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Jul 2, 2014|

Dave talks about halfway there, speeding, and cruelty to...rats?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this second of July 2000 and sport being -- sub. Diego old hump -- home. C'mon everybody. Backup the car. Yeah yeah. -- Odeo let's do it every guy. If not it is your chance to go on with your view on the beach in no time at all acted it -- dance on the beef up. Into the car right on it anywhere other. It's not funny and cricket and yeah you know and -- I hate that I woke up -- like 2 AM. As -- oh my neck was all stock. Trying to change positions and knowledge that weren't enough. And I don't like to make my from anybody else now. Dominant -- not yet despite the pain on the networks are Odom and a home. Away right here and -- -- you're driving plea Tom gently but do not -- because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Made over the hump and hours non towards the second half the year before Christmas. Bad let's celebrate the fourth line publisher and you know you Halloween decorations for watch the clock -- for the July this weekend I'm psyched -- Mexican overlap and apart tomorrow. And the league green. Well he's performing at the Uncle Sam and part. And -- that pretty cool front in America papers need to listen to something that -- fireworks go off new -- no other here on to something. But he did dynamic field each day at different. Imports that. A lot of people get away today is. They're gassing the biggest day for people hit the I think a lot of people probably last Friday some board is so weak and a few more each -- this week. Yet we -- having holiday on Friday yeah it is rare it seems like you know would -- or were always wishing to get. A Friday holiday or let's say on Monday on -- a -- on Monday in a -- you can do that but it still works for a lot of folks absolutely what Ian. That -- like Memorial Day here Labor Day that we move around make it Monday the fourth of July -- that and on the fourth -- along not moving around you know it's missing the reports that. Alcohol related deaths and drug related. Driving. Are apparently not. Climbing make them happen at places now. They haven't seen even with the legalization. One. By speed read related driving deaths continue to climb. And in I was listening to that report and thinking you know what I drive into work every morning. The average speed on the state between -- in -- about eighty miles. And that's it before five. I travel quite. Driver -- state and drive in nearby states vary frequent. And I am I of people driving 8590 miles an hour regularly. Yeah the run the nine minute ago through mobile music. Through Mississippi. And it's almost you can -- -- on eighty to 85. And you'll keep up with traffic. Yeah otherwise it's like you're constantly getting out of the way because our common. Oh yeah lights flashing get out of the way it. -- 85 in the left lane and you're gonna create a traffic jam on the interstate because you're gonna get a lot of cars behind you that wanna go nine. And if you don't move over its -- he beat turns ugly pretty quickly and moss says and just about every statement you've got to move over. Someone's coming up behind you faster even if they're speeding it doesn't matter move over slower traffic moved to the right. And state police in Louisiana actually written -- four and a people gotten tickets for spending too much time in the offline. Just hanging out on that left flank and you know that that it the stretch retraining here and Slidell. Taking the interstate and I'd save you at least eighty. You know -- and that in and you gotta watch out you might be an NO PD catches their run. You know somewhere there in the east but. That's about eighty in the the other day I'm doing mess and there's a guy do and about 42. There I can't tell you I mean you like he was sitting on its exact got -- like he was not even move repeat most swerving all over the place trying to get around him in the cause. I'll cross that Boswell a whole lot but now on my affairs. And I find it. Except at the cross -- if you will know that for the caps at crossovers look on eighty miles an hour regularly. So. We've done a good job convincing people lit. Chill out on the drinking and driving. The texting and driving on Cuba speeding and the experts say a major problem I don't see that change in any sense -- know. You know people just like to drive that and I'll admit -- speed -- -- I did. I keep up with traffic. If traffic going 8085 I'm -- eighties. Nowhere is the speed limit anywhere S and seventy's eyes in the 75 little bit point nine. And -- to them out and about it or -- even made of metal. You know coming up when I get you back in it about fifteen minutes ought to do more things people say they -- accurate and all of -- before London -- -- the medal let's get it and thought that one out of some of -- I -- -- -- mean how fast you drive. Andy thinks meeting of the problems text mediate 7870. Coming up we'll take a look at your forecast straight onto the fourth of July sports with Steve Geller. As an exciting scoreless regular period for the Americans and World Cup and while it overtime or extra time when. But the soccer fever over -- so much -- now the American. I texts me at 7870 years speed. I don't know anyone who drives the speed them anymore I have been cardinal bunch of people on it. If people aren't going to 8085 on the unit state union left in the dust and just don't know anyone who does drive the