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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And David when there is tropical. Depression named in his target depression becomes a tropical storm the name of the author if it does pass and it was like it's gonna happen. Nobody needs to freak out here denies this is -- in South Florida it's on the other side of Florida. And he's got to go up the Atlantic coast I'll tell you -- -- when I first got a glimpse of that thing at the crack McDonald's earnings and a massive hit it -- it's -- -- I've got murdered I've come from it is a massive on the good side of Florida. I guess for office but not for them can you imagine if you play and that their fourth of July your holiday weekend in -- in Florida. Who aren't all those people would go to -- coastline south and North Carolina little boy. David wanna share once again and for those who missed it something that President Obama said yesterday. The president was basically saying goodbye to the the pastry chef who is still leading the White House any. He made a comment about how tasty that the pies are down and well First Lady Michelle Obama came in and corrected him -- here's with the president's -- carefully. We we we call bill the crust master because. His pious. On the what -- you guys when he puts -- in them. -- -- That was the last time the president the United States -- drug reference like that while -- yeah. And the First Lady correcting my immediately the idea I'm not I don't think -- really frankly and -- to do and you sit around -- to say -- the president it would crack you know I mean I realize it was just joke. And as she pointed out they really don't have any crime in the White House I love all the stories from the past about. -- -- turtles. The band the turtles have snorting Coke off of desk in the Lincoln bedroom. -- Willie Nelson a smoking pot at the White House added there's some really great drug stories about people who. And I thought in the White House and in I wonder if somebody's written a book that probably have probably drugs at the white house office. The us Supreme Court yesterday handed down a decision that is very controversial. It -- freedom of religion. The right is applauding the decision. The left is warning that this is possibility of having far reaching effects in our society. Hobby lobby is a big corporation. But -- closely held. So in some ways they're they're -- like a small corporation you know like a mom and pop shop that giant that 500 stores in thirteen thousand employees. The company is owned by devout Christians. And the company fought for the right to refuse to provide contraceptive coverage to employees because of its religious beliefs. In a close decision five to four and why that was close -- Supreme Court states. That the government. Does not have the power to force a businesslike hobby lobby to cover contraception. Like birth control pills in particular I think what is mainly focused is the morning after appeal which a lot of people believe it is. And abortion deal because it causes an abortion yeah. What I've read about the morning after pill plan B is that it prevents fertilization. And if that's the case that it's not an abortion -- against that is going to be topic it will continue to be controversy. But if a business can refuse aspects of health care coverage because of religious beliefs. What do marijuana medical marijuana was legal in the states could. A business refused to honor a doctor's prescription for medical marijuana to a patient if the company disagrees with medical marijuana well according to of -- relying -- thank you answer would be yes you know it -- the same way. If this this court decision may not be as far reaching as some have have suggested because it is specific it talks about a closely held company. And even a hobby -- -- large company. This is sent a closely held company and I'm not every company would would qualify for this but as far as I know. Vasectomies and Viagra are still covered you still have to cover that but you just wouldn't have to cover. Contraception. So again -- this is this is resurrecting the issue about religious freedom. Which it says something that has has come up particularly when it comes to judging the gay community. We is a business should be allowed to. To use our religious police to refuse services this -- controversy that's not gonna go away and it seems this year as the as. The the attempts to ban same sex marriage in this country have essentially been lost. Courts even in red states across the country. It seems as if then well okay well that didn't work so well let's use our religious freedom to discriminate. Now if you're a female employee. And hobby lobby. Doesn't offer you contraception. Coverage under obamacare. And this is considered to be a blow to Obama care then. Why work for hobby lobby. I mean I don't think it's right. It hobby lobby denies contraception coverage to women because of their religious beliefs their title to the religious voice I don't. I don't agree with that. But the Supreme Court says they have a right to do it. And if they do have a right to do it then you have to pick another place to work I don't know that we should should be able to demand. Did any place we wanna work. Has to. -- to -- our specific. Beliefs I think people are entitled to their police. -- discrimination is wrong. No company can use their religious police to discriminate against people although the attempts are are being made to use. Religious police to discriminate against. Gay lesbian couple on gay and lesbian customers. But the Supreme Court decision does bring up the issue of freedom of religion now. There are a lot of other aspects of this. If hobby lobby doesn't. Doesn't. Care about some of these other issues why they so concerned about this one issue. The truth is that there are people who have become very very fanatical. About certain issues and abortion is one of then there are people who oppose birth control. But I find it interesting that again correct me if I'm wrong here by. Vasectomies and Viagra. I think would still be comfort. So how far can the company go in using religious freedom to deny -- police health coverage. And if you don't get health coverage who -- it may be just need to be a little more responsible or go to work somewhere else. I'm scoot -- for Tommy Tucker if you -- join us for your comment on numbers 260187. -- 3866889070. At a text number is 87870. Here's a quick update on our -- -- pretty -- My opinion poll we've been talking about this throughout the morning when there's a shooting like the one Sunday -- mystery in the French Quarter what should the police his first priority be. Tending to the victim we're pursuing the suspect. It's getting closer. 