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Jul 2, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I could think of more appropriate way to start to show -- to witness saw it is still. Based on out there. Today I think it was 95 at one point it was an 84 after 5 o'clock. Brutal I -- I hope your feeling but that's OK and again I feel so badly for those few. Pour in and out of your car is especially those of you who are working. In this summer heat it is Perry -- in fact it's -- I'm scotus it is great to be back with you on the -- show you how many times are -- -- Tommy Tucker restricted to call the show this -- -- because it's just something got so used to say what I think Bob Mitchell foresee him sitting in for Tommy Tucker. It's time for tonight's top eight days you're the top -- things we'd like you to know which we begin our show tonight -- WL. Number eight. 2014 essence festival begins tomorrow. And this is the fortieth anniversary of essence fest and the -- stage performers include prince. Mary. It's a wonderful place of the -- -- the essence fest crowd from what I've seen the last year or the year before living downtown for a couple of years. Is a great crowd to have downtown and we welcome all of you who were here or. On your way to New Orleans to be part of a success I will tell you this. Pointers. Canal and all the streets in between. Will be absolutely. Jammed packed with cars. Late into the evening because what thing that I've noticed is. The the essence fest crowd. Loves to. And there's some really nice cars they like to be in their rise. And they spent time cruising now a lot of people who conference is just do that and nothing wrong with they'd just won -- what you know that there's always going to be up. Lot of traffic out there so just be aware that heavy traffic all night long. Number seven on tonight's list at the top eight at eight. Today July 2 2014. Is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. It was on this date July 2 1964 the president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act which banned racial discrimination. Americans changed a lot over the last fifty years. What's better. And what's not. And what do you remember about segregation. Well let's talk about this tonight on the show the fiftieth anniversary. Of the Civil Rights Act what's better. What's not. And what do you remember about segregation. I told us on the year before but I still remember. Asking my dad went to reply to treat each one's -- a little kid. As a board they have bathrooms and water fountains that say whites only colors don't. And I don't remember the explanation. But it was almost as if no explanation was going to be good enough. Because I didn't understand it. And I'm glad I didn't understand. Much has changed. But much hasn't changed. So we'll talk about demolition of regular tour has to comment on an -- we're talking about our numbers 2601 in seventy. Toll free 86680. Parents nearly seventy protection -- EC 78 separate number six at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Has announced a mill gun policy for its stores now it's not demanding that customers not had their guns it's simply asking them not to bring their guns and there are people who -- So brazen. They wanna carry their guidance. To show that they can't. It's not that they feel they need to be protected in -- certain situations. Because I don't think anybody would go to target if they thought they needed to bring a gun to go to target. If you thought it was a kind of place or defaming. Korean restaurants that we talked about you simply wouldn't go there. However you do have a right to do that in many places Louisiana is among them but the group that is. Is going around flaunting. Their Second Amendment Rights. By trying to intimidate people that they know they're doing it. And maybe the argument could be that people shouldn't be intimidated by that the people -- -- so the day. Those people. Know what they're deal. And that's not the right way to respect the Second Amendment but these are not the kind of people that you could reason with. And -- are we to please don't bring your guns and here. There's -- an organization this -- -- once again this happened in Texas there's there a group called open carry Texas. And it's a pro -- group and nothing wrong with being a pro gun group but they. A number of members of open carry Texas. We're taking their guns and and rifles and one looks like some kind of -- And assault rifle I mean I'm I'm not a -- -- Arco solar I hope I'm describing is right but I'm looking at a picture of three man. In target and they've got to rifles strapped on now it's open carry against the can legally do that but but I mean why. Why -- again this is the mentality. Of a few gun owners who wore radical activist within the gun movement. At a target CEO said bringing firearms to target creates an environment that is at odds with the family friendly shopping. And work experience. We strive to create. He was mom's demand action for -- cents in America a gun control group. At first brought this to the attention of targets with there's a photograph. And again to join our -- comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- seven in a text numbers seats 77. