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Jul 3, 2014|

Whether it’s a long range or a short range solution – what do you think will turn the tide against public shootings like the one early Sunday morning on Bourbon Street? Will this latest shooting incident stop you from going to the French Quarter?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow 2014. Essence festival begins here in New Orleans always throwing a very very cool crowd. He should see -- dressed up. People are and become -- -- stressed that there will be a lot of cars. Lot of cars on point there's a lot of cars on canal and this will be late at night -- early into the morning. Because the essence fest crowds. Many of them actually. Cruising in their -- It's Detroit anniversary of essence fest and a top performers in the main stage includes people like Mary. And -- -- prince back in the superdome was that I guess it was 1984 when it was a secret concert. In New Orleans. And I remember. -- -- the tennis Davis is still one of my favorite -- Welcome back to our show I'm -- It's so nice to be back with you don't want to think Bob Mitchell for a judicial I was filling in for -- -- Tucker under a sudden there's a restaurant bar college shooters grow. In a city called rifle Colorado which is about a 180 miles west of Denver. At shooters grill the waitresses. Are carrying guns. Real guns their past and a -- picture from right now they're really attractive. There wearing tight jeans. And flannel shirts which really kind of goes with that part of the country. But they are packing guns. The restaurant features menu items like the M sixteen to read the Smith & Wesson grilled cheese and -- -- and voted not shows. Which you feel comfortable going into a restaurant. Where the waitresses were packing. Discern a difference between the pro gun activists that we talked about recently. That are carrying guns and a fairly restaurants to make a point. And hot waitresses. Who are packing because it's. Well it's it's part of the on the outs of the of the restaurant. They see I think there's a difference between those two things. Because a pro gun activists to war or not representative. Of the great majority of gun owners in America. There just. A few. -- this group of extremists. Who wanna flaunt the Second Amendment rather than use the Second Amendment the way it was intended to be used which is the right to keep and bear arms for protection. So they were fought their -- and Kerry and senator seat that's intimidating to me but if it's a prop. But it waitress don't have a problem with that effect I think they're sentinels sexy about that but it can't really explain why. -- yesterday a mother. Was arrested after leaving a twenty month old -- child in the car a hot car she went to sort of buy cigarettes left to child in the car. Tuesday in Slidell a mother left a five month old as she was taken into a -- left her five month old locked in a hot car. And ending at the -- police. Found somebody who left a dog a little pebble poppy locked in a hot car. And then lap I guess was last week we were talking about there's a father in Georgia. Who -- -- 22 month old son in a sweltering car for seven hours. And a little boy died. Just honestly forgot to drop a set off a daycare. However it's now been revealed that both the mother and father at some point Google how long it takes a child to die. In a hot car. So there's a lot of interesting things about this particular case and yet when I talked about this on the unity of the morning. There were some people who were saying well the father's grief and that should be enough he should be arrested. What about these what about these mothers did it could very easily have killed their kids. First of all I don't understand how you leave your child car. And or should you forget your child. And I realize that the world is a very busy. Distracting place. By it. I just don't see how you do that. And if you're in a car with a -- -- talking to your kid. I -- Don't you. So there really is no acceptable excuse to be of people they do it but I don't know that there's really an acceptable excuse for leaving your kids in the car. Or -- the car. -- I guess the other good thing about this is its citizens are are are noticing -- in their calling the police immediately. So I guess it's like we're on you know hot car baby watch. You know and what we're up there on baby watch Andy if we use honest citizens who who know better. If we see somebody leaving their their kid and hunt cart we call hopefully switches and are overly positive thing that's going on if you rejoice for the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 877. A today July 2 is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. Civil Rights Act banning racial discrimination in America but signed by president Lyndon Johnson on this stage July 2 1964. What do you remember about segregation. In if -- among our younger listeners. Listen to somebody that the stories that people had been telling on and off tonight. And it's just amazing that this country was so different not that many years ago. I mean there are there are grandfathers. There are people who have. Firsthand experience a physical segregation. And I remembers a kid we were punch train beach. And I asked my dad why. Why does it have. Restrooms white only color don't. Water fountains white only color don't. I didn't understand it. And I I really don't remember what my day as answer watched. But it was almost as if no answer would be acceptable to. So I guess economy blocked it out. What is it that you remember about about segregation. And Americans changed a lot in the last fifty years. What's better. And what's not. And also tonight we've been talking about the -- that the people of interest that the suspects. India shooting a -- street very early Sunday morning. Have you seen a picture of the suspects. You