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7-2 7:10am Tommy, violence in New Orleans

Jul 2, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about how to reduce the violence in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake delighted to be back here in the USA in new all guns in now Louisiana -- debit WL. Back home in Belle chase. Great -- Great people great listeners Ireland a beautiful country. I'm glad to be home drag your guardian you felt that nice air when you've got the I'm wrong. And -- are zero to back that I'm struggling with that now because usually. You know here you get to get acclimated to where again it's times -- it's human Danny gets miserably hot and humid. And M one point at some different sites you know he had the bundle up although I'm sure packets and it was right on the coastline are you ready got to put a coat on and I and nice and I told our new loans group here ready using he had punched in the face with heat and humidity when we come back down. They sure did -- on the right and Gloria it sure was one thing I noticed -- an amount does all over the place but a pilot that I was talking to. Pointed -- -- in the may have been concourse. They have a sign from a medical institutions says new long ones number one in the world for liver transplants. At. That's a comment about the medical industry about the drinking we do here there's and that's a sign not anti SMS about drinking. All right Carol I don't think that's very it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a movie by Adam Sandler that's my boy that is probably the most offensive movie I have ever seen in my -- learn just when you think it can't get any worse it dies. So I would not advise you why you see it because it's not. Clever -- its gist. Just -- -- she grungy it's like you -- a fourteen year old a budget to make a movie opportunity and I had some. Decent stars as James Connors and and at one point nominated me this guy is a kid that they gave achieved infamy in one way. From any became popular in Boston and then he named his son Han Solo. And mailers numbering all of that up it is. A guy -- named Dominique Kimberly. In England changed is named to Hans solo on solo big Star Wars -- Problem is to get a passport. Because it's based on a fictional character. I've never heard of that again and I don't mean. -- Take a shot at anybody -- it if he's that big of a Star Wars and he probably does prefer to sit home. Platinum watches over. And he doesn't care. No offense. To each -- play. Get back on track here for being on vacation. As they realized it is game to the wrong story from what's up with that but I giving the right one later on in the day 713 Tommy Tucker arm problems stories. Realize that it was a nice story and it was nice story of his own run on it and I will come back on -- WL will continue our conversation about the violence on Bergen street in some interesting text Nolan talked to -- I like everybody in Ireland but he began to pick up a little bit of the of the accents there's a gimme some new long ones here won't come back to six 187 -- toll free 8668890878. I have an idea on how you could keep Bourbon Street safe from shootings. Isiah be counterproductive to tourism. And you tell me of my ideas completely and totally stupid when we come back on -- W. Either you or for. A safe and peaceful New Orleans or you're against us. Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option. I Tommy -- talking about the shootings on urban street 717. Now delighted to be back 10% chance for showers a day some downpours possible I personally like that down -- because it breaks the heat. Highs around 93 don't feel like 95 -- hundred right now already. Eighty degrees in Metairie and did gone back -- US attorney Kenneth -- there is he right in that you're either witness or you're against us and eleven -- if you live mid city if you live. Lake front lake Vista Algiers what are you supposed to do. I don't understand I did tell my way -- think in the only way you would ever prevent something like this. Possibly. Is a cordon off an area of the French Quarter and have people pass through metal detector almost like you get on a plane. Think anybody's gonna go for that. And the people that live there and I'm not trying to cast any aspersions on the French Quarter area residents at all but it. They might have guns already. So somebody burglarized is a French Quarter home steals a gun then all of that is short circuit you tell me how do you make scissors -- use some -- That's gonna happen and if it does continue to happen is -- and kill a city -- -- Greg in Metairie hi you're on -- W good morning. -- Idea that you could stretch. Well well maybe. Block it deeper into the -- for juncture. Metal detectors. -- -- The first street. That you. But anyway. You to call to. Support it yet. Or. -- bet to be. In. With eighty people. The particularly as we. To really patrol. Would you -- problem. Should be tried -- eight. To patrol more so our. Should be that we are where they. I don't have been economy but I do know he said that a shooter policeman was and within arm's length of the shooter. And if that was the case I don't know why the officer didn't immediately draws weapon and neutralize the threat to put it nicely. Are you know I mean with those. Are expected to happen and thought they are. But Bartolo. Did that take a couple of birdies a lot of people who undercover -- Do we care. About eighty. He thought it looked like you know the cut but but that's not correct topic. While I don't know -- it help or hurt tourism I honestly none of it's even feasible or practical to do that who's gonna -- Floyd. So will continue to talk about a grand am glad cult hoping have a great date T 60187803668890878. And just be clear I'm not advocating that I think in terms of solving problems us like how you fix it. And is no disrespect in the US attorney Kenneth -- but it. With you either forests -- are you witnessing you're against as that sounds great but what what does that actually mean. And if you live in Algiers -- you live in. Diego -- lake Vista though I'm trying to think it's a different won't neighborhoods mid city etc. What exactly are you supposed to do Jennifer and Algiers morning aren't evidently well. They're born in England. I do appreciate it it. Now -- we are open arms and we you know did it on finding people and it was assistant district attorney and -- came on with our hearts out each other you know information. -- In other parts Circuit