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7-2 6:10am Tommy, Bourbon St shooting

Jul 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. George Capowich, a criminologist at Loyola & a former cop, about what we can do to stop the violence

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And David I came you know the first -- it was kind of move the microphone. All the cars. I think it means that and again usually fixes. It. Or hear back from Ireland. Yes I am David it was a beautiful country. And we had a great group WW listeners and at one point -- I was in a public. In Colonia and it was -- a group at WW OO people and they had a little Irish threesome. And accordion and guitar and man violin playing Irish music in the corner and it's one of those moments where you just have to sit back out where you're with friends you're experiencing something iconic and -- -- just drink it all and you know -- new report matches on super I'll tell you I think it was a you know. I'm not used to being on vacation long. In -- days along -- -- out -- and it got this feeling like maybe. I don't know like you broke the way I got to move don't let that. But it was a great time and thanks everybody here that made it possible banks have been great studied radio listeners we get the hang out with. And also thanks to -- there's an -- -- -- rigorous job eight where it was and as green as they say just lovely one of my favorite moments as. We're taking a bus ride to the countryside in the driver of the tour guide who is great just went on some music suppliers she instrumental music and you'd just got to. See how beautiful countryside was that the greening of the hedge -- in between now. That separate one guy's property from the other. An -- fan and they still have peace walls up there about fourteen. The time between some Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods although their all for the most part getting. Along now and and you get a chance -- get a chance to sign the peace -- mean as a historical iconic thing. And we are in a hurry and I choked and the only -- I could -- was give peace a chance. And get -- a process and think and -- got one chance in your life. So right now symbolic on wall exactly after this immense struggle and I can do is rip off went and seriously. -- -- India. Speaking of serious we we're coming back on the plane from Jersey of all things and had some people from New York Eminem new loans of party. And -- their conversation was suburban street shooting everybody heard about it everybody was afraid of it. They were second guessing their trips and maybe we should turn around and go home as soon as we get there and I did my best to allay those fears outlet. And I don't see it with the group -- and supplement that is rare it rarely happens but data and -- here. Some -- Andrew say inner city in nature and Mary in a humanitarian. Crisis -- and the state and fed should help fight the fight the crime battle do you agree and protector against George Campbell which are criminologist at Loyola university -- police officer. They have so many. Openings for police officers the positions are funded as I understand it. But they can't get new loans police of the gonna bring in state troopers so I think part of the conversation has to be. Is the state do on Sunday and that NO PD isn't in terms of attracting officers massacred clashed so we'll see we'll find out about all that delighted to be back. Thank you I missed all of you all and I'm just happy that I am back in the USA and back on WWL Tommy Tucker backing a flat. -- Tommy Tucker glad to be bad and very sorry to hear the news and I was over in Ireland one -- about the shootings on Bourbon Street nightmare -- -- Probably heard his press conference as. Our city and nation are there -- humanitarian crisis in the state and beds. Should help fight this crime. The agree and do you think the state Louisiana that -- so many benefits for new loans tourism dollars Ellis. Should they protect visitors into the US government that spends so much money protecting other countries. All Americans protection. In our US cities joining is trying to talk about all of this George Campbell which criminologist at Loyola for a police officers and he knows the street level of and he knows the hypothetical -- and a theoretical and etc. good morning George. -- nice for you to take the time to be -- this tell me mom I guess your initial take on the urban street shootings and what the mayor had to say yesterday. Well into the shooting. They are so many other people which the problem. You know we're in the new leadership if you minister girl you know as high profile. Suspect content it is per year. On the doesn't make any strategy or course or last year and should. Or should mention on the plane -- reached presidential. -- You know Arctic air. The mirror which response. It is understandably higher profile which owns. Here unfortunately. Happens. On tender side effect which I don't think premier means it is. How does that -- and -- profile area pitch or tensions. Publicly from officials and shootings and other things occur. Elsewhere. And enjoyed to Obama in Iraq are saying