know there are there are number of people. And I got a text for somebody earlier who was guilty of this. He assumed. That the perpetrators. Were young black males. Take a look at their pictures on our website WW open accounts. Well -- couple white guys to me. And this guy in attacks he said I'm ashamed. That I assumed. I received some emails -- talked about this Monday morning. And then yesterday morning. I received some emails and text from people who were just. Very very critical of me. For not telling the truth about the element that I -- in the French Quarter. And I got -- takes a moment ago from somebody that said tell the truth about it. And and and some of the emails and the text used the inward. I guess that makes some people feel better. To use the end board. And to blame it on somebody else because I guess. If -- -- a problem and it's it's somebody else's problem or you can blame it on somebody else. -- Then you think well okay I'm okay because that's not my problem that's that's their problem. But it's really a problem that we all share. And sadly one of the victims and suburban street shooting early Sunday morning has died. Brittney Thomas a beautiful 21 year old from panicked. She died from gunshot wounds. And it looks as if based on what I little I read about her today she had everything to offer the world. And -- she was sticking by taken by somebody who has apparently very little. To offer the world. The take a look at these guys. As far as me describing this element in the French Quarter that I seen recently I'm I'm still afraid of the quarter are still go to the quarter. But I just been noticing. An element. People who aren't -- here. To have fun. Doing I'm getting. And getting text here I -- we could try to confirm this. That I just and Odom the person of interest Saudi connection to the mass shooting suburban street has turned himself in. To grab the police. So a -- try to get some more information on that. How he has apparently. That turned himself in. And the police -- claimed that they knew a lot about these people from the very beginning and I don't know anything about. These people bullets. Who the suspects are don't know much about him. By accident this was truly. Sad case. Of of two people according to two -- surpass. Two people who were trying to settle a dispute with guns. But the quarter bourbon and Orleans. At 2:45 in the morning when -- street was still very crowded. Infecting guide suburban he told me that this is a nightclub and a seven -- block suburban that they were about 3035 people standing in line to get into urban heat. And the gunman was going down Bourbon Street -- and firing back into the ground. Apparently frustrated that he missed his target date code is our news directory choices on WW real Dave give us the update. Well you know now it is -- -- that you person that it. That the police checked out by earlier they want I want by possible. One of the -- is in police got the under -- -- not been charged with a crime related to amber at shooting are you ought to -- or for unrelated crime. And -- holding. Now those born while the question and they brought just you know into custody today after he actually surrendered to -- happily. That turned -- boat in Portland police to the forty year old who police release -- picture earlier today. Were still not sure yet rebel political irk. Others turned himself in it but for whatever. The directors. -- -- -- -- -- For the time being -- police continue to do attempt to -- Attorney was present question and it's not clear how much information they were able to obtain from -- -- know this person of interest. Police interviewed with the attorney today. They were hoping they can also be that people that are a bit and it that they believe it show court job. No word. Police or officials if they have been able -- get further. Or location on second and an interest in question. So. -- a person of interest is not yet a suspect but paid because of of another. I've gotten in violation another little wardrobe whatever they have reason to hold him. Collect he would want -- outstanding shoplifting and trapped or injured and there and they were able to rest on those charges hole. Until such time as the judge set bond and -- if you people out there. Penalties and collapsed they can buy another compelling reason -- either charge and it. The shooting murder lumber industry or advantage -- interest among other reasons to all that behind bars but all of that outlook and morrow morning. And it'll stay on top of the much -- but. Part of it is an interest in terms that police just started using in recent years -- enabling a suspect it. A real ill eagle. If they determine someone -- suspect and they are on record dating someone is these shots -- at the moment. Contact with that Portman but but there are. And infantry read the Koran because according. A crime. There's still a person of interest the police not happen now information to conclude that they are thought that. That they believe in me. According may have confirmation. That connection optical pick and chat and interact with them without that -- by -- among the right until there back. They don't -- -- of the. Right now but in the in the case of Justin Odom who would turn itself and eager to please now in custody of -- TDs he's just -- -- -- showed tonight. Deep color there's directors stewardess with this breaking news tonight it. One of the people of interest in the shooting on Bourbon Street early Sunday morning is now in NO PD custody. So if if he if he was wanted for something else and he's in he's being held. That would do that would require that they read his rights. At that point and poignant lawyer. -- what he's played under rent or what -- attorney when he surrendered so I'm sure that it is quickly by about it right and that your attorney. -- -- that he had no obligation to say anything