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Jul 1, 2014|

Two people were critically injured in a shooting that wounded 9 people Sunday morning on Bourbon Street…two blocks from Jackson Square and just around the corner from Pat O'Brien's and Preservation Hall. Do you have second thoughts of hanging out in the quarter? Would more “blue boots” on the ground help in the quarter? Would a last call law help curb some of the violence?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is -- -- -- the real Robert Mitchell filling in pursuit again tonight I'll lay out -- on our WWL talked table for -- hour in just the second have you heard about this. A snake invasion. Is making people's game and crawled in the western suburbs of Naperville Illinois. One ladies and I'll have five or six of them on my Bush's. I would die right there there were twice they are twice as big this year as they work left he. At that and and they are not afraid of me anymore they steer away delivery drivers he will see them and dropped the package and run back. To his truck the garter snakes have hybrid and -- this year because of the polar vortex I have -- what that means. The city of -- -- animal control. A short of these creatures present no -- they do and though if you can't find and apply it don't touch it because there of venomous snakes indigenous. Of this area. And that's what brought -- to our light caution of the night. What are you afraid of -- such a high. And I am absolutely. Petra full of snakes I'm so petrified of snakes that. If someone were brick in my house and -- -- a little snake instead of a gun and he was sail right. All right Bob. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- annual white that your kids where'd you it is artsy while models with the wife first work your way into the kids that that's all frightened and most addicts. So John what about you it's it's -- -- but it -- what are you afraid. I'm not afraid rarely rarely rarely do not like cockroaches express especially ones. Those frightening. As a kid and wasn't scared of roaches. Until. Almost ups excuse. You know he's like my Big Brother. -- his brother and I was in the bathroom change. It was a genocide it's. Obviously he's excellent okay. So I grabbed descriptive -- went to hit it and one swan took flight and I'd never seen a flying car -- before too. -- I was. At a higher -- and I screamed like a little girl. And I tore that hole out from China is -- -- everywhere toilet paper was enrolled. I mean in the room we're with a -- after I try to get with an approach nemesis then. -- -- -- I grew with wrote in an aunt in our -- -- we lived in the shot themselves in the 4400 block of front street and when you've got up at night. Especially if you walked in the kitchen shot on -- you had had a living room a bedroom bed room. Kitchen bathroom vehicle for the kitchen to get the -- And to make sure you didn't you either put shoes all walking barefoot. Yet you hear an idol. Apple want you. Man -- man and that if the freaked me out so. Thank you John all right here's what's on our WWL talked able to get to you called in just less than a minute let me let people know we're talking about. Two people critically injured in the shooting and urban street that wounded 10 people early Sunday morning to block some traction score. And just around the corner from pat -- and preservation hall. Do you have second thoughts about hanging in the first score would more blue boots on the ground helping the poor -- last call law. Helped curb some of the violence when was the last time you did anything of the pork couple of people suggested. That you know put an age limit the trip to be 21 and over and of course the little things -- -- would love to do is. Get rid of letting guns in the quarter now just in case. There any policeman was mean I have a question to ask you would this work you know airports and -- the old bonds that you know that that's in. Would it work if we gave all of our police almost as these ones. I know you'd need a permit to carry a gun. So why would be wrong. With -- -- and people that looks suspicious or anybody whatever you think whatever the policeman's discretion stand them -- the wall and see if they have a gun. We have to do some plea to a 60178668890878. Let's go to Chad amenable power you dread. I'm doing fund. Chad are you as -- evening that you are afraid of anything -- version. We -- column I don't know what it is. 632 have been in many movies yeah. Yeah. Ethnic soccer and turn into -- -- -- it helped -- I don't know what it is. -- them like you did being here and felt we. Freak out making -- technical. It's heroic is a month from -- pork here. To take care that that's what big sphere. Talking about the French or opposite so I will go to college. News could induce you to dangers too much but you know logistically constitutionally to be able to battle these officers check right d.s. Haven't -- you can implement today. We're wired needs to be on the street. Seems pretty typical check in the constitution. Why not just. Implement a curfew. For people 18 under after 9 o'clock or one of the order that's. Yeah because it would denied the system. That had to be partly property and be able to tell you how old beauty industry. Lisa business yeah well with the curfew you can implement that public street. He could do on the weakened in different. You know -- we can slow it -- ages depending on the circumstances be it. They'll Friday Saturday in the majority