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7-1 8:10am Scoot, Bourbon St shooting

Jul 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about what can be done about the violence in the city

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Afternoon big gain World Cup US intelligence and -- house is calling for a boycott of Belgium waffles is not right and I think he really can serious -- It would be un American to eat it builds of waffles today. Or what we do will be did. When -- happy with the French a few years ago I think mr. George W pusher renamed French Fries freedom Fries I remember the last dollar golfer for freedom waffles while yup. -- and Udonis that are Waffle House ethic and their release referred to them as Belgium. Waffles. Not Belgium. Waffles. And it's a little technically. Yeah I mean -- -- -- haven't -- what is a guy that's the big fat lawful right it's you know the big -- and -- -- -- there will come hi -- you know that's the only thing the -- to the Belgian Waffle House about it. I think maybe you and you giving instructions on the rest we. Have a point that maybe something written premium him. -- -- -- -- I'm not getting anything in my head sets except to show was announced on herringbone or rather spirit but I Zach coming up later this hour sometimes it could happen at any time this hour we're gonna get your chance to take a seceded Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton. Coming to a world champion square Sunday July 20. It's 7 o'clock and we've got your tickets certificate you well. Tommy go on and have more to -- -- tomorrow and for the rest of this week but we're gonna play out -- to play Doobie Brothers song and apple stop at a certain point in if you the first person to call the contest line which are given out at the time. Now with the correct next line to the song you -- tickets and you can also go to our FaceBook page to -- WL radio. And look for The Doobie Brothers Peter frantic contest like us and register to win. And keep on rocket from the station atlas -- -- going to be WL via Crosby, Stills and Nash concert at the -- which we talked about last week. And it's sold out first weekend. It is tickets went on sale which is it really really good. A -- what today is titled ten shot on Bourbon Street. What's the strategy. What is CO OPD strategy. A -- of a few moments ago where is talking about how this is a cultural generational problem and and and -- and I said and I proceeded the blog. This is not something -- we're gonna change overnight for -- if we if we tried to if we knew exactly what the changes needed to be. And we started implementing those changes right now. It would take a generation. For things to change. But we can't give up. So what do you think we should do right now. To. Do a better job. Of stopping people. From. Trying to settle an argument on on crowded Bourbon Street with a -- Now I'm hearing people suggest -- we treated like and an amusement park there are zones there are entry places. I have to get get on -- retreated to get into the French Quarter. Would that be a good idea and also here's an update on our -- give -- a pretty jaguar opinion -- listening to came up in my conversation we're simply she surpassed yesterday. When there's a shooting what do you think the first priority of the plea should be. Tending to the victim or pursuing the suspect. 40% say ten to the victim 60% say pursue. The suspect. And that would be my instinct. That reminds he didn't pursue the suspect. It's frustrating that it and NO PD officer was. Which close enough to apparently have pursued. At one of the suspects who was running on the street at shooting his gun. But stayed with the victim. And maybe that's something. That should change. I -- I received a number of text yesterday. And a number of emails from people who criticize me for being politically correct. And not being honest enough. To say what the real problem is in the French Quarter. And I talked yesterday about the element that I see the French Quarter and how. The French Quarter has changed I've noticed a particularly the last six once herself. And there's an element that is not there to party and people are challenging me to name the element what is that element. We'll talk about that we come back if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. At a Texas -- have VA seventy I've scoot him to Tommy Tucker were coming right back on WWL. That's the thing just makes me get chills more than Miley Cyrus parties in USA but think about -- -- right now on the team USA your world come here. Since jewels of -- mine -- -- I'm -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker Tony will be back with you tomorrow. In secrecy becomes Specter -- an Irish accent. It's a 17 on this Tuesday morning to be another very very hot day we've got the first tropical depression talk about the good news is it's on the other side of Florida. And it's gonna go up the the East Coast in the Atlantic. Should NO PD. Or any police department. Should they tend to be the victim or pursue the suspect. If they're given a choice now I again obviously they have to have discretion at the time but. With morale solo and you know PG. I can't help but just wonder I just had this thought. There are no PD officers. Who might not want to pursue. A suspect. And might use. Tending to the victim. There's a reason to not pursue. Also received