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6-30-14 2:10pm Angela: on New Orleans crime, hour 2

Jul 1, 2014|

Angela talks about the city's crime problem in the wake of this weekend's shooting in the French Quarter. Guests include local activists Captain Black and Al Mims, Loyola criminologist Dr. George Capowich, and PANO attorney Eric Hessler.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna spend the next hour talking about what we've spent the last hour talking about and because it needs to be discussed. On getting down to the root of why we have. The insanity that happened on Bourbon Street isn't the first time may be a little more dramatic with nine people shot. Two very seriously. It goes back to why do we have so much crime this kind of endless crime that makes no sense. We have the police situation with the shortage of police but we know in reality we can't have police on every corner. Let us talk though about let's start off work we've got Al Mims is with victims and citizens against crime we have captain black is American Brothers against crime. And we are still joined and so appreciative to doctor George -- with which was a criminologist at Loyola. And very short and now we've got him right now Eric Kessler. Who is with the the attorney for up here again. Police association of new world thank you very much for joining us you know let alone talk about first off that all of you here let's talk about a plan a strategic plan. For what we can dude today and in the coming months and year with a shortage of police. And simultaneously. Addressing the issues the social issues what can we do now. Kept him he has his right quickly from his vote. There is no quick fix we gotta love it -- no quick fix we've got to address poverty. We got to address our broken families. Got to address lawlessness. And -- in religious lack of religious values. That means slow economic. The reason the standards. Education jobs you'll train and. Fictional town and we are doing some things we are raising the education not. I I think with the economy being a little better hopefully some of the poverty issues will be addressed. Not all yes we have to look at that we are reports today and reports state. Sometimes a question how we spend money but that's a different thing -- Butler parenting parents parenting. -- that's ten hours but the to a -- and I would love that the but but let's talk about let's talk about the -- with an element that about -- -- here. What can the police to do right now. -- plan of are cops doing everything that is possible this is not demeaning police. But I heard somebody call on Garland show is I -- too because sometimes you just -- cop standing there talking to each other. Should they be doing more things that at least a limited presence there walking around. It's what doctor cap of which was saying yes there are those crimes of opportunity. But if you kind of create an environment where the opportunity -- there that would help not -- -- the -- crazy people yet. At an out there right now palm. That the police that we. Police and exchange that it changed since -- -- Got. Better and the apartment the column and and has changed you know we get. Address societal problems that that. Leaked it to become. I think -- -- officers. Are now on what caused the most part. But do more wetlands. Consistently. Acted under I look at under. Actors on the side of the rebel government. That the integrity. And water. States. Been caught out so hot bird suspension page. Europe granted you not be promoted -- court. How do we extend their. Eric how -- totally change. It's typical I think our. You got to show the opposite. That weren't they doing their job -- and do it -- up the past there have been under the act. That they that they have that there could be treated their. Epic got a good look at. It was the police upset about that apparently he supports. Getting some four months ago. Are an -- but it's what they want our party. -- it sure was the most investigated sure that the department ever. There's actually a problem with that and no good reason -- know and -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is going well for what sort of position that somebody that the side at a law put him again and now that -- -- -- because. It is what happened and neighboring French. And it would have been equally good things. And so it's it's it's a lot -- -- security administration looks at. About waking up in a way that the department of the options I -- -- in complete idiot. An enemy out of darkly about -- -- -- And as a hustler as a police support. That's why try so hard to take every media opportunity or -- To speak up on behalf of of you know PD is said the our definition of civil rights activism seems exclude. The one minority nobody peso. Police officers regardless of your skin color or religious background. You are the most scrutinized like you say -- at least four levels. Of scrutiny are looking over every officer's shoulder potentially. When he she has to get involved in the use of force now. -- -- as a champion insulation George -- against let me -- just quickly do I add to what. Some of these gentlemen this and refer back Russia earlier. There's social conditions or fair and pupils. Those are long term strategies and beat -- with Tony -- form making some bad but that's going to be. -- -- -- Right now. -- horror. Systematic. Ways that police. On the street. Can integrate in the use. What I referred to earlier as probable oriented policing that have consistently issue they can reduce violence. And it has to do we. Not only now police are deployed which. You know PD does quite bit in terms using dated calls. To decide workers and officers. But that crucially. What do they do -- they're they're. And police not just -- you