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a 5-year old boy in Arizona is accused of sexual misconduct for pulling his pants down on the playground. His mom says at 5 years old he doesn’t know right from wrong year and wants the label of sexual misconduct pulled from his record. Are you on the school’s side or the mother’s side? Was this a kid just being a kid? PLUS: Should people who leave their pets in locked hot cars lose ownership of them? Police had to break into a locked scorching hot car at a Slidell mall to rescue a dog from dying . This happens over and over again around this country. What should the penalty be?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob met -- -- old Robert Mitchell filling in for duke tonight before away outlooks on our WWL talk table here is another reason. Another reason not to be interested in soccer -- a soccer fan died Saturday when he suffered a heart attack while watching the Brazil within. Teams penalty -- ago. With -- The unidentified man is 69 years -- is one of scores of people help officials in Brazil. Have treated tending to injuries and stress suffered. By -- -- while watching the show World Cup so there are a couple more reasons why. You should not have to. Full clock all right here's what's on our talked able to. We're gonna start what of a five year old boy. That in Arizona. Willow as accused. Misconduct sexual misconduct. For pulling his -- down all the -- -- what happened is that another kid. Told him actually threatened him if you don't pull your pants down I'm gonna pull down for. So the kid got dragged into the approachable look -- as a -- view this. And was made to sign a document that -- -- -- said he was guilty. Of sexual misconduct. Now -- have a text messenger that says. The age of consent document means nothing moderate about legal -- -- -- I appreciate that the point here is the mum. Says that this child who have not been told to sign anything easily five years -- and he should have not been told the sun. Anything alleged she was present. And I agree with the mom 100 shall -- what you -- your kid went through something like this and so far I cannot find any information. What happened to the kid that told him that if you don't pull your pants -- I'm gonna pull down forty. To a six year old age 786688908. Family. Police had to break into a locked car in the -- mall yesterday to rescue a dog that have been locked in slightly callable news and if you wanna. Really read something or she's so strange to Google. Dog or animal and hot car. And see how often this kind of thing happens some animals -- some animal barely survived. So this happened over and over again around the country should people who leave their pets in -- -- cars lose ownership of them. If not what do you think via penalty should be 26 year old -- 78668890878. And we also have orbited solidly pro drug -- opinion poll question. What do you think the arbitrator will decide about Jimmy Graham that is a tight end or a wide receiver now. The arbitrator said. Quote that no sooner. No later then the third of July. Is when he's going to issue his decision. Do you think the they're gonna come to an agreement before that I think I think I think you can I think you get a seat. A a decision reached sometime tomorrow. A text message from the one would remember deal Americans he was -- punter kicker Cordoba. Holder who receive -- and it depends about how would you play him I guess as a utility -- all right let's go to. That Leon and what Colin. Leone with our power -- Leon. The I'd have to question him leniency -- locally Hamlet about right. Gave great what about it again and -- yeah I agree will eco. Put them in a car but. -- agitated today. -- Identity. And history on the -- get under the war. Every outlook. And then and he and outward humanity and day and it brutal. And I can imagine what is called. Where you're like a lot of people including me that thinks on some of these issues. We should go to Leo I've for an icon slipped. Yep that -- -- I guarantee you. And now he's usual talk about Leon. -- grant -- I mean whatever body. He'd be stated that -- Our. Do you think they're gonna do you think they're gonna reach an agreement before Thursday. Two point I think I think they'll make some type of announcement. Tomorrow I appreciate your -- just go to a JJ thank you for calling WWL tonight. Like -- if this -- your five year old -- would you react to this. I think it ridiculously using your child. That age being being sexual tourniquet applied girl child that it understated and -- conduct -- sector support all of you know. -- especially. With the there -- permissions. And other. -- it -- you know you have British. Wilshire common spiritual prevail and somebody else. It's it's like that as well. But at least or two occasions where you don't kid gets accused the slope and there's just ridiculous. In their for their age groups. Well you know there -- there was a situation. A couple weeks ago where a kid left is a backpack. At a friend's house sold his mom. So don't worry about it we have this bear backpack. Put Islam true that in some other things and it takes a little while when the kid gets the school that didn't realize is there is a toy plastic gun. Inside them. So he he does the right thing he goes to the -- -- that look I just got in school here. My mom gave me this this different backpack I didn't know at this point plastic -- was -- and they still suspended the or were rather than say