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7-1 7:10am Scoot, Bourbon St shooting

Jul 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talk to Eric Hessler, an attorney with PANO, about police presence and response

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A lot of red white and blue in the halls saga of the radio station a lot of people excited about today's match at 3 o'clock this afternoon the US takes on Belgium it's win or lose either move on World Cup or -- out. And of once again by especially with later. A later time 3 o'clock rather than 11 o'clock which is still the last game they played World Cup and and this is gonna probably lead to a lot of people may be getting out of work a little early in going to a bar or restaurant to to -- yes sounds like a plan leave a little early today. I like it is do you feel like you know attacks going on. I mean are you could you'd feel like you've educated yourself. Parties -- confused when. They -- -- yellow flying lower our car under an hour but still little confused down tells you things but I'm I'm I'm I'm totally enjoying it. Yeah I don't care if you don't have to know everything to it too well -- I mean I know the did the basic rule is too. Basic goal is to get the ball at the goal is definitely use gore you can't touch the ball -- your hands you in future years. I do it it just it seems like it's very very physical and they don't Wear a lot of clip there where equipment now those so those bangs out on the field when they collide in the and they -- then look like -- really hurt Portland their legs get in her tangled up. I'm sure orthopedic surgeons are looking at this and going oh my god this is going to be some business from this the other coming on and you know I favors and now is that had shot. And I just think that is the coolest thing somebody who only -- one on the side and the guy heads right Ian yeah that's super David's. The president said something that he probably. Should god -- said. The First Lady Michelle Obama corrected him on this. This happened yesterday. That. I guess was -- Canada a ceremony of the pastry chef is leaving the White House. So they were saying good -- to the pace to ship -- what you hear what President Obama says okay. We we we call bill the crust master because. His pious. On the what are you guys when he puts -- in them. -- -- -- -- Remove -- from mama came down hard after the -- -- an audience for CBS news. The president document have good supplies are you know. When's the last time the president made a drug reference like that and I aren't is that something you expect the president and it went we -- second prize and no not never heard anything like done before and -- he stepped -- Cypriot no -- you know -- and this happens almost exactly the same time the mayor of Toronto. Was and getting out of rehab and saying that he was so sorry. And he'd become his own worst enemy Britain's addiction. David -- sent SOS on the video for the song from Justin Timberlake who is very very talented this. Saw the video for the song and it really is amazing it's like Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. The song is called love never felt so good. And it just it just reminds us with all these scenes of Michael Jackson how talented and innovative he was when he came to song and dance. And I guess this song love never felt so good. I guess this is kind of the opposite of the -- of a song while hurts. More than -- -- song love stinks now but never felt so good good sought an amazing video. The -- -- is -- ten shot on Bourbon Street what is the strategy what is the NO PD strategy when it comes to the shootings. Talk about that when we come back on studio Khatami Tucker this is to be well. Sometime this morning -- gonna play either reducing Brothers song or Peter Frampton song. Campbell stop but it a certain point -- you know the next line and you're the first one with the correct next line from that sought to caller contest number and I'll give now replaced song. I've -- -- gonna win two tickets to see Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers champions square here in New Orleans. Sunday July 20 at 7 o'clock. And there's another way to win you can also go to our FaceBook page at WL radio look for The Doobie Brothers Peter -- that contest like us and register to win. Keep on rocket from the station that one structurally you know we we Woodward -- station but we still love rock and roll and so you every WL. I hear is an update on our WW a project opinion poll when there's a shooting what should the police his first priority. Tending to a victim or pursuing the suspect this came up yesterday in a conversation I had with a police she surpassed in fact I believe the audio that is steel. On our website at WW dot com under under audio and I've played I didn't -- cam video. From the scene suburban streets -- telling the story. As is I heard it with visual perspective of where the shooting took place on Berber and that also. Is on our website at WW -- of cup but here's a quick update on our opinion -- a 36% say the first priority should be to tend to a victim. And 64% say pursued the suspect. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. It appears as if the NO PD officer who was close by. Didn't do a lot to attended the victim. And she didn't pursue. The suspect. So. That's that that's one of the questions -- what is the NO PD strategy here. Now. Society is responsible for causing the mentality. Of those on the streets of our city. -- capable of resolving conflict. And they're quick to use illegally obtained guns. To settle nor -- -- mean this this this goes deep into our society. And if we decided that we were gonna change things right now. It would take at least a generation to turn things around. So in the meantime what is the strategy. Of the you know PD officers and or NO PD officers trained and willing to respond in -- way. It begins to turn the tide against those who apparently don't fear the police. If a police officers close to a shooting. Then why wasn't this gunman apprehended. They're still looking for these two -- And what's so what's the protocol and what the protocol file I don't have answers to all these questions but. I would hope that -- PD is it is is looking into the secure police officer. Somebody's on the ground. I I realize that a human instinct might be to take care that person. But would you prefer the police officer to go after that the suspect. Or to attend to the person on the ground. There's -- turned out there are a lot of a lot of conscientious. Citizens. Who who tried to help out. Those people who were. That was shot and injured. And it's also brings up another question if the victims this was 2:45 in the morning. Is the victims range in age from seventeen to 39. What does a seventeen year old doing out -- suburban street. At 2:45 in the morning. Now if she was with her parents then it's all okay. But if she was by herself. That's not okay. Surveys consistently reveal that there's low morale. In NO PD. Could low more now. Be part of the reason that may be police officers. Or not. Instinctively pursuing. The the suspect. And are attending to a victim -- -- do you get the impression and -- look if you're NO PD if -- police officer. And OPD or anywhere. I I'd love to hear from you. And you -- -- -- give your name if you don't want to and this is not about bashing please this is about a conversation that that we should have and and I think citizens. Deserve an answer. What's the strategy. And -- morale so low that. Police officers. But what we're talking about a few. When talking about all police officers. It's kind of like a football team. If he has some really great players. But you have enough bad players. You don't win the game. And right now I'm not sure we're winning the game even though the murder rate in New Orleans is down to a near thirty year historic low. That's good news. But again these shootings. Can't happen and yet we don't know how to top soft but what would be a good strategy. For NO PD what would you do now. To try to prevent these things -- happening realizing that it's gonna take generations. To manifest change. In our society. I screwed it for tummy -- if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688. -- -- recipient tech's number 87870. It's 7:22 and this Tuesday morning and here says Debbie WL traffic updates with Carol Robertson. Louisiana state police are gonna start helping out NO PD -- do occasionally and they might be here this weekend anyway for. -- essence fest at the big a fourth of July fireworks display downtown. Was it strictly to a great job in the French Quarter assisting us and LTD. However it's my understanding now that they may help out -- chiefs are -- and a PD throughout the summer. Here's here's a question if there's a shooting should the police officers first priority be to -- victim or to pursue. The suspect. And what would you do to. To turn the tide against those who think that. Well the police can't do anything to me they're narcotic I can get away with it. And obviously there's no fear of consequences. For negative behavior which is something that needs to be taught in home. When your kid. You can't just start teaching that when somebody gets to be older. So what what are the option is gonna take generations. At least a generation. To change things so what will change things now I'm screwed in -- tummy -- if you would join us with your comment this morning are numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Early Saturday attacks -- a 77. Eric Kessler is an attorney with 100 and he circled in the show Eric welcomed the show this morning. Good let's talk about a police priority attending to a victim or. Chasing a suspect. -- -- It's actually -- into the green lights that light is comfortable for. Protection property or or the actual criminal. And I'm speaking at a former police spent seventeen -- -- the actual commander of our great job -- a little bit about talking about. The problem -- Internet. The training that he ought to get in regard to cook medical. Are getting medical treatment is just it is -- to say to slightly. Okay so are what -- I guess what we're saying then is that are at police officer would not be that much more qualified than somebody who might be on the street who would have training. To attend to somebody. Who's there and there were a lot of people around for the shooting early Sunday morning but the police officer would be more trained to -- you be better equipped to go after a suspect. -- of course and he some that obviously. -- audible is -- to make them it actually do. It -- it out and especially monitor and and call medical personnel. That he'll -- -- -- gone after this. Outline a course and this is in its decision you can't -- does anybody here in -- first because the person getting away. And one thing that's frustrating to a lot of people is that this this police officer was close and so many people saw decided to suspects simply ran away firing is gone. And at that's what a day ago I mean the second the second but it sort of absolutely no. Medical. Equipment. Coming. Out. Without. Its outcome based. Policing. It -- them. The dot opting out it gets to that gets a they would they would say it used to the state. CNN I I wouldn't I you know I'm I'm. I'm very much up to date on who's responsible for what in in situations and it would not have been my instinct to blame the police officer for pursuing the the suspect. -- you wouldn't but the police would receive honorable and -- be punished. Even. Caught and that's that it. Will be. So you know it's it's an attempt to. Calm me. -- that there could make that call but. Well that's that this situation. Decades. In