team after 9 o'clock. -- -- topic of diabetes. Eating more boots on the ground not implement. And I decent them with. Could justify. Making sure that people lottery you know -- the streets helping people would go. You know. I only go to the quarter at night what are some prone to come in from out of town and we've been to preservation hall a couple of times and those of view who grew up new rolling if you've never been to preservation all it is an -- musical -- But you note issue concede out on the streets suburban street in the quarter. These young kids and yeah you look at them and you say. I don't Olympic and possibly be eighteen years of age some current way we have to take and do something with them. Absolutely there might be one way to do it. John Chandra appreciative voting all right -- by Q let's go to. Charlie be calling from uptown or you Charlie. Enter your big do you think it might actually there I mean. We got 365. Days a year and all in their stay -- 2000 people that go to Hamburg street. You know it's -- mall. And Super Bowl and the Wall Street. In Asia but it is that they and -- -- and -- people. Goodness in each tree on virtually everybody in the businesses. You know not usual we don't know. OK -- -- What about the people there there are a number of ministry ordered dearly believe and CE five days at some that we ever. We have to talk about shooting at something charity capitol street and what frequency. When. I would have to say -- guys to bury bury bury coach I mean. That metal detectors and in. -- -- -- fiscal making it's -- to actually get you content. And we've had become occasional more than one occasion unfortunately again. So obviously like the warns we definitely issues. -- -- you know I'm simply saying or Bourbon Street. If we talk about -- once. Every couple years all or even that the 218. You know -- community and 63 today. It all out there doing his job I do not gonna stop you stop everything happening. Cope with your position to respond as quickly you can duplicate. Charlie would you be in favor of this and at you know the light -- just turned on in my brain as as I'm reading -- you which. If you go back and all of the French Quarter crime that we've had lets say over the past couple years right. Profile. Who does describe what what age bracket and who -- -- The who's the most for. Well unless they Arnold Red -- But that -- -- Org -- animal and an illegal everywhere in the same in the art it ought to be ejected. For the military that you can't kill me. Who chipped in from from some school him or or or. Shouldn't blow up and Hugo. What you're currently there became well Albert street because between. -- now that it's not going to say window of error when new. When when you when you look at the the the personal interest and the people that into the I think they're saying. That they think that -- the people involved or somewhere between eighteen and 39 so if if you can if you can zero in. And it at a demographic. That is most probable to commit the crimes -- get out all of saying we know that this group of PR port Heidi and her. How do you get out of pro in in the way sometimes profiling is. I. Guess what it is Israel but for the person -- you know what Lima grow what are -- going to -- -- whatever. We would go to street district being out. While it might be able -- and -- -- objected. -- to. Whatever it might be. Which even at that mentality and tumors. It. I -- again this is there. What you -- that we talk body even though. They usually. What you put a -- -- -- doesn't justify it because you've got a sixty reading. Where armed suspect because it doesn't happen. Right but tell tell that to the mother of one of these people were killed. Well you know what. I mean for that matter what but what you blow. That that you attract. -- -- -- that they go to a school. In this country in Asia go and then in pipe bombs aren't you right -- Idle -- disagree with that and now he invited -- eagle on. Well no you don't come -- you know. No wind the the last eleven -- we talked on the show in it but the majority and that. As far as I know every school shooting was done by young white. You know what I would I would simply say that there are some indicators. My wait until we hit up I'm sorry I mean it but I'm Leslie and Lebanon text -- I have Robocop woodwork the. I think -- We -- quicker action in accurate I can imagine him just joke around a bit of credit from like. I Charlie I appreciate your opponent and tonight but I heard it I played a tick to 601878. 866889. Point seven we will have a few lines open. Those of you -- -- on holds they would be I'll get back to your right after the break. If -- an opponent and be part of the show big double digit checked out ready to go to 601 late 7866. Avic I know it's seventy. We're talking about though the problems we have in common time in the French quorum on Bourbon Street. Do you have any thoughts on how we can keep this violence from continuing to happen in our city. Bob Mitchell -- for children WWL. You know we know you love -- -- -- WW -- have more great concert tickets for you The Doobie Brothers and Frampton Peter Frampton coming to New Orleans play and live the champions where. Sunday July 20 at 7 PM and WWL has your tickets to ways to win on air and FaceBook joins -- or Tommy talker. Every morning this week between six and today it will play part of a Doobie Brothers reprieve to Frampton song to be the first to call the lyrics to follow you'll it and that's -- Sounds like fun. -- may be listened to the music and sing along to win or another way to win go to -- WWL radio FaceBook page. Look for The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton contests like us and register to -- and keep on -- at the station I -- rock federal. WW let's go to. Let's go to Craig -- how are you Craig. I have to build -- I don't know -- Find Greg -- you have any ideas the -- people of -- does things like metal detector. Enforcing the curfew -- -- a little bit more I do you have any thoughts on what we can do to make things better in the French Quarter. I got a couple of these although workers but. Or what I don't think adding more police will will you would expect -- more protective -- because it put that Florida is. Like Camilo a call saying they had cup bright you know block only -- -- idiot still did you know so. That marketers who would bring in all this book -- oh reactors -- reactive action reactive action you know. And under or that all that all politics so that their record. -- What what what would it help if police carried these these. Portable metal detectors and and if if they see someone that that looks suspicious of the to the Eagles and them and if if they have done and they have a permit -- -- if they haven't done their apartment you arrest them. Only late in I think I mean is that things will be going well or memorial in -- thing and you know that you are. -- that you could fetal law -- out that. -- Opting all the way to really do that is to completely private. In -- note comment crazy idea whatever but it. What the other -- talked about mall than the other caller talked about. Don't know that -- you know thought -- -- art ever see it happening is. If they completely private that the French long -- for. -- quarter you know and -- you could have an inference. Of mandatory interest on that from. Where you can not pick and choose who -- -- book tours equal party or excrement -- You have to you have to have several entrances. Right. Exactly you know what. The debate -- it is important what part you heard. Like links on smaller order -- no the yeah. -- -- you know. Let me answer the question Craig I -- I have a right I have a text message and actually were to think of this. -- restrictive to have class act clubs. That in -- do now it's turned into a place B and -- and that its popular pop what is popular now is turned into. A majority of young immature kids that are being attracted to the quarters that make any sense to you. There are really. For I have seen a lot of young kids decorum when I've been there. Right and and a pretty -- art -- Cooper says. Conte and of course you're nodding go to the court vote. -- -- You know you in outlook because not preclude. Vote. You know the rule regulation -- couldn't get down there. I don't think the new head unit figures who were you had to work or had -- you know he's got to be over over our collateral you have you. And -- I think that. He created you know or later you wouldn't order it. Could not to make it to where I'm not a problem Lofton who vote discrimination and I'll -- -- Yeah the -- -- it will the first quarter. Eighty. Like what boat called the straight about ball the first quarter is the ball. You'd have you'd have to block off a lot of streets and and and you'd have to have multiple entrances but it would mean it would mean. Blocking off well a lot of access and then. You would have the situation of the people that that live in the quarter and then and then you have a situation -- you know -- number twenty vehicles had to get right. What is that -- -- that the thing that that's why -- still never com and you know. Bullet that probably you can have full control of both. -- rhetoric is that old whip these little you know my outlook or other than sixty. He said you know great bit. I'll look at what until fifteen. -- actually hurt somebody that actually murdered you know they're narrower than the likes you know that artery open date but it -- It's just stop noxious you know. -- reported -- let me ask you well the question it's -- -- light question of the night a unity phobias and I think you're afraid of. What is. Being there. Yeah. Yeah yeah you know that -- not partner -- -- regional. Let anyway. Ordered him there and -- uses like. -- market electric things where -- where -- close yeah it will close you know. -- and that the bullet down the culpable. -- like -- tight clothes whatever -- currently. If you -- if I want to go to -- are you currently wouldn't wanna go up because. Could -- be great runner who is more because the outfit that you know where you could do all Rada. You you like loose fitting clothes for the -- dot peacock. All right crowd appreciates opponent in -- Let's go to Greg in the -- Greg thanks for calling WWL tonight. Our great -- Willett you've -- you afraid of an evening you have a phobia anything that scares you. Actually hit a ball in the bridge and I look -- Is that terror. Can explain it on the one argument would be. -- that rep for. Knock him my wife has the opposite like if -- were going over the other twin span. I can't be in the right and -- I have to be and in the middle and she she does not like to be pulled the edge there and she did -- of rarely rarely. Freaked out if if I drive in the right hand lane next the -- might have -- we travel anywhere I can never. If -- on the expressway it's fun but any time we go over any bridge after I cannot be on the lane. Next to via the -- have to be in in in