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6-30-14 10:10am Garland: on New Orleans crime, hour 1

Jun 30, 2014|

Garland talks about the city's crime problem in the wake of this weekend's shooting in the French Quarter. He spends the hour with Crime Coalition chair Michael Cowan and City Councilman Jason Williams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Word thing good about same thing and the should -- in suburban streets Sunday early Sunday. Nine wounded two critically. Lot of concerns about tourist industry that brings so much of the city and state. Lot of concern about just -- to you people in this city period. Yeah ups lines wide open to -- 0187. Over unit weren't saying they were in the country six fixated on and he row and sesame. And you can call we're gonna but the troops on Arab leaders all of policemen on. And you can talk to comment and ask questions to some general one except. Michael Cohen chairman of the crime rule coalition Nordson Upton. Had turned comedians who -- Michael good talking about. -- good to be a -- Your thoughts. Well I I think what we. What we see in the shooting. He is another. Eruption. The big urban tragedy and challenge in the United States today. And some. Young men who have really no regard for human life their own or anybody else's. Who are. Forum it's perfectly okay to get into a beef with weapons and be right in middle of a crowd. It's -- it's a symptom of of of probably the most difficult social issues that we face I think. -- the pictures. Well -- there there are no short term answers to this I don't believe. And you know the snow and this is not an answer that people wanna hear but the reality is that this has to do with poverty this has to do with better education assistant to with a our families that are not raising their children this has to do with discrimination and has to do with the whole. Set of things that all interact with each other it's very hard to get ahold of it I'm. Fixing public education. Clearly. High on the list. Also. At the other and at the older end of the spectrum I would say that we just have to get serious about. Reentry programs for people who are coming out of presents -- -- historic turnaround -- Mexican and five years. But that Wall Street Journal. I think it was or the Washington Post. Just for -- a series of articles little museum of the courts were reaching -- -- the world. What I read these comments. Concerning. Viewers -- upon them thrown in jail -- way forward kitty. So on one side the populists in particular museum in the style. Still things prison. Is the answer. On the other side what you just said which I fully understand news and up fully agree -- But I can remember in nineteen. There was a guy murdered -- people in the record -- like Covert period. Seven people killed and they've they've finally caught the guy. And when I said to believe she films and TV -- to I'm going to do. Well in education to a definite and that and that all long term. We'll still looking at long term. He is he is is there any thing that -- fixes in this. And I don't think there is enough money to fix this Garland in in in the short term. And in fact let's talk about the police department for a second here from. There were according to superintendent there were three officers within a block of this and they were there like that you know they were there immediately so. There's no way for police to forecast when something like this was gonna happen or they would or they would -- that before they could. So even though we've got to police off police force right now that's really down in terms of manpower. It says -- it's been in 35 years. They were they were really on top of this incident so the the solutions to the septic or somewhere -- I would like to come -- -- what you said about about imprisonment. -- The vote locked up lock them up and throw away the key mentality. Is surviving in Louisiana. While it's disappearing in states around us. Like Texas and Mississippi Texas and Mississippi and others have figured out. That you can be tough on crime without being dumb on crime and that means not filling up your prison presents with people who don't need to be there. And by saving money from incarcerating fewer people you can invest some of that money in the things that we know make people less violent and and and point them back toward the toward the mainstream. A Louisiana just has to do that. There there hasn't been the police she's been interviewed all of -- with the years. That doesn't serve and one word of it this is not an exact quote. All we know these people. It's it's a fraction of the population. They're violent repeat offenders we know who they are and I'll always have ball. Weren't -- to go get them. Well bureau would got other things to look a lot of priority. Would only have the men went on. The money to show us target them. But but if we stop putting so many people in prison for non violent crime and wouldn't we have more police to use to spotlight the violent crime and to post seems common sense. -- they