City in about four other parts of the city people wars this past week. Two killed two in critical condition. -- Why are -- Cowell while we now. All up in arms about what's happening because that happened at school. Are you oppose -- question rhetorically Jennifer you know the answer no I am -- Know -- rhetorical yeah we'll tell everybody then what tell everybody what you think the answers. I I am in the education system as well and I. We ought to be crawling its instead of re. I think it judges are together with a -- cheap and and policemen. And say you catch it real people we. And we. Had it where it went. People walking around -- gun and shooting people randomly and whenever they can't when they go -- and we are going. And until we -- I mean he -- a bit -- that got hurt and it's unfortunate. But people families are getting. Hurt every day. And you -- your point averages in erupt for a at a time was that. Nobody gets up in arms about urban streak -- about the money. -- -- It and tourism and amnesty and met beep in and out. And take care of me it's. Not just on the court but our residents living here and it's. What is parenting and there's no this. I'm sorry where his parenting entered in all of this. Ski. Like it's a cool but it's important -- column. But what. He meant to protect them. And went at it that. Didn't keep an example. In India. And when he -- that happened to want to keep on. Been. Let go out. And other people don't put. -- And that means. No but yet the passion and I think that's a first step thank you Jennifer I'm glad you called it will be have a good day. And a nice fourth of July if we don't hear for a mean 724 Carlos thank everybody else going on I hear from -- right now it's time for debit WL traffic. And for that we go to Tehran until -- clear the substance next to come and insane Tommy chiefs their message there was an officer within a block not at arm's length. -- -- -- Tommy to -- talking about the shootings that shot certainly the community and -- reverberations around the world. On -- -- -- -- and Ireland and it was on the BBC there Hank and around a morning or debit WL we think. I don't get time. As well as the federal problem -- it to make it with -- -- But people children that they absolutely don't -- -- -- and. So oh you would get to see here's the deal and it always bugs me. It's OK so -- -- do then you tell the parents well if you if you have a child a -- servers two and after that our first one cannot yet. So then do you think the parents would find a way. To feed and provide for the children war. Are they gonna say well you know -- Down -- no way am the only dollars and and the kids are gonna suffer and and you wind up with. Kids -- -- hungry uneducated and end the same problem repeats itself. But I doubt -- once that -- it to mean YouTube got the put it demarcation lot what you say at that point if you want it appeared that the -- he yet. You with the round up front about it you it would. I know this would not be constitutional. Although -- knowledge yet. If you would say you know what if you want more aid you're gonna have to make sure that you can't have anymore kids. The big pop well or are you also go today epic program. Well work out but -- -- -- -- get Belmont -- you know I can't wait you can take him out the old. Community. And did at K. And looked on and giant bill from my memory here I think there are. Some programs like -- that I believe restarted by Bill Clinton -- I'm not quite you're. But even even with all of that Hank would -- Many people have kids are ready be better problems and address the root cause of it. You've. Got to elect a long term solution. -- Well -- yeah again I think you would need thank you Hank I appreciate Colin thank you would need a short term solution to because otherwise. His -- and is it would be survival of the says until the tougher ones killed the weaker ones off then. The tough ones go ahead and eventually wind up with you know like a couple of strong criminals yes and a 73129. Before -- your calls when we come back right now. It's time for -- WL. First news for that. We go to David like 739 when he won before -- -- talking about the shootings on Bourbon Street by the way delighted to be back and I missed it David played well as future it was great to see you come. Bouncing down the hall this morning. -- you know it's like I was bouncing down at all to work. An average Zimmerman along time ago -- -- -- quoted in a newspaper saying that the West Bank was bubbling football. It is like a pre season publication. Went -- -- -- did you really say this and he he was rather adamant in the fact that he would never use the word bubbling. Sometimes you gotta wonder what happens with quotes. Talk about the shooting on Bourbon Street of course and and how do you how would you prevent -- stadium put up metal detectors at the entrance to it. The entire French Quarter and yeah that's sort of the -- old Disney -- theory that it was kicked around years ago but there's only one gate. Did Disney World you know exactly how would you do this practically -- and -- get a theoretical political when you give up liberty liberty for security all deserve neither and I get that text but. And I. And I appreciate your theory in Europe. Beliefs but what does that have to do with stopping shootings on urban street by you know what you do you see the little double. Metal detectors thing and you you come up with your group and you get swiped and and you know I have a weapon and you go on and go crazy what you would have to have wanted every side street or at least have a a lot of police officer tell people that's true can't get any way get the go way around and wait a big long line so we're very complicated but bud. Once and yet they -- you have a great time -- But then again I think in this may sound crazy I think part of the Laura Berman street. Is that people realize it's not Disney World look nobody wants to get shot -- -- Arianna I know I -- dollars that danger from exactly. Where it's very goes back to you know he he's a -- high respect that kind of thing -- -- another they're doing and how exactly did it right right it's kind of exciting like we do and from the different other areas of feeling as to when. Bad forbidden things and -- maybe the -- relevant not getting shot might -- -- -- it banknorth Sharon thanks for holding on -- W good morning. -- it and -- streets and a policeman that. Citizen and you know. Now we walk street and I should -- Criminals. Crimp in mobile. Can