know PD but around the country. They're researcher evidence is clear random patrol is not getting the job done and cannot get the job done. There are more targeted ways to police actions. Using. Getting good cooperation to businesses getting cooperation from residents. That can't have short term effects he will not eliminate. Everything. These kinds of rage fuel and perhaps drug -- reactions. We'll have. They can happen almost anywhere in the best neighborhoods in the worst neighborhoods. The issue is what do police individual police officers to -- on the street and booze. Strategies and techniques are out this year. Are we training time and again let me ask you then too American to anyone are -- training our police. The best way we can. Well that's -- I mean that the nets forward because there's so much of police after you get in limited time with the academy. You know -- I would I would or used. The the model to trained and we've already implemented -- -- limited extent in you know PD on. Problem oriented policing implementing problems -- strategies. Collaborating with the community and not only -- -- leaning but all shall implement -- problems solved and strategies. Which are very specific very specific neighborhood blocks street segments. That we know those work. And don't lose I think have to be. Used on the -- Regular basis. Hand. To the exclusion of -- things yeah I have we have trained. 4050 officers. Over the last two years on -- problem oriented policing -- -- -- and not just because I don't. But -- -- and -- there's clear just did it don't don't short term church. We're gonna have to take another break I hate that we do I can't thank you enough -- doctor -- which staying with us this first block. -- -- -- -- -- -- You're wonderful thank you very much stay with this Erica. And we're also going to be joined a little later by Nadine Ramsey council woman who has some thought someone needs to be done. And we're gonna get your calls stay with this I'm Angela on WL. We're back talking about town what are we gonna do. What are we going to do. We are joined and again I appreciate so much elements in camp and like staying with this and Eric Kessler with piano. We've been talking about. You bring up some very important points that it's a new day post-Katrina. In how we police of of the limitations that some police have. I do have to ask though will the cameras that they're going to be wearing help. Help in the sense that there are stories will be believed because there's video. Well out there you. Couldn't shore. And and and probably most instances. Are in great you know that anything in. -- About it. I find it but we put that. And get it to the police are. What happened what they liked. And yeah. Will receive art at that and it and we were told flat out quite. Well the public. Ability to look and act. The law and and that Saddam. One -- that policy decision war -- administration. Certainly bode well. Com. -- it we find out every objects that would that would not much. I would have active could not be a lot -- -- -- On the topic of this situation. What would you recommend those of -- in the public who do support panel and to support in OPD or -- your recommendations about what. Kind detectors can be used by the public that helped influence. Our elected officials. To be more Ali's friend. -- That's been proven by history. You almost have to march -- It means that an advocate of a lot yet. Pandering -- it yet were -- our -- work on it you know other. People and upbeat on the door that. Yet and -- -- -- that way. But at the and the orders. -- small segment of society that. Buy it up but one everybody. Together. And it upset -- land you -- ears. Spark up. That the actions start. The work of the politicians. And do you think they were respond to letter writing campaigns up a follow the case were lost Saturday estimated. Is already he's already been exonerated correct or is that still open here. -- like he'd been exonerated. It would be it would be pretty simple -- -- up the outside unit. By the police shooting in accordance. Make a determination if that ever happens and we are smarter about and it. Despite that but there are shooting. At people willing to botnet. But I -- investigation because the BA December. -- download it and bail out to the dark I would possibly if they get their way -- -- -- would -- It's -- you know as I listen it becomes even more complex. Again we started this program talking about the two elements of the conversation. One. What are limited police force. Not enough money. Not enough people join. Which is a big problem is how we can ever get up if we don't have the people. In in the pipeline. The other side is the social issues that leads to the kind of behavior that happened you know early Sunday morning in Bergen street. Two guys with guns solve their issues with bullets. And yet a step beyond that. Just wholesale trying to slaughter people it's beyond. Thinking that this can happen. Today. So we're looking to very complex issues perhaps the police part of it is the one that can be fixed quicker. The social issues we need to start talking loudly about we have to start demanding things of people and there are frankly -- -- it seems laws on the books. That can make people more. Responsible. Of course not always was wired. In OPD does not have a larger reserve contention. And not just talking about retired policeman -- in reserve capacity of good. Bringing in members of the community who already have jobs -- careers. Who would like to give something back to the community and would like to do -- reserve officers. That's a good way of kind of marrying the police in the public. Has been effective with other agencies some curious why that's not. All and we have a lot of offices the world. And working and