to please the court that we now have the right to remain silent. We don't know that ultimately card entrant into the custody. That Jefferson Parish where. Oh he's still being detained by Portland police. -- you're going parish president that -- clear that point. Presumably. We'll be transferred chewed up there. People are there. Or anything else happens last. Still indoor better. Instill you know they are in charge card in this city at war. That it is a developing story like that. That. The police and city are not that terrible upgrade at this point. Very limited. Just letting that it happened the been talking about the actors turned himself -- At Gretna police station that an orchard grass greens are typically. And that helped -- homicide detectives. Interviewed him with an attorney present. At this time again he is being held. On in late in the war out of Jefferson Parish. Getting traffic management fortunate to anti shoplifting or. And that's about the hole and now. Presumably we are all built up a case against and I'll charge him. In the -- street murder -- Sunday in -- street during his press conference chief surpassed twisters varies very. And a better about the fact that they they couldn't say what they knew but they knew more about the people who they believe were suspects. Then the suspects probably wanted them to know. So. That could be the case with this particular person. That the tactic or you know how much of that is. And I intend to visit. The investigation -- you know. The police have not view -- you don't at all. When this speaking there really speaking these suspects if this thing being needed there. You know -- methodically. Finding. Things that -- Not an enemy and weapons and -- And it may well it. They were able I jumped up and vote. And the man seen on the you know that person of interest. Once they hit -- that picture appears to be quiet. And a -- booking -- earlier today. They were put that out there and that. Put enough pressure on him. Current and weaponry you know we don't well will bar in the coming days why he turned -- open and he just decided. Paper in jail. More you know another individual or individuals -- are you afraid that he would be. Yet know why no one going to hide anymore. But. Whatever the process what we've got to that point so art work. It captivity -- Interest. Pretty article about it and it in for questioning. And the next methodical step propelling may have evidence and they believe that this person. An article that would be capital and chip and charge him. We -- barker and related charges sporting capital of 9 people. Early Sunday morning amber. All right Dave Cohen our news director you'll be on the air tomorrow morning with WWL first news from five to six sand you'll have the latest tomorrow. And of course development or we will bring that -- -- well under do well dot com. -- about pearl worked sparked an important news state 77. And important development office and regular about. All right today thanks for the update. Party -- -- just joined us on scoots and it was decode our news director Justin Odom. Who is. The twenty year old who is what was a person of interest entered the urban street shooting. Is in police custody. And a PD he turned himself in Jefferson Parish to grab the police. On warns of a traffic of violations and shoplifting. Or is -- police custody still a person of interest. -- one assumes at this point that NO PD is trying to put the things together. To make him a legitimate suspect. Silicon. Can holding. They believe. He may have been involved if you wanna join us for the comment tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- or Saudi taxi 7870. Will be right back but it WL. And our breaking news tonight and every -- -- Elvis a person of interest in suburban street shooting early -- Sunday morning. Time is now in jail he's in custody of NO PD he's being held or warts and Jefferson Parish attractive traffic violations and shoplifting. And presumably NO PD is working on the evidence that they believe links him to the shooting but he is not yet a suspect is -- isn't just an -- and and he's torn -- sold. And a lot of people were shocked. Because it's just -- Odom and the other picture and a -- -- -- -- the first of interest. Did not fit. The stereotype. That so many people wanted to. Think. Were responsible for the shooting on Bourbon Street. There's. There's too much of an assumption. -- it's a certain people. And and so -- I don't know for really understand what difference it makes. If -- a pervert traders black or white. The crime still commit it. So I think it's interesting on this the fiftieth anniversary. Of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. I have been a firsthand witness. To the blatant racism. That has resulted following that shooting. The instinct that some have to blame young black males. And there are far too many responsible. Young black males. To. Paint all young black males as criminals. Here's a -- -- -- bad elements can be black white green or purple. Being stupid being stupid thug crosses all old colleague of color barriers. I would agree with that and other text why don't you talk about the element. The elements they -- it doesn't matter what colonial and it's. The element is they are the element that I talked about that I'm seeing more of -- burgers for a stenographer and street. But I have noticed over the last six months. That. There are people there who are not. Apparently their for the same reason others are there. They're just they're standing they have a right to do and a question it. But they they seem to be -- this is my observation. Visually stocking some people. Some congregating group's. Summer individuals and summer just a -- and officials. The way many of them -- all of them doing many of them. Stand here. And did cooperate. In a disgusting way. Many of the women that walk off. I