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7-2-14 11:10am Garland: on the mayor's plan to protect the city

Jul 2, 2014|

Garland talks with PANO attorney Eric Hessler and Southern University criminologist Dr. John Penny about the mayor's plan for protecting the city.

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Welcome back in ups world's been over -- or talking about the shooting Sunday. All the -- three ten people wounded a couple of them critically. Of the mayor the police chief held a news conference yesterday and revealed a number of circular and try to stay -- to hopefully keep that from happening again. -- -- -- Erica -- where this was turn he put please who's cute and a mule and and who. Are welcome to show good talk can you -- and and get to a big city reported to duty two meters in the league. I'll always. After all of these things happen we always hear. Well requesting state leave him were posting the numbers. Expressing. Federal government to as -- law enforcement. And then I hear that. You know it could you can't get enough police to stop the cut and what what do you think all the extra police should do you do you see if they column do you see. What change. First brought I'd like to address what that he you know it's true that you know no matter how many police have not stopped. Every crime and it's just that's just not feasible but you can prevent. A whole lot and it's certainly the goal of the police department should be to prevent as many crowned as possible. And and the outside that point -- if you have 15100 police officers who who are shackled to desk. Were handcuffed on the street who feel that. That they cannot be proactive. Then that's not serve the purpose either so so right now I think some of the mood of yeah the police because of what happened with the consent decree because of what's happened since Katrina. Because of the -- this in administration has treated them. There there there. I support not only handcuffed but they're blind -- their they have a ball and chain around there. There their feet and it's hard to do proactive patrol knowing that. You know to be supported by the administration. All right so let me play doubles out -- where and when I talked to do business people of record. That worked with the mayor of the work with the police achieved the board -- the police unions would what I hear of them actually on the fairly regular business. Look at my in this -- -- is highly educated he's going to be head of the national police chiefs organization. News. Professional and what does. And what becomes of the consent decree it's it's the ads that are causing all of this not the -- not the police should. Well I mean certainly -- -- is educated -- -- prisoners. How police work should be done. -- their question becomes can -- implement the things that he wants to implement and do the things that he wants to do he deported by the manner. You know in the mayor's position certainly political benefits if it's if it's good for public safety but it's bad for politics. It might not current -- might not seem to benefit. Just give me an idea were to mean when you -- political. You know what. Police -- just have to be proactive they have to be out there looking for four for crimes. You know right now it's it's difficult for two reasons one there's just so much. Pressure from from the federal government. Have to consent decree the rules are still being written to be re written to be drafted and in re drafted -- these officers don't know what. What is expected of them and so so they're safe course of action. Is listed to. React to this as opposed to be pro pro active you can have you know fifteen to replace something like assets. But it -- criminal. Knows that that -- -- up yes he's carried a gun you know the but he knows that if I don't do anything overtly just crazy. I'm gonna walk by the police subsidies that protect me out for weapons. They're going to be more brazen and more apt to do and I think that's a situation where find ourselves in more and more. Sort of we had 15100 plugs policeman. And the consent decree will still in this state you've just distraught. Would they be any more official wouldn't they be afraid that they were inadvertently. Gonna cross of reds and and self report. What -- and the increase alone will have would have some type of of beneficial. But would have a detrimental impact because Agassi you'll see the police presence alone is going to be -- Going to I'm talking about a week ago all features aren't. How -- right now. The doctors are trained they know what they they can do they know how police work. Should be done and needs to be done they know a criminal this year -- black white young. Old male female they know by their actions. And sometimes when -- just not sure you ought to be able to -- approach and and find out. Those those rules. There's a law for the most part. That's further restricted by certain policies I mean -- got -- -- -- -- have a policy. About engaging in a case without with the suspect the president suspect might run out streak and he hit -- car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't -- to have what's the policy sub chasing them. Now it's just it's just it gives you so many parameters. But you have to -- into it to consider what changed the time of the night that time -- -- what are you chasing for. That traffic conditions. You know and these officers -- in position where they're taking down the street uptown any trips over one of the broken up. Sidewalks and and splits -- said. Then they're gonna have to answer for and and that's just that's border honored that that's about above and beyond ridiculous. So who would they answered to sell servers to achieve both. Well it would go to that if that person -- complaint certainly made a complaint. Which is not uncommon. Or even just for reporting of injury. It's investigated so let's get about a public integrity bureau of the police monitor. It's monitored by the federal government would DRG DOJ is consent