinated in a little bit of something or other. But comes out great with creole seasoning on it. But also. I I find anything we do with -- it's -- Like -- and year where you. Basically the fish in the hand with with melted butter. And then if you finish cooking it keep it warm and they knew it was cheers Ross Lynn Hughes in the beauty control on the incident if you want to make -- on the -- And that goes really really well which keeps -- every time I've ever tried that or run into it and rest but I love -- support program. Yeah comes out right and you even broil it royals real nice to. -- hurt but certain you know it just a little butter in a little you know the seasoning and a creole seasoning horse just salt pepper for goodness sake. On. The mark. It depends at how thick it is but is a fool proof way of knowing when fish is done especially it's on the broiler but this is true of the grill too. You just. Stick the fork into the middle of the fish and let it sit there for a but four seconds or so and then pull it out in the touched the pork. To your lips. If you won't be so hot that they'll burn you but if it feels warm at all it's done. And that's regular breath yet it's a great fish I think it's the most under -- fish we had a love she. At the ordered I ordered color -- now. What thank you nice talking view the food show. Tom Fitzmorris coming to you from a rumors and bringing on don't know it's boomers and beyond boomers and beyond. And here is now. -- Welcome on -- I heard you. Talking about -- and it. That one years old and -- and most of our lives. You get real hall. -- -- -- -- -- -- On -- it was. A much bigger colonel in what was the -- to it was. It was very -- Now we're at it. When you what you thought it was a very. But it occurred to do. Robust labor. And am wondering if his view and it Iraq the real caller I haven't seen it. -- Buy back up. I. Never heard of it before -- let -- seen it. I don't know this is one will have to put out to the crowd and she -- we turn up but that's in the. Now we know that. And -- but I don't have anyone here though one. I can remember my mom behind it and we used to look forward to it in early -- the Obama it would only last for about six straight weeks. And it it was totally different than any of the white or yellow all nonprofit technically. It was a white. Yeah that currently use. And. Well that toughness is probably why we don't see it anymore but I don't put this out maybe somebody knows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our program today is sponsored by a rents or bullies. Among the many things you can get veterans is one that I think it's just real. Brilliant pork boy. It is not something that they invented I there's a place that I know I was doing it before they were even in business but. This is the place where I would go to get this now. It's an Italian port it consists of getting your French bread and then you put some tomato sauce on. And then some sliced meat balls or sliced Italian sausage or slice honey deal. Or honey -- for that matter its mass import them through it. And they put some mozzarella cheese on top and then a little more red sauce and then put the French bread on top of that and stick it in the oven until the she's melts completely in the sauce it's nice and hot and that is great great great scene which it always has. You can get at it rains or boys along with just about any other kind of -- where you can imagine. But they also have all the world's plate -- the -- the pasta dishes that seafood platters the whole thing. It's on veterans highway 2920303939. Veterans just -- clear. The open every day for lunch except Sunday. And every evening for dinner. They just stay open after one choose the way it works Wednesday through Saturday so they're open knowing I'll go there and get any of that -- four points. 260. Six -- 2601872601870. Call right now you get right and we look to talk with -- -- Whatever is going on in your kitchen whatever you're trying to cope with -- re trying to find does anyone know. Of a product called creole corn. This is not a recipe by the way what -- what I thought he was talking about it first. Is this kind of the -- you see it's kind of like my shoe where you had some tomatoes to it it may be some onions and a few other things that's not what we're talking but he says it's actual -- -- Of corn. And that I do not know so give us a call if you do. 260. 187. Here is something I've been asked to tell you we have a special addition of all things legal that day from three to 5 PM. And at 3 o'clock I'm gonna stop doing this show and -- gonna walk over to the -- demonstrations again. And I'm not going to I'm gonna do it dish but I'm not going to call it it's going to be optimal. Which you know it's cool I'm thinking but cool things you right now. Maybe you -- to. Ducks and -- And Albert -- but the guys the -- right. The hosts of all things legal starting at 3 PM. -- I there's a lady just walked up and he's waving at me now and is this your daughter. Is that what that your sister. And it's yet but a at -- literally she Younis close enough and are you enjoying yourself. You know god and you wanna take a picture. She went to take your conscience here come around here instead it'll be so much easier lady wants to take a picture with. And you know everybody wants to take these these pictures now that you can keep the everybody's got these cameras these cell phones enjoying yourself. But he picked up a -- you had a microphone. No I'd be enough yet the whole -- and a nice thought to what's your name anyway. You know who. -- -- -- Soledad that's a new war Ellen's name if ever heard one have you ever been the testing place. It's pretty good don't look at. -- -- is one of only three places in the entire New Orleans area that still has not swaps now with them. -- but it's good it's good. -- You're. -- here that you try some of this stuff. Oh great yeah you'll laugh you'll really enjoy the creole tomato dressing. Just before and you know just have people stopping in get a picture taken tell me about what's in -- and you know things like that. We will always keep on going right. OK we have. Paddy is at the top of the pile right now -- welcome to the future. Right time. About the I'm -- from Mississippi. You and love night there and it's not -- hope that it poem wonderful question right. Can count on need to give me a recipe. That up a bunch of fresh tonight. On how many is a bunch. Well more in line. I'll -- that one part of you at three got into the night. -- that's a lot of debate yeah this is a problem with tomatoes that you have none at all we have way too many. Well you know there's a whole lot of things you can do -- my favorite the issue of all time involving tomatoes I mean really is. You get some Jumbo lump -- it doesn't have to be jumbled it could be it could be special white if you want. I'm at bat well okay you got it. And then you make. -- got songs which is basically just a mayonnaise that's been him down a little bit by adding a little bit weaker. What I actually do