am surprised that these women don't react. More negatively. Toward that most women just to you know cut and sneer at him and and turn. But I it's. It's a group of their there's an element but again it doesn't matter if it's like a black Hispanic as a matter. The element is. Apparently not there and have a good time. I want to tell you my experience last two years of living downtown essence fest. Brings it a great -- And it should be great -- this weekend. Louisiana state police are helping out in the French Quarter and I you know PD needs to be very vigilant. In the French Quarter and everywhere for that matter we should work to make every neighborhood is safe as we try to make the French Quarter. And while this this shooting Sunday morning is an isolated incident. It. Is still happen. And it's just so reflective of a mentality. And many people have today. First of -- It's a mentality of a settling arguments. And they support -- -- with guns. And it it's. It's something something that is new in the world is so many people. Walking around with guns. I'm not talking about responsible gun owners. Frontrunner about people who have illegally obtained guns. And a walk around with those guns. And they're willing to use them to settle an argument. If you'd like to join our show with your comments and their numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text ever it's 877 for sever Cisco David your Alan WWL. Well he has been yeah I hear you back to your normal time that's -- yes and you know a couple of things. The first thing I thought of with the Civil Rights Act and I'm old enough to remember it. I came from Saint Louis and very racist cities and yes you know the money that paid for it -- the murder of Martin Luther King probably came from. Saint Louis in the history evidence that the 50000 dollars was the crisis. It came from the Saint Louis area. He the first thing I thought it was the old phrase so from the revolutionary war taxation without representation. Or with the representation. And so racism is basically that. That's some master race you to get to decide how the taxes expense. And that the bulk of the population -- no choice about how that money is spent. So whether or not the streets get cleaned whether users you know the sewers there's fresh water there's. Services street lights whatnot. Libraries schools all of those things are supposed to be. Provided for all of votes and when when these bigots. And the big that's when it comes down to a cronyism. Is just another way of looking at it as a master race scale. That does somebody pretends to be in charge and that they are the ones that. They get to decide -- our taxes here's so that's to me is the big it was a day for for this anniversary. David I appreciate sure that -- I had really not thought of it that way but that is an interesting way to look at and I appreciate you calling. If you if you got a comment you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven -- -- number is 87070. Here's a quick update on our W a dual party general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill because they believe it's an abortion pill for employees yet still do business with China. A country that in many cases mandates abortions and according to a report I read is believed to have. Thirteen million abortions. Every year. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse coverage for the morning after pill to do business with China. 40%. Say yes it's wrong. 60% say no it's not wrong give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com for New Orleans stayed here and -- show. It. -- -- Our trip abroad and UNC and now they're looking -- ED. And -- you know where strip club. We are outlawed October globe like they would like Bible go -- -- -- -- a trial right now where it will. Come on in trying to. -- -- in order book and a bottle bill carrier that now treated the incumbent and now you know lumber street. -- we have low level that with the local book what we down there we have a lot on. Of people from. Out of town -- Ottawa trying to play Indian. Among commute cheat and we get that element -- a lot littered the criminal element of are the solution. Well. They didn't go where they they go where the business is good and ended sometimes when I'm walking Denver restrict somebody will pass me and say. Tired what's Coke Aaron maybe a look like a Coke user. Are -- -- -- I'd I'd buy Coca social time they'll offer Droid is sometimes it's subtle like a meeting tonight he don't know Peter -- sometimes it's it's it's subtle like dad and and sometimes female square holes. Didn't suddenly say we -- and company tonight but I mean I know he wants to tell among -- And that's what we get we get. Tour -- covered from all over the world. All every country to accompany all could be here are great charm of the party unity. We have -- oral bottom -- city currently the -- already have a great but then began. You can do it is secure do it so it but their local job well. The police spurred the -- -- where we -- order -- for the full recover from music but we don't hear of these. Different element -- -- city because the Timbaland and because we do area. Steve I just noticed things he's changing and I'm I'm just I'm such a big supporter of the French Quarter and I'm a big supporter of downtown New Orleans suit which is where I live. I still go but I just I've -- I've noticed I mean I I I go to the French Quarter but. Hi I have a policy now to get out of the quarter by 2 o'clock and it's not often that I now that late but sometimes I am and sometimes I did count passed to. But also there's there is that it did and then there's another sub element it's out after. There's a factory they let trainer in the summer these what a while like -- went forward drink it. We don't allow communities are riled up Robert terror like a bad Erica article column mentality