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06-30 11pm Scoot, Fifa Fever, safety on Bourbon Street

Jul 1, 2014|

In lieu of the recent shootings on Bourbon street; would you still feel safe in the French Quarter? Are you catching the soccer spirit because of the FIFA games? Are

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It's Dave Bob Mitchell the real Robert -- -- interest group don't know if you're listening in the 8 o'clock hour just in case you missed the story this. Really caught my attention and I would share with you a trip to sonic. And tentatively treat and the little surprise for one woman. Carla MacFarlane passed -- chicken strips and Fries to her kids. And issue reached into the -- world food she found a small plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana. Well she contacted sonics management called the cops and employee took responsibility for the -- saying that. In most of the -- were paper and the employee has been fired. And understand what -- were really complaining about the issue went back the next day himself today. All I have a chicken strips and prize in this bag. Here's what's on our. WW but we'll talk to it. Chicken strips and price. At -- it gave me yesterday. What's going on here. All right here's what's on our WW talked table as we have taken the midnight tonight. Two people critically injured in the shooting and herb street that wounded 10 people early Sunday morning it was to -- attractions where. Just run the caller from -- and preservation hole. But you have any second thoughts about -- in the quarter. You take more blue brutally -- would help the war would last call law -- and no one. No one has supported the main thing I'm getting from people. It is -- they think that some kind of way we ought to figure out a way to come up. Kind of pulls off urban street naked and entrants like you have a Disney World this felt like down and have a -- likely check for weapons. I don't know if I can be worked up but boy it makes little sense to -- let's -- -- -- in the quarter. How are you Milli -- in the world is the ability of the quarter. I'll live marrying no I don't. But that they. We had a couple good idea tonight from a market today I. You don't -- sound just like a lady you called your called -- she calls all -- It dealt with on that -- out that barrier to help from the conflict along -- all right but anyway. Leon. I wonder if all the businesses and one block on -- -- could -- be. I would be mandatory that they -- one but the one profit patrol for that block. Bombs that solves. Ronald I don't know how they could make it mandatory because you know police service is a service of of this is so I don't know why you could say. Donald -- Donald like the city could say hey we have cops but you have to hire you wrote about I don't think I don't think they could do that. -- -- Upon that one thing I've been on Tuesday a bad idea healthcare client yeah. I've been lamenting the years ago we had our -- -- You won't ask you. And I do think -- have that plan in place. As far as I know -- -- -- her future for young people and I don't I don't know how much -- and forced. But his fourth and though they still do have a curfew okay -- I do like the idea. Barking up his have been read. I don't think that was do you go to -- legal. But the -- Let out a but in a lot of nice people -- nationals to a -- added that. All sides and all that. You know when they get these sides and they put him in jail. What kind dictated -- equipped with of the Sunday. While the other channel on Libya and they definitely don't cut me up at. But anyway this man what they. A gang. When we younger yeah -- gave -- life story. And he said that though when he went to jail it was a pleasure. Because he met on the on the day that he and they like to -- -- and he would they would teaching him how to do it better and. Sony was so in jail in the third in the -- about a criminal. Yes I'm telling you good luck this with the true story bullied. And -- my idea and that. Dead it would you can -- away now. And day it honorable thing have them be -- gang. They get. -- -- -- that it went about our panel bill not my idea when they get jail they have to do spotlight. On this patty up. And everything else. Mary -- let me ask a question if it's our -- portion of the night I've admitted throughout the night that I'm literally. Petrified of snakes that -- even a rubber snake -- you throw rubber they kept me like I can have a heart that are are are you scared of an inning -- -- idea. Do you remember. Do you after the ball in the -- but I had to be huge type we all. My husband talked me into going and -- won one time and then when he gets to the top. It's ops team once he I think it does locking this thing. Well the crazy. Right was it isn't. It was a crazy -- right. And I am not want anyone on the thing. It was a crazy rocky this. Is ours as well maybe not they what they stay with -- today. All right. I'm here okay. But