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7-2-14 1:10pm Angela: with Dan Gill

Jul 2, 2014|

Angela talks summertime botany with the "Plant Doctor" Dan Gill.

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Happy Wednesday everyone and take a little change of -- not be so. Wild and crazy as we were yesterday of which I loved to misunderstand me but. Public and become a laid back today. Bob beginning where I always say this but I mean from the heart. Truly one of my favorite people on this Earth Day and -- shall and any plan to questions trees grass -- any questions you have. The plant doctors and our second hour I cannot wait to meet this man he's doctor Otis Brawley he's the national chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society. We're gonna talk about not being. The cancer rates in Louisiana are unacceptable. Let me say that but he's so knowledgeable but he's also written a fascinating book. -- where he's really looking at health care in general and I think you're gonna wanna hear what he has to say I was very interested in. On his perspective of too much medicine not enough medicine you just have to listen to. And then our third hour. Something that I know a little bit about but and then learn a lot more. And that is step families step families and Blended Families. -- and make it work we're gonna talk to some people who are living it. Immigrant talk to some experts. But -- we begin a special thing with the heat has said in and it does make a difference with our lawns and our flowers in -- shrubbery. And that means we needed a house call for more plant doctor in -- Once again -- -- any questions for Dan please give us a call 260187. 260187. Day well we are feeling the heat we are really -- but in reality we've had quite a bit of rain. The last couple weeks which was nice. When we have been and usually by this time of the year we've hit some dry spells you know we're really had to do a lot of watering. Honestly we've had -- relatively little irrigation. For our -- lawns trees shrubs all of our establish -- mostly water in flower beds and vegetable gardens as they need in course or container plants but. What a remarkable year so far that we've had rained so regularly. You know just in time we've never gotten desperately dry before another its issues with too much rain in the children in some areas around. Then got some. Really horrendous amounts of rain. And that can cause issues as well so probably -- this year at this summer so far we have more she's with too much trained causing root problems on -- rots in that sort of thing. A rather than issues with with too little so you know eventually it's always. The only thing that's why you're always going to be needed. With all of us so let's talk about. Let's talk about. When we have too much rain is that a big fungus thing only nine. That's the most important thing is that the most of the fungi that that attack our plants and from the root system up to believes. I have more and wet weather hot wet weather in particular so when we have a lot of regular Raman brings to a three times a week in rings for a couple of weeks regularly. Then we at least spot disease likes -- released on concrete marbles if you look around right now secret models with -- wish her red leaves are falling out with spots on the -- That's a fungal disease that has been encouraged by all of this rain black spot on roses always a lot more an issue we have rainy weather but when the sold its centuries away and stays away for days -- we keep -- rains coming through. Well that makes of her and help -- situation for the roots the roots can shut down they can -- to develop infections of fun -- root rot. And then when you see those plants -- root issues. May collapse and wilt even sold as wet or moist and that's because -- abuses and shuts down that's on the way the plant and absorb the water of the -- So if you ever see a situation where plant looks wilted. You water with in the potter in the ground water and doesn't per pack up again means the roots of shut down and that actually mean it's been giving too much water in the recent past and that is the death of the plant or. Can it be -- You know I'll root problems are almost always serious to the table. This is plants is can't take games to their roots sole lead spot disease comes in Conakry -- department can lose every leaf and simply send them into crop believes. Our group brought comes inning kills off the root system well in the plant is on some root problems were always far more serious to plants. Then issues with their foliage or upper parts and that's with the grass is too. For somebody to really get nailed with a lot of water. Grasses also have diseases here in the summertime. -- the -- him as a problem take all root -- has a problem and briefly spot or three. Fungal diseases of -- were common when it's hot and wet. So if you see areas of -- on that start looking sickly and then it rapidly enlarges may be an aerial looks dead it's a foot across in a few days it's two feet three feet across. He got an active fungal infection stop by able corner for you pick up a fungicide applicable for Portland on diseases in music label corrections but you're writing Angela. -- -- to real susceptible to diseases and that's also a good reason not to