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07-01 11pm Scoot/ Help with crime in New Orleans

Jul 2, 2014|

This hour, Bob talks about: with the recent uptick in crime; Mayor Mitch Landrieu is asking the Govenor for State Troopers in the Crescent City for an extensive period of time. How do you feel about this?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the show. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- tonight. 26087866889. Point seminoles will be a number of the cultural week we have some lines -- -- have a several things on our part table. One of the things it's I got a text message. About the worrying about this coming weekend fourth of July weekend because of the situation happen. On Bourbon Street a few days ago. Is any of this gonna stop you from coming to New Orleans are coming downtown or in in joined the fireworks and the the mayor. Is asking for help from the state from the the federal government it's it's almost like you say and it looked at and throw my hands up. I can't control this I need your help. It which way do you think the federal government to -- -- I don't really know whether to -- that as a whole bunch of money had a Noah talked about that going to the top of the hour. But you know and maybe maybe we need to get some federal troops down here 026017866889. Oh -- seventy whole week we talked a little bit about this last night about you know what is the solution while now that the you know the mayor is is asking for. State help is asking for federal help is asking from help anyway can you know. Are -- does this make you feel better. Does it make you feel that the the NATO's going in the right direction or does that kind of make you feel that you know mayors know what to do is if -- Throw his hands up and saying -- of I've got to get some help from a somewhere. Will you in any way hesitate to coming down this week. 2601878668890870. I'm not really sure. I admire. The mayor for. Going all in television and radio in the media and saying you know right now I don't have the answer I need help. This is not just the New Orleans problem it it is it is all over America. And of for those of you who so many times have said that you know we should we should try to. Helped take care of our own country first you -- I don't like the fact that we have we have problems here in our country we have homeless people week we have we have crime. And and and of course we we have the situation. All in all on the border and at what upon interest in is both the mayor. And our government is saying the same thing that this is a humanitarian crisis and it's -- humanitarian crisis on the border. So if we can take and spend all that money taken care of the problem on the border that believe the president wants to. Billion dollars to take care of what they're calling a humanitarian crisis on the border. Well we can get two billion dollars for that which available gets the money but take care of things in in our own country. 26017866889. Point seven you can text mate. At 878878. Let's a -- to the folks we'll go to Tom Tom Howard you. Time does that make you feel. Better that the mayor's -- and general orders would make you feel little. Liked. Well he's throwing in the towel as he doesn't have the answer. I don't make it to a much better at it again this year that we need. We need -- State. After Katrina when you know our National Guard was now about being -- -- Better. They're trained they're currently I think it should be integrated with the you know TV are taken pressure off the police department. So they can retrain or. I think one -- What would you do. If you were the mayor you have -- you have any thoughts on how weak and short term solve these things because we're not yet we were -- in a bit in that no matter what we do in the next few days that's not solving the problem. All right well out of the border state issue it's Saturday Eddie. -- media get media. Site of the shooting and I are on the mayor. Eight page program. That was more about. Prevention and acting reacting -- I asked about that topic is -- -- -- you out you know on the ground in neighbors not to order. And not to arrest people but to actually get you know. Neighbors and build trust and bond between in -- beauty in the community. Last night we had a couple of callers and also a couple of text messages. Saying that -- four suburban street. -- may -- it's time to do what they do in Memphis and Beale street where you. You seal off all the side streets and you have you know one or two. Entrances one -- in one way out. And UID every one that comes in and you run every run every one through -- of metal wall on what would that work for you. Com and the practical -- I would be against it it's been a lot of man hours so oral so. -- Examiner's. Some sort of -- personnel. You know put that on the street and neighborhoods. People actually -- Tom yeah I've given this thing in and all during the night -- just tuned in just now did you. Well. Okay -- the other things we have been talking about. Is what happened in in there are