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6-30 9:10am Scoot, Bourbon Street shooting

Jun 30, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Capt. Mike Glasser, the President of PANO, about the shooting on Bourbon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David the of boomers and beyond expo WLR intercom affiliate stations upon strengths that are in -- Victor did the show with a collar greens yet to hear from militant at noon on Saturday. I took a picture something that I similar Twitter account to resist such as some real picture. It was a picture of former governor Edwin Edwards pushing a stroller with his new baby. And with his new wife Wendy I I love it -- And I thought to myself to have that on the frame I said I would -- opened the like this guy. But that I thought wait a donut -- and and I know -- life so -- Oleg. The -- him but he looks great I mean you've really done. And I just thought that was just an interesting moment of the the former governor pushing a baby stroller with is his young child and is a moment during his time yet senator and -- get the call on the middle of the night on -- -- car. Yeah yeah I'm not -- yeah I'm not sure I'm in the mood for that he and I the Supreme Court is I think the Supreme Court has ruled on the hobby lobby case this is stated the case that is attractive so much -- because it's about whether or not. Hobby lobby a Christian business. Can we polled giving birth control coverage. Because it is it opposes birth control to its to its employees that's a very very interesting case. I believe they've made the decision they were supposed to make it today. We don't know what the decision as yet and I'm sure we'll be talking about this on the show tomorrow morning Tommy will be back with you on Wednesday morning. I'm still in for Tommy hits in ninety and captain Mike Glazer is president of panda he joins us on the show -- -- welcome through WWL. And captain let's let's just talk talk about this from the standpoint of somebody who's who's on the street from what you know about this. Telus -- what you think might have been done differently. It is simple at this juncture just. Aren't enough cops and every week we're losing anymore. So as. They beat three and we get -- them -- And that's the problem isn't -- and that would. Now. The police chief said earlier that they were essentially an arm's length. From this this visited the shooting at the perpetrators. Do. -- NO PD officers. Have the ability in the power to do. As much as they can to apprehend. And to track down people after a shooting. Let's get you people do. Yeah league provides -- the rest of the population. So called surge to continue doing that you need to so. Quick people. Probably at the time outdoors is being pursued and I'm sure the problem is that and people to this sort -- and at least. I'll -- -- -- -- Option is. Less likely when police questioned as opposed winners and. Right here's what I notice in the French Quarter I noticed that earlier in the evening I mean even 891011. Even midnight. There are more police officers on the street. However when you get into the really early morning hours it seems like there's fewer police on the street. If we have a finite number of police officers would he would not be better to have more officers on the street. Later in the early morning hours. Predict that this Saturday night. It's adding that street -- The most. He's. So you. People. We just. But if if there if they're gonna why why not why not shift one night shift the attention if if if they're more police on the street if there's there. Earlier in the evening why not. That it happened start later or have fewer police on the street earlier and more on the street in the early morning hours does that make sense. It certainly does. And you know it's a question that is what many things we talked about strategies we don't. Give them the district. Two remarkable job. With what they but again resource and plastic or -- ago and told to go by the apartment. Now so this is nothing to do with -- Wheeler worked way too or this is a union so we're not gonna we're -- has nothing to do that. It. And just from what I've noticed and and again I. I don't blame the police for what happened Sunday I don't blame the police for shooting because. I think what we're learning is that there are some people who -- just so brazen they don't care a police officers they -- or not. And they're. Selling a dispute with. With -- says something -- breaks out they're not happy years there's a dispute between two people -- shooter each other they don't hit each other but they. They they hit innocent people this is more a problem of society that it is a police problem. -- -- which decided the responsibility. You know. The -- to -- -- but the constraining. It. Likely. -- that we see coming suggesting that took place. Government. You'll -- a police offices they'll tell you every year. It's simply can't. The only because our end and we do. We projected. That. So critical that we've been. I -- manager of our club during the senators a blocker Bernard didn't wanna be identified but he he told me security said. I don't know what it was about this weekend but this was an extremely. Crowded weekend it was even more crowded on Friday night or