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Jul 1, 2014|

Dave talks about what's for dinner, What is Wrong with People, and waffles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the first of July 2004. Gates Tuesday. Not. Monday asks you made -- away. One day closer. Active the end of the work week and a special Friday this week of course fourth of July happens -- ball on Friday oh and so Independence Day now. At temple I think most people are going to be leaving tomorrow tomorrow's entertaining to a great day tomorrow is the biggest day cute. Pack up the family and you don't go wherever it is the EU. Haven't destination -- -- might be a little crowded this weekend but -- I'm very few people on the -- happy people at the park a few people does about Andy is used. In the rivers -- away are now. At that time a year celebrate freedom independence it is stupid to be Americans and I don't know I just get the you know a lot of people -- Check out -- -- industrial and true. -- -- traffic and it's not of people downtown man. I'm now the essence scratch -- start arriving. Today and tomorrow and access and actually get started on Thursday. So. Big crowd downtown that. State police come in and help out crowd control that was always the planet and I understand yes and then when we have these major events that you troopers and help with crowd control but in the light of suburban street shooting things Donald baker. Emphasis again the people fail more attention -- things. -- can always use some more cops on the street. At one. Or the Mary sure now it is set -- a police -- it's like him Mardi Gras that is there to be seen and if they have to intervene in the fun they will but generally they let people enjoy themselves on them doing it with. Crazy abandon it to the populous access. We've got that to look forward to. I need some personal. Boy. That it actually rather mundane. And my I need some personal Monday -- -- well. How do you decide what you need for. -- your fans. All right it's one of the most difficult things I ever have to do it like that every day decide. What's for dinner -- you have a lot of miles defeat well we I got four. -- of opinions and then as -- boyfriends and girlfriends. Which is in the -- missed -- of people large group and you know. Whether we're gonna eat at home or we're gonna eat out. What to eat -- -- what what is it -- out. I've said many times that once they retire from radio play and opened two restaurants okay one of them is gonna be called denial. And the -- is going to be called I don't care. Because it's my -- experience mean this is every -- on -- you honey can I budget I don't know. So ever welcome in my restaurant because that's wherever it wants these I don't know and I don't care. I'm surprised I'm talking about the radio system will be me too because they have no plans of retiring anytime soon and you know that willingly just. Don't you think that it was all these people would have these different opinions and then and the like you said that they really can't make up their minds. Someone has to lead arsenic may -- abject bull by the horns and that this. My oldest daughter is the one who she it'll tell you I don't decide I just say yes you know. It she never picks a place but you'd quickly Vito if she doesn't wanna eat there. And then my younger daughter she's got like three places and she always insists we go now well if you had siblings or kids who had siblings you know that then. There's always the conflicts of my youngest son will always veto the places she lights casinos which is gonna say. And without -- -- yeah and then you get the interview that -- birds and they -- if you made an executive decision you're gonna have to deal with the ones and then again I worry about okay how much do we wanna spend denying it whether we eating out or going to buy something to bring home and cook. And so I just want some advice how do you decide what to eat for dinner with him is this you know I did. I don't experience a whole lot of stress in my life -- pretty laid back even keel kind of fell. And but if you ask me what's the hardest thing you have to do that's it's really decide what's for dinner and because it. -- -- do it every night. It's very important everybody is free dinner and an assist that we together as a family every night that's one of things. And -- and it's avenues that what's for dinner how do you decide is this -- difficulty in your house has not yet I would say so and it basically it's that same thing where we go around the horn. And it's like I've known I have. Nobody seems to know right -- sometimes I haven't you know what I think is a great idea you know follow all and David -- from this place and Gary Berger that the stakes are great here or I or I'm not jealous that you gotta have the -- over here. You know we talk about food a -- we do and sometimes it's like all right no I don't want to add. And then my business and ago there and then we get into the -- okay if you vetoed -- and you have to come up with a replacement suggest. Somebody's got a solution out there for a main idea is an app for. That's a -- -- thank you David about it fifteen that put more first news here at WW. And a them -- that town July for hours. 