look you know we're gonna. And I'm glad to be an honest and you know we're gonna continue -- they still suspect in the. -- -- -- -- It is -- I'm gonna ask you -- light question of the night. Four enough money when you do make it on the big screen. Well operate more appropriate course -- -- which were they give me. Some more and more usable option there you record. I think that that's what what strippers or whatever color it immediately doubt that -- don't take because. About 44 enough money. Aren't enough money to take care of your your kids your grandkids -- great great grandkids would you get naked on screen. Are you are. Just. -- it all out war weary by the way it. Well what I guess what you have to do then is is get the money and say okay. And then when you take your clothes off. And they go all like gods are right now public baloney you're gonna give me the -- pulls back -- the way that where you could you could collect from both ends. Thank you today. Thank you Bob brother got you back. All right thank you so let's go to Don Don thank you calling WWL. Becoming a thing I ever saw the outcome of the talks situation about a proper -- to ten years now. And -- how many times have have you been called the situation is the global drug dogs were left in cars. A lot but it's about security or at target and order in order. Car and where you get -- and animal rights people are people are not Iran that by. It it looked at our -- him or call him a -- you when it -- Speaker elect agree doctor that. Well there yeah I picture -- bought bought bought bought it at that point. -- -- What is what is the penalty like for instance the beat these two week young ladies that I'm quite sure they were arrested in Slidell because that left. The dog and the cardinal point we're pleased that break in the car. What is the penalty for something like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- that bad. -- mean you do they write him a ticket to do you know how much it cost. I'll. But -- Question about it yes -- Caught up. On. -- But. They. -- Part. Yeah. Yeah. Now the big question here. Is that there's one thing getting naked -- according according of this movie here at the the the name of of the movie at a couple of text message people want to know the name of the movie. It's called sex -- And in the movies. Her and her costar Jason. Siegel get noodles -- and they play a board married couple who decide despite some things by filming a sex tape. After it accidentally -- they try to get it back so. Two and two tells me that should not only getting naked you're getting naked in here. OK -- about. Their product -- Stronger -- it got heated up. At that they did not appreciate your -- and tonight. Right 260 -- 78668890. Its -- have a few lines are open. A Brian Kenny and Jennifer Hawke Petit and in just a minute shall do an opponent. During the break big job to get ready to go oh wait time is not that long maybe about ten minutes flip like that I'm Bob Mitchell. And the so those don't show the big gates WWW well welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- here is what we are talking about tonight on our WWL talked able. Five year old boy and a result accused of sexual misconduct five years old. For pulling his pants down on the school play girl whose moms of the by -- to know right from wrong and once the label of sexual misconduct pulled from his record. Are you on the school side. For the -- plus should people leave their approach it like hot cars lose ownership of them. Police had to break into a lot scorching out card slide among the rescued a dog from grand as this happens to. Over and over again. All over the country. And we never -- somebody drag -- opinion poll question what do you think the arbitrator will decide about Jimmy Graham tight end or wide receiver arbitrator says. I'm not saying a word until July the third no sooner. No later and are like question of the night actress Cameron Diaz. Is going to be nude for the first time in her upcoming movies and she said totally nude. For enough money. Let's say an opponent take care of your family the rest of their lives were talking about. Kids grandkids and great grandkids what you get naked on camera what. Israel price to securely 78668908. Suddenly hears someone text message that. I'd get naked 500 bucks but at a and responds to your light caution of the night. Forget the millions and millions I'd do it in a heartbeat if someone offered a playoff by a student loans OK let's go to Brian inveterate how -- tonight Brian. I'm doing well great should go home I wanna try to -- on the white born. On the odd year old boy down. -- why this is happening someone I have a lot of a pretty good idea you have read books on it. What was really putting him at the western World Cup and United States Australia Canada in the UK. And Clinton specifically. Could these type of cases -- boy who upon student there it is a war one boy in the education the it's been written about Christina Hoff -- you wrote a whole book called war. And what could happen -- this little boy if he's gonna become a under the statistic. Where they're gonna -- well. Masculinity is is keeping it well. There's -- ineffectual mystery in agreement that they inflate the numbers yeah a sexual misconduct. An -- non. This is not where this is com and debate this has been happening for a while Kyle. So you're on you're on the mom's sides here of course that it and then the mom's point was that he should never even been talk