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6-30 7:10am Scoot, Bourbon Street shooting

Jun 30, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas about the shooting on Bourbon Street

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David I'm still a big ambassador for the city I still love living downtown but in the last six months or so I've just noticed a change in. The population of the French Quarter and -- really seemed to change after after 2 o'clock in the morning I'm not Al that often after two but occasionally I have been and where the shooting took place Sunday is an area that I'm I'm I'm quite often and the 700 block of -- at least. Maybe not staying in in that area but. Walking through that area I think nothing of it I concede my apartment building from from that area of -- and went through your varieties what you're saying is say a different looking crowd and yeah I guess I'm pursuing from what you're saying. Are -- rougher crowd. Yes you don't sag and I mean I have consciously thought about when I walked on the street have consciously thought about I wonder how many of these people have guns. It sometimes actually looked down to see if I can see the imprint of a gun. In their pants. What we're not talking about that's not what you want to think about it when I'm on a night out on the quarter well. My question is -- and I know this is somewhat rhetorical. What do they do. Because they're not there enjoying the fun suburban street when I say today its its individuals it's it's it's groups. They are their congregating. There was some I'd forgot what the event Wallace -- to probably 45 months ago. I started to walk into the beginning of -- street. Midway through the first block of her but I turned around and left because I felt so uneasy about that particular night. That particular crowd you could just sense yes yeah. Up from hallway Amy -- Debbie WL good morning. People are missing the picture when it comes to identifying who these people what their -- -- People don't realize that -- in the area and the one thing that want to mention of the fact that in gang activity. Once we got an acknowledged that it is gang activity into the community. To. Squash this gang activity where you're at. An industry. We want guys that street is still that main tourist attraction is actually to gangs you lost to industry want something that cannot be tolerated. So if people. Saying yet activity duplicate of the equipment is talking and it just kind of change that. Nothing's gonna. -- logical to show I don't know how much of this is actually gang related but I'm sure much of it is. And we should should be able to admit that but again I I know I'm a witness I'm a witness to what happens on purple street. And over the last six months I've just noticed. More people who are they are to have fun it's not the source is that the obnoxious college kids it frat boys getting drunk. There's a different group that is beginning to congregate more and more -- street. Who work. We're expecting a call from police chief. Browser pass coming up next on studio for Tommy Tucker this is Debbie if you fail. It's 7:16 on a Monday morning it's gonna be very very hot today so hopefully you're not working outside and again as you go through your day you know I have respect for those people who are outside working in this city in this kind of weather. And it would include the police department we're hoping to get a phone call just any time now from the worlds of police chief roles are passed. I was there yesterday actually LA I was going to that area to do a video for our website W dot com. And it just happened to be there at the time where in -- -- -- was giving -- press conference at the corner Bergen and Orleans which is where the shooting took place 700 block of -- This is not deep deep into the quarter this is of this is still a very populated area of urban street. The police chief is a very busy this has made national news. It would win. When something like this capital urban streets. One of the reasons it's so attractive to the news media. Is because Burgos street has an image of fun and frivolity. -- street has an image of getting drug packages having a good time. So when something violent happens. Something that is so contrary to the image of Herbert street. It's. It attracts a lot of attention. Also there are so many people across the country. Who have been suburban street. They can. They can. Think about. What something like this happens that you think about well I was the year that could've happened to me. So is very relatable to all those who over a period of time have visited urban street. I get back towards your text you're just a moment here's an update on our Debbie give you a pretty general opinion poll will the shooting on -- street that happened early Sunday morning stop you from going to the French Quarter. 