speed element although I do -- -- message today 7870. Five miles per hour. Over summons as they drive people going under the speed limit of that if you only go five over and you think you'll get a ticket for -- you think now I'm only on five over that home that won't bother me. Lots and W and overseen say I don't think the right -- on and be -- the time to mourn the text and it's an eternity speed I promise you we won't turn the information over the -- well. Another -- as I don't think speeding at the problem as much as people texting running red light and driving slow in the left line. So my next text message comes from someone who is apparently texting and driving you know that's illegal. -- I am going sixty on the -- Carrey -- way right now and everyone is streaming. Asked me I am in the right lane and other presences thank you for emphasizing that it's against a lot of hang out in the left -- on the interstate. -- Now these safety officials -- idea that people like us that is just admitted we speed may -- -- problem because it's beating and speeding related to count the accidents. Have jumped 7%. And keep climbing your forecast. Hot and humid again today feeling like typical July weather with just say 10% chance for stray storm and heights of 93. We'll keep that going this week although rain chances increase a little bit for Thursday -- into the July 4 holiday. 40% tomorrow 30% for July 4. -- -- afternoon still pretty warm in the -- ninety's from the eyewitness these forecasts that are I'm meteorologist Favre knocked out most. Cloudy 79 at the airport and tanner 77 and partly cloudy in slide down -- text message today at 7870 says I drive Slidell Harvey and back every day eighty to 85 miles per hour -- -- thank you with the improvements and widening of the interstate just about everywhere. Most places you can do eighty to 85 almost any time except maybe right between five and 5:30 PM. Steve -- speed. You know it's funny I was thinking about that I think I do round 657. The on the way into work but when it's time to go home I'll probably do it about 85%. You're in a hurry to get all they have -- minority -- here -- this kind of cruise -- along on the way there I don't know when I drive men and acumen -- half an hour or more behind you. Everyone's dominated 851 day before five yeah it's pretty empty when I'm coming in so I feel like I have the whole highways of -- I guess some in no rush either -- arrested this news sports -- morning everybody US soccer team's run the World Cup. Has come to win and after a 21 loss an extra time to Belgium. The red devils held an American goalie Tim Howard was shot after shot. As he recorded sixteen saves which were the most in the World Cup game over the last fifty years. Howard says it's definitely tough to swallow that the United States is heading home. No it's heartbreaking we we gave everything I don't think we could given anymore and after all out there we got beat by a really good sleep. Took their chances well and this morning and it hurts. Belgium advances to play Argentina who -- Switzerland one nil for the NFL rules permit the NBA rumor mill is churning and the pelicans are said to be talking to the pistons. About a possible signing -- for Greg Munro. Forward Ryan Anderson would be one of the pieces heading to Detroit in the deal. Or -- in the Dow was ousted in the fourth round at Wimbledon fully to 144. Ranked -- Cheerios in nineteen year old was asked about his big upset win. You know that's the biggest win in my career obviously for -- and new years to get emotional so much confidence you're not aware of play and help to have -- -- -- -- -- Roger Federer stamp -- and -- those rolling knicks are also moving on to the quarterfinals. Over the way inside -- -- and knocked out Maria Sharapova. -- how open that he -- -- -- also won their fourth round matches meanwhile the Williams sisters had to withdraw after three games in their second round doubles match to what was called a viral illness that affected Serena is coordination. And Kyle Jensen launched a solo homer in the bottom of the eleventh inning to give disasters and eight to seven win over round rock. Therefore on sports talk what's in the cards for Jimmy Graham. After the franchise tag grievance is settled -- -- a long term deal or just a one year contract. Plus what's your favorite sports video game of all time with your early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. Maria Sharapova that it Wimbledon so much. You're not playing anymore no reason for me to watch tennis anymore that's the only thing that motivated me ever won one tennis yeah once Serena got bounced it seemed like she had an easy road to make it to the files and even when it barely hit the ball she was clearly not feeling Serena yeah yeah. That anyway so there is that -- USA soccer the last time we'll talk away about soccer for the next four years what a bummer. While they -- really competitive. Regular period regular time I don't know the terms average -- first 91 and a half 93 minutes whatever the heck it was scoreless night all right. They give up two quick. Goals and action time yen in the fall back to get one back make you could walk off all along I was so close and that's what I guess. My reaction. And the way I've felt watching that. Kind of sucked me in and they'd need more. A load more interest in the game of soccer where I still don't understand some of the rules and I don't agree with how things are set up. I will be looking forward to US's next. Next