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. What is that we have. Parents leaving their children in hot cars. You've been a hot car. I -- car. I don't receive a heart Carter along I don't -- a hot car with the windows rolled up and -- parents are leaving their kids. In hot cars. Yesterday a mother and -- was arrested for leaving her 21 month old child in a hot car when she went in -- -- to get cigarettes. Tuesday in Slidell a mother left a five month old. She was taken into custody -- after five month old. Locked in the car. Here's what I like to practice. Average citizens had been. Have been calling police. Average citizens have have noticed kids and and there was an incident and I wanna save slide you'll buy it could be wrong. Somebody who left a dog in a hot car. If you have that little respect for for life then do us a favor and don't bring life into this world. Mean this is -- -- Mean I've I didn't deceit. And there's nothing about being in a hot car. It's healthy it's fun and then of course it was a case are struck human resources and filling in -- the morning show this this past week and we could have. On a father Lester 22 month old in a sweltering hot car for seven hours in a suburb of Atlanta the child died. The -- city forgot to drop his son offer daycare we're learning so much about that including a story about how the mother and the father. Both. -- How long it takes a child to die. In a hot car. And the last I heard maybe this is changed but the last I heard the father who was being held. Without bail so he is. He is still. In jail something really didn't make sense to police. About his story but you know what what. An and you know -- do you accept as an excuse oh I forgot. You can be negligent. And be really sorry that you did something. But you still should be held accountable. If you manager in -- with your comment tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Or seven attacks temper. Is it seventy except. Number four in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Story. The restaurant or -- college shooters real shooters grill. Is in rifle Colorado. The waitresses are packing heat while we wait on tables. The restaurant features on the menu the M sixteen garrido. The Smith & Wesson grilled cheese and -- locked and loaded nachos. And I'm looking at a picture these waitresses. And this is Colorado okay they're wearing. Tight jeans. They're wearing flannel plaid shirts but they're all really hot. And they're carrying guns -- -- Would you feel comfortable in a restaurant with a waitresses or are carrying guns. Dot I know this might seem hypocritical because I'm I'm not comfortable in in a restaurant where people who are with the pro -- activist group. Who had that mentality of going to go into. A restaurant and put their -- on the table. To prove that they have Second Amendment Rights. Which we already know but they -- that would prove it and and flaunted by putting their guns on the table in a family restaurant. To me that's intimidating. But in shooters real. Where the waitresses are packing heat if that's a -- there seem to me that that's that's a prop. And that's a little different and flooding. -- -- Is there a difference between a pro gun activist group carrying guns into a family restaurant. And hot waitresses. Packing heat as they wait on tables we'll talk about that from the -- might as well number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Just criticizing hobby lobby for refusing to cover the morning after 201 form of contraception. Which they believe causes an abortion. However they're doing business with China a nation that has aggressively. Mandated abortion. In many situations is that hypocritical. That's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after appeal for employees. Yet still do business with China. In a country that in many cases. Mandates abortions. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And Lola tractor polls we've goes throughout the show tonight the risk of blood tonight is a title is hobby lobby guilty. A Christian hypocrisy. Now for those of you who were quick to say this is bashing Christians. It's not. -- it's not about bashing Christians at all it's asking a question is hobby lobby guilty of Christian. Hypocrisy. And there are Christians in this country who are now questioning. Hobby lobbies policy. You can read the blog share with others. If you want it at the end of the blog guy asks for your comments if you wanna. A -- a comment to. So to come to an email address it -- at WW dot com. -- at WW dot com and we'll get to some of those comments on the show tonight number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jimmy Graham is a tight -- not a wide receiver that's the ruling was that the right decision. Jimmy Graham argued that he he performs as a wide receiver on the field. And I think the argument can be -- doesn't block like a tight and he's put in there and situations where a wide receiver might be in there. And in some ways he performs like a wide receiver although he's as far as I know he's not among the top. He's not among the the the top performing wide receivers he has among the top performing tight ends. -- described herself as tight and but because the the saints but the franchise tag on him. If they don't work out a long term deal and Jimmy