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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So yeah I'm in Ireland watching TV and have committee's top programs but it's it's about the cameras that they have that watch everybody. Not everybody certain areas of the city. And they see anything amiss they can zoom zoom in and follow it is see what's going on in terms of riot a bar fight bloody hand view. Some -- walking down the street. By themselves and had too much to drink and and is just as vulnerable -- as vulnerable can beat to be a victim and it's proactive manned bases some funny they'll dispatching unit out there to take a look at it. And I would imagine they have Lego. Is -- reminded me heavily edit text about it earlier was a casino. Yeah as they added -- of people watch in everything you do and a casino and it's over that's to prevent people from cheating if they see anything. Com both forehand to keep it from getting not a control. Elegant even mentioned with all of this morning the World Cup in the US is lost him Belgium yesterday. First time I watched an entire soccer match he'll let me tell yeah I don't know much about the game I honestly don't and I -- this passive aggressive thing when it comes soccer. It's hard for me to turn it on but once I do I find it fascinating -- you get into it. And I guess because goals are so rare that's what makes it's so exciting somebody's scores one. And it's like basketball. And football but a lot harder to score and a -- two things first off. These are some very talented -- I'm conditioned. Athletes and highly paid Afghan -- to. So I I enjoy the game I don't understand a whole lot about it it'll be interesting to see if here in America after now that the US's been eliminated if if the excitement you'll still stays there and a lot of people played soccer around a lot of people have kids that plays soccer and Jordan Spiegel is a big soccer fan he wrote a piece that you can read a WWL dot com contract. Apparently new action shot and Jordan with action is on the phone mark in the computer and quite exactly where that came from but it. -- very fancy but it's a well written piece about a double WL and and -- dot com and enjoy it and also get free tickets for -- Our life it yet Doobie Brothers Peter -- company New Orleans playing live at champions square Sunday July 20 7 PM. And we -- two ways to win. With me Tommy Tucker every morning this week between six and ten. Or in go to FaceBook so what's gonna happen is understand this because I inherited the contests and -- don't coming up. Is that we play part of a doobie brother Brothers or Peter Frampton song. And a first person to call in with the lyrics that follow. Wins. For example we play happy birthday to you happy birthday to you and then you would have to sing the next line at least say what the next line is exactly. I'm with here. Who seek and listen to the music and sing along to win or another way to win -- -- WO radio FaceBook page look for The Doobie Brothers slash Peter Fran and contest. Like us and registered wins and keep on rocking with the station. That loves. Rocked and rolled out at -- will tell you how to win when we come back talking about crime in danger in the French Quarter and how do you fix it. And Elmore endures as an opinion on that morning Elmore Euro on -- WL. Demonic -- welcome back -- on the government is I am. Margaret microbe does -- -- -- the -- engineer and political. Engineers are now like actual court and I got a Michael Crow about. There hysterectomy. What was returned to imply -- to answer my -- about four. Nightly gas in the -- -- What to. And you know political director there and ago. Imus said par I don't I don't know would. Did I take it you're that he said that below -- -- -- -- not I'm not arguing -- tell me what you are. That little. Straight and you know -- Well -- that. That country you know it is to be back in Mexico. When aren't here. Actually it. Or not come -- In the war my work all warship and goes to school and it's -- -- much balance and is there. You know. And again hell and that's where I've been here. You've got to. Admit it. -- a year ago. That's a whole lot to do well shall. So. When he. Lottery. The Arctic conscious. Conscience vote on the according that it. Would. And -- but. You. What -- -- You know -- you know. -- And the media aren't gonna blow. Out -- time. Robert Mueller on Franklin and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- I shouldn't buy -- now chat video reveals that. BP. That's sign somebody well. It's yeah. But the award. For now I'm so so very very sorry for your loss because they can't even imagine. Rising a child would you say you lost to. Well you know. Didn't think children. Instead of your. Twentieth -- -- sixteen new. OK so you would suggest that's terrible CU would suggest people getting involved. By mentoring people instead of saying look at that look at that look at look at the other and do something about