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Jun 30, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell in for Scoot…he has lots of great talk topics: Two people were critically injured in a shooting that wounded 9 people Sunday morning on Bourbon Street…two blocks from Jackson Square and just around the corner from Pat O'Brien's and Preservation Hall. Do you have second thoughts of hanging out in the quarter? Would more “blue boots” on the ground help in the quarter? Would a last call law help curb some of the violence? PLUS: Clinton Tucker used to work for Benjamin Moore. Now, he is suing Benjamin Moore because Tucker, who identifies himself as an African-American, sees racism in the names of some of the company's paints, which appear close to his own name. The offending paint names are "clinton brown" and "tucker chocolate." Does he have a case? Does this sound like money grab to you? Should Benjamin Moore Paints change the names of these paints? ALSO: the Supreme Court ruled some faith based companies like Hobby Lobby can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that requires coverage of contraceptives for women. Contraception is among a range of preventive services that must be provided at no extra charge under Obamacare. Did the Supreme Court get it right or wrong? AND: our LITE question of the night—Bob’s petrified of any kind of snake, even a rubber one? What scares you? THEN: our WWL Paretti Opinion poll: Nancy Pelosi says the surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing into the U.S. is more of an "opportunity" than a "crisis.” Which is it?

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Well it is maybe Bob Mitchell -- real Robert Mitchell filling in for -- again tonight before I. Well what is on our WWL talked tables which took special midnight tonight have you her. About eight trip to sonic intended as a treat and do what they surprised pushed for this one lady. After Carla McFarland pesto chicken strips and brought her kids she reached into the bag for world food and found. A small plastic bag containing. What appeared to be marijuana. She contacted sonics management. And called the cops. An employee took responsible people eventually and it must of slipped from her apron. The employees have been fired. Still not quite sure which was complaining about alright here's what's on -- WW well talked able. Two people were critically injured in the shooting and -- street that wounded 10 people early Sunday morning two blocks from Jackson square. Just roundly corporal pat Goss and preservation hall. Not do you have any second thoughts all about hanging in the quarter. And would more blue boots on the ground help you feel sleeper in the quarter. And here's an idea. Will -- last hall law helped curb. Some of the violence now I'm sure we will never have -- in New Orleans but I didn't even know what that last call law laws. I was in the San Francisco while on vacation. And all of a sudden people start saying last call last column what does that. Last call for alcohol while in New Orleans we have no such thing wouldn't last call law help curb some of the violence it would certainly take some of the people off the street. And what was the last time you did anything in the French Quarter and did you feel safe while you were doing whatever you were doing. And here's a story -- -- I have a field could bring some totals. Clinton trucker used to work for Benjamin Moore. Now he's showing Benjamin board because talker who identified themselves an African American sees racism. In the names of some of the company's plates which appear close. To his own name I am not making any of this stuff. The offending -- names or Clinton bra on and -- chocolate. Do you think he has a case. -- -- fell like a money grab to use should Benjamin -- -- change the names of the plates and some of those names they had before even want to work form. Plus the Supreme Court has ruled that some plays based companies like hobby lobby. To hold religious objection that allows them opt out of the new health law requirement that they didn't cover contraceptives for women. Contraception is among a range of preventive services that must be provided at no extra charge under Obama care. Did the Supreme Court get it -- in other words. They do not believe in abortion. Their place -- as no abortion abortion is essential they do not want to in anyway. Put any money toward any healthcare that's going to provide certain types of birth control. It doesn't mean. That the insurance company could not to give it to him it doesn't mean. That the people could not purchase this on their own it shows that hobby lobby does not want and need their money going toward it. Did the Supreme Court did it right. Is this a victory for running your own business according to your own personal religious beliefs and we have our light question of the night. I'm going to admit publicly right now I am petrified of any kind of state. Even a rubber snake if you know -- they'll ever play it's -- Cho calmly deflected. Die of heart attack right in front of his though what are you afraid of what scares -- to 601 late seventy. 