universities and you can do so and those offices. Neighborhood friendly and in -- -- know what's going on. Perilously while we give -- don't own thing readable on news whose district in his stereo. And -- whom we have a great relationship with those exist again. Who isn't a thing as a model you know known as the perfect. We have -- good relationship and a neighborhoods and we come we've we've we can talk to Bill McKenna of addressed to -- we can approach them. It's always open door policy. And it's not the not defensive they're listening to you this thing. If maybe that's the magic weren't listening. Eric you have any other thoughts. Good back -- which has changed. The pocket commanders. Palm the the the people that are in the districts are currently are or where that. Community -- policing is. Is a way to go. And and everybody can benefit from bad. But you don't you don't let that situation where. There are mystery that. Of course by community about what can it be well protected. But. It. That one. -- may elect that they. Support. Could be more active. But it. -- got in just continually be. Eventually. He's going to be -- -- -- -- any. And then almost position each other and. Erica has as the police union in and certainly with the F fraternal order of police. You'll just sat down with the chieftain and others and said you know this is a big issue. It was. You know a lot. There are certainly issues that come up repeatedly. And should. Announces that it into valid sit down personally. Legs and I want to Mirren talked to Maryland and this. Those without this. -- tissue was relentlessly mean I want to -- and what can we do now. He -- the bad guys know that we're talking and they don't be upset. No that's exactly right that's what I'm soon to be a good sign him to the news you plan. We've all through all levels let's just really say. Some of the things that tried to been helpful some of the things haven't we are we going now. They were willing right now we're gonna have to go to the newsroom Eric Kessler thank you very much for joining us stay with -- every one. We're going to be joined by councilwoman -- Ramsey next. We appreciate you staying with us we've been talking about what happened over the weekend and I am now going to go to some -- collars on so appreciative of you holding on. Let this go to mr. Wilson uptown. Mr. Wilson. -- -- It between the parent. And that's. Because the parent is put them on to give the children now and it just need to. -- children in. Markets. And they -- -- after he would take the money. You gotta do something to do it and so it was apparent because he's. Back on the street and he's trying to cart. -- -- Here which. Apparent -- -- of the vote. In particular. That would -- out there but look what not to. -- -- -- -- -- -- reform and you know what there's problems and because there and work in. Crime out. It can't. Do tomorrow and you do that yet there. About checking your child's room to see if there's a gun. -- -- It is truly sir it does start there you are absolutely correct its start with the parents. And you know I know that they are good parents who sometimes have a really kids but he gets down to that said this before you are not alone there's help out there. There's a parenting center this church groups that will help you parent. I think it -- bring back corporal punishment. A lot to stop. I think we need to run for office. Mister Wilson thank -- I'm gonna move on very quickly to chalk and they Saint Louis -- -- the issue Maher. Well over -- -- surface there is just a we needed to look I -- I'm not at all. The level or the actual content like. If -- fact. Of course they're Catholic or in war and I've been very god -- -- movement in the world opinion. Thank you for your service yes and so. What are your thoughts. Well. It's that the and it's called and I can almost guarantee that there. Okay well I think American. -- you. There that the problems start. -- we'll build. Cons. You could put -- when you put it away for a long time or you know jail. Well you know there's there's a lot of conversation about the opposite I'm not talking about anything violent should go to the slammer period. But there's an awful lot of crimes that we are paying for. We are paying for paying for paying for where that same money incarcerating them could be used to helped helped them rethink their lines. Or -- Since although women in their shipping -- terror announcer. Through war Iraq's. Spirit or -- -- and my chance that I different scored a pistol at me. And artillery duels orders with in the so our listeners like me think it's having trouble on the topic quick facts and Murray. Underline. PD airlines and myself. Well let me tell you check I appreciate your call and I appreciate your thoughts. We're gonna go quickly over to Linda in New Orleans east. -- Hello Linda. Think we lost in there. Hello hello Linda yes. I'm sure can't. You. Current. -- elementary school. People. Who all the trouble -- any. Aid be it would be. Lot of it on the album to -- and people want to act like as it right. -- that children get to act like -- Someone need to speak to -- -- and it out. At seventy -- gold. You know but he had you know it you get the -- and you don't want it. Some can. Be -- Today. People that. -- All you know. It's. Linda I appreciate that very much you know we've done a couple of shows with a woman at a Baton Rouge which is she's in the schools in many state is -- manner of heart. And it really -- about teaching at starting in the in the elementary school. Basic manners. And then it goes to the parent to go as the teachers and they are having remarkable. Result if you think manners well you know it kind of starts there. Manners. Our one of the ground floor ways that a person learns how to govern themselves yes