decree. Rules and regulations. And and as a decision. But -- that time the option may not be allowed to work streets. He he would not be eligible. For promotions. Which are few and far between and and it's just a very very difficult situation for police officers to work under and that's what we're seeing and -- Every sixty dollars. Current. Or so ago per Greg welcome back. Talking with or counselor attorney for the police whose fusion of New Orleans. And of course from doing Paul -- compensation. Concerning them here in the blue shoes. News conference yesterday. Talking about the shootings in the water on what they're requesting in the -- you change double up yeah. Bring about the shootings in the French Quarter and Sundays in the play a few of them -- news conference -- shortly we're about. -- little brother's attorney for the please whose fusion of New Orleans. And James. Brown is on the pole and does speak to orange and refute call. -- academic. Outlook the other victims of -- without. That. Four or below the double digit. Though it was our. And I leave it out why that is. Is. All the police -- -- -- these people as the police. But I knew that that the -- I don't agree with EP. Urgent or. The result now. But now that he cited an apple OJ. -- -- you know most policy that -- all followed that lead out. Apollo principal amount previous incident that happened -- called it too. Greater scrutiny that we should be just -- -- all of that as well it felt that -- kinda. So. -- religion to the 10 paper look at you know that the color of dirt. But but I mean certainly should be taken consideration that the public should be. Have an expectation of well trained. Well educated well export. Society is that all of Powell and responsibility. Is built. But now that I think that it should be known but little object that back that police state while we conduct an outfit that -- and they're the and in the and other things that you spoke about stop in Britain which you know politically not. What police saw the jet that it effective. What I. You know I agree with you on that they work for our update that it would be very -- beating the fact that. But at the attack I don't war will be -- objective that they can look at a person that you of them there at that that person look you. Well I don't want -- and -- and I don't know I. RJ you know I will let. Look -- appreciate -- call include. Current group of reply. And I and I appreciate sane and understand exactly -- and you might admit interpreted bit -- com. I certainly believe that that offices need to abide by policies as policies have to be clear and and police work is such a thing. That the matter nature of the work being on the street haven't make split second decisions. The the policies have a lot for discretion. It have to -- bird that at the have been number of circumstances and and accept results of my -- that's scene and processing. You know you don't need to to go to training class that -- Have a policy that says you know you need to look both ways when you cross -- street that's common sense com but this department is is relegated to that extent. Date to the -- -- policy they want out of complete sausage or run -- I. Fully expect complete subsidies violate policy -- do something wrong. They should be punished for quickly and and and adequately. So that's that's certainly don't disagree on that stop and -- as a matter of training to. Its discretion to the doctors have experience in and that they experienced in my neighborhood it's not there. And that shouldn't be there to and there are recognizable for. Jump in the back -- They ought to be able to stop that individual and tennis if it's turned out individual lives at that house just moved an octave key. Then he shouldn't be to scrutinize request and what we know he wasn't doing anything wrong like stopping and go to the -- remember oh. Of of defending your actions and that was my point. -- drove live look so good films of the mirrors as import. -- -- we have -- funding -- hundred museums are pleased to annual sure thoughts. Well but that -- charter says that. The safety of the city on. -- public safety restless. That at all police department my soccer -- -- this. This city administration ought to recognize that and they ought to adhere to that and they ought to do whatever is necessary to make excellent and copd. And there are resources. The manpower. And and and the ability to do -- And in their ailment that initiative admission of failure by saying we need. State police. We need to federal assistance -- You know what we need is this city to finally make a real meaningful commitment. To the men and women of the copd and and and to make it. Not just -- and make it first class by -- consent decree. But put that money Wear them -- is. An end and ray -- now it's. Great their training razor resources and not to say that it can be first class but make it first class improve its first class by the by the. And and that we heard a lot about. FBI the federal government. President Obama's assistance and state police you can hear one word not one. What this city can do for recruitment and retention. And then -- -- say that I'm talking about salaries I'm talking about. Resources and I'm talking about. The ability to add depth to their support of the people that are out there on the street day after day. Providing public safety. I mean they're working these guys to death right now because and so on demand that almost every weekend as a special events in almost every weekend these officers -- that they -- have to work. And it's getting to the point that that's why people even. Mean you can find security contractor the work -- if you payment of money in -- tree while. And we can't even on the police but we can't find police officers that are here -- -- mistake here -- other people to replace. That that should tell stories. And surrounding. Law enforcement agencies Mississippi Texas. North -- saint Charles or they better pay and better benefits are a better job. I think will