866889. OH seventy we already know about college go to Bob a New Orleans are you tonight Bob. On -- Bob -- and. But Bob first of all of it any thing that you were afraid of. Oh yes I'm operate -- except. Yeah I do I get about twenty feet up and definitely. I have some Beers that are whatever get much like 3040 sure enough. A year really sensitive. Can you get on the plane and fly. -- Le Le -- maverick David looked a little. Yeah muscle. License and a there's many years ago so long door in the street go out okay. Ever I'm like in -- will. The I like. Bit different rats but it is -- movement -- you know let me see rollercoaster spectrum. But is it about him get this straight you have a pilot's license. But you were afraid of heights I don't to -- wanna be in the same plane with you. Well you know -- again all owners. Want to employees and you idiot you pollute our church blocked and then. They are confident you know it's in no issues you know. Looking down. Climate now it's it's it's beautiful. Out here 1214 you repeat. Maybe. You know. It's not a problem at the moment at the door. Do you spend much time in the third quarter. Vote yes a low hard corner outfield do you live in New Orleans you need support to -- or you need to go down there much. Our outlook and let live and explore and are going to the beach. You know I don't know a lot of people -- quit don't go to quarter and regular and I just don't they want you to the -- war -- go to break or so much down there too much tradition -- so much history. Lately there lately there's also a lot of crime and -- and a lot of violence do you feel safe when you go to the third quarter. We're. Populist straight I know there's a lot of plainclothes policemen and there's a lot of uniformed police. It's just late night appear -- good morning once they're in more in the pilot of a true ordered. You were a year now that late you can do is in trouble so -- occurred in -- You know. Phil is sacred. And most leaders young people you look at those. -- news people. You know they're they're young people in nature and there on the brink sort of the government for a quarter of Byrd's streak. So I think they need to. Cooker that. And then you know maybe some restrictions will be critical. Goldman. Older crop which beat. -- -- problem so -- you know about the current quarter. El -- can't drink until you're only one. May be having a law like that and then police we'll have to have the right well not always be insular in their profile and we'll have them the right to say. I need to see your ID. Right -- didn't detonate and look at -- -- in the regular Wal-Mart you. Beer why that card in our. I went to Wal-Mart -- adamantly card made up or should give this to you as. It's actually garden in future he has guarded about it the next it. Again that the idea that your credit card that you are. At that. What -- -- last call law. Help curb some of the buffalo last call law help get some of the young people off the street and get actually get people off the street and it would. Well you know I don't supersede that but I agree yeah I don't think that in there and I don't think they really need to. I think he just he ages of people. That'd. Quarter. And Albert street and take care separate them. Want to reduce. City Council probably. Look at that. You know treaty admired we want to do. I think everything can change I think you'll have all ordered that your and -- tears you up -- down people's park and things like that. Think that it. Living basically just more blue boots on the ground there. Yes you know and and again plenty code of upon what I understand the police were right there -- -- so. -- only and it was copier equipment detectors. On. All streets come into the quarter mean I don't know how they do that some. Smarter made it figured that out. It's -- -- where people can bring weapons to a meeting you go to the world you -- -- -- -- Any major theme park you'd have to go through a gate but protectors are keen. People this is. And he played. Playground for adults it and so definitely you do need to check them I mean you go to a of big car it's fair to the superdome. Abuse in the game you courtroom detector. And they're using one hand there's no sense in and a quarter and -- -- can be very expensive. Runner in others say it this terrorism unit that you're there. Got to Bob thank you for voting and put it. All right to click 018786. X 89 point seven here we're talking about tonight. First of all what do you think. Could be done if anything to make the French Quarter safer. What I last call law help curb some of the violent when was the last time you do anything in the third quarter you go on a regular basis that you don't go. Why don't you go if you do go do you feel safe and comfortable to secure a 178668. At 90878. And -- light question of the night. What are you afraid of what's -- issue I am totally petrified of snakes well -- routes. But snakes I am absolutely petrified of what scares you and is it racism. When you would name a -- Clinton brown. Or -- Chocolat well. A guy who works for Benjamin normal the name of Clinton talker he's very offended by those names and he wants Benjamin board to change the name so. Does he have a point. Part of the sound like one big money -- view it sounds like an -- a little money grab debate to a 6017866. And -- nine Lloyd's family. -- you or next we have a someone's -- -- you want call. 26 year old -- 78668. At 90 -- assembly text -- at age 78 assembly on Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL. And the poll numbers to take part in the show -- -- 01 late 7866889. Only seven LB. Back to the polls