the middle. Well. Which what you thought about things maybe we can do to make things better conference quarter. -- -- That it expected that it. I'll admit that about -- it was their commitments and made sure to argue that the Mets at Marriott cheers oh. A point in -- lot of editors. Ed. Around street and not just or monopoly on all the street each direction. One into the other the police actually in barricade the street. And -- they they do not pro they checked everyone. And and now they don't they used to deportable a metal detectors or the yet to walk through one. In the portables and there there's placed opposite on the and the perimeter as well or or it it's state they have a pretty good there cage system actually at that. Talk more officers and what it answers you know. It's been challenged in court in the during -- news. You cannot -- in Austria there are certain. The liberal summit. But pretty market and without the chip. So you know I don't know how big a problem that would be for our French Quarter but that that's like what I've been thinking about that seems committee. You know. We we've we we can't we can't -- status. I have a day of a philosophy that that I used with my family a lot and situations. Was say if you have a problem. Then one in the -- it'll always equal -- if you don't change an element in its like a mathematical equation if you don't change an element in the equation. The with the right of the equals sign will always be the same answer. -- I like. Like you're talking about. In its masters. What does that I know they did a year ago you and they still do it and the thing. I was actually insider. Establishment and Adam. Who left to go to the oh so row and I had no clue that there at eight it has been the city. -- it was maybe an hour later -- came back and and a lot. Could imagine it's a significant. A probably waited for -- -- -- -- minute he gets back or. You probably could not do the little French Quarter but it seems to me that you could do it to -- treat you could cut off access to Burma street. And put the barricades up and have had police been tricked you with metal detectors -- that that to me. Sounds like something that might work I don't know if we're heavily police offices listening but if we do -- sure wish they would polian and Demeter input on the. Berkshire it it would seem to me that there -- Association you. While -- -- in -- they would support but that. I would think so great. -- operation to voting in tonight Eric art all right thank you -- 2601870. 8668 at 90 it's seminoles to the numbers to call. We have our -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Nancy Pelosi says the surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing into the US is more of an opportunity. The crisis when I read this story has said she's gonna be smoking something let's go to a John John what do you think. Our -- and what is it broke off late and I have a little more the story hole and just the session. A year ago. Nancy Pelosi says the surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing into the US. Is more than an op more of an opportunity -- a crisis listen to this whole thing and see if it makes any sense at all. She says that those crossings should be welcomed not treated as a problem. The crisis but some called a crisis we have to view as an opportunity. Pelosi said if you believe as we do that every child every person as a spark of divinity -- them. Then is therefore worthy of respect. Pelosi acknowledged that the surge those -- price of qualities. But again urged the public to use that as an opportunity. To show who we are. As Americans that we do respect people for their dignity. And work and these are people who or what coming into our country illegally so does that make any sense to you at all. Why are led wire is spending two billion dollars to try to that can solve this problem. If it is an operative order at the economic crisis. Well I would like to try and tie together a couple of points. A long time ago twenty years ago worked in. Related to up to. Where there's a lot of gang problems and it was mostly around selling crack cocaine but there was another there was robber armed robbery and new -- that data -- -- -- in no way there are gangs. We're Hispanic gangs gangs like and -- getting anywhere you. And Bob people talked about single parenting but a lot of time to think there's been -- -- parakeet working. On drugs or something. And so what you that's canned pork Euro he would we're really. Racing themselves and grow older kids in Italy they. Have no interest in school but he had no no real reason to it. There -- in making money off the drugs stealing cell phones or whatever party is in new predict an ankle just constant negative -- One of the so when I know Kirchner is. And athletic and I don't know where nor program is. Now you know but done. When you can get kids interested in net let anything -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- them not to get swallowed up into. A lot like Ann Coulter is pathetic the -- I mean for the immediate solution now. Our -- think maybe you can get some plainclothes people and they aren't working yet but we're all people from the state police or whatever but at some. State police has said they're -- up their patrols. Well and with which things -- -- that event coming up they really need to. Occasional new loans to not want to lose big but the economic aid. I would like -- wore plainclothes cops on the street rather