to a ball this. Without Serbian president. -- book what happened at the very corrupt industry mean the school system in the western. Been co opted by it and Anil aux. And they are not currently toward boys. At -- -- failure by the board school right now. -- pocket and you know level. You'd be -- that book and read it has apparently have no. Idea how they'll. School it is -- -- and -- in the. I don't want to move onto another subject to a whole bunch of people wanna get on. Will what do you think -- WWL pretty track where people question what do you think the arbitrator will decide about Jimmy Graham tied in a wide receiver and do you think. That the saints will reach an agreement before the decision is made. Well I think. It is very long lasting effect could be ruled anything about it I mean even it's 49. In the case literally. In very closely and you know I understand you can Ito won't open and tied it may not. Cut it out about one -- AP sent -- there. And you know besides them there and get a lot more money. It's -- and -- the what are you won't be sympathetic and quite decent division needle. -- -- -- It's a bit I couldn't believe it not been able rule -- Qaeda and but I think he knows he's being arbitrators beating. Lot of he's given Tom through. Quote how to deal but it doesn't -- -- -- -- now -- think the arbitrator really want. I think you're right I think you're right I think -- that basically have tomorrow. I think you're gonna see something and -- tomorrow look how long we waited for Drew Brees and they waited until the last minute. Two give Drew Brees the contract that he wanted they'll do the same thing with Jimmy Graham Brian appreciate your -- into the right. They do is go to Jennifer in rural hi Jennifer Howell or. At a time there are I want to be content. On the kids and other situation with in a teacher and administrator. -- -- -- -- IB -- You know. -- -- -- -- -- How bad but they are well. Back to October aged well at the age of accountability. Where it should be held accountable. All the -- the mom never did say. That it was like all the moms is that before you brought him in the office and made him sign a document that label his actions sexual misconduct. I should've been called in the be part of me. Totally agree with. Me. Their actions -- And do. It yet but it is. The -- centered -- But it -- it if you have. Were it not been any trouble before arm. Sexual or otherwise. And the minute you give them a certain that leniency. It you -- out -- and consequently it's quiet. The actual nature. And you know -- we've we haven't been out there by the teacher called it nothing like it. Then start to -- vacate. So it against a -- of at and keep themselves. At right at five years old. That couldn't be much of a backlog of -- case because he's only five years also give him. And that apparently he had started in -- patent. And beginning of the year that -- children it create -- in every day. -- taken -- the black and a child. In the capital and tissue paper you know a bit ago. It double what can happen and and it is at the quake that. It's it's -- gray area. They get out of her. Our administration. Discretion. But -- plastic. We have still wouldn't rule. Product to schools that do looked at very much look he was at -- at camp but immediately we can't -- look at it. And covering up like -- typical. And we -- black -- Worried the but but but what it and it. We started to use discretion we took a cap it that we normally and we didn't indicate. That a bit more. Back -- just staying. -- Trump found teacher slash minister can't go too far with it and and more discretion you know that -- The mother the mother's point was is that at five years old he doesn't even know what he's signing -- and I don't want that in his school record and you should of called me. I absolutely agree. That able to eat eat eat at eighteen that were blown. Out. I don't think he there's no way you know under what. I think she tactic. Jennifer what do what do you think should be done to these people that leave tonight we're talking about pets who leave their pets. And in the hot cars with the windows up and no water and the thing in Slidell the cops had to break into the car to save the -- -- up. Should should they lose ownership of these -- Acting acting pets are like like babies there did you like it is like little people in -- eight if you act going to be willing to be answerable for him. And take care of them. Then don't have them and com. Hey you know. Like would be. Not to leave a baby -- -- -- up the practice at a totally at -- a look at. And the fact that they -- Wendell Al Gore what cost it thirty about they. And and and just take and the -- At that art or. All right all right you got that. Argue the I don't happen. On and a -- enough money to take care of your kids you granted too great and kids. Where. Listen but I'd love a a -- of this text message. Like in mind that again yeah it says Bob your granddaughter use. -- -- -- And nobody in this badly has the work for a living that we get so rich -- They paid me to get naked. -- that -- I don't act. I made about it but I don't think that I you don't eat me up and indicate -- being used. I. I'm not comfortable and I feel in not beyond each. That may make. Not TV this is the big screen you'll eventually get the TV that's the big screen. Mike I don't attack it took them to do. Not that it happened. He is rated X. I felt like -- can do that this and that this is this the problem we