generation that a that's correct in the -- about -- not fixed the problem is to address the problems that. That debt -- long term situation cause every year. An -- stay with us for a few minutes. All right I -- -- -- -- -- -- here but I want to continue our conversation Eric -- attorney for penalties called in the show. I will have immortal talked him on the aside this break also if you wanna join us with your comment -- numbers 2601870. To all 38668890. Point seven at a text numbers 87870. What do you think could be done to change things now to deal with things like what happened Sunday morning shooting between two people getting into an argument. What needs to be done. To make. The quarter safer now every neighborhood across the the city should be safe. But. This city depends on terrorism. Effect I think it's interesting that they haven't released the names or where the victims are from. Because. They don't wanna say the tourists were shot as we get ready for this fourth of July weekend with essence fest but apparently. -- -- -- I'm astute for Tommy to record 731 here's David Blake with a WWL news update -- thanks -- -- gonna continue our conversation with attorney for panel that's the police association of New Orleans. Eric Kessler of -- talking about and a PD policy this policy of if there's a victim on the ground it's up to the up to the officer to make the decision -- Some officers or perhaps paying attention to victims on the street instead of pursuing. The the person who is that the suspect and this guy got away this guy got away in the Chicago two people got to -- in the police are still looking for. I Erica welcome back to the show should there be a policy change and NO PD should not. On should not be told to focus on the victim and should be told that trained to go after the suspect immediately. Trying to go -- this suspect the policy that precede that and render it and I need to be looked at. Scratch. It there's something new into the victim. And certainly. That. But use that discretion and being an Arctic their lap traffic and then it should be supported not -- -- Do the best you can't answer this question. Are there police officers. Because of low morale. That would use attending to the victim. As an excuse to not pursue a suspect. I think that that eighty. Yeah. Without human -- agree -- is due to that column. There would be some some -- it would be right at the bit to leave that that side it. Our. Idea but it wouldn't be so anxious to news. End of the day. Policy. You were sent to the and public policy it will be no matter what their intentions. And you don't think that policies change. -- caught it and said that it's the fact they should be up to the discretion of the opt. An opposition and it should be. -- -- And jutting out just not been a while it. Erica appreciate you calling her show and thanks for -- accident information. I here's a Texan Reid said there's a place in Kansas City called the power and light district and you go into this community through a kind of check point. And you show your ID. And and you go freely into the pubs maybe we can do that here. Also had a call yesterday talk about Beale street in Memphis which is their version of our our urban street. And they have that's blocked off and you have to enter it today and at a checkpoint here's another tax we could install. I TSA screening metal detectors extra cops at all points in and out. And we have where -- we still have stabbings and death suburban street. Well to some degree that's true everywhere we're gonna make it 100% secure but I'll tell you if you had to go through a checkpoint to get to -- street. My experience of being suburban street a regular basis is. There are a lot of people suburban street it would never be able to get through that checkpoint. You and enjoy pressure with a comment on numbers 260187. All 38668890878. In a text number 677. If it's gonna take a generation to really change the mentality of those who were willing to pull out a gun and use it to settle an argument the gun that they've obtained illegally. And what do you think can be done now. To battle those people who feel like -- we can just going to do whatever we want. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. When there's a shooting what should be the police officers first priority tending to the victim or pursuing a suspect. 36% say tending to the victim and 64% say pursuing the suspect. Give us your opinion by going to BWL dot com I execute and we'll be back. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna give you a chance to win tickets to see Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers will play part of -- friends that are Doobie Brothers song. And it will stop the song and if you build the next line and you're the first caller to the -- line which I'll give out what we play the song if you the first -- to call in with the next correct line. You -- tickets you can also win by going to our FaceBook page to be WL radio and the information is they're just like us look for the Peter Frampton. I Doobie Brothers in a contest information. I scoot in four Tommy Tucker here is a an update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll this was a question came up yesterday in a conversation with police chief surpassed. It seems as if the police were so close a police officer was so close to -- this shooting and yet. The suspect got away. And it's my understanding it did the police officer made the decision Tuesday with. The victim. But how much could the police officer actually assist the victims. So here's the question. What should be the first priority tending to the victim or pursuing the suspect 39% say tending to the victim and 61% say pursuing. The suspect. And I'm getting more -- in suggestions about treating the French Quarter like it's an amusement park tastefully wall off the French Quarter. Is what's what personal suggested. And I haven't ended to Beale street I've been Beale street years ago but apparently Beale street in Memphis is. Somehow not control to there's -- there's -- controlled entry. -- deal street and apparently the same thing is true and a Kansas City. With the at the power and light district. Should we should be require people to show an ID when they go into the French Quarter. I guarantee. If there was any kind of even loose checkpoint. That required IDs to be shown that required anybody go to a metal detector. There are a lot of people who -- -- street on a regular basis. Who would never make it thunderbird -- street. So is that a good idea. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. We seventy. And our text number is 87870. Here is a text that read Cisco regarding your question it doesn't have to be so cut and dry there's no reason why NO PD officer couldn't radio for EMS. And pursued the suspect at the same time. And -- -- it's it's it's really frustrating though when you you think about how close we were to apprehending at least one of the guys. And I guess one argument would be well you know they're gonna eventually catch. Well I guess they will but should this policy change traditional PD focus on immediately instinctively. Going after the victim I mean going after the the suspect. Rather than attend to the victim. From Lafayette Johnny -- and to -- WL. Yes sir or not what that meant. It's eight years ago and peel street. All carry a pocket I would prefer action just call it that it -- in -- And have a pocket handkerchief you know I know you might wanna assure at least. That's exactly what it would it be street. -- -- pocket -- and we entered. Interest -- canal harbor entrance Nabil. And yet so all horse and a couple cops there with -- metal detectors and did you have any any weapons at all pocket might eat drink come here. Well among my hotel was blocks away sort anyway I want the walkers and -- under bush. And let backed down and interest on Beale street and just charitable -- Beale street every every street was open. So it just walk one block walk around the country it was really silly. Joke. And -- Percent. That they -- shooter. Of course depends on. Severity of the of the injury. So much away yet look at -- guys but there. Hole. I am very limited supply then and very limited. To Porsche a bit in shock. We that we are one more -- called. Partial away so they'll charge about it. I am I agree with you Johnny I I'm in favor of -- -- so many people around -- cellphones now and -- the police officer who called 911. Call -- mess gets some and again analysts. Let's somebody's just so severely injured that you feel like there's something you do the police officers are not overly trained to handle on victims in the street -- political have a great day. I if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87870. -- coming up later in the show we'll talk about the Supreme Court ruling yesterday in the hobby lobby case. Heading down a decision it's been every controversial. Hobby lobby can use their religious beliefs to opt out of contraception. Coverage for its employees because it's a Christian based organization that there's certain things like the morning after pill that they don't cover. They don't have to vary significantly talk about that later initial 752 astute if Don Tucker and here's a WWL traffic update with Gerald Robinson. The World Cup today US intelligence if the US wins they move on if they lose they -- out of World Cup that game is at 3 o'clock this afternoon. And that's our time so I think a lot of people are going to be skipping out of work early to go to their favorite restaurant or bar. To watch the watch the game I'm studio for Tommy Tucker here's a -- that -- LOL you try to chase these dudes. And talk on the radio with a realistic idea that you will catch them. Especially to a -- street crowd. Well I'm not trained to pursue suspects. But if police officers are not really trained. In any in depth manner to. Take care of a victim. Then wouldn't they be better off chasing the suspect. As that are WW up pretty -- opinion poll -- in this shooting like the -- India Sunday morning in the French Quarter -- street what should the police officers first priority be. Ten to the victim or pursue the suspect. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for New Orleans David welcome to the shows more. It's people doesn't party at the big picture talk. Indicates major problem. You mentioned about it yet rage well this has been people all want you are already in the future operations spa. Kids the kids. Well you know at a Aaron and will what you think that next generation. Change. On wall at 650000. People all in March 1960 you're one America. We had triggered about a company op -- we get this stuff well all it's a cultural thing it's. Order our change we get this -- When he -- reformers who educate these kids all true male. Because politics -- this situation is so in the culture. -- order and law enforcement problem. And could you pick up some the launch it say Milwaukee. Seattle. It is not a problem -- they don't that they did art is different demographic ecology let's be honest about the problem is -- Or urban demographic in this city. Would the applaud you -- mean it's been -- he's trying to merge these two aren't they yeah. Where the situation but if you want to -- and you think they care to debate and vote are -- -- are going to stick it is all well. And the the and it and it that we the culture from. But it -- on terror. Let me get better be some jets the ball -- -- the fatigue and have a Wall Street -- -- noticed -- -- -- happens they console the David and then. -- -- -- get to got to get to -- related -- exposure and we'll continue that conversation coming up. Right after the news.

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