WWL>Topics>>6-30-14 11:10am Garland: on New Orleans crime, hour 2

6-30-14 11:10am Garland: on New Orleans crime, hour 2

Jun 30, 2014|

Garland talks about the city's crime problem in the wake of this weekend's shooting in the French Quarter. Guests include City Councilman Jason Williams, local business leader Greg Rusovich, and Southern University criminologist Dr. John Penny.

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A bit you would -- that were going to be doing the old. Plugin by burning and shooting -- wounded. Politically. Lot of concern is. In his all the over the real soon and I think the general population. Very very intrusive. And the question is what can be -- what should be done. -- additional right now we have Jason Williams -- -- will also have book Greg rose who voted for those business leader forward cheap for the crime pollution. Jason thank you for each thing with -- and Greg welcome to show. Thank you Garland are good to be with you Jason -- Eric Gregg -- Well Garland -- you know it's back to the same thing we clearly need more cops we all understand now like to think. It's likely frankly that more cops would not have impacted the shooting last night. We also think continued need more vibrant wraparound programs. Offering no polite -- a great step in that direction and making progress we just launched a really good reentry initiative last week I think that with better. More robots built substance abuse treatment programs vibrant juvenile justice programs can help and I think partly taught. Follicle and -- -- you know we have to recognize that our criminal justice they knew this was model by the promote justice system. You know the answer I think the social cultural family issues that also have to be addressed from teen pregnancies -- single parent households to some of the people issues. But it's -- which we can deal without thank religious moral -- more cops frankly ultimately. And more vibrant or wraparound programs. If you blow this. I've been here since 96. And and today. Put -- -- loop in my boring. And just keep replacing different names same story over and over say managers saying it would this -- and changed. A whole lot of muted it comes and goes it's less than it's more but it -- -- -- and one of the things I -- only one side we knew a lot more policemen. I've -- -- we can't hire or ourselves out of this problem it's long term. Then -- actually talk to policeman. Actually you know. Would make a big difference in getting people it and they've raised the a big nominee's book you know it's. Where have we gone bad morale we've got leadership problems. So what we -- look at all those I can't figure out what we need more police who we don't completed and the policemen. To. Don't see. Centered on any yet it's more money I'm awarded these capital that at all we've spurred. You pay more you get better benefit. You get better educated more. Motivated. And better. Whoever your hiring helped -- it is. I'll say this girl and I think in the private sector you certainly usually get what you pay for -- houses and cars get what you pay for. However I think we talk about the public sector. You don't always get what you pay for. Because. Bureaucracy. Sometimes government sometimes mismanagement sometimes a bad strategy. Moneys not always resource is aren't always allocated. Italy should be allocated. I've been dealing with this this this this this horrible it's in the quarter since I heard about it and gotten a lot of calls and talked a lot of people who forestry and by the way that few police we have now. Police in the quarter the -- -- the two of them. Huddled together on all at a corner. Having a conversation with each other rather than being engaged. With the crowd I agree with -- on most things. And we're friends and I agree with him that we need more police that is important we are and a dangerously low level. It is going to be awhile before we can hire enough police so we need to come -- with in short order a week next month. A strategic plan to protect and serve our citizens. With the short number of troops we have now. Families don't always have enough to make it today in the month that they got different ways to get it done. It and right now we're policing. And treating. The criminal justice system and it was -- the police as if we have a full force. And we simply don't and when district or any given day you might have there's no -- commander you might have two offices that are available. If there's a call for service we also have not won one issues now one not even being. Not even responding not picking up the phone after a couple of calls while it's in his current. And then when someone does get through it still takes forty -- 48 hours after a home invasion. So we've we've got to deal with the resources. That we have in use them wisely and right now I'm not to completely convinced that we. And -- Greg joke just what juries and says until this million dollar. Over the years we have neighborhood groups to come in and there are always the leaders in the -- and I getting paid. Highly educated and motivated and they'll come and say this sitting through bureaucracy wrong Clinton a decency. And I'd say to them world. What do you do what you will -- to do. -- we did we shouldn't do anything bill to come up with the centers and the state police number of well the thing and I say. Would you pay taxes. For more protection. Would you pay taxes for a better in your BE -- -- fighting for no walk. I don't trust some crooked and the ways in -- Can you name me a politician -- leader today. That if they worked real hard. And came up with the evidence of change that you would cross. And I get to have more of them being arrested to look under -- room like it's neutral Andrew doesn't. I think guys see progress. I think doesn't change. But even he. Doesn't elicit from -- yeah if Mitch did ABC in the and so that we believe. Greg how we get past that. We'll choral and we have to come back. The fact -- -- moderates weren't in the 46 -- low enough police force we