it. Corey. And you know. Could be -- right in front of don't call. Them. It could when do you know. -- boy again I'm so sorry for your -- and Politico. Countless minutes -- I'd. To. Bill we go eight billion that -- W morning. The boy on the block and a thank you are both hope you brought them luck of the Irish back lot I did just the Blarney stone. That's great in a ball and paid detailed look at all police department. But he that bit of support anything the security. I'm also in favor of spirit we are Pollard. Cameras. -- wouldn't mind the state police walking around with it Google camera on. -- -- and everybody in the world. If you're in the wrong place. Doing the wrong thing while the garbage in the wrong question. But if you're in the wrong it if you're doing it wrong you need to be at least market. At the ball. Bill in terms in terms of them cameras in London model have been talking about which we have a problem with. That being actively monitor. Know -- partner it would also they were hampered. You and bring their report on that little bit. More. Down in the dark and in the wall. And they have cameras there. -- there is not a problem -- I think if everybody knows there. Not to be Nvidia. Bodies grow -- camera that -- -- seriously sophisticated cameras that would. Look at just say any way linked it to Islam. It's not that stupid and the definitely extract them on the -- -- have not made that we figured out. We have to be willing to argue about some of -- -- to close the freedoms. No Oprah no problem with -- I look at it is about not doing anything wrong I don't care. I regret it but all I go to. Got to thank you bill I'm glad you called and hope we talk to you again with. Take a break on talked -- when we come back -- 60187. Needle free 866889087. Here's the deal. And we -- cameras and intersections all of the time I guess it's a record what happens with a when an automobile accident but it. It always seems to me like looking at cameras after it happened. Little too late then and have too little too late and -- -- to bring anybody back if they get murder keep him from getting shot. So may be at the Boston Marathon for example if there had been cameras on the polls and police are looking at a screen of twelve monitors and and different cameras for each section of the city and if -- anything suspicious going on to send an officer overlooked yet. -- you have a problem with that do you think give the right to privacy would be. Infringed do you think as some people are texting in if you get up here here year liberty you give up on your freedom. And you should never do that I wouldn't have a problem with -- that all if you think I'm wrong let me know -- 260187. Until 3866889087. The other question -- when it comes a profiling yet. It'd -- errors one common element. Of all the people that are committing the crimes is there anything wrong with in a crowded area the police profiling. People admit the that fit rather the profile. We'll talk when we come back Tommy Tucker glad to be back with you here in new loans and other W. What happened is infuriating. It makes you wanna scream or cry. Or both. And so wanna be clear to the victims and their families and to the people of New Orleans. That this will not go unanswered. And we will work around the clock to bring those. Who were engaged in this. Senseless act to justice. Maryland retirement of urban street shootings and and I get us out of the country and I was shocked to see this on the BBC. When I was in. Now Ireland of course I guess they came from London I'm quite sure -- all works but either way it was on TV there. And made international news and -- on the flight from New Jersey connecting flight coming back -- had a couple young ladies from New York Mona. As they said partied up in new Rawlins. But they said -- day almost changed their mind after they heard about the shootings because they thought. They wouldn't be -- listen I talked to people in Ireland. From others states in the United States. That thought the city I swear to goodness was still under water from Katrina. Somebody from Ohio even saying though we just like you guys are gonna drown we thought you just might be better bridges washed in the ocean. And almost a glass of water in his face but I thought you know what that's not gonna be good for anybody. Anyway the point it is. -- things like this certainly hurt the city. Andy -- rather -- bring in the people to justice is I don't think anybody cares. Around the world around the country tourist dollars about all they arrested him eventually arrested him. And eventually. -- sent him to jail I don't the -- cares about that I think they care about what happens to themselves. Or to their their relatives loved ones when they're visiting. They come back you know did -- with a bullet in there in their lake sonic what have -- and deal that for the rest of their life at that point I don't think they really care. If anyone's brought to justice so I think I'm trying