anyway I want to thank each other timeline that they put Oakland as well yes. All good that maybe one -- on a bit -- and then it kind of winged feet. Actually used it you're scared of heights. That line yet all right thank you so much this is the banana men. Yeah yeah why do. No huddle as politically but now it is I'm no no I'm not and I'm not I'm not not do that and no no it. I'm not today passed a -- -- OK right it's something. We will -- people I am I right utterly outraged or what you're gonna tell me a story why you called the banana minutes can inspire people and I'm right. I got called an enemy and I are OK. Ike the French Quarter injury to cater. -- -- it's more drama for right. And I realize there's a lot of people that are active use or a little help. Yeah so bottled water in order to achieve a nice and I also -- but that -- -- to just two weeks ago I actually walk up to me out of it did you know from Adam and he said hey. And I why. -- -- -- -- -- -- I am I mean it that you -- the national network lets you know it's kind of thing. Aaron then on -- they would have been teaching my daughters to use the same that the good and noble thing to do. I'd like that that's -- -- that the -- I admire you that's that's a wonderful thing to do the burden. You know he people out there or not and a couple bucks and you know you can eat now it's our state -- -- yeah. -- there mind my daughter's seven. They noted that. In the middle of the -- time when there's not been going on they've seen little tribal beer church with control -- that. But hey you it's you go to street retreat street program not a world. Will go -- it -- after year. Cater yeah it will outline aren't and am -- And channel the other players in the channel your your wheat acres and our man Jack the current and former air. My wife actually had a couple of -- is in our house itchy spot from art and where. So there are parts that 10. -- there's something seriously wrong you bringing poetry street -- you bring up. A very good appointments I'm sitting here listening to you. You know I've been to the first quarter for look for the -- for the French Quarter festival in some of the other vegetables and we have. Where -- we have friends who come in every year and they love going. But at night meant it it is a different thing I'm I'm I'm a. I'm a little bit -- -- an hour ago an hour ago I was in Iraq. Square it's one of those things we've got to overcome your nervous. I people cast doubt on -- and we're like -- I'm gonna touch you with its cold water bottle and he's awake yeah. Entry local and on me and say hey our first yeah. And it's it's a little bit treat it it's outside my comfort them but at the same time I get to have any impact. I've had people ask me what church somewhere which some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aaron Aaron good feelings and I'm not the little boy and I'm sure that when I'm old -- decrepit went with any luck they'll do them. Well you're you're doing more. Then the and the people who who scream and yell. And I know once I walked up to one of these people don't know I'm a Christian I believe in Jesus. Opening a little I can't even tell you how many times I thought -- -- The issue. You mean the ones that are expensively -- and walking path people. Who are obviously in need to talk about it here with some Christian gathering -- -- not not preaching. You'll only because I don't want an order call it secular out. Anybody who is certain beliefs and you're not much -- Right well I went I went up to those guys who would have the megaphone and east and he's screaming at people you know. Yeah yeah I've -- it. And -- walked up to a mini in I just walked to a walk it in a big sign Jesus saves and -- walked up to a Millicent. Do you really believe what's on the excellent yes of course -- -- on the outside as a woman. Watch. Or want to act like you want to show show lower you know. And -- them actually make it different yard no ma am and I were on and on royal air young man probably in -- thirties who. -- to hold a gun that would Amber's name -- -- clean and I recognize. That used to be on television and Gregory Al Euro and Aaron. In a year story about what goes out after that light -- light -- -- to die young man and you dealing with issues that eat equipment. Want a he. And my wife is is really you get hurt by it meant to somebody and she knows whether or not. It's it's a real. Regulation -- trying to play your money. And -- walk walk walk away and you catch. And and she cried out and is that you know now we we need to do. So we at the local. That law like yeah and you need to pressure structure that she need bottled water to not get -- I'm not rich. From. And it more engine under a lot of people and let the funny thing is that you in your editor mark you know twenty to thirty bucks a week. And and actually different. I mean that. Is gonna turn the side it's far. What's going on this crap on. Are well banana man all -- the -- is god like should you sound like or a real you do -- a a great work before you go woman after the light question of the night. What are you afraid. Like I'm I'm afraid of snakes on people -- afraid of roaches. The getting be -- And I. -- it's it's a weird creepy bug me and you know I have to absolutely beautiful little girl the -- light Aaron. -- migrated here would be anything on -- ever happened. Gotcha thank you so much for -- in okay. All right let's go to Jeff Jeff what are your thoughts about the third quarter what what if anything can we do that and to make it safer and how often do you go. Hey Bob I need. Macabre. And actually Colombo. Down around in the records Jerry Jones. Well -- did it -- he'd pick and beyond beyond. Let me tell you what happened Sunday in part. Because in the united we -- goal quote urban street. And in greedy and what does that it'll. You know. I've been through that talk -- and it happened. And you know a lot of people are. Trying to come ideas on how to make things. And you know there has been -- appointing difficulties -- -- one person stated that -- news it and you know the. But witnesses. And one other thing that makes it possible. You know the domain and what these guys know what these guys. -- so hard. You know I give two people in my -- to some terms. Who want to know where our goals to give it legal cocaine wit and a bias Guerrero. Along with a vengeance columns -- A lot like every night. -- they have been nice but it happened a lot and come out. I'm talking about people at a conference and I'm talking about white crowd -- people. Or looking. One night. Crippled service. In the military. That was looking. Okay. And then went cross urban heat across urban because. There its soul what's happening out there. He got the -- -- you know. -- -- People looking for drop people looking for all of it happening to you yet he gets it right there. Who. Is in the opening. Do you. When they -- of that do you do you help them what you tell them you don't know. The and it might. Really couldn't. You know couldn't tell you you know adult adult. And hopefully. You know so does the right. Get beat -- at camp that was supposed in the world. Just shoot pass up an opportunity for good tips by not telling. I bet Bob -- he spoke by you know ingredient is there and so. I do think it is of good demand. Or that activity. Wasn't so far will build that well. You know -- but it is. It is also the argument that people use when it comes to. And in a law against selling marijuana and having a law against selling cocaine while people want it. And that that's that that's that's one of the things that people say if if if you legalize stuff like that. Then it wouldn't be illegal and you wouldn't have all bit of it definitely would what would cut down. Some although the violence and drug sales. Yeah. I think it will because it is amazing between 5:7 in the morning it's like. It's only. If it is an amazing -- -- you know let -- objective. Everything. Toward it becomes pretty got could see it. Crap that is because. There's so -- happening. And get the ball well what can and what can be what you need to calm you know so. I don't think the demand is so high that you were happening out there is it would be -- -- very ought to stop and then -- -- -- Thank you Jeff I appreciate your calling. 2601878668. -- nine oil at seventy now we have Holbrooke July until bushel you your way to get on the air will be very very small. We're talking about how two people were. In critically injured in the shooting of Bergen street that wounded 10 people early Sunday morning just to box from fractions where. Just around the caller from panel brought to preservation all. How much time do you spend in the quarter was the last time you were there. And is here do you have any thoughts any suggestions on what it would take. Two make the water safer. And is there anything that you really are scared of you know and any type of a phobia you know something that just absolutely scared to you know what out of view. Call me acoustic zero late 7866890878. Bob Mitchell and puts -- on WW LR to welcome back the show. How many of you. Are going to watch the US a soccer game tomorrow. How many of you gonna go to watch the game that comes on I'd I'd I'd think at at at 3 o'clock. 