WWL>Topics>>6-30-14 12:10pm Garland: on New Orleans crime, hour 3

6-30-14 12:10pm Garland: on New Orleans crime, hour 3

Jun 30, 2014|

Garland talks about the city's crime problem in the wake of this weekend's shooting in the French Quarter. He talks with Lt. Govenor Jay Dardenne about how crime might affect local tourism.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right this half hour is for -- we've reduced through organist. -- -- we're talking about the burden street shootings early Sunday morning and wounded two critically. And we will -- cannot should count from Jews from Williams and we have. Former chairman of the crime coalition on Greg -- ventures also business leader with Michael one on. Chairman of the crime coalition grip your jaw and doctor John Kennedy chrome and colleges itself and Robertson. And they were cotton and not only gives our time there and but to talk about things you usually don't talk about. It it it gamers but little look behind the window that we always hear. We're doing everything we care and we found out there and their of their opinions. Of people in -- or highly educated. Business people and we were able to hear the the friendly disagreements. But I think you have anybody to listen to. Our hourly. And and you've got an open and you probably doubled a little bit different today. What you -- is -- problem. And if you're in the end. Good bill on the or -- or build things we're having an on -- -- And -- Or. Ten years now a college degree. -- some. Local court. All paper we saw -- not do any thing. The plot that it'll the reason why. -- More. Wire the so got that out here. -- -- so -- -- -- focus. -- -- Or partial or partial right. Michael -- though. -- -- I am in the situation. Situation on. What your age and made some comment irk some. Some inappropriate comments -- Appropriate. If our. Members are sure. They. -- -- -- -- -- It. -- I'm sure that it Ehrlich or. Expect that job that support for that to try and so opposite. That we shall we because. Pro and so that's all -- -- My job so spot. That that's the more -- -- -- Our response and as a there are set their. Guys. -- agree he's. One cent while on call. Burst out into. The history. All. Sorts. Actual track. -- In that pro active. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call -- the ball. Corruption while. They were bought the book sure what sort -- -- different. -- -- That ought. To spread there there there -- -- or long term solution. Increasing. Local law -- to operate in war. 11 and you know. -- Like practiced show who they -- Florida in next to. It all over the country. -- In that department at war it would. Stop and more on. -- -- -- Did you grow into it too -- in particular. All. I've done in the stood on the listed what groups who you're talking about the good. Help would not an eleven. And I want action. All. Department that's directly. Or. Or -- or idol for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Transport. Well -- -- This purchased a credit it'll. And all -- -- -- -- Or consolidating the orchestra. All coaching and all so important or there's so many things we can do that -- because of politics. Edit or. -- what we -- a good one. Q what were. Reports as well. It's her kid so. It ought to. Support -- -- -- -- Sure and atmosphere there are squabbling over so that it takes to accept. -- share of people mystery that. Or. That artist reputation. As well as we post saw -- certain -- -- Work at port but you guys. You can say they are sure that we were out there but it is. Awful awful lot like most. That cooperation. And collaboration -- small port port. It's getting there but there's -- and I'll still be. -- pursuing questions. Mix of mild -- -- vote up or represented two of the police force. I got a number -- fortunes like announced and I appreciate the call -- a huge -- -- boat shortly -- and tell which dealt our best record appealed. Brought out the window. I'm Tori -- that poured through one out. A little bit. 10 sports -- Court. Or court -- applied urged that -- Local law enforcement she's still. So. Good and oh artistic should expect well. Do you think born born born some people say. Adding -- doesn't make much of a difference because morale is so low. But for example while you're you're you're like yeah. Political. -- and -- across street from -- ago. Police say after that strike -- -- all spot. Off the court. Jurisdiction right there. -- In -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are. On. There's guys like. Mr. chip and a block away are -- awful. Bill you give me a -- of permission uninhabitable for appreciated called very much. They're gonna break David Edwards there was a -- about you. -- big 870 AM and five the Ria. Are welcome back contender in the conversation didn't you'll platform to secure our leaders her reps debating. The incidents Sunday and unburdened 39 people wounded two critically. That's active foam -- they -- good and thorough a -- temperature -- Ed Garland thanks to take your call to opt out but -- -- the show Oprah -- the lips now an absolutely furious OBE. Unit unit to present -- -- That would not people shop barber street and they wanna talk about their wallets police GKL. That they are out now because the -- what I'll look at it too. And people being shot and you got more guys it's got a deal with single parents at all if he -- not -- or quiche. Most. -- to do with the shingle. -- guarantee if you took all and it already -- ninety. The government from -- and -- people that the real -- -- it's