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7-1-14 12:10pm Garland: on the middle east

Jul 1, 2014|

Garland talks about the situation in the middle east with Jim Phillips of the Heritage Foundation and Hardin Lang of the Center for American Progress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bullets aimed at least from what your review in the behavior of things are getting worse and brought getting words in the middle these. Now president Obama's talking about giving a half a billion dollars stormed -- Moderate. Syrian. Rebels. Which brings up the question. A big part in these guys is Dwight Gooden who fund them before and the deal cautioned that. I think the initial. Advisors are -- in some words run 300. Non C a mention of 800. And I I was a little place called Vietnam record while in them and remember the escalation in the number there and his curious. As to whether -- -- we might be seeing this again. And a builder and cinnamon we always -- to -- experts -- Jim Phillips with a senior research fellow for Middle Eastern -- With The Heritage Foundation Jim thank you so much appreciated call or -- -- get -- just an overall view of what you'd think is happening. In raw or are we gonna have an Islamist Dave or we -- but division between Kurds and she news. -- -- and how to loses some practice of the countries around. Wolf the rockets sort shall we melting down into move. RO they're being. Under going to processor to -- to move partition. In which we see emerging artists -- -- -- dominant Sunnis. Ropes stayed in the west. Which has now -- to clear. Are in Islamic state. MM the sultan. Are you -- dominated which he has stand -- and Norton Kurdish are increasingly autonomous. The zones. And the crisis which declared this Islamic state does not have the religious legitimacy. To actually. Follow through. All. Of the -- off its claims it's restoring the telephone but. The cal Perry can only be restored order -- declaration -- religious. Leaders of that hasn't happened. The leader revise source Darden. He goes -- known to gear by parity. She claims to be descended from the Prophet Mohammed. -- In order for him to. Be officially announced as the tolerance or a successor to Mohammed that America must be verified bargain. Heart wrenching religious officials so really this is just part of -- propaganda exercise they're the people. In this -- -- auction to crisis. Are using to try to prop up the very weak legitimacy. Inside Iraq. Our border first started securing about the -- using devices in incidentally. What's driven -- and ices and -- saloon what is low rent. Will the actual -- didn't porous. He's Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. Ball was. That's one way of translating it but it was the real movie the Islamic. Straight in the layer between between reverse. Which is Mesopotamia or rockets. There and shop which is a reference to load greater Syria -- -- -- so some people. -- there including the US government our caller. The Islamic State of Iraq to mobile on to brought to project in the in the press. To make your corner to Americans. Of many of whom don't know what -- bombings. The call with Syria. Spices. And I think most people do or being told believable replied in war on terrorism. Good news isn't an unofficial military alliance with the crisis. And other -- -- groups in Syria. Since all of them were actively waging war on the Syrian government offices getting a little confusing. As as to who were backing why it feels like and way. We're we're going hand in hand -- In raw and to try to save this year as. While with the same time. Attacking. Groups in Syria that we're now or calling the moderates. Open. Okay. Well there were in Syria. Which is a mosaic of different too religious and ethnic groups. There were more than a thousand different rebel groups emerged. In opposition to. Brutal dictatorship of Bashar Assad. And many of those who have combined due to steadily bigger groups. Off so much have an ideological. Or Islamist. Orientation. But most of them weren't local. People that were brought together different Iran neighbor and our basis. All always says there are small. Minority. Though he rebel groups inside Syria there's also another. Elkhart auction. Off the -- rove frog with a victory in front. And many other Islamist groups and but also there are. Important to our groups that are on -- such as the currency in northeastern. Syria. Parents. Some of the more Nationalists and so two groups such as the Free Syrian Army. And those of the ones that you -- has supported. Initially with humanitarian grade. Normally social programs such as audio. Communications equipment. And then. 2013. Our small amounts of arms and ammunition. But the problem was the first because you were so initially the -- gave the the armed resistance groups incited serious cold shoulder. Because Arctic -- bomb administration's. You believe barred him from Russian diplomatic forum. That supposedly was going to use Assad RO. -- Calling for a diplomatic conference in Geneva. Because of that the US did not do -- warrants or. It's effective military waited to be the groups -- many of the fighters on the ground inside Syria. Defected some places and