Saturday night that it usually is without a big event we got fourth of July in essence coming up. Odd that there were may be. 35 people according to this person standing in line to get in the club on on Bourbon Street when they -- when the shooting happened as just 2:45 in the morning. -- -- And in. The -- and a walk street and you tell me. Is actually the car. And and quarter. And like that. Typically. They possibly can that do testing job this year than. During. -- is that the answer more police. Well the immediate and you know at least. The deployment was correct we get a look at. I don't know exactly what it is but if we could take a look at that does this could be. That the -- An adequate police document interpretation. Is he's. Good. At what happened. There's a police officer who lives in my apartment building downtown and did not too long ago I saw him on on bourbon street's and he was not dressed in -- foreigners dressed in an enclosed. But he was actually just kind of leaning up are up against a light post but he was working receivers under -- are there a lot of undercover police officers in the corner. -- -- So the answers in your -- police. -- did. We can do. That. Person. When. I mean they belong. All right captain Michael -- -- present a panel thanks for spending time this morning and every WL. You bet if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And our text number it's 877. -- a text putting more police in Orleans parish will force the gang members out of the sought out to the suburbs. This may be a good opportunity for local law enforcement to examine. A metro force. Here's a text if we allow this to guitarist from the quarter than the criminals win. Yeah I agree you're -- -- W a pretty -- about people it's it's been. I guess pretty close today at the same divide all morning will be shooting on Bergen street Sunday night is that gonna stop you from going to the French. Anymore they're gonna stop you from going to the French Quarter. 36% saying -- But 64% say yes. So. Would you not go to the quarter. Do you think the problem is. If you were police. More people need to be armed. Art when you just simply stop going to the quarter. Our numbers 260187. And toll free 866. 8890 -- seventy. And it takes number is it 77 -- skirted the Tommy Tucker will be right back on this Monday morning but it WL. Today it's going to be a hot Monday it was hot over the weekend even early this morning -- coming to our viewers just very hot and muggy it's at that time of year. The US Supreme Court has ruled now that hobby lobby will not be forced to provide birth control coverage. Two employees. And this is based on Obama care is based on the Christian beliefs of the company hobby lobby. Which is the right decision we're gonna get an update from CBS news coming up at 931. And -- will probably be talking about this on the show tomorrow. I'm skirted the Tommy Tucker we continue to talk about the years shooting of an urban streets nine people injured it could've been nine people killed. There's not much difference between an injury unit. And and a death in terms of of where the bullet landed justice it's a matter of I guess to some degree of luck and thank god nobody was killed two people as far as I know we're still in critical condition. But what what is the cause of this of what can be done about it I have noticed over the last six months. That the French Quarter is changing it has changed -- change. And there's a different element there an element that I haven't seen in the past. And I'm wondering what they're doing here because there's certainly not their to have fun they're certainly not -- to enjoy -- street the way people go to -- street to enjoy. That famous street. From New Orleans Tony -- -- WWL. Tony. Good. -- -- -- -- -- going to be our deal street -- -- and it meant that second at. Impact on our street. Driving that or -- Pretty much like Wednesday it happens every now -- are running at art. Why so that was that would have been that was that was seven blocks away their very first block suburban -- you know there's Traficant he get to driver field. Stuck in track record by the Bristol. And people started oh by the bar. And then executed -- moderate one about Mac and get you. It's the palm down still had traffic -- start -- -- -- -- out on top of my it started acting. Of course you now I'll door screaming. Trying to get a -- aren't real a -- -- He -- just got shot away at an all out. There's a new element on -- -- like you it -- street area I'll move out out for the read and you know entertainment activity and war. And it's just it's just changed and I wanted to offer. The City Council or anybody let that and that -- point streak. In actually blocks salt all of the side street. After -- and mark -- And others on one. And you go through metal detectors. And then -- hit the mainstream and you get IPO. Nobody offer. 