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7-1-14 3:10pm Angela: on the crime in New Orleans

Jul 1, 2014|

Angela talks with Carol Allen of Vieux Carre Property Owners, Susan Guillot of French Quarter Citizens, and City Councilwoman Nadine Ramsey about what to do about crime in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the timing is everything listening to the mayor and chief surpassed talk about. The events of up Sunday early Sunday morning ten people shot on Bourbon Street a tragedy all the way around. And looking ahead at their plans to. Not try to combat things and two month. Sort of bulk -- certainly for the upcoming weekend but for instance fast and correctly so and bringing in national and state reinforcements. The shooting on Bourbon Street really brought up so many issues in the violence and the reason to lie in the state of our police department and it shortages. And really how events like that might impact. All the positives that we've achieved over the last few years really seem to -- eyes of the world. Which kind of also begs the question and what is it like to live in the French Quarter to work there to own -- business there. And and that's what we're going to do for the next thirty minutes is talk to some people who have who have committed to living there who love living there but who live that reality. Susan -- was vice president of the French Quarter citizens' organization she is chair of the legal committing. Carole Allen president of The Who cori property owners association. And we're also going to be joined in a little bit with the council woman -- Ramsey whose district includes the French Quarter and I appreciate your well being here once again. Europe real loyal to us on any subject but I think it brings to mind were all horrified by what happened but decision neighbor. This is very much and what -- the first thought she had. When you heard. Gunshots again. Well the first thought that I had is that in the that we had a incident around the corner from our house. I would say about three years ago. Where a woman was leaving abortion the bartenders and somebody that costs are for money she refused to give it and she was shot and died right on the sidewalk. Literally -- remember that in the corner of my house that's what came to my mind it wasn't the same kind of random violence. But it was still very close to home where use sometimes feel despair. That it keeps happening -- keeps happening. Living in the French Quarter it's the best of times in the worst of times it's a wonderful place to live there's nothing like it once you've lived there you you find it hard to ever anticipate leaving anywhere else. At the same time you live in a fortress. You get up every morning -- -- you you check your door she -- your windows you. Have to stay on alert constantly. To. Two tract two to. Be sure your not placing yourself in danger. More than you need to be and that's inside your house inside your house and on your sidewalk in front of your house walking to your car. Walking to a restaurant. Walking to a friend's house. Any time you're out on the street. -- Well I was actually. Out of the country and flying home on Sunday and as soon as I landed in turned on my cell phone. I got a rash of emails and text messages coming -- I'm sure you've already heard about the -- street shootings which of course I had not. So. It was very startling and upsetting. And I didn't know at that time whether anyone had been killed or not so as. More information came -- he was just understanding what had happened which is a tragedy but what it does in -- way -- I I really agree with what the mayor says -- that. Nine people shot on urban street got the world's attention. But people are shot all over the city every single day and if it's somewhere in east New Orleans are somewhere in holly grove are somewhere in -- It doesn't get that kind of attention. So I this was a real wake up call I think for us to look at our entire city. -- but listening and -- you all were here listening to what the mayor was saying. And the police chief are you going to feel better about it that he is getting reinforcements. But he's actually going to demand of Washington and frankly the state to participate more. Now that we are so low on the number of police. Well it's it's it has to be done and of course is not the first time going back as far as 2006. When the five teenagers were shot and killed in New Orleans and -- mayor Nagin at the time called in the National Guard. That was a different situation. In 2011. On represented a battle ask the governor at that time to send in additional help to the city of New Orleans. And at that time the governor said he will lead if the mayor would request it. But the mayor and chief surpass that time thought it was not necessary. So it's encouraging now to see that yes everybody is saying we need help and their various ways to get it. Are we is council woman Nadine -- with this. Not yet we're we're still waiting for her I know she's just finished a press conference and will join us. What else can be done. As residents what else can be done. Well I've. I know that all the restaurants have tried very hard to. Increase the crime cameras. Around the French Quarter and and still are they made a herculean effort to yes you put up cameras around French Quarter and I know that that has happened and it has helped the police had. I don't think it's enough. But it's it it has helped. It's information passing from from an organization to organization. Where everybody is is trying to to -- -- about what what we can do and what is going on their bodies away year of what is going on. The residents have has done almost as much as actual residents can do. They're they're just