also a five year old boy. Is accused of sexual misconduct for pulling his fans the -- On the Playgirl would happen is it on the playground at school. And what the kids next to him at the sounds like a bully and he said if you bring -- if you don't pull your pants and underwear and now I'm gonna do for you. Well the kid did -- he got called to the principles slope of approachable made him sign a document -- five years old. But he was guilty of sexual misconduct with out even talking to the parents for. Back I think it's pretty ridiculous that they you know sexual lives that day. I mean is. It's sexual misconduct the name of pulling your parents though was that even sexual misconduct. I've got. It went out but you know been sort of collect it yet. Years ago. It. And we have our light question of the night -- if you haven't heard this and -- a and it's gonna hit you on the side the head all right Cameron Diaz you familiar with her and actress. I think -- She was in the movie. My best friend's wedding and -- -- some other things that I think she says that in the movie called bad teacher. Well now -- she's gonna do something you've never done before -- and get naked on camera. Four enough money com. Well enough money to pay him let's say enough money to take care of your family the rest of their lives would you get naked on camera. -- Is it particularly at. Like I -- I can picture of them a big trumped -- -- a whole lot of a lot I hadn't -- -- at. Yeah go to -- and let's say put the money and iPod ads that put the money in my told first it is what you want to select our right watches -- in my body you want -- we do. Thank you time appreciate your photo and hello everybody who's at 017866. And 89 point seven let's go to Rondell or you run them. I'm fine thank you protect and not call you only -- I just wanted to say I wish please listen to me real good and trying to tell you guys -- commonly known. Crime around here. You have to. -- -- in order to try and -- what the world calls it don't you guys think we need to call people in from the just fine now -- -- it didn't know what -- housing money no job. I think I know I'm not sick yet they exude. You know I think -- pop up I believe your right I think they are doing that. You know the mayors said did not yesterday and whether or not today but the putting held this is first -- conference on this. That the bill a lot of these things had to be changed. The that the problem is is I believe most people feel that it has a lot to do with poverty has a lot to do with the but the cycle of poverty. But -- changer. I think the I think the only way to get it treated you've got to -- these inner city leaders. That they have got the taken go out early and and and and say -- We can't keep killing each. Yeah. -- -- back and opinion so -- art. Why can't let Arctic and opinion. He had no carrier with -- Well I tell you what he's I tell you what -- what he's doing today he said that he needs help from anywhere he needs help from the state he needs help from the federal government. He said you know I I want I want leaders opted to get in and and help us solve this problem. He said he he wrote that it wants the governor decide a hundred state troopers to New Orleans on a permanent. Basis he said they would be welcome to our police department that sounds like he says. We have to do more if passed the stopped and the time is now that's that's getting pretty forceful. Yeah but still in it and put -- all let me I'll let you know like. You don't not try and block all locker worry too late hit it big on -- At our town to work with so much I'll order it in there was little acting picture and then -- it. But they. But here's here's what we have to do run that would happen in the past week we can't worry about that we've got to Gulfport and live with got the start finding out what what are answers though I agree with you. -- you know and and and -- and they may have a task force already doing that. But I like what -- say and the fact that the time is now now we're gonna have to see what happened to -- to see where we go forward from this. But you and I both know. That this situation it's not going to be changed overnight. I'm hoping. I'm I'm hoping that this fourth of July weekend that we we don't have more violent. But -- -- it is more than just putting a lot of police all on the ground that at the at -- we have to change. How to do it I don't know we have to change the culture. It. So -- -- Bob but that's OK. Okay do you do to be back tomorrow night today. Are the let's let's go to -- in Pascagoula where you read. I'm I'm Bob it's hard though it's a huge show but on -- neighbors dudes who will be back tomorrow night. Yeah. Military yeah probably money that that would break we have double or. Well. Tell you will not. She's back about 2000 and got involved in order -- down a mock tidy life -- that night wawa. All My Children -- the dollar deal. -- to open what do you think about the mayor's request the did help from the state and get help from the federal government. Well. So don't