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6-30 6:10am Scoot, Bourbon Street shooting

Jun 30, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Meg Lousteau, the Executive Director of VCPORA, about the shooting that happened early Sunday morning on Bourbon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David you know. There are many times when I come on the air and talk about my weekend at the French Quarter talk about what I see when I'm I'm coming to work in the morning what happened over the weekend. Whether or -- -- for Tommy girl and chancellor during this crucial ignite. And unfortunately this morning we have something very ugly to talk about now I have to be very honest and tell you that not just because of this this shooting over the weekend. But I have been feeling less comfortable in the French Quarter that I have in the past. That mugging. -- is jumped that didn't change my opinion being downtown. But there -- -- of other things that have started to to change my opinion -- and it's the it's the it it's the apparent attitude of the crowd that's this year and not the tourist the -- of their to have fun. But there are a lot of locals who go round of urban street. And while they have a right to do it. They just stand there sometimes have been groups sometimes it's just a few individuals standing together. I get the impression that there's usually stalking people. As -- go down the street. And this area where the shooting took place in the 700 block -- -- is is an area that I mean quite often affect my sister called me. I just gotten at a church yesterday my sister politics I just or -- the OK because sometimes I know you be venture out into the French Quarter. And -- -- -- are right studio -- -- to 45 I have it's not that I'm not out that early in the morning sometimes but I generally. Like to be off Bourbon Street. By 2 o'clock and it. Not that I always stay out and until that time but if I'm going to be out the crowd changes. After tools -- something changes. And you ES senseless yeah I do -- and I have found myself would be long before this happened but I felt myself in. Last couple of months when odd ball on third street at night even when it's it's more crowded earlier in the evening. I just I can't help wonders I walked on the street I would think to myself. I wonder how many these people have guns. And I'm not talking about train concealed carry. Permit gun owners are talking about. People who have guns illegally. And it is whether or not they're willing to use them and apparently this this shooting nine people injured to a critical condition. I mean it's it's it's a wonder we're not talking about nine dead people. Because the only difference between an injury. And it death is a matter of inches as of times -- just of the very very fraction of an inch some might market Gerson called a miracle. Well it yes and it waited as part. Apparently these are -- two young men who were armed and they got into it disputes at the corner bourbon and Orleans. And to settle the dispute. They fired at each other. And then the oppression that I got to talking to people yes I went there yesterday. And the oppression and I got from talking to a few people one of them was a manager a club needed wanna be identified but he liked it to 700 locker room for. And needed -- -- duty video would be more or audio he -- is a name on them on the radio. I talked to him Atlanta and he said it was almost as if the gunmen was was not happy that he didn't hit he is. His target and then as he's running down Bergen street from or leans towards saying man. He's just firing randomly back in the crowd and a woman was hit a block away. And I've I've got this this shot. Of the bullet hole going into one of those who -- would this really thick -- French Quarter doors are out this is it urban heat. At 7-Eleven. Burma street and I took a picture event. And what I I and the first thing that I saw once. This bullet hole went right through this big thick piece of wood and thinking that would is a lot sturdier than my skin. And it just goes to show you how powerful. Bullets are for anybody ever ever doubts that. No one of the video shots you see a woman coming out of a club. And she. Looks down and and puts her hand honored her and her side bloggers -- I -- and -- looks down and like she couldn't really tell. And then she could tell -- that she had been hit and then she collapsed and fortunately there were some write to him you know try to get her some comfort. You know a lot of people who who helped out and and it was my understanding that people just were just. I've just cramming themselves into any open door. And businesses were going into lockdown they were trying to shut their doors to debate what they could to protecting and take care of people there. -- -- a couple of questions. Do you think more police will prevent violence in the French Quarter. Do we need more gun laws the -- do you feel less likely to go to the French or effect that's -- WW project low opinion poll this morning. -- the shooting on Bourbon Street that have an early Sunday morning stop you from going to the French Quarter. Give your opinion like going to our web site WWL dot com we'll talk about this throughout the morning. Nine in New Orleans a police chiefs -- -- with soreness and -- show about 7:15 this morning. I was there talking to people and the police chief at a press conference it's in suburban and Orleans and I thought he did a good job with the press conference with their steals so many many questions and with the French Quarter minute man if they were in effect on the streets. -- they have made a difference. I executed for Tommy Tucker if you enjoy -- for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy at a text amber is he 7070 we're coming right back on this Monday morning at W -- Good morning it's 619 let's do it for Tommy