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7-1-14 2:10pm Angela: on controlling the pet population

Jul 1, 2014|

Angela talks with Anna Zorilla and Jacob Stroman of the SPCA and Lynn Chiche of Spaymart about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

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Well it's estimated that roughly 90000. Dogs and cats are euthanized in Louisiana each year. -- wanna say that again roughly 90000 dogs and cats put to death every year. It's a powerful number and it's a tragedy. And it's avoidable. The answer is having your pet spayed or neutered here all the time. But it's a mantra for all organizations but have to face the faces. That are put to death each year. Other states have gotten the message and have made tremendous progress in lowering the death rate and weekend to. So here's -- talk about it is and it's guerrilla CEO of the Louisiana as PC game. Lynch each founder of Spain march. And by phone Jacob stroman about Jefferson Parish SP CA and I thank all three of you for being here. Sort of the tough subject but. One that we need to continue to talk about because it is one of the main answers to. Youth youth organization people. Thousand times in my life would call me when I was channel -- even here. I have a dog I have a Canada wanna put the show that in the euthanized. Where we gonna put. There -- two -- My first question to all of -- is is why do you think it's taken us. Why aren't we sharper on -- Great question and time. There are some parts of the country that have been on board for 2030. Years. And it's amazing when you. Visit those communities when you visit their shelters and for the first time. There and for the first time. We are sending animals to them for adoption because they don't have puppies and kittens. An adult talks you know to place in homes and they have homes that want these animals. And so again we come back to our communities and look around and say we've got to engage in this conversation. And it has to be more than just. The animal people talking about it right you know we've got to make this conversation. Commonplace that everyone is talking about it with their veterinarian. With other animal lovers with their neighbors with their friends. Why isn't your pets spayed or neutered yet. You know what is it gonna take what are your questions. How do we engage in that conversation. And answer you know all of those questions those concerns. And help people find the resources if they need them to be able to. Have their animals spayed or neutered. And be part of the solution and not continue contributing to as you mentioned you know thousands upon thousands of animals in Louisiana. Mississippi Alabama -- all over the south. You know we continue to be behind 21 -- A large portion of the country has been able to achieve. And this is within reach weakened due to us as a community we can make this happen it and that's I think the frustration because it is so doable and I look at dogs I look at cancer -- you know something. They don't know they don't have their ovaries apps they don't know they don't have their testicles. It's are projecting of that that is -- -- is is without a doubt and there are so many other benefits you know beyond. Just the over population and the number of animals being euthanized. There are specific health benefits you know T -- saying different. Reproductive cancers from testicular cancer and mammary cancers -- Ovarian cancers. You know even two different kinds of infections you know uterine infections. As well as changing and improving animals behaviors so. You wanna know why a lot of dogs in New Orleans are roaming the streets it's because their animals I have not been sterilized and they go out looking for our partners. That's nature that's you know what is instinctive to do. And so we have more animals hit by cars we have more animals that get picked up by animal control. And brought in to a shelter with no identification no microchip. We can't find the owners and someone is missing their diet and this -- could have been home hadn't already been spayed or neutered it would not have. Gone out venturing. Had the owner already taken that. Well I'm sitting around including with -- people who spending and day out. With that message of let's make life better for the -- let's make life better for the community -- is there really is safer very much -- quality of life issue. We're gonna take a break we're gonna come back Morgan -- talk about. They also are available to make it easy for you stay with this financial under the to do well. We'll we're talking about we're talking about one of my favorite subjects Spain hitters and hitters and neuter. There's a reason for it and it's and as we said roughly 90000 reasons every year I think about that that's every year. It is and just sort of in the last ten years at every year. It's tournament. That are euthanized and we got a call on sorry hung out but he was asking a from -- wind as the Jefferson SP CAA half to. Killing animals. Why does Louisiana SP CA it killing animals. The answer is so simple. They are too -- -- it's not enough people. And I've actually said to one woman who is very -- years ago -- -- -- where would we put them but we put them in the superdome. In a five in five parish area in 2005 -- did a story 32000. Euthanasia is Orleans Jefferson saint Charles saint. Bernard and saint Tammany and won here and the reason I did the story was because the numbers were down. Neighbors