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6-30 8:10am Scoot, Bourbon Street shooting

Jun 30, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Darlene Cusanza, the Executive Director of Crimestoppers, about the Bourbon Street shooting and trying to catch the perpetrators

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David the national news and we're talking about it this morning here nine people shots on -- streak to nine people injured two critically and it could just as easily been nine dead people we're talking about because. A difference between injury and it benefits how these instead of just a fraction of and and sometimes. And it just it's the brazen. Attitude that some people have been just -- just. He's shooting somebody over an argument apparently distorted with a dispute. And police -- -- as a result this last dollars said they have a very very good idea who these people are. And he -- somebody's mother somebody knows who these people are now and they should get a lawyer. And turn -- turn themselves in because they're gonna get him whether it's in the middle of the night or where -- ever -- -- that is so disturbing about this to me. And as its side consider the French Quarter to be my neighbor a little block off perverted canal and so this is my neighborhood I'm. I'm in that 700 block of -- quite often not hanging out but walking from one place to another. I do try to stay out of the French Quarter after 2 o'clock. Because they're just seems to be a different element however. There seems to be a different element even earlier in the evening and I just over the last six months or so. This just brings to mind some things that I've noticed in the quarter about it it just a different mentality it's it's not just state. That the frat boys in the bachelorette parties now people having a good time in getting drug as obnoxious as they can be sometimes. It's. It's people who are. Sometimes. Literally standing in the doorways of shops that are. Leaning against posted wanted to check and they've allowed. We -- -- guys and a -- I would -- I would describe it as. Some of them appear to be. Visually stalking people is they -- and that disregard for women is absolutely appalling. That the -- some of these people try to pick up females. Is absolutely. A hole. You've lived here your whole life so you know -- seen many many many crowds on Bourbon Street and you don't like there's one. No I it's I've just I've seen it start to change and this is just a reminder that there seemed to be some changes when I walked down the street consciously think about now. -- -- the police could just come through here and -- everybody down and take all the guns and I'm sure they would get a lot. But -- I also have to think Whitman I'm standing right here next to these people with guns. And I don't know who as him but I'd obviously people do in his dispute that broke out early Sunday morning at about 245 and -- and and there was a shooting is a text that reason I was in the French Quarter at the old absinthe house at 2 AM Sunday morning. If you stand in the doorway it's very easy to determine who was there to spend money and this of the establishments. -- and which thugs are basically working around waiting to find unsuspecting person like cannot stand. Is political correctness which does not allow the police to profile. At certain times that may be the key word lurking. Out there today they -- they are and again this is something that I've just seen an increase of I got a text earlier saying a New Orleans has a black problem. This is not a black problem. You your skin color doesn't make you a criminal. This may be a problem is more dominant in the black community but you know let's not define this as black problem because it's not. It's it's a problem with cultures a problem with permissiveness. It's a problem with just general lack of respect for self. And others that's what creates it to me this is more a problem of society. Produced by society. Then it is a problem with lack of police however. As I said earlier. I see a lot of police out earlier in the day early in the evening. Why not if we have a limited number of police why not have some of those police spend more time in the quarter on the street. After 1 o'clock. Early in the morning there are more bad people out and fewer cops early in the morning and more likely something bad. Is gonna happen ice -- for Tony Tucker it's 8:14 Monday morning it will be right back on WL. We've been talking about the shooting on -- street we're not trying to make a big deal about nothing because this is a big deal this is not nothing and it really is. It to be it's a symptom of a much much bigger problem and that is this tendency to walk around begun. And settle an argument as thinks so little of of human life picture frustrated and shooting into a crowd shooting innocent people. Darling the sands is executive director crime stoppers that she downed joins us under the federal -- good morning. Good morning. So what are you know about it so far -- do you. Do you get the impression that people coming forward with information. I think we certainly gotten tips -- this under the law enforcement strategic relations from people who are at president between. Most importantly there -- -- -- a lot of footage available on -- Off until they're comfortable -- I think it will be seen an identification of these suspects and come up in Iraq shortly. But I think the important thing is that people feel comfortable at any other nation that can provide. -- -- call. Yes -- I'm not part of the community where much of this originates. It's easy for me to say -- -- turned