water too much people that simply you know water along once or twice a week just on a regular schedule. Other encourage -- diseases we just after one girl wants much indeed we -- water -- -- relief inning so far this year we've been getting regular offering full. You know it's interesting original drive by and you know that that people have which is a good thing. Automatic sprinklers and an -- on certain -- and it's just been huge downpour but the sprinklers are going. You know there are devices on the market now they can determine whether or not rain has occurred. And I encourage everybody has an irrigation system all automatic system to look at these devices or register rain has occurred in turn the system off. When it needs to be -- Okay what is the worst things that can happen. Now that we are in a little bit of a wall of heat just extreme -- it is time. Well everything just about a stressed out by this -- including some first off let's say a picture of yourself I mean you are the most important thing that your guard needs to be healthy so if you. It will get their take care of your yard that's a bad -- so work in the early mornings work before 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock were in the late afternoon. Because mosquitoes around during those times of the day we're mosquito repellent. I'll Wear comfortable closed and look people we're -- Aussie guys outward in baseball -- to a fine job of shielding your face but the tips of -- years the back of your neck were always looking down regarding. So where -- bagel. Right we're not on a fashion show. -- I got were bagel with a big old -- shake your -- your neck. Women and and both need need to change like that and then with the plants. Noticed you're top locals are just thriving -- equals love it. When it's on -- degrees in the days and seventy degrees at -- of all the plants landscape the tropical of the best this time of the year and even when half freezes like we had last January that -- which are prop up holes we will replay it in a heartbeat because we know nothing else shines going skates with -- tropical this time of the year. So yours say is may be able stressed looking to your treason trumps other plants that they'll likely eat the gonna be fine. But but watcher tropical ginger is the elephant ears -- him as. They're just really this is their time in the -- strut their stuff and that's one reason not always gonna have me and we have cold cold weather. You know you'd mentioned crepe myrtle -- at my favorite tree and it will because of blooms throughout the heat of summer. But if if they do have a little spot their losing nearly -- will they re grow leaves this summer. They will and slam you asked about the disease because that kind of mentioned it didn't say and -- it would you do leave it alone by the time you see the -- spots on leaves and they're dropping off the disease has happened spring with a fungicide at that point is useless the disease -- run its course. And -- -- fable the crate marbles and not lose using that much of their foliage and if they lose too much they will send newbies out right away with in the summer season. So even though you may be alarmed when he sees -- cost released on and cardinals it's not worth treating its life threatening doesn't hurt the trees that much leave it alone. Not because they're so beautiful they are they are and and they do bloom all summer long it's one thing I will say. You're treatment an outlet malls from along somewhere close along their -- swimming but each tree blooms in the season solve all of the total season runs from day. Until September. Not ever heard myrtle -- of the entire season the entire population that's what carries that through yes and it just as the color we need. But epidemic had a couple hard -- I'll drive up the driveway and there will be the white bug them until hang in there. Hold on. I just take the same draw is much as I love are pretty admirable that that's another injection point and when that is. These trees are -- I mean I hate to use that terrible work for beautiful part -- but those -- -- they drop our major issues so try to remember that and when you look at criminals -- -- landscape. Gently trying to avoid putting them -- they're gonna be falling on the driveway or on your car on a patio or porch. Because it becomes more of an when nuisance but the flowers that you see fall off after rain were to default. They weren't they were beautiful anyway. They had their moment they had their their had their moment in the sun and in the -- indeed everybody stay with this we're gonna continue our talk with Daniel. And not camping out what got you called we're gonna get to be first but. Everybody else who has any questions for -- 260187. Date will be right back I'm Angela on WW well. The plan doctor is in demand -- with all of your the answers to all your questions and -- Kathy -- hope you call us back he came in heart that you had a question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dictate the the only way you can make it branch out is to cut back. So so you can look at the plant and say I'd like to see new shoots coming out. From here three feet above the ground or five feet above the ground where we decide you want to stimulate that new growth to occur. That's how far back can