start ever got the better job. Except to the person that's working there I mean certainly they're police officers that are better ride around please start today that are contemplating leaving. Who I I I know from. From talking with our databases. That would stay if they felt that the city support and more regardless of the -- There are other officers who who. You don't need a salary increase the causes such a because there debacle that does tko reform has turned into the back and saying they had they just they need. A salary increases city has kept this that the salary historically. Kept -- artificially low because of the ability to work details that's all. Compare the jobs you -- look at everything -- -- public support the salary he got that the benefits. The salary here not real high. The benefits. Not real good and the working conditions extremely -- So you put all read it together. -- a person is -- is -- average amount balance amount they can do what's best image and and I think you can tell by the hundreds of people that have left here. Over the past couple years. When they do that balancing. What their decisions. Erica owns larger be on the -- appreciated. Bigger break come right back window and we return we'll talk to book. Cromwell were still Bob -- -- and Arab group would -- some shooting on Sunday. News conference -- Mirren believed she said she got com and you've got questions to six world when -- celebrate. Told her underwear in the country had 66 it'd and zero cents a we continued thinking about -- shooting Sunday in the French Quarter ten people shocked. National news in an afternoon news column it took was and Ireland. Saw them BBCs that are. The mayor of the police chief can vote with the news conference yesterday and in to hold the public what they intended to do. And whereabouts doctor -- and criminologists. -- of -- university. To join us started talk about saloons do so after welcomed this short -- and temperature and de -- Or both get into details what what was your overall feeling -- you. Watched and listened to or read about the news conference with the mayor in the pollution. Well. After. Witnesses and and read in the about the to conference with the mayor and the police chief. They kinda it very much what what the public has been taken so long and that we have a situation where we are in demand with the police department. And that. A lot of things that could've been done perhaps would've been. Two -- that is that the public has. There have been enough police officers on duty that night and I think that become very clear and then -- the clarion call here. 222. The state to send out the help we need help. I thought it. For getting through detailed some. I had that filter appears with -- fireman's union. You there are issues with the city. And a -- -- going I've read where we've got to. Millions and millions of dollars that that we -- web videos Super Bowl. -- pretty accurate but it many many millions of dollars. And we get 500000. Dollars that the mayor tried to get. A little tough -- of the convention center and and has mentioned a little we did from going to like -- vegetable right Marty grove which brings in tourism and -- -- And it's good to him. Do Columbia -- in the legislature. Yeah yeah broke weight room chambers. Standing in the hallways lead to a legislator religiously towards. 18 why can't we get for all of what we make. And he said. What use would be back in time AdWords and -- one. Hello oil and gas money it was big. Do you it was fairly easy to get caught more compensation. But he said there there's such a small. Ego of available money in now. That everybody in the -- once it consequently. We don't have the firepower to go get it in the legislature. If the money's not there. What -- do how do we solve the problem of more please. Well I think. Talk about the issue with the budget then and I'm not Fisher of that. That tried to. Blame anybody because of this is that I mean there's enough blame to go around for a lot of people but the problem we have business. We need to look at the budget of the police department and the where we can read dedicate that budget too -- they've been pretty expensive relates to. Preventing crime we need to look at. The active prevention rather than reactive to crime after -- has been committed and so. I think that we've been how much money that we spend it alone. Our rafts and reaction to crime and then how much better off we might be beat if part of that budget that's dedicated to community kinds of programs that fight. Prevent. And and so I guess it given what you just said. It and it is. Sure that we're in today perilous time as it relates to money that finances and then dealing with state government right now and haven't -- government governor who does not. Seemed to. The buried. Favorable all the time in the all the units we've. We would I guess we need to look at how we can be self sufficient I would get utilized what we have and that is if the -- to -- that. That we talked to a great deal of New Orleans being in the terrorist. Paradise. And yet them here and that we get very little from that so. I think we need to rethink what we do. Very interesting. Let's take a break words come right back of the building just showing -- We're we're still thinking about the shooting Sunday word to -- people were shot. We're thinking about the of the mirror in the -- huge conference shift from the news conference. What are you thought yeah you have any ideas you have any beliefs. Any questions Gibbs called 260187. Come. Hired dubbed W cobra and jaguar opinion poll asked -- war shall we re more concerned about. The war against crime on the streets of America considers -- wars overseas 92 presents. Let's keep all the money in the EU law enforcement. In the United States -- -- Of world on the radio widowed doctor John -- -- among -- -- -- it's Auburn University. Yesterday the mayor and the police chief held a news conference and basically. Said that the feds said that the seat when did you help