continue to go down as -- hankering and they are staggering actually take the whole state in its okay we're not gonna believe -- Cameron talked positively. Jacob thank you for joining us very much I just wanna. Get from you because you've been in this world for so long working with animals both in non black woman's aunt in Jefferson parishes. What reasons do people give you that they don't have their animals spayed or neutered. What you're you know what you -- cannot Jacob. Yes that's a little better. Carter -- -- I work work opening the typical -- sure where. I don't know. If -- It's not -- At. Taken to break an -- and I'm so sorry. Maybe you'll make you'll have to call back. OK I will be -- go back Jacob I feel badly let's go to what we are here and I think what Jacob was saying first and foremost is that it's as safe procedure. You know it. Veterinary schools have progressed much in terms of pain management. In terms. -- And however it you know veterinarians were not always trained in this procedure. Wave back in the day and so in not all veterinarians are comfortable doing this procedure and so. Again trying to help people reach out to their veterinarian talk about it with your veterinarian and if that's not the right place. You know reach out to one of the agencies in the community that can provide the service for you. Louisiana SP CA we -- -- following Spain -- -- but there's a number of treatment practices out there that are run on -- just for this purpose you know just to increase that. The expertise within their practice round this procedure. Typically it's same day sometimes it's overnight right but it you know really is much more affordable and easy. You know prices range at least for her for the Louisiana SP CA anywhere from you know 5200. Dollars. And it is full pain management and so again you know helping people understand that. Just like when you have surgery you know the analysts and -- ties and goes home with. All variety pain medications that. They're kept comfortable. You know the incision is. We used to solvable sutures -- the skin togethers and you don't have to come back and get stitches removed. You have to less chances of complications and things going wrong. And it's so good for your -- and so good for the community. And today I have fed a colony for ten years and a new one arrived pregnant she hit three -- Called this wonderful group who came in the ninth. -- him he's our angels on earth now trapped there are amazing and I watched it was unbelievable. 24 hours later little kick everybody's back everybody's happy. Nobody's sitting and looking like they're miserable rain they were back to full force it was amazing. So it's it's I'm trying to say there's no excuse I mean if you. Especially the good veterinarians that -- it is completely the answer and I think. You know that resource has been growing in the community and even financial resources to help people that can't forward. You know private veterinarians intake of imports was now on the phone but in Jefferson Parish they had just -- of players -- terrific. You know what Jacob we're gonna have taken the break but a promise we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about. What is available out there to help. We're back with and is -- real and Lin chi -- and Jacob stroman. All of the animal world all pushing spay and -- before I get back to Jacob Joey and you you've been holding quick call yes. -- Remember. Kate I was there about -- it -- copper. I thought it had surgery and I was happy how the -- It was so -- it. It's directed it you know and then more I think my. And he says mom school play. Yeah you know how. I mean something that they you know and -- and different people that think they -- out. -- -- -- Now that's a very important point and I really appreciate you calling them again. We're gonna quickly go over to camper is with Saint Francis -- century Jacob stay with -- Pam wonderful pamper those in her beautiful daughter. Has now an Angel and -- started Saint Francis animal sanctuary in had a great pleasure -- following that journey. And I know that you all just hand was in a 140 animal spayed and neutered. I'll ask our she. Their ads are -- -- yeah each day. It. -- expect. And the people -- she chips. I'll get you cannot but Akram and end it or not I -- an immaculate. How to do more because they need our. Age or how much it's any. You're absolutely right Pamela I'm rushing along because I'm afraid we're gonna lose our time here. You unfortunately. Had all of your great. Hurricane equipment. That your air conditioners all appear. -- -- generators. Stored and somebody stole them home. -- Storage rights and -- out art art art but he and the L so. Are now trying to per KG on you know should end. Air and huge. Let me take -- Saint Francis animal sanctuary was a godsend post-Katrina. They brought in the wonderful best friends animal sanctuary out of Utah. And handled how many animals. -- 6000. Animals but this is happen to you all is a travesty. I really mean that of all organizations to have done so much and then. So close if if anybody is interested in donating how'd they do that. Out. An animal sanctuary. Out -- TR. -- -- In what's that -- Ship and aero sport. Am I hate that this just happened to you are really do like cheer you on with every step you've taken you've done such a phenomenal job. And down and thank you for calling in and and let us know let us know Warren if somebody got a conscience and realize they've ripped