answered that the answer that is yes. The police can't. Past a certain point of discretion police can't shoes. In -- -- arrest -- someone violates the law it's their obligation to deal with that but let me go back to the point that you were making about we know who these people are. My understanding is that. To the extent that we do know who these people are. We have got a lot of law enforcement. Power focused on them right now federal and state and local and when they do something. We get them. But even if you know that someone is a bad actor unless they're one for a crime you -- -- -- -- occasion other about actor so there that we turn a tough position and I think. So did that that goes back to. I'm not hearing -- I'm hearing long term old. Long term placements. Of those long term plan and since I've been here and we're still talk and -- it. We just keep going like this that we get use to. Well I'm afraid I'm afraid sadly that we are that we are used to it -- on some level or use too young black men killing young men and -- unless it's spills over and effects. You know a so called good neighborhood or the French Quarter. You know it doesn't get our blood pressure up like it should. On. Him. And it'd sure what Michael woods -- and in the French Quarter when the shooting happened three officers. With the mental block of Agassi in -- achieved said they would -- seconds. Not under ten officers stationed along Bourbon Street another nine. Were patrolling the remainder of the French Quarter. And along with three detectives and three narcotics. Task force office. So. -- -- Koppel on every block I realize you -- blanketed more than. What do you think deserves it does this bother you -- that seemed like a crazy question. But I got -- by the -- to me when I'm with a group of print the last five miles from where that Gordon is so different score. I was with the group of people and -- Charles -- -- about five -- -- And they said Blanche they would have some tools so it's it's got to get back -- big -- you know we have and people shot in New Orleans and they said real. You're kidding I told with the French Quarter and the senate where you know that happens a lot there. In just -- choose. And maybe we aren't getting news that what do you think -- skull 2601. -- celebrity. Told bring anywhere in the country -- 66 -- dollar and zero he -- Yup we're still talking about the broad street shooting on wounded two critically. And concerns about tourism -- -- about sixty in the city. To help you. Sort of -- Michael columns -- midterm crime coalition. And we invite carriers this is a platform to secure one lead celebrity told -- paid six cents -- and you would agree. This is your city dude W cancer. And in a really do that becomes a -- into a lot of people. -- they don't have that either didn't know about it when they did -- go well you know. It's in New Orleans those things happened and a run and people that found out about it -- for the quarter that that can only two days of deodorant and good and so let's it would terrific at the end -- a week ago Euro would Michael. Our idea -- -- the couple comments. Kicking it yeah it's -- Opinion. Just sort of concern that. Police -- what to do this situation because you know that they overreacted and it can't or about people would -- withdrawal cameras and that involved -- Police broke out they are about Bosnia you know they have trying to -- a -- post but that they use. The Sunnis want it to a lot of market from the walk -- it would take -- do about it you can edit and especially that -- -- -- -- somewhere expected bureaucrat tech stay. So able to get to embark for a week two weeks -- -- that would take some pressure out that -- -- spot because there. So the law is straight out much on -- fortunate tours. Commercial consent and it just stressful for you know I'm not trying to. But the police stance and that took a good job on the particular gap -- the first but it available at. I think those couple introducing thoughts. Or what about. The often wondered about does that it'll -- ended -- -- -- comedian did. Having -- bad reputation under I don't know what steps today you but certainly did. And the thing -- phone cameras today you know -- -- videotape book may be a cop gets hit. And he kind of goes too far and has -- or attack in the subject. He's done -- that video how do you police in today's all seeing a lot. Well I think one of the things people people and may not be -- this but but the New Orleans officers who are on patrol. There in the process of equipping them all now which -- with his body cameras so that. What hat whatever it is that happens in an encounter with a citizen between citizen and a police officer it's going to be there. And the superintendent makes the point that that's. You know obviously a way to document. Misbehavior towards citizens but it's also a way to protect police from false charges and we know and we know that those things happen to so. Looks to me like the department is embracing that particular technology. In I see the benefits of the apple won