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Jun 30, 2014|

Dave talks about the Bourbon Street shooting, own your own town, and kid rats out parents

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The last day of the month. I didn't even realize that -- is knew it was Monday is -- well you know I can we do this right. Yeah ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's June it's the thirtieth 2014. And as -- Monday -- it's Monday. It where all this come populated heavily back to work after and during the week and man it's a strange coming -- and although they heat -- did you not feel that this morning my god if I went. Tropical jungle I don't think I'd be back in for the rain to come back at any point but I forgot how hot Baghdad and then Amanda memories are short thing that. Thank goodness -- how we start out the morning and think what it says so only so well 90% humidity 78 -- it feels like the eighties the dew point 75. Okay. Yeah. That heat index in the eighties it'll be well and tripled that yeah yeah I mean I was getting into the car -- I hosts this morning. My god in the middle of the night. You know we we go through this every year. And gas Regis. Conveniently forget widely. -- all of July. August and to September feel like -- round. Yes we do for whatever reason I -- he you block out bad memories -- past yeah that traumatic things you just cannot forget about you know we talked about it during the year like now we know we know and all that. But it's not till it's rarely hear that you appreciate you. Roberts a market of -- well what everyone's talking about over the weekend was of. Course what happened on urban street last Saturday night and Sunday morning as two men do. Had a disagreement. As investigators but it. Started shooting at each other. And by the time it was over nine people were wounded two of them critically burned and. News did spread to stomachs to some extent across the country against a national news story. It did happen on Sunday morning which is a historically very low consumption time for news. But I. I think there's an interest in debate to be to be had about how much this may or may not impact. Tourism I have a feeling every hotel room in the city of New Orleans is still going to be booked for fourth of July weekend yeah out. I mean I don't think you're -- while widespread massive cancellations of people who say you know what. I was gonna go to essence fest but now known not known I gotta gotta go forth on the river. But now I'm not. And if we recall the same thing are very similar thing happened on Halloween. Shooting on murder mystery the same thing or very similar thing happened on Marty been there a shooting on Bergen street. Now here we have the weekend before the fourth of July in what happens. Are shooting. On Bourbon Street at 2:45 AM in the 700 block is which is -- in this section suburban and Orleans. And what impact will this have. On the psyche of the city. Psyche of those people who we're gonna come visit New Orleans. I -- it very interesting the reaction of one tourist on WW LTV last night. It's comic side I got that that's -- -- name. They're really -- night. -- act in a row on the home yet. Nine people shot -- -- night. Now was 2:45 AM. And so for those people still out apparel and there is still big crowds on -- all of view bad nearly 3 o'clock on Sunday morning after a wild Saturday night that turns to gunfire but it. Yeah Hank Aaron Rowand then. And I don't know that reaction destruct. Well yeah for the two people critically wounded it's ruined. Their lives. To -- them. Now fighting for. In in the hospital. And then these. People. Deal with the police chief says yeah I -- -- -- -- yacht holds back. Yeah people is he rarely and I don't know what have authority was gonna use idea Baghdad's. Baghdad and I don't know if that was intentional now. I mean. I don't know kennel language of police chief normally uses it to I was upset. I again I wouldn't have blamed him for maybe -- and one on them but you know. They get a hundred dispute apparently. And don't care a damn about anybody around and just sprayed the place here on this. Many publishers. And there's -- but people -- know. People come and outside in the Holland isn't round -- a lot of respect for their own lives let alone anyone else out. And I have I think I share with you before that I talked to someone who works in the Orleans parish prison in depth about. The people that come into prison. And he said the Easter people who expect. To die before they turn -- They lived their lives expecting to Don. Many of them actually put up money often from illegal sources. For their mothers to bury them because they don't want their moms that have to pay for. So they set aside burial out put in there eighteen. Eighteen page for bird -- for the few because they don't expect to live to 25. Because as the mayors have pointed out. Between 1980 and 2012. 660000. Young black men died on the streets of America. 