view. And he's in both the that are due. To -- more. All right I'll read it to. -- -- -- As he would probably -- Don't like. -- The one lose. To place. Actionable and me and third course you know made it happen. I don't know that was that was knotted the story -- I could not find it again now what I've put this together it was around 5 or 6 o'clock this afternoon. There is a chance there's more on the story on line right now. But at. Went when I read the story the first round there was nothing mentioned about what was done to to the other trial. And with the mother was upset about the most was getting a five year old. To write his name and his signature and admit. That he was guilty of sexual misconduct she said is five years old does it doesn't even know what that means. Well you know -- -- -- Oh yen and is about much he would. Probably. Bill at all well. Yeah but they did and they didn't they didn't call the I didn't call parents until whole situation was over. And that of the that's what the mothers saying that they -- Calder in the office from the very beginning. Yeah out of them out of -- about I'm sure. Fred thank you so much okay. All right to secure -- -- 7866889. Point seven we have a few lines over the if you wanna. Pulled it and be part of the show take -- -- right now I'm Bob Mitchell Bob Mitchell in for scoot on WW. Welcome back to show our WW -- reject our opinion poll question what do you think the -- trailer will decide about Jimmy Graham. Is it in color tied in our wide receiver and go online at WWL dot com or you can call me to secure when it's 7866. And now it's -- at this point. It's about 81 lead. Of people -- and that Jimmy will be. Classified as a Tynan. Text message bring in the National Guard for the weekend but we do need a long term solution -- agree but the -- -- a lot of failure of what happened in the war be more -- the chief of police but on the mayor maybe it's time for different top cop don't know let's go to. That's got Anthony -- Anthony are you tonight. I'm better being acted in the -- outward and tomorrow. -- And today. Does the fact that the mayor is asking for state help and federal -- -- Did you little encouragement that may -- we're gonna start getting on the right road to solve this problem. Now -- Mark -- not going to. What's that what's gonna do it then that's not the problem. I think in that -- ever. -- content organizer that tinkering with the -- Well today that sounds good and and then -- And I. Look at. It looked at what. It would broadest and get it back in what do you think what do you think brought us to the point we are right now. The dynamic political analyst and emotion he has to go. Out and tell -- -- my experience in -- in the nineteen Padraig. What is not just the but now that's that that's a long time ago. Look at what what do you think what do you think can be done now what do you want to see the mayor do with babies stayed open federal now now not. At that symposium. And. And I -- that -- out important OK all right. That's that. He had only thank you let's go to Chris Chris Paul or you. Are younger and I -- -- -- Christian although that the mayor. He's he's made some pretty good statement he's saying that and of course I think we've heard some of this before that enough was enough. And we have to change that though I have no problem bringing in the National Guard I have I have no problem if they bring in federal troops but I don't think. That's the answer. I'd I'd like -- the caller said about you know getting getting people together and talking about it. But haven't we done this over and over again. Yeah it definitely exactly and sometimes it. Sometimes not and you'd -- like that become an 88. I think part of we're not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At what happened with -- ten people means that yeah at. He can't be an outburst. You can't beat our map. But let me ask you this what can we do. What -- possibly do to get the some of these these young black men. That or just set on killing each other. What can we do to make an impression on them that that's not the way to solve the problems what what what can what can we do to get them to make peace with -- With each other what do we do these gangs. I'm in the -- that had happened latter eighties kid. And their role models in the. Ryder Cup -- the -- we get them when we can't just we just can't assigned men to live with them. That that we have to start some kind of way where do we start how do we do this I mean it it just -- The Turk -- -- you commuting -- any community. Do we needed immediately neighborhood. I'm I'm I'm a bit deeper in the city neighborhood there AD the -- and. Do we need to get more of these inner city black leaders and black ministers. In those neighborhoods every day preaching telling these kids this is not the way to do it as is is that a beginning and I mean just Powell lane and pulled in and give them whatever and resource that they'd give them give them the money they need. And if they need to -- right -- shores of that if if they need to take him and