go for years now. Are in the Olympics ever them right exactly -- a lot of Summer Olympics before we have another World Cup thank you Steve. That -- for years more sport we'll get that about twenty minutes yet WWL I am -- -- that. Your forecast. An isolated thunderstorms possible today but that's about it more of that heat with highs of 93 later this afternoon before dropping down to about 79 to night. And right back up to 93 tomorrow rain chance is a little bit higher for Thursday to 40%. And right now for the July 4 holiday looks pretty normal for July 30% rain chance that should wrap up by early evening look for highs Friday at 92. For the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I mean urologist Clark -- out and. -- -- the airport 77 in -- some attacks to mediate 787 Ian says if the speed limit is sixty why do we all just accept people doing 85 in any line. That's the question but clearly we deal on talent everyday when I drive in. If you're not going eighty you're getting left in the dust and muscular and 85 summer when ninety miles an hour on the I ten from -- the dvd. 37 minutes after 5 AMC early edition of WWL first news it's July it's the second to 2014 -- it's -- -- it is not only for the week but for the year we just made it over the hump halfway through 2014. So. I think everybody needs to get ready to do the -- are you ready yes. -- This is the -- and everybody. Hello I love yes alike. Again. The driving please help them win. But -- -- Everywhere out. Do not hold back. -- a double home day double hall that we a year do a baby. And now. Feels -- get those juices flow back until Janet. That's not funny united you know. Mean in my neck it was -- ended up yet do not think it is actually made me feel better rather go out there you go out chiropractor got up eating it up. Our guys I give you a hard time yet. We were in the newsroom. And I used the term caught on tape. And I said there's no tape and video recorders anymore. -- was -- W popped in a VCR. Or even a digital video but it -- exactly those things are you know the digital video died a quick. VCR took you know a couple generations with those things you know very few people use the HS anymore. -- Iran we had -- that's it was still tape yet there's little tape and -- -- audio yes but you have Anthony used to sat. Everything's digital. Use your phone to record to surveillance cameras are digital. All the very all the video recording and audio recording is now done with. Computers out so video and audio and there's no tape and still people say caught on tape yeah that's a very frequent term you hear caught on tape but no it's caught on tape anymore. And you hear about sex tapes who made -- sex tape. What did he tape. He. So that got us thinking about things that we say or do. They're totally outdated references that have no current application in our lives today gathered been removed the last time you actually hung up a phone. You hung up on somebody back in the day when you actually took that. Receiver and put on the hook which -- on a phones on the wall out and it sat there early on a book in the early suspended on the hook now and -- and to Barton. We took -- hanging up on them yeah he just hung up on them want. That would be put in the phone on hanging it on the hook. Mean yeah it was those state knows I don't -- himself off he could but somebody that off the hook but there's no hook involved anymore. And then when he tells of a roll down a window risk of all the snow rolling involved anymore. But people still make that circular motion with their hands when they want to roll down -- wind up. I I need directions on washed I pull up to a guy in and a truck or whatever circle in the air and yeah and I'm doing -- brawls on the windows sergeant talked to you make in the motion no there's no rolling involved. You push a button and a motor actually -- lowers it. So those -- -- -- -- 7870 with a silly things we say that have no current application and -- you've got an old car you could get rolled down window will certainly talk I was rolled -- -- -- actually I had one about six years ago I was gone for real cheap deal than and they offered a rolled down window but I had just yet it was a -- on you but it ordered rolled out and now. Many -- you know that was even an option anymore I don't think it is very rare yeah. Yeah I think like power -- in politics that's like buying a car we have to put the key in the door and target on market. If people -- start in the car for me in my house and getting it warmed up in our -- in this yeah and then -- gags and cooled down and gone and I does a lot of things we say that actually don't have any current application. Although someone did text me -- that anything is as those still. User VCR. Too cheap to pay for -- Steele accusing I actually out I'll admit -- I do have a TV VCR combo still in one room in my -- we've got one heck just sitting there and in a pinch when I just wanna catch something real quick. I will -- I have one VCR tape one. Because you can't buy him anyway anymore I'll put it in their new record of this on that I just need to -- -- Anyway nowadays Andy -- we're all things that we were used to for many years and they are gone yet. Yet there's no tape anymore stop saying sex tape and caught on tape -- -- all right I'm not saying hang up a phone is now in the output not a -- in that. Hanging in at ninth and now what do I say about -- aid trade and economy does caught on video just caught on video wanna be real technically