to talk today in asking you is there any way to prevent. This kind of thing -- -- no good morning -- evidently well. Part -- earned abroad may go up. I never heard that expression once. -- tell you something else and we get T appoint. Corned beef and cabbage is an American thing met her yet you'll never find it over there and finally the spoiler to go on. People's only before you and that you don't go to Ireland for the food. And they were absolutely right other correct yet tell me to think about this. Look what I think -- any any form of modification. With a -- government is gonna and you know it's gonna -- if it's some degree of liberty -- an official way it is. And and I've been to Europe a couple of -- to the -- at least and I noticed immediately did you you do feel sorry for. And there's a reason. Part of that is that particular the British and the Irish have. A lot -- weaponry than we do in the first place. Because of their history. And they always -- they have long guns the little a lot of the postal anything like that as one point number two wanna put up. Some sort vote. Entry exit system on bourbon at least in -- and the wrong. And have I'd be checked and everything like that sure would be a nuisance. But it would at least guarantees some degree of preventative. Measure the camera work well they're very very expensive of course. And and of course their their Expos facto rather than prefect. At least. And I saw this I mean -- a but seeing it on film in Belgium bloodshed -- and other places. On the continent where they do use. An inhibitor type of course trying. On people getting into and out of the situation. -- -- make one comment about Ireland and England. I was in a book club and and now walked in the -- in London and I can't use of language but. While walked in this gossip where -- for Rome. And -- most earliest so losing -- he said. I can't we would accept but he said I'm very glad seal island on the civil war of these people have and for the day. Where was -- from their persons from Ireland was from South Carolina I got you okay. Yeah -- and that point is -- wants says. You know America and Europe but the only connection separated by a common language. One thing I did fine thank you so much for the -- in my earlier appreciated. Is that. They're friendly and they'll offer to buy you -- drink and so forth and however when it comes -- language. -- The F word I don't know if it's not viewed as a negative there lower -- part of everyday parlance but I I heard eighty. 85 year old women at a convenience stores one little grandmotherly type years that it. Every three words started about a lottery ticket in a clerk hired mothers freely use and confronting kids and adults use and in front of people it is known as though it is just the verb. And I don't think I've ever did. Used. I don't know I don't get knowledge that but either way it did did David Blake they didn't seem to be a whole lot of shame or not a big deal about that word just a lot of let it -- it is just like getting an alert you know like got a handle it. Part of speech you would be but I'd will talk about that more when we come back also about crime and a quarter right now time for got a W offers news -- there. Our friend asks I'd say this is what I'm putting out there David Blake the shootings in on urban street everybody upset about it they're mentioning said Mardi Gras everybody upset about it text comes in right now David Blake is so good it pops up. Yeah totally and positively. Agree Eliza my wife. But. Opera. I don't have a number of -- if that's a trick question I have no idea what you -- not I got here. David would you like to -- about it would abroad from Ireland. Yes and what did you -- again it's a -- -- it's a show mainly and I figured if there was anybody around this place -- needed a laundry stick it was Davis. Blake it's and it's a killer walking stick now and I'll tell you what. Now that I've got to block and around here are you know 3 o'clock in the morning I think people scatter when they see me with a -- And designers candidates the whole idea behind -- -- aliens today as the McCain. And again Saturday dual weapon and you and I got an on the plane the lady that's older tennis it was kind of in a -- will be able to get on the plane hijacked. -- -- just lived with it and you'll be all right. And it's exactly what it hindered as a weapon absolutely -- It's like there are cave man club. It's it's. But all I did was -- and and sometimes violent -- the wrongly but nobody's said anything it has brought it right -- put that the overhead. -- -- the wisdom of the -- it has exactly how he said he just -- just liquidated you'll be okay and security was you know you're accident has improved dramatically. You go over there for two weeks and your nail on. I tell you something else too is -- we went to mass twice in Ireland and and those people get a -- done. In about oh I guess maybe twenty minutes rail and they can rattle off for rose