cut it and then the the the stump reached out with several sprouts from the place where you made the. -- now when do I eat a lot. Not at -- Or really probably -- hand pro owners -- law operas were probably better than a knife. So use hand prisoners are operas and and don't you know that put anything on it yet to paint with anything or do anything. And you could do that now Michael -- didn't get it done sooner rather than later so it's time to send a new growth in the course of the summer. Well that's wonderful thank you -- Howard from Texas. That. Naturally. It actually Pete could it. All that Chung who it. Literature option if you treat. It. So Howard. Do you do you know the name of the -- that you have. It's a well -- The -- Prepare with a prepared. It's a variety of the calorie there. And what you've been told -- sort of accurate although it's been. Present in every -- Sort of -- so here's the deal -- the nearest popular because when that young it's very narrow and upright growth. And it maintains that kind of nice distinctive. Through much of its life but as the pair tree gets older it matter if she could say that a lot of support. And so is. Brad. It prepares pattern. -- the canopy gets one later -- under the weight distribution is such that it begins to -- On the structure of the tree. And those narrow -- branches that naral pro when younger created these narrow weak crop shingles that's where two branches come together. And if that's why -- be strong if it's a narrow the week. If you look at -- Bradford pair can find tons of these -- there'll be shaped crotch angles between where branches come together. Those are weak and some of the bread prepared its older larger and better in one later the weight of begins to be on the outside of the tree falls on the branches. And the -- we'll begin to split. With -- prepared as we notices splitting becomes more -- around the time they reach about fifteen years of age give or take a few years. And so ultimately Bradford often times split -- parcel at least doesn't necessarily. They can so badly disfigured them but it does that just so horrible looking from all the image that you and taking the tree down. There's really not anything you do about Howard it is our hope is just part of -- Bradford. Appeared trees it's just something we know about them and don't worry about it Sunday if -- appears split apart then you'll know what's going -- Well. You know where. They don't. -- I'm gonna keep check myself -- splitting up. Any other Bradford -- because. Of this was wildly popular in the eighty's and ninety's but is the trees started splitting and fall apart people started going well what she's a planting Bradford payers until they just fell out of favor. Millions of trees were burned or turned on the -- market fell for them. And then it's all sort of growing back now people kind of that they split but there's another trickle Cleveland's select which is also a gallery here. And the Cleveland select disposed to be less prone to splitting. And the -- prepare so I'm telling people these things you want something. That's like the -- prepared but maybe not so prone to splitting the Cleveland select. Choice so trimming the tree won't stop the split. You have to be a very knowledgeable individual who knew exactly what they were doing -- to start when she was very young. And then from the tree on an annual basis properly through the years and even then it works so again we we love him we get them for about three about 1520 years that ball park. And then -- Tell us what you think are the best fruit trees to plant an area. Well you know you have to -- -- citrus on -- really. Really those those two fir trees and the reason I'm figs and -- are so appropriate popular is because they're among the easiest trees take care of now citrus have begun to get back in the eighty's and ninety's citrus had very few. Problems and no major problems whatsoever. In the last 1012 years several extraordinarily serious diseases citrus greening citrus canker have moved in order plus a host of -- fungal diseases sober and citrus isn't quite as carefree used to be in the old days but interest rates are still pretty reliable. And relatively carefree compared to things like peaches -- yet -- constantly. Peaches open. So those two or -- really good blueberries are great for the North Fork they don't thrive as well on the on the south for but for the more four years of absence oils blueberries and other really great low maintenance. Home for an plan that the that works so well now it is a thrill we now have a couple citrus trees and -- just thrilled economics in the first little thing. Oh my god we're gonna have. A crop. Well that that that connection between us and plants. On the food level is the most most basic level of how -- relate to plants because we originally. Related to two plants we look at them for their beauty here the pro bowlers are fragrances. They were something to eat and still of these states is something really basic and fulfilling. When plants landscapes give us something to eat for the effort that we -- -- -- of them and that connection just reinforces. You know. Thousands and thousands of years of growing plants for the food they provide to. Couldn't agree with you more it's it's a genuine thrill at any age and I