black. In black well why. You want a spot on the third place. Pretty sure -- will we get these people about. Word we're already putting more people and few children and any other place in the war. And it's getting worse. Well maybe you should of people worst -- -- -- Why would you pay those cut the taxes. For a system. That doesn't provide what you were paying a lot of money for. -- -- shall that's. No good would you say that a Little -- excellent blitzer will. Police -- Say that almost certainly. -- -- GOL. Or. -- -- Could you. And that jailed the violent offenders. The nonviolent. You'd try to keep them from committing crimes again. That's what it's at your problem is you're listening hoping to -- when the councilman did not say. The problem is not. About single mothers he said that's not the whole problem what you're doing as you're hearing what you want me. Does this course this week and this. That's. All I want channel. -- He didn't say he didn't know. So you Bernard W. They're guarded Al Anwar and know more about the bucket above. All how many people when they. -- the budget that -- -- harder Portland. How long it must be because they that's the number they're trying to reach. Within its. You while brief program trying to get police and from others stayed -- Other jurisdictions. So. I can't imagine that they're trying to get a men and they don't have the budget. -- OK but the orange tree they act and global water if you don't have detonated police wouldn't be born what the money. Did you didn't when he came here anymore. There are a hard. He. Well that that didn't have a kid big with the -- quite Brinkley I don't have the information I don't the immediately debate you know net. That I can actually do you root -- I have no idea what you entered news Sherri in Metairie Euro and double. Hey Derek Garland are great challenger having -- I want to take as like a tourist from a neighboring parish. Several years ago my friend and I quit going to the court could we could favorite things where it'd be too dangerous to walk a few -- we'd like going. But the officer who called you earlier. I think was right when he said had better not only a filming of the full complement of police. It's possible that some would have been near enough to take down those two. And that is what it's all about. We need to police but I don't think we're gonna get them. I'd I agree with you there -- -- -- -- -- and three of the office Bruno block of the shooting not. Were all in Burma and street another non. Corporate trolling the French Quarter in this man. Three detectives and three narcotics task force members all within that area so. Did the police in the Paula authority had some very good boards and he may be a -- -- -- -- written off. To keep this individual from doing. Good grief that's what fifteen officer with the and a a couple of blocks and and ten of them or brunt of poor -- them -- number century. Well I didn't know that -- make one more -- are sure to leave -- revolving door policy in the criminal justice system is the big enemy. As long as we can't let letting the violent people with the crippled by those two got. Back out on the streets when they've got rap sheet a mile long usually in the -- than have to confirm again and so -- the public. But I mean I totally agree and I went when I talk about putting pure prison people in prison. What I am talking about putting violent offenders and beyond shot out of the Al. But -- the ones being arrested on drug charges. I hope Brothers -- go through rehab. Or -- -- Wear them or try to give him an education whatever. Because there is no. Zero. Nada evident that putting him you worked and what what it's like the guy that called into more accurate. It's costing also portrait. Cost us tons of money. I agree with you Garland because -- one final thing you're OK I think that the somehow. Nor does not. Relate to the victims of crime these things could be more friendly to these women -- And I think the police are just defeated. Their attitude no wonder they have global Alan I can't see how they've -- in do you say anybody no matter what they pay him cajoling that -- I just. It's a good boy I think there's two reasons why it -- who have no problem and probably all -- David Gulf Shores, Alabama. Out Arlen enjoy each Obama native New Orleans in the -- does compensate for the main front and understand that -- square blocks in the French Quarter. Ten square block. And square blocks and we cannot protect the people down there in -- -- down my life you know we're afraid. Via the walk around quarter at night late night. In a book deal and it is going to be epic that. We should have so much police force down there you may be in the soap bubble and think that her wall and go on forward craze. It -- you know we you know we're we're hopeful that kind of thing but you can goal but it is at -- now on I'll stick in your pocket on strep. Again in the open and apathy on the strip you like to open app yet. To -- blocks all we owe it to the public and that sort Islam. Industry to protect that and square blocks -- -- a police recorder. -- economic and another that's all economy for a particular people. Well I'm all for more police than you might stay true because. Proved that I have -- No I don't think it hurts our image -- really don't you do some vigilance of a good look at the headlines right now. -- -- biggest crime rate drops journals like hours. But recent violent chills like -- may hurt tourism. Is tourism down in Las Vegas know it's up Louisiana. We've had