660000. More than died in all the wars in the last century and more Americans. -- died in all the wars. Streets of this city so here's two guys who apparently if the pattern is holding true had no expectation to live much longer so. They'll shoot at each other -- crowded street at 2 o'clock 3 o'clock in the morning. Who cares who gets caught caught in the crossfire now they didn't care who was 920. Year whenever. But thank folks what this -- do this city of new war -- Again I keep people from come -- for the fourth of July's gonna keep people from coming next Marty tries to connect keep people from common for a weekend. The new cycles a funny thing now. Happened on a Sunday morning -- big national headlines on Sunday morning but today do you think anyway. Media across the country going to be talking about it I'd be surprised. By sixteen. -- forecast in sports 5 point 8 good morning I'm Dave -- the early edition Debbie WL first news your forecast. Lots of sunshine today equals lots of heat this afternoon 93 for a high today. And a 20% chance for just eight straight shower or storm. Overnight tonight that chance just drops to 10% and another 20% chance on Tuesday with highs of 93. Wednesday some spotty rain possible and the high and low nineties. Eyewitness c.'s forecast center I'm meteorologist Clarke McDowell there's guys. Eighty degrees the Lakefront airport 90% relative humidity a muggy 78 at the airport in -- clear skies and 77 at the National Weather Service office and slide down line Dave Allen at the early edition of WWL first news. As sports time now as we get another week under way and for that we say good morning to Steve Geller. Happy Monday everyone good morning pro football talk dot com is reporting that a ruling on Jimmy -- franchise tag designation is is expected this week. WWL legal analyst go to Syria shocked that we still haven't heard the decision from the arbitrator on the saints pro bowler. I am. Always because it was taken longer as -- thought they would -- we could go -- project and the reason why is obviously this is both parties you can go to grammar. The tight end tag is worth five point three million dollars less than that of a wide receiver meanwhile the saints and rim have fifteen days left to work got a long term deal. The Netherlands -- coast Rica have advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals. The Dutch trailed one nothing in the 88 minute before scoring twice in a 21 comeback against Mexico. Coast Rica beat Greece five to three in a penalty shoot out. After playing to a 11 tie the US take some Belgium tomorrow. Chris Bosh has joined Dwyane Wade and LeBron James and opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat. The move was not unexpected and give the heat. A gigantic amount of financial flexibility to shop when the free agent market window opens officially at midnight. Justin Rose -- in the Quicken Loans national at congressional in a playoff over Sean Stefani. Rose two putted for -- final putt on the final hole. While still funny made double bogeyed both -- one under in the final round and four under through regulation. And itself first dropped their fourth straight in Nashville losing six before disease are back home starting tonight -- four game series vs round rock. Today apple on sports talk SEC network analyst Greg McIlroy says credit nick Sabin for LSU football ongoing success do you agree. Sort of less miles deserve the praise I'd Steve Geller and that your early morning in the export. I've point three -- on Ron Amadon with yet your radius -- this week we should get a Jimmy Graham decision and thank effort for right it just seems that I have CR figured last week just because of this deadline for the July 15 to get a long term deal hammered out is but does the NFL brand -- to the NFL care about that jetliners picnic on its on time Fryman and now if it works for the saints and -- fine if not. Allow. Will ultimately a lot of people are speculating that the NFL might be tried before -- Graham and the saints to just sit down. Camera out this long term deal so they don't have to make the ruling and thank you guys figure it out so. We don't have to Yang let us off the right interest molecule out now -- talk and 25 minutes more sports WW -- evident Tiger Woods. It was done so well the pre -- when he came back from his back surgery but. No mention of -- in the Sunday competition. I'll find out from Steve you know what happened to Tiger Woods over the weekend now that he back. You know WW well we're back with your forecast your comment -- after this. -- attacks and it's 7870 YA asking why there's no description of the perpetrators that he shot nine people on urban street here's what the police you've had to say about I'm gonna test these two little. Young man is to else. Young men and curious but he was going to their feet. And caught on cops have not released a description they are working with area businesses and witnesses trying to get a description and a -- forecasts while last. We -- rain with a big story this week big. We'll be the story 93 for hi this afternoon with rain chance is that about 20%. That just means that he handful of storms out there later today. A look keep that 20% chance and for Tuesday with heights of 93. Wins takes chances nudge up just a bit tip 30% with highs in the low to mid nineties. The Eyewitness News forecast center -- urologist Clark knocked out. At seven home senator and I thermostat in my cars and it was still ninety degrees and 11 PM I know my cars that that's not accurate. Thermometers not accurate but it sure felt like it and it's gonna feel like it again today partly cloudy and 78 now at the airport -- eighty lake front 81 in downtown Portland. 