haven't been this low and what decade. So it took us while we get into this -- never gotten this low level now we've got to -- away. Again it would not him he would probably would not have mattered even if you when cops in the French Quarter last night. -- -- -- -- issue where so it's getting angry can console and getting angry at someone and polling go on and shipping them in the states. These are issues -- and that the criminal justice system cannot solved these are issues that go back to the tussle for issues that go back. Hole with trees they go back. Into society is the best we can't we need to do better or robots all programs for those who want to help that social safety net. But at the same -- likely and we have to do that -- And the vote in this society needs to do its part in common together and they would need to do their part. And what we need to do it's what we appropriate like that we need to come together and get them now close with that's going for it without went to block the -- -- and recently what was very -- what it was -- that he called -- ago. And in that call in these -- he would. That the -- probation and Parole -- gang members that he in the city leaders are giving one change to initial -- providers on one side of the -- -- job suspicion shall once on the top of the we need to give these kids to travel still want to -- take the chance in the ones who's adamantly refused to give them you know prepare. But then we need to get them all but the streets we need to protect our society. The problem is money that is not an easy problem unfortunately and tragically. Aren't limited break here. WWL -- -- seventy moral five to reopen the platform is yours and they bits are subject throughout the pink tent. It was all questions comments to Sid 0170. Told free. 866 needed -- year old pizza. I would -- Greg roads bridge where this is a leader former chairman of the crime cool and languages and will use of the cultural. But what is broad -- -- we we have board of our managers -- injured couple minutes and and they your fired up and rightfully so. And what -- Jason -- challenged me with -- you have nine -- -- school. And in the police she says. The cops were in seconds of being there. How could how could they not get there in time. Or they worried because they don't have bulletproof -- don't. Or the heavy to -- they can't run fast. And then there was the manager's point book as we have been talking about this Tuesday so actual problem. Of which we have to attack from the families and schools for forty years. And it's still win this. What is it with the cops or -- being used properly. And what does getting more of them at all. If we're told that more police can't stop these things from. Jason correct. I've just been hit it frustrates me just Regis -- chiefs are passed before says they promote justice committee meeting City Council last Winston -- with -- from 1 o'clock. To 5 o'clock asking him those fears and questions about -- 11 lights not working. About about response time. Want people aren't getting and then what -- is get there -- they secured the scene properly. Why they're not collecting the bullet casings that there. And there are some very real issues with the job that is being done. I agree we need more weeks but right now. We've got the fourth of July coming this week in one of the great destination. We've got essence vessel coming this week -- and more people here. And I have not heard them and be demanding from the achieve a strategic plan. To better use that limited resources that we had. Because the answer is we got last Wednesday it'll be better when I have more money to get more police is not an answer. We've heard that it so we've got -- track things differently in and I agree about the wraparound services but this is not. A single parent issue my mom was a single. That's not issue right now and it's not just the French Quarter. We've got a lot about the blocks to worry about in this. So -- yes we -- talking about it today but I was also talking about it when young mr. -- who was killed. And in a norte -- parks and rock park. Just a little while ago he's getting. I'd -- all a.s and b.s and you walker -- the football team. Shut down did they get might have been a mistake he certainly wasn't involved anything. We've got to figure out how we're gonna secure our parks this summer our kids in this that they can use. How we're gonna secure the quarterly yes how we got to make sure not 11 is responding to all by neighborhoods in the police arrest by. -- -- -- I agreed that we need more you know we need more cops. I understand that everyone understands that probably getting back your earlier question I think the business community is very supportive all of supporting additional taxes. You bet there's some talk of them going with her support civil war of additional taxes. Force specifically more cops I think that's pretty clear we as a community convict them -- that. My point being. Such as -- console like it. Do you think that's true I know the -- I don't know what can tell you that the business council we've been talking about it there's a lot of support within the business cultural war -- you don't just support the village. To increase ought to get more cops on the street -- outside and. Understand the business scale true bush out of the neighborhood leaders that I that I appear normal procedures. I've never gotten and then -- get them. Became law can just speak on behalf of the business council on the that sort of business community buy in parts of the business community -- like you know the major businesses from the it being this structure of -- -- like -- on executive committee I can't speak to the neighborhood association until -- would certainly hope that we -- -- community have galvanized support we recognized we need -- policeman. Yeah I don't know I don't know what you do going to when you if you look back at the recent shootings in the in the quarter last couple years of the article I don't know how you police and stop. Like young men from the from -- from reaching into his pocket. Polling is gone and blasting all nine shots in the matter sentence I don't I don't know how well -- the -- police force. Stopped that but award to police force to cause the -- like second hole for all the crease in a -- we need because you lead to Maplewood police. And we need better community policing. And they're all are Patrice and I just have to -- I think there will argue it's got to be recognition here. But -- affiliation if you you do have a group currently issues here treason you have kids that -- carry -- work -- -- carrying columns what do they do -- it might he do. -- their music family for dale that we have to recognize and deal with it. I agree that Greg but I just -- to blame single moms and moms as saying all of -- But it alma mater as a -- models currently living gal men's -- a single mom she he's on his way to Yale now. Based upon a tough circumstances. Your bigger than that you you don't know what would not appoint those single mom that's that's for pot. My point my point is the broken fame has existed. In urban community for very long time. The mixing the two arguments together. Is problematic because I think we need to have more accountability from the police department right now and say that it can listen. Personal accountability you're right Greg. Some analysts issued a gun they're gonna shoot again police -- not gonna be able to stop. Every crime from a current. But the way that she described the police were so close when this incident happened in the an individual steel wasn't. Detained is problematic for me and in -- miles doesn't win games and athletic director starts looking at. A new coach but it seems like it in in the public sector you can put bad numbers over and over again. And in an excuse -- I need more money. And in -- there's no accountability we have an account I was very disappointed. In a lot of -- again the City Council as with so I know you're not just talking about sigma to but but the broken and we issue. Does not address whether the police department uses resource wise. And maybe we need. 888 new. Brand of leadership that someone's gonna trust and different ideas. Abusing limited resources I know that's controversial but I think. It if we would talk and sports. It happens every year. Well that will more shirt and sports and every every single major best practice nationally it's being deployed is being considered and used by this police chief about the police force. And you do have a situation Jason that's comments here what you got -- that the consent decree. That is put it may very unfair details system that has more delegates. What was -- sense that which is -- -- on the -- we have to create its gut but you know put more out there on because of the national. Our code word for all the local police force so more -- -- weighed down because of the details system that's been installed. All right you law with you know more palatable -- blow because -- lack of police officers. It's authorities secure one of these cups are dropped around with one that they don't have anybody else in the court with them what you going to pull out both police officers streets and from the war and peace and put him in the quarter. Absolutely not but not -- district you're right about morale but I'm not convinced that morale is solely based upon the consent victory. The consent decree which ever and describes adjusting the DTO system is certain ways it does not create. This office that their implement that we've created them do that the fact that we have read read reduce what you get paid to work prepare ourselves detail. From what it's been in the past few years these are some of the things that that offices are frustrated with they feel like you've got the administration. Dictating who gets -- change and that not leave and go over to try to go do some notes -- -- -- -- -- -- tip your prayers where they -- treated more fairly. I agree with you about the best practice I agree with you about the technology. But every now and then. A change of leadership. Is necessary. To move forward an opt out and the reason I'm saying in this Greg is up in a neighborhood associations. After neighborhood association not talk to Joe The Plumber. And just electrician he is now prepared to pay -- Milledge. When he is not confident. And how the cheapest at the money so far so I'm addressing. What I'm hearing from these neighborhoods and I've got to convince the public that we got to raise money for the firefighters for the police for street. For everything and and that in in if they sit him I'm not gonna vote for a new tax because I don't like the way this guy's been spend money so far we just went to. A lot -- visible a bunch of almost brand new police cars that are sitting covered in dust because they got a fender Bender. And we don't have a system putting back in place I go to Office Depot I -- homicide detectives sex crime detectives. Buying their old office supplies because that's way that the system is set up this. I see it is problem that is a 500 dollar stock and once a year to get. Yeltsin and guns it and whatnot but that belts and and an in all the equipment they need. In the in the one place at that you can contract with doesn't have the supplies they need we -- not supporting this police force that we have right now but other rank and file. New England got to take a break for news -- this is if you want to this some very important cart sanctioned. You can give us more time appreciated if not polian. A little right back double -- Or contain the Disco music to our problems forward we organ get calls but we're lucky enough that. -- groups of its business leader former chairman of the crime pollution as -- -- gives few more minutes. As has Jayson Williams City Council and -- and we've been here in the -- -- what we can all learn pronged. No word -- by doctor Joan -- criminologists. At southern universal. -- -- really appreciate -- call. Doctor that you are. I don't hear good I appreciate or you'll a speakerphone. Not anymore -- it good