this slot we've medal out of publicity. Last year your tourism record 27 point three million visitors. They brought 807. Billion dollars in taxes. Looked all over the world. And and somebody that did lose more than can correct me. -- not look all over the world the only places I can find work time. Makes people not visit his -- zone. The Middle East. Every other city weather beat Detroit where the beat Chicago. Arlington were in the top ten moves in and our murder rate has weighed down. I'll just. Go anybody that says a lot to gamble but I am not going to Vegas could they've got to hive violent crime. What do you think WW. Are there were so think -- about the shooting Sunday early morning. -- street nine people shot. Two critically or in critical condition you've shot it's critical. And do the things here is constantly infect our last caller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Judy welcome to assure -- you call -- Is isn't is Laguna. Affect tourist. There may have some effect on it certainly in the short term anytime an episode like this -- she became concerned in no -- -- a country girl is going to be question raised that is seriously in. And that's certainly legitimate question for people ask that long term I don't think it's gonna dramatically impact for the negative certainly hope -- nova. The tourism officials or loved working closely with the mayor Earl ready to make certain that. There are adequate police now. Uniform and and. An undercover for the week particularly the large number folks who become an account for essence. Bill with -- mail -- read some problems through because. Although they show I have been often give people trouble when they say. AB's Indians have worried you get to make sure how to you know well I think -- heard it. Well. Have always so people read and we have to get those kind of things under control just can kill as tourism. And the side takes a moment that some Q that true. Here's a look at historic comply and wins again it's that new tourism record 27 point three million visitors. Over 800 million dollars in acts revenues. Been a go to Brazil. They've got -- highest crime rates in the world right now to get 600000. Tourist with the world's cup. Two point six billion. When I went to Rio de Janeiro years ago -- walker and -- in the beach and they said don't do it without bodyguard. The tourists were accused -- Here's a gentleman who's head of tourism for Chicago. And he's quoted in the story saying. I've received five -- six calls in recent weeks from meeting planners are now doubting whether it's eight to come to Chicago. They had 253. Killings through the end of June 36%. Increased same time next year next years headline. Chicago tourism is booming. Report one billions then by 98 billion this Mexico. Fifty elderly and people did in drug wars tourism. Fourth largest. Business in Mexico. Saying for Spain same -- Vegas saying for our. In you -- -- for a couple hours could not find and to please in the world all of the them war. Where I'm at the long term -- all the tourists them and I just -- searching properly. We're not thank you probably searched properly I think it does have potentially short term impact short term maybe who maybe -- -- make an immediate. Travel decision that how that's certainly don't expectancy conventions. I can't -- for New Orleans and the folks at that doesn't CPB do a tremendous job attracting conventions people want to come to -- are gonna continue to commit oral. But -- take -- obviously to see an episode like this for the folks who were impacted partially. And it's gonna create some semblance of some stories and as a result just the reality that but I think. That the city officials and to the extent the state officials are involved are very cognizant of what they need to do to try and increasing police presence but you know. Crazy -- like this gorgeous bird did something like this it's it's impossible to prevent every act of program as we -- Jury. Duke have a bill so accounts of -- -- -- route is good businessman and -- criminologist. And they've they had a very polite debate. What -- one I think it showed. -- some elements in our leadership that think there were things were not dueling. Other one's state of the path to -- now is the right path and shouldn't change. I'm sure you'd talked to all parties combined. Do you see anything we need to do that we're not do. I don't know that I can point out any one thing in particular -- and again you've got a local artist in the quarter which is that the focus of of tourism in the -- but there -- a lot of things that people enjoy that are not. Just in the quarters it's worth the majority of people congregate. You've got people who are going to be up to no -- Hoover but Hoover discussed within the mass of people it's in the quarter. I think the. Non uniformed police efforts that are underway here probably one of the best things they can can take place on a note that there are some of that out there I don't know that anybody. Actually -- how much because it gives away some of them deterrent effect pitcher trying to create with that kind of presence that. I think -- in uniform people as well. Makes people feel more secure and in the Tampa Bay in the quarter lately Merrill lost. Have been very comfortable in the number of police who were who were on the streets on the main streets within the quarter. Simply patrolling simply standing on the corner whatever the case might be in the and I know that they're the commitment is there from. From the