go to -- is that is that what we need. At that you view it that -- department. Stand in my any other countries are in war and now we need to take some of those we do this -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- Mean I'm with you on that Chris I appreciate -- -- in OK. Okay let's go to JD power rigidity. JD. Are you impressed with the -- that the mayor's pretty much that I can't solve this on my own and need help misplayed the need help from the federal government. Not at all. I'm not a problem -- out there -- -- -- only sacked eighteen point 10. Luckily. Luckily it'll be. Well. Of course now. We need more acknowledge everything at a law and not see me the problem. I am and I'll lay out that. He being called now I allot of people at the core. -- -- -- for the sort of thing she does not only being -- -- on the street she want you look at everything in black and white should know it -- -- call and I'll watch. In the towel that you've got. I. Want the federal government can't do anything -- out. And -- it. You know we -- people in my opinion -- a lot of great app and -- 81 in the act quite like it. Technical and how he'll promptly and held -- aren't in yet and you know you're in charge you were and it he'd call it properly. People in. On the act did it is. -- sheriff and deputies to come out and right. It is technically. I didn't like it has got it right now and I'm happy -- that -- -- the issue at it like. And I think. When it went up but I want to ask you one question. Is the answer. And I don't believe it is let me rephrase that I don't think the answer is as simple as -- -- -- whole bunch of more police and the errors that don't know we have to start like like we've been talking about. Bill we have to start with in the family they'll well it don't we need some of these inner city leaders to the plate and just to work where our tails off to get to some of these -- All of that at -- but what Spain is not anything. That. Night. Actually okay. When each and -- you can only when I don't. Have a strong. -- structure in the actually all been wonderful thing how do. Well I don't know is the -- that was it. Actually -- can only get on top if you want to get out. Because I don't know. He can do. You know it you know this thing. And I'm out -- nothing new definitely. And when you know you. -- caught. The Olympic program. Opposite I agree with you it it is nothing new but it seems like the -- we keep having these same conversation we keep saying well we have to do something but then we don't do anything. You know would who would flooding these areas with. Oh with more police -- National Guard and getting a million. -- dutifully if we wanted to. If if we wanted to get the drugs of all these areas how would. We do not know and I'll. Support him. You know I'll -- It. In the water and anywhere you go. At the people at black like at eight. Yeah well into -- into an. Annual. And it. Didn't happen and Caucasian and know that it. And and it. I got you all right good point thank you so very much let's go to Alan Alan -- you. Under our -- you know. Well let's get it done -- heated and I think everybody is that the point where we and and that that lady will they hit it right on that every we keep saying the same things over and over again. I don't know how many times I've heard while we have to get the we have to get to intercede here in the inner city leaders to really taken work with these young men and nothing ever happens it and it never gets up. I don't have the answer either. We don't really although -- -- -- no such report in its except that it's far too late and the try to stop it like. So so sorry folks we bring in understate true over the we bring in. We bring in a thousand. A federal troops is that gonna change anything. I don't know what it could be speaker tortured and wanna come to two run. Topeka but towards wanna come to that person -- -- -- Monaco or EU. I mean I definitely wouldn't wanna go around -- terror here a couple of guys were what you know assault rifle governor Blanco you protect but -- affected our problem they'll protect. I wouldn't I wouldn't want -- signal and become a military state that's for sure. In and that we -- and -- -- -- and -- I saw it. I looked at permanent surveillance camera that did that barrier -- -- typical article on one area on the web sites. They're not mean it -- -- report out. MRI it's not that that you know they didn't look like they were. You know they didn't look like they were I what -- -- to work with. Of of any color usually what they may they look a little bit. You know. Sort of white can I don't know -- -- that that -- like there are. -- so -- with cameras and -- element but either way. Right that's that's regardless of what what what big beard and you know during all the people and there are when -- and -- that -- -- thing about it though is how do you how do you get to them to say. That's not how you solve your differences and you know you can't just -- and and and shoot innocent people because futile like this guy because you would he got an