121. Well and my. Answers -- the people who were does your car weren't short ones I don't know I don't know. Yeah -- -- time. It was just sad and it did it's gonna continue to be able understand the relationship on a study on the relationship to -- And violent but I guarantee -- continue to get hotter summer we're gonna see more bit. And you know I think that the guy that was on earlier there was talk about just need more police. Police were nowhere to be -- and I have can Al D'Amato and crystal's I mean I was screaming I was furious. Now this was a -- this is this was about almost 3 o'clock. Yeah and and there are police in that block earlier in the evening so my question to the police chief of my question continues to be if the if we. Have a limited number of police. Is an important -- to have more police on the street later rather than earlier. I agree completely and and find out what's. What sport in vehicle got a watch multi dimensional bar and I'm kind of social justice I am I am crazy guy gets involved try to stop. And I'm I've never seen the police surely be active lumber industry which of course -- was at stake. But I think it. We only would say act if Tony I'd tell -- I think I know what you mean but the -- only SQ what do you mean by active. I think they let too much happened you know -- I'm sure they're trying to. Conflict in you know I guess they think it. Certain things don't deserve their employer or get involved personally you know probably one of the worst citizens to police because it involved in. But I'll strain that would be at their you know they just charge that -- in -- and I don't even the other -- Russian machines they're they just have a very lackadaisical attitude and -- out. Personally witnessed it. So many times that it's just. That the lack of empathy and concern for some of these individuals and what happened on that street. And you know. Huge urban streets and love the businesses. Love you know what it offers the traction. In a bid to meet -- and in we're down there. But it's just something did its part and parcel with the territory it shouldn't be that they should be a lot more. Willing to get involved sooner so that things don't absolutely and I just see well. Tony I see what you see when it comes to -- streets. Look I admire police officers. I respect him they if there's a lot for me in and in my life and in New Orleans. But I I have to tell -- -- that on urban street. Not ball. But many of the police officers seemed to be very. Very distracted. -- are terrorists. Rather than with being more vigilant and what's interesting is I don't see that when the state police -- industry. I agree I agree yeah I think it's I mean we don't want police state but you have to have. A president that serious I think these police officers frankly. You know I think officers have gotten too comfortable. That. So the people so well they're just kind of hanging out. Being a real president I mean you know these criminals I mean we watch it when we solve it escaped you know prisoners. There I mean talk it was certainly -- kind of tell and it's not. They're not offering like a real presence where Mike he'll say I'm -- are out. I'm here all about it would be hard to be hard pressed by arbor more that I. Just because -- -- -- live and how much I hang out but. It's just it's -- it's sad sight and that. I would switch up the force whoever and would it. These new kids or whoever is with a new attitude. That -- you know you don't you don't -- geared towards north -- but you've got it. Happy when that you're being taken seriously and he is serious about. Tony I I I I appreciate the call and though I agree with many of your observations about -- history. -- -- for Tommy Tucker as CBS news has a special update on some Supreme Court released this morning and here it is. All right thank you David guitar on the show will be talking about thesis Supreme Court rulings one was a blow to unions. And another. Five to four votes a lot of people thought this was a surprise the Supreme Court has ruled that one of the provisions in obamacare. Is. It is not something that it can be forced. On employers. You don't have to pay. Are you don't have to pay for coverage of birth control if you disagree with birth control based on religious beliefs very interesting ruling that could have far reaching affects really throughout our society when it comes to. Religious police. And federal regulations we'll talk about it on the show tomorrow I've studio for Tommy Tucker we've been talking about the shooting that took place -- urban street. And we're not trying to make a big deal and nothing because this is not nothing it's it this is a very very big deal. And it's something that is. That reflected a silly that I noticed on Bourbon Street and it is a different. There's a different group of people starting to hang out. On -- street and I mean maybe this has been going on a year I've been really sensitive to a the last six months or so if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening in a text of receipts and it's happening -- John you're on WW good morning. The more as well okay. Out of my company's reports. It took its its its its case goes to get the -- to -- out there are you know app at. All. -- that that Olympic year there's always been like it's in. Complete. -- not the votes that don't. Evident if everybody's in that same state of mind then it's not as bad as if their people their just waiting to prey upon those people who aren't in that state of mind. Okay -- -- but -- -- had like state. You just give it to people we have at. Our first street understanding our helpers to. School. People with a lot article at the debate