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7-1 6:10am Scoot, Bourbon Street shooting

Jul 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether a police officer's first priority should be to tend to victims or pursue suspects

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David at 4 o'clock this morning the guy play in the saxophone was still standing out there at the corner or Bergen and -- canal carry ago. 4 o'clock this morning still play in a -- I don't know if anybody has -- by a tip in. But he was playing zack's job not exactly young I'm a time for big crowd at 4 but I am not an anti -- we're gonna trip there but 4 o'clock in the morning you know you think about all the stuff that's it's going on the -- -- got a brave to stand out there was. Saxophone and that's your only weapon. It I see -- throughout the hallowed halls here WWL that there are a lot of people wearing. A red white and blue for World Cup today ya USA takes on Belgium and I think that game is at 3 o'clock this afternoon -- Jordan is. I'm dressed in. An American flag T shirt with a proud eagle with its winds wing spread. And then he's got this vest it's kind of it's like vest on what -- now that is in need log announcement and -- body bearers. Walking around with his red white blue usaid star casino he's really begin to it. I I didn't think this want to Wear red white and blue I didn't either I'm not I'm not anti American now I'm gonna rundown of bricks jumping up. Bizarre field tells -- how would you describe the color you're wearing there. One mine yeah future future. Do what you would say about me if I were you should all all the same thing they say now -- -- and act like. David you ever -- police officers. Speeding and done well they don't have their lights on so they might not be. Responding I've seen them both parties -- I've seen them with lights on and speeding and I've seen them about the lights on and speeding now is that just a -- the business of Europe if -- police officer you do you get to speed. I don't we slotted -- Bosnia. Now. Well there's an I gotta get someplace and or hurried up and if you buy it. If you're not all if you are not responding to a call a shouldn't police officers even as heroic duties should they follow the laws and everybody else -- to follow. Good good point out there's a truck driver Illinois we saw an Illinois State troopers beating on highway. Talking on a cellphone and truck drivers disapproved of this and honked his horn at the state trooper to own the state trooper pulled the truck driver over bright and minor. Threatened to give him a ticket out for unlawful use a bullhorn. The truck driver was taping the whole thing put a clip on YouTube and in the video the state -- seems -- their brother. Aggressive. It's not so threatens to give the guy ticket for an unlawful use -- -- But when the truck driver tells the state trooper that he's recording the account of the trooper changes his attitude all. -- really now he apologizes and does not give the driver a ticket should we all be just taping every -- we have it's getting to a point -- seems like somebody's rolling tape everywhere apply -- there was -- there you know there was a time when you had to have countless -- teams behind needed to have something small enough to record some -- out today everybody's got to cellphones and -- recordings are everywhere so should -- record everything and should people be allowed to record the police. In a crisis comes appears issued police officers should be required to follow the law and is the -- duty but if they're not responding to a call and then of course you've got the case here in New Orleans have and NO PD officer. Who crashed -- issue V into a hair salon or -- and it matches and apparently he was making -- turn. And we reaching for his laptop for reaching for something so he was -- distracted driver. And crash into a building got ending and the poor lady did that runs the place says that this is -- busiest time of year with essence coming ended down. So she was all booked up now she's got just. Garbage you know. -- playing all over the floor of the -- well I have a feeling that her phone has been lit up with attorneys caller. Or oral you think so maybe. Should police officers followed the law even if they're not off duty -- there on duty but they're not responding to a call. Should police officers be allowed us fears that it is that a perk of the business if you -- -- join Russia with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text numbers 87870 also watching will be talking about the at the tenth victim a tenth victim now in the shooting and -- -- the Louisiana state police are gonna help out NO PD what's the strategy of NO PD. -- and what are the questions is if there's a shooting should NO TDs first priority be to the victim on the streets. Or to pursue. The assailant. We'll talk about television that's -- W if you project opinion polling you can give us your opinion we're going to reflect negative view of dot com. It's 613 -- -- in the morning for top detector and we're coming right back competitive -- Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers are going to be coming to New Orleans in concert together they're touring together they'll be here champions square. Sunday July 20 at 7 PM and Debbie WL has your tickets. This morning I'm gonna play either Doobie Brothers or Peter Frampton song. And we'll stop -- at a certain point and if you know the next line and you're the first person called content slime which are given out at the time. If you the first person calling with the correct next line they knew would -- tickets and he -- valued at two. 830 dollars but it'd be great to see Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers together champion square July 20 7 o'clock your chance to win tickets coming up this morning. Into the W well. I obscurity for Tommy Tucker it's 618 -- yesterday was so hot it was site. I heard that there were times that people were actually going into the solace in their health clubs. Just to try to cool off. -- you if you got out of your car and you you got back in your car. And -- -- for any amount of time. It's just is absolutely. Miserable so god bless those of you who were working in this seat. And god bless those -- you were in out of your cars. Andy card has doesn't have really time due to cool off when you're in the car. And also I'd just dealing with the heat your cars out in the heat for for for some time. And hopefully you're an air conditioned environment. Coming up later in the show talk abouts in -- PD. Announcing late yesterday there's a tenth victim has come forward to India wild west style -- suburban street in the -- blog today as a title ten shot on Bourbon Street what's the strategy. And what is the strategy NO PD would come to these shootings. Now the real problem is so deep rooted in our society that it's gonna take. At least a generation. To change the problem. What do we do in the meantime. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll when there's a shooting. What should be the police's first priority. Tending to a victim or pursuing the suspect. 30% say tending to a victim and 7% say pursuing the suspect we'll talk more about this index or you can finish your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And also you can read and share the -- -- it's on our website at WW real dot com. So there's -- this truck driver in Illinois and he sees an Illinois State trooper speeding. And he's on his cellphone at the same time. He honked his horn out of disapproval the state to -- the driver over Brian -- a truck driver but to give him a ticket. For unlawful use of the -- When the truck driver tells the state trooper that he's recording the encountered the trooper seems to change his attitude. And even apologizes. And decides not to give the truck driver ticket. So there -- a couple of questions come up here first of all I'd. Should we start recording every income order we -- life. For. Verification that you if if I -- I told the story in the -- the account that I have been a woman in in Denver with two or cigarette butt on the ground. And it was -- during the high burn out warnings in Colorado with a time. And I said could you have thrown that could have put that away in your cars that are of throwing in with ground. Because that's also -- If she got mad at me well the police believe her side of the story ended up -- -- but if I -- recorded that there would have been no question that this woman. Was in the wrong. And that I didn't do what she claimed I didn't should we start recording. Every incident. -- -- And the other question is should police officer speed. Is that is that a perk of the job I know we have a lot of police officers and a lot of former law enforcement officers who listen to the show. Is there a reason why. We should understand that you -- and I'm asking this question honestly is there a reason why we should understand that you can speed. If you're on duty where you're just getting off duty -- heading home is speeding a perk of the job. Or should you follow the laws that everybody else should follow. If -- speeding in responding to a call bullets that's one thing but if your lights aren't on. Should you be driving the speed. Or would there be a reason that you responding to a call and not have your -- And I think the basic question issued police officers. Followed the law if you enjoyed Russia with a comment this morning are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday Texas 87070. Here's a -- -- of course they should follow the law better question is who's going to enforce a law on a police officer. Well I think they actually should debate the laws that they're sworn to uphold. It's six Tony to order Tuesday morning on -- Sheehan for Tommy Tucker and here's a WWL traffic update with Terrell Robinson. Good morning it's a beautiful Tuesday very comfortable this morning but it's not gonna stay comfortable for very long it's going to be another. Very very hot dame gets -- -- coming up a toward the end of the week but hopefully that's not affect anybody's a fourth of July -- it. Yesterday the US Supreme Court handed down a decision for a controversial case. Involving hobby -- and the case was about whether or not hobby lobby -- a Christian based organization. Couldn't. Could opt out of obamacare when it came to providing birth control contraceptive. I've coverage under their health care plan. For women because it's against their birth control armies against era. Their religious beliefs -- talk about that later in the show -- next hour wolf. Talk about the ten people shot on -- street and and and what is that what is police priority. When there's a shooting what should the police priority be tending to the victim. Or pursuing a suspect that's a WW a pretty general opinion poll is also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio on our FaceBook page. So when you see police officer. Breaking the law in the car. And they're not obeying the law does that does that bother you. Here's a Texas Escude every day I'd troop beat troopers. Blow by me on 55. And I know they're on their way into work because the doesn't cover 55. Intend to -- parish. Here is a text I -- cop. And I rolling in force what I follow. So the cushion -- is I use eight miles maybe ten miles an hour over the interstate. Not surface streets. See I think that's fair elect talk about plea -- speedy but sort of 510 miles an hour SP. I'm talking about police officers that we seek blowing by us. Got a text from somebody said they don't use turn signals. And countless times IC police officers downtown not come to a complete stop. Should police officer Allan Chernoff and a police officers this is not bashing police officers but. Shouldn't police officers followed the laws. That there's more to uphold. It doesn't that mean coming to a full stop -- stops. Using terms that. And driving despite. The other question about this a case in involving this. Truck driver Illinois who saw an Illinois State trooper speeding on the highway talking on his cellphone -- and his horn -- -- disapproval. -- -- of -- pulls him over. -- he's about to get a ticket but the guy says I'm recording all of this and so the police officer ultimately apologizes and doesn't give the -- ticket so Shipley record every encounter we have a life and should