77 on the north of days ago when -- the early edition. At WWL first news how much do you think. Nine people shot on Bourbon Street is going to impact tourism in the city of New Orleans. One person -- made 878 Sony does not Italian Port Authority has a reputation. Of martyr. I really don't think this bothers to many people because of Mardi -- we still love record rates of people coming in. There was a shooting on harvested during Mardi Gras there was a shooting -- street at Halloween. By. Erratic record tourism continues how much will this impact tourism we think that people it has not come for the fourth of July. Think they'll take precautions and maybe they'll cut off their parting before 3 AM -- -- -- -- -- -- 7870 the shooters and urban even hit it hit one another apparently not apparently they only get other people. In the last one of them hospitalized as a suspect in cops don't know one another with that please tell me Daly shot or killed each other know. Coming up the latest on CBS's David Michael the latest on nine people shot to critically wounded. I'm perpetrated 2:45 AM Sunday morning and the rest of BMW well as we -- traffic and weather together. Sports with Steve Geller a Tiger Woods over the weekend. And -- at the box office if Chris Miller got the prediction right. We 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's here and it's the thirtieth it's 2014. Heads some. Monday -- the last Monday of June and a some curious how many people partied last for the fourth of July celebration how many people party taken off the game would be how many people have gone. Two visit family and friends. It's still around RTM I AAA says officially they're making getaway day Wednesday is that -- and they expect the largest number of people based on the survey to hit the router take to disguise getaway island and I could be the ball but it sure you you've got this weekend. Before you know god I take it go. You know might be gone. -- now we've shouts the movies opening Wednesday. Out and -- one of the big ones opens on Wednesday tackle that later in the week but it. In your absence on Friday Chris Miller made bold prediction -- It transformers agent extinction beat number one at the box office today that it was the only movie that was opened in wide release over the weekend. And and since it is a huge. Reboot. Of the popular. Transformers. Series and and I it was not actually sampled prediction Mark Wahlberg and the transformers no problem take the lead in the fourth installment of transformers bringing it 100 billion dollars. He -- weekend. And while undermined film that is a big one yeah I don't know Shia LaBeouf know he's out LaBeouf was busy getting arrested yeah or acting up on Broadway. I'm no longer famous if there a day is still claim a for all the wrong reasons this weekend of -- ball Mark Wahlberg was able to do it in fact. This transformers movie did better in -- -- -- Then the last two transformers. Like c.'s John Street Paul's not a number two followed by how to train your dragon -- and think like a man. Rounds up the top four after opening at number one week ago right now -- what happened at movies. And nine year old girl walked into a police station and -- film -- -- so. And count found that odd just began at the it to -- it just stopped by and it goes young lady what can we do for set well. The pot smoke in my house is making me. I'll really she's at and I think it's like in the dog's sick too. So and officers says. Day. Followed up on the lead from the very brave very Smart and very articulate little girl. And went to her home and found seven marijuana plants growing. Under the house. Hot now that all operations set up under the house trying to hide it -- there was smoke in the dope according to others. Child it. So this nine -- Turned at her parents and now she's staying with their grandparents. I've been issues. Now. Nine years old and she. Mom dad would you please not smoke yeah you're making me sick in the second -- You know she in the dog to. Which is about that that again. So already a year ago your neighborhood police station which it -- Tension parents. Yeah it's my very new way and it happened in Barton's bill Minnesota thank you David you -- back with more news about twenty minutes here on -- WL AM mass famine that now I think this little girl probably belongs in the what is right with people while yeah parents in the. It's being able files. I thought man I forgot how hot it was -- because of all the rain we had been I get us stark reminder Saturday night and all day yesterday -- meteorologist Laura but now. Loan. That you design. I -- full force. I just you know we are at this earlier I can -- my house software out like you know condition to Ankara on an awful day. And it just doesn't cool off you know it's like probably right about now. Yes you're right that I yeah right now you're you're temperature in your house is -- right where you -- writes -- into the sun comes up that battle with the AC are all over again and I -- now analogue that I now I'm guessing -- like we just need to get like three more units. Each group had it ends up for it. About -- to put in some acts by. Cut added it's natural like what does it bedroom. They can sleep without him -- actually have read. Three fans that go and let it go on and that you know they don't actually cool anything -- -- all feel cool and it setting under load the air around -- your right. Re circulate that out there right -- -- -- I'm telling you it's just the timing here -- can't cooled down very well that I'd likely forget. I think somehow every year we forget how hot it was the year before I don't. It's -- didn't burn it's a occur it. You know write the heat to say that the odd as it. Bothers me typically had a