comes a time when it passes out of their hands and it it has to pass into the hands of the police. I'm I'm very glad to hear the -- say that he is asking for help from the state because I really do believe that part of this burden should fall in the states since they benefit. From the revenue that comes from the French Quarter and half four for a long time and yet we're not seeing really any return. With help on the crime where the infrastructure. To know absolutely nothing that was sent. A very important comment appeared to stay benefits a lot whether beat the superdome the French Quarter the arena. And even the bridge now we need help. I I would also like to see perhaps. The mayor. And this CVB think about putting. The brakes on the tourism a little bit I'm offered tourism and I know that it's -- lifeblood of this city. But there comes a time when you may have over saturated an area. And perhaps the car was put. Before the -- where the tourists were invited in before there was some structure there to protect them and take care of them. And it may be that that needs to happen before additional tourists are invited again. Somebody was saying I didn't hear the total explanation but apparently in Beale street after a certain hour they closed off. And it's one million monthly amount. In I'm just thinking. We're not real street we are many streets and not just -- street but we look at it I'm just curious if there is away. To be after in at 10 o'clock -- 11 o'clock at night you have to show an ID we have to be you know if to show your purse of -- -- I know that sounds farfetched but give it some thought we'll be right back I'm Angel on W. Will we are back talking to -- people who live in the French Quarter. Their thoughts on what's been going on -- we're also joined by council woman Nadine Ramsey and I wanna thank you so much for joining us I know this is meant. Incredibly busy afternoon I will be very remiss though by our sports guy mark Menard by not saying it first. USA vs Belgium World Cup it's 00 at the -- -- my -- top. But thank you councilwoman very much for joining us it means a lot. -- you are you more pleased with the mayor asking for help from mocked both the United States government and the state. Yet we certainly need to have it. Christ that they -- immediately. And I felt comfortable with that request that he made at the federal and that they -- What else needs to be done. Well we turn the that you're certainly talk about. People who have information sharing it with. And of course the preliminary happen but I'll play. How to hit it. Issue and I got the -- that it is yes I am more opposite on the street. We look at ways of keeping nineteen link -- supporting them. And get it -- -- it should be but the real problem all of them but. Yes absolutely. Carol Allen who is -- head of the the great commission is one of our guest and yes please tell us well first of all it's down. The great property owners of south African president in the says its Larry -- stopper would not be happy I'm very sorry that was. A. But. -- copy of repressed relief. That came out of the mayor's office through the city of New Orleans that. Was talking about the nine point 28 million visitors we had in the city in 2013. And it's just darling to understand that these visitors spent six point 47. Billion. Dollars in their visits to the city. And as a city that loves to attract tourists it would seem to me that some of these dollars could be spent to. Enlarge our police force to protect the people who are coming well -- residents. And I want it to you know going without that act that state and not key vote for the so at that point oh million at the answer them some money and that it's been that he said. May contact the insurance industry. And they. Collecting -- below -- It is. We all know that there's a 150. Police officers budgeted but new police officers but it doesn't look like we're going to be able to have reached that goal. By this year. And yet we're still losing officers. An and it's scary. Yet the -- every end. We're going to happen that would stop the budget that this year. Outlook is looking better all the aptly act beat him hopefully -- -- more fun being. And all that and is there any anything in the bite that we can -- move around. Easily. Talking with the police department. -- and looking neck the issue of each -- all that is in the -- -- it ended up there. Well as as they have sent out earlier before you joined distant. Other than urban street you really don't see police officers. In the in the quarter I'm talking about. Other -- number urban street they don't see many officers. And that was that was the question that we have talked -- you have been cheap about you know like it call for an -- -- out how many -- is involved but that it. Are actually working from anywhere yet. Is there in that it water. And how many are out on street patrolling not only in the deal on arms but in Iraq and coordinate it. Has he been able to give -- those figures. We. That is where it counts it. Not councilwoman Nadine Ramsey I truly appreciate you joining us today I know it's been very hectic it means a lot I -- and we'll get you back. And I wanna think Susan and Carroll always for coming on enlightening if you live it every day it's your. Neighborhood it's all of our home but that your neighborhood. Means a lot thank you thank you thank you and thank you all for joining us we'll be right back. I wanna thank Susan GO and down Carole Allen once again for joining us talking about like in the quarter. We're gonna follow up in the days ahead as I'm sure and everybody else's. We wanna get Kenneth politte talking about the snitching and it -- and Prescott the mayor back to talk about his plans. Asking the state for more.