their first heard about the camera. My initial thing was absolutely great idea -- the -- is. Suppose management struck the camera around me here. I get it to it would affect. Every -- what I talked to you about all year. Howland setting up the goal on the air water and looking I mean. Understand the benefits and the and that -- think probably -- the others but -- -- top two policeman. Do did we ever say this kind of -- talk about big Brothers big program and your shoulder. Not just. When -- -- -- because this thing I would assume. Is active when they put an open mind. It what it is that mean they they can they can turn it on and off but they're accountable if it's off augur well no words but I do deterred at all. There would be consequences if they didn't turn -- -- introducing interesting situation. Are so let's go to JD JD Euro moved Mike O'Connell. -- Arlen you know it it really. Expecting that -- and -- What light on it. In my industry leading out of the role and I don't know the answer is back into it along. I'll be -- Akamai and -- ever. It -- but it is. Well. It. Happened at an art it really aren't that aren't bad. Deal here until like it happened -- it. We're at it and other French Quarter wherever that is really. -- that he would like. Go back and -- it did it at. The National Guard how out yet. That that we -- the -- -- that it actually and I'm black and you know it is problem as well because they can't -- Don't like it happened during what is Tupelo. As well. I'll enjoy it and I -- -- and. Welcome Michael board would you finger up and board feet. So is Eric whose vast part of the population poor leadership those controller or doing a good job. There's never seemed to get things and if his keeps going it's gonna destroy and so. Well. And I think an incident like this you know provokes. Thoughtful people and right and rightfully so. And that said we still have to look at. The background effects here if we really are serious about trying to comprehend what's going on and and during out to do what what to do. So so here's a fact com word out about a thirty year low in murders in the city. And and that's not nothing that's something. And it's and it's something significant. Another another fact is that our police force. He is as low as it's been in about 35 years in terms of numbers. The instruments that were giving. Car from the city and the mayor is that we need about 400 additional police officers so. Our murder rate is down even though our police force is lower than it's been for a long time. That's a sign those are signs that call for. Some hope and some optimism I think. -- -- just just just one other comment if if I could come you can't put enough armed people on the ground. In any major urban. City in America. To stop an event. Like last night from happening in -- there aren't enough armed. Soldiers and officers. To put onto the streets to guarantee that I will never happen. And that something to consider. A long hard dubbed W a -- jaguar opinion poll will shooting on Auburn street that happened early Sunday morning. Stop him from going to the French Quarter of 29%. Of abuse say yeah it's. And -- concerts and scientific and novel or should. Poll. But. Things like that I would just like could be dead wrong when the Alps this question were you not -- to the quarter. For those. Or emotionally concerned for those that are -- Those of the people that spot. But one's -- would say. These things happen and we should do everything in the world due to problem happened. I don't think they've participated in the poll. So the the question becomes where is the -- it's a tourist or not coming here. Because of this and I can't find it. Louisiana it's at its new tourism record 27 point three million visit. And this is in the middle. All the stores about arts and crop and putting things gives cultures exit row one -- doubling your chance comment. Your chance against the experts question to review got to do is give skull two's -- general 170 told -- 866 in Vietnam and zero itself. Yup it's an all day comes -- and Bourbon Street early Sunday morning. Nine shot to critical. Lot of concerning concerns over tourism blog concerns over citizen safety. We've got Michael tell -- with the chairman of the crime coalition. And we're gonna have. Drinking and City Council Euro also. But consider this a platform for you call it and make comments answers questions John Euro what Michael Cohen appreciate call. Go into Iran. Let me give you my profile real quick and an hour ago Michael and I -- walls in the district commanders there. At least people are unbelievable what they do an accomplished and and -- -- -- strike. My profile is my wife and you'll. And we became empty -- two years ago we made substantial. Investment in the quarter. In the 800 block and we thought well. My text based profile. Substantial too as are the other people who pay taxes in a quarter. And I just to -- you. I'm also security committee the -- the French Quarter management district shall have access some statistics and that we are happening