off view. And two if you need more help. Thank you so much -- and Jacob a -- jumped to you very quickly answer we have this technical issues back to what how do you explain to people the need for spay -- Well aren't they -- doing it -- -- cleaner -- and a little bit different there. And man's mentality out there that projects they're human feelings on their on their stat you know were there and we're take -- politically or something on line. And and you know I think that for a long term. Problem where people are not realizing and it -- pocket more -- -- -- -- year old a two year old toddler running around so. You know -- -- of. China against -- being out there you are residents are areas that the benefit of being -- like an analyst suggesting earlier and -- and what you're caller. Just a moment ago talking about the recovery in how. Many people believe it talks gonna be count for a month after they air or even longer and that's where are trying to cheer. Information. With people and our community that it is much quicker. But were recovery and at that it got it back up and running Otah. Jacob you all have a program now a spay neuter program. We do we have several cheers -- that program as well enough barrel after -- for being here. And the jittery because vaccination and and there are little -- So. People who -- Gary protested that they are fixed and then your pet cat is ten dollars for they -- -- And then -- for any doubt -- dollars are for being here. And then for anybody at the couple. And let me just mention that we people and -- Erica well on orleans' -- yet here we need to have so many of them. And and we know that they're coming from community where there aren't any race or says so. Every -- and we looked at all very much it's because we don't want people think patch were trying to end it older. For fix them all we can eliminate them that's not by any means it's just that we even more people coming cart court. Then any other breed and we're having euthanized and and that's the part that gets to the most. But you know. Putting this week -- able hulking animal. You know it is nothing works and that and so. You know we are working with our -- articles in your program and then through PetSmart charities and the Humane Society of the United States. We're trying to get ourselves out into the community where there are or where people don't know about being accurately know -- being -- And so we're arms. Trying to create army ground and number resource -- to people need to. Mauritania I congratulate -- -- decisions it's the ongoing battle -- you are the good arming and you're doing great things. We -- going to have to take a break now we're gonna go to news and hopefully we'll be back but we may be going directly to the mayor's press conference but stay with this financial under the W. We're back talking with an as a real and lend to each and Jacob stroman with the Jefferson -- PC today. Not talking about the need for spay and neuter. You know I'm I'm reminded of ballistic about cats. That let's say one of the cats. The cat who had three kittens were feed. Those three kittens would have gone into heat they would at three captains if than those three -- -- and how many heat can their -- What. Three -- four year and you know when you think about it they breed in the south. Much center that they do -- and colder climate. So here and in every probably about I would say for five months. And -- I have probably two to three cycles a year and they're gonna have probably on an average of 46 kittens per litter. Just do the math it's scary. You know it taught it's it's scary it's only. Yes and you know people just don't understand how important ideas. To get in front when we were talking earlier getting in front of that first heat cycle. On spy -- is launching a campaign. And the very near future we partnered with Marion strain which is a foundation of north and has money to support this campaign and help us. Promoting -- down south because I felt like it's so important that they get the word down south. But if we keep I was telling and a earlier if we can just get in front of that first heat soccer we're talking cats here mainly not not dogs. Because the cats are the big issue and our area shelters I. That compromised the largest number of the animals that have to be sacrificed because it just to medium so we can get in front of that heat cycle. And prevent that for that that books she had a litter you know that they didn't NTN. I was reading an article -- the decade reduce euthanasia about 30% of pet owners would just understand the importance of having that done before that first cycle. And so the argument is all we'll let him have the one cycle and then they'll be normal now. Not now talked to know and and you know as analysts and earlier the there's there's so many advantages to getting in front of that first heat cycle. Because that they when you do it at that younger age you I think they said that 91%. Of all mammary tumors in female cats would be eliminated. And then you've got all the other problems with testicular cancer you got a healthy change you've got to behavioral issues. On it really is just every I can't think of a reason not to do it. As it relates to -- And then we're talking about that first cycle really they can be spayed or neutered as young as. Three months and three counts some -- parents who go a little bit less than that but. Most centenarians you know with cats in particular. When they hit twelve weeks it is