argument. You don't stubble with guns that I have no clue until until we can do that. A two week and figure out how to convince them that you built solve all these problems with guns. I don't care how many people we put on the streets oh yeah you might be able protect things in in Indy in the short term. But what you you'll turn into a military statement until we can reach those young men. And convince them. And independent changed their hearts that you don't just solve this by killing each other -- shooting each other. Are fighting each other cutting each other this problem will not go. Yeah I'm listening. Well Kevin you know. And I mean. -- expert and maybe area in Europe than the other leaders in the community. And talked to these kids are the youngster. And warned. Don't ya it scared me and keep -- to each and every year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's well maybe. They -- with that aren't your rules are. We were. -- you know -- you know I would -- also I would I would a lot of these guys who were in jail. For possession of marijuana I would love them out and then some of these thugs that the code they have these long long long rap sheet put him in jail and leave them there. You know what I mention -- when when scoop was on -- sent -- text me what do when they do legalize. Marijuana. -- -- do with the people that are already in jail or you know to do you know what they mean -- -- -- the -- are real populated because it has struck. What the people there aren't let him. You know right in New York like you like and warranties and I don't know and then -- prop that open. What are they gonna do. I'm gonna look at you were -- zero -- but then what. In the Arctic Wear and what they were in jail -- in Britain or. Alan you know I mean that's and that's a lot of different things -- -- completely different issues. I see you -- -- mention you'll talk about our project where opinion poll question do you who what do you think the arbitrator will decide about Jimmy Graham tight end or wide receiver. I think -- Richard there's a lot of experience in order to. Hear that you're paid forty's or by. I think they are. Severed part with them let him go see what he's -- -- with one blow me. And Omar and say yeah yeah nobody. Hey don't let them what they have already put the franchise tag on and so we can't go anywhere. Okay well pay him what he. These were then and now. If they if they do decide to make a more wide receiver unit they wouldn't work. But by I think. At the beginning or even you know -- -- -- -- on wrecked you know on pace to break records more than order position that the Obama in order for that are in position. But when you got it. Program which would routine work against her so you didn't really see much are you. It produced a lot -- That's just my opinion and -- But are the only the other thing -- and last night on the on on the show. Yes or a law. Willow and I'm Erica stated that -- like it still matters it it was great to hear your voice began in other shows in Africa pretty good success and the military. Who likes collier's right. -- And and drive me crazy yes -- -- your dog out you know. My guess is up rather be back in about a week week and a half -- I'll I'll be doing all the vacation feel and work so. A bit about I'm not out. I'm I appreciate the compliment thank you so much topic all right let's. Let's go to Sam and then we'll take a break same -- you tonight. Yes are -- about. Also had support that -- sent about Georgia. And structure. West X has been -- could order. Yeah junior again I thank them and you. Trust what the obvious problems oracle people for now I don't. -- know you run for mayor could bode well we need police chief. A cause for the last forty years the police. Have ban -- -- step -- under flawed yet to have someone that big route. How to make do -- -- -- It and so -- portable market. That's residence requirement. That cute thing. -- that they changed the name change to let the noise ordinances in the French Quarter -- -- his life you know Plaxico -- On this. -- people. You know it's got like four. You know -- term to help solve the problem more immediately we don't need seventeen deputy mayors and Auburn thirteen thousand per year. As mostly it's gotten. Quaint to torture water board she is go -- our ever. Went our separate structures while the court for the hurricane. This situations as we bring in more tax money. And the others city New York City and the country. As the match. You know we -- real police chief you know -- -- as he grew up in the book -- you know get through. And he knows. That problem at ground level and and and these guys that we recruit from our they have no clue you know when he saw that that. It's come through its department knows the problems but even more. Resolution -- -- And I hear radio I don't want -- hear like ways -- -- certain problem -- politics you'll bigotry. But. And and certainly for our -- she's. Likewise on and -- in actually was structuring I appreciated everybody that lost that. You out does so so much. The most