on the street. -- leisure so -- them objective when a history. You have no idea a truly dangerous it is. And when I mean that there is YouTube. Sprint -- and -- just know you can. -- it's gonna happen. That's like sure sure Norman once go to -- out in Algiers and when we turn back if there's a purity that take place and I believe. What we will -- on a daily basis. Gave you one quick example political situation. That you that got him -- about figured out you know it. Well acting game. A -- what I see from my balcony. More than two recounts week literally just casual observation that same day. But want. Chip does not forthcoming. And build a waste as a premiere as a -- And goes on the me that the police officers which. They're totally outgunned in terms of amount -- on the street when note. But hours. Pays the twenty dollars to the man get a -- -- Erica. When they're shooting occurred the other night again with an 800 block. -- would decoration. I am fortunate not all of the slide. I'm out of caught literally Angeles to New York trend in between. An email or text -- word out. Worried about straight which just goes to show yeah. Bet -- -- actual it's incredibly packed full of people do associate. And when it the media it's very much. It's just terrible friend mutual funds in the restaurant business and all the businesses org or he impacted immediately. And the policeman. Street in the quarter and I know a lot of Italy. And I'd do everything and the 800 block you have good bad guys. And you -- And the bad guys. Not a great Tripoli. They're not afraid -- they're not afraid of incarceration. And I'm telling you that. Every single solitary -- And I can go. Angel has this citizen in the group you were talking about. Have you come up with the answers. Well. Caught up with answers and prevention. But the true answer that -- in the world that that no one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where Michael talk about the black on black crime after right out -- -- only or or actually that's no big deal it is just -- portable. But. But in the black community. He will try to do trot when it was preachers and other black civic leaders to try and -- The war. Created nuclear weapon you'd. (%expletive) so. -- Help them to true to an opportunity to go to school indeed beat -- opportunity and ordered street. But -- nobody caught me into different. It. Ago. You know. And and that's what happens in my house. Single solitary. Because. We're. -- in the residential blocks. And can't get set up across street of the beautiful crushed street they're being renovated. And pretty bachelor -- so. John and -- I got to take a break can you hold on. Like two continued the conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- get to this quickly we Europe joined at that point in time juice Williams that he cult. Also we got Michael Calbert whose share of the cry uncle to go back to call real quick John -- -- -- -- Our I got this crazy idea what Michael. We still proves when the unit -- is about -- -- always say you've got a considerable risk management which I think reduce the balloon. When you get the metal cage and you good around the rose seventy mile an hour Needham and ultimately cage -- -- -- at seventy miles an hour. How worried he got a white college right. It keeps you from. -- well to do you know play some flaws you got the money to lead you into the quarter. Why do you use that. That's a question and let me be real real clear about the menu choose to move current quarter especially true is live on broad street. You have to be realistic and understand. Albert street as -- -- it's. And -- that truck and my wife is involved with a -- goto the press here. And the group -- commission it's important to itself it's helping critiques stimulated. -- so well what the quarter I'd like to an outlook address strong. But what I did in Asia were true. Go to a course and get a concealed weapons license in order to walk to rampart to go to mobile. And -- We have been -- we are staying put it becomes really just apple all you liked our spot. Every single solitary. Car -- car. All right John hold on if you will with a good reasons come institution you're at all. Well you know I mean I sort of -- I -- I was listing coming over here and house of think about my use it to it. And when you when you're at two lane and you live off campus. You those neighborhoods -- preyed upon. By certain people sometimes become it's robbery with kids or pay attention. You see a lot more certain types of crimes -- same things happening in the quarter. But you don't see it on saint Charles -- For reason. And -- there's there's there's there's something to be said for. A matter of being Jews being decent size to the little things something decent for. What sort of culture. Recreating. An and there is a culture. For a lack a better word. Haves and it's. And we've got a few nonprofits that work really hard. At taking people that are marginalized. And finding them -- -- back in to assist. -- like you department project -- partnership programs like