are. All along. I didn't say I didn't say listen I didn't say you ending next you'll have to make the big differences. -- would enact without -- At at at. Just just got to get the price right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd thought I'd be thinking about the money and a and I would I would help just like that text messages some time in the future 1 am like great grandkids who. Doesn't even know me it's say the that they'd be gone to a great school and have a great homicide look at look at pops that for me and won't let it wouldn't what did you grandfather -- appeared next to a movie. Week. At that you know. Out of every meal and maybe. It. Well -- I wouldn't it would have to be enough money -- -- -- -- all right Jennifer I'm pretty donated YouTube I'd go to Kenny Kenny how are you. Don't. They may I just had to get to the right price for Jennifer you noticed that. Under there. As far as the -- -- Earl -- school year. What did paperwork this frontal shot. Once that's exactly what the mother did but the paper was already signed what what happened was they brought the kid in off the playground. Brought into the principal's office and -- you know you've been a bad boy and you need to sign. This is a document that says you're guilty. Of all sexual misconduct and and that the mother didn't know anything about the. What I -- And activists in and I did that paper out there. Yeah but that's -- I think that's what most people would do Kelly. -- -- know how much money would it take for you to get naked on the big screen. Well. Good -- -- that much because it's so big for other people. And it Carrie Bradshaw and -- and I. All right thank you candy appreciate it so much are all right. Okay 26 year old late 78668890. It's heavily. All right have time now to up reset what we are talking about tonight our phone lines are open to six year old -- seventy. 866 and nine point seven it if you aren't just food polian and Artest Killian an excuse me and you stand what the world Leo talking about the about it. You know haven't exactly too much fun while the first story. It is about a five year old boy. In fact that his town that he that this story is from his surprise Arizona. -- never knew the -- but it just surprise Arizona. He's accused of sexual misconduct. For pulling his pants down on the play growth. No here's what happened the -- was on the playground and as elementary school when another student Poland the polish pants now or else he would do it for them. Now I'm reading. In between the lines today. The effect that. The student told him -- parents -- I'll do it for him. That would tell me that this student had to be a little bit older than the kid may be bullied him into doing I don't know that. That's not in the story under reading in between the lines there because. Win one student can tell another student union to do it or I'm gonna do it for you. That to meat comes off a little bit as being a bully even about the same age. Supply mural -- complied fully known as pants and underwear in front of several other students. When the teachers saw what happened they hauled a rekindled the principal's office where it was forced to sign a document that label his actions of sexual misconduct. Many received attention as punishment. I'm only problem with the detention but do we have a problem. With him and a five year old being forced to sign a document labeling -- actions sexual misconduct the mum. Was not present for the meeting and says at five years all he doesn't know right for. From wrong yet and wants the label sexual misconduct hold. From his school record. So are you on the school side. Are the -- that -- goalie at 260 -- 7866. Andy and I know it's -- And how what you -- If this was your tip I mean. I think I'd go nuts. Should people. Who leave their pets in the hot cars lose ownership of them. Yesterday police of the break into it -- -- -- -- car -- Slidell low to rescue a dog from the line. And the two ladies that -- the dog. Simply said what oh we were shopping and lost track of time when I didn't know we're going to be -- -- that well you know this happens. Over and over again. Would should the penalty be should they lose custody of the -- And we have our light question of the night. How much money would it take for you to get naked on the big straight. Got a bunch Alonso both of you call in right now you wait to get on the air will not be long at all. 260 -- 7866. And it finally it's heavily on Bob excellent post -- And -- WWL. Welcome back to the show him. Tomorrow Tommy -- is back from vacation. To Ireland lots of great topics like mayor Landrieu says our city and nation. Or in a humanitarian crisis on the straight and fed should helped by this crime battle do you agree that's one and thinks -- -- are we talking about tomorrow morning. -- seventy pretty drag or opinion poll question what do you think the arbitrator will decide about Jimmy Graham -- the flood tide and -- -- -- a wide receiver I have a text messenger it's as wide receiver agreement is very clear. Wide receiver for the saints say make the deal this can't be good for the team otherwise. Of course. We did what what our opinion doesn't really matter what will -- -- -- -- rules and I'm not sure whether the arbitrator. Is closer to NFL management. Or is closer to the players association I'm I'm I'm not sure I'm I'm I'm I'm no he's supposed to be impartial flow it's it's going to be in and I still think. That is going to be ruled. As a tight end. That's