that's exactly the the thing I thought of as if a guy fires and the crowd. In New Orleans east at a night club does not make it national or international loses. You know usually you don't win anything like this happens -- -- station -- yours so. Partisanship the article are also the sensational. Post capture more attention. You know I think at this -- this city police department shouldn't respond just test. In the as -- our way and that's unfortunate. Arnold for a minute long. Means. In terms of the mayor's news conference. Yesterday. Security issue out. What history. -- city. Or travel agencies whose users. Issue -- more interest. In the duke or state police tickets anyway acoustic normally -- -- or for an actual parcel. On. Metres and 100. Permanent bases. You know the issues I see the news -- -- abuse problem. You do -- random. What are two issues what is that violence is not -- Our answers. As a score. And relieved of patrol. Is just not effective. Is that like the -- George take a break you'll come back as trying to advertise to select group of people. At a news and a mass medium to do it where Europe Klein. Fix if you will. It -- that the whole area when that's not what's needed. Got. I will pick it up here we come back -- Appalachia criminologists are loyal former police officer talking about the urban street shootings and also. The mayor's press conference yesterday in an eventual fixes one other thing I'd like to address with Georgia's. We're bringing in state troopers so apparently they are staffed up enough to do that and devote some -- -- New Orleans but yet we have openings on NO PD and they can't get. Qualified people to apply and I believe those positions are funded six when he -- -- to traffic Tommy Tucker glad to be back. -- -- Hi Tommy Tucker hot and humid today it's like it is however July 2 and this bars hurricane or tropical storms aren't. The line not the north coast of the -- the United States in an assortment that. I'm 616 now talking to George Campbell which criminologist at Loyola form police officers and George I guess we can start with the state troopers coming down to new on Wednesday help loud and openings on the you know PD and -- The state is able to fill their positions and not an old media so much zone -- -- -- -- Now as speed that they can send extra officers down is it. Is it about prestige at about salary. Well. I'm -- architectural. Distributable here. Police department. So all sorry and touches column problem. Lots of people plotted and the attrition are in many shall drop -- all -- In any -- in Akron charged. You know I think problem. You know police shooting. Orbiting air carriers very different completion. Rural communities and the whole com highways. I don't and that's one of my only concern was bringing. State police you're terms source earlier we're gonna do. -- There aren't fortunate to have great job. But are not accustomed to policing and -- Environment interactions among police public -- are very different. I think in terms of hiring. A problem. It is an MPE right now. -- And talking some production worker what they're doing. -- -- But I think. You know -- initial problem much money has been authorized and then. Our national football and we're supposed to be users for hiring players that occurred in Congo pull -- -- that slowed. The process and the kinds of things to ever live a normal. Hiring pattern -- police use our. You don't shall -- has something to do with don't. I don't know starting salary -- computers to under state. I think. It would be good for her department in which it be -- -- zone problem. And in -- look at Apple's so harboring processors. And tropical yeah. You know people from being eliminated -- people who are awful. -- -- column. Our own war and why. It's happening. It's on me ask you one quick question before we run out of time and I'm sorry to interrupt you but they get a text that comes in and says is mailing and -- -- Andrew where. They're violent crime has decreased a good bit nationally in the last when he years his hysterics are an embarrassment. And quite pathetic look in the mirror new loans and I guess a question as bottom line. Is something like what happened on urban street unique to new loans or does that happen in virtually every large city in -- Well now it is not unique get happens. It is. Those -- incident should occur. Everywhere from. Sometimes. They should be some time machine. And sports -- The ocean protection in. It is in park corner that Barnes has been coming down nationally. However it since about 2011. And 2012. Which -- National League -- again. One of the unique aspects in New Orleans it is -- coming down. -- reforms. Partners or increase and that's one. Usually. Accurate missile shooting stabbing -- sort of thing poor track pretty closely shall 11 out all the all. On -- you know history. Sure sure. That's an interest in problem I don't know at this point why it's happening but -- appears -- Some looking into. Thank you Georgia appreciate your time fascinating as always when he -- to devote a whole four hours talking to. Well you -- -- apple is where it helped. Thank you sir appreciate it professor apple which criminologist -- loyal former cop is a doctor Lee's gone and it's doctor apple which is always like to give. People credit they get those Ph.D.s. It's a RG meeting in Paris that maybe please call me. I can't read this it's garbled something about twelve shop on South Beach Miami on the same night of the shooting and urban street this -- says there's a shooting. In Los Angeles and then Miami news so it's really not unique to just knew all and so you tell me at T 60 wait 7203. 