is. With capers in it and take some of the -- -- -- the -- to orbit you don't need much we're talking but a peoples' limit -- Angus loosens up the -- so. It kind of disappears when you toss it with the crap. And then you put that on top of the slice ripe tomato. And that is just that at ten out of ten good flavor it's just wonderful. And people will eat. Seven. -- that we elect getting want to separate people from being on the -- thing about what. All wallet that you would then you have even more control over it in the way I start you could just make it a little lighter that's all. You can't do it in the like the other not acceptable date on -- -- there was -- popped up. Night you know getting greener and blah blah blah. Is. Actual product issue. Recommend. Question -- -- short one that comes to mind is that he sliced tomatoes very keenly. And you put it on -- Not -- crawled into its laws but are just going to pizza. That comes out it's matter of fact that's the original pizza the pizza marker -- with the -- and the tomato slices. And then a little -- easily over the top. I needed to and you can. You can even do that it with other things besides the -- you could almost make the little can't rule out the news. But the fish that used to be is an -- still there at the this date night in lake view where they make a little casserole. That's nothing but the kind of cheese with little of the pizza with all the -- in or -- and everything else and that's it but if you would have. You know. And I can apply. Or Italy that's good. Go right to life and I thing you know perfect cap or -- on -- -- I. Greener and cheap you're quite right on top -- -- and Ike. -- I. Know mom -- all right well I looked him up. Get out. You know one thing -- -- you know you're right in season though at least you'll have to fight the season's. -- -- -- -- -- I do I that's absolutely true and what these nasal actually do it if -- what we have hotel all right thank you. I appreciate your being there and we will come back with more in a moment but first please hello there it's the food show on. The big 870 WW -- WW 105 point three FM. This is Tom that's more history to be here what you're talking about food. Cheney is calling is over here on the green phone I think Ellis. That's right. Jay welcome. -- wanted to -- it it's yup pretty warm but other than yes. Yeah I'm on the -- -- -- back to your question. They want you were going to be one Arctic. Sixty pounds. On Islam. What you know. Or anything like. What were wondering -- in late fees in this. Sure yeah it would work well because we will try once we couldn't get rid of -- season at all. You couldn't get the ribs to be season. Not really not just -- in the. And it was you know wondering if we -- dangerous for -- -- and and and computers to march. I'll I'll tell you what that would be the safer way to go. Because I have on more occasions that I like to remember. Pins in places where with guys who really knew what they were Dolan or at least I thought they -- wonderful was at the Kansas City American royal which is one of the biggest barbecue movements in the country. But what they had these -- that they had roasted. So low for a long time which is what I think you're after. And on who out of three of them went sour is that what they would actually the bacteria have run away with it stinks to high heaven and was terrible and the only thing you do was the world the way. If you split it. You will not have that problem because he will be able to penetrate into everything you lonely you'll get a view that it get a better outcome. If that's what I would do and then it that it would also help the seasoning issue to. Now OK he's been in wise what's -- like. It is about driver the question that I injected also. Not I'm not I'm not a fan of rejecting. I never was to me it puts a lot of seizing in this spot in nominal but there I I just -- it. Really coach Phillip and -- that these things with dry -- I'm a big believer drive. Outside outside everywhere. Okay and bomb has hit lasting words it was one reported out of them away. Com. This is the -- microwave for those who might not know Kate should microwave it's it's kind of up medal. Box that you put fuel both in and on at least that's I've seen him built several different ways but that's the most common. Correct and there's one there's one is mainly on. And then would do would be calm comes smoking material inside. You you and so and you know -- the hot it was just found. It wasn't terrible problem a lot when we have come here. But we should get it totally fallen apart correct. Yeah but I'm looking for. Our rights it should be tendered gender -- low long cook. What Tom thank you very well thank you good luck when it comes out of Q how are you have a wonderful fourth of July weekend. And pictures there. Thank you -- It's the -- Julia cajun microwave unique. Item it's made out of usually sheet metal. Sometimes people buried them all that schooling for. And you have you can put burning charcoal on the top of the box is also burning -- either and accurate. Or inside it in this wreckage site as a way to law. Two roast chicken very slowly and there he very tenderly. A program is on -- to date by the upper line restaurant we -- now in the middle of something that a lot of people look forward to every year. It's the garlic festival garlic festival. Starts in the summer does. And it runs through the end of the summer up but until the end of August. It's a three course dinner. Everything. With the exception of most of the user that you have one -- but as garlic and -- it's actually pretty good but that most of over regular users but the entrees appetizers. All involve a lot of orally. The great thing but garlic is it not only does it taste wonderful and enhance the other flavors but. It is one of the few things that is delicious. That you're doctor has not condemned. -- or has ever told you to use. Less -- because garlic seems to be just nothing but good for so go for. You'll love that you know that they do what do they change it up a little bit every year always of the view. It's the upper line and its annual garlic festival going on now Wednesday through Sunday nights there -- those just for dinner it's the -- line -- Portland street just off pretend. 60. 187 will be back with more the moment but first if you will the end of art show I'm afraid it however before we go another word about -- -- -- they have something -- that really takes advantage of the seas oysters are still really nice. And we were in the shape of the shrimp season so if you like it good seafood pork boy they and go you one better. With the seafood -- that on a buffalo below. With catfish shrimp. And oysters. In this special spicy mayonnaise it's to rip currents or always 39 at that time we just not clear is as clear. Where all the time now on FM on HD. On sky wave and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. 105 point three FM and a New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS.

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