happily like they used to. -- You're suspicious -- first it should. Be in jail because the -- -- him in right now so. It's gonna change because they knew it. Our core. To treat people. City. -- probation Wall Street one addiction streaks and probation. Street. A bit out of jail or. Strike at it to -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you you have a good collection of often wondered about that in terms of if you went back. And business they would be it in my heart here if you went back to the days where. Police were allowed to break a couple of skulls are -- a couple of skulls that they had to to find out who did this or who did that. Was that a gross violation of everybody's rights are ones that really when you get right down to it. The only way to conduct law enforcement or at the times change so much even that wouldn't help. Also cancels that the only thing the weeks ago but now it's. That -- any -- police. They subject themselves to spend a lot of -- And thanks for the call will be an agreement in a nice fourth of July weekend we'll see anybody else thinks. If thanks Hank is on to something. And how in the world would you keep urban street safe. Or prevent went what's happening went what's happened a couple of times with the with the shootings. And I think you can look at it both from a macro level of Heidi mediate need change society or maybe can solve the problem and a smaller -- micro level -- -- again I'd let's just try to keep the French Quarter -- How would you go about it or can you may column -- -- two -- Tommy Tucker back in a flash -- 60187803866. 889087. Is a big one WWL. I Tommy Tucker talking about the shootings on urban street and is there any way to prevent such at thing if not. Changing the culture of violence throughout the world just on suburban street and when it comes a local government -- they look and it. The wrong way are they looking at it from a the the big picture around the country and so many cities culture of violence Heidi change matters there anyway to make the French Quarter -- -- don't make it a more attractive less attractive place to visit. Now would be. A herculean task. I don't know how in the world you would do it but at least when people were in there they would know. That they were safe and and I would ask you would you be hesitant to go to the French Quarter at night I would not. Because I think these things are few and far between and I also think that. Now somewhere along the line as big plan in it planned here and if it's your time that your time Reggie. Peggy rather in the French Quarter I'm sorry way we always talk about. Tourists in the perspective -- we also -- a married of people live there and Peggy is 1 on good morning Peggy. It. -- -- And -- I can hear you fine and agnico. Thank you after a little 199. -- range -- at London city its heartbeat and the -- -- I -- that I didn't see. I am. New England. And when I am out. After hours when that stark may be dangerous -- Extremely aware I never my guard down. -- -- during an edgy content and ministry he. And -- your body and he because I think that because -- and I don't know deal. -- -- -- In this club. And apple argued it -- the club meet each night people know and teaching. The money that oh. You know -- -- World. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The world in the real you know Kia out. My brother was proper it. Is in proper. Help and won't cover all kind. It's probably 50% in the French Quarter. It. Happened to me that you would really be too down normal again. I. The lines below and I'll read you three can -- it's not like -- in a little kids. Are really burst your bubble in which. And I know people are can't. Off its search and seizure or whatever it for rain and am. -- -- on every corner in one median and went out. And trying to see the problem. 100%. Which would be Utah which can be ninety. Why not get. Too. A lot. You. Eat a group of people and say I would like to running a car. On cracking and just. He -- in the French Quarter and spoke from being. Egypt next to act just. When you walk on the street and whirling their. Movie being shot and it said. -- -- -- you'll be in the leaking -- will be in this -- or whatever it. Trying to allow the cops to clean. White people keep on T. -- He wouldn't mind if he makes it. -- know what to which you kind of talking about I'm so glad you -- now be called back right. Thank you it is. You know Fourth Amendment unreasonable search and seizure. I don't know if you would have to search everybody. If you could randomly. Select people kind of like they do with the TSA. And that would prevent it from being unreasonable if it's strictly at random but then. And guarantee numbers are gonna be -- in this -- stop and -- clause where. If you're targeting one group more than the other then that would not be constitutional but. We'll continue to talk about this on here from UT 60187. 203866889. Early seventy Marty -- everybody else hang on one line open. If you wanna jump on it. And also like to talk about the French Quarter itself is part of the allure of this. Unlike Disney World where it's dark. They have an element of danger to it. And is that what tourists -- because they know they're not going into a perfectly safe environment as counter intuitive -- that may be. 753 -- -- traffic on -- WL -- for that. What are -- Robinson. They've already encountered the criminal justice system they've been exposed to violence and drugs in America culture. And they're not thinking in terms of getting that job. That's Raphael going to -- talking about the criminal element and the urban street shootings some wondered if there's a difference between. Not. Fearing death and fearing jail where somehow win. In the people's minds that commit these kind of crimes that they have no value for life there's somebody else's. So if they died they don't care they think big on a legend. But I'd wonder if in terms of stiffer sentencing. And we've already had a prominent defense attorneys say this -- jails got to be real jail. Where they know that you know what. If you don't get killed you're gonna go to prison for a long long time and that's going to be the reality up. Like to know what you think another text comes in about trying to keep the French Quarter safe if you gonna start on the small level and work out. -- it simply says 300000. Visitors in quarter starts scanning now. -- the money grow about that we'll talk when we come back.

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