36% say no but 64%. Say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web sites to BWL dot com. As I -- all morning this is something I could've brought up weeks ago but I noticed a change in the French Quarter. Now I'm not afraid. I'm more careful now after -- -- attacked. Downtown at 4 o'clock in the morning. I guess in in some ways and innocence which was taken from me I was a little more a trusting of people in general. So I have did a lot more careful. I do notice that after 2 o'clock and I'm not out often at that time but but sometimes I am. After 2 o'clock the crowd change is a purple street. The question is. Who are these people. And why are they there. And why is that that I'm noticing that changing French Quarter. And I'm I'm being honest about I still love the quarter I'm not afraid to go to the quarter but there was -- about. I don't know five months ago or so there was a time when I I started to venture into the quarter on Bourbon Street. And I felt so an easy. About just the the the feeling of the crowd this year. But I turned around and and left. And I see that happening more and more. There are people they -- their locals. They're not terrorists they're people they are who are not there to enjoy the quarter. So the question is what do they do and here I know they have a right to be there but what do they do and hear from every David you're on WWL. -- -- Idea also -- on the quarterback -- more loans so accurately use one name but. Like say that DO. One of the problems there. All free music just -- not at the close. Attack anybody he served beer out the window. All -- what elements stand in and mr. and so. All the police so they're related choose. The groups because patient like. Our virtual local mall and on like 7 o'clock when -- actually no quarter. And -- around 1:32 o'clock we have all that bad people start coming out. As David that's something that I have noticed myself. Instead of them haven't actually ever Levin come out and then come out -- 34 more than one quarter. -- earlier give knotted at 3 o'clock -- the -- -- for Bob Clark on the weekend shouldn't you haven't noticed. You'll hear about trot cops all talk and each other. -- -- again -- business so we don't police protection all we're. We have to pay for that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you could chief I was there when you when you talk to the meeting yesterday -- and Orleans and you seemed very very determined and I know that there's things that you couldn't say but you almost made it seem like Europe. You you're pretty sure you know who these people war and your very confident you're gonna get a. We -- a whole lot more now even than what we did last night. And the reason we know so much is because in moments of events like this when there's so many things go wrong that people curious about what opposed -- doing. Odd how this -- -- that what we expected the world block away. They've got there within seconds. Immediately began the process of giving aid for victims immediately began a process of securing valuable -- valuable crimes in other. Again the process of collecting videotape evidence and over the -- and that stopped. And couple -- it is. We feel you wish all the now that we did. Yet yet. We duties and we will continue to need is somebody mob of them those views and you don't. There's no question about it they know there are and it's in everybody's safety for the despondent and turn his turn themselves a small but we are that you. Its chief this is somebody that I notice in the in the first quarter there are a lot of police out to earlier in the evening. Why not have them out later this seems like there's fewer police out later in the evening or early in the morning. Win may be more of the trouble is prone to happen. But the question because what happens during the day is our officers in the leadership team. The monitoring the demands of what we're being asked to do and surprisingly. There are different -- that they won't need different packages if you will -- -- -- -- about like a football game and sometimes you do in the bird too dark sometimes you -- for the for the long -- So at the right changes we have different packages and protection would wanna put in place for them and for the dramatic that. But the dvd the first -- proper itself. But the some low -- the front court so one of the reasons your season changes is because you know the problems tend to move during the day as. But -- didn't spot of the illustrated that can be with you if not all attack that but. Notice it's a strategy it's not by accident happened since its strategy to move election. Chief you thought if I know exactly where to go over quarter to gets. Meth cocaine to get any kind of drug to get any kind of sex -- not that I do but I know exactly where to go to get -- The police must know as well. We do about that book you on the part of the and a lot more. As a -- the -- Think it. What are the real problems for American policing particularly on the issue of fighting drugs. At a place like the quarter net quite like that and natural that Clinton like this in California. And that is a more sophisticated user of drugs. Who's practiced simply don't record sales are in the people who are who worked well mining but hopefully victory in the -- in the -- environment. Smarter. The obvious. And they're very aware of who's coming in and out of there. -- make it more difficult -- doesn't mean we can't do something about it we've made many big cases. In and around -- out to be the area won't be all over those pictures -- a little more work. And they are also groups of people and on an open who -- it. Those people are trying to sell drugs in that fashion -- -- for the police more than anybody else. If they figure they go back to sit around nuclear -- you know -- out of the war in