other groups because they were much better on too much better financed. By Islamist networks. Including maybe you know private donations from saudis and kuwaitis. And other. People -- other Arab Sunni Arabs some wooldridge -- states. Also over time crisis and mountain road became so. Militarily the moment to because they have much greater foreign support. -- now the administration. People rated movies is trying to play catch -- ball and more effectively support to votes moderate rebels -- How are on toward inside Syria against crisis and to push him better to be east. -- -- produce Suharto. To. Wish more effective usaid in -- from Turkey and Jordan and other moderate to. Muslim countries. He's water -- dumps him. Push start against -- racists. -- reduce the influence of these radical Islamist extremists. And eventually the overthrow Assad who is no friend of the US receiver. Are relentlessly cobra courier after -- showing this. The good about the Middle East is -- Brock and the collapse completely. And going to. And Ortiz -- More -- called civil war. There's going to be partitioned entered through three of four parts. Can take ports -- Those questions -- more coming up next governor Bill Gates opening immortal line the -- President Obama wants have billion dollars. In -- -- armed select. Moderate. Syrian rubble its. It's part of a broader 65. Point eight billion dollar overseas. Operations request. Talk about all that we bring in the experts and we're thankful to have Tom Jim Phillips arena Russert poem that -- -- Paris. Heritage Foundation. Jim Murrow -- secure partitioning. Over -- into. Kurdistan and Sudanese then she'll stand. I think it's going to be very difficult to reverse the boos de facto partition. Them that's very unfortunate because. There's long metres the three. Wary of the -- stool our talks with each other rocks going to be very unstable and this could fuel off. Well -- protracted civil war. In which -- Well Carter tries to dominate the Sunnis are. -- state in the west's. In its fight against these Shia dominated Iraqi Government which controls Baghdad and so. Are they have to have the big quarter in the short run appears should be. The copper which are on non Arab ethnic and in the mountains of northern rock. That are carved out an autonomous zone that is rapidly. Arteries and but he characteristics. Over independent state. Are there and so far. If anyone here as well one part is the latest. Episode of fighting and I think it's super. That we -- so many times good to present -- Obama ought to do something. And when you look at the cold so I think across the board conservative liberal Democrat Republican independent. Nobody wants to go back into or rock or the Middle East what can he do at this point that would really make any difference. Forcing unfortunately you Obama administration decides to pull out all of US safari users are. -- -- -- -- The end of December to browse a whole lot of him ever try to cleared the way for the revival although Carter inside Iraq. And -- because Malick -- though wouldn't guarantee you that they wouldn't prosecute them. Spoke about he offered to do you immunity to US soldiers in -- government to government. Agreement purpose Obama administration insisted that the Iraqi parliament. Sign off on the and the Iraqi politicians. We're not willing to stick to political risk to offer. Are mapped to our guarantees in part because the Obama administration was terrible rule to its military advisors and was only offering two movies are three to 5000. -- advisors and trainers. Have intelligence specialist. Are the Iraqis didn't think there was enough to take the political risk of you know looking like the US puppet like giving our US troops and immunity salutes of and -- because of that. Decisions. You US playing catchup but it's he's dispatched to. Almost 1000. The security. Forces and special forces. To or carry out intelligence functions. That we -- had on the ground before we return a piece. Forces there. Our and then she started going to slow motion decision process so. -- -- Deciding if and one in to use US military power to stop the crisis and parents. Argued. We do move an aircraft carrier into the Persian grow. The talk station now and crude -- launch airstrikes but I think human restoration would prefer. To limit the US military footprint as much as possible. Are -- maybe just use strong so that -- Not put American pilots -- risk. And there and when you talk about -- it's. The the person on the media transfers or of the so from media. Transfers women and children being killed because the media Sunnis are hiding in the middle of civilian population. Does does that even having reasonable point work. Most Americans. Soon as they see that don't we're doing more. That if that's where it's one of the problems more news drones and humid air strikes were limited effect. There's if crisis is fighting amongst civilians inside -- urban areas but. I think you're these drones would be used only year places was advancing on -- that it would be out in the open country. You know could still carries civilian hostages with them off. But. That are going to be much more vulnerable to drones -- the open away from