that in. That. That it's as well you know and now you know you a lot of people through that Friday. And it's going to be a long time. Member to seek out. Now it does well because you. You guys you guys helped lead to -- Friday was was good committee. And if anybody honesty and they'll know we're talking about you know. I'd I'd lost the lost a good buddy a four legged buddy. Heading for seventeen years and it was tough but. The the best thing for me and it was the label put that the letters -- the I'm not sure if if I explained that on the air but. We were we were getting ready to take him to the vet. He would daughter he had gotten to a point where he currency couldn't hear it could do anything. And we made the decision that it was time -- it was falling down. And we have a 3 o'clock appointment at the -- to say goodbye to him. And at 215 you walk in the -- and collapsed and. Acceptable the captive. I. -- -- you know his his last act on this earth. Was thinking about us. To try to make it easier on the ball on your wall and any past. Years -- -- -- agree to about. And I'm dressed up for. And even after Katrina. And that was a lot what you thought you guys. Over the years that was the most emotional of virtue. On the radio and and what do we get that ball in memory. You know while this is at his ashes are going to be at my mental pleased with his Colorado and he will he will see through the -- is okay. The view he will he will ride. Rotted out through the through the next -- season and then -- like to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and purposely guys and we have taken actions to deal. Yeah well one thing to let him. Based -- 60. That's right. Stick it well which. Don't know what I'll I'll I'll watch their home because again like I get totally I get totally. Insane my why not I can't Wear shoes we'll watch the game because from -- the big screen TB. So no I I can't watch early puzzles again again totally verboten. -- or two ago. They are dressed up the respect that and again. All right thank you so much. Brian was able take a break and get right back to you guys. Bob Mitchell was the Stewart's show in the brigade seventy WWL. Let's get to the folks real quick like talking to everybody on the -- midnight Wesley in Baton -- how are you tonight. Going to say well what are your thoughts. Yeah I want though it is that -- that it planes is like cramming. In great pain it will be paid on these. These. I've been watching out. -- -- -- I I have no idea he did not speak about salaries Ali said is that the -- the governor for a hundred state trooper Asif. Called the federal government says that that we need some help down here. And all of this is all all the time I'm sure to try to take and make sure that the fourth of July weekend but nothing bad happens. Yet even if he would like he crammed. And we. I've reward that police now. So you think of how did you think if we paid people more money that would do a better job. Yup that would get a hi quad -- the idea yet he do about it. You might I would have I would have to think anybody is all the police force right now is not -- it for the money but I didn't go to your same. Raise the salary and that way you couldn't be more selective of that kind of the way you look at it. All he had to what that -- people -- say it would do a better job and I -- partly -- and you know all the time he's a police company you're. You get much bigger war when we when he -- -- let's go to Brian in Metairie Brian how are you. Are don't what you are you concerned about this weekend at all. Market started. Early action troopers from the bong hit their views -- war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check out some harsh. He'd be up all this is an additional bowl -- All in all supposed portray to all portal into the simple -- -- -- -- -- -- It's 22 or we watched stepped its work could be -- -- beach or. But it did make sure and so. You'd -- give people more. You're there. And so and -- -- -- what instrument they get to six adult or on details. Gotcha all right Brian thank you so much let's go to Brandon and home LaBrandon power you. -- Are Americans are you concerned about the what's gonna happen this weekend of July weekend. Well. What would happen. Well I mean the U. The book because of a book what happened. A couple days ago. And people shopped open and then the mayors asking for. State troopers to come and use that -- get in touch with the federal government needs he wants help and and and anyway Ken. I'm not too much concern about what happened but I'm. I'm not culturally. But we -- in the war. It got it wrong look. People Arctic in the Second Amendment wish -- literally. Hi I have nothing Second Amendment I believe every person have a right to bear or. I believe that went into that. Could be -- to protect your poll. Not to be able to carry on. But these are these are the bad guys they're the -- and -- -- guns and would make sure they. Aren't they they did not carry permits. -- It. I'm not sure bailout where -- do too many people carry on. If we don't