86 exit 89087. In his next half hour knot and but you and your phone calls and we'll get -- As quickly as possible -- says our cities and humanitarian. Crisis and the state and federal government should help fight this crime battle. Resembled the agree or not we'll take your phone calls when we come back. Right now time -- -- at W golfers and isn't that we go to David -- where is the overturned eighteen Wheeler -- because a lot of times you know by the time people are paying attention to it it's gone information on two winners it. Right there where well this is gonna be if you're out traveling towards the lake on causeway boulevard. The ramp towards the I ten heading west -- towards scanner that's the one got a completely shut down then. Eighteen Willis have a lot of inertia so -- -- awhile ago that -- you're going. -- the Lleyton. On causeway episodes on north cause I'm trying to think would turn around and is there went applied by the would be is that where it turned over. Jealous that whenever that ramp is -- the -- the exit towards the I ten west towards -- Is is we don't know exactly where the ramp it is but the -- is close. I like to thank you going got what got you operational I've been not a country. It's hard for me get God's -- or you know about his show loyalties and so again you know one thing thank you -- and had a hard time with his right now it is 1240 Ireland time it's the noon hour in Ireland and here of course at 6 o'clock. And Oliver WW a listeners that went with this we're talking about the different. Yeah and it really was tough yesterday because at 8 o'clock and -- o'clock at night. It was -- 2 o'clock in the morning Ireland time you can really mash up you know something else that messed this up that I didn't even realize because of the north and letter to latitude of the Ireland of the -- the island Ireland. The sun comes up about four of 3415. In the morning -- completely sunrise B five sixteenths. But then it stays light until 11 o'clock midnight on the dollar and yes so it's kinda hard to. To get to sleep then and seriously -- -- -- disease it's it's why it was so weird to see people lined up outside of these clubs week negating an in full daylight. Even though it was about 8:9 o'clock. Is what mayor Landrieu had to say I'm about the shootings on urban street yesterday during his press conference. He paused for dramatic effect of course. And then he said. I sent a letter to President Obama. With a copy of a letter that I sent last year are requesting that the federal government. I get back in the business of fighting crime on the streets of America I have sent a copy this letter to the attorney general into the head -- the FBI. Want to remind them of their obligation to help us stem this national epidemic. Would come. I guess it would be. Either of Homeland Security people or BUS marshals on -- street. Or National Guard or more state troopers is economic difference do you think. In the guy in the fight against crime in the wall and and and that things like that happen on Bourbon Street not just shootings in high profile areas but throughout the city. Do you think the federal government has a responsibility. To help new loans flight the senseless violence or do you think it's. It's partially or fully apparent in problem and if that's case. IE fixes both short and long term we've had a conversation before organ happen again. Because it keeps happening gimme colony not a thing to 60187 until 3866. 8890 late seventy and where does this culture of violence come from. I don't guns -- I don't know quite what that the lawyers and in Ireland about guns but the police don't carry guns and while I was there. There -- a couple of high profile. Crimes and sentencing for those crimes -- one person burned the other to death and -- -- standard tourist eighteen times overall it was a very safe country but it. It's almost like the drug situation I mean if if it's a gun issues then are they gonna find some other way to kill people if you could even get all the guns off the streets. Complicated problem gimmick called -- what you think from the gut here. Tommy Tucker glad to be back on -- WL. I Tommy Tucker 64812 before seven talking about suburban street shootings it shocked me when I was in Ireland on vacation and saw the fact that the BBC he was covering and I thought my lord almighty they have tourists gone from Ireland or anywhere else to. New -- they might be changing their plans and then on the plane. As with some people from New Jersey which was a connection spot and couple young ladies come and and the party. And they were all freaked out about it and maybe we should change their plans and go somewhere else and -- -- you know