260 -- 78668890. It's seventy mile wide conformity. But I'm committed. To watch the soccer game tomorrow with. My three grandsons who plays soccer and my daughter so I have been roped in. To forcibly. Having watched the USA play soccer tomorrow how many of you listening right now we have a whole bunch salons open so. I just one. See if I'm going to be with the majority are the minority here we keep seeing things on TV that says. You know soccer is growing it's getting it's getting bigger in this country. Yet at this point. I don't have one for a one buddy who says. Man I can't wait to see soccer tomorrow so. If you intend to watch the soccer game will pick up. A quick little poll here in Nevada we donate bone called the at at at then I'll just assume that no one's gonna watch the game. Two or maybe if even if you're not gonna watch the game called me and tell me you're not gonna watch the game 260178668890. Late seventy. Here's what's on our are -- table tonight. At it. It happened again and unfortunately had been made all the national news. Two people critically injured in the shooting 10 people injured Sunday morning. On -- and straight to block some -- -- around the corner from -- Bryant and preservation hall. Do any of view that just give you any second thoughts about hanging -- the quarter. -- I think more. More top presents what would help although this does happen. I think the police were no more though the level about a block away when when this happened to secure 1878. 866889. Point 78 but here's a text message that I have that someone known. On -- one of one of our other callers had and mentioned that earlier and that is. When it comes to Memphis you have to pass -- -- checkpoints. To enter Beale street in medals to some people have talked about the we need to -- -- Like a block the area all want Borbon struggle where you have to go through a couple of checkpoints. In where police didn't check people and used to know to connected -- to keep the you know. The guns out of suburban street. I would I would like to I'd I'd like this is an adult -- we can do that here but it seems to lead. If we can do it for bill street in Memphis we could do it for broad street let's go to pat in battery power you pat. -- That was something like that work like in in a on Beale street in Memphis you have to go through police checkpoints without worked on Bourbon Street. I don't think it would work it much -- demand car. What you have to have the manpower but but we need to change something. We can't keep every scene every time this happens we go to there's a little quick being able to put more cops out and then when the pilot dies down it happens again. If we if we don't change one of the elements if we don't say we're going to get aggressive betraying something it'll it'll just happen again further down the road. Absolutely me in my ago and go to quarter probably -- the -- on the flea market -- now. By dark -- ball. It changes it's a different environment does does it sure does but -- -- that water always on the corner. -- -- -- -- product in the sixties I don't care what Jimmie gained. As athletic or. That chip. And forty minutes in the -- Leave you know I've I've got I've got my own thoughts on soccer -- possibility go on and on and on and Maine you know and I know they don't really time also eventually. A victory would give apple a couple of people pass some on the field and in the other table have more players and -- be able score right. You're exactly right. Now my. Warning he enjoys so yeah. I think the younger generation. Who are well thought there like level. And I can value from. Experience in that they watched. There it just as many. In soccer. And other injuries are the that there are. -- no. They had they have a couple specials on that on on TV and you don't hear anyone talk about it about head injuries especially for three young children play in soccer because they have no protection your right. Soccer Brookner. And I did it now. You have no aren't that a lot -- really tomorrow at 3 o'clock have a couple for a edit that. -- you. You know well aren't. Big game itself. Just not into it and. Yeah numb I'm just I'm not either I'm not into it at all no Obama not I have I have three grandsons who play. I've been to a couple older games but. That's only one -- app -- will be forced by my wife or she puts coaching guilt trip on -- ago. It that way that deadline a half ago but I tell them hey guys play football welcome to all of -- games. In right at it like watching paint draw watching our. It just doesn't do it for me. I don't -- it -- for good. Globe in the US -- And do well be odd odd -- I'd like to see that happen that the only thing that bothered me about when they played the last game and they tied the game. There is no they lost the game and that was celebrating because they still got the playoffs that I couldn't is something wrong about celebrating when you lose I don't know. I think it took. The points system that I rarely -- Figured out that had to figure out is I really have no interest in the. That's I outlets like Nate. I don't know the rules. I don't know the point system. I don't care and all the rules I don't care all the points of them because I'm not interest does just that simple pat do you have any any phobias -- anything you're afraid of. And have a freedom mama. -- now. That you know forty. But in anomaly that I'm afraid of flyer and no fire. Blew up again I am not here at. A little bit me in the one more adult wanna go. To -- I can imagine that pat thank you for polian okay. -- let's go to but these limo about football soccer watching you