leadership in the city to make certain that people feel like twelve existing world. Jerry I know your busy four alleged -- anything I haven't asked you did you wanted totality. No I think you've you've hit on the nine point the world would talk about that -- -- which is made tremendous recovery post-Katrina. And for the state Louisiana which is recovered from multiple hurricanes and and the you'll -- -- and we hope and expect this year to be even better than the past two years which have been record setting. And I happened we all hope for a both wonderful successful essence festival this weekend and actually formed for everybody in the world. Gerri thank you so much for the time of great -- Doubled up the call right back just you wouldn't -- at the callers missing -- -- David. Try to get use -- we can. All right back to the callers from this season and memory are preacher during an. Our island I've never called in to show a lot. Are you -- listening to the council men. Single parent and our. There are so many wonderful single parent out -- their children. Right way kicking him out. How am I legally. At the core problem again at all with the lack. Any kind of respect for human life which is -- it well hole. It's not there -- school teacher and I can tell you -- in the summer program. -- kids there. On the other have you bumped by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all of these children. And help of these spot bothered usually app and on the life. -- there was one child on an angle right out there you know there in their lives. He made the -- -- have the network. There on the right track that fine line but. They teach about human life and respect for each other so. I mean people and our children. With you know. Different men and not for themselves and I'll begin from -- And in most of most of the time not mutant but I'm saying most of the time. -- we have this conversation we're talking about black people or brown people. You know end their practice the memory as we got moral -- on welfare would have -- broken families. Then the other two put together and what that account from -- If you look at a Condo on the issue who don't -- don't have a great I don't. I agree -- urban areas. No doubt but I want I god from the -- and and was -- sitting in a single mother you went -- -- his Brothers go to Yale Harvard. And what he was saying it is -- to paint the whole problem. On single mothers. -- begs the entire crop. Right -- but what do you what do you say and there but what I got from you agree with -- double what it was sing his. This is a more hold this a problem if you focus on just one thing. You're not like and again don't you have to focus on everything I don't worry. About what's up what had gotten what he was saying. I agree but I'd -- do you believe he was trying to backtrack a little bit the -- comes from a single out -- and she. And his mom caught in a wonderful job and like it any wonder all single parent out there whether it father -- -- But but I think in this Cheney -- -- -- with crime is there are not being made that cropped from a family unit that. -- me and tell. Me let me tell you what my concern. That bigger -- -- -- development. And been involved in this since nineteen so what are when I have my little business and we have a problem. With big board. And we put the problem on the board and then we came up with the New Hampshire and we are determined we could fix the problem. Partly -- problem. Or not fix it. If you took the big board. And you put on it here's the problem single mothers. Know nuclear family. -- and self control. No education. Go right all of those are all valid but they're talking in the years away the abuse Norton well. And we've worked for -- and we haven't been able to do it so to meet. I don't wanna hear and we all their columns and things like Beatles freed in Memphis where they close at all the boat then. Closes side streets. One and one year old ID. Crime right or not but not on Beale street. So what I'm saying is we keep getting into these racial. Family. So shall. You're not it's not this. One years. Old privilege it. Well let's let's go out okay. I'm not to hear anything that says let's not deal. -- -- -- -- -- But it it's like single card doesn't work anymore. And you're gonna get a job and get Renault 120 years from now. That's a good idea but in the meantime. Article where you're. And that that's what can be. Doesn't pass the smell. Something. -- Whether roots. Planned. Or. Just being taught about. To where we keep concentrating. On these 2030 your answer which absolutely. Should be. But in the meantime -- Others Andy's been handled their problems differently. And if I keep being told by the cheap and everybody else. We're practicing -- practices. Which means we look around the country. But I have they had of the crime commission ruled today. Very nice good room. And I said to him about bigotry. And he served well there might be a constitutional problem. And it's -- street has probably. Already looked at that because they -- implement. Other words. It hasn't been checked load this week. Very good call and and I think you raise some very valid concern. -- read decals and a little bit differently. Out of respect your opinion really appreciative. Good all right governor Abdel -- 78 -- 53. All right Angela field is next shoe will continue to do so buried in compensation. Over the bridge the bridge scored doomed odd goal to -- 0187. Told grade six it -- -- and -- words so it probably what we call it the thing to.