we needed now. The governor's -- I can understand. That okay we're gonna give -- the usual July 4 week in. Deployment can make any promises the state police say. -- book called the police shoot from will be his guts providing -- may be all of meeting. Little help through Labor Day blew it up about it. Doctor Perry. Is -- very quickly -- -- a call. It's a real anger in big -- the federal -- program what what is that in do you think it would help. Yeah I think dead. It would now -- also think that. When when we look at this from the classic example of how. We in the city's cops program in the community police and should be out front it's. Almost in this city right now because you have. You know -- of a pre Katrina concept of how we've moved into neighborhoods that we don't -- crime now we need to take that same. Our model and moved into. Neighborhoods on bicycles. And and then walked in and get and build that relationship with people in the community. You know if if respondent right now. All of those people who wore it in the French Quarter that none of them willing to talk to the police -- I'm not willing to give information that would be. To a quick settlement over the arrest of people could be. Feel like substance has really been done and that if crimes don't happen there would be your rapid response to it but I think. We have we just need to be proactive and what we do with the police department and that -- make sure that there are in we have it is. It is coming up in the -- this weekend. And sure that we're going to need to provide enough police officers of that. People will feel safe in the end and go -- the and the key here. Feel in place. That. But the probability that you could go out. And have a good time and you don't the the business that does a great chance that you're gonna get back home people need to have that assurance. As a criminologist. -- stop and frisk work. It's stop and risks on new war tunic. The -- you work that you do it and then but it also lends itself to. To the possibility. When you have great discretion you -- have great abuse. And in. So it bulwark gift of supplies. That hopefully and equally across sports. The -- yesterday. Says. We need more money for local probation cultures more save money for the Orleans parish that should deterrent. More money for the public defender's office more money for mental health and substance abuse program. We need reallocation. Of words more money from the hotel motel acts. We need more money from things like Super Bowl -- possible etc. -- money money money money. Joseph had they had the so firefighters union isn't a judge's order this city to -- seventeen and that million. They've got and no other issue coming up -- view with eighty million. We've got tens of million for the consent degree. Millions for the new terrorist prison. Oh over a billion dollars for broken water pipes. Too weak central point word bill that the public here in New Orleans and probably around the country. Have to be told there's certain things would just can't report. I think that that we're at that time right now -- and I also think that. What. It maybe what you speak into and I guess it doesn't look good for me to brightness that. The fact of the matter all the things that you have mentioned. Although probably the sins of the past when they were not handled and the other bills that come -- We knew we can we did not take care of the lepers so mad about got flooded out. We we did not hand that a crisis within the criminal justice system. And now we have to pay more for -- we need we. We'd just. Delays and put off until the bills that come do it when you delinquent it's really hard to get tips and I would say that. This Mair has. Has the inherited some some major issues that it is going to take a long -- -- and I think he's making every effort to do so. But I think too long we have set back in and -- been. -- reactive rather than proactive about doing things that like prepare for the Brisinger repairs of halted its food have been go to pot we've allowed our educational system to deteriorate. Social problems all over the place and yet we did not we -- there had to be somebody in this city with the foresight. -- that if we did not been that is the most dangerous thing that we could do. One more record record from Italy about a minute and strange question news. Yeah. The people of New Orleans were convinced. That they had to -- Higher property taxes higher one ever attacked. For basic service drinking water police. Firemen itself. Dueling -- brought about. The very people that are suffering the most from hot -- and the neighborhoods that roar of the ports. Won't they be forced to leave. Ya I think that applauded that has already happened. We have an opportunity. After. -- Katrina to look at the fact that we stroke out a lot of people from the city and those people are no longer here. What what we did not do it did -- -- immediately put in place. The kind of programs that we needed to sustain. The provisions in the criminal justice system the courts and whatever else over long periods this would be a good -- Applaud the remake in the and the reshape and a all the -- systems around the city Iran's state. And around the nation but what do we do and we've we've just waited which spent a lot of money on stuff that that reality. Does not help lead the general public. Doctor is Jim Mora wants the whole look if you wouldn't -- -- And that we are public I appreciate the call over remarks we'll talk to begin soon talked Hewitt. Yeah. And finally our governor of the Oprah did you board opinion poll -- war should be more and more concerned about. The war against crime and she needs of the American cities or war or overseas. 90%. City streets of the -- Come the veteran talk about a Supreme Court ruling. That requiring. Family -- corporations. Labor insurance covered for contraceptive. In a hundred the ball would -- mall. Violates the federal law protecting religious freedom that little complicated. We'll talk about it and acts.