accurate caught on viewed on digital recording. Dot. Got a short not a -- be able text and some other things we still say that make no sense at all whether Vera Iowa chairman as the day unfolds detects mediate 787. -- Everybody including this meteorologist Laura but they'll do them on behalf. You you demanded US threat and -- is a double hump day I think it's absolutely it's where more than wood just over the hump for the year. And we're over the hump for the week work week and -- he believed the years I -- indeed. You do not yup I am yep right now is that leopard print you're wearing -- the animal then. Numbered and that I don't know -- in reference to well I mean I know that the bra would get that clearly that's not it yelling at the spotted. Stop cougar leopards I don't know about for so there could be cougar -- -- may -- leopard print -- spotted. And I think that. Leopard and and a. I think what you -- at leopard change its spots in. His spot yet. About that at it's Lampard little it is undress is that because I don't know these terms that I always get myself and in this pickle and a wide you know -- -- What people Wear bright and I don't I you know I just short little dress with no legally yeah I mean. The sun dresses or attic has who'll dress that is along like after the heats or whatever and it's kind and that. Or cover up Billups rock is like god -- I don't -- that the rocket like a fancy cocktail party dress. The I know nothing about Atlanta and I admitted over I -- and I -- iron -- ever read out making it up right along. What what what we do know something about as the weather right now I yet not yet it's pretty that we know about it no buts and not that web app or eat today. Very little rain that you at this -- in and says the heat index high again today. And it's gonna stay that way yet this week it still -- until -- -- -- July weather just on Q. It and we were ended July and it's hot and humid with a little chance of isolated showers in the afternoon yet it -- that you really at tomorrow and even. -- that July 4 just maybe a couple of scattered downpours together briefly here for little but it shouldn't be a problem for. Eat for very long and I think fireworks are still going to be okay but a couple of downpours around Thursday and Friday really nice place in the heat very much still in 1993. And I'll. And not enough rain to bring the heat down if you get one it is going to be one of those on IE brief shower cap could be briefly heavy. But that's gonna move on yep typical fourth of July forecast for us. Shouldn't rain on any of our activities. That's wrong because my direction OK tomorrow night Friday night into the evening times Simmons most people's high all right and then -- they're going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You know I mean there will still be -- and I would say it rip currents in the -- and beach erosion along Florida if you like that East Coast of Florida but this stain off. Mainly of Florida's -- not seen a lot of impacts from tropical storm Arthur but it will start to see some. A little closer in the Carolinas especially the outer banks as we -- saying at Cape Hatteras myrtle beach -- areas. Maybe looking even at some hurricane force winds there and it looks like maybe for the July 4 for the actual day they could be looking at that thing out. Yet not the greatest. What it's like we're -- that actually -- hurricane watches this. All right have you had plans to go to beaches in the Carolinas might wanna reconsider those for the fourth of July weekend and you can wait till Sunday Monday -- right we can't. Yet there -- but Friday the bad yeah Thursday and Friday may be off action on our Imus meteorologist Laura but now. I caught a headline that -- really kind of piqued my interest that man accused of cruelty to rafts. And I'm thinking way to -- you can go by rat traps. Where they get stuck inside the -- glued to their feet get glued to the thing in the and I literally starve to death or -- all of little legs and whenever in that -- and that's MacWorld you can buy a trap that slams down in catches their. Why athletes and trap there to die or breaks there inactive when it's intended you wouldn't know it -- that's MacWorld. I would think that he would disagree well probably about -- defined by the law that's coming how can you be cruel to rats but that I read this story now that. Sheriff's deputies say that this man in black canyon city Arizona. -- Breeding -- on apparently he was selling the wrath and how to whom I guess snake owners -- and I don't know. Whoever he was summoned to -- -- rats but that the -- business wasn't there and so well. So he admits to police according to this report that. -- left the three to 500 rats in the pans cages aquariums and other containers in his trailer. And just kind of stopped taking care. Just laughed it's they can have found ways to get out and right now it's around in the trailer and -- they've now arrested him -- have a rat colony on suspicion of role mistreatment of animals and neglect abandonment of -- -- Because she can't be cooled rats under the circumstances. And the heat heat just let him have faster like -- iPad with a bit maybe it's as if you don't want -- erotic -- -- or whatever your house than it's. -- rat trap -- OK I don't know you have made -- -- -- because it's just one -- but it's hundreds and hundreds of -- and -- and in this -- They say this -- was unbelievable zealot might read like 500 -- It's like when you watch animal quarters shows that