three and five if they wanted the at this cadence on where it's. I'm now it's like a priest says and there's no second pause and I thought I was say in a wrong thing at one point his leg. And evident evident that evident it's evident evident and. Man a low around there in and out I -- you -- of a public and I -- asked did you ask me like good trick question on what I would have gas to be the other way they would have taken my view on nude news no no new news -- -- -- get somewhere like an auction of the pop. Yes there are enough courage yet to aggregate and upon and and fathers as much as hard as anybody else. It definitely good to be back Larry in -- good morning on WW well let me let me pitch this idea -- -- Crime cameras mounted high in the French Quarter is the best available vantage point trained on everybody there. At a Mardi Gras parade high until apple Apple's trained on everybody there. Police are rather in the and they might be standing on mistreated just like they are -- -- a couple guys -- women monitoring these cameras actively. And they say. Today floral finals and -- -- locally or. And and now. If you're at that parade in the French Quarter you're opt in nothing but good. Do you think you privacy would be invaded. Well -- are as long. I'm not doing any any -- addicted to anything you want. That's how I look at it Larry don't wanna know from people right now 26018720386. Exit 890878. French Quarter Mardi Gras parades -- anywhere effort camera time on a -- actively -- Monitored. In live time real time so they can send the cups of the problems maybe before they happen -- -- that are against tell me that Larry well you. Not here is what my I'm sick and tired have been in new war for about 35 years. And I know like the police have the right stop a car -- -- -- they're not sure it's. Why shouldn't have to write -- check people actor is question. -- you think Kerry and now you've -- these people these people you know get their turn and they are also look at it. You know I think that support to carry guns there. They're doing drugs and and and their. People it would want to protect ourselves and our community. -- And -- appreciate it the right. Randomly checked and played a lot and it should be a law that they. It's that anybody and check them. And at that they'll get but you'll get rid of Amber's here but there again. I thank you Larry I'm glad you color really do appreciate that you took the time and I think with some would tell you is that. Then you're gonna have people being pulled over for driving while black and -- after America African American heart surgeon and on aframax African American dentist. A lot of people are corporate heads that are African American and it would hardly seem fair for the police to be able to pull them over just because they thought -- Let me go and as he was going on here you got insurance and as I understand it you can't. Just pulls somebody over and say do you have insurance I think you can have an insurance checkpoint but unless somebody gives you probable cause. Which I think is what the Terry Stotts are all about. Do you do -- to Google lag is its long time explain and I think. I think you would have a problem Nick Cannon new -- tiger morning thanks for calling -- on W well. You. You brought up about you know. And OP EJ. Can you about I'm going to be you know like our. Country out in the current quarter. And I'll call. Her mayors and focused you know on the an awful lot like murder. -- and not. It. Should dictate the new York new -- appropriately -- And and the page would that dictate. The small island and on the mall on a walk a little we not will become the big criminal. N com. Only. A minute but all over the weekend. The -- We were definitely around around -- to my neighbors and I have a camera at a shell. Police came out we shall live radio dial in we have great big -- and -- and said well I'm not negate the a fingerprint you can't find it. And it and it and it kind. Of going to get off Scot free and then. Aptly put -- -- -- you know it's great being able to like you break -- Clark and two year KP murder. And -- satanic cults mincing points. All right thank you that I'll be at a good -- -- back. More calls when we come back one or two lines open if you wanna jump on amenities 60187. Until 3866. 