embargo and yourself for not talking about them up from from the legislature reconsidering on radio show -- Learning how to you missiles behavior as the best enhance your personal freedom and do not have to please you don't control the state and do not. Make you choose to normal people say yeah man was works manners or she's talking about just what it doesn't take a tax increase to -- man mr. No it does not and you know that's what we're talking about let's get a game plan and whether it's with the police whether it's in the schools whether it's in our homes. -- can only do to make a better society. An element mouse is on the right quickly. Because dole who wants some direction of some help from some interim. It's so follow the -- roundtable. Reverend -- Rick has -- Already he's the he's fifth in you or in uniform numbers file 04722. Two B 04. Because I'm part of that we we've we've mid -- boys. Boys who go all kind of problem and I acquire aboard the. -- and there are other fabulous groups as well I'm glad you said that it's it's called the -- roundtable. Love that we just last week the -- society great groups that are helping young man stay with -- will be right back. And so appreciative of all of you staying with this as we continue to talk about what has been happening and more importantly what needs to be done and Al Melancon and captain black and others are saying maybe we need to sit down at a roundtable with the mayor with a police chief. Quietly. No cameras have the discussion what can we all do to pull together I think it's. Stage one of the strategic plan let's go to. Fill in -- -- Yes there. -- -- And that is show. -- -- -- And it. And you. And it. -- -- And and it. -- Okay. -- And it. -- -- -- -- -- I. Phil thank you very much captain black short note regarding gun control. If these gentlemen and again using the term very loosely. If they have felony records. They were not supposed firearms in the first place also. The persons who committing crimes like this not the ones who go through the process of getting concealed carry program. Given by the state of Louisiana. And people who go through this process to be an armed security office. So gun control was fine so long is don't control the votes. You know. People who want to use weapons in the commission of should not. But disarming. People who do not have bodyguards. Then to me at least. Is not the right it was response. I also I want is there one thing to women are terrible on. Most people -- notices that. Did in the big guns stolen. There's the causal for an on their homes. The burglar the they have record that the gun on them the Matt it's in the glove compartment. These burglaries. These criminals get these guys that do the break and just. -- the record a semiautomatic also includes. Revolvers. Moscow it's a means an automatic is very broad term and the sounds nice -- Is any weapon that is not. And automatic weapons like machine gun at a military or law enforcement person -- Is by default semi automatic to -- move on but I understand his intention. But criminals with guns of the ones who -- here -- people not law abiding citizens. You don't have members of Rotary Club going on shooting sprees down and I doubt very seriously than in these as when their arrest. Our members of the Tea Party or the Republican Party. Thank you for your comment during much of Phil let is quickly go to. Hold on second Raymond I'm sorry you've been holding Ramon. -- -- -- The Tokyo American heroes the people complaining -- crime. Scene well. And have been done you know he. Went. -- -- key. Factors. We would be called the book club on a message. -- school. That we need to go to. And arms -- looked pretty. You know also. You know it. But. When you who young. Age it. Is so. The impact. Of about what he's done. But. Actually -- All the -- and keep them. What you need to do is. Program do you keep it as. On earth is reaching all. Else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you are you're hitting the nail on the head on many levels I like input from because we have talked about. There are now organizations. Frankly man. Helping young boys trying to keep them on the path showing an alternative the church in the bigger picture. Where can kids go play. Whether organized sports. Outside of the opinion on football team in the hospital -- -- yeah. And that's that's a good question. The heat -- you know. There. Mystic respectable but. -- -- Court -- eight bit. -- What the -- cute and certainly we want to be. In. Our. The politician. You clash and as they opened -- -- -- An ideal -- in the open and she didn't deal. Put in India we needed him in action. And in in the cops. I think that you sensitivity with the cops. That war in certain. -- if you didn't need the people. Sure the people will be able to be able to be more alert Campbell and be. As normal in in in the. Can't thank you enough for your caller I really mean -- thank you very very thought out. I hate that we're out of time. I so appreciate captain blackened albums for being with us for two hours. This is a conversation that will not stop we will continue it over the next weeks and months but again. Open invitation to the mayor. And the police chief by YouTube to sit down quietly. I'd do anything to disrespect him on you thought this is going on them publicly apologized to cook we we gotta be bigger than that I'm bigger I'm I'm I'm I'm taken. To do -- that the sales are. Let me tell you what the answer is it is joining hands and it is -- Smart people we can figure this out. Thank you thank you thank you we'll be right back. As we've said so many times it's the beginning of the conversation we'll have it again and again thank you so much for joining us stay with -- for the next hour we're going to be talking neighborhood.