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Jul 2, 2014|

Whether it’s a long range or a short range solution – what do you think will turn the tide against public shootings like the one early Sunday morning on Bourbon Street? Will this latest shooting incident stop you from going to the French Quarter? what are some of your Civil Rights memories on this the 50th year anniversary of the signing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the show it is great to be back on this too chilly at night here on -- WL. I usually talking about tonight is it is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees and yet do business with China. A country that in some cases mandates abortions. And I read today that there are an estimated thirteen million abortions. In China. Every year. That's our -- give you a pretty. WWL dot com and we -- update on that as we tracked throughout the show at -- blood tonight is set titled. Is hobby lobby guilty. Of Christian hypocrisy this is not about bashing Christians this is asking the question is hobby lobby guilty of Christian hypocrisy. Read a blog and share with others that too is on our web site. -- having to be built -- accounts. One of the victims in the Bergen street shooting early Sunday morning has died. Brittney Thomas 21 years old at the Hammond. Beautiful girl died from gunshot wounds I don't PD is named person of interest in fact they've got two people on that there interest it and and don't usually interesting. The other morning I was talking about this element that I see in the French Quarter. And the first quarter is just changing. And unfortunately. Not for. The good. And I'm still comfortable in the French Quarter I still go to the quarter. But I mean even more mindful than I have been in the past that -- -- I'm not telling you not to go to the corner because the quarters great I'm just being honest about. An element that I see in the quarter. And it didn't used to be there. -- more prevalent than ever. When I said it on the air I received texts and phone calls and emails from people. Who criticized me for being politically correct. And for. Not. Calling it like idiots. What they wanted me to say. Was. It's young black youth. When I just described it as an element. If you haven't seen the picture of the two people of interest. They're on our website. At Debbie if you don't I can't. -- this is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 governor. And cover president of Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under state fifty years ago a lot has changed over the last fifty years. Some things have changed for the better and some things haven't gotten much better. And what is it that you remember about segregation. Are numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 877. And coming up we just a moment -- -- interesting thing that I read about it George Wallace who became prominent governor. Five Alabama he was somebody who is standing up in favor of segregation keep blacks and whites separated. He ultimately ran for president. But I learned something differ -- by George Wallace Tony about that in just a moment from New Orleans Al you're on the -- showing Debbie WL. Hastert and let you now thanks all of callable -- last. We're talking about courageous attitude moral duty. So all. If any thing. It's voracious Bob Blackstone whites. For me when I'm. Accurate look all right so. In particular local time -- -- and there was this ability -- by all. -- -- terrible terrible. Blah I'm also -- green. I just -- greens and you'll be -- arms sales and actually the I seem more current tort like that the war. Well does that may be to I mean you may see that and there are but it doesn't make either one of rights. Well I don't think shares and upload another stage. Where. And there was no rates and everybody is co existence yeah. Yeah you don't you don't see racial tension and it's not that there isn't racial tension in the northeast because there is but you've seen a lot less racial tension and -- places like Seattle Portland and in Denver. So there are there are there are cities where there is not this. This racial divide. But an area is that it's. I think you look a lot now that -- that it look at it it's the opposite of what little bit but this. Well when we talk about when we talk about judging it really goes Italy goes both ways and not everybody sees -- the way you do but I appreciate you sharing that with us. By Al graduates and thanks for calling if you are joining us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- Saturday here's attacks. That reads -- Europe corporate politically correct -- it. Interest. I'd love an explanation for that a very Cyrus who's been involved in a museum Louisiana for so long welcome to our show very nice talk to you. Do you do. Get me as. I hear the ultimate Jim Crow laws and -- group and remember quite well segregation immigration and in that terrible report. They work and older. Do we and it looked at things and you recently. In investigator. And a there was smoke prejudice. Then so was. Currently and these. If you go look at that there right now by parents -- or what they called pride. Ridiculed the field and political and politika him and ran -- pool table common effort competition. Philadelphia a severe problem. And say certain. A student. Pennsylvania. And in the war would happen in New York. And -- And you know. It's written on that the ratio. Group go to. Demand for at