distinguishable. The by the industry forward by the crack pocket. Probably if you if you hold on during the break -- will tell you the place I'm talking about and -- -- somebody pointed it out to me because I was talking largest a sixty quarter. To surpass I'm not somebody who blinks and LTD for for the shooting or things like this because police can't be everywhere all the time you know I do think it would be good to have police. The later in the night too early in the morning more than. And earlier in the day but. I've noticed that -- say it's over the last six months I've noticed the quarter changing I've noticed different groups of individuals at different groups of people congregating on Bourbon Street. And it gives me somewhat of an uncomfortable feeling -- you know who these people are -- We have stood -- our rear of the current quarter 1980. If you want the radio I'm sure we'll see. And what happens is as we've always pick kind of an internal police joked that you know the front -- the great pleasure got you 7 -- the European directors at 3 PM Olympia drinkers in the eleventh it is separate -- leadership the people covenant. The French Quarter has always had a different life cycle certain -- It's so much better to be like them they act. Second. There are many people come -- the first order who let's say for example all part of being involved in gangs and crime and other behavior or since it is all. By and large. They go to war and back causing real problems as any. Other group of people coming to deport him last does that shooting two nights ago from what we can tell it today. It's no different than the one or two other events that we had on herb street sense of that back as superintendent. What police were with them on point almost you know the -- young man who was so. That all but one. For whatever reason either -- -- -- a block of emotions at that moment or long term thing. -- each other and took action in that as unfortunate. And very sad reality can thought. On a lot of streets along the doesn't get a lot of attention part because it but there. Now of course we understand that millions of people on the front door and it's desert state but no more safer than and in the neighborhood community. That's what happens I don't know it felt like the platitudes of targeted in the long. When he's too young man you know humbug and not hurt one another. The first thing they forget is about -- -- is just don't care if you finish you know to look like fissionable water. Or part. And that is not a stop work explanation to a very complex problem but how they get there and it's what. What happened to the twelve year old who becomes sixteen says that the issues randomly down prequel people because a man of god. You know. She's in is there are an adequate number of police in the first quarter as soon as she would suggest -- and I -- you like mortgages an adequate number they are. What what are they but I -- captured these people right away if -- if they are I don't understand the Simonyi was about and -- PD officer was about a block away at our realize that they they do need to assist but. This guy would -- according to the people I talked to of one of the gunman boys was literally running down the street on -- mystery turning around firing into the ground. I think -- are good questions yeah here's what happened. So you that on Bourbon Street odd little bird street block them together opposite. -- -- -- Large crowd of people thought movement suddenly it's not always immediately apparent to the office or you who -- and from what temple law. What you officers do with the UNC. In these people lying on the ground all the moves or people science that person then shop. Their first training. And in the numbers in the decision cyclical crowd of people got all the gunshot that's one thing. I suspect of officers who people are out and here they will get through them through obviously. But it escapes from the video that's been I don't -- -- the -- a -- but I do know what happens is officers witnessed. A parade of people running toward them go on a panel now at a parade of people going downtown towards that's what little -- And officers or within split second. Seeing people line on the ground that he -- blood that your gunshot they heard a gunshot themselves. If they distinguished talking would have gone I know that the the peel off some of them -- an -- -- check out there. That they can't distinguish as they know their first responsibility is to give people a so they start -- read about the bottle opener travel industry about this war. The -- opened -- the Warburg people up a little trucks that there there are collected the with a government that left at eight and we'll support them. So I would suggest you look at the pictures is not a circumstance with a choose not chase someone made a -- a -- It's the part of choose between Jason what I don't know vs Syrian people who need my help. I gotta go up people. But if if the if the if the gunman is at arm's length. Wouldn't they capture the gunman. Well I'm of the -- -- -- -- in in those condescending. In the in the split second you'll hear loud -- you know what to gunshot U turn and look. And everybody back to -- is that they want. -- -- -- Not always clear now I won't be clear. Let's look at other examples -- -- before popped it is right up without my hat on urban