where. -- being gold bars and open up the bombardment. That sweep -- -- is still open court all agree. So you know and that quote so you don't get a chance to. You know true cool down a couple a -- of -- -- strength in -- police. Summit of the chair or -- melodic out of their bowel all the work is never sure now. It's the same problem will go against so although there -- in the book that other element that your. The united and Steve you know this is one of those cities where it at some point the bars don't tell you to go -- -- -- stay if you want and does not always a good thing some people. Steve -- village called if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. Text of receipts and creativity I'm -- we're coming right back with more a year calls or you're taxed. Under the WL and getting some by text about his senate restaurant bar that sought the united -- rifle Colorado about a 180 miles west of Denver. It's -- shooters real and waitresses are literally packet eight they're there they're packing gusts as you wait on tables. They have items on the menu like the M sixteen -- Smith & -- grilled cheese and locked and loaded nachos. And there are attractive waitresses and it takes a moment ago from so I said there a lot more attractive wearing a gun. And Marshal Dillon. Amen to that if you wanna join us for the company tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. A -- like tonight is titled is -- lobby guilty of Christian hypocrisy now this is not bashing christianity. It's asking a question that a lot of Christians have brought up and you can read that you share with others it's our website at WW dot com from -- -- welcome this future. I do realize that. You know. It's something that. And I'd just done understandably concerned and I really think that sometimes. You know your your emotions. Collegiate play fast and loose and that's what like. I'll start with George -- so yeah. He was a Republican. That you can't believe. But -- long long. I don't I don't know what I understand what. Mark I don't know. Well I just want to clear that definitely continue. I'm I understand what you came to that. That conclusion because I guess it was a little loose with saint. George Wallace adopted a southern strategy. That Republicans ended up using. -- -- used it Richard Nixon used to it's it's a tactic of instilling fear that you know George Wallace was -- director of course you know southern port. That's an -- -- -- particularly. Even put up article watered George Wallace. I mean well I'm not doing what grant the president you know 100 -- four. The other and ran for governor important tricks. So I mean -- not something that. Come. -- and literally and no we George Wallace George all about Clark already ample support George while. He didn't he didn't create that should mark he created. Decided the -- and strategy which created. By Republicans in the south. And and those who were behind George Wallace. Before you're aware were aware of it it happened earlier it happened when he lost. The bid to become governor of Alabama. So. This is not something that just came up wind when Wallace. Would Wallace was running for governor. Or president. So again. I don't the other -- and I don't think that I'm not out particular -- walked two while. But I suspect that the -- to compete -- extra. Long board George while he's been mentioned yet Dixiecrat. And it. And Strom Thurmond now in the land as part of that. Clinical certainly the war. George Wallace -- -- governor and ultimately good and long before. -- -- -- all water ran -- -- I guess the point here is is that those those times where we were getting a little closer to integration. It stood out a little more. When politicians use the racial divide to win votes. OK well let me -- and Tom -- how would you score five. Vs. Trent lot of people call. On a -- And you -- To make sure that get elected because they have determined that the the parts -- catching. Up beaten him the best way to beat him it's -- used the right call. Well first of -- -- since you called me originally to call me -- facts which have yet to actually be established the the Republican candidates which Thad Cochran. Aren't I Trent loan amount aren't. -- let's look at. On because well first of all. -- -- I don't know exactly what Thad Cochran's campaign won his. But I do know that he was appealing to black voters and appealing to black voters is different from playing the race card I. Say they did a campaign. To make the -- -- Come across as a great. -- a black and white people who are you ready. And determining. That. Who they vote for walks and so what you know now we believe we have as much. In 2014. And we did. It. Well it's it's almost a more sophisticated today that it was in 1964. Racism and segregation is still exist today and you know mark when you say you're -- surprised that people use it people use it because voters buy into it. Almost surprised I'm just offended by. I'm offended by it as well but people. People don't see through what what attempts are being made to play the race card or to use race to divide there are people on both sides of the racial issues. Dead politically and socially and financially benefit. From racial tension. Cried and back to George Wallace you know when it was estimated. He had already won three democratic primaries. And he got shot it and he wasn't -- -- -- -- -- was shot in the way it was equally well in Michigan. George Wallace did -- -- shoot toward the end of a slight mark on I'm glad you called the show call anytime our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text is a 7870. Now also tonight we've talked about it two mothers. This week. When Muhammad went Slidell. Left. They're little kids. In a locked hot car and the good thing is is that people walking by saw it and reported to the police and the kids defying both mothers were arrested. And it takes a