watch soccer team is slim. Yeah did it begin and why is. -- -- Yeah. Yeah -- animal ought. To. Come that there will you be watching them at 3 o'clock. I have port. Oh. -- from game you know word. Yeah. -- Do you make it down to the French Quarter at all. I'll Colorado ought to be one. Industry. Tremendous streak and when -- in the water. It is. Some -- it's late change. I this. Is it and gotten. A and control you. And out threatening they -- Out there -- it up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Into. Now in order it right. Like I'll go. Out there like. Ignorant or I mean we need to act like needles -- Certain areas it could be going on. While I'm here but here's what I -- -- I'm guessing that the police are so short handed. That I guess they keep their -- on the more serious things -- only I can think of. Right well I kind of cut agreed not -- disagree field and if you if you cup. And I mean. -- -- -- you'd want a job in billion job to best ability don't do it at all -- to I mean Obama problems on and it worked. -- a dark and come economic tried to do about it at least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every year. Or sleeping at that you think part of the problem is that the cops just not doing their jobs. It made. And you know off you know and also to think. Partly because. He. Like I -- -- and work and they -- outward art. -- -- -- six in the coming -- like oh we 00. Like the air every day. Maybe that you network -- all. But yeah. No mystery. Here. Like -- unity -- and I'm not -- Watch about the wind -- 08. Yeah or. Not. Not -- -- it would just say the old -- to Dutch side and a good example for the young cops let me ask you one -- before you run. And he thing you're afraid of any phobias and ending that scares you. Are there to snakes today. Okay. I'll get to Wear down and being like like a natural leader like being stranded many -- you know like I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know well -- nuclear nuclear war and we will be around operation to cause little Larry Larry thank you for calling WWL tonight. Yes sort out all about the year on the front war -- A lot no. An -- -- Leonard. -- love coming down and all of them that call all all Mahal. It -- but -- China has changed by it does scare me figured out there. By Israel appear on any given week here and company -- -- lied about it. So are you scared to go during the day or just at night. You know. And today I shall I mean and -- -- there and now our program and one night and it ordered him because there. The later and a wonderful -- -- are you. And they want dialogue at all. And it is. That hasn't changed so much and what is what is different generation. All these birds and and you raise -- than the men and what. Larry -- let me answer this question you talked of a generation. One of the things that I've been touched on tonight and more than one probably three of four people feel that one of the things that -- That leads to some of the problems we have in the quarter. Is the fact that what has changed that. We've gone from a lot of jazz clubs and blues clubs to a lot of hip hop clubs and that brings a different type of client out of the French Quarter. And that is one of the reasons that may be the client tell us -- change in the quarter do you do you agree or disagree but that. I recall. Yeah that. Other place we go through it. Play -- history year ago. In this change so much. And so from day and there. You know Internet that I abused -- and and they call it just. That. That seems to be the general opening bit that I've gotten in the text messages is that the culture stranger and and many people would like deceit Bergen street like. Well blocked off and only have a couple of entrances where. Police to taken an interest and you for weapons but you know. It it it is said to grow up and in the city like New Orleans and have the culture we've had in the French Quarter and the thing that we have gotten to the point that we might have to. Block the in office and -- people. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is Edgar like that they. A ball real well and his brother ago short -- -- Packers -- about all law yeah. Any other out and all -- -- apple oh Schubert and potluck. But she -- -- as Obama now. You know I I can understand I mean I've I've never I've I've never spent a lot of time of the French Quarter. One of the things that now I will go during the day because. One of the things that my wife and I decided quite some time back to that you know week we live in the world instant and and the French water in the area runner for a run in the French Quarter. Think it at that it's such such incredible things and it. What what could be better than going to the central grocery -- to -- a lot of and then go get him in the days and and and coffee and I mean that's. -- -- Actually. Go out all right well. You should -- able. Well I'm I'm with the you know and at night I mean it's it's it's like