than uniform cops. That's -- and so and it -- troop what state trooper we're. What are you need more plainclothes cops so you can sort of like like the people that are -- and you'll. -- -- -- -- When -- around -- ankles or whatever reasons I mean people in -- won't know those reasons you got to try and end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now. I think that could be seen this year on -- -- sports Ali they'll hit it. Aren't -- energy and you know they wanted to beat theory about it in the courts and they don't go on being in college or pro. It's in me to stay in school -- you know it is to -- and torture and are you might not think that. A big part of that. The long term will end or. What they -- and that's the well but -- get that part cannot agree which he the plainclothes and that's a start but it still want this. During repeating itself well no no word and it used to order. -- you know on the Ralph people all the time you get into it right -- these players it's it to question to answer. John I gotta I gotta take a break before ago what scares you anything. -- -- When I receive yours so we've launched a New York good to grant pier -- burst Hillary camp will blow up a little line -- -- Right now mark pollute a point drop 20000 feet plus -- -- total power -- -- Either yeah listening. Story anyway it was it was like being beyond war put I don't know 38. To. Whatever about twelve or do you still fly today. The notes. And I bite. It. I've got it not matter. About it but he got. Thank you John all right Wayne my David I'll be with you and just the second. We have lines open if you're a college 26017866. Andy and I know it's seventy. You can text me at 87870. Missiles don't show I'm Bob Mitchell on WWL. WWL and riverfront marketing group and like you and the family to go forth on the river. But on your red white and blue enjoy and -- fourth of July at 9 PM in New Orleans riverfront one of the top five must see fireworks show in America. It features synchronized fireworks between two -- chargers that the patriotic music. Over the mighty Mississippi River bring your radios were Smart -- or less -- a hole in June and July 4 at 9 PM. For an amazing celebration on WWL happy fourth. From the station that loves you as a WWL it's 020 Wayne calling from Gulfport or -- -- How great you -- -- when you hang out the quarter march. Oh no don't don't don't board declared. What it. Could you. But it is pretty great. Based on a tool -- solution would. Grow. And I've been the audit and a lot of -- -- you know. -- like order double or bewildered yeah well you at the center migrate all the New Orleans. Are essentially what transco -- That the stick and didn't care. But they all -- school way there. School I want to -- area. Where -- he would everyday. And it knew everybody in this square but -- square sports. Bob square off. Well yeah they walked could be in new people. Everybody -- everybody Google C -- Ball. Policeman. Or policemen. Sure no body to be cute -- it grow. -- -- nobody. Jumped. -- Okay now. Or a year because. Of it is not a -- ball -- And that. And you can stop all the normal and it would not -- any. It will -- 90% well. The eagle on street because you're built with campus in the area. No. More old school. Vote. So the answer is more beat cops and a. Absolutely out to promote. -- However however now on the second fees -- call for the last call it was spot. It needs could be formed. You need to private entity and there in the quarter to determine what now. An opinion that probable cause paean to take it -- out for profiling. Profiling. Poke out one. Of the law has probable cause you can make it directly. I'll probable cause you can say he would. Drop. Andre it was a bit of opened the way to stop you want -- it was Herbert. Know you'll want it to non -- to -- probable. All right you're right about in you can detain. And from there. A lot of that now all of these are out which are. Continuously be a problem. -- at the summit but there is on that document and if they had no problem -- And that -- and that point and -- -- and -- people and put America. Training program. Should to -- a -- and and and and let them put it he should dump. The -- It's -- a program in general make it. Have been. -- I think I agree with everything you've said you know why because it sounds like common sense. Logical bought a lot to -- And opened the match and she can. Hopefully they'll but he added. Revenue. And brought it pretty independent. Media. Columbia and it -- in and you know ago. Open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- commission with. An entity that would also be. Oh yeah the court the pot but -- It was actually really. And hired out what the person. Commission. And he he. Courts -- -- the people all good. Only -- technical. Equipment and you know. No way you brought up you brought up one point that I remember when I was a kid who what when I was grown up many a times. The the courts would give the young men a choice jail or the military. Well you don't. -- problem at last Tuesday at home. Population problem in all right now these. The problem because it would. Look at it or it -- all that should be. Well. It it would really. Because -- big second ago. And Erika. -- I have to go to my break but before you go -- -- your fear is what's yours you. Apple it. Have you met -- And I like we have Mike and -- and -- I'll be right back with your phone calls on Bob Mitchell was the Bill -- seventy WWL. AM at that man dot com.