least briefly an announcement is seen -- it -- -- Libya and we shall not -- So familiar with -- and basically. Birdies an -- where if you were black he could and suddenly there period. You're not welcome and that is correct and in doing so well when it was and so forth as -- rule full. Industry to refused. To appear at the state and when -- wrote to tell. And told them -- you know welcome. And why -- In the so we certainly it'll because we think we know we can't in the interest. You know as -- held back a little bit as -- -- -- -- always. Yeah. Bernie -- -- I mean that's a legitimate thing to you to bring up and they're still is racial tension in places like Philadelphia and I know when I was there for a brief period of time. I noticed a lot of tension on a place called to sell street which is Philadelphia downtown Philadelphia's version of rubber retreat. Bernie like you it took time to call our show if you're -- stay with us sorting it right back with with more of your calls and and coming up after this break -- table something I learned about George Wallace. It's also something that that people like Richard Dickson and Barry Goldwater in their quest to be president it's something else that they did as well. And it's tells us a lot. About racism in America. And a fear. It's still exist today that is perpetrated by a lot of politicians. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday -- 87870. This is this coach Joseph claimed to be back with you ignites it will be right back on VW -- We have some rough weather that's moving through the area so be aware of that data into parts of Louisiana on I twelve. Between Hammond and Baton Rouge has some very very heavy rain here's a texas' case -- what's up for the weather. We've got thirty to forty mile an hour winds blowing at broad and esplanade it's holing out there. Sounds like a hurricane. Well I'm in this soundproof studio. Up in the year in the CBD I can't tell if it's windy or not because you know trees outside of our windows. As far as we know it's just the possibility of of a thunderstorm we knew that this is gonna happen this is a little unusual for this time of the year. Because usually this time of the year the thunderstorms go away when the sun goes down but we've got some thunderstorms that are staying with its tonight. Jimmy Graham has been declared a tight and not a wide receiver that was the ruling today was that the right decision. Jimmy Graham has been. Place and in the -- the franchise tag. And so with a long term deal isn't worked out since he's a tight end and not a wide receiver. A Jimmy Graham will be paid seven million dollars under the franchise tag as opposed to twelve point three million -- been designated to wide receiver. By the guy -- a tight end a top performing tight end but. It's like to vote if if a fullback. Performs like -- running back. You don't change -- designation of of that player if if a running back consistently threw touchdown passes on -- aren't a toss out an option play of some kind you wouldn't designate him as a quarterback. So I think the ruling is is -- but you can give us your comments on that as well we've got the full story on our website at WW real dot com. And here's an update on our W -- project opinion poll tonight is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to -- the morning after pill for employees. Yet still do business with China a country that in some cases mandates abortions. And has about thirteen million a year according to one report. I give shipping by going to our web site WW real dot com here's an update 42% say yes it's wrong for hobby lobby to do that. And 50% say it's not wrong to give you an update coming up just humans. This is set July 2 set it was on the state fifty years ago that the Civil Rights Act was signed by president Lyndon Johnson. It banned racial discrimination. What is it that you remember about racial discrimination for the past and what's gotten better and what's. Needs to -- -- now from New Orleans Cameron -- on this crucial WL. -- -- But that was when you are you're not uncommon to grow up went dark -- so -- -- -- -- call it partly dollar award. Well -- -- you can call in under 21 what you are an idea easier. I know it's late like -- can -- to -- when he wants market legally by victory and call scoot. Of course are talking about on the all right. I'd get up and up that don't in its revenue recruitment was like really -- But I must say that aren't proper. A lot of black kids. Barrel my age I play action letter on which it's predominantly black you know my parents -- that great job of priority. That you know no different. With that -- -- everything like that but I must say. Like. I've been lucky enough being able to travel to different countries with my parents. And that it be to get a world perspective like that you know would watch -- back in the show this. Negative stared right through like where where there may be critics short Hispanic or anything. It's incredible to be able to travel in Europe. And since seen that. Even now I think you'd think differently differently other clean. They add different accent but like that its creed that need how similar we want he and door across the world don't a different cultures and everything like that. Because I actually -- the -- -- well and Arabic you know they're cute language barriers that are. But you know what -- the same everyone cry every eight the -- Everyone you know there are still in the