street and one of the more grown over the last couple years officers have witnessed weapons or witnessed it and it was. Clear they were on an exit down now. It doesn't always. Home one way or the other of the with a mixture of the way it comes -- you ought to mention. But if it if they don't if that -- PD officer sees it sees a gunman and then also there's somebody lying on the ground. They're gonna go after the gunman and not attended the personal -- first correct. -- that there partly by themselves they're gonna make a judgment call. That judgment calls that the person on the ground. An injury that I -- to produce something that might very well they've built like. Didn't -- a lot of that stop and try to do that because we have the ability a lot of that people anyway however. Admit that I'm thinking of a -- up after a few years ago a similar kind of thing happen. Two groups example in the troubled wanted to know the other one the next thing you know one guy that shot the officers -- is pretty would have the opposite of the shot did not. All this fatal injury. They chased out of -- after -- -- -- -- the play at 1 o'clock. But other times you can see people they're going to be -- such desperate condition politically. Better to save a -- first. Well I know this is a tough time for you appreciate you would take your time to be with us this morning and having -- -- and -- realize that. It's easy to blame the police department but personally I think this -- have a problem with society more than it is a police issue. We'll continue to talk about this if you would hold on. I'll get what you learned during this news here a player of the place it was pointed out to via a hub of just about anything you want. I'm suited for Tommy Tucker 8731. On this Monday morning and here's David Blake with a WWL news update. -- yesterday as -- awareness walking down Bourbon Street to the 700 block of purpose. To do a video for WL dot com. Ironically this song was blaring out of a bar the block before. 700. -- And I'm thinking you know the French Quarter case is so nice on a Sunday morning it's. Let's I enjoy the quarter all the time. However when there's when there's a shooting like this it. It just makes me more recognized those people who are not there to have a good time. My question is what are they doing they're. Why are they just I realize they have a right to be there. But they're just seems to be a different element growing in the French Quarter. And I don't know if that's directly related to this shooting -- two people apparently had a disagreement and they were both armed and they shot and each other. And from the do witness and I talked to. The the shooting took place at -- and in Orleans and and it immediately after he he he missed his target. And it was almost as if he was angry according to this which -- he was angry and frustrated and as he's running down Bourbon Street toward sane man. He's firing his gun back into the crowd and a woman was hit a block away. So the police chief brought up a really good point when he sent his press conference at these people have. No regard for anybody Iraq not now and unfortunately he's this is made national news essence fest is is coming up dance fourth of July weekend and any time something like this happens. It's it's it's terrible -- publicity for your wallets. -- in game one of the most famous streets really in the world. And that's gonna get headlines every time and they had a shooting in Miami other it was a week ago. With ten people it. And Annan had made a headliner -- for very short period of time and that was caught. The story just disappeared. This is a little different because it's urban street. Yeah and let's remember that the nine injured could very easily be nine. Fatalities we could be talking about nine dead people today fortunately. And they were only injured -- -- -- -- critically injured. But is that the difference between a death in an injury uses just a matter of a fraction of an internship where there where the bullet -- If you would join -- show with a comment on numbers 2601817. -- free 86688. -- early seventy tech's number is 8770. Here's an update on our WWL party -- opinion poll will the shooting on Bergen street that happened early Sunday morning will that stop you from going to the French Quarter. 34% saying no and 66%. Say yes. -- -- your opinion like going to be -- -- dot com here is attacks that reads after 2 AM the gangs come out. And they prey upon the drug tourist they robbed and raped they're taking over cities so -- the quarter used to be fun. Here is a text you won't catch me in the quarter after dark these animals have no respect for human life. I do notice that -- changing. Crowd in the French Quarter in general. But especially after 2 o'clock. So it seems to me that there. There there are a lot of police. Not replace a lot of police on -- street earlier in the evening. Maybe they should be. Spending time later in the evening early in the morning. Rather than be there when it's most popular and again something could happen any time so I'd I'm not a I'm not a police officer a city planner -- I can't make that decision but it just seems logical that the police would be to have more at 2 o'clock in the morning. Then at 7 o'clock I'm -- neighbor Tommy Tucker we're coming right back to -- WL. Last week affiliate to tell me