it's it's very rare that something like this happens. And when it comes at the state police coming down here would you feel. Safer on Bourbon Street because they had more of a police presence. Chief surpass said that while they were police officers within arm's length and it was not and they can do about it so how do you solve it are more police gonna really make a difference. His autograph -- going to today had to say. So they're not thinking beyond me here and now most of them with experience are expected. That. You know they don't think pass there their mid twenty X. So they are living in the here and now not thinking about tomorrow the way most people do. So. How do you change that because I make comparisons Secret Service. And for the most part -- -- enough people. From first off sweeping the area and then controlling who gets into that area they can. Keep somebody one person completely and totally safe for the most part. Heidi how do you do it and still maintain a free society you can't screen everybody that goes on suburban street he can't screen everybody walks around. This any -- of the United States. So how do you do it when you have a police officer within arm's length of the people that are shooting according to chiefs -- -- they can't prevent it. So how would you prevent it and -- get a text that says. -- I agree with -- we cannot stop idiots that used to be violent this is bigger than just a police problem. How many times have you heard experts say we can't arrest yourself out of the problem and if you think it is a parenting issue. -- illegally make somebody be a good are responsible parent. Unless you wanna go. And and if children aren't. That gig didn't trouble and and you decide well you know what this is not a good home form would it take a mile away from the parents where do you put him. And Heidi keep that from becoming. A prison system where. We get back to well if you if you go to jail in and put somebody in jail or prison with other troublemakers for a long long time. And are you gonna have is a better trained criminal it's seems like a lot of this is circular. And sometimes I did dizzy thinking about this circular conversation. So if you think you have an idea. That would fix this problem. I would like to know 2601870. Toll free 866889087. John New Orleans played on your WL morning. -- -- -- Oh well I hear -- and I appreciate the call it rap you're going an -- ages now. Says well you know what they don't expect a live test going to -- so I think what he was and is because they don't value their -- they don't value anybody else's either. We situation. -- way to keep people. I didn't. Believe my age. -- -- -- Apps. -- the idea that could lead. I jumble thanks a lot appreciate the call I don't know in terms of reliability analysts. Soledad Jordan tells me now and again and out of the country that that's a facetious story from the onion that they that they came out with and and again this is no breakfast talked but I do know. Sometimes as a result of hanging would be. Com you know sometimes you get. Peace -- parts aghast but I don't I don't think -- breakfast at 6528 before seven Miguel will get to you when we come back. I have a gets in traffic problems with and overturned eighteen Wheeler in terror or robinsons and -- all about a month WW. It's US attorney. -- police I think is the name. -- -- And you heard what he had to say about the crime problem in New Orleans and and need no disrespect mr. -- Hampshire is a fine man but that's. Rhetoric to me. And it seems like a lot of times we use phrases like humanitarian crisis. The -- trying to deal he can bringing in. Help from the Louisiana state police but. I would like to hear what what exactly are the plans to fix this when you have an officer within. Arm's reach as superintendent -- told I think scoot you set on Monday. Well then it. How in the world -- in the style practice. And some of the tanks that are common and harsh and lasting consequences thugs and gangs no jails are overcrowded. And a jail sentences a joke to them. Another -- says. News. Did the strangest refreshed from. -- should do it Giuliani did new York and closed down any bar or strip club within a hundred feet of a church they cleaned up the crime in New York replace the bars and strip clubs. With shops restaurants etc. But it seems like win. Every you'd try to do -- especially with urban street in the French Quarter then the complaint is they have nothing but T shirt shops. And I don't think there's anything to do with as I understand it and correct me if I'm wrong -- I wasn't here about. -- are diseases to people had to beef with each other. And started shooting and out and and as far as the firing into the crowd that I don't understand. Another tech says -- Andrew sounded pathetic represented this city poorly yesterday of course they're realizing he had to do exactly what he did. To appease the business leaders in the tourism industry everybody's crying foul and looking for knee jerk reaction. And he delivered it on time. So we'll keep talking about it when we come back wanna hear from -- Tommy Tucker got a WL.

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