that was very interesting that it back -- back. Sure municipal decrying it goes on in Barcelona right it's a -- our -- Yeah I think it's a really good observation Cameron and you're. In so many ways we're we're all the same and there are so many emotions that transcend. And transcend and boundaries. And borders. Recollect there and I. Grow up around underage sister territory that you do or die. I moment ignorant I I called out on needed content stay -- -- that it's about to exit certain about. Like black and Howard. -- that. To keep people. Or the dark dark. Cameron and I totally agree and it's a sign of insecurity and it's -- fear that is being instilled in people by politicians and it's it's really sent. Listen I appreciate you calling her show and thanks it was. -- And from anchored to offer you're now under VW dog leading author. Eight -- I'm good. Are right back at Carter are being cornea. Is. Of the right via the what are you remember the segregation. For -- -- -- Well -- Oh. You know. Get on -- You know are you typical. -- CPI. Agent is. It. It would not. -- You know it -- quality change you worry -- actuality. It what are the you know look back you know beer is an -- or is Brett. Well that -- You want ours are at you with the white you like Iraq and equitable. She was. I did. I've had two calls so far tonight to thinking back on on segregation and two different people said they wanted to sit in the back of the bus one with a friend who was sitting in the back of the bus. And they were told by the bus driver whites are not allowed to sit in the back of the bus that's where blacks it and how sad because they wanted to sit there with. With people that they saw just as as other human beings. -- There's -- it -- but that popped right who. It this way or the yet you know caught it or equipment -- -- But when Rourke. What did -- it. She picked -- up and what you call -- -- but he you know. Army so are you today you know I gave it they might not. I am. Also I appreciate you calling her show. But -- not content. And now. Get into order it right well equities are already met -- agent -- and and nobody. Maybe it is pretty this week. Not beat Egypt. Army get the hit it a bit right below. What. And which is what this grant date it. Rebuild right people. Arthur are you old enough to have experienced a physical segregation. -- So I mean I think you bring up a good point and -- I've often talked about this there's still racists and today. We don't have the physical segregation we once had. But their steel. They're still mental and emotional segregation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not what would. And it's in all. -- And one that we network but people. Aren't Sadler keep up with. We got a report due to. Brett grew. Out here are two evicting. So -- -- cracked the -- it I mean you know. Change in word -- not yet at the end up are being. That well that people aren't rated it. At all yet -- beat -- people because you know a lot. And not it can't hit it maybe. Not it ain't that we've. -- that but the at this point to Tea Party doesn't look like it's gonna succeed on a national level because there are not enough Americans agree agree with that mentality and -- that as far as I know the Tea Party is not purposely targeting blacks therefore. Less government spending. There's four of fiscal responsibility as far as the government's concern which would be good thing for everybody in this country blacks and -- and everybody else. -- But I don't really united you don't need to you don't think the government should get on a dead. And -- why why. Are. Why don't think I'll. Call people all what it ripped. It. Or -- but now. You know and you know you don't get it at -- The president is. Tries. -- it out in the chain or it is not there. I don't know if it's if it's fair to label the Tea Party. White supremacists. You know or they they started out. But it's unfortunate that the Tea Party has a different image now with a lot of social hot button issues but the Tea Party started out. And is of a movement that was demanding fiscal responsibility of the government needed to. Not spend money didn't have to do a better job of trying to get on Baghdad which I don't know if we ever wield it tried to get on a dead. And also on making government smaller and and the government shouldn't look for ways to get bigger it should look for ways to be more efficient but. But smaller. Well you might -- at some degree. That would indeed all. The money EP for. It. Nobody. Ball -- quality they are changing and that number. Be it in Obama. The permit it. Well our third you know there are people who disagree with Obama because of his policies on -- they are there there. There are a lot of movements in this country I believe. That started out of this. This irrational fear that almighty god a black man is president of the United States. And I don't understand that fear but I think that fears been manifested in America. I appreciate you calling a show author. All right thanks -- Here's a Texan -- set people up north laughed in amazement when I tell them. -- on the I ten and the entry to mobile is that the George Wallace tunnel. Usually shaking their head and muttering shameful. -- George Wallace is a poster child. For the cells bad history. Afford it back to your calls I read recently in a book picked George Wallace was was very moderate. In fact he was moderate later in life so a lot of things that it surprised people. George