from the heat at the hydrated but it's -- It's just two winnable. Nine Mario cart this Monday the -- About everything -- people like are not now while we don't I don't let -- believe the at a public that he is against any get out of this -- -- not going anywhere and neither is the. Now it's right around this week -- that 93 today that 93 for a hike through Wednesday so it's going to be hot and humid that heat index in the EPO for a hundred in the afternoon. Heat index this morning at -- right now the lower eighty's yeah. Mid eighties and a few spots that you you know when you start off with the heat index purse they admitted yeah. Yeah it's -- -- -- they start off here in downtown New Orleans the National Weather Service tells me it's 81 degrees right now. That's and it feels like a final like 85. Yeah we're starting the day yep no whereas no -- good. You know this is the holiday we. You know -- -- holiday on Friday it would keep just scattered downpours around not nearly that rate that we had last week is going to be more normal summertime weather last week not normal elementary all of the activities going on east bank West Bank source outlet or -- to the congress. And are right I guess that's on Friday we had fireworks last night. I'm -- -- AFLAC thing you know not have a whole week -- that we spread it out you know if you have everything on one day yet and it vacancies you're gonna see. Well we've been written my way we pretty much take a break between now on Thursday OK there's a lot going on that are not listed WW about the economy -- where the fireworks and -- happiness and celebrations of our independent will be the good news is. Not gonna rain on our parades picnics festivals or anything else from her downpours after. -- down time for fireworks for. To what your own town your own city. More of bill maybe what -- name it that I don't know what -- -- that doesn't flow very well our analysts. List. But tell bill but -- bill. Well well I guess like you why yet another selling a small southeastern South Dakota town I'd like for a thousand bucks. Now considering you get the whole town and you get the bar. Well as well the town bar. Of course there's a town this is an on incorporated Hamlet in Bennet county called -- as WE TT. Now the town is already happening Yang in fact the town is really just the ball. Anthem at the bar a workshop three trailers and a house that the entirety. Yet that's. Not very much report -- -- he likes to deal. 400000 dollars of art but a bar workshop three trailers and how's that you'll pay that browser every day. Get that feel like it is the name years years. Not a great deal. The current owner -- nine BAT's enough of these islands though that he naymick sweats. -- kept -- for the Albany and in Atlanta Bentsen's being aimed at random violence actually Madison film makes that bill. Sounds pretty that would like cats although -- kind of a serious -- economic growth. You might go to sweat. It's just kick it in that -- -- -- -- -- you want you know down there again if the -- think about what you name and I don't know yet you're right -- -- Those that don't match not think we should renamed New Orleans -- sweat built at their peak now they. I don't know at least for the sovereign decoded yet. If you -- -- but now hiding cranky. The -- W well yet -- them and that counts sports with Steve -- more of your message text messages today 7870. About the shooting observatory. Talk about the nine year old walked into the police station. -- make it stick it out one by us that are parents found pot growing up. Talent activate navigate that it is the eleventh Salinas California. At the neighborhood convenience store an eight year old customer called 911 on his pants. For smoking pot. -- a text message today 7870. About the nine people shot on -- street after police say two men having a stupid argument. Opened fire and instead of hitting each other hit nine other people. Say that violence will impact the opinions and attitudes of locals more than visitors they -- record tourism numbers for the city of new world. Despite shooting suburban street during -- go on a shooting on purpose street during Halloween. We shall see this as an impact on the tourism numbers and sports time now at 515 to that we say. Happy Monday you'll still be happy Monday and Monday and I'm not happy -- Monday. You know we got to go into this whole week coming up on a positive note -- -- try to get it done it a try to reel us there good -- aren't what a great attitude and a great sportscast. It's Steve Geller on WW yes sir good morning everybody we're still waiting on an arbitrator's ruling in the Jimmy -- grievance. To find help whether the pro -- franchise tag designation will be is a tight end or a wide receiver. WWL legal analyst -- sincerity has an ideal blood has been holed up in announcing a decision. I think it is one reason they're maybe if general laws maybe they're trying to force. Resolution without setting a precedent on this particular issue and to -- it ultimately yes. The two sides have until July 15 to hammer out a long term contract or -- would have to play this season under a one year deal something that neither. Party wants. Mexico just minutes away from a one nothing victory over the Netherlands in the second round of the World Cup but the Dutch rallied to earn a 21 win. And a berth in the quarterfinals. Also coast Rica beat Greece and a penalty shoot out to reach the quarterfinals for the first time. Today's schedule