safe to do it. And the sooner you get him in. The sooner we can try to curb these problems you know again if you just do the basic -- those three kittens who would have produced upwards of 36 more kittens and that's if none of those offspring were reproducing at the same time so you can just imagine how quickly this happens all over. New Orleans however Jefferson Saint Bernard. You know too cute little kittens on there so Sweden they wanted to commend you know and get it fixed and before you know it you've got just a massive neighborhood problem. That is not sustainable and there's not enough folks out there you know adopting cats. So we've got to really you know try to address the problem in the community in neighborhoods. You know they're great tools out there in terms of teaching people how to -- cats. We certainly offer classes there's traps available for rental or you can always just go. You know to Home Depot to there's a number of places where you can buy humane traps yes for Spain -- so you can you know -- that kitty. Bring him in get him fixed and then release him. And the cat lives a happy healthy life. You know efforts the natural duration of it's life. And everybody wins that's a win for the entire community what Jacob was saying in -- and you're still with us. Is that for all feral cats and again those -- neighborhood cats. It's free to get them spayed or neutered. Yes if -- -- rocker Trent did you Jefferson Parish prison and you know and kept kept and a BC dot org article that the protect clinic and there are. -- don't think community. Oh so it's the -- that's wonder just great that means they have partner veterinarians you know not just. You don't have to just go through the shelter to get them fixed here are great an -- all over the community that -- stepped up and said. We wanna help and we wanna see more of that we wanna see more centenarians. That are signing on to be part of the Jefferson SP CA's voucher program. As well as just engaging with their clients around the topic of spay -- in providing information and you know answering those questions because you know this is your baby this is your dog or cat. You know it's an important decision in -- when you should be really informed about but one that's oh so important that you. Ask those questions and make that commitment and I know that there are people saying well you know what my dog is never gonna go out. My cats and -- -- just takes winds -- it just takes one is we are now those acts of 50% of -- are accidental. You know and and I said before you know. Everyone that walks into the front desk that Louisiana's PC and they bring us -- a box of kittens a boxer puppies thinks it's the only litter we got that day. And we've had upwards of 3040. Kittens come in on a single day. And each of those people thought their kids were the only ones coming in. And that's one day that doesn't count every other day of that week and that month and those ten months when we have -- coming in. Of all of those kittens that were unplanned. And now we've got to deal with the problem on the back end. And then in an and it -- against. Beat that first heat cycle not nobody would be shown up and say this woman is on a cruise a young guy and I'm moderately and I don't necessarily any undo Obama's latest. That a lot of centenarians have gotten on board with early and -- But I -- that those that hadn't. Men ages revisit their protocol and and and look at that at the statistics and and and maybe reconsider. Make that part of their practice. Now we're hearing and that makes a lot of sense. Again the issue is how to we cut down on euthanasia one of the primary reasons. We do is because of over population not enough homes until spay neuter is one of the components let's talk about it. I wanna say very quickly that we're still waiting for mayor Landrieu to hold a press conference which we will join. As soon as he does so everybody hang with this we have a call from -- Ian bell chase. Oh and yes. -- houses. But received calls it. He has been good Albania very recently and there and campaign there was there. Billboards have no clue of the old war. But very graphic it make you broke here. Look at figures. Are out water in -- -- -- -- -- -- saying what are you can bet on the fine. And as you can see -- The months -- a year ago. What reproduction of this -- In the year and he. Tripped. Uga -- great graphic while. You know I've actually send them and it is it it says at all. Yet. And then if each of those just 3040 cats and again as -- says it is look at the man you are wonderful to call -- really appreciated. -- maybe that's what we need is those billboards. Good they're a bit different order dominated they've caught while it. -- I wasn't aware of what one can do within a year. You know it's in what we're really talking about it it's a real process -- to understand that's and and we all don't get it overnight. But for those who were in the trenches all the time that releasing the heartbreak. Of what you have those decisions you have to make. Of some healthy animals and do that because it's not in the space -- rumor. Homes back. -- -- -- -- -- here and get a lot of. Oh -- know exactly what -- -- talking about yeah most everybody is listening to think about visual again link your wonderful to call. Thank you offer for people who were saying you know one. I knew that was gonna happen everyone stay with -- we're gonna join our newsroom right now with Dave -- as the mayor holds a press conference.