Wallace. Is known and is the poster boy for segregation. I still have this just picture this picture my -- a black and white picture George Wallace. Literally big governor of Alabama standing in the doorway. Of a school to try to physically stop. Segregation and integration. And he believed. On the campaign trail and publicly. He believed. That. The race -- should be secretary. -- totally separate George Wallace started out as a moderate. He lost in his first -- to become governor of Alabama. It wasn't until George Wallace adopted what became known as the southern strategy. Which is creating fear. The blacks are taking over. Creating a fear. That blacks are somehow going to lead to the demise. Of white Americans. George Wallace succeeded. Barry Goldwater who ran for for president. I believe 1964. To correct. I was a kid at the time Barry Goldwater used the southern strategy. Separate creating this fear at this this fear that politicians use is also being used today when it comes to Hispanics. They're not talking about just illegal immigrants. But they said the strategy was also used by a Richard Nixon. But it's interesting that George Wallace was a moderate he lost. And when he adopted this idea of standing up for segregation he did that for political reasons. People to this day are doing that for political reasons. It the same way that. Our politicians like. -- McAllister. Ran on Christian values and morality. And got caught making out with a -- staffer. Which I mean forgive me for that. But he should have been running on this Christian but he was running a Christian values just to get votes. And so there are people who try to would still figure between the races. On both sides. Just like politicians but on both sides try to instill fear. Because it gets them votes. But that makes us feel as if we have some -- fear. And we don't have as much to fears they want you to believe we have to fear. Coming up and a few minutes or -- about something my dad did. This was. It was too late fifties early sixties but my dad brought a black man over to our house in our neighborhood in Metairie. And this was -- -- part of battery just developing. The neighbors to do -- ball to tell you what this black man did for a living. And they were still critical of it. And I remember being in the front yard with him. Historic is tomorrow from man to feel rod you're in a VW well. Very gritty. -- did you hang on for just a second. I'm gonna put you on hold we've got some overly rough weather around the area. I'd -- just bond joins us now like to be WL TV meteorologist Oscar date -- -- now in the WW LTV pinpoint forecast center case for what's going on. -- -- well we're still watching semi pretty mixed storms off to the North Shore. A lot of these are. Missing it slowly -- from north to south a lot of kind of rein themselves out of looks like at this point here across some parts of northern -- spoke -- seem Alina Livingston parishes. And a heavy downpours there are some of the you know rainfall totals from the doppler radar estimate now on a few spots. -- in writing inch and a couple sponsors so brains that response may be little more I'm not into -- range but now we're seeing more rain coming on in the air. But they're trying to redevelop now just along lakeshore mean to build things and that there's a federally external pop up there on the radar. Also seems more showers a report applause and a but it's the storm's damage earlier this evening. Right now the world and city itself social look at pretty good board keep in -- these is the kind of -- itself. What will be will be seeing similar trying to work that we -- -- the -- overnight tonight -- it is this is a little mutual -- this -- -- -- because usually these big thunderstorms going at -- you're right this is not a normal situation what's going on is that a cold forbidding him from the north and notes on the -- opening July but this -- not live up to its name but it's helping to spark off these stores you'll see another round developed morrow. Giving us -- about 3040% Japan itself. All atypical if you will for July. Blacked out those that do find -- storm again could it winds around forty mile per hour wind gusts maybe it forced. United a dig at -- facilities it was very windy as donated broad is there wind around the New Orleans area what's going on there is it's -- an -- these storms produce these mini cold front coming from them and one of them just crossed over a Pontchartrain and now with the money toward Metairie Kenner area -- count. And that's what we've seen the winds pick up from and we may see some storms popping up usually behind -- boundaries. And looks like that's what's going on now -- storms trying to built southward to south -- Bill -- I'd give us a quick preview fourth of July weekend. -- Or look at that Friday Saturday Sunday in the wake of this but -- thing -- it's gonna do not coolest album brings him to wire here a little bit less humid air doing daresay that line. Please be true it's -- dew points -- admits that these may be the upper sixty to seventy degrees that's a big difference yeah. So what we're gonna look at this Friday starting Sunday partly cloudy skies still -- -- take rain counts but only 20% chance that there's a pop of Friday's storms. But highs in the lower nineties feel like temperatures 95 to 8100. All right TV meteorologist from WW LTV did respond in the WW LTV pinpoint weather forecasts and thanks for being with us tonight -- across -- if -- -- they waited so we get this break out of the way we're gonna come back to -- and if -- -- -- -- -- get right back to a two more of your calls. So some heavy weather in the area and this could develop and in other areas of you're not in it you might still be unit tonight. If you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 260187. In total free 8668890. A seventy. -- a -- summer's dates have PA semi -- this do a show like for New Orleans that Wednesday nights ever coming right back. Under -- WL. Welcome back to the -- showing -- Wednesday night's the NFL arbitrator rules in favor of the site saying Jimmy Graham is a tight and right a wrong decision. Tell me tickle talk about that tomorrow morning also we'll talk about a woman who is suing her employers saying that driving during rush hour -- her anxiety. Is -- crazy. Or is this a genuine disability. We have a few good Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning weekday mornings for six to ten here into the inaugural. -- detects you abort your text here in just a moment from the always hang on hang on to the second or Chris -- -- -- -- just a moment I forgot we've got. With got brought on hold for me and they'll run a promising gets you right after the break. Welcome to W. Uttered pretty astute have been listening to you -- motors and George. Are right bustle of the -- he's sheds some of them about George while adding it says something about com. That child Republicans actors and so -- that was the -- that was sells southern Democrats that wasn't Republicans. Yeah and what I refer to that was a Republican strategy later that became a Republican strategy on the national level they adopted the southern strategy that was. Was it really discovered by people like George Wallace and on a national level. It was a Barry Goldwater Richard Nixon who understood this southern strategy of dividing the races and creating fear in order to attract white male voters to the Republican Party. Yeah but -- an hour ago way back early in law and actor remember. You know there were drink and -- move. Of writing on the books and remember. In the back -- -- -- it was pretty -- tactic. But also. Let's about President Obama. You know. President Clinton playing to be the first black president. President Obama. Is actually in the outlook first a lot though resident he's not black each bit deeper Serbs -- in 50% -- She's. You know the United States and Americans burst mode though president. And and I do I am the important. Election season. Well I don't understand. The black voting move I don't know what it is in which is where you. It is there a rule like you got. 1%. Black you're considered black or 10% coming. President Obama Obama it is -- -- percent Y 50% black. He's considered the first black president but -- boom boom that. First. I just this bang on. This problem about ray reached I know people. People need to be. Awarded. What did the doctor king day about you know the content of the character -- Covert abuse -- Run a little. It looked at two look at Barack Obama physically. He is seen even though he's half white and have liked and I think this speaks to the great prejudice of America he is viewed as a black -- Lived his life as a black -- was treated as a black man because that's the way we see him based on his physical appearance regardless of what is -- campus. And I think that speaks a lot about the racism in America. Maybe so Euro rear -- you know perception. It's -- register. Our guests are much more to -- Spain and how people keep -- any aiding. From -- different shades. Of wired or shades of black amateurs. I judge -- you know I judged the president he's he's very very wage and progress for me. And that's a stairway to -- the -- true liberal. That's a fair way to judge the president on his Ellison's. Other you know some people judge President Reagan is -- ways to move. Conservative or right wing or -- but did the shades of color gears. Maybe in terms -- you know will get past that and you're on any. It's not that you -- not Smart enough to understand. You're Smart enough to not feel that way. Perhaps so Arctic that compliment. It was and untended. Oh. Keep just stay on radio you -- literally and earlier -- years to different. That you -- iron I'm not going anywhere and I appreciate the compliment thanks it was a from the rural and c.'s Chris you on the -- -- WWL. Don't respond to that list element. It was quote the peculiar that let it fits article the other day. Very Cold War the nominee of the Republican 4064. Said the Civil Rights Act. Was a threat he can edit threatening the essence of -- And Ronald Reagan opposed to 64 Civil Rights Act. So as to who was sick all the Democrats opposes Civil Rights -- I think is as a different. I realize that the the point was it does southern Democrats especially years ago were essentially like Republicans and in northern Republicans were. I guess you could say much more moderate as as as they are today so some of that does sick carry over but I actually grew departure making. And Ronald Reagan thought of as presidential campaign in 1980 in Philadelphia Mississippi where three civil rights. Workers were murdered and the topic of the speech was states' rights that was a coded message to get that they'll play the southern vote no doubt about it. Point and there's and I remember reading a book now titled dog whistle politics. And it's all about. Coded words and phrases that. I mean if people