just my thoughts. I know what it says in the collective bargaining agreement but I think that. He's going to be ruled that tied in but I think he honestly answer and come to an agreement before that happens all right let's go to. Fill in the reserve -- are you tonight. I certainly don't do it. Artery review. -- -- child care was so tight end alongside Gordon Pro Bowl tight end. Are you type it in Georgia and money -- -- wide receiver. There aren't you know argued Qaeda who wondered about it. Saint Italian. And I think eventually they're going to have to do something of a -- these hybrid positions. I don't Jimmy Graham gets as much money is he can possibly get I still think that what's going to happen. I think I think you -- -- -- sometime tomorrow committee this is this was following right along the same thing that happened with the Drew Brees and and it took note that cut of the contract willow was offered inside at the last minute I think the same things that happened Jimmy Graham. I mean Asia where people can hear yeah. I think that additional work and term deal you know that campaign year. You know I mean again that's for the child yeah that particular concern. You get the school and school board what they did a soccer or child the child boos from Portland. Yeah. The trial fill orders during the war and years. That that's ridiculous. Well you know again I'm getting a lot of text messages and and their say in things like. He's five years old is not legally competent to sign anything much less than an admission of guilt and everybody agrees with that the the problem problem here. Is looked at the moment saying -- -- heard the big issue is. Why would you. -- -- child. To sign a document like that he's five years old why would you force in the -- that -- calling me and allowing me to be present. Your -- and they're -- -- jail legally. Optimists. You know the Arab party would have about. And there's and that shouldn't board now. You know there it goes away. Right and does does a five year old even know what sexual misconduct is an island -- Right and I don't I don't see all. Pulling your drawers down his sexual. There it would joke where aboard war is not a dirty -- Ignited and entered. -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alright Philipp thank you for polian and OK. Or that's a that's -- to loosen -- little -- you tonight. I'm well Bob thanks regarding the pat. If you take that away from the owner. Where does that -- ago if it goes in the pan and indeed venture you and I. No good can come and that's not a lost holds. Serve for it and I say take -- away. If it goes on in the past and then I just say what they need to do it Chinese people. -- it hurt. Little. -- What do you what do you think the situation with his five year old boy and Arizona that was your child how would you react. I would go in calmly. -- -- And -- ash and -- tried to persuade. The principle to. Retrench. And if it injury consider. Have to take further action by. Come on a five or older than what they're doing. I would I'd probably go in and say. I'm going to do my absolute best that this is what I do whether it's a choice like that I'm going to do my absolute best to remain as calm as possible. Let me see if I can get this straight you brought my five year old son and hear -- all of my permission. And forced him to sign a document admitting to sexual misconduct. Is that right and a little don't just say yes or no. -- -- and what about you -- enough money. Would you get -- on camera. I know they don't but does this hypothetical -- -- somebody comes that you and they -- -- looked. We we want someone who's not in good shape to be on camera get view. A million dollars would you do it. -- they're champions league good to come. You know our unity you'd you'd spend a little -- you hit Jenin and then all of a sudden they're used getting everything handed jail. People need to work for their money to appreciate it now I don't think -- -- you would turn to I don't have to turn it down. All right -- appreciate your opponent and bud. Thank so much all right 260 -- 78668890. It's seven something else. That I wanna add to our -- table tonight -- -- -- do next hour but let me let me go ahead and and do it right now. The number. Of stay at home moms. Is rising. In this country for the first time in decades. More mothers say they're staying at home because they can't find work the pay for the rising cost of care because. What's happening in a lot of these families were both mom and dad worked there is no wanna take care of the kids and they have to get child care. Child care is becoming so expensive. That mom says well I'm just working to pay for child care so I'm miles mostly cold stay home and take care of -- -- Which I think is so much better for the children is getting back. Two more traditional Clinton is going to be better in the long haul for kids and when I mean by more traditional lamb was. One when I grew up on my mom did I think go to work once -- reached about the age of fifteen. But most of the moms during that period of time stated home. And worked at home I'm not in -- to work state at home and worked and that would would go to work and basically more and more. They have a whole moms or are doing that. So what I wanna know. Is that. Is getting back to more traditional family value of a mom's day in and hold and dad going to work as a better for the long haul for a -- because. You know when we talk about like the other night