some emails yesterday and in a few text. For people asking me to define the element challenging me to define the element in the French Quarter. And you know what they want me to say. And do one email was just the laced with profanity. Wanting me to say. It's young black men. What they wanna say is that he is a black problem. What some people wanna do is define this as a problem. It comes from blacks. And see -- skin color. Has the power to make you -- criminal. The question is how do you stereotype. Of young black males. Without it making it seem as if every young black -- was a suspect. And is a Christian and Catholic I don't wanna be judged. By all Christians and Catholics. I don't want to be judged by all radio talk show host. I don't be lumped into that group. It's too easy to -- and there are a lot of people who want to define it as a black problem. Because. It's not their problem. It's somebody else's problem. The statistics may show that a disproportionate number of blacks are responsible. But that doesn't mean it's a black problem. Because this has nothing to do with skin color. And yet there are people who are. So willing to reduce it to that again I guess it's kind of a convenient thing for. Topic to reduce -- debt well this on our problem. It may be a problem in the black community. But it's not a black problem. If you wanna join Russia with a comet this morning -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every text number State's 7870. Here's detects it reads. Yes because. You see so many white thugs on -- You know I I see white applicant people. I'd describe them is as as parks. Again I hate it. I don't think it's fair to. To judge skin color and occasionally it does have a civil I'm sure they're young black men with their pants hanging down. No because of your parents are paying it down and you could've run away. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's heavily -- is -- seventy. A seventy from Mississippi Paula here -- BWL. -- out on how they -- won't change a culture war have backed down there around sixty years -- and when I was twelve years old my hand. With sixty years -- to take that we get copies don't. Legal round -- from Plant City audit. We believe that like leave though there's something like that that need to be more restaurants and more may -- gas prices on Bourbon Street. To keep the bad elements. You know -- Public -- that that that the bad -- at the bad element that I see on Bourbon Street they're not going to unity of the clubs they're just hanging out on Bourbon Street. Well but the police department of the police involved in the -- numbered but. If they had more restaurants and more. Decent places so people -- in the tour that we com. To see that -- -- like is that the late eighties hit band make finally right -- in the big picture window on. On the game. Of the they're so there's all there's a lot to do would -- their -- restaurants in the corner and I understand what you're saying but I don't think that needs to change it's not the availability of of of too many bars it's it's how people use it too many bars and again these people I -- And now the system and I'll talk a complicated and all wave of Mormon. And I replied I appreciate -- calling gonna get to a traffic update here if you're -- -- stay -- -- -- coming right back with more of your comments. 8:22 on this Tuesday morning and here's another WW dot traffic updates with Gerald Robinson sometime this -- you've got a chance to win -- -- Doobie Brothers and Peter -- together in concert. Sunny ninety like Tony at their champions square. Yeah it wasn't until I saw The Doobie Brothers -- a -- this is kind of an embarrassing admission on the -- But it I was in early in my career and -- Doobie Brothers songs on here. When they were -- And it didn't occur to me until -- -- -- fest. That they with The Doobie Brothers. Named after slang for marijuana cigarette. I mean how naive was guy. I'm -- Tommy Tucker of more year or your techs are coming up let's go to Kennard Dave your Debbie WL. Yes there's. I was calling I questioned. Circuit. And -- that is news conference. If you remember he says that they were police just feet away and and arms and -- him and all distances and they responded inspected in minutes and that. But if you look at the replay country use in numerous times so violent PP. That. What they don't shoot. People beat the street the street was empty and went into the businesses. And basically the only. People personal in that industry and sure sure. And then he started to run down the street and still shooting. And the other guys get away. You know very walk under -- -- Bill Burton down side street that police were. So close. They didn't leave the guys or is that there's two guys. Pursue him. I don't know I think this is a major question because yeah if I. If they were that close. Did they get away without percent. Even if that we're not close all of a sudden apportion a portion of Bourbon Street people. And in any city. Two people we -- ensure. You know that's. That's the big question and I think. If you didn't notre. Well it might be it might be the truth that the police officers are supposed to tend to -- a rather than pursue it and you know in in some situations I guess that would be there at the proper thing to do Dave I'm I'm going to call our show but I. As a citizen. I and the French quarters part of my