for instance. I'd like going to the the two million -- today. But do you think that like to laugh at midnight and even. -- That's exactly right I mean. You know what when Oliva. John's a big -- okay I'll I'll I'll like walking out with him to my car because you know right you you'd just you'd just never know what's gonna go on down here Larry or are you afraid of -- thing. Yet there so you. And it. Yeah. Yeah more. Like you. And the track that we. And Albert. Out long and in the air. Outrage. One that I. I couldn't I couldn't I apple -- I lived in in New Orleans east for a while on the war in one night I had a doctor and in the back to -- -- And I saw a snake wrapped around one on the violence until my wife plus that we may have to move lesson tonight that I can handle that you know. And I'd never actually hit an outgrowth. We have not -- place and we go to you. And about iron got to go out there. And a lot of your indoor and on what you're gonna go out there waiting and I want -- that there I was like Virginia as well. And it looks like she scored -- again. Thank you Larry I cannot I can identify with him but I -- this 601 late 7866890. It's 78. I'm Bob Mitchell and Bruce do it to Germany you're going to be first up after the break on the big date seventy WWL AMF -- dot com. Now we know you love -- to Roland WWL has more great concert tickets for you have the dubious and Peter Frampton -- coming to New Orleans play and live a champion spurs. Sunday July 20 7 PM WWL. Tickets we'll give you two ways to win on air and on FaceBook. Joints -- or -- -- every morning this week between six and 10 AM will play part of a Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton song. If you first to call him at the lyrics to follow you'll win. Listen to the music and then sing along. To win or another -- you go to WWL radio please put page but for The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton contest. Like us and register to win and keep on rock and the station not love rock and roll. WW -- go to. Jeremy Germany's first of -- you -- watched that the USA soccer game tomorrow. I -- India I'll be watch network -- -- -- -- -- a soccer fan I'm cute doctor Martin the -- Man I I just can't get into the sport. I'd like I care how good games in the playoffs in in college while white and they go into overtime. Well actually. Light the way to go I got out that I. At the -- that weighed in. -- the players much. And and made a big part. When he goes -- like yeah. Like before and now when he when you reached. What makes it more each year actually next year. You. And people don't care where their. But -- I I don't I don't see this ever being. A like that the NFL game generally because they don't like breaks of the means the network can't run commercials. Exact. Well. With the NFL -- And I think at the US Edwards to. When the World Cup I think more Americans be more soccer. Game like -- all the rest of the country. We had big -- under for a. But there are but how what how would you televise -- -- of commercials. -- -- you'll have to pay -- the television network. Richard running commercial like that because I like on a La Asia -- like our special -- -- -- -- -- that the court. Yes I I guess they did tape but as they do it and then stopped -- the commercials and -- came up. All you can do I felt like a picture in picture where you. The commercial and also. Had a little screen -- the game going on right now that what you action. I like that you know but I'm just can't I I guess may be because. No one has ever sat down and explain the rules to me that I'm watching the game and I have no clue what's going on you know and I and and I guess. It it. It's so easy to see some time these guys are faking the injuries you know and. Oh yeah date -- -- that you -- and -- -- you try to flopped on. When people floppy in the basically the same thing they -- a lot and they're even more dramatic. Well that's okay that's it there's so dramatic you know it's like a -- like. I had my ankles -- the falloff in on the net but they cart him off law are the -- and are you calling the talk about the Bergen street though. Anything we can do to make it safer and better. Well -- like idea we have the block off somebody injured and all that. How would say even maybe put a metal detector somewhere along burger or light light on a couple of insurance where you'll have to go to -- On the detectors. Because you know you have to expect coming -- to back a -- -- our Carol and you know anything about right so. And you're gonna start trouble we lower. Herbert street like I used the local and herb street loudly and hear about all the shootings -- the work -- -- -- -- well. Are used to work. Good German club hustler immediate currently at a question and could there was a leader Martin brought up like that. And why it's gonna come to the point where nobody is no wonder no one ever experienced want to ever again. Do you do you think it would work of a couple