and I could hear columnists of the call. We're -- we're debating year when no -- Imus put. I get frustrated and confused by over the years we need more police the police couldn't shop built -- -- juniors rightly turned around and sorts fiery. You can release octaves and wondered how many media -- we have book we have the need more. The whipped pay him more not necessarily. That it more. And then do we have the equipment no. What do we need please more leaps. Is that a question. -- the they're there -- there have a response mr. We do need more or policeman given they unity. This -- as a manpower we have been effective we have law. Quite a number of police officers who left the police department because of various reasons. The -- that. I think the greatest challenge that we have right now is that morale in the police department. -- if we can. If we don't we can't get police is that we have or we already -- in. And to get them to -- -- we gonna continue to have those kind of problem no matter how many. Police -- is that we put on the streets is like that has changed what happened the other night and in the first quarters. -- give if we have to improve the morale. Well. That. Data that Google it to -- on right now but we do this that would that you need to look at leadership and management. -- -- all going to I think it comes back to part of when -- despite can decrease and Morales was connected to the talk connected to the details when the details were taken away and giving them the view yesterday in the -- for change significantly. And the processes were changed considerably -- -- Franklin got global reach so what was obviously necessary. -- you simply hit that global reach. And which usage analysis equation where because of the more because all the details call. Officers are being paid considerably less. The people who took frustrated because they don't hit the same policemen they dealt with for years and years which -- used to. And you also so that it's having more impact as well as the factory work -- secure world the cop sees that they have her little support that so ought contended that the details system which means. And it's back to the fact that you all white officers on the street which means it supports Hamas and that's it. Should do the -- formed the office that's now in June City Hall. And did the Fed will acquired the details of -- They they requires some changes and they required over side that was. -- third party so the data and data necessary create an office secondary plummet as it is structured right now so for example. There was no requirement that. Offices secondary -- take a percentage out. On the detail which it now does so the offices are getting paid less than they normally would for the same DTL. And -- an administrative costs it's taken out of that goes to that office so the end of the day. Mr. -- which is absolutely right when he says. You've got offices getting paid less to do the exact same thing they were doing. Last year so he's one of the bigger and it left because of the administrative costs both doesn't administrative cost of the office offices secondary implement. As well as they have lowered the rate. Okay for certainty to apply. I don't understand -- I disagree with whom I've had some conversation I've had lots of promise these -- -- police offices. -- also had conversations with. The administration and the and and and higher ranking and they don't even know why they do. Well they -- is there's a suggestion that there was something wrong. Or something afar is about the way the detail was being paid before. I do I didn't see it as far as I mean you've got a guy. Work -- parents calls it's a bunch of drunk people all day. It's different from the guy working its appeared grill food and have to remind you of anybody on a regular did we so he should be paid more. And Greg is also right. The system was upside down has been upside down. More than a decade we have not been paying arsenal and spares what they deserve. Compared to what they're making Jefferson and saint Tammany. And they -- and the work is harder. It in this urban area than it is in these other places. -- break here come right back -- I'm grateful. We've got -- -- a program routes that is asleep or term cry uncle futures and ruined city held. April could have come appear. And and agreed to debate on geared to talk about the and to on the I would submit. We are hearing things. Currently services. That we don't usually hear. Welter of doctor -- and -- whose criminal choose that Southern University. -- -- do you see a strategic. Plan. -- directive from leadership. The main thing here is we can't allow this -- tourism commune. No I see a reactive force. And Indians. -- For example you know. Sometime back we had purchased. The definitive nor Williams had parts of the -- -- bicycles -- -- to police and are built by ethnic groups to my knowledge and not be utilized to do created that inevitably crime and in the community. And so so we talk a lot of community police and then we really are not the police force that it is. Police community police in action -- police. Community police action in and talked on the and talk alone and -- -- all the problems that we face and goalie in the community with the police. And we still have. Just forces outside world community who would tell and the police both knew what they must do an -- to make this right in the history. The in depth is that of administration and leadership in the police department. Has gone on for years and years and we just continued to look at it and say well why what can we do some states. Do something different because we are doing the same -- over ago when we get in the same results. Break ground I mean her reports of bicycles use new hours ago. And then was -- -- I girl goes I think to myself. Our role in the company you run a company and I think you -- yours is -- will grandma. You put the problems up on the board in the coupled with the answers. The eagle that their dip segments of business and government citizenry. That think