opens with France against Nigeria before Germany takes on Algeria. The US Rio resumes play tomorrow with a knockout round match against Belgium. Wimbledon resumes this morning following the traditional Sunday laid off. Men's third seed and defending champion Andy Murray takes on Kevin Anderson and fifth seed scampering gun battles Dennis is from and third round play. The best matchup of the women's side had to be fifth seed Maria Sharapova taking on number nine a Julie Gerber and a fourth round set. Justin Rose has won the Quicken Loans national at congressional in a playoff over short Stefani. Meanwhile Tiger Woods playing competitive golf for the first time in sixteen weeks missed the cut after rounds do. He finished seven over for the tournament it was just the tenth time woods missed the 36 hole cut in 299. Starts on the PGA tour. And his -- dropped their third straight game in Nashville losing by the score of six before disease begin a four game homestand tonight against round rock. They have four on sports talk SEC network analyst Greg McElroy says credit nick Sabin for LSU football ongoing success. Do you agree Cortes let's miles deserve the parade which early morning look at sports science. -- -- How does he figured Nick Saban. And Maggie gets me he definitely turn the program around and brought it into its current heyday in terms of news that. First coach and sometime today have beaten LSU on the discussion of a national championship. But how old now years later is seeking -- credit for the continued success he feels that that influence carries over every year. And I just I'm not buying it at at all credit them for the this. Era in -- -- success for turning things around -- Think the last four or five years you can say I am now and none of his players are still around right atlas logo miles is done in the fact that how many players are leaving early -- LSU for the NFL. His recruiting is top notch and -- Greg McElroy just trolling a bit on that comment -- leaving early Tiger Woods left the competition early after really start out strong. In the golf tournament over the week on appetite. He really just fellow party it says is back really wasn't an issue I guess he's just hooking up to be a bit rusty. His first tournament since the -- right exactly miss them. Couple the majors so I guess -- could will may -- -- this view this as like a warm up a tuneup for -- and see what happens. His next time I'll see you partake in the British Open which was supposed to be his first. Big match back right now he started strong but faded fast you're getting really good day of the opening day bit. If that was about it for thank you that's about it for you -- -- fifteen minutes more sports here -- going to be WL and -- them stand out. -- people shot at Harvard street during Halloween it was of this is an isolated incidents this is it normally varies safe location in the French Quarter. When it happened again on Mardi Gras. Now what happens again. The -- weekend before fourth of July. If that pattern develops where there's regular shootings on Bergen street I'd be hard to argue with the fact that it could have a serious impact on terrorism. Are we at that point yet will this impact tourism the numbers will tell you protects coming in 87870. While -- share of the forecast. Your Monday forecast mostly sunny skies and the heat bill then 93 later today with just a 20% chance for an isolated storm. They're looking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday we hold on that heat 93 vote factored into. Pick up a 20% rain chance on Tuesday 30% on Wednesday. Eyewitness News forecast -- I -- to brawl just walk up tell. -- outside my window here in the CBD right now it's 81 degrees feels like 85 with that heat index then it's. I would go from here but up. 78 and partly cloudy at the airport and candor 88 the lake front 77 and clear at the National Weather Service offices like now -- muggy 90% relative humidity. One text messages and 878 and racism like people just need to stay away from -- -- what is what are all the people do and out apartments to 3 o'clock on a Sunday morning anyway. Others say we need stronger police presence in those that as rivals -- the police chief. Lead more cops will list though make national attention one person says and local people pay attention but nationally it's just going to be able. On the radar screen and gave -- -- at the early edition of WWL. First news talent it was a Mountain Lion and a little shop and -- and Sandy, Utah. You authorities captured a Mountain Lion that startled people but didn't hurt anybody in a shopping center in the Salt Lake City suburb about -- hundred pound cat. Walked across the street and into the Jordan commons shopping center in Sandy, Utah. Police say that there were scared shoppers around. And one officer did as the cat apparently left the entrance of a steakhouse and move towards the people fired one shot. It did not hit the line my line ran away -- over sentiment. It was a train packed with -- real locate my -- and catch it. Really -- and safe place apparently. Pesetas a bit unusual to have one in the middle of such a populated area I guess what we have an alligator ran here. You know people see now here accredited to -- government goes viral on social -- that alligators all around is that there's there's outlines. It's Monday folks let's get through it together and make our way through the holiday week.

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