of people called -- also -- -- text messages. In members -- -- street which is their answer to Burma street. And they haven't in such a way it -- blocked off. And you have to almost built through. An entrance and one guy told me that he and he had left -- -- -- and then at a certain time they do that. And it took you almost forty minutes to get back in because they actually. Do today and run people through I don't know well well that was my hand held metal detector or you know going through an entrance. But that's certainly seems like the need for Bergen street that would be a good idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you weren't along over size -- that's another you know ticket like. How are expecting yourself if what other people around you also blame the parents and I'll -- these little. Were raised and brought out and light they have no respect of the -- Effort to -- into trouble is to shoot somebody you -- to give it to get there from PG. All these nonsense video that you watch. A lot come from like -- watching. You know. I think I should provide. Imagine you're not gonna turn that around and 24 hours. That's that's a generation the turnaround. Definite direction like they pick you to have control what -- -- our street actually and you know. Jeremy it but forgo -- -- break right now what are you afraid. I would say are indeed live -- spider. By -- -- but not to but he scorpions are under a lot of spot as a -- appreciate -- calling. I'm Bob Mitchell and before -- go law a got one more thing for you on the big it's seventy WW LA and implement dot com. Our brigade somebody pretty -- -- opinion poll question Nancy Pelosi so is this surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing into the US as more of an opportunity. Like crisis. What she means by that I truly have apple will leave no -- anyway you can go online at WWL dot com and cast your vote. 80% -- crisis 20% say opportunity. There's always something new -- WW dot com we have the it'll be the video of a personal interest that is something if you get a chance. The of course -- of the bird street charities. Go online and critical. If he looks familiar. Please call crime stoppers -- Bible 48221111. Plus details about the ten victims shot on urban street six women four men. Eighteen of 39 years it'll also have latest blog. French Quarter citizens -- for more cops and it dynasties but new cartoon about the shooting. They're continuously plays there win or dog that would Belgium tomorrow afternoon at three. And if you -- World Cup fever check out our new tracker you can follow team USA and all the others. And if you making plans for the fourth of July weekend we able -- events in and around the world is puts safety tips play delicate. -- adequate and a lot more and I've wanted to mention this again WWL. And river drug marketing group invite you and the family go forth on the river when your red white and blue and join. Thus the fourth of July 0:9 PM on New Orleans were drug. For one of the top five mostly far rituals of America it features synchronized fireworks between two dueling barges. Set the patriotic music -- the mighty Mississippi River. Bring your radios of Smartphones or listen at home to -- in July 4 at 9 PM for an amazing celebration on WW happy fourth of July from the station that loves you as a WW oh all right before ago of of got to tell you about our Bozo criminal. Of the day this one comes all the way from Fairbanks. Alaska. Were both so Robert -- under tricked into the local emergency rule. It was when he attend the check out that got him into trouble he attempted to leave the facility. With bed sheets. 47 latex gloves. A bloody syringe. Oxygen tubing. -- Wash -- it's the medical right. Police and alcohol erupts. And fifteen packages of -- Now. No idea what he was going to do all those. Don't know if he was going to try to set -- its own little ER somewhere but not surprisingly. This large low attracted attention of the security guard know how could you think. That you could walk out with all of this stuff and the security guard is not gonna say well bug what do you do and with all the stuff anyway. The security guard held him. Until of the cops arrived. And he is now under arrest while that's going to do it for the shall tonight what I think of course a big John is with the all night long and helped me get to my breaks on time and tells me when I'm doing right when I'm doing wrong and greens all the phone calls that -- parachute that comes and promote the last couple Howard helps a little bit of us. But I wanna thank you guys for polian and protection in. I will see you again tomorrow night. At 8 o'clock and if you don't know which -- is -- will be filling in for Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow morning on the morning show here on WWL goodnight. And god -- again I'll see you again tomorrow night at 8 o'clock I am Bob Mitchell on this is the big -- seventy WWL AM at the moment dot com.