can see why. Gardening really as the number one on support and interest hobby and America I guess it goes back to that court thing of you know watching a life cycle. And in the playoffs. And your efforts and we. And arts and strike and when I didn't have a yard I didn't containers days ago yeah just a plane to tomatoes. We're still waiting for more calls to 601 examining and you have questions out there again let's talk about vegetables and where we should be at this point. Well the heat is here. So right now we're looking at vegetables that don't like the heat doing more poorly and that's of -- of the heat are doing fine and we can continue to plant them. Now we're at the tail end that our spring early summer vegetables season and those of the vegetables and Clinton back in March and April include things like -- made as snap beans bell peppers. A squash cucumbers and so forth a lot of these specials are finishing up now a lot of parchment is a plan to back in and mid march. They produce their main prop in late may and June. And they're pretty much finishing off for an hour later plated plan to tomatoes may be producing more at this point. But the actually taking its told so if you officials are looking poorly right now the cucumbers separatist well but now they're looking tired and it'll pull them all out -- your compost pile. And -- heat tolerant bedding plant size it turns out this Friday in the times speaking and I have my weekly column the green thumb. And in the inside -- section of the whole column on. Hot weather vegetables and complain at this time of the year doing so you can kind of -- resort look at that and get some references to -- -- vegetables and Oprah Oprah loves the heat so Oprah's a grapefruit or peanuts. Peanuts are super -- your brain -- kids at home. Plant some peanuts it's a standing crop growing kids so they're wonderful crops we implant this time of the year despite the heat some props are staying saying good -- to and we can plan. When we got funny at callers not Lori Stacey capping and Trish stay with this we're going to be right back which is -- to run to the newsroom but -- is ready to answer your questions. This is Angela under the that you. Dan hill the plant doctor our guest today in all kinds of calls I appreciate all of you holding -- we we'll get to. Each and every one of -- starting with -- in Metairie -- I questioned about a tree at a trade and and I. Still ain't right. It there for packet that's a very drop -- right then. I'm wondering what I am doing. Well the main issue -- the fact that hasn't taken off and started growing in five years is long enough. For a fig tree or really any tree. To settle into its location it is routes throwing out strong shall. And start growing normally and you know -- -- girl gang buster rate but she shifts to see reasonable amount of growth now. Despite your your feelings not seeing growth -- is growing every time you see green eggs those spring figs are appearing on new growth. So each year are you seeing green fix those stadiums with the green things on them however long those stems that's how much growth that tree has made. That your alone so it is growing this is not growing as fast as you want it to. There's not much you can do -- can the best tool we have to simulate you know vigorous growth is making sure the the nutrient for older that the plan needs so fertilizing the fig tree in February or march each year. With a fruit tree fertilizer original purpose fertilizer follow label directions as your best tool. To encourage the tree -- passes and that may not. Cause any dramatic increasing growth but at least you know you're doing everything that you can I'm. Trees -- about five years old are still young. And we normally don't see things ripening on the trees that are five years or last sometimes even if it's six years and wiping their fruit yet but your tree is approaching the age now. That it will begin to -- some of its fruits or maybe next year maybe the year after but you're sure he's a lack of ripening of -- -- it was an age issue. In that the tree was young as a tree gets better settled and then does does more. Then you should start seeing some from -- and so again nothing dramatic here fertilizer trees help encourage growth from the -- for ripening is understood because trees and young. That -- the poor rate of growth may not be quite as bad as you think because again you're getting some pro feature producing green eggs every year. At. -- even -- placed in the art gallery. -- enough need about that this. So I can tell you you know -- it could be where you have. But there's nothing you do about location I mean dig up a five year old Phoebe. Hard on the trees though if it's it's not sunny in that location that's some all day long it's an issue it's not well drained. And that location that's an issue which you can't change any of that at this point. Our think our car so much a let's go to Stacey in New Orleans. And down and not they have. But they're not only. In what you station. And have they -- the call yet for. Error. -- -- that's that was it. A -- and basically that would be like saying I bought this is -- in bloom. And it was gorgeous and it was covered with flowers and I haven't seen the flowers. Blooming and hasn't and that's the -- bloom for a while in