citizens be allowed I know this has been a controversy for a long time should citizens be allowed. To. Videotape. Or record police officers doing their job as far as I know it is legal for citizens to. Videotape police officers. -- in all honesty police officer could charge you with. Disorderly conduct or obstructing justice or something like that and that might be the reason that you arrested not for actually videotaping silly they could maybe find another reason to -- But he -- if a police officer is is out in public doing their job. Shouldn't would be able to. Videotape them and how would how would that be up a negative thing. Is it okay for citizens to videotape police officers doing their job and should police officers be allowed to break the but the law. I mean I know that sounds like a ridiculous question but of all the times that we see police officers in traffic they don't appear to be responding to a call. And yet they don't seem to be following the laws that we have to follow. If you would join our show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. A text number 677. Here's attacks like commute across the causeway to Covington five days a week. I have actually videotaped Jefferson Parish off duty police officers beating the entire time on the bridge. And never slowing down -- crossovers. Well -- a couple of things wrong with this for the ball if you if you followed in the whole way that you're speeding to hit -- beating. And how is it safe to the other causeway videotaping another car that doesn't sound like it's really that safe but I understand the point you're making. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker if you -- join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. Point seven at Texas a 7870. And it's 630 here's another WWL news updates with David like David I liked this idea admitted to -- World Cup today between US and diligent and it's it's it's win or lose stayed the the of the game that they played to -- if they've lost well they still weren't out of it. I don't know I'd like when it comes depth look at what you got to win this. Are you out to -- tonight -- well NFL playoffs you know often when are you go home and asking Steve -- this morning again and I really wasn't sure exit wall. One about a time. No no tie he says in this game they will shoot it out until there's a winner. -- could be pretty darned exciting remember there was a game I believe with the US women's team. Years ago where they had a shootout like that it was a it was a nail biter yeah I don't like where things and and it's time. And I know not even at a potential and a feel for things in that time after a certain number of advertisement you know win or lose and let's not ended and that time. And I like the idea that the US -- to either win or -- -- -- -- and I just I have this feeling and maybe it's just because I'm caught up in the enthusiasm in this country but I have a feeling the US is going to be built a world. Would be exciting every yeah are you getting. Getting a number of text about police officers here's a text -- -- I'm a police officer and we should lead by example and -- traffic laws. Here is another text that -- I wish I could be a police officers of the immediate could talk about how I don't do anything criticized my every move. I don't know -- show that person is listening to but -- criticizing the -- of every police officer but there's a legitimate question about whether police officers. Should be expected to Obey the laws that the rest of us have to date. If you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which celebrity. At a text -- 7870 -- into Tommy Tucker and here's our WWL project opinion poll witnessed a shooting what should the police officers first priority being. Tending to the victim. 31%. Pursuing the suspect 69%. Give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and -- blog today is titled ten shot on Bourbon Street. What's the strategy. You can find all of that WB dot com and we'll be right back with more. WL. Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a decision that was very controversial this case we talked about for a long time and it made it to the Supreme Court. I should religious freedom come into play in the business does not want to use part of obamacare to covered. Certain aspects of contraception. -- -- it comes to women will talk about that coming up later in the show in the next terrible talk about. The strategy of of you know PD. What do you think the strategy should be -- me realise it we're not in law enforcement but this is worthy of discussion. Following the shooting a lot of -- come out about. A police officers and where they aren't -- we have a limited number of officers but traditionally been a quarter later at night early in the morning. Rather than earlier in the evening should we have a stronger presence later than an earlier. We'll talk about all of that coming up in the next hour here's a quick update on our divvied up you'll pretty jaguar opinion poll. We witnessed a shooting what should the police's first priority be tending to a victim or pursuing a suspect 31% say tending to the victim -- 69%. Say a pursuing assessments give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we're we're talking about a police officers sometimes -- They don't appear to be following the law at this is a conversation this is not bashing police officers at all. Here's a text that reads I'm a police officer and you can record mean as much issue like I am recording you was well at the end of the day I'm still going to do my job. I am. So not intimidated by being recorded I actually welcome it. And you know that does in a lot of -- protect the police and if police officer is doing his or her job then. What is a tape of the show. And that's that's a that's a question about. This his truck driver and Illinois who videotaped an encounter with an Illinois State trooper who was about to give him a ticket for illegal use of the horn. Because he -- warning disapproval when he saw the the state trooper fly by and speeding. -- was using a cellphone at the same time out you can and you shipped it in Louisiana and a lot of states you can use