moment ago from someone -- circuit finest attacks it's as. It says something about. -- -- your rights. Megyn Kelly's hair really does look like David volley. Aboriginal and they think I saw Megan Kelly early on on Fox News Channel and I've always such usually to she got a new hairstyle. And it reminds me of David -- in the earlier years. And hey it's compliment because he was a good look at moment. This is dispute showed will be right back conservative -- real. It's a Wednesday night there's a possibility that -- assume that -- some heavy rain right now I -- it's very unusual that to this time of the year showers a big thunderstorms pop up at night. Believe it or not there's a cold fronts. Dated touching off some of these big heavy showers and thank you might be some heavy rain throughout the night usually -- thunderstorms going its onset but that's not the case with tonight and yeah we loosely referred to it is a cold front -- technically it's a cold front but. It might help out our humidity a little bit today was an absolute. -- I mean at one point iron it was 95 degrees. A Washington news it's just after 5 o'clock it was still 94 degrees that after five. And the humidity it's it's it's very hot and I'm blessed due to work under air conditioned conditions. And if you are we let's always remember as we go through our day. Let's remember of those people. Today it's have to work out in in this heat. And -- I see people digging holes I see people working with asphalt I see people the amount of people in addicts and working on roofs. So it. There are people who are doing the jobs that make our lives better for roster doing things for us and they're working on in this -- so of the appreciative of where you are. And also of the appreciative of those who are working in this weather. Here -- attacks did you just say David -- was a good looking woman I've heard clowns on this show accuse you of the same damn thing LO well. I've never been accused of being good -- moment. I've been accused of being an ugly woman. We've ever could lucky and here's another -- dude did you ever meet David Boeing what do twosome YouTube would have made. I don't know what that means about it twosome. But I'm not into that and no I have never met David only vote to have -- to this day great admiration for him. And again I'm I'm getting. -- when I've referred to what I see is. A different element in the French Quarter and I still go to the front Koran and encourage you to still have fun in the first quarter but I I can't not be honest about. Something that I say. And I don't particularly feel threatened all the time although there was one time. -- probably six months ago and I walked in sort of walk on the first block suburban. And I just and it might just to -- me. I just didn't feel old I just feel right width of the -- that the crowd. Centered around and went home. But I I I love the French Quarter in -- still gonna go. But if there is a growing. Element. That is not they -- to partake in the spirit of of the French Quarter. Then why should we not be honest about it. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- Amber's -- 7870. I did Monday and Tuesday after the shooting in suburban street. I was an -- Tommy Tucker and restarting just about these the shooting at this quarter for Orleans in -- and French Quarter effect. There's still a video or did you -- cam video. -- Sunday morning. From that turn that corner of that 700 block of the suburban street to talking about -- a rating on the perspective of of what people saw who were there. And perspective on the street to where the government was running and how returned and fired back at the crowd. And -- Did it from that did that perspective. And you don't. Talking about Bourbon Street mean if if there were checkpoints and -- that this is constitutional and I don't know how this would happen. But there was should talk on the -- shows some Monday Tuesday the morning about. What if what if -- street in the French Quarter. Which treated like an amusement park. And you had to go through a gate to -- He had to show an ID. -- if there was some kind of a checkpoint what what does that what does that could be somehow. Implement it. And be constitutional again I don't know how that would happen. But if there was any -- checkpoint I guarantee you there are a lot of people in urban street now. Who would never make it through the checkpoint. And there were people once again. Walking around urban streets with guns got into an argument early Sunday morning. And they were. So. Unconcerned. About everybody around them. That their desire for instant gratification to settle the argument right then and there. They pulled out the guns that they had. Probably not legally obtained but I don't know. And just fired. An innocent people were shot and a beautiful. 21 year old girl. Has -- And the breaking news tonight and WWL is the person of interest one of the people of interest in suburban street shooting is now in custody. And NO PD turned herself into a grip of police in Jefferson Parish he's being held and -- such a little confused about how in a PDs holding him but he's. He's being held by NO PD on warrants of traffic violations. And shoplifting. And presumably. NO PD right now is working on the evidence that they have. That they believe will -- this person of interest to the shooting which will make him a suspect. Which will. Change everything. In terms of his life and his his status within a PD. How we got the full story on our -- excited to be of any real dot com. And with developments overnight territory Dave Cohen and David Blake the WWL first news from five to six and then from six to ten Tommy Tucker. And David political after the latest news on -- real -- Schneier's. I'm -- glad to be back with you on the -- short nights and if your -- stay with us -- coming right back with your comments on WWL.