the it. Looked like you know it. Has cede parts where the terrorist war. Served -- once a flower has bloomed out Stacey it's done whatever is left behind when the flower blooms is a seed -- received the flow is coming all already of those flower buds. So so that's that your confusion -- confusing the of the what you need to do at this point is -- those all law. Up during the plan to get you any good -- -- off back to where the foliage where they come right bullets and that'll be fine and you're stokes casters will bloom again for you next year. In a way. Okay something to our former two. Bank. I am what it -- -- and it's not at all they are absolutely positively and told Lee hard he will never hurt -- hurt them. But mentioned I had -- and people that are partial look at. Full sun is preferred a partial is okay. Thank you -- Kathy in Metairie. Were great. And you know why don't -- for Dan. -- -- -- I'm. Not here I. Under the -- Brett. We have. Kept him or. You can plan. You can plant would -- a stream -- customers are really popular hedge plant for planting and here's reliable -- relatively quickly. And there's a great by Burnham. Called the sweet by Burnham it's BIB you are in view him. The survivor and it could be taller than the customs special reason -- out. Maybe about ten feet twelve feet. All of this are burnhams we'll get to be about maybe fifteen feet tall the twenty feet tall but their fans throwing -- maker really great to privacy screen. So those are two that you might wanna consider. You are you am. It's too -- it's too late to be of great benefit of the tree. The best fertilization that we do is in late January early February that's the most important for position. With and also little fertilizer around in June. But that's not as important as the as the late winter application. Putting -- this late the crop is parties there the trees started in most of its new growth so for us and now a tree looks healthy would not make much sense that if your trip sickly. Pathologies yellow -- and should be its -- on the tree obviously looks like it needs nutrients then fertilized at the tree looks healthy and fine don't. -- That's perfectly acceptable reason why you shouldn't rule -- in a pot on your. Thank you so much -- -- Trish -- Jason Ronald stay with this will be right back. Mr. Dan wonderful -- our guest and -- land adjacent Ronald were with you starting with Trish on the North Shore. Hit man. Until I -- -- know is mature at the landfill and aren't. Could cause foundation a problem -- they're planted next to my -- in my -- -- No I'm not -- -- -- recognize that. -- -- thank you for holding turns out Linda in new Marlins. Hi Dan -- -- I have to question the wind is I planet they may both see and fortunately -- coming up. Is there anything special I need to do is -- is really hot weather in this debate it's probably about six cents at all. Well it'll be happy just outside. And it's already planted in the ground. Will make you keep it protected I mean it's probably relatively small so make sure no mowers are people stepped -- her to think. That's did you put in -- nice sunny location. Wolf the challenge. You're going mangoes and I'm of course is cold. In this past winners has ravaged mangoes yet so again under same angle was a tropical crop that we can play around with but its feet. If we have mild winter after mild winter for the next. Number of years -- yeah. I have perhaps -- it's not impossible there are some guards and actually managed to get mangoes to produce I -- so it's not impossible but if you know this coming winter freezes and gets them -- -- you know what that is it's called -- sweaters. You got -- net a little mangoes sweater and then you know the bigger one as it grows anything coverage over the years until league it's BP. You know fifteen or twenty feet tall. And on its own. But again. -- we play around with the highest mangoes. Those of -- Of Ennis is just a wide variety of tropical -- who we play around with. Managed to get to produce here but we -- to be cognizant aware of the fact that cold one at all name. -- -- Okay now my other question is I love doing. Vegetables and using them. And my garden. From a -- And they it beautifully and I was tied in all of -- but that -- But that's what -- that they they're eating you know things. And let the that and that out. I can't keep getting get eating 11 lady McCartney capped one of the guards -- that just give up until the end of September I need your opinions. That situation team that just bugs. You know we can control insects now if the seven hasn't worked out well for you. A caterpillar really they're too good organic insecticide for for Caterpillar's Espinosa. As P&O. SAD. And BT is which is in common severe sprains and both of those. I just ask for the bring to local or Sri and yet despite those regularly every seven day shift announced today. And it will begin to reduce the damage that GC and ideally if you wait to spray to you a whole lot of image. Then you've got the doors of the -- I mean the horses on the -- all ready so you start spraying insecticides -- pillars. It's the games become somewhat significant has gotten relief and so maybe -- spring earlier some of the option mentioned are cool season crops the Swiss -- is not -- well in the heat. Also we expects