civilians. How do you tell when you're looking through drone whether. You're looking units soon here she or occurred. Well that's another problem or it starts looking -- straw. Are you would have to combine in the you know to do it airborne intelligence would rather intelligent sources. Soviet you. Limits -- damage to impose actually trying to Asia. I think this is there that are important. Point because. -- US military power news. There's very grateful Arab. We're going to be careful that we don't create two more. Opposition from -- Iraqi Government to view word as far as if we hit the wrong people America warrior. The administration has to disparage these so special forces on the ground to. Process and even though reports in Fargo where prices Susan Potter Stewart. Final question. I think there's over a million refugees. Are on the move now. More in Jordan Turkey surrounding countries. Do these road to refugees and veteran threatening the infrastructure in particular Jordan. Do you have them in have a potential in the near future. Of destabilizing. Carter or Turkey or Jordan or any other country. But I think broad Jordan and Lebanon of the countries that are most. -- almost threatened Vargas in talks because both are are fairly poor countries to begin with what doron internal problems. But especially Jordan. Because it has you know efforts. It's mostly desert it has water shortages -- before this huge influx of people. And -- roll off our buy tickets for perspective biggest cities in Jordan is a refugee camp. And the Jordanians. Increasingly year are. Are chasing a two bit because of refugees her using. -- in the water resources. Are trying to get jobs and started Jordan Norwood or Rudy was a shortage of jobs. Aren't sold retarded -- growing tensions between Jordanians and the Syrian refugees. June -- producers called and told him very much of -- good. Jim Phillips in your search for old movies actors. Heritage Foundation that the conservative think tank. Governor and actual talk to erupt from the you know Center for American Progress the liberal side in. Governor right bank double Libya. Things and about the Middle East once again. And the latest President Obama wants to rose -- half -- billion dollars or more return. Margaret Robles in Syria. It's part Bravo broader programs 65 point eight billion dollars overseas operations. I think the president emperors determined that we recruited by injured back and rock. Number was around 300 now we're hearing about 800. In the meantime yesterday's Sunnis and Kurds. Walked out of parliament to -- is rockets and says they're not coming. In the meantime. That three young men kidnapped. Out of his room. Found dead in his group blamed some laws. And is commenced bombing and to -- earlier in the -- -- So the basic question of course is. And there's just continued the -- it is or does this strike a match to the entire Middle East and have a doesn't. What happened those news news. -- divided into two or three or four different parts. Autism act. Countries that. Have millions of refugees fleeing -- plea brought on Lebanon Gordon Jordan some born Turkey. Better understand all this we go to the experts. Real -- language as soon poems and for American progress. National security team specializing. Middle of these -- policy pardon welcomed the show I appreciated that -- We'll give us your view. For a starting with a rock in the entire Middle East what what is. Well I mean this situation the moment and it's pretty -- and in essence we have. A couple of different conflicts. And ought to their regional aspects to each of these conflicts. Playing themselves. Simultaneously. And what we see in the rock and Syria -- manifestations. -- increasingly virulent. Confrontation. Between. Sunni and Shia Muslims. Buddy and within this Sunni community. We have the series of different fault line. -- groups organizations and even states that are battling themselves over the future of political Islam. We -- this Egypt and a couple of other. The pieces of the puzzle that are most acute this right now our situation in Iraq and the situation in Syria. But even those two or buried are increasingly becoming one theater I think as we receive with the emergence of -- onto the scene. Bring a -- we hear from the conservatives saw it on regular bonuses. Pres Obama -- do something. And I just sort of Middle East an expert on from heritage -- from the conservative organization. And it's -- do what we can do. And he should blow get a carrier nearby and could use chips. In drones. And a suitable. Withdrawal wounds. How you tell occurred from the Sunni from this year. -- planes. What's gonna happen when you hit the Sunnis. In the -- civilian populated. Area. And how do you tell the difference. Between any of them from the jet fighter. Plane and 34500. Miles per hour. And nobody seemed to have those ventures. And what can we do in this or should we do. I think. The approach that your previous guest outline and talking about the fact that we got cares these positions we've got -- in the sky. All the things are important. You know this is not at -- military problem. And there may be in need to use certain non military tools -- danger moment in this. Really