neighborhood I'm not comfortable with the idea that you tend to. A victim and again there would be a judgment call made to hear. But pursuing the suspects. To me should be the instant strategy. Of NO PD. Here's a text. One thing would be -- that would help out would be to enforce a curfew no one under eighteen should be on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter after eleven. And maybe start charging the parents when kids are out. But not although not all the perpetrators are. Are under the age of eighteen. From -- -- -- to be WL. George you -- annual from that -- that it. And so on but anyway. -- that you relate that story Qiyue it's. To vacation in Italy -- couple weeks ago. While Milan Verona -- then it. In those areas. Sections that are or blocked -- to. He's coming trapped in the words. Automobile and only competent if they have the permanent. -- -- proper delivery trucks. And they also -- areas that are not going to let. Basically blocked off to just casual interest so. No crime bill lists lists murders in the whole country of Italy. Than in the state of Louisiana took. But suggestion goes back to this. Make the French Quarter -- Disneyland for oh. Event and to limit. Allow people. Permits cab drivers eccentric come in and out of the quarter. But torture to some level. And you clean up different brought up until my friends about this so many years -- that -- when I heard the caller hole. -- a glazed Easter time and calling and nice talking to you. Here's another question -- what difference does it make. What color did that the suspects are wise to make a difference why is it important to define. A crime is crime. And it shouldn't matter. And yet I -- to -- -- yesterday saying that I was being too politically correct by not defining the element it doesn't matter what color the element is. There is an element in the French Quarter and I can tell you that people that I see the French Quarter on a regular basis -- labor street. If there was any kind of checkpoint. A lot of them would never make it through the checkpoint. If you do you have. A question or comment to you -- send me an email my email address is scoot at WWL dot com. It's 831 -- at the Tommy Tucker Tommy will be back with you tomorrow here's another WWL news updates with David like all right David thanks for an idol I left my apartment restoring it to 4 o'clock there was -- there was -- loans sax player at the beginning of -- and royal street just just belting out -- two or not I don't know how many people were -- by their -- but. If you gotta be brave to deal you know interpret street at 4 o'clock in the morning usually the music is an alto sax yeah. She. Just out there all alone but I guess season join as did you guys this weekend is -- really start to ramp up I guess it today and tomorrow fourth of July weekend essence fest is going to be in town and -- Louisiana state police are coming to town to help out -- -- PD the quarter not only for this weekend but I get the impression they may stay through the summer which. My -- be a bad idea they -- the L television simply too great job in the French Quarter. Yeah they do and and they certainly your run of very visible presence at least those are not going undercover. You see him on those uniforms with the cats and horses in the new patterns pretty it's pretty impressive if I was a crook I wouldn't want amassed -- Well and that the you know that's a question about police presence do we need more police in the French Quarter there there was a police officer very close to where. This -- shooting took place else and the police officer apparently stay closer to a victim and did not pursue the suspect and that's been our WW pretty general opinion poll. When is issued when the when that happened Sunday morning in the quarter. What should the police policy the with the -- the first priority tend to the victim or pursue this suspect. 37% say -- to the victim 63%. Say pursue the suspect. And if they pursued the suspect wouldn't that lead to possibly less victims. -- interest and better if you're one of those people lying on the ground. I sure would like -- helping hand. Yeah I mean I I understand that this is a judgment call on the part of the police but my thought once you go after the suspect's first and and that was wrong and I learned that yesterday in our conversation with. And a PD -- surpassed that. They're a priority is to ten to the victim or -- priority it's a judgment call but they do have that says that option but yet. It's my understanding that police are not really overly trained to take care of victims in the street. They should be or trained to. Find the suspects anyway this is a debate they will continue if you wanna join us with your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86689. Here -- seventy. And a text number -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of your calls and more of your text Howard getting -- more text about what we've big talking about this hour that is. What do you do with the French Quarter what do you what do you do with the people who are going to French Quarter for the wrong reason I realize that everybody has the freedom to go wherever they -- ago. But the point is. There are people in the quarter who were not there to have a good time they're not there for the same reason that -- sit there and I see him all the time I see every weekend. And this has been