at eight block that it did we don't adult male. Outlook outlook Bertie you're so hot out struck -- -- -- That's how it at all at 100 -- It and I I know that but I've just I've noticed -- I've I've gotten comments from other people who have noticed what I've noticed it in general there's there's -- there's a different. They're different individuals and a different crowd today it seems to be going to Bergen street especially on weekends. Sentence due out it'll end -- What apple appears. That. Apple would stress right now closed source and it's been ordered to go to war street. State and -- To let go. But it. -- go to talk to people. And -- are black so you know oh. -- -- at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because they have equal upper right buddy. What we're street in more. -- -- -- Now our -- So people. But so the story -- -- and how much. -- -- -- -- For street but about. And and John I don't disagree that I'm glad to call the show ever talked about that quite often. I realize that we can't. But the at least the impression should be that the city's doing all it can to make every neighborhood as safe as it. Is it tried to make the French Quarter. Got a text of over ago from somebody says. There of course there were no cops in the 100 block -- -- at 3 AM because they were all responding to the shooting. Well maybe so but I can tell you from firsthand experience. It seems as if there are fewer police on the streets. The later gets in the early morning hours and that's when it seems like. It's more likely that something bad is gonna go to out. This it was just the dispute this wasn't anybody apparently attacking anybody else is believed that two men got into -- an argument. And -- they were they were packing and people that -- guns and they they use their guns on each other they'd hit each other. But they hit a lot of innocent people nine people injured. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. XX is a 7870. -- suit if Tommy Tucker we'll be right back -- to -- WL. I know that during part of girlie show today the think tank kills continue this conversation about the shooting on -- street also. Angela hill will be talking about this as well an -- -- and -- hill from one -- four here on -- Hugo here's quick update on our W if -- project of people hasn't changed much. -- the shooting Denver receipt that happened early Sunday morning stop you from going to the French Quarter. 36% say no 64%. Say yes. Mark your text are coming up the conversation that I had with him in a NO PD chief frontal surpassed. He's on our website right now it's -- -- the right column under latest audio was in this conversation with the police chief. And it's at WQL dot com for Sabin our GM you're going to be WL. About. Student and student. -- policy and the word victim on recently. Lie sort of that. You you know market problem it is Torres. Because one of the leading industry of -- If we don't protect. Its core principle that can't let people. We've got to. You know what people fail to. We can say as much as when war. We like urban street that's you know. But it's critical for sure no one in -- at all actually reached. Our job in Portland outscored not let -- do not record is not part. So we can't just say oh well. But it's sure. In -- open at pebble and transported -- who -- What happened yeah. I I don't know I mean I don't I know we have a police shortage and I and I don't I don't entirely blame the police -- because they declared all be there was something happens but I would like to see. A greater police presence. Earlier in the morning. Then earlier in the evening. After people get to that stupid that's what it great elected B twelve noon in this -- -- -- -- -- Someone called me up so you'll error. I -- -- he didn't all marked at Walt wants radio and its shouldn't judge you don't smoke so wished. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the government continues to support women who were having five and six -- and getting paid for this will not stop these criminals come from broken homes. Or no fathers at home. That is a big problem it's a lot easier to blame the police. -- is to blame society. Which is essentially blaming ourselves. And I don't I don't think there's any reason to believe that. The the welfare mentality in this country has led to many of these problems. I mean I I see people downtown all the time. Who are young and I don't know for sure if these are all their kids. But they appear to be. And even if in in in some cases it's not all of their kids in some cases it is. We talked the other day about a Louisiana woman this -- -- in north Louisiana. Who was 23 years old -- five kids. And our oldest was seven. So I think that would put her sixteen. Getting pregnant. This mentality. Of having kids for money. Is creating criminals. Not everybody born into that situation because criminal. But it is creating. Criminals. And that needs to be addressed but it's a lot easier to blame fewer police on the street it is to think about that deep rooted. Sociological problems. That we have to deal with. From a plus debut on W well. It's -- -- to me at all to of a problem. Definitely you know and on many fronts. Electing me in -- like protector requirement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're