history to be finished this was chart at this point I would just pull up and in and do away with the other vegetables are better for this time of the year but again. Don't give up on your vegetable garden just because you have insect problems. You'll never have a vegetable garden. -- my concern is that I want to be able to eat it. That's why recommended the expert to OK but -- Hate war. Our our ark is mentioned earlier and -- quiet ones now why aren't the best vote that I should be grind and he hit the. Well don't forget to column and that this Q and in the -- Because it's all listed there are we've got Oprah. The long -- interpreted it plants like tycoon and a bomb can be planted now up units can be planted now hot peppers and sweet peppers in the bell peppers can be planted now we -- southern -- column -- Peace purple hulled peas -- to XP's all the wonderful sort of peace can be -- now. And will thrive in the Oprah loves to be growing on the year -- on a whole array of amazing vegetables. Something -- animals soybeans and a mommy. Mommy. And you can grow your own at a mommy my -- in the seats this time yours and there is no reason in the world to -- departure. Until September when you can be harvesting wonderful things that every month of the year. Need to get our crops going. Thank you very much for calling on Jason in Pass Christian. Actually on the radio show that you quick questions from Sudan. One question there and has -- -- transplanted. Three. Law rather large credit admirals around February I think. Our our -- the -- so amount and in and I -- some huge holes and transplant well. I've been wore them terrible war -- the water and I can take a fingernail and rubble bark and all the way to the cops were actually am in its grain but they have not leave now. Please tell me that maybe they'll come out next year. They either come out this summer there down four. Thorough so I mean you leave them until October or November. And if they have leaked out by then they're done for even if it's green under the bark when you scratches. They just can't survive that long they have got to have leaves to make food so the -- our residents in the starving to death all summer because making food for themselves because no foliage so this shouldn't using absence is still alive they're using up all of this -- food right now but apparently -- was enough -- game between you dug them up and move them. Where they were not strong enough to send out new growth. And if they weren't. Earlier than they're not likely to later so I would tell you Jason. To be pessimistic in this situation unfortunately rather than optimistic but leave them until October November but -- -- signs of life by then. Go ahead and it's just they just didn't. All OK -- dead and the pink ones and they're around -- you know real old. I got -- back -- almost scratch they're can be improve level and and you know they're real green and real. The branches are very. Richard -- had not rigid but -- one. Okay and that's Jason that's a good sign otherwise would have told you to -- right now. But since they're still green leave them leave -- for October fall. I grow okay it's our last question Islam. Have a planted eighty. Com blood orange about five years ago it was coming up button on equally extreme cold weather that we at this winner over a year -- crushed in. Killed a lot of people's histories well the tops of -- all of -- Braun and and you know it just keep -- Aggressively going toward moving toward the ground low -- -- however. Archival back and -- -- -- the whole thing up now all -- new green growth you know that the actual. Well. There's probably about you know eight inches and -- And then it just goes and it's like abortion now but it's only about three foot tall as opposed to mean -- what the dull and beat new growth on what anything Arcandor Anita true and our our our. In any in quarters on match. I'd say you've dodged two bullets and survived as long as Jason. All that new growth is coming from above the craft unions have checked the lower trunk with a -- union is. And Vietnam -- crook in the trunk and you make sure that if -- from below there that's not any group lifted from above that he'll grow new -- back nothing to do right now but -- -- Thank you so much Jason Ronald hope we're gonna have time for you hold on one more minute we'll be right back. Ronald you have been so kind and patient you have a question for Dan -- Pain is there. -- real quick is green onions ally output in Atlanta. Let it in the -- late summer early fall. Got all these whiners that follow later everything all TD and they would proceed earlier this year and explain. And I -- -- political -- about a month and a half. And -- early -- back in the ground and start getting some growth. August. I would say August August is still little early to plant green onions shallots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But even if you don't see any complaint and -- -- August. Ronald you were wonderful to have held on thank all of our callers but mostly today and deal. Again 79 Saturday mornings right here on WL we love you Dan and Gil thank you Angela -- -- A pleasurable time such joy thanks thanks again and everybody stay with this is we're gonna interview a very interesting doctor you wanna hear what he has to say.