again we take justice -- still to mention here scoots on the year giving -- concert tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash was kind of surreal moment while. Here's another point. Sometime this morning we're gonna give you a chance to win tickets to see that Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton they're coming to New Orleans together. Champions square Sunday July 20 at 7 PM we've got your tickets. Listen forum -- promoter before we do it but let's listen for a Doobie Brothers song. And then the first person to call the content slide which I will give out who knows the next line to the -- Is the winner. And at what happened today tomorrow and and all this week illegally Doobie Brothers song or. WWL radio. Look for The Doobie Brothers Peter fret that contest likeness. And register to win and keep on rocket from the station atlas rocket -- Demi WL a for the French Quarter Rocco welcome to our show this morning. Yeah so 210. All -- school. Record. And spread that round. We love that lemon Grammy Award and it almost looks we. It got to Ctrl+Alt. Border. Most people's your day. I'd much. -- stretch and good. But really I mean you know it may do well on its count upon a program majority and you're you're you're due to a drinks. And law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Camera on my check everybody I look at. We would get a quarter die on that well we live and -- -- -- -- We count all. Of these talks to me. Now you'd think that. -- Iraq. -- recently just the name. I think in any scrutiny to meet -- -- -- A tougher than a look at all until you know but I rarely out. Exactly -- actually he's the go to club and I looked at your. Treatable and make the police walk and my call -- get -- -- -- in a -- goes. On in saint walk it back a lot talk. -- seat today Rocco is. That the away now understand if the if if there's more. Is there or more. If there more bad people I'd rather at the cops know leaders something that I've thought about not just now but I thought about this the fours I've spent time in the quarter. You know because quite often the police early in the evening armed well they -- ambassadors for the city they're talking to people are talking -- -- problem. -- Well what it. -- -- -- -- Rocco I'm going to call the show -- thing it's unfortunate that I have -- have a different feeling about being in the French Quarter. When I was attacked at 4 o'clock in the morning in the CBD it taught me that there's an entirely different crowd out between two and 5 in the morning and you have to be a -- -- of that. I stood in for Tony Tucker it's 751 let's get another WWL traffic update on the air for you and -- Robinson. It's 75070 minutes away from 8 o'clock I hope you are on schedule this morning unsuited for Tommy -- -- will be back with you on Wednesday and Wednesday night he'll be back on this -- -- from eight to midnight. Here is attacks -- -- says -- your acting like this was the first time there was a shoot out on Bourbon Street it's nothing new. While it's true this is not the first time it's the third time in three years that something like this has happened on Bourbon Street. And when he does it's it's it's it's serious because it really is the symptom of a much much bigger problem. It's a societal problem. It's a problem with. Terrorists not raising kids. It's a problem with. Lack of respect for human life. It's. It's it's a problem of of instant gratification it's like I have an argument with you I'm gonna settle this right now I'm gonna pull out my gun and killing. Now we're not talking about concealed carry permit gun owners we're not talking about responsible gun owners talking about. Young people who get guns and their walking around next to you and me. In a crowded place like Burgos street with their guns. And this is something that over the last six months I've really started to notice about the French Quarter. I've noticed not only just individuals but individuals are kinda together and then and then groups congregating. On the sidewalk and in the middle of -- street. They're not there to have fun. I'm not exactly sure why they're there. If I wanted to get together of my friends in and it didn't want to be around. Did wanna be around on people who were getting drunk I mean that the French quarters out of a place that you purposely set a place that you go to just. Well I guess there's great people watching and I guess to some degree you go there and hang out. But there are a lot of other places you could just get together with your friends. A -- Andrew issued a statement yesterday he said our number one priority is to keep New Orleans safe these kinds of incidents. I will not go unanswered I'm confident that between the video evidence and eyewitness accounts we will bring these perpetrators to justice. Police chief -- said that these are. Too cowardly young men. They want to hurt each other and had no regard for those who were around them. And had nine people some of them -- tourist the police chief there really wanted to say that they were from New Orleans because this city does like to see tourists are being shot. But in this case apparently they were a couple of terrorist who were shot I execute it for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back after the news on WL.

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