know what to calorie content on there are saying yeah. And it wouldn't be that hard spot the people better. Carrying -- when apple would be. King. Don't know about that let's go to Barbara in -- how are you Barbara. Kind. I can't believe this is a good idea here with a hundred hatred that permanently yes because time. And I can't remember where I heard this but I mean it was -- reliable report. All -- of money we get from aunt and century as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know nothing about the -- and the -- have more money and particular -- -- -- -- now on her and though it often tax money and we get a certain percentage. But a lot of it goes but it Betty. Well I don't putt well then we'll push state tax but. As far as the essence festival address Thursday amount of people that it brings to town. And and and the money that that merchants make on on the sales tax that they paid -- the city. I can't imagine that going anyplace else but the city now when you when you have sales collection of city to the city tax and state tax. So. And though it if you want and bring them many millions of billions of tax out into the general fund in this state. How to get good idea to have a hundred state troopers and I'll. State troopers very well trained. -- if they have had experience with them either with a speeding ticket or just stop at the direction. They're politeness and now I think that would be I mean they're so professional. They have expanded training. They have more training then and a PD years BJP that. I've never had a bad experience with state trooper. Assuming that. We can solve this problem. By hiring more policemen and let's say upping the pace shall we can get may be a little more selective like the last caller said. Do you think maybe it's time for the federal government -- -- If if the president and as for two billion dollars to take and take care of the humanitarian crisis on the border. Should some of that money may -- go -- to two cities with in the country first. Do we do we need to take care. All of our own people and our own problems here before we send money to other countries. -- The way your -- and the question agree wins but I do agree. Well what I heard the last thing the president that it was. He wants congress to change the laws that we can ship all the people back right now he can skip the Mexican. Children back immediately. But congress passed the laws that children coming from other Spanish country he has. Defeated now. The hearing right so you want congress they lost so we don't have to do wrong that. Well it will that will help you out but than -- did today. That this violent problem is on through the united tennis. And he just came from the day conference and they even talk about violent. When mr. Patton and you -- he would he would get given this speech right before it happened. So you think about the United States and I think maybe the federal government that could pool their money and -- trotted out the problem. Thank you Barbara appreciate you calling and before I go love. Gotta Bozo crook story for you after this break -- WW. And -- -- -- Sony pretty -- opinion poll question I'll check in one more time before we ended up tonight what do you think the arbitrator's ruling will be about Jimmy Graham will they Tuesday. He's a tight end or a wide receiver. Sending 9% sleep tight in and only point one. Percent -- wide receiver. I agree with that I agrees that -- classified as a tight and I'd be surprised if he is classified a wide receiver but I think. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll think you're gonna seed -- an agreement between the saints' Jimmy Graham and has been reached in the Robert Trent wanted to have the verdict. A ruling global forgo a got a both a crook story for you know we've -- -- the Bozo rule about keeping a low profile after committing that crime numerous times. But the day we have what is perhaps the most flagrant violation of the rule over. From Kansas City, Missouri comes a story the balls old Thomas McEntire who broke into the Kansas City costume shop. And totally giant yellow bird costume complete with -- Big hat and others. Now -- sort of -- and -- perceive keeping. Our Bozo put the suit on and a walk down the street to be cashew bar where patrons were enjoying the -- I have a feeling alcohol was involved in making this decision the barge over it didn't get the joke. Cops were called after a brief struggle big bird was placed under arrest. -- that -- four tonight that's it for me Bob -- boot will be back to vote tomorrow night. A thank you for all the calls and all the text messages at all but kind words that I'll be back soon. I'm and I would imagine won't be any more than a week or so I'll I'll I'll see you again. Eight to midnight -- think John particularly. These weeks and and tonight and Jack Harris tries to pop in and justices. Assistance for -- at a fifteen minutes every night. Goodnight. God bless -- against duke will be back tomorrow night on Bob Mitchell on the Bill Gates seventy WWL AMF Amazon.com.