in less than a minute RW WL pretty drag where opinion poll question Nancy Pelosi says the surge of illegal immigrant children and Amber's crossing the to the US is more about opportunities. -- -- a price that's what she's a -- opportunity. That a crisis. Which is it for you but crisis. Or an opportunity you can go on line at WWL but common -- voters simply called lead. At 2601 late 7866890. It's -- right now on line 92%. Say crisis. And only 8%. Say opportunity let's go to Damian and battery power you're Damien. I'm good in fact. I'm doing okay. -- you have some thoughts on what do you think would make it actually turned the water and do you go to the quarter that much. I'll try to stay away from downtown. I mean local ordinary Metairie. I did my my downtown -- when I was younger. But I try to stay away from -- I know it down and then there's not been nothing good going. So what what could be done to make it safer I have a text message -- -- read it to you -- and tell me whether you agree about. It's just applaud our needs an Angel it's that I've been their many times -- that there were many miners who have no parents with them you think this guy's got a good point. Com. Acted he would he would make your point well you shouldn't be under age will agree. Under. What Whitaker. If you -- -- maker. -- the problem. If you buy. One. Color. And yeah. -- -- -- -- Forty. Why wouldn't you agree with what you disagree with what he said. I disagree. Day. That people should be stopped and -- -- and I need -- at any point 00 really. No he didn't abilities that if there was an age limit in on the word jute you have you have to be. You have to be totally one to drink so. What are you doing in the quarter if you are under 21 and what he said was he thought that if there was an age limit. In order to go in the quarter then it would be okay for police to ask for ID is just like it is that if you go anywhere and never drank -- Dario. It -- about metal detectors right to keep up their right to keep guns burns will correct right. -- Right to bear arms. Now there are it might. Mean more on that thing. Right. So you'd you don't believe there should be any gun free zones that have. I believe that there. Someplace shouldn't go with a gun and a -- about the first war. Different quarter. It has quietly and -- though. I was gone and our. Would metal detectors out. Our all right you have probably will be. Sharks stopped for no reason and I need to be in that area in. And it's why we have a lot of crime now because police are are are so afraid to stop and search and they want to stop and ask anyone anything. But if we give. We give it that it hurt -- after the crime at its site. We're in. You know we're never gonna get -- It's it's just simply saying that we -- going to try to attempt to have. The the the water Thabeet and on for you know what you're saying is it's OK to have metal detectors. Going in so you'd have to put a metal detector. In every bar that you have and it in the front court wouldn't wouldn't it be better like for instance he brought up a good point when you go to Disney World. When you go to a saints game you have to go through an entrance and what do they do you go through a metal detector so. At the prime. News at. The hospital Frederick street it's an. Okay war no doubt about. It or. Not. Are you -- Brooklyn Bourbon Street is a street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Active in church in the homes and my ideal. Would be your age thing. I don't I don't I don't want to start giving her. And it stripping more of our freedoms. Just try to protect ourselves like where we are. At this administration that we're -- right now is that the way it not a table that are taking our freedom back. All right -- -- let me ask -- question I openly admit that when it comes the snakes I'm petrified of snakes. What scares you anything at all. Hot growth. Although. I can take a rat. Day. -- you'd put cockroach and not quite -- into a form on a girl. I preclinical Cochran you know little one. When one -- draw opened in New Orleans or cockroaches were or part of the ultimate view if you got up in the middle of the night. To go to the kitchen to now it's open up the bridge or a go to the bathroom. You'd have to turn the light on and wait for minute because that you give the -- -- time to have this data so you would you have gone crazy at something like that a. We'll get to. I read an article about -- woman who had odd -- -- is this an acquittal. This woman and -- -- Calling her ear and lay eggs in her ears. And know an iron about 1011 at this time -- for years. -- -- cotton ball in my. At at at at at at that. They did they -- -- go to Chris Ryan and dope -- how're you Chris. I made a real government this is this the -- There's been the secret don't look at. -- here and gulf war. Chair and heard the conversation you know that I -- talk about. -- quarter beat the street where a lot of people forget Robert it. -- the French Quarter actually in national park I didn't know that. -- it matter that it did it go you know I hate them escalate between raw and -- right there across to a lot belt and are we gonna block that and and -- you -- don't get great I'm. Gonna go right there actor in the Jackson square right they're the couple. There is a national park. Right there and the Rangers actually you'd think two or the great two hours -- potentially