41% say ten to the victim and 59% say pursue the suspect. It is your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. So this controversy about religious freedom and birth control should the company be able to deny a birth control coverage based on religious beliefs will be right back -- your comments. I definitely will. Are jointly legendary Angela hill today had open -- credential from one to 4 at 1 o'clock Angela talk about. Is Sarah a natural way to manager cholesterol blood pressure and diabetes and are your supplements helping you or harming you. So this could be a valuable conversations -- Also I shall talk about whether or not -- a majority of dog bites of that apparently the case majority of dog bites. Happened Winnipeg has not been spade or tutors so there's controversy continues is it a good thing or bad thing to. Spader -- your -- -- -- did you know that about ten million homeless animals. Are pretty into overcrowded shelters every year we're talking about animal population control. Another. -- conversation with financial today and also and -- at 3 o'clock we'll have a follow up to the -- -- shooting with the people who live work and deploy people. In our French Quarter. An open lines with Malaysia during Angela hill this afternoon and weekdays from one to four here on every W. I -- in -- Tommy Tucker we're talking about the controversial Supreme Court decision yesterday. That allows hobby lobby to use their religious police to not give certain aspects of contraceptive devices -- IUDs and -- after more -- A two women because that's against their religious beliefs. Here's a -- reason hobby lobby decision was very narrow only dealt with the morning after pill IUDs. Hobby lobby still provides contraception. Here is and other text. That. Reads -- this is about the on the morning after appeal. It's about causing spontaneous abortions or for any furcal fertilization. Not birth control. IUDs in morning after pills can prevent a fertilized egg. Where life begins from attracted to the wound that's the issue. If the eggs are fertilized then. Is that her -- it's not then that would not be the beginning of life correct and I'm missing something here. If you -- Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. On Bobby Jindal was applauding this yesterday. A part of what is the governor of Louisiana said was -- yesterday's hobby lobby decision. Rejecting the arguments of president Obama's administration. And affirming the rights of families to conduct their business according to their faith. The Supreme Court recognized. When he's overwhelmingly the majority of Americans already ordered a majority of Americans already know to be true. And that is religious liberty is a good thing. Now there are also a lot of conservatives. Who criticized activists just justices. This is a justice who would rule against the law. And allow personal and political considerations. To come into play rather than rely on existing law. But would this not the case of activist judges working. In concert with conservative ideology. -- studio for Tommy Tucker and Sarah you're now under the WL. How do appreciate Che ha. Giving a little bit more -- -- -- -- part of it and -- bit. -- in Asia. -- and all we can. And. I'm Bob Hope a part and I hope I'll. Are you particularly. Act very rarely do you -- -- -- A bit but Sarah if -- -- -- agreed with this. I'm Sarah with this ruling though. Hobby lobby could refuse birth control if if hobby lobby was a Catholic company. And -- they did not agree with birth control at all. And could they not use this ruling to say what we're not gonna give any birth control whatsoever. Sure bet that you. Are and how -- I happened. Yeah of course age job that the company is -- I'm. Quite sure. In a patient. Out there. Won't. -- And and that act. And yeah. -- We come back. Well Sarah I appreciate you taking time to call our show and -- have a great day tristate cool off from New Orleans east Mike here and every WL. Good. I think it probably. My on -- -- -- not dictate. To watch should be governor. Help orient. In -- situation. Not have children so why should be covered. Well we think about it for a moment. It's well it's part of obamacare it -- it's part of the ball so disagree with the Supreme Court it was it ruled against the existing law. And an insane at hobby lobby doesn't have to provide these certain aspects of of contraception. So you know I mean. Knowing that you get into alcoholism I understand what you're saying about him being pregnant is not a birth control is not a I sickness. -- In my area. That you can't you correction after -- medical condition. Look at what the Uga Uga Uga. At all. Because that's not a medical issue yet join -- children and. I only if you can if you can't if you can't have an erection and you have to take Viagra. What is it that -- not able to do. Well you don't have to answer that because we know. I don't know that that should be considered a sickness but I understand the point you're making about being critical condition. Right -- Any good because I tried