the the political problem where the government in Iraq. -- Prime minister Maliki. Has squandered what little sort of political will that might have them to keep Sunni population inside. The tent. These sort of terrorist organizations and individuals associated with the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. And has taken advantage. What's been years in the making in terms of growing -- discontent. And there's a law that -- carrier or you know drone is gonna do about that. So an absence of -- real effort on the political front and I think that's a great deal with since secretaries state carried try to go. You eat it doesn't make sense to use force back. What did what did -- dude to Saudi Arabia TrueCrypt are to Jordan. There is theirs ability threatened by -- seven million unit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very large population of unhappy young people. Jordan you go to pleased with little water being floated by. Hundreds of thousands of refugees does does this have the potential -- destabilizing. All of the middle news reports. And I bet they're really -- question -- the course we need to be focusing on I think and at the top of the list of concerns for Washington. Should be -- Internet then a reliable capable partner of the United States for decade. And you know they have adopted -- wave after wave of refugees. From regional conflicts of interest and they're population has swelled by 10% in the last couple Beers as a result of the influx of Syrian refugees. And the refugees are. I'll think blood that is only 20% of those refugees camps. The vast majority of them are living outside accounts not getting direct assistance and -- -- survive on the infrastructure and social services of Jordan. So and that puts the entire kingdom under -- tremendous -- Think we have much bigger effort I think we need to see more to separate conference or regional partners for the US to certain number one donor. On humanitarian assistance Syrian refugees and so we need to see the saudis and others step out. To -- more help Jordan -- hold together through this difficult period. -- -- I don't think we're looking at a moment Wednesday. And destabilize anytime soon but I think the big question is that two of these. Countries have been in each other's throats over the Russian and roll political Islam capable of Egypt and it looked at some of the stuff. And that's creating the left room for cooperation. And regional diplomacy to get the right thing done. And sort support profit beat him maybe he'll pull out of the situation weren't rock. So be coupled -- two have been buried hatchet. That it could be part of the solution part of problem prop. Aren't lifts big break here when we come back through the basic fortunes. If if we don't do we think more than we're doing now how do we get hurt by this situation. And if we do something out of we benefit. Come right back -- thinking about the Middle East stay with those. When you get everything good about the middle he's some real stern do -- experts -- better understand very complicated so it was from. -- pardon playing with a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress and national security team. Specializing. In middle east policy. Ardent. Yesterday I think it was the -- three dole and fruit boards kidnapped. Were found dead. Today Israel has been bombing Gaza Strip. Well where anything that's going could that escalated into something more is this. A brief moment in the in the continuing explosions. And improvement. In Gaza. The situation in Israel Gaza right now West Bank. Amid their they're sort of at the moment right when India where they're gonna make a decision a couple of decisions about how this is gonna play out in the death if the border. These students was. -- it's hard to understate the tragedy it's tragedy involved here. At the same time -- respectful. -- -- -- the last couple -- recover. It's -- The student but they're still alive. And Israel launched one of the larger sort of ground. Law enforcement military operations they've done in the West Bank in years deterrent -- -- And students as part of that are investigation. And in the process they've rolled up a lot of the people and Hamas. And elsewhere who were of concern to them from a security perspective. And Asia said we -- -- strikes in Gaza and I'm sure there are some additional targets set to make it work they decide to go down route. The question is. You know in terms of the -- Wider instability in the region at what point does this tragedy. And you know ignite a larger regulation restarts seeing the kind. -- protest that we saw. I'm in the first in the second Intifada. You know up until now Israel has been able to ensure secure and protect -- borders throughout the course of the Arab uprisings and the instability in Iraq and Syria. Would most of the media enemies have been served in workspace. In ways there's much to be lost with then Israeli security. If they find themselves the moment where they undertake kind of operations that could possibly sparked. A larger Intifada. In west bank and Gaza and throughout the region that is not deploy weathered the storm but it would certainly. And a raids. Portion questions