2014. -- of the year -- half over. -- we get to really we get to tomorrow will be hump day for the year will be over the hump and moving on to the second half of the year is right element. We're on the bus today I'm games ago find out your forecast. For the rest this week coming up next round is now. The Americans and the Belgians. Plain and World Cup soccer Steve Gallo talked about that and we know exactly when we're in the ruling about Jimmy Graham you wide receiver -- then talked to Steve about that as well. In sports while thanks for joining us on this day out on not Monday we survived Monday together folks we made it through that stretch on Tuesday. One person tax credit 70s70s and I have a great wife she plans and cooks most of the meals we'd have a great wife two which he gets tired of always -- I'd forward and so I I do a lot of cooking you know if it's one of my specialties are looking for growing and I generally do that is well but. And I and sometimes -- just -- whatever is on sale the grocery store and that's interdependent night. -- the presence has put food ideas on pieces of paper put them in a bag in every night to pick one out without looking. That's what's for dinner. A bad idea then there's no one to blame all of in the -- -- would be. It becomes. Says don't ask way to -- just announced. That you guys need a weekly men now but if you just denounce and then you get there. Now like anything. Now I'm not I'm not eating. It just becomes the other whether it's an issue provokes is there again celebrate their independence and enjoyed this first week of July. -- up again today with 93 for -- -- this afternoon -- -- much rain to cool down 10% rain chance today and 10% overnight tonight -- tomorrow would you bump it up a little -- to 20% what I still in the low to mid ninety's but -- first -- battery chances -- 40% foursome -- afternoon downpour -- highs in the lower ninety's the Eyewitness News forecast tenor and -- -- Tell -- to 20% for the fourth of July itself on Friday right now clears guys at the airport in -- 77 degrees with a west wind at seven miles an hour muggy 90% relative humidity. It's eighty degrees at the lake front and 77 and clear. As slide down. USA. USA. Get ready -- myself up for this afternoon's game US planes again in the World Cup and it's very difficult match up and we know. The day we get a ruling on Jimmy Graham. Tight end or wide receiver. Tell us about all this and more you heard him cheering as a large crowd there with that. Boom noon -- noon and. Steve Geller good morning thanks -- morning David good morning everyone. The United States soccer team has the opportunity to move into the quarterfinals of the World Cup. For the first time since 2002. And just the third time in history today when they face Belgium. Midfielder Michael Bradley says the team isn't content with the fact that they've made it this far we want more there's no feeling of satisfaction at the moment we wanna be here for another few games we wanna continue to push and push and CFO we can take it kick off for the matches at 3 o'clock. Germany's earned the right to face France in the quarterfinals at the World Cup the Germans beat Algeria to one. After neither team scored from ninety minutes Germany found the back of the net late in injury time and then again in the 120 minute. To avoid having the team decided on penalty case the French meanwhile Blake Nigeria to -- top seed Novak Djokovic and number three Andy Murray have played themselves into the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Greg or -- trough and -- she Leach also won their fourth round matches in straight sets and -- Rico won his third round match in the resets. In the NBA Jason Kidd is a leaving Brooklyn the -- in the books have agreed to a deal allowing kids to become Milwaukee's head coach. And it's a receive a second round draft pick between fifteen and another in 2019. It was 44 and 38 in his only season -- Brooklyn's coach but. And sort -- control of the basketball operations department and was denied and it's even permission to talk to other teams about a job. And this effort dropped their fourth straight contest -- six to five to round rock. Today have four on sports talk a decision in the grand grievance is expected before Friday. What is -- worth plus if you act could add one former saints player to the current black and gold roster. Who would it be I Steve Geller and that your early morning explores several sources. Hang it says the decision will be on Thursday NFL does that it will not be any earlier or any later than Thursday yeah I thought that was a major speech -- -- and show afterward saying Thursday the deals come -- -- no sooner. And new leaders so that I see it that today that Wednesday and you know it's not coming on the fourth of July so it will be on Thursday. According to news sources including Adam chapters we have that to look forward to. I USA. And Belgium. US is not satisfied they want more yet they've won one out of three games I think they do want more right 111 yeah 11 and 11 when one mosque one time and there are in Brazil. I don't think they're ready to go home yet. But this is a tall task is. Yet if you know the German game vs Germany if you consider that David vs Goliath this is like David vs the dark course Belgium was one of the favorites coming into the tournament. Not a very exciting team that kind of play. Keep away most of the game and they try to capitalize. On that one mistake you make and try to have usually try to win games one nothing so. Hoping the US -- may be. Let loose a little and figure hey you know it's win or go