talk about the violence down. On the suburban street in and and some of the young thugs and a lot of people slaves because there's no one home taking care of the tips so is this better for the kids. And when you were growing up did you have a study at home mom. -- to zero late 786688908. Suddenly on Bob excellent for food and this -- WWL. Welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell in approached you don't get to the fold in just the second wanna get caught up on a couple text messages. As far as the five year old boy I would go to look. -- I would go to the principal's office pulled down my pants. And show them what sexual misconduct earliest. When it comes to the arbitrator. It's garbage it's heavily pretty drag or opinion poll question. What do you think your number trader will decide about Jimmy Graham tight end or wide receiver. I would not -- twelve million a year for receiving tight end I still believe you can put Jordan Cameron. Or Kyle Rudolph and they would have the same production. You've got to be kidding me. This is a joke this is a joke text message as far as -- -- on the big screen to be in naked Bob. It would take about 25 billion -- -- to pick -- on the big screen. -- -- All right 260 wide 78668. At nine point seven the government salons open so I get those calls Philip Thomas and Barbara are you Thomas. Well -- well. Utilize its own comment on the something about. Your milk -- -- -- traditional ceremonies or whatever in the. All -- and there's a trend that the more and more and women are becoming stay at home mom do you think that's a good idea. Yeah. That -- okay and somewhat awful. Victory for the speaker. Okay -- you know -- for the war. -- -- the author -- build another few that are voted flaws and there should go to the page. Among the word -- who would want -- not. Fair. Amount of demand for if for years. And I'll review. You know it's those injuries. It's sort of -- -- at oh. Tell -- -- -- ask you this question you know we've got we hear so much about that. The way we're going to have to stop the violence -- And the crime and these these these younger and young men having no respect for life. Is is in the home because so many of them they raise themselves are latchkey kids they they have the mom or -- Do you think if if our society start gravitating back toward whether to stay at home mom or stay at home dad and having one parent in the house. You'd you'd think that would slowly kind of turn this culture around. The -- But if your limit then. -- are terrible -- Banco. Mark put their Omar. You know I think we would definitely very checked out -- oh you couldn't Q who would've thought oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- Have gotten. -- itself. All without the ball over though you know -- bit. It is because what it would note that -- that you know. And all -- content that they're not my -- -- credit you'll look at we knowledge you know. But it's -- there -- adequate to. Well I agree to do a 100% now with with can be mum mum mum of course -- -- stay at home mom she was at one of these mothers that. Wait till your father gets home she would take Caribbean mentally -- people that the film you'll get more. So I know I know that I. Well our I've valued a lot by having a stay at home mom. Yeah yeah I've made object at all. Every other you know and they chose that with the actual quote at all. Lately that -- -- -- -- on the -- you know you know it's not yet. A month you know. You feel about that but there. For the way you -- the you know we -- -- in the -- Out it's -- open do you ever -- That whatever that is that is great to him Tomas how about answering our WWL protein drug -- painful part of what do you think the -- -- will decide about Jimmy Graham that he said. He's not gonna do so there is -- -- do leaders died due to July the word. Is he going to ruled Jimmy Graham -- tight and or wide receiver and do you think the saints' Jimmy will come to an agreement before or to which they're running out of time. And I loved. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- Law. And give it -- you know it was a you know he's not on the year note it in the real. Deal. Epidemic in your because you are on the news that the -- -- -- he isn't a problem in the program would go through that you regret. Yeah yeah. We'll thank you times I appreciate you calling okay alright 2601878668890870. We know. Here at WW well we know that you love rock and roll -- WWL has more great concert tickets for. The Doobie Brothers and Peter prep were coming to New Orleans play and live -- champion square Sunday July 20 at 7 PM. And WWL -- -- tickets would it be two ways to win on air and FaceBook joined Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow Thursday and Friday morning between six and 10 AM will play part of a Doobie Brothers or Peter Frampton song. If you are the first two Colin. What the lyrics of follow. You will win -- -- listen to the music in Singapore on. Two win or another way to win and go to WWL radio FaceBook page. Look for The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton contest like -- and register to win keep on rock of legislation at -- rock and roll. WW -- All right if you wanna -- -- during the -- a big delegates are ready and will be able to continue our conversation right after the top -- -- It's 2601870. Told 38668890. It's and you can text me. At -- 7870 I'm Bob Mitchell and which dilute. And LC and just a couple of minutes after the news on WW.