about regional stability going forward. If we do nothing more than we're doing now and rock considerate. War what do we suffer board border does the -- precautions. Well probably two -- and the first would be there's a pretty decent chance that this. Conflict began to spill over into an additional countries and perhaps pulled the region close toward the brink of a wider. Conflict. You know up until now. The Obama administration has been pretty careful to maintain. A policy of containment when it comes to certain basically an effort to keep. The civil war contained with them. Its borders. What we're seeing in Iraq now it is spillage from that civil war it's destabilizing. Both the United States was -- more important security partner. So this -- is the question whether you can contain this kind of conflict and what implications are wider regional war would be obviously we would -- here at home in terms of gas prices went for us the more for European allies. Who have to get oil from the places and we might suffer some -- expects the economy arts. The other thing of course people can't quite closely. The situation with the Islamic state Iraq and Syria. Some leadership. That organization has made some statements sound very much along the lines of the al-Qaeda organization that they were born out. At the moment they've been focused for much establishing this squirrel group -- that. In its across northern Syria and Iraq. But the questions at what point -- they begin to focus their attention and energies. On the United States homeland on Western Europe we know they have a number of people. In other own forces already who are from western countries care in European passports and weak links in the US passports so we're sitting at the moment the potentially four. -- and a symmetric attack against the United States. Leo admin and helped lift. All the polls with a conservative liberal independent Democrat. Broke public. Don't want this back in the least what can be done. And I think we need to double down on the regional diplomacy peace in this and I would really here's the point where we're gonna get it and get involved in this game. If business advisors that we put into Iraq or elsewhere are planning -- world supporting. Iraqi Security Forces whoever -- deal -- the Islamic state Iraq Syria. It's got to be accompanied and probably led more importantly by regional. Diplomatic push to try to get the countries in the region who had some influence over the course and rock to. Poll on their allies and so of the country. Start doing the kind of politics between Sunni -- that needs to be done in order to. Bring this get this genie back in the ball. And that it basically diplomas. -- should be. Pardon complicated so big dude always felt dude talked people like you thank you -- -- to recruit. Hard lying senior fellow with the Center for American Progress and I refused to review and specializing. In the middle -- were common -- ago rob them with the -- thing thing. And Julio that is comer of that series and I helped. Is there a natural way to manage cholesterol blood pressure and diabetes and or Gore's supplements helping or arming -- Kind of a big controversy you Tiger Woods. And you golf that. And yours is a company that sells supplements and number of the -- supplements. Or very calm or very content virtue so causing a lot of media coverage. Andrew who's gonna ask how -- you know what supplements to take what to avoid -- -- in the bureau with you prescription. Do supplement to proclaimed help you lose weight reduce inflammation. So -- joint opening pitchers skin or whatever it may be -- that billion dollar business. I've I've actually always been. The house and as to well it's. Take medication whether some of the B prescriptions some of the Biggio. Off the show Ibuprofen some of would be supplemental. But I never read anything from in the science magazine exercise its web site -- take a look at. That looks at this synergistic. Effect. What happens when you combine and all. And in the city in time because too many doctors. One doctoral do you view prescription for one thing or an album gives you prescription for the other. -- -- one knows you're getting those medications. And nobody knows what happened when you combine the two should be fascinating show. Sure a lot of prayers did you know the majority used -- -- dog bites happen. When cuts have not been spay -- -- Do note that some ten million and that. Ten million homeless animal. Reporters overcrowded shelters each year do you know of the dogs and cats can get pregnant earlier. Than most people think. They're gonna talk about animal control. Also governor next -- -- up Falwell on suburban street shooting good people live were you when ordered in the French Quarter. What's it like to live -- can play from people comparable round globe to visit. How to balance alone through its Olympic -- down on the street beat the nervously and it's it's -- Miguel should we have. Number of complaints from people in the French Quarter about what was going on. And we asked him if they were gonna move and they said absolutely and when levity here. Interest in place and really -- -- and -- go away. An audio figured celebrity 105 --