knew how how easy it was to manipulate them they would look in the mirror and be embarrassed. Almost without remembered early sixties when they NFL would have pre season games in the wallet. Because the wallet was making an effort to receive it at a felt French. And I believe the big cat Ernie -- was involved with this. But the black NFL players couldn't find a white camp probably. To get a ride in the -- camp and it made national that -- and it was a total disgrace that they couldn't believe the -- -- the wallets. One of the NFL franchise were blocked layup put a lot of the white cap. And that ovals cost is that the NFL franchise. Well at least at least -- some of those things have changed and and -- side I don't remember that at first him and I appreciate you share an eyewitness. If you wanna join us with your feelings and comments tonight on numbers 2601878. Chill free 8668890. Point seven your text Amber's age 7870. I target has say issued a upon actually it's not a an actual policy. But they've announced that they don't want customers to bring guns into the target stores. Following a group of pro gun. Activists. Brazenly bringing their guns in to flaunt the Second Amendment says in a target store. In the Dallas area but the main topic tonight is this is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. Haven't on this day in 1964 by president Lyndon Johnson what is it that you remember about segregation. I'm student will be right back on -- -- -- Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill offering employees and yet still do business with China a country that in many cases mandates abortions. As RW a pretty -- people here's a quick update 40% say yes it's wrong but 60% say no it's not wrong. -- -- -- I don't remember the year I just remember it was -- And growing up I love. The NFL. Loves football. And what are my favorite teams was the colts. At the time they were the Baltimore colts. My -- work projects -- And Jack spearhead distributors. Around the country. One of the Baltimore colts player whose name was Willie Richardson. -- number 87. I'll never forget it. He worked for the distributor and I think it was Jackson Mississippi in the off season. He came to New Orleans my dad had a small MG convertible and Willie Richardson means it's a wide receivers are big tall guy. He was so he was very. Dominant sitting in the passenger seat and -- this MG. He came into our neighborhood in Metairie and we lived in one of the newer neighborhoods. In Metairie. Between veterans highway and and the lake. And our neighbors were appalled. That my dad brought a black man into our neighborhood. Even though he was -- a football player with the NFL. The Baltimore colts. They were a dominant team Dan. And what my greatest memories is standing out in my front yard as a kid. And I'm I'm tossing the football with Willie Richardson. Any he autograph. It was a thrill but our neighbors were not happy that my dad -- a black -- door -- which of course I didn't understand. From Florida Tom here on the -- -- have a WL. Both spirit particularly at night they are up are ripped -- Alabama. All the doctor Deborah Wallace missed my parents talk about him you know prewar forward to -- he visited the other. And when it came along he just changed because he had lost the 1950 -- -- nomination. For governor. Any city got out stake. You know what that meeting meeting without segregated -- -- Arafat. He he -- and that interestingly he later in life when he was no longer in politics he. He started to express is more moderate views again. Oh yes it did -- his last election is you know it's important blacks support it and got up. The Republicans that want -- departed the for people with respect it's a Democrat for four more years in 198387. But what awarded this say it was a in the early sixties when he was when he was running for governor again because -- was -- fixation. In all respect that governors or four years it's -- And what is it because it. That's that's how it gets so far out because he is not going to be out sake -- and and I remember there were all on TV. In Birmingham. -- -- At night and there was like seven. Run for the nomination if you got the democratic nomination -- Paramount through expected. And Wallace was the best. Seemingly the most -- He would come to their television. That. That's that's kind of way you weren't quote very -- bay and couple of their friends they were down at the university before war through an airport through in a new war. In. Is that it's changed so much you liked the community. He did for the votes it was it was it. It was a concerted effort to instill fear. Simply to attract white male voters. Well that was there was little branch. What does the white -- there's -- as a bridge that the bridge in the party Democratic Party the head that feared. It was something to be competing for. And also move -- governor that. Mr. before Paterson would be -- -- Morton you know what the racist I think it was more liberal anyway. Tom I've got to get to a news break here I really appreciate you sharing it was a -- no thanks for the insight and -- what are you whose parents and grew up around George Wallace. This is -- -- shows your -- stay with -- -- coming right back with more of your calls and -- -- checks remember there -- some very heavy rain around the area some of that maybe developing along the lakeshore area. A fan to feel you're going to be careful we'll be right back on every WL.