in their vote at police chief for us surpass was very. Open of -- think somebody's mother. Sit on a year earlier and sent to the press conference yesterday and for a New Orleans said you know somebody knows these people and they need to get a lawyer and turned themselves in I don't know how likely that is happened but he makes it seem as if eventually the police are gonna get a. Absolutely. At that last an interview that packet it is only you know I would hope that they would not whoever was in all situation. And it. There is enough information that I short but once they're inside. There's the ability and development -- -- dockers union and we -- -- Expansion. -- maybe our party. You know you can make change you want to it and you know call in get information and a keen on -- -- For the rest of each charter for the protection under the total by about dollars. At that night and then at the. And purely -- well what if three or four people come forward with information at least to the arrest he gave each of them -- And only -- -- you come in and gave cremation at all valued at Portsmouth to tell which information. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is about it in place on the information of course the trying opinion actually comes. Along all of that. It -- chipped it back that it looked like it could be a little reward the Internet on the territory. In a but her a split. So you know you could be involved with it with these people turn on and they're gonna end up in jail anyway and and you end up with some money. And it again but it you know with -- at bat that it takes and it. Make the call our purpose here to get people all the street or Capel -- Darling says something earlier though that I think we're we're hard pressed to think that this would happen you said. If they're Smart enough to turn themselves in if they're Smart enough to turn themselves in they probably would have been -- enough not to do this in the first place. And we well I actually wanted to make sure that people. Are not even better -- a resolution guilt or whatever reason didn't they should not pull it out. Correct only -- says executive director -- -- good luck I hope we get a thank you thanks to any time -- this morning. -- say Tony what I -- in the morning -- for Tommy Tucker who will be deck onto Wednesday morning and here's another -- -- traffic update with Gerald Robinson. This is one of the most extraordinary videos that's out right now pizza Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson. Love never felt so good enemy Justin Timberlake is just phenomenal and and just all the scenes of Michael Jackson just remind you -- to that guy was. I can't tell you exactly when it's gonna happen but I wouldn't be surprised if sometime this hour you had a chance to -- to take a seat The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton in concert. Champions square Sunday July 20. At 7 -- we've got you tickets. All this week we need to play a Doobie Brothers or Peter Frampton song. And the first person to call in the content slime which will -- out who -- knows that the next line to the song. He's going to be the winner so that could come up at any time now from Jefferson terrier and a -- have you on good morning. So are you come here and you all about shooting. It is. There is geared for the city because all we -- urban street. The problems out -- com source tourism. And the court has been potential. Along trauma so emotional Ludacris shops downtown usually. Yeah actually likes his job goes and jobs. You know he's forced to work from 6 PM to 5 AM. And I went down there. I good numbers and mr. market ought birdie at its worse and XP. On this weekend since best. Institute will be flying and flying in from cities and that happened. There's professionals. Beyond. Just -- that are coming into jagged -- -- well while that might be wrong in the minds of a lot of people those are not the ones who are causing problems on the street. And maybe an hour just focus on now and Tuesday. At the open. At nine and in the world because. At 930. At night. People are so crumble and there's going to. -- it but -- birdie they don't even know where they so it just. Kinds of issues. You. Quite often when iron reduced the morning show and I'm leaving my building downtown. And -- canal street Tennessee the beginning of canal in -- and I see people walking back to their hotels and they're absolutely trashed and I just I think about what easy -- they artists like a shark seeing a wounded fish in the water. Yeah yeah and and and and really I don't buy as much with the police I -- they have a certain task force that will. Walk -- and -- Portugal pretty close you need to. By nine points -- recover from him just two weeks ago you -- all -- -- from local people. Really don't frequent the quarter of the -- trying to do sort of -- -- -- and Terry are a great -- honest about it I've I've talked about these changes which I really haven't expressed on the -- before now but there have been some changes in the ended the people who were going to the quarter and it's it's not the drunken tourists. Yeah yeah and and and the thing about you is is that. I think it can be more control. Up to the point we got news using an idea even though. It's not a bad one because -- Super -- happened not that close from should score. You can do you would use we. You -- sort complete city lights applause and we give you re. Right about the fact these cute -- -- -- Look at somebody you'll make the wrong -- You that you could be in this doesn't happen like implement some shop. Why didn't your element or 1 o'clock the next morning calling