8890870. I Tommy Tucker apparently this. All of a tougher than they thought it would be I say they because I just came in you know today but. So here's the deal we got tickets for you valued at a 130 dollars he Peter Frampton and the doobie Doobie Brothers in champions square Sunday July 20 at 7 PM. 130 dollars worth -- tickets now we're gonna play a verse from the song. And then you have to tell us what the next two lines czar. So here we go plea if you will judge on Sheldon pleased plating and now everybody is calling saying that. The correct answers so won't you show me the way every day and that's not what it is there is a line both for that refrain comes in so if you know what the next line is 2609467. And you win -- 130 dollars of tickets now I'm gonna. Exert executive privilege here. And if in a couple of minutes nobody gets it I'm gonna play the entire clip for you and then see if you can at least. Translated from the sung version but will give you a chance first identify. What it is the next line is. From the song to win. The tickets and I presume by now everybody's had a chance. To do some research so we'll see adjacent Louisiana -- -- and WL thanks for calling. -- I won't make a comment about the the person that told earlier about the cherry street you know but. And that's what they called -- due to have the authority to perform at they'll search so more. Jason gets -- or is elegant law enforcement area. Good -- I just don't know somebody -- if you're somebody that is really familiar -- it's a go ahead and explain it please. Well -- can Alter or Ohio and there's now assert that. Also it looked suspicious certain it was late on neighbors are right. You know -- got -- -- rob place of business. He just felt like this is about it early or their parents urged a weapon -- They were arrested and go from there. Figure our appeal only -- -- street -- that option either. Look at their search. -- bigger reason to believe it. You know somewhere in danger or that the Kremlin about the advantage of searching to do a pack their search also won. The slate of all source and say to voters and it's miracle patriots. But in a situation Jason like the French Quarter. -- would the police officers then be subject to review for what it is. That they did to. Did it what causes suspicion because if you if you -- down every for example and I'm just gonna say it young black man that you see. If you did you can't do that canyon. You know you Egypt -- scorer and his partner but it just. Goes. You know. About recent you have to apps are reasonable suspicion -- have to beat them. Variable -- stimulating certain states. There I mean if you see someone who's so. There's an in place and you know normally. -- Normally not a lot of -- quarter oh is it different from from New Orleans area. So I know there's a lot of people there all of. I like is example yea -- you know Europe patrol -- -- some loud voices coming out of a bar. Two guys there have an upbeat than before it escalates I guess that would give you the right to stop somebody and frisk him. Yes -- a -- you know -- you know and hit a crime being committed is now at the very disturbing -- -- the coming out of all chances are they're probably dropped you know so. But. You can't pay it sort of -- reasonable way to express what you go to do your not -- arrest them you can't let surgeon Richard as a -- a little visual and come back. It starts I think -- and then. You know also when you from there. Let me run this by you know what I saw in London you've been listening you heard dead nearly -- cameras actively monitored and and you know if you if you watched any -- that they can actually zoom in on the person follow and see exactly what's going on zoom in pretty close see. You know what they look like within my hand in their pockets or appear to have in their pockets and then. Dispatched the police do you think that would be effective here in in a French Quarter in Louisiana in the United States is a a way to prevent this crime be pro at the event and stop it before it occurs. I think. Every every two which you can use that just would shall search. It is viable panda. In India like -- like -- ideas. It if you get someone that's monitoring it all the time because. Here's the deal they are being yes. If I'm all of its -- foot. An arms race in this out of every little bit of information act immediately notified and colonial -- he got a weapon. All -- If he's got an -- and or whatever he has argued to a lot to know there. -- -- -- -- -- Mari mar reaction as the tree. And as an officer we have to re -- to whatever we say. It's interesting you should mention of foot chase because that's exactly what happened with these shows watch in in London were able to oh -- that we were to note is there watch and gotten to up. Thank you Jason appreciate the call I Tommy Tucker double WL thanks for the great calls and ideas and techs today that we gotten. And so are we doing it's all on the bully me I read the text and if you're on hold and I can't get team and so sorry Garland Robinette is coming up. Gotta smoke and -- -- -- about New Orleans firefighters should they get paid a pension money we'll seventeen and a half million. And -- hobby lobby the company that convinces Supreme Court certain companies shouldn't have to favor government health plans that contribute to abortion. Is under fire from its own. Company does a lot of business with China and the country allowed 300 million plus abortions. And involuntary stay sterilizations. What would Jesus do. Thanks so much it's great to be back back tomorrow and have a W.

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