your cellphone that's not illegal. But it's a police officers are part human and it's my opinion that's a police officers should follow the law got a text earlier about police officers tailgating. I I see that all the time now for police officer gets right up behind me even if he or she doesn't turn the lights on I simply move over. But deep that the public should never get the impression. That's the law enforcement is. Abusing the fact they -- a police car we should not. Abuse in the uniform that there where. And it it's just seems to me that everybody should be a following the law and if a police officer is responding to a call that's one thing here's a text. About tip police officer in the turning on his lights to get to the intersection and attorneys lights off. Just to get to so do police officers ever used their lights just to get through an intersection because they're going somewhere. Responding to a call but just because. They're going somewhere. Here's a -- if you videotape police officer while he's conducting an investigation. He might arrest you for public intimidation. Determining. How close she worked -- the scene. Yeah I mean there's a possibility that I mean it is far Sino. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is legal in most states it is legal. To. To videotape police officers doing their job. However. They could come up with a reason if they wanted to to arrest you for obstructing justice or four. Getting in the way or. It's some something some other charge you wouldn't be technically because you work. Actually videotaping. Here is a text I in my truck driver. The video and pictures are normally not admissible in court since they can be altered easily. We are instructed that we can only take pictures with disposable cameras since they cannot be altered. And that is true been there are so many people who police stuff that they see on FaceBook. And on a web sites. But it is so easy to Alter pictures with Photoshop. That I think that the president's holding the Koran. And pictures like that I don't really think that that ever happened but it's easy to Photoshop that in and people say oh look at this it's a picture of President Obama getting off Air Force One and he's holding the Koran. I mean think what you want about President Obama but do you really think that he would get off Air Force One carrying the Koran. If you and -- -- -- for your comment this morning are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Which every text is 87070. It's 65100 Tuesday morning -- -- in fortunately Tucker and here's another WWL traffic updates with Gerald Robinson. It'll be another hot day with a distant very slight chance of cooling off in the rain I'm -- -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker Tommy will be back with you tomorrow. I would have -- and come back and an Irish accent. -- and I'm sure material about his trip tomorrow I've really enjoyed being with you in the morning this was. Part of my career in part -- for for some years that this is -- -- I'll be back on the Scotia tomorrow night eight to midnight -- thank -- Bob Mitchell for dudes who shall have been. During the morning show coming up we're gonna get your chance to win tickets to see The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton in concert together champion square Sunday July 20. At 7 o'clock and by the way regularly tickets or talk about the -- -- stills and Nash concert at the center theatre sold out in the first weekend. So that's. That's as -- street married again to two -- to see these. These iconic performers these legendary performers today. Who were performing a long time ago when I was on the radio years ago and there's still performing that gets this -- is great feeling of comfort to know that. Well it was going on a long time ago and it's still going on today it's what are the things that really sends me about somebody like Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain robbed an entire generation he was so instrumental. In the -- the grunge movement alternative music something it was a big departure from The Beatles have established in the two British invasion. I had established at rock music and everything from the sixties on it pretty much been built on the same found music foundation. However Kurt Cobain and are fun and sound garden -- -- those fans changed all of that there was a look it was a sound that went along with the alternative sound of the nineties. And like committing suicide Kurt Cobain robbed a young generation. The thing that we are experiencing right now which is seeing a performer you fall and and still performed today. Yeah I thought about that quite often and there's a young generation of Woolsey. What Terkel they would do in the future it won't be able to -- live. The stuff that he did in the past and I think that's at -- -- -- talking about to police officers whether or not they should Obey the law when there in their in their cars or are. -- on the on the street for that matter. At this story is -- coming from Illinois over a truck driver saw an Illinois State troopers beating on the highway talking on his cellphone what does Horne other disapproval. And a trooper pulled him over he was videotaping it then wouldn't the police officer realized that he was being videotaped. He. Changed his attitude apologized and didn't give the -- ticket. So a couple of questions here should police officers. And be required to follow the law. No orders speeding and is sort of things like that is that just a perk of the job. And also we should we be videotaping everything so it does it come down he said she said there's more concrete evidence of what goes on. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about the continuing investigation the continuing search for. The two gunmen believed to be involved in the shooting of pervert in Orleans very early Sunday morning got an interest in Texas -- he's talked about this year. One of the victims of seventeen years old what does a seventeen year old doing on Bourbon Street. At 2:45 in the morning. That will be part of our discussion next our I'm scoots into the WL.

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