that. But when I listen to that caller and think about I use saying your wife went to the -- and think about it. We love animals. But we have not come up with a strategic plan. Law enforcement lies of social services while wise. To turn the corner. Anne Anne Anne Anne Anne Anne it's gonna take a real effort dislike. Giuliani with a broken glass theory in New York there was a strategic turning point where they say we're gonna do some things differently. And we haven't. Do it differently -- street Thursday close at all -- -- -- what was it. 10 o'clock. Block at all well and all the side street -- it brought clothes in the bottom. And I need to get in. One way -- one more 21 years old -- Do we look at what are other cities are doing that might work that we're not doing Michael orchards and well right. I've I think there was should look at any thing. That's. Any practice. That's out there that's been effective that's also constitutional horrible is that part of what we're doing looking elsewhere what. Yes I'd say that we are and but it also say that when we when we -- Francis I'm thinking of the controversy about curfew. In the quarter about a couple of years ago mean. You know that wasn't anybody I don't think anybody there have the attention of just coming down on young people they were trying to figure out how to keep the quarter safer and young people safer. But when constitutional issues come up they have -- they have to be dealt with so constitutional policing is something that we've heard from them. But would you like -- three probably face that and then found out that it comports well. Yes I'm mad I'm assume a third or if they're doing it and it has been challenged on its legal. Jason. We -- some people. Thinking about charging parent or urging party. Good idea -- -- -- is in the other city and live as they do -- I heard talk about it I don't I don't think it's it's necessary answer. If if if the guardians were engaged in the children's lives. Typically we would be having that initial problems that are now go after that the guards -- to pay attention and I don't see that addressing. The root causes. So that I that I do think. Is important though. Is this to the call he said he saw guys Cilic gone. Every single night right. And he's he can just get used to it will actually that's when he called the police that's and then having -- right -- police department. Is important to have enough police officers to come to the crime. Where no one got hurt. To take that got off the street and I think right now it's all time low. -- it is getting lower. And we're getting to a point where it just simply. We don't have enough officers to respond. 2222. Every piece of broken glass every gun that sport. It it and when you can address those smaller crimes you avoid the larger crime is that guys off the street. Carl and I wondered what John what's I wondered about that also wondered what John would say about his their point and -- what happens if you would call the police when you see that. Got to pull -- assured and Jessica and there. And and he said he knew the police knew a couple of them by name you compliment mrs. is John -- with us -- city. -- and then again a fair question but let me be very clear Jerry. Well -- supported QB -- Smart in your clear anchor. You understand the black community and so when you when you talk about the programs and increasing those are great. But we aren't such arrests right now on the street more so that anybody can understand -- -- -- -- and let me clarify one thing. Question what -- -- about three or four times a month. And I do -- direct dolls to -- To certain policeman -- only react so quickly and all due respect all of this talk about the ten cops mentioned that go around. I take issue with it. Because it's where we -- -- sometimes we have four policemen and a quarter Thursday night to rest. We get in -- -- -- wallet we didn't call police. -- here's what I call the particular replaced Ronaldo sent realized. I can't give him the country went to work injection. Because the consent decree that fall off like flies because of the consent decree other issue. And again go back to -- walls because the guys expect commander. What you just put ten count and that he just doesn't have the resources. When the horses are out there. They're vendors try to cut the horses. Still there are still caters to your arm on the all the trailers to get there be deported lower orbit and go out it takes a lot of time. Other US to question one booted out of the senate. I'm a citizen understand in a guy like Ralph brown and partner. I called radler bought build boxes and strand in their own money to buy a laptop scooters. That we can to help these these policeman we don't know which were putting money or the wood just over. I'm preacher called through much called back we're going to be doing this for a couple of -- more. So it will go -- real big celebrity you applaud -- Or it's what we're gonna come back we still talk Jason we're cynical -- Been a little bit more time with a -- worth a bit coming up.