different things not just -- -- But based on that based on what this room but with this ruling says it's my understanding that hobby lobby or any business could choose to just deny birth control and in general. However I think one of the reasons for the ruling he has that. According to obamacare again it's so confusing but this is my understanding. This site if birth control is not covered by the company. Then the fallback plan is for the government to conference so it's gonna cost of the government money but women will still be able to get whatever birth control they want. I just hobby -- not gonna duck and cover what they disagree. And it which police are out because it if you look at the earlier. Job a bit suspect appropriation. Correct and that -- wanna think they're out of action on you know at that position paper that you know I think. Don't know I find it interesting though my kids when it comes to birth control even though the church has its rulings it's it's always left up to. The the local parish priest who is. I've been consulting in working with a young couple it's gonna get married it's it's it's their decision and I get the church does have -- role but it's it's left up to the individual couples. Years. Ago. -- written about. It didn't want him. You know some people don't have good rhythm. My -- -- a political issue they soliciting. Rick. UWW -- good morning to figure it sure. That. Work. Or church and state now. -- -- -- Our our church there. Oh. It. Up -- the court is. At church and state. Well I do believe this is controversial because it does open the door for some other possibilities and and I think which you bring up is is important what if what if a business like hobby lobby said. Whirling and higher Christians. Is that fair. Do they have a right to do they have a right to do then. It. While ago I would agree with you so I I I do is gonna continue to be under. -- I. Know. -- -- You know sports. -- Here -- -- -- -- -- It. -- You know. -- all the deeper. Hole. And charts they -- yeah. -- In. What. Eight. Quite. Or. Rick I'm -- have to get their news break I basically agree with you and white people were so afraid of separation of church and state to that seems to be this irrational -- America today if we can. -- its not -- we can't have separation church and -- what about Christian values. For a long time -- respected separation of church state in ambler what is this what is the state of the government have to do with our personal religious beliefs anyway. If you gonna join us with your comment this morning numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688. -- here recently Texas 87870. 9:31 scoops in the morning after Tommy Tucker here's another WWL news updates with -- Davey yesterday the heat was oppressive. Absolutely brutal. And obviously that I was attempted to go to health -- and -- -- -- -- -- I I actually I I had to take a drive yesterday there's different parish. And I felt sorry -- -- car. You know I I guided I do I color bridge. I gotta train and so. I've got the AC on and the cars -- senators to run. Yeah I actually I felt sorry for this inanimate on. I don't you know on the same -- idea I'd love cars so much and I do worry about him when it's this -- you know I'm just thinking that you know something's gotta -- here and now this is exactly how little this is part of their -- ticketed it was brutal was terrible and what we're to the heat index is already 97 yeah. Are you need is a little of that and crabs reasoning. But not from you and you should be ready to go over here right on the plate at -- based yourself except -- -- I'm students -- Tucker I'm not thinking about that site field episode where where. Where Newman was interested in any increase as Kramer had pasted himself -- his. Out sunning himself using butter is his suntan lotion and it was -- very much like a Turkey. -- -- We're talking about the controversial decision yesterday by the Supreme Court in this controversies gonna continue the -- aspects of this. Essentially. Hobby lobby has the right as a closely held family business. Is made up of devout Christians. They have the option to out -- to opt out of an aspect of obamacare. It would provide certain aspects. Of contraceptive. Health care coverage to its employees because they disagree with the IUD. And they disagree with. The the morning after pill and it may be some other things as well. But I'm getting a number of text Stewart. Suggesting that it is there any difference between this and somebody suing Disney. Because -- seamless because it -- it was to Wear a -- Two were to Disneyland. And their uniforms at Disney at these things are totally different. Wearing the uniform. Committees. Is different from the decision and that's my opinion differ from the decision. Two. To use your religious beliefs to deny some kind of covers that we get back to your calls dot from -- Richard you're -- the VW well. They get more honest good morning. That that this socialist thing this morning and and you just clarify one point one night. But that there's two aspects of this decision thanks so many people do not understand and and the first is that it applies only to. Closely held corporations and awards but family owned. -- And and an even though hobby lobbies -- huge corporation with 500 stores in thirteen thousand employees they are still tactically a closely held family run business. Right correct and the other thing is that hobby lobby. Only challenged. More of the twenty year 22. Types of contraception. Or birth control. That that obamacare mandates public obamacare mandated that that employers. You know large employers. Cover when you're 22. Types of birth control hobby lobby and the other plane if -- were actually two companies. Only challenged four of those and for the challenge -- the ones that they. Believed to amount to abortion such as the morning after pill. And so this opinion doesn't