Tucker Tommy will be back with you on Wednesday morning and I'll be back on the -- she'll win tonight from eight to midnight. If anybody listening this morning. That was the year in the senator -- of forbid if anybody was there at the time this happened which look to get your impression of what did happen we're talking about the shooting on. Urban street nine people injured and is David waitress in a moment ago it's a miracle. That we're not talking about nine deaths and indeed it is but let's just not pass this off and say oh well they were just injured mean. The difference between death and injuries is just a matter of a fraction of an inch where the bullet -- so the these could be nine -- where we're talking about. And that shouldn't make. What happened. Less. Important less significant. Because secluded and again it could have been nine deaths. Here's a text that reads those thugs don't care if a cop which there or not they don't care about their lives much less someone else's. -- and what what causes this. I mean this is different from what I grew up and -- from when you develop many here anyway. You get into an argument. You've got a gun on you and you -- the argument right here. And you know why not doing your own neighborhood. Should do in your neighborhood but what it to suburban street. Why would you have to go why -- And and again and don't doing your neighborhood one of the one of the sad things is it. We do more as a city to protect tourist than we do to protect. A lot of our citizens. But what if you -- what do you do in suburban street and you'd you know of their to a George Herbert street. So what are all of these people doing on -- and I see him all the time. What are they doing there why are they they're if they're not -- to have fun. They have a right to be there but what do they do an air. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven -- -- number 670. Here's a quick update on -- W a -- pretty jaguar of people will be shooting on -- street that happened early Sunday morning stopped you from going to the French Quarter. 33% saying no 67%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to WW dot com. It's 6:41 Monday morning -- -- -- -- Tommy Tucker and here's a WWL traffic updates with Carol -- Good morning -- skirted the Tommy Tucker we know you love rock and roll WWL has tickets to a great concerts for -- The Doobie Brothers are going to be concert with Peter Frampton. Indoors at champions square Sunday July 20 at 7 PM and we've got tickets story. There's two ways to win this morning and this this entire week whether it's New York or Tommy Tucker we're gonna play either a Doobie Brothers song or Peter Frampton song. And what you'll have to do is. -- the next line the first person that called contest line with the next line in the song. Is the winner. You can also go to our FaceBook page and look for the yeah but for the the Peter Frampton got a Doobie -- stuff and just like us and you get used to win. -- truck and keep on -- from the station atlas rocket rolled WW out so it sometime this morning we're gonna play I'll I'll let you know before we play it. But he if you know the next line to The Doobie Brothers or the Peter Frampton song we play then you're going to be the winner. We're talking about the shooting and nine people injured on -- street took over the weekend and this is a very passionate discussion for me because that's when neighbor. -- live a block away from the beginning of the French Quarter. And this is an area where the shooting took place that I have been in -- off. Before it about your calls will be to a couple of text very quickly. -- here's a text sorry. New Orleans if you want my money you have to come to the North Shore here's attacks. There they're hustling and robbing. Yeah that's my question. There are a lot of people that I've seen and and really started to notice the last couple of months. Gorgeous -- announced. That they have a right to do that. But they're not a suburban street. Apparently to have fun like so many other people. There are individuals. And groups. That obviously. Are they -- for a different reason. Not all former ban it not all of them have malicious intent. What are they doing. We got a text. Says because the City Council shut down all the bars and clubs in -- hood. They don't go -- restrict. Here's -- tech shootings have kept me away. I hear is attacks we -- is the police presence of the police were. A block away from -- Kevin your WW on good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Kevin you obviously familiar with a quarter because you're describing something that I see every weekend of the quarter there are those who just stand there and it almost looks as if there visually stalking people as they go down the street. And then there are these congregations have. Usually primarily men. In the street and again they just don't look like they're they -- to participate in the things that people go to the French Quarter to participate -- so why are they there. -- it argues that might be stalker. I don't know I just don't look right and at least a little culture -- -- that much. What can you woke up about. What should not -- Yeah I don't doubt that I there are a lot of people who are standing almost stand in doorways. Of businesses. Lot of people leading up against lamppost. Energy and they they stay there for an indefinite period of time there and they're not reckon they're not -- they're just -- again I'm I'm I'm very clear about this and they have a right to be there. The question is what do they do. If it -- if anybody knows what they're doing if anybody knows what this activity is I'd I'd love the next two. And it does this make you less likely to go to the quarter. -- a little bit like -- Not a couple problems control ordered. And that was it or -- -- you. I don't wanna record welcome to try to work on