a problem that has become more apparent to me over the last six months. Now we're not gonna be able to make the quarter or any place 100% safe. But is there. Is there a better way to make the French Quarter safer now we can't we we can't just suddenly change this problem. Because again this is -- a problem that's going on for generations. And even if we knew exactly what to do we started right now doing it it would take a generation to to change thinks. But I guess it would be like if if somebody is is injured and their bleeding. Well you gotta do something before you get into the hospital. So you put a bandage on it. So what would be the best bandage. To put on this problem. Should we have checkpoints again -- the French Quarter. Here's a -- no excuse for NO PD not catching that thug. Very they had plenty of people around a -- called 911 to help the victims and this is came up in our conversation yesterday was she surpassed. I thought the the priority would be to to go after the Victor I'm going to go after the at the suspect. But yet I I think there's the priority is to stay with the victims -- -- from our conversation yesterday. Here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll issued the French Quarter what should the a police dispersed priority. Ten to the victim or pursue the suspect. 38% say -- to the victim and 62% say pursue the suspect. And I agree with that. I would get to -- -- text or -- -- back it's a 51 I'm -- in for -- to accurate here's another WWL traffic update terror Robinson. It's 855 or five minutes away from not to collect I hope your -- schedule this morning if not you know they'll speed to get on schedule take -- time you'll get there when you get there and everybody has fallen now to what somebody noted. They're running I remember when you'd be couldn't tell somebody that you -- running late -- it's it's easy to do it I'm screwed in fort Tommy Tucker. We're we've been talking about the shooting in the French Quarter and what can be done to stop this from happening well nothing can be done to stop it from happening. It's it's unfortunately. It's a public area and you can't totally control who goes into that area. But if there were some kind of legal checkpoints to -- the French Quarter. It would eliminate a lot of people from getting it because I guarantee you there are a lot of people on who were lining urban street every party is Saturday night. Have entered the week but mainly Friday and Saturday -- who would never be able to pass a checkpoint they wouldn't get him. And I mentioned yesterday in the show that I'm I'm constantly. Thinking about who has ago and who doesn't have a gun. How many these people haven't gone. I I'm just I'm thinking about that consciously now because there is -- growing and different element in the French Quarter. Now I was pressed yesterday to defining element here's a text what do you mean. What difference does it make what color the perpetrators war. We can use that type of information to protect ourselves. Hi woods liked to have all the information possible who these criminals are a complete description age race etc. Well. But it's wrong to say that this. This person this type of person this age. This. Race. -- is indicative of everybody of that race. That's the again there's that there's an easy temptation. To define everybody -- group and and that's not fair that's not being politically correct. That's just being I think that's just being fair. There are a lot of young black males in the French Quarter who they are every weekend. Have a good time. Just like nine. As so it's unfair to define this as a black problem. Now if the disproportionate number of perpetrators. And in many cases victims. If they are young black males OK we use that as a description to find the perpetrators. But don't use it as it -- description to judge people but again there are a lot of people who wanna define it that way because it's not their problem. Oh that's that that's that's their problem. That's not my problem. For battery Antawn you're on WWL. -- More current quarter of the year ago. But Oakmont or -- The job. We hit some bird -- that but. There was always. In British government from. Top martial law -- to take care of the problem. That it was their hero. The problem talk about -- seem to be somebody -- That are attracting. Or forged clubs like. But it's -- let's let's be clear about this show a lot of the people who were the problem on Bourbon Street they're not going to when he clubs they're just went out on -- -- -- in and out of quote or tracked -- -- Well. I mean I -- pretty spread out that there are a couple of spots where yes the are there are bigger congregations of people public. I I see it really all up and number of history. There are talking about what Jack Ford wanted war. Then -- gone through -- Nokia. Is but more or. Quote call they'll open up pressure on globe that -- adjustment so whom the problem. And thought I'm gonna have to get to news break going to call the show I realize that this is a very very complicated issue. It would be nice if we can have everybody goes through a checkpoint in the French Quarter I don't know how practical -- is. Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a controversial decision concerning freedom of religion and birth control coverage we'll talk about that next on WWL.

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