apply on all types of birth control but you know I think duration -- very good question -- vast dust this open the door. Two other companies to maybe challenge. Being required to furnish you know if any type of birth control and generally don't know. I have found the decision itself you can can Google it and that's on the actual decision it's 98 pages long but -- I'm probably going to start reading -- precautions really want to know exactly what to court to its side and and to know what the court did not actually here. They're here as the attacks and asked the question can a jehovah's witness business owner exclude paying for blood transfusions for their employees because that's against their beliefs. Time because it brings a Portland -- -- -- a lot of insisting that scenario is. It does not -- of that question asked not I don't know the -- to added that it that it may open the door of that possibility. But you're going to call the show if you wanna join us for your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- every text Amber's late 77. What are the reasons that this is so controversial and -- such a hot topic. Is because it really does deals with how far you can go with enforcing. Your religious beliefs on others. And a Supreme Court says if your family owned business -- -- devout Catholics. You can denying certain aspects of birth control and again it does this open the door for all forms of birth control. To your employees because that goes against your religion. I think the bigger question is also whether or not -- or whether or not the on the morning after pill. Is actually. A spontaneous abortion pill when I've read about it is that it's not but there are some people who have I've come to believe that. It is creating an abortion. And that's gonna -- this controversy ice -- Tommy Tucker it's 940 boat coming right back to VW well. I wonder if this create court ruling is something that the Democrats have been used in the upcoming midterm elections and also in the presidential election year 2016. I wonder if they're going to use this to once again and paint the Republicans. And is a party that is waging war on women. So this. Could actually end up being ammunition. Four for Democrats. And as we know perception is reality what is actually the case is an important as what people think which is unfortunate but that's the way it is. Here's a Texan Reid said no one is forced to go to work and hobby lobby. He if one does not believe in their policies are benefits don't apply its that simple and I agree with that. If if you don't like the benefits that accompanies giving you then go work somewhere else. Below I say that I didn't. I do disagree that a hobby lobby is using their religious beliefs to deny coverage that -- in -- may have been. May have been offered before obamacare. Emily here on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks I -- -- by it are active. Birth control. Not just about the point in -- and they. Certain types -- so available by. Dangers to say that it's all up over there and impact in the court on an abortion or against the implementation every bank that. It's all about all -- and ultimately -- -- not -- -- them out. And pregnant -- the humor couple years ago when luckily I'm I'm -- -- by the number and -- I'll -- departments are regularly and that's that. Future problems -- things are different -- that now back on its way. -- -- should prepare for not fanatical determination. And adopt -- No I'm I'm glad you did it. Do you know anything about the morning after pill and one. -- unit and implement. An issue of our -- and personal use. I'm. I am. Actually you know I don't really believe and what rights do you. Believe. At -- -- that start. Start pulling out certain types. You know control where to stop you know Iraq. Exactly what if there was a company now owned by Rick Santorum who when he was a presidential candidates said that he was opposed to birth control period. A because it is Catholic faith in the Catholic Church does not approve of of any kind of on natural birth control. So critic Catholic company a company owned by devout Catholics -- they deny. And could they diverse cultural coverage showed it in general based on that and. There are a lot of other religious beliefs -- -- that issue. Their front and that's what. Believes uncle used. That's typically what people and they're so how am I am about. Cultures you eat culture and -- children's. -- and the danger. That we -- make -- more aware that you. Don't work out it's really not. I am uncomfortable. Italy appreciate you listening and I'm glad you finally -- time to a caller show. From Biloxi Roberts here on WWL. -- -- Well I'll be back on this to shoot tomorrow night court Margaret -- keep your -- occasionally here well. You know we are called before -- Know what -- -- yeah it is a -- right. Much like you don't want. If you don't like rule -- just don't work. You know I I understand that we are -- -- always be able to demand that companies give us what we want while I disagree with hobby -- practice. RIA. I I also. Agree that we're not gonna get what we want exactly what we want from every company Robert I'm glad you called enjoy your vacation thanks for calling here's a text that reads. I went through fertility. And had to take the plan B -- that's the morning after pill. -- had I taken the plan B -- I would of had a miscarriage. Well OK but if you'd take it immediately. Literally the morning after. Is it creating an abortion. Or is it pertaining fertilization. And I've read different things on that a from home array you know want to be to be well. Thank you very much will what we can argue all his businesses about birth control in the different types of birth control Q -- blue in the Facebook committee. The bottom -- qualities is. That the government doesn't have a right detail and employer what they're gonna supply any employee concerning