home obviously right now might as well lay it all out there be a little more aggressive. And it takes some chances and make come back to bite you on the butt but it make you an opportunity to get the ball in the goal and so at 3 o'clock this afternoon. US and Belgium yes on the pitch and it was for summaries -- the fueled the pitch OK yeah well we'll get your prediction for what will happen on the pitch. Coming up to 25 minutes of course what got a WWL am not a man that count I'm Dave -- he Steve Geller. Forecast and your text messages I'll share that with you right after this. Five point seven take a look at your forecast. He will be the story again today like yesterday not a lot of rain out there this afternoon just take 10% chance but highs will be soaring to around 93 it's gonna feel more like 95 to 100 -- tomorrow -- 20% chance for just a straight thunderstorm high still in the low to mid nineties. And by Thursday rain chances up but they took 40%. That'll put -- that 92 funny eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist Clark -- tell. -- guys 77 -- is now on both sides like at the airport in -- in the National Weather Service office in slide out west when it's evident both locations in 980%. Relative humidity and the money out there. Talking about what to eat for dinner or where to eat for dinner hardest decision nine -- -- the heat of the day. One person to -- mediate seventy companies that here's a family suggestion opened the table that discussion. After they finish arguing. -- lead anything yet to keep talking delegates so Hungary after they've disagreed for so long it. I don't care electricity -- 'cause my stomach. Needs food now -- that I wanna open a place called I don't know on another political I don't care that's always the response like where you want okay. That's how I -- but one name somewhere else is via -- -- -- amulets somewhere else tonight. Not a bad idea mark where to eat coming up as -- -- People here on WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WWL first news it's July it's the first of its 2014 it's Tuesday yet today I call not to Monday just to remind me that I survived a Monday night Lou. Everything Monday had to throw at me and I made it -- Tuesday and am glad to be -- part -- you also survived the first half. Of this year you really. So. Trying to figure out what the exact halfway point is and will be over the hump I know by tomorrow morning yeah out with Libya and tomorrow's pumped. We've got to kind of like a cake yet will be over the hump and slide on through the second half the year I mean Christmas is right -- -- right -- post -- thing that I. I'd like that that like to get the Christmas he whether all of a sudden. Interesting discussion we've been having. You know it's funny during the summer I eat out a lot more than it should. We just seems that with schedules tonight you know kids don't have school and so schedules and this kind of float round it's there. We tend to eat out more instead of having dinner regularly assigned time. Some spending more money that I should non food -- instead tax credits and the tennis as this decide on the meals a day you go shopping don't wait until it's time to eat task. Already fixed. -- week -- each person in the family turned to -- -- you picked him over Monday you for Tuesday or Wednesday but Thursday. And that's not a bad idea that I kind of like and Nate Nate gives me a little more running apartment to get to the grocery story actually do some shopping it is. The added the converts it. There's so we've been -- out a lot more and we should and that's where the difficulty comes in deciding where to eat out yet cupboard is bare and assigned to go out -- and our outlets -- -- yet and it cost about five times if you fix a mile -- like twenty bucks you go out and have a -- home. The entire family -- 700 more. The summer cost anymore anyway gotta find a better -- -- -- awful. I love waffles well there's waffled. Thing going on right now you know we're playing Belgium today. In the World Cup the US I -- of course and so Waffle House sent out a tweet. Yesterday that it quote we don't serve Belgium. Waffles. Not. Belgium -- out fell one dollar quickly pointed out that should be Belgian -- -- jump off you know but it's Waffle House off las make clear -- we serve americans' style while you're darn right we -- Belgian or Belgium waffles whatever you call mark -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now that accident dessert I'll get. In that's no longer meal at the -- but that's fine for people who do. And you won't find Belgian or Belgium waffles indulge did you know that I didn't know that they call them Brussels waffles. Brussels waffles if you go to Belgium and you want a Belgian -- does Sergio Garcia Castro Brussels awful. So it's been americanized. Again -- well probably. Idea -- while French Fries. To. It's I don't know that a Belgian waffles so it built. I thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes is more first news here on WWL AM FM and dot com. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and ticket -- Hey do you. I'd like it -- day -- until 3 o'clock this afternoon. You may actually be able to stay up for your comment -- half a tough day. Kabul rally for the game and go back after the and I thought you got your blue ones -- Read why I wore a day where the ego. Throwing red and -- our prism that in your -- really. Brady although they -- just talk about felt awful yet Belgium. Al belt that's an ax. And I'll. Anyway have you had built its chocolate. It's -- rates. From -- I've never been to Belgium and no one's ever brought me I probably not from bill. That out of my mom yet it has been every act and all all across that whenever she says she's got -- trip. Like you've -- toppled because they are. That. -- well it did not do they call them Belgian chocolate or they ruffles the. I I called shock -- com truffles at that. You know -- -- that that -- -- -- confusing if truffles and chocolate treat that it usually it's very soft chocolate -- right right but troubles are also -- very rare. My -- Right and that's what you -- -- about ordering trouble thinking you're getting chocolate -- well. You know ordering the -- How -- never you know we also don't know club the first named storm of the today. Yeah I think it probably will we had tropical depression number one upgraded last night it's the first estimate that seat and it's a floored us it's not in the golf it's not going to the gulf it is not going to be in the gulf and not you know about it and no it's not going to -- not going to threaten our July 4 holiday but. We have any travelers there may be headed sit. South Carolina coastal North Carolina areas like that you may have to watch this because areas like the band at Charleston. Outer banks North Carolina they be looking -- probably. Myrtle Beach yes that counts all of those areas -- -- probably. Not a lot of folks from here over there I know we were big fla and hand -- yeah. Most as a -- might why go steal sixteen hours to South Carolina -- Four hours there six hours to your favorite about a lot of pain and mrs. Holt died in the beaches there a lot of time and I'd like the gulf coach speak is much better -- the Atlantic beach that I did and it's like why I immediately water's pretty her cat for its own the Caribbean. -- -- -- But anyway we we digress yet out of it now what are your first name on the last art fair that we could have Arthur. Has acted and. -- this forecast the national hurricane actually put that -- weak weak category one hurricane as it's closer to. At North Carolina eat -- strong tropical storm weak hurricane not a lot of difference between Q. That Aiken is -- and that slow mover and brain in my crazy could cause I'm not a hard and -- -- further inland in North Carolina you'll probably be fine but certainly -- at a time. Here it's not coastal areas -- one watts that's a very close. Iowa now now we've addressed those -- what about the people here -- the weather going to be like through the fourth of July here. Just hot and humid for last couple of data scattered downpours Thursday and Friday which means for July 4 a couple of afternoon thunderstorms. But rain chance is just about 30% of -- religious to be typical July weather heat humidity and you know watch out for a couple of downpours. And the best chance of rain comes on Ayers Ayers. And back to about 20% for for the July conference right now that. I can I can deal with that typical summer while the with no tropical weather come in this way tropical weather for us your golf. You know it's funny when you look at stories about white people get angry each other what causes it and often those stories and up in the what is wrong with people files. This -- from Ogden Utah OK if 52 year old man. He's accused of punching another man and then trying to hit him with this car you know they're fighting over. Where to sit in church. That dispute was over eight pew. Where one family one -- it to get a good view. Of the baby blasting. And a missionary farewell that we're going on at the church. Apparently they tried to save the seats. The other family wasn't -- part of that. You know I cannot sit in the -- yours you can't reservists -- church based. So. Now the aggressor -- this day has pled guilty to misdemeanor assault. Has been ordered completed anger management class and pay a fine. If he doesn't do all that it could land him thirty days in jail. Oh you -- experts to look at the ethnic hue were area -- -- like to. You know you -- have only knows what it comes to visit our hi this is where I fit right but then when you have special events people who don't come every week. They -- they now know that we use -- But Kenya reserve to mean in less you pay a lot of money put your name monitors them. Here's that you've -- the economy. You know run opposite here your regular -- and maybe. You know it's past Christmas and Easter. Holidays -- -- -- the they grabbed at a rapid apart yet hit a snack and have all the. Places where you think people would set aside differences and Disco you know what. This -- over here is okay today or. You know they'd work something out you think church would be the place they do that but now after the service the guy -- the other guy and then apparently actually hit him with his guided seriously injure him. But it hit him with his car that quickly. That Ron Burgundy. -- -- thank you Laura. Thank you to -- McDowell -- directly Eyewitness News sports yet what are -- are with people. -- we all just get along we'll get along with Steve -- sports after this it is prediction for today's world. 