feels so bad you know it's just it's not that situations and I. Thanks for. Herring analogous may be -- not wanna eat breakfast thinking about the smell 500 -- is what it is -- logo. France -- your -- it printer whatever Atmel press that rock whatever black college and it Laura Lubbock outline in direct Eyewitness News four deaths. It was how many people are texting and 87870 draft 20112012. Vehicles -- -- rolled down windows a lot of people. And a lot of driving pickup trucks now it's more common then put it Steve Geller was that the Munich over the rolled down window. And actually crank the thing that you know like the circular motion not push a button was definitely living still in New Jersey at the time so that's before. If you have yet to back in the nineties less -- it rolled out when exactly I can I handle Toyota pickup truck and he was an 84 to him to pick up. And it rolled around and -- That was along them mine was a Nissan century man I -- driven that things since the nineties Steve Geller was. -- well good morning everybody Tim Howard was unbelievable making sixteen saves. But the US is done at the World Cup. Following a 21 loss to Belgium it was a scoreless game until the red double scored in the 93 minute and made it to nothing just twelve minutes later. Howard says the team never quit -- want each other or on the game. We just in the trying to get a goal we get a -- what the real pressure and a 21 I think we did that you know. People sort of what I think is an incredible group and I will never forget this night. Belgium moves on and will face Argentina who shut out Switzerland won an update. Could Brian Anderson be on the move. Rock of rumors are that the pelicans are talking to the pistons about a sign and trade for Greg Monroe Anderson said to be one of the pieces of the deal heading to Detroit. Does it make sense though since the polls already traded first Houston center Omar -- and have all star Anthony Davis shot -- hoops. Rumors dot com if you saw that move happen I think he might -- actually there the flip to another team. The men's and women's quarterfinals highlights today's Wimbledon schedule top seed Novak Djokovic -- marriage -- -- -- Third seed Andy Murray takes on great court to -- trough four seed Roger Federer battles number five they have covering club. And number eight -- those road niche battles in the -- -- the women's quarters have third seed -- how against abuse was the -- and number nine Angelique Gerber vs U -- Borchard. And his efforts snapped a four game losing -- by taking down round rock eight to seven. In extra innings right fielder Kyle Jensen belted a game winning solo home run in the bottom of the eleventh inning. Today -- on sports talk what's in the cards for Jimmy Graham after the franchise tag reprints is settled. Luis -- subtle long term deal or just a one year contract plus what's your favorite sports video game of all time I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. More so if the predictions are correct we will get the decision on Jimmy Graham tomorrow so. Assuming that's correct what do you think the NFL decided Jimmy Graham a wide receiver. Or a tie it and I think what they're gonna do is split it right in the middle which made a wise and tight end he's a tight receiver like he's he's a wide NBA's hybrids are gonna say. And put that franchise -- dollar amount. Around ten million dollars. And then the saints will have the saints' Jimmy -- the -- that it okay. Now we have hybrid players we have hybrid cars why not hybrid -- -- -- varieties. You know fuel efficient. There and that he would -- is the doctor about fifteen minutes more sports here and read WL IMF salmon background of a people summit is still call their refrigerator ice box in the snow ice. In a box -- coal that's outdated term a lot of people to use -- and -- they pay their light bill. IA I think electricity powers a little more than your lights these days at your forecast. Cloudy skies highs around 93 today and just 10% chance for rain in overnight tonight. -- dipping down into the upper seventies -- pretty warm. We're back up to 93 on Thursday with 840% rain chance and by Friday 830%. Chance forces bodies storms that heights of 92. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist Clark -- muggy. 90% humidity now it's every nine at the airport in -- 77 in Slidell. And it's -- -- the sort of there was talk about my a lot of peoples involved people affected and it's and it's only admitting they drive and fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit. A lot of people still have cranked down windows who news who -- a movie company and today Tammy and earth to echo both opened today. And Tommy Tucker in your Tommy realized that today cattle company for the week but for the year. Get over the -- Halfway through 2014. I didn't realize that welcome back Tommy -- it for the next four hours upon how -- -- it's -- to go back and to spend the next four -- showing pictures of my trip yes. Such that it be -- -- yeah -- like this is another idea what happened on -- street some people think when. Other issue you pictures of their vacation would rather see him on the radio and that's it. Noted talk about it -- street shooting mayor's announcement yesterday we're gonna talk about vacation length and one other thing. This January you were over the pond I got a thousand island beautiful country would lead to be that didn't come back of the whopper of a good.

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