for. -- would it work would there be any like for instance are our first caller said when you have when you go to Disney World you have a specific entrance. Wouldn't it is there anyway that they could let's say I don't know Hollywood do it but make entrances to the French Quarter. And you have to go through metal detector is is is that going too far. Will. I agree in principle to them to their whole idea but think about all of the action injury you know points -- You know you got to -- becomes then an excellent tourist bowl is currently on the -- -- at all. But they come into hotel. They -- into -- the enemy action if their bags or whatever and yet you didn't go out there are in the water. You know -- it's equally caught in principle my god I hated what happened. -- you all and that's why you know and you know might expect it'll be alert because I know more about what's going on and should be you'll be your -- he's. And a life line. And I just say this yet I don't know what could be we they would be pumped up about all -- go -- -- give view let me read this text message because. If I had Tuesday. What frightens me the most about going to the third quarter this would be at and it's the the touch a lot of people and you know out listen of this while walker and urban. I noticed -- -- intimidating guys standing on the sidewalks and looked at every one in the evil way. They will not move out of the way on purpose the evil element needs to be removed from the third quarter. With with any legal measure I'm fine. My wife and well where were walking in in the water. And we were walking on the sidewalk and they were there was six guys walking toward me and I just told that Russia just to keep walking with that will be fun. And I intimidated yeah was frightened yes absolutely but I tried. I tried no pre judging I tried to say no I'm I'm I'm not gonna given that. And they got right on us and circled what mile. Just to try to frightened of the left and walk away no they didn't -- they didn't harm us but that's the kind of stuff that acted scared the you know well. Years -- -- -- -- true as well tomorrow and stay in you know. Gosh it wasn't like Robert Nardelli younger you know. A quarter was like you know -- go back to eight under. Yeah -- -- Public information particularly. Your typical. End. -- -- Did you. In. Your cap to create. -- it yet but -- -- also be real and it could have been. -- think. -- any kind. Where you go one -- What do you snakes -- those urges militants. That little apartment here as well just like eternal life. And let them. -- All right Chris thank you so most of voting and okay. All right thank you so much all they wanted to know the club -- book a government Britain's go to Raleigh and when and how are you Roy. I don't care. For taking my call it -- and -- law stepped. Watching and equipment board. Who actually making call actually I -- for. Our relationship with god and may never went back. That and now. And and I don't good news for skilled diplomat goes on tax rates that are committed because. Street French Quarter it is really that it keeps your shops and you know like that there it's good music and I met. So are you are you fearful ago or you just don't like the type of enjoyment in the quarter. -- two different job -- your ego and ego like in the afternoon on the week instead flea market. Farmers market you know the date you can usually tell out there and I tell you steal saves the day you know you'll sleep at night. I don't know -- look like Fred stone in the police do -- there -- now far. Checked -- to -- at night time for these youngsters. Would any late last call law worked in the war I don't think you'll ever know nightmare. All right here's our light portion of the night. I'm petrified of snakes what's steers you. Wouldn't let that that that. There are women's. I yes. I didn't finish date there roach into -- -- everybody then everybody direct talks. Annika ripped doubles people talk about -- that I thank you Roy appreciate the call it okay. All right we have some minds open to a six year old when late 78668. -- nine awaits them if those of you -- just tuning in via. Go ahead and and and reach that we're talking about the -- talked about a few things via a Supreme Court ruled today. That a faith based companies like hobby lobby. Can hold religious objections that allow them opt out of the new health care requirement that covers birth control for women contraception. Is among a range of preventive services that must be provided at no extra charge under the Obama Carol though. Did the Supreme Court get destroyed -- but the Supreme Court says. If I own a small business -- vote at -- a five by a fire that the family run business. And is against my religious principle. But I can say I don't want to put any in my money toward birth control if that's something that I am against. Now I don't wanna put any money towards something but a lot of -- to get an abortion because I'm against abortions. So did the Supreme Court get that right. It's not saying. That the insurance company that. That the government wouldn't -- should make the insurance companies provide that particular feature of the policy. Free of charge they're saying that they don't wanna put their money poured it in in other words. I guess the the amount of money that the company -- sport in shorts that they don't wanna spend their money because it's not what they believe in spiritually so. Did these Supreme Court. Get it right. Is this a victory. For businesses to be wrong according to an individual's own religious beliefs to secure -- one point 78. 