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07-02 11pm Scoot Violence in the French Quarter

Jul 3, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss: violence in the French Quarter; what will it take to turn the trend around?

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Welcome back to our show again it is a good to be back with you wanna thank Bob Mitchell force it again and doing the show for the last -- August 2 weeks -- filling in for Tommy Tucker. So interesting going from. That the show ignites it. Going from the show at night -- I do in the morning show which I did for for so many many years. I'm actually. I'm actually going to work at a time when I was sticking by going to bed when I -- that the morning show. And -- I would leave my in my apartment at 4 o'clock in the morning and we see people coming in. Which on rare occasions that's when I'm actually coming home graduate aside here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees. Yet still do business with China a country that in some situations mandates abortions. 36% say yes it's wrong. 64% say no. It's not wrong. You can give your -- by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a Texan Reid says -- to you being accused of being ugly woman I'm sitting here cracking up. You are my last medicine and that is from man and I appreciate the call. Fill up your -- WW -- good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. We. -- Yes. -- Yeah the other morning somebody. Sent me text and and told me that and I haven't been to Memphis and in a long time and haven't been to Beale street a long time so was unaware that -- Apparently there are our checkpoints although I had a couple of other people tell me that the the checkpoints -- we're we're very. Very loosely just in one case a couple assault horses and it really wasn't much of a checkpoint but it's an interesting it's an interesting concept and frankly I'd feel better in the French Quarter for everybody had to go through a checkpoint but I'm again I'm not exactly sure how that works. As far as the constitution's concern. -- Yeah. It. You know. Yeah. -- The. -- -- -- -- you're right or did you did you enjoy being on Beale street. -- The and and the. -- on political show thanks listening to WWL. If you and joining us with the comic you have our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. -- his attacks -- -- beautiful girl is dead did because of people. They have no regard for the life of others and that is from Lisa in Metairie. And that's true and you know I talk about her being out of a beautiful girl. But even if she wasn't what I would consider to be beautiful. It would be equally as -- I don't mean to emphasize. That she's a beautiful girl because it wouldn't matter whether she's beautiful or not and again that's a very subjective thing. Everybody has a different ideas of beauty. But it's just it's sad that somebody who was apparently a very vibrant. Young woman. Who had so much to offer the world. Is not here because of people who have very little to offer the world. Here is attacks every says -- could the mugging ordeal you went through had anything to do with the way you feel about the quarter now. -- I don't think so. And you know -- I've really. I have really not allowed that -- Which took place in the CBD. I've really not allowed that to change my image of of people and it was for black guys. But that hasn't changed my opinion of blacks at all because I know that their skin color had nothing to do with directions. It was their actions that cause them to do what they did it was their. Their mentality that caused him to do that. It's just that I've I've just you know I'm I'm I I try to be very very aware and it's it's my job and this is what I do in my job I noticed that -- I notice things and talk about a money -- is often it's things that people can relate to. So when I talk about seeing a new element in the quarter over the last six months it's seems to be slowly growing. There's a part of me that doesn't even wanna say this. Because I don't want people to not go to quarter because I still go. But I don't think anybody should be in the quarter after 2 o'clock now there are some people who are working in the quarter and they have every right to be there -- -- -- -- right to be in the quarter after 2 o'clock. But I I have a rule after 2 o'clock I'm not -- -- -- and in -- in the quarter anywhere now it's not often that -- out that late but occasionally I have been. But I just it's I I see more and more people. On -- street. Who were not they -- to enjoy what he's supposed to be enjoyable about urban street. So my question is. What is that what what's the reason there's a year. A realizing that I have ever recent they have a right. But if you -- if you if you if you went to a party. And you saw some people the party who really get to look like they were enjoying the party. But they were there at the party anyway. Wouldn't you think it was fair to ask the question I wonder why there at the party. For -- Brian you're on WWL. Based Google Eddie -- thanks -- You know. What wonder when the incident in the Korda the first thing. Was -- you know perception seems to be reality for so many people. It's really weird because despite. We knew -- and when people come and companies say that you heard about what happened the first quarter and those people again. Come out clearly you know ignorant statement you know nothing to do with color -- parent that they kid and he and they would see each other -- -- whatever reason that we don't know yet bill. It's go after -- stay the -- and and and I don't city. How. Additional police officers is gonna make people that they -- but just don't see and. And Brian and that is the long range solution but if we started to work on that right now if we determine to what needed to be done to make parents better parents right now. It would still take a generation to. Manifest change so. While we will while we need to be aware of the long range solutions. We also need to talk about strategy. We need to talk about. The are there the more immediate solutions to to deal with another topic pick -- -- -- -- -- show. Another thing that came up -- talking about this the other day. Was the the priority of a federal PG. Via the priority out if this is a judgment call -- on the part of the police officer. But -- Their priority is to first stay with the victim. And not pursue the suspect. And I think it's a worthy of asking the question is that the right priority. Because. It was discussed that. There were police officers. Within arm's reach not literally. But they were they were very close to. The shooting. But yet it seems as if the instinct is to stay with and I have ambivalent feelings about that I've I've really -- it both ways if if police are highly trained. To administer aid in the street and it's my understanding that they're not the sort of criticism. But that's not their their area of expertise. They can call 911. I know why they stay with the victim I do understand -- but I also. Think there should be a priority and in if if you're that close. Pursue somebody. And I would hope that that is the instinct that a lot of police officers have. If you rejoice for the -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in protection -- 77. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. It was on this date July 2 1960 for the president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act which banned racial discrimination. America's changed a lot in fifty years. What's better. What's not we've talked about talked about that. And what are you remember about segregation. I mean I've I've shared my -- thoughts of segregation in not understanding why they were different bathrooms. Understanding why there were. How we're different to -- water fountains. I had actually in the early part of the show. Two people called the show except when they were young they were white they want to go sit in the back of the bus with blacks they knew. And they were told by the bus driver. Not to sit in the back. They were told to go sit up in the front. And one of the things it really did spark the civil rights movement was Rosa Parks and I believe was in Montgomery Alabama. The -- tired she'd worked all day. And she didn't want to walk all the way to the back of the bus. So she sat down in the front of the -- She's rested. Because who's black. That didn't happen that long ago. There are people alive today. Who have kids and grandkids. Who experienced that that kind of America. So. Even though it's quick to say even that we can be quick to say well. I don't know why they. Still hold slavery against us. I don't know why they still hold that against us. It wasn't that long ago. And there are even young blacks. Who have heard first hand stories. From their parents and grandparents. And relatives. They've heard firsthand. What America was like. So it really wasn't that long ago. A lot has changed. A lot has improved. But race is still used. To get votes. Race is still used to instill fear. And both sides do it. Race is still used. As a major industry. For getting votes and generating money. And it's on both sides. And on this fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act we should reflect on it and we should realize how quick we are to judge. And think about think about all the people who initially judged. Now we don't know who did it these these these people of interest or not a good suspects yet. But we've got pictures of the two people of interest. The two white guys. -- our website at WWL dot com and receive their pictures. They don't fit the did the stereotype. That everybody assumed. When they heard about a shooting on -- street. And that. Should be a wake up call to all of us as to how. How prejudiced some people can be. This instinct. That. All I know who did it. And I never said on the air because I didn't know. But there were people who were critical of me for being politically correct and failing to initially blamed young black males. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series -- text. 87070. It's the -- showed we'll be right back on WWL. Very early in the young career. Of the morning just shocking things -- in the morning. He was on the year playing this on when it was released. As a hit and that's -- one thing guys who's been on radio. Hey we know you love rock -- -