birth control -- -- -- should be an individual playing. And not the government's business nor the employers is. Shouldn't employer -- to -- to discriminate. You should be important to yeah. -- it -- respect archer well there are federal laws against discrimination. The federal government is telling. Employers telling businesses you have to be open to hiring everybody. Yeah but the -- that the government that they have a right to kill employer. But they're gonna fire in my opinion. But it are you there mean it's if you not if you don't hire somebody because of -- rent to somebody becoming the government has rules. They do affect businesses. Yet. Yeah this year and and and allow these -- in the room shouldn't be there just not the government's -- -- the people don't realize. So are we would view would be in favor of same sex marriage. -- -- You -- that you would support of -- although it's not because it's about government intervention in our lives. Well the government doesn't have tried to do that don't do enemy in my opinion. -- well I would I agree with that at least you're consistent because a lot of people will pick and choose how they wanna apply it the government being involved in our personal lives. Yet not I don't agree with strange six married personally. But his buddies but the government you know you. If I want you get any title but -- -- -- be in the beyond its our freedom is being eroded away slowly. But this administration. And others. And it in and they just don't realize what's going -- but the government and have a right that's the only art data by saying including insurance. You spot a war by insurers that's my business and they have -- -- -- and and get by adult ago though. Four or text me or are you more look at this -- -- And I -- I I basically agree with Jimmie this is this is a discussion it's gonna continue in this country because there. There are people who wanna discriminate as in the past that there were companies that wanted to. Not serve blacks or they didn't want hire blacks and -- the government had to come in and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and say hey that's not fair. It's not so there there have been some. Some good benefits from the government telling businesses what to do but I basically you agree with you that we don't need to government involved. In our business lives or personal lives. Right the government and right Jeremy -- in money or any thing. Now -- -- the civil rights bank that was some of the greatest legislate this country's ever seen in my opinion. I think it was terrible -- -- word. But anybody that but he doesn't know but he engaged into the fact that that. My birth control is Serbia's state just is not there is. That's -- -- is your visit and and if if if the company doesn't provide what you want then. Don't go to work for the company. That's straight back couldn't agree with that so but I couldn't agree more with the -- Not obligated to supply new birth control either. I'm going to called I've got to get to a break here here's a Texan reads a hobby lobby religious. They get a large percentage of their items from China a country that mandates abortion. I don't know fight totally understand. I mean I understand with dispersants saying but I don't know if I understand that I don't know how I director parallel that is. I'm studio to Tommy -- we're coming right back on WL. We're talking about the controversial decision by the US Supreme Court allowing hobby lobby to opt out of aspects of obamacare when it comes to certain aspects of birth control. I've suited for Tommy Tucker Robert you know WL. Any good morning listen don't -- -- -- -- -- More appreciative. Re actually caller. Synergies listeners use big words. Yeah well I'm I'm matched -- should be so he's a man -- only analysts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure at any rate. Toward. Throw out there. Were destruction caused. All. To even be open to. -- soccer in portrait citizens under. Certain edges. And so citizens. And so to choose. From that perspective. Questions. Here. Robert I appreciate you take your time to call and there are -- listen to our show here's -- -- series the problem. With this fellow and not buying health insurance starts with a minute. That he has an accident -- -- heart attack in taxpayers have to to pick it up. You know I I just I if I still find it very interesting that. There are so many people who are opposed to say the morning after pill. Well what's the alternative. To have a child. Did you architect Karuth. And what's in the best interest and again I know I guess for getting into the -- the abortion issue which I don't mean to do here at the the end of the show but. What's the option. The option is people make mistakes now I personally think people should be a lot more responsible with their their sex lines and I know mistakes happen and you can be careful in their can still be a mistake but there are far too many people who don't even try to be careful. And I guess they always -- well you know I'll just get -- the morning after pill or I'll just go get an abortion. That shouldn't be the way. You run your life in my opinion. If you wanna join the with a comment on FaceBook it -- scoot on the air also we you know always post the blogs on that web site. And if you wanna join me on that FaceBook page go to join me on Twitter it's at scoot WWL. And my email address is scoot that Debbie if you built on top. I Garland Robinette in the think tank coming up next. Tommy Tucker will be deputy tomorrow but I have enjoyed being -- in the morning for the last week or so. When they die and Newman our executive producer Jordan particular show producer Sheldon Williams are shooting a producer. Do whatever you can to stay out of the heat today in god bless those -- you have to work and have a great day bloody New Orleans.

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