866889. Point seven and Leo read to you before we take the break the story of Clinton talker he used to work for Benjamin Moore. Now he's showing. Benjamin -- Talk to identify themselves an African American he sees racism. In the names of some of the company's saints which appear close it was real name. The offending -- names are Clinton brow and and -- -- that his name is Clinton -- or does he have a case according to court papers he was hard in June of 2011. Trucker claimed that while working. In the online arm of Benjamin Moore he learned. Of a new color called talker chocolate. Which the suit called extremely. Racially offensive. Now -- they learned of existing colors from the words these colors were there before he didn't want to work forum called Clinton -- and the company also as Parker orange and talk progress. Despite his complaints the Benjamin Moore they took no action. Does he have a case here. Do you think that you can you see where these names could be racially offensive does he have a case. Should Benjamin Moore will be and they did change the names of these planes war doesn't sound like to you. Like it sounds like the lead. A money Graham. 2601878668890. It's seventy and I wanna go. What butcher phobias what are you afraid of I am deathly afraid of snakes what are you rate to 601 -- 786689. Point seven in fact with a look at the calls green right now. We have a whole bunch Alonso but the people in it won't be -- won't be. Very long before we get on the run Bob -- -- boot on WWL I'm Bob -- interest boot on WWL 26017866889. Point 70 gets in the polls in just the second let me read this text message. What's going on same -- parish police swat and -- aside. -- -- the were taped often violent -- of -- shooting. And hostage. I have no idea what's going on there so if anyone. And help me anyone around that Eric calls a -- on and you can kind of club. He'll listen okay. Let's go to. Anonymous. From Mississippi of that right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let her pillow. Top. UW WL. Thank you Colin on the commitment that was made -- what your thoughts. On my top -- at an error. I mean it discriminate and we're at Germany and the economy economy. Won't get out there Catholic creeps yeah yeah. No are no hobby lobby says that I'll hire anybody but I don't want since I don't believe. In abortion and so it's against my religious principled. I don't want to put any money toward that fund. -- reports. Not the only -- control that there that you will -- but it's it's it's not until they're yup that's. It's one of the pills that. I'm I'm pundits called morning after pill I think that's that's the main thing that they organs but you don't have to go work for hobby lobby if you don't want to do. -- -- -- But should they should ever right they -- get a bit grenades and how how is that discriminating by saying. I don't want my money to gold wardens. It's their business if you don't wanna work -- nobody should -- right to run their business the way they wanna run that. Yeah a lot of if they -- that it. Obama here which which I don't think of the band program -- -- -- that -- aren't paying. Try every audio to your health care it is the only way out. Getting. Means stopping me and you preparing everybody out there again -- inexpensive. I'll. But it will not congress bird and well and that means hill. -- -- know it's. The only thing that. I remember in the suit that hobby lobby was against that it was two forms of birth control. In and they. On the 1 most -- morning after pill I do not remember the other form but anyway what do the chief justices wrote a separate ruling that says. To emphasize that the administration can solve this problem very easily by requiring. Insurance company. To cover the I'll cost sharing contraceptives. Accomplish that option for female employee. Saw all have got to do is gonna rework that that one part of the plan but you know I mean let's face it. Hobby lobby is not the only place to work for and I below it. Not that it it's the only one opera in new job when you needed job. Then you tell have been figure out something else -- let me ask you this would above the Catholic Church the Catholic Church is totally against abortion. So should. -- it is rock act and -- actor and apple. Down nobody know the -- in the next question is that the Catholic Church is against abortion right. They are all right well then should a Catholic old hospital. Be forced to. Do abortions. Are now. You. Know hospitals that do abortions. No there aren't cops that are doable and -- clinics that he's -- you know not -- you -- have you abortion here that that can happen. Aren't aren't there are certain procedures that you couldn't have done that. Are the same as an abortion. Or woman. Yet that they use only on -- a patient is having problems not. Just I don't feel like a -- and pregnant anymore. You know that that more or abortion clinic I don't like -- support that child not the right time and whatever reason or abortion. I don't don't do that and -- handing a medical problem. Well should. -- and I know what to say and and you know and on though you know my wife's an hour and dollars an -- and you know that that you