hospitals just be sure. Terry -- that's got a real hard thing for a dad to do -- calling us fills its zVue. Your sons there he's been a -- it. We -- -- that user user you'll complex located at WW damage in this thing you know. And and isn't that. Burden should be -- immediately to -- ago in the middle of -- and tell these folks. We're gonna go -- were gonna watch every comedian. But you know it's really bad because. I've seen them -- Sometimes the -- focusing on the things -- and they were -- in its engineering. You know. It's just gotta be another way. -- -- The way you were doing it in the course we at -- Much as I am in court. He now is in the other twenty year old unemployed person. The groups were from our sons who you are going to. So you know I I understand Terry I know exactly where you're talking about about. Just that the quarter changing and and and who's there it really is it's it's really sad. My sister called me Sunday morning I just -- united church and she's an iconic I know sometimes you venture out in the quarter. Late night early in the morning and -- make sure your okay. Yes I'm I'm fine you know you talked about -- somebody does something wrong they might get shot well here or are people who were shot who didn't do anything wrong. They'd rub anybody the wrong way they were just in the quarter somebody randomly shooting into the crowd. I'm just semi automatics are not pistols anymore right there machine arms so. A little thing. Well even if he did pull it triggered a six times season and you can still get a lot of bullets fired out. Terry I'm gonna have to get your news break on ugly -- -- Odom -- -- your your son's okay thanks for listing. If you wanna join us with your comment your feelings this morning about this -- shooting suburban street over the weekend. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a -- -- 7070. A will issue to Denver receipt that happened Sunday will this stop you from going to the French Quarter. That's a WWO pretty jaguar opinion poll division opinion by going to WW dot com and also we do have video of the shooting at -- -- dot com. And I talked to a woman who saw blood on the sidewalk. Early in the morning that is also posted on our website. We'll be back with more here's -- -- WWL news updates with David David I've also noticed an increase of being offered drugs and sex what I spent time at the quarter you know it's it's subtle stuff like this America. -- couple insider you know located right. -- tonight and sometimes it's displayed like Coke. And yeah of course I say no it. Occasionally women and just seems like it's it's more frequent two women will come up and and you know they're the kind of subtle about it I mean you wanna dates which likes company. Pearson Texas said after having no idea brand new truck unlawfully towed from a paid a lot last week I was walking alone. To the police station when I was approached by two women near -- And solicited for sex you know ignoring their advances I realize that they were attempting to pick my pockets. Yeah and so yeah they. They are our creditors and they're looking for. Their pre and it really is sad that whatever the problem is it's seems to be getting bigger and bigger I noticed it. And if you haven't been to the quarter in a while it's unfortunate that you'll notice that I'm still. On big fan of the French Quarter -- still like to go I -- -- have a problem living downtown. But I I'm finding myself. A little more apprehensive. About. About being out late. And you know again -- I just I just see people and I don't if if you if you don't go to -- receipt to have fun I know this is kind of a rhetorical question. What are you doing here. Because there are a lot of people there who were not there. -- good time is seven not spending money. Not just trying to hang -- around -- checking people out that's that's the way of listening it's not good you know -- probably ought to do a -- cam video that one night -- one weekend night I'd like -- it Cora just. Show you what I'm I'm I'm telling you for those who don't experiences. So openly you say you're being being would you say bombarded there are no -- -- but. Several times during a stroll on urban someone's gonna ask you either if you wanna buy some drugs or he wants sex. You know it might happen two times one time and then -- times now and then not happen at all the next time. I I still get hit up with a more of their you know on -- where you got issues I guess I don't look like I'm from New Orleans cynical and I'm like are you kidding me I'm from New Orleans so you know an hour ago from -- so is that there's still a lot of that but -- just I've noticed that the the the people who -- approach people in the quarter is that's that's increasing as well and that's not a good element to be in the quarter. If you would join Russia with a comment to our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. At a -- -- -- 77 is quick update on IWW project of people will be issued -- Denver receipt that happened early Sunday morning stop you from going to the French Quarter. 35% say no but 65%. Say yes. Division opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And our congratulations to Kevin -- just want to -- -- to see The Doobie Brothers and Peter France that it concert champions square Sunday July the twentieth. To its -- 130 dollars. So I'll have a military giveaway tomorrow Tommy will be giving -- repairs at the rest of the week and the way to win is to go to our FaceBook page WWL radio. And look for The Doobie Brothers Peter fret that contest like us and register to win. And you can also purchase the tickets now at Ticketmaster dot com or by phone 80745. 