not out there L Polk air column character Q you know people want to help you want to threaten. And our property restrictions at that in Ottawa. Police officers in presidency and an -- -- it may make it -- one out to water police it. And an actual problem or you know and people. That stuff is ridiculous than. Think that is to be addressed as well you know we haven't been. David. I think it's a good point I'm glad you brought that up restrictions about tattoos everything you think about it at this point. You're you're judging somebody who has to its news. You -- judge a police officer with tattoos. Would you rather have a police officer. Or fewer police officers with with no tattoos. Mean I think a moment like this does point out how superficial and insignificant. The tattoo requirement is for police officers to -- you have to like tattoos. You may think that was trashy. But everybody was attempt to isn't trash person. Everybody has a tattoo is in a criminal. And there are so many people in mainstream America with tattoos now. It is really absurd. To think that attempt to is the sign of some kind of negative behavior. There are many of the signs that the signs of negative behavior. It's 950 -- -- in the morning and for Tommy Tucker and we're coming right back with more of your comments on WW well. I will be back with you tomorrow morning Tommy will be back on Wednesday tomorrow morning I'll have another pair of tickets to giveaway to -- The Doobie Brothers to Peter Frampton together in concert. -- champion square Sunday night. July the twentieth at 7 o'clock I'll play you know about either Peter Frampton -- Doobie Brothers song. And we'll stop and at some point in if you know the next line if you the first caller on the content slice which I will give out at the time. You with a tickets I you can also win by going to our our FaceBook page WWL radio outlook for The Doobie Brothers. And keep our rock and from the station that loves rock and roll WL. Here is attacks that -- I was in New York City this weekend twelve shots in 24 hours to did it. Well you're talking about a population. On May be -- note twelve to fifteen million. In New York City area and we -- And in New Orleans under under a half million. I hear is. Attacks that -- -- -- is not a reason to have trouble with anyone however a sleeve of tattoos does say something. And it usually is on the arm of someone with a lot of hostility and poor background. That is the reason not to feel safe. Or not to trust. Just 'cause he's a cop. Well see I don't I don't know if this person again any such kind of a psychological or sociology. Profiling. Of those who obviously tattoos. But that is a grossly inaccurate statement just because somebody has sleaze does -- mean that there. A person who has hostility or as support background. Here's a text -- the -- three shops they put all these dec three shots in the gangsta crowd started to assemble. There are -- shops. On every quarter and across the street from the one on the caller everywhere. It's it's almost kind of a joke but I don't. I don't sense -- I haven't seen that I haven't seen a disproportionate number of people that might be described as gangsta types. Hanging out at the declaration of its that's something -- -- what I have seen is a French Quarter that is in changing. And not for the better. I'd love the quarter I love New Orleans I still ago. I tried it to be out after 2 o'clock because the quarter starts to change. -- there are different people out for different reasons after 2 o'clock and yet this past Saturday night into Sunday morning. It was packed. The French Quarter was was very crowded especially for -- nine major event type weekend. And two people apparently got into an argument. Tried to shoot each -- and by the way they just happen to be -- They've had their -- -- them witches -- convenient you know 'cause you never know when you're gonna get into an argument with somebody you might reply gonna shoot them so it and I guess it's -- good it's good to always have you gone with. I see that sarcastically. So they they miss each other. And is one guy runs down the street this happened at -- and Orleans. As one of the government is running down the street he's apparently turning around. And just shooting randomly. Into the crowd. Nine people could've been killed. Nine people. Were injured. Here is a text I have a number of navy buddies. They never saw oh they never saw the navy. Get rid of a good sailor because of any tattoos. As somebody brought up at a time like this isn't a little silly that we judge. A police officers with tattoos -- we have this this restriction on police officers I totally agree I mean I I have a couple of tattoos myself. But for the very beginning of this policy I would -- totally against restrictions on on tattoos because tattoos. Do not saying anything negative about the person. It doesn't mean negative people don't have tattoos because some negative people -- have tattoos. But tattoos -- part of mainstream America. At this point. When taken Diane Newman our executive producer Jordan FICO. We Supreme Court ruling decisions out we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow I'm -- if it's -- Tucker what -- New Orleans.

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