know you can get around that if you really want to. You know that I mean. Right so we're. Not about but it's the same thing or OK but how OK but hobby lobby. They they are at it's run by a -- Christians who don't believe in. Certain forms of birth control because they believe. Now. To my knowledge they're not talking about the prelude to everyday they're -- no 1 -- the morning after an I'm sorry I don't know the other that was that was the big argument in the beginning they knew they weren't gonna try to stop you from using birth growth let me ask you this. What would stop. What would stop a woman going to work for hobby lobby and put the responsible deal in the mail or use a different form of birth control. We mean put the responsibility on them make the man used a condom. Want to know read and that they should use a condom at any way. You know it you're married couple -- -- you're not a couple you know that and then for any length of time haven't been asked did you but you'll forced everybody should you can't let. And you were forcing these people who own the company who do not -- the Supreme Court ruled that that they can hold religious objection. So what. The abortion -- but I hit my -- and when I called man would -- you talk about it every day or control. -- -- -- -- -- -- As far as I know OK and I'm as far as I know that this ruling did this ruling did say. No birth control at all in other words. But hobby lobby in the beginning was not fighting. As far as I know and if there's someone who was listening who knows more than me call me incorrectly. As far as I know in the beginning hobby lobby was not fighting let's say the the daily birth control pill. They were fun right they were funny in the morning after -- because they said that basically. Conception could have happened that night and then you take the -- the next morning and there -- mine that was a form of abortion. So that. The united yeah I definitely agree with what and I hear anybody. Although I am pro abortion. I mean I can't agree with anybody. Against what they call the abortion pill really -- Look at that if you are saying -- and we you don't have enough time part that I'm. Well I got to take a break right now but before you go is there anything that that you're afraid I mean I'm afraid of snakes -- any any. I have to agree with every at a college you've had already they would just about the comic as -- congress. You don't afraid of what you're not afraid of blood. I don't know it's hit an all right thank you so much okay. All right 2601 late 7866890. Its revenue we have some lines open. Gimme a call on Bob Mitchell and for student WWL. And the phone numbers to join the show was -- are willing -- 786 X 890878. Tonight we're talking about what to make the French Quarter safer more blue boots on the ground will list called law help the violence in what was the last time that you did anything in the French Quarter. And are you afraid to go now let me get caught up a couple of text messages them to back to a pulled Bob. We would go to the quarter at least three times a month I'm scared to deal in which they you know I'll eat in the restaurants shop gamble. Park and drink while ago. I'm scared how many more people animal peeled away do and won't go back. Concerning the hobby lobby decision as for as. Not having a paper certain forms of birth control of Supreme Court got to -- both of these companies and insurance. But cover pills like Viagra but you mean they can't cover birth control women. Come on. Back to the French Quarter. It is a real shame that such a national treasures the part of -- of these issues. We have to make new world in the -- plates back the hobby lobby. Hobby lobby has provided birth control in its medical coverage that -- talking about earlier. They are opposed to the abortion. -- 260187866. Andy and I know it's that if the sale to empower you tonight. With the monument -- To do it and those that merit scholars -- tech knowledge about. There's a particular about it prevail under obamacare but if you -- -- or -- there's been anticipated they'll be and yeah and emotional obamacare -- all that is all we are still very -- -- When you're against the bomb obamacare completely right. Play. There are no good and others wonder if you ever go to different quarter. Got -- all about we're not. About like a lot of the other. Mr. Rupert -- I -- -- my children there at night. Because you don't have come up out there on the blog about his daughter you know but there's. I YouTube where -- had -- out there and they ought to go out there -- all out there you know. I admitted. -- they are about to play football. It was dark. You know on its quarter wanted better because they give a dark space around the plate what about it stop. Good points and Salem after -- phobias and I think you're scared of -- I fired at an economist by there. I'll like -- -- -- do it might buy out. A little what happens if you walk the spider web. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the way I feel about snakes thank you Sam so look for voting and I blame though we have mark we have written a couple of the people of -- Hold those they want me I'll get to -- right after the problem is that if you call and right now hang on big Jumbo -- idiot. And you get to also have to -- we'll be right after the the top of the hour on Bob -- to the brigades seventy WWL. AMF and N dot com.