Graham gets paid seven million dollars. Under the franchise tag. As a tight end as opposed to twelve point three million. If he was designated as a wide receiver now whether that's fair or not it doesn't matter that's that's the argument. Idea because stared at Jimmy scramblers. Designate a tight and -- not a wide receiver something else we'll talk about and you can join us with your comment. At 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- a -- ember is a 78 cents and finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. Something yeah. Which brings up. Now out one of the victims from the Bourbon Street shooting early Sunday morning has died. Brittney Thomas 21 years -- with -- hand. She's a beautiful. Beautiful young woman. And apparently. -- showing every sign of being a very responsible contributing member to our society. And she's gone. As a result of some people who are not contributing members of our society. She died from -- -- loans. Sunday morning I've left my apartment downtown and in what suburban street this is an area for the time I'm quite familiar with and and travel through this 700 block quite often. I did a video from the perspective of of people who were there. I used to astute candidate we're gonna start doing a scoot him on the show but it's it's on our website at WWO dot com enter video audio. And I'd I'd tell the story based on and on what I heard today aborting that the Swiss had done Sunday morning just hours after the shooting. You know it's interesting because when -- I've talked about my experience suburban street recent. I said to last week of the morning -- and this week as well boxing last week I said this week. -- you know I'm still confused about analysts. I said that there and I notice this over the last six months in particular. There's a new element. In the French Quarter. The French Quarter has changed. There are people who don't go to -- street. To party. They don't go to Burma street to have fun they're not they're not doing the same things that people do. When they traditionally -- street. What are they doing they have a right to do this. But it's interesting that they're just they're standing they're. In some ways they appear to be visually -- people as they walked -- And many of them are just. So. Disgusting -- degrading. To females. But it's amazing to me that that women don't turn around and slap them. Because of the way to treat it. There are also groups the congregate suburban street. But when I describe this as a new element on Bourbon Street I received some emails and texts. From listeners criticizing me for not being honest about the element. The checks in the email said you're being too politically correct call it like it is. And quite often the N word was used. Criticism because I refused to say the element is young black males because skin color doesn't have anything to do with the element that's in the French Quarter. It has to do with mentality. Have you seen a picture. Of the two gentlemen. That are people of interest in suburban street shooting have you seen pictures. They're on our website right now at WW will -- -- Take a look at their pictures. And this is why I'm so proud. I've refused to submit to the demands to be politically correct. To the point where I said this is about young black males. And even if a disproportionate number of young black males. Are assailants. And victims. Defining it that way makes it seem as if skin color has something to do with committing crimes. And skin color -- nothing to do with that. It's about culture. It's about. Parents. Or lack thereof. But if you were so quick to judge. Who was involved. In this urban street shooting. Take a look at the pictures of the people of interest. And NO PD has posted. It's on our website. At WWL. Dot com. I'm scotus substituting for scotus this feels good it's great to be back on the Tonight Show late tomorrow is the third of July essence fest begins tomorrow and then. It's a fourth of July and along we -- from any idea so popular good mood tonight it is hot it is still. It's still sweltering out here. If you at a join us a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Tech's number is 87870. I'd -- will be right back on WL I just got to look at him Megyn Kelly from Fox News Channel. She's so I guess -- competition Americans held to such he's on right now at the beginning a discussion. She has got the hottest new hairstyle. Kind of reminds me of David goalie in his his earlier years no I kind of chuckling about that but. It looks great. So if you haven't seen Megyn Kelly she's always been. Very very attractive. Very Smart as well not just saying she's attractive which he's got a new hairdo reminds me of a David going. Tomorrow night on the -- show wanna talk about his -- Texas cheerleader. Who was a trophy water. She's a cheerleader beautiful blonde and she goes to Africa kill lines and -- And she's trophy on. So we'll talk about women who hunt if -- woman do you want if if you're a trophy wife do you watch -- thinking that this woman is destined to be somebody's trophy wife she's a trophy hunter. And what we'll talk about this -- -- and and if it's not for food. If it's just too. Just to say you you killed one of these majestic animals partly justified it. You certainly entitled to do if it's and it is legal in in certain situations to do that I don't understand it's a we'll talk about -- -- -- right. Here's an update on our W have you a pretty general opinion poll. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees yet still do business with China a country that mandates abortions. 36%. Say yes it's wrong but 64%. Say no it's not wrong. We'll practiced all throughout our shortly be interesting to see the changes or give us your opinion are going to our website WWL. Dot com from Terry town built during the -- showed good evening. -- -- You had that incident again. Nominal. Program -- as a chronic lack practically opera and it anyway you thought about. These Civil Rights Act. Why apple will come in Osaka and that. I'm gonna -- it does happen to beat it he. I graduated from college on court can put your arm out the kitchen -- In what we called -- pale. And act on the and that Oprah and latency and maybe. Thirty minutes his name Earl Montgomerie. And Montgomery was an open a couple of yeah Andy. In active and Simon on the it's -- that by only 10. And either which way he's what's supposed to sit and around the and so girl went on -- the -- -- -- And came back to -- -- that I. The move. To the front to -- light and I told him that I wouldn't move and and for a few minutes of what you and -- with seconds it was a I would. In the that they bought thoughtful. Antibodies that brought the box. And if the court too long ago which some people. Will ma'am. The -- the police chief. It -- call the police -- they've looked that would put me in jail but anyway. But it would pay him eight. I hit him it and and they do when you talk about what's happening now it's definitely a -- -- -- -- -- -- And and that it is the biggest thing. But tell that story. But -- wrote a -- that in the brunt of that bus that was deeds sixty bowl in deep. In the pack a couple of. You know white guys who are here we're now well bill I don't go yet I I really enjoyed your -- or you are white guy did was ticked I was sitting in the back of the busters he was supposed to be in the front. That's why didn't -- a key to. And -- -- -- Montgomery and outlawed debt limit -- one block. And you just Soledad as you just saw them as people. -- look at that young people. It's strictly it was light and by young people -- -- -- -- -- that in the end. And now look that it did -- -- We for the past criminal. Against the that black people on the end. Her -- -- and outlawed on what it's. You needed to to find that that's. There again as you grow that they choose your -- -- -- and greet with him he's really and that that -- -- -- Campbell Tibet. I was on the on the world we look at that by a that he that the people. But the bad spot in Montgomery and not -- bought -- it's significantly TO and it went. Cotton club public spotlight. And we don't like that they've come home well everybody's in he. Blackberries in -- and inquiry. And my mother used to you know at which you have a thing mama wouldn't do that. That you didn't you know. -- agree with it does but we did it and deal. Since you just can't require practice I can't let you go without singing part of your favored him. You do that -- right now all right. Good news is in part of their force nubians. Technical and Wednesday. Stewart and rocket girl. Emblem suffering and security -- -- And I'd love to crawl its web dearest and for -- -- so -- The -- them that your open. And it. Bill Clinton. It's. And not. Extra and so long. Boom. Yeah the the choir is blessed to have you bill and we're blessed to have you seen it on our show thanks for listening. -- We're talking about among other things this being the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act it was signed on to -- by president Lyndon Johnson. In 1960 for the Civil Rights Act is fifty years old and over fifty years a lot has changed. Some things are better in some things are not any better. What memory do you have a segregation. -- just talked about as a story it was very indicative of the time. Yeah this is not always been about white vs black it's been about some whites and some blacks vs each other. But here bill goes to sit in the back of the bus. To be with his his black friend. And he's told with a bus driver you're not allowed to sit in the back sit in the front. And hold. Rosa Parks incident that many believe in it inspired the Civil Rights Act. Was about her she was tired. -- she was didn't domestic help. As she was tired for a long day of work. She Saturn in front of the bus because she was so tired she didn't want to back the boss. And she was told she's not allowed because she -- -- not allowed to sit in the front of the -- What are you remember about segregation. And for those of you who are younger who really don't have any. Real. Concept. Of the way things used to be. He wasn't really that long ago. When this country was was was quite different. Fifty years is not that -- -- use your parents maybe. Fifty if you're if you're one of our younger listeners. So what is it that you remember about segregation that we talk about that on this. Fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act tomorrow is the beginning of essence fest and it should be just another great time in new worlds if you come in here. It's going to be warm so be prepared for that if you wanna join -- tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. -- seventy. And our text number is 87870. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees yet still do business with China a country that mandates. Abortions in many cases. 50%. Say it's wrong. And 50% say it's not wrong. It is your opinion by going to W -- dot com and the -- blog is about -- -- -- hobby lobby is guilty. Of Christian hypocrisy this is not bashing Christians this is talking specifically. About copy lobby in the Supreme Court case ruling this week. I'm -- will be right back. Under the W well -- I -- correct something I got -- Texas -- just a moment ago what I want to correct something that I I said on the show I talked about. These people of interest. If from New Orleans Police Department in the shooting suburban street Sunday morning. And I refer to them take a look at these gentlemen. Well I meant that to be very sarcastic. Because -- get a text that says that people refer to murderers as gentlemen you just did. As they are anything by it and should not be honored by referring them as gentlemen thanks love your show I agree with that I met daddy is. You know it might my intent was to -- gentlemen. Which you realizing that that's exactly what they're not you know sometimes things are juxtaposed to each other and it makes it stand -- a little more self. I really don't think they're they're gentlemen but. If you were quick to judge. The type of people who you -- Where possibly responsible for that early Sunday morning shooting -- retreat. If you haven't seen the pictures. Take a look at the pictures. On our website WW dot com. And we're set to announce that pretty Thomas -- when -- who -- in Hammond. Died from her gunshot wounds today. She's a beautiful young lady. And appears to have been somebody who would have so much to offer this country. And yet she was taken from life. By two people who or by people to people who allegedly did this who apparently have very little. To offer a life. From the city Michael you're under VW well. I did a great big topics. Of -- -- that tournament -- that all our calls but. And like I said he just got back from a choir practice I could letting go announcing in a song. And I hear them accurately here you know and it's pretty much. Pretty much all. Back there. And I are real -- -- of the racial or what -- -- you know. As well. They're being very hectic day gathering on or back. Didn't count on on. Whether. I you know I don't know or -- -- that. -- our numbers being really honest I don't go to cap the well and yet though. It was like religious imagery in the -- side. And not my parents didn't that would tell your work or actually enjoy it here and he'll talk to realize it and you know collect -- -- and and been out that was a big part of our experience. -- so you know much later. Definitely kept -- didn't open in the wallet general area and David duke was what the governor -- -- Who voted for. And it was a Scottish people like old battery urged voters are there any like there. It was a very better. -- Morgan all the age eligibility keynote speaker I don't. -- post whatever. We got -- Well we're neighbors or we're certainly not there yet Michael. Depreciation and orders would bridge. -- caller -- right now we do -- it. Yeah. Thanks Michael I am divert part of this audience and always love being with you ignite a born again once again -- -- -- -- for doing the show obviously it's a tummy tuck for. On the last two weeks from New Orleans Monty you're under the WL. Yeah I'm good. -- following back to the crew -- or over a year. Electoral. It's really. Proper pressure -- somebody that has you know even keel I don't know what -- would you like certainly appreciate your. You know I'm medically pure and I medic I appreciate that I medic guys' names block any heat sends me text from buck in a truck. And he's done as a big guy cowboy hat on had a bit of and belt buckle a big -- buckle it -- bull -- minorities and he's it was a bull rider -- years ago. -- came -- to me at the boomers and beyond expo which we sponsor of the year. It's good I just wanted to -- -- I don't ever agree with given all of the show. And that was a tremendous compliment. Now and you you have you have -- dirt and I think you just aren't credible should be on national park. -- tell you about what my first my I've never forget that. Trying to grow electron -- it my parents. Talk my brother that you know to treat all people equally and out of the great gift and we were allowed to go on the spot. And 89. And we went out on the spot where her mouth and now. And my brother and I want to go back in the -- because wanna look up the -- went. And we got on -- of the -- posh and Boston now and the proper. Came back in the -- -- -- love what you culture look further property and now. Conscious well who you know while ago back when Indonesia when I don't think that you probably would be better. Try you know and meet -- first in my well I want to follow up the track. Sure we all -- You all can't be in the back to the ball. -- -- -- -- Exit -- the and -- at it will cause you know the buy back on reserve for black people. Until our him. I'm -- made him a hammer and what you get -- from a pot for. Part down to that -- all -- -- -- you know those guys tell me and I can't be -- -- on the spot as some crazy rule. Money is this isn't. This is this seconds this is the second story of her tonight about a white person who want to sit in the back of the bus who was told not to I never had that personal experience myself. But isn't that amazing you should be able to sit obviously you should be able to see where you want to hear you -- chose to sit in the back of the bus. And you were not allowed to sit in the back and -- this. But. It looked as it was as. There was no line there was no there was no marking -- But the back was for what they but it was Arnold spoke. And you know actually trying to saying but back to the -- though. You know an outspoken saying I think a lot of people. You know there's not think that we should not they just understand. You are urged the whole conversation. About. But it shouldn't tragic shooting on. Herbert street I mean you know there's a lot of comments on around. These comments -- years ago and you know it -- -- people embarrassed at all anymore about. Oh it certainly are actually proud. Some people actually a weird as a badge of honor. Money and political -- thank you so much for it and after the comments -- thank you so much for sharing your story with us. If you gonna join us tonight with your thoughts one of the things we're talking about tonight is this is the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights -- -- on this day by president Lyndon Johnson in 1964. A lot has changed. What is it that you remember about segregation from your past. And again if you want to -- our younger listeners. Listen to how this country wise not that many years ago. And it might help you understand. How some people feel about being in America because it wasn't that long ago when people were totally mistreated just because of the color of their skin. Which isn't fair. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday are taxed as they -- seventy. I'm scoots back on the -- showing ninety will be right back on WL I'm looking at -- radar right now Anderson seriously. Strong thunderstorms in the area -- frankly it's -- just about to move into that area. And also on the high twelve between Baton Rouge and Hammond -- don't have the exact location here tonight I can tell it's on on my twelfth. And -- your live anywhere south of of like twelve and an area a lot of very heavy rain also up toward the Mississippi Louisiana State lines of you're in that. A teacher drive carefully -- -- New Orleans captain Jack here on WWL. Our captain captain like I'm sorry. No problem no problem. I am 48 years old enough light so people -- we discuss that subject matter where I have a sensible on the what -- cultural chrome like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- problem took notre ago -- the Tennessee State University you know match real labor on the rule incidents. And as we were headed back on the highway. We stopped at a restaurant. And -- up about two people and it was pretty big restaurant on the dip as we stood in the doorway. And they looked everybody stop and rules of that trap and let them out based barge -- said the word. They just stopped and -- And of course we -- patient retreat back to -- to -- -- But now I dispute as a baseline. Rome that programs ball. Two -- much more. Our environment is America corporate no but I'll walk around. Feeling like second class citizen and do what laws reflect no. Well sort of stroke about -- that genre that when we change in a year that is where we so -- -- We don't see the the physical. A segregation the way we once saw that -- fifty years ago but there is there's just still sold mental. So much mental and emotional segregation and. -- personally do you know people we have been and now American apartheid. Fifteen years some forty so I got in on the ground will be in the first questions about looking back. Well that's where a lot of people wonder why. So many blacks are still bitter. Fight it occurs to me if it did. That even. Even. Thirty year old -- Serena lecture me each and into even even blacks that are much younger. They had been told stories from they've got firsthand stories from order of their parents and their grandparents about how they were treated so it really wasn't that long ago. You know -- -- -- And or. Public. This sort of what I was all world I was not going to be the black end of the war. And there were those some white people. Some legislative towards some businesspeople. Who weren't strange okay I got there. But I was -- so be spiritually intellectually. And physically soldiers. By being the only in the that's sick more him. Otherwise you and I can't have a decent compensation -- now album chart project on you right in the and there were before you want more. Captain like it's a good point I've got to get to break our appreciation in a story with us. There's an interesting stories about George Wallace who ran for president he was governor of Alabama and -- very famous for standing in the doorway of -- at a school blocking. Blocking integration and he was very proud of that and he was part of this southern strategy that Republican politicians used. And it was all about instilling fear we'll talk more about that -- more of your calls when we come back under the WL.