550 the year edition of WWL for it is I'm Dave Cohen thanks for Jonas serum. -- not Monday morning. Tuesday today that the Americans play the Belgian. -- Belgium awful no doubt. Belgian waffle again if you're -- an awful lot. But I've put a ban on them ever since we found out movie playing Belgium a -- Yes your own land in American awful absolutely and that's why this weekend there was no waffles it was roughly pancakes for sure. And it dates in preparation. For the game aren't tells more about that and everything got out of sports today happy not Monday to Steve -- A mandate good morning everybody the US soccer team will try and to continue to defy the odds today at the World Cup. When they take the field against Belgium. Midfielder Michael Bradley knows it's gonna take something a little extra for them to take down the red -- Some good news for the US team that Jose Altidore will be available today although it doesn't appear he's ready to start the forward strained his left answering. In the americans' opener against Ghana. The match against Belgium today gets underway at 3 o'clock. Germany and France both -- there will now face each other in the quarterfinals. The Germans beat Algeria to once scoring late in injury time and again and a 120. Minutes. The French scored in the 79 minute before benefiting from an own goal to complete a two nothing triumph over Nigeria. The Brooklyn nets in Milwaukee have agreed to a deal that allows Jason Kidd. To become the Bucs head coach minutes of receiving a second round draft pick in 2015. And another into when he nineteen. -- went 44 and 38 in his only season as the nets coach but and so control of basketball operations and was denied. -- center -- -- what Wimbledon begins. With Maria Sharapova is fourth round match against Angelique Herbert before -- on the golf takes on -- career here are used in a fourth rounder. Top seed Novak Djokovic and number three seed Andy Murray played themselves into the quarterfinals by winning yesterday. And this -- begin a home game series against round rock with a 65 loss last night disease have now dropped four straight. Therefore on sports talk a decision in the grand grievance is expected before Friday what is -- worth. Plus if you could add one former scenes player to the -- black and -- roster who would it be I'm Steve -- with your early morning look at sport. I've been defeated in Uganda with the injury idea Wimbledon Maria Sharapova will be grunting and groaning on center court and understand that women. Make all those noises play and now there's a random there's a whole controversy about women not wearing bras at Wimbledon because at that controversy has the be all white and it doesn't go along with the uniform something. -- -- briefly and was kind of surprised that. That is suddenly the holidays and debate right of the of the color rather where our focus and now it's -- -- that goes a lot list but some women have chosen to go brought this because rather than -- white -- right. With I'd. Maria Sharapova told them master control Jordan says she -- at 7 AM while on our toes that grunting and groaning began. Use that preparation for the US failed. As a warmup for soccer. Bottle that deals soccer who's gonna win -- -- I'm gonna go with the whole -- with the United States right now and I believe so I'm gonna believe the US and oppose this we're now in a one nothing victory. To your heart your head your. I think I'm picking with -- American art I can't pick against its campaign against America -- to pick again is beyond America. One -- own goal that we actually score on your own goal yet. I learned that it's the proper term without your own personal goals bounces off of one year players and it isn't the goal it's an -- Yet very unfortunate. Especially in the players that happens. You score a few more happen in hockey Lotta times of political goal off a Euro guys stayed in the accident the net yards that if you watch. -- -- I don't analyze hockey that one earned a watch below. Danica thank you see what document fifteen minutes -- more sports here on WWL 555 your forecast after this. -- its forecast for your Tuesday partly cloudy skies highs in the low to mid nineties today. And like yesterday not much rain just at 10% chance for stray thunderstorm well let's say 20% chance on Wednesday highs still at 93. But Thursday a little better chance forces scattered downpours at 40% with highs of 92. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura. Our next 1% for the fourth of July right now clear 77 both sides of the like. 558. It's not Monday in fact I don't know how many people know what day it is and you know during summer things can solve. Gobbledygook that no one knows what days of the week it is often you know kids are in school on the I'm getting work together. Go to work but now it's fourth of July week in the for the July on a Friday so what days you take off to celebrate the fourth. Well -- that was easy for me and take up many days just works straight down through the fourth. Be here to keep you company if -- here with us if you are not on vacation. Salt Lake City. A woman laughter car running to go make sure she blocked the dory we all do that now locked up front door and her kid was in the backseat. -- another woman jumps in the car and steals it speeding down the street. When the car -- realizes the little girls in the back she goes back knocks on the door and says sorry didn't mean to. Do your man with your little girl and not charging with kidnapping for returned him but she is facing -- -- and drug targets Palin drug. Great -- Monday.

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