3000 keep on rocket at a station atlas rocket role even over talk station. WW well. -- -- it for Tommy Tucker for Terry town -- here on WWL. -- you don't know. If -- -- and O canal and and I'd be people who were handled the whole goal market cop called like -- with a -- here. It I -- I've really did watch that show I know it was a highly acclaimed show but you'll want to tell me about it. Well anyway there's guys grow up like mobile but he was actually -- -- and in in that immediate cease all people that will. And great Britain and it could go -- -- -- that the hit another play quote. But let -- particular ball stripped either the file or what military guys -- so well like these give global. And in that no flood wall. If you if you walk at all award. That what got comical. Scene at all he can. Handle the ability of the problem right now get people comfortable. That you give people more money can't do this and I would go there would be people on the computer job -- if it got to do what in the and within the framework of the constitution back. Actually it was but it can bottle rocket model but all of these guys that -- that guy that got called -- just to make a speaker. Well of the order is the quarter now purchasing this is from my personal experience is being flooded by people who have no fear whatsoever and they they. They think they're taking over. Worked hard and it's interesting an interesting idea -- I got a text a moment ago from so I said that you have. Have undercover cops posed as a -- a victim. And may be -- confines of these people who were preying on -- although the petition the shooting the shooting Sunday morning was apparently from a dispute. And two guys a shot at each other and from the person I talked to who wears on Bourbon Street. Said -- Big guy one of the gunman missed his target and almost seemed frustrated that he missed his target and running down our street turning around. Firing into the crowd not anybody in particular. It's -- still it -- -- year old ball in the Asia. And I'll call light love to go to war with little orchestrate -- pelican being will be left. A more left bank but if you change that and do that that would have been made you know. Well it was something that seems to be growing and I've I've noticed over the last six months I I still go to the quarter I still love it and I will still go. I'm a little more careful about when I'm there perch are glad you called a show. After 2 o'clock the crowd changes but that's also when it seems to see if there are fewer police on the street. Maybe that's something that could change. If you and rejoice with you comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Unser which heavily taxed states of the gates every. I'm scope of -- Tucker -- right back with more of your comments it's 851 here's another WWL traffic updates with Gerald Robinson Lionel Richie among those that essence fest coming up this weekend -- this is the time when a lot of people are going to be -- New Orleans. I'm studio -- -- Tucker here's a Texan read so I go to the court relied -- and I'm proud to say I've never been bothered or threaten it anyway. And that is from -- in a truck I -- balked at the U boomers and beyond expo. A Saturday I did not -- considerate and generous book your big guy I can see why you wouldn't it wouldn't be bothered by anybody. But came up to -- that is what Amaechi said securities and I don't agree with anything you say -- listen to us from New Orleans Casey you're on to BW real good morning. And it screwed right oh bill okay. Shouldn't the problem is just bigger and first quarters although it's a major tragedy what took place. -- -- that this. Police officers that we have on the street. And -- city and acting you know police are. On look at just one area just comes -- the jurors. On what happened to -- the. Okay CIA I do want a repeat something I said earlier I said this are quite often and other shows that I do. We need to make the neighborhoods. For for citizens as safe as we make the French Quarter fort -- tourist. We don't do that unfortunately. And and in different quarters one neighborhood in assuming neighborhoods that need help but I -- I do agree with tunes in every neighborhood needs to be safe not just not just French Quarter. And you know once again it is. But you know we had. In. Strike in the neighborhood and community was -- well and and -- all -- you know it's like some elements about law enforcement. Work import. I mean these -- communities that threatened and -- black man I want police department. It is it is an -- -- the -- weakness. Especially it would be at the coming into it. Are speedy I mean it's critical. For quarters partly on -- BC. That's the big question that the major concern and -- look that make sure that we have -- and and it. It's cold there is Colby jumping at -- not being that try to police. We need to address. Casey I'm glad you called got time for a quick comment from JJ. Your camp driver. You got tougher record company. You know it's true. But it put street in the night of the week you don't see. And it's a two. It's simple it's applied in ethnic. We did it come in here and looking forward. And fix the -- It would -- -- -- How do you eat eat eat up that you stop that supplied -- that the main there. But once in what was it like it happened it's so vital to catch the perpetrators and the example. That. People come into the town looking for would be. So the -- would be like you because people. I beat -- I skirted the tummy -- here and we're coming right back with more of your comments on WWL.

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