shot. And they could go first found out about it. That Warner our intellectual. And editorial quarter. The actual course yeah. Actual war oh god. Just -- -- -- or well it'll sort location. Kevin have a good day going to call the show. There is a different crowd in the quarter late I don't know if it's admit it's that ignited midnight I noticed the crowd changing more after 2 o'clock in this happened at 245. Just a coincidence. If you would join us with your comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 8787631. On a Monday morning it's gonna be another hot day. I'm scoot it to Tucker here's another WWL news updates with stated Blake and David we're talking about the shooting early Sunday morning about 245 in the 700 block of urban street is all over the national news which is not good because we've got essence fest coming out there we go to what that's like coming up in New Orleans as a is a tourist town. Yesterday during his press conference on Bourbon Street today chiefs are pests it was -- these tourists and he said. They are not from New Orleans and so he didn't -- actually say that paper terrorist but if they're not from New Orleans you can assume that there. At their terrorist. And I here's -- an update on RWQ a pretty jaguar people will be shooting on Bourbon Street it happened early Sunday morning stop you from going to the French Quarter due up 35% no 65%. Say yes. And David Pearson a text -- my wife and I are we're in the French Quarter Saturday evening on Bourbon Street about 6 o'clock. We go to the French Quarter quite often and we were struck by how dangerous urban street felt even at that hour we love the French Quarter. We've enjoyed urban streets for many years. We both commented on our way home how disappointed we were we -- street. And maybe it's time to stop going to -- restrict. And I that's essence is that they use -- a sentiment that I shared there has been something going on there and maybe it's been longer but. For at least the last I don't know maybe six months. You think it's a different crowd. There's it has the crowd change yes yes and using you -- I guess yes I do there's there's -- there are different people. -- the word is out that if you were. I I guess if if this is what you wanna do you go to the French Quarter and you just stand there. And again I understand that everybody has a right to do that but my question is what do they do in here. I mean if you -- to the quarter David you wouldn't chest and allowed to people watch but you wouldn't just stand in the doorway. Now you wouldn't just lean up against a light pole we'd be eaten oysters drinking after the bar doing some -- out. And I do understand that not everybody has money to do that and everybody is free to go to the quarter addressed. Have a good time. Without spending money and I don't know I sometimes I just sometimes I just walked but I'm walking I don't. I really -- -- not scouting people out but David I just have gotten a sense out and it wasn't just this that happened but I've gotten a sense the last. Again maybe six months or so I've just noticed different people on Bourbon Street and it's very disturbing its interest in this guy and his wife noticed the same thing. If you and rejoice for the comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 87870. Also on our website at WWL dot com we now have video of the shooting. And that's on our website at WW dot com also I talked to -- woman who -- stats apart the corner of -- and New Orleans where the shooting took place. And she and her husband live around the corner of place there are so that they're quite often and she saw blood on the sidewalk that morning usually the French quarters pretty clean the next morning but there was still one of the sidewalk. She thinks the problem is we need more police. But the police were a block away. Should they had been the closer I skirted Tommy Tucker will be right back at WW well. It's a Monday morning we're talking about a shooting on Bourbon Street. It's not that we're trying to make this a bigger deal than it is this is a big deal. And and is there would be even more attention paid to it if these were nine fatalities. As opposed to nine people injured two critically. And the difference between death and an injury is just a matter of inches this is the crown jewel of New Orleans. Bourbon Street the French Quarter. Attracting terrorists. And yet it it appears as if said the people who were shot were from out of town they were they were -- that this is a very very unsettling thing. The more we talk about it the more we can maybe try to figure out what we need to do to change things because the French Quarter. From what I've seen has been changing. In recent months and maybe it's been over the past year but it over the last six months. I have felt differently in the French Quarter then I have in the past. -- studio for Tommy Tucker it's 646. I'd make Lucio is the executive director of the from cori property owners residents & Associates and make we welcome you to the shows -- It. Giving your first reaction. Heard about it ditch in morning very early I was. Outraged horrified. Again. And unfortunately really not that -- there has done an increasing amount of violent quarter not shooting a great armed robbery them. And got it got people really -- and make sure they are just not okay should not tolerate it. What do you think. Auto part of the problem is that in -- -- equipped and understaffed. In the eighth district covers. The quarter on their merry triangle and that the district and a half years number 100 to 200. So it was poverty can you and now we lost 30% but as you pointed out shortly -- in the immediate entity. Called on this incident and I don't know I don't know. Extra police at application and made -- different people apparently had no regard for. Here's one thing meg and I don't dissent in the quarter -- -- live a block off off of it now and so the quarter -- I've got a live essentially a block away from urban streets of this is my neighborhood. And I've noticed the quarter changing I've noticed the people who hang out suburban street in particular. On the that the types of people have have have changed. But you know I also see police officers earlier in the evening and and dinner they're out here. Shouldn't there be more police officers later. Than earlier in the evening. We I don't know if there were more -- opted out earlier than later in our beat you Howell Robert -- eating. But I think that you have about -- hadn't changed. And there's someone here you know went to work in order for many years and you got that many years. I think a large part of that do you -- the original. Site and the duration of the resident population the quarter. Increasingly it is seen as just an abstract. And has been kind of enforcement. And basic quality of life rule. That make it attractive to people political time and figured don't have that many guys in years. Happening -- can actually people being aware going and contributed to the change in term that he and others have our. That meg you know II wonder if those people who are prone to to be perpetrators prone to commit acts of violence I wonder if the publicity about New Orleans not having enough for police officers being understaffed I wonder if that resonates with in. That's segment of the community population. It's possible. Until we -- -- either. Accurately or completely. Created -- anything. Image of the quarter especially in urban street. And we legally. Changed the image changed lately or are they are. Our crown jewel. Because it is not a -- last it is not an entry should be able to commandeer anything like. There have to be on base -- opening act in court and I mean I get kind of a -- -- not on and in other parts per quarter. And I guess one of the things I'm I'm thinking is that keep these two people who apparently -- in this dispute at one dissimilar right they're regardless of of innocent people being around. I'm sure this dispute didn't have anything to do with him being specifically on or just off urban street this had to do with the two of them. They -- had this argument in their own neighborhood because of him which was not good. They -- had this argument anywhere and probably the result would have been the same like question I guess it and I know this is a question that doesn't have an answer right now. But why are people who are prone to that settling an argument with a gun which they're they're carrying. Why are they on -- the suburban street they're not there to enjoy Bourbon Street so why are they there. I realize this but I think that's a question to be answered. -- A quick look at the perpetrators very quickly and will get an answer. -- list of executive director of the duke rape property owners and residents & Associates which -- -- but the sun Debbie WL. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text Amber's late 77. It's 6519 minutes until 7 o'clock and appearance schedule on this Monday morning I'm Scopes in the Tommy Tucker for talking about the shooting nine. Nine people shot on urban streets a very popular area suburban street we're coming right back with more of your comments here's another -- WL traffic updates with terrible it's. I could have a conversation we've -- -- TV chief. -- -- -- I was at the press conference yesterday on it on purpose for people of a conversation coming up about 7:15 this morning. -- studio for Tommy Tucker from the West Bank Sam welcome to the -- morning. And more than you know in international yesterday that that's a good thing and you're weight Smart idea and so on your question was rhetorical. What are these characters -- down there looking for trouble because plan. Support all your -- by taxpayers you have note educate note to self esteem. No dignity. Of course you have to build it yourself out by Britain and Libya itself got years ago you know. And -- Which some think that was about rate of five minute -- and then. Yeah you're -- ticked -- that for a couple weeks you aboard the other person. And I say that's but that's that's the problem today -- and they don't do that world for the of the person -- -- -- kill the other person. Mean you know it's and tragically. We. -- -- two years old can shoot a gun. The point. Additional. What policy people are glad thank god. The cause they're shooting nobody got killed him and I -- out and call on -- -- leadership in this city. That really this bored and Mitch and a lot of pro. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here -- press conferences excuses. We support of people like India and the French Quarter -- -- real clear that apple block away. Were understaffed and under -- and we've we tried that excuse. Forty Sampson what would you like what would you like the mayor to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's been understaffed. Because the most. -- a program that the president and get a better budget year -- the man teach that demand out you'd have now since it has mismanaged. And expert and equipment that's actually on the street noticed that -- an ally that decreases the -- No -- it's that it -- resources we have. -- match. Sam I've got to get your news -- glad to called if you're on hold please stay with a -- to your calls so right after the news. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker good texture are pouring in now here's a text my wife and I used to go to the French Quarter -- a lot. And about a month ago weeks we felt like you started to feel different -- the French Quarter. Is different it's something I've noticed and I become increasingly comfortable with. So we'll continue this conversation right after this we'll talk to chief -- about 715.

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