the problems or different. Nobody can even agree on that goal. -- -- -- -- That chief and his team now the chief and his team but the federal officials law enforcement officials and their teams in the region. All it is in it no Norman and his team they all together so they don't have a strategy they've been performing regular basis there or so units. Felt very strong until units that. Actually right now Orton and being the worse of the worse if you look at the gang units which some of that that some of the gains are being torn apart with two are quite tropical out giving. The -- gang member. And we're port it would fracking quit taking some of the worst of the worse off the street. So back. Fact is there is they plan we also meet with cheap serpent on the regular basis he has plants use is best practices that the guy that thinks in terms of national best practices. He's the incoming chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police he deploys -- best practices across the city. Also we or implementing best practices we are implementing such as strategic plan for the war on community policing I completely agree. Oh with a doctor on community policing -- -- community policing is an actual national best practice but you know we're so officers -- have community policing you can't put cops in the -- -- walking the beat. With inadequate number. That's true but you also. Would need to understand that community police and if not necessarily. Some of the things that we're talking about -- -- about in the and it's interesting even in Europe -- this you have to Biller relationships. You dot Agilent ago ordinance force people to change their behavior if you don't Biller relationships within those community. Doug -- did admittedly strange question. A building the minute minute minute show news on the profit motive of the drug war. And Louisiana bleeding in the course from bridge and not -- in this country beating a couple of other countries in the amount of people. We put in jail and a and it's primarily young black men. Are we gonna convince this community in quotation. To do -- we would all like him to do. When they are the focus. Putting people in jail for profit -- Well the other. Only -- going through the political. Process of electing the right individuals that believe in the way you went on a week and -- -- well so you're like it. Act and argued that -- the mayor certainly believes in -- thoughtful and I think resting we wanna do is put the primary crumb dropped to focus. On the bottle and vendors not on models for -- and with the all the vendors. We need to do they have a really powerful social safety net that provides really good rehab resources. That provides really good substance abuse programs really good juvenile justice programs and then possibly again we have the problem for. And we did do their jobs we have to have people taking. Family and proportional responsibility and account bill. How to act and -- order to convince them do the job. When they conceded that their community he isn't target and I would submit to you Bob -- in the tunnel homework on this. This is from the banks. To the feds. To the sheriffs. In some politicians. This is a rock the business. And billions of victories. Well you know I mean -- -- -- -- it notes some good points he's talking about social services person can agree with all of and -- route doctor anyway that's the real concepts. Of community policing. But I think all eleven and order for to really -- we've got to make sure we've got to. Police department that it has good round nobody become. Nobody becomes account because of the pay. I becomes that account because safety. Aspects of it it's a call. And and so we went when when you believe you were not supported. From higher ups you don't have the resource is you need. Four or whatever thing. They've been morale starts to fall in the and this the details system was a kick in the teeth. To a lot of good accountant in order to get in the Maloney that they need and war. Don't true new unity public vote -- do do you see any evidence that that would be that you. At them based on my. My my since this month my but I take the pulse of the community when I'm. In the neighborhood the neighborhood association and it church's. Right now I know that people know it needs to happen. But they are not convinced. It was spinning their resource is wisely so I. I believe it's my charge to figure out. How I can prove to them that we're going to be more accountable but how this money's -- doctor. And -- I don't got limited time you know in new evidence that that would give a yes vote. At this moment no when and in fact the reason why they did anybody -- -- supported it. -- at this point that we have a leadership team in place that would warrant the trough that they need and ought to be effectively. Carry out any planned. Well there it did involved in money really go -- the last war. Yes some confidence that if you make it limited and specific to the police force in numbers of police -- you can. Get I think that any kind of change in leadership would be very detrimental they need to India for ought to get it passed. So. -- that that that's it I think it can be at the tax Milledge is specific and focused to police. Numbers of police officers that we need. I think it's I think it's a good prospect in the past. And I think we need to history where we keep going with the right plan in place is just can't stop to kids. Call -- pulling -- -- and shooting one another and tortured bystanders it's it it's a terrible social and cultural problem we got to be aware. Revenues are red -- -- talked to John Tunisian Jews and William. If you'll give pitcher time to debate to open there are no -- can understand the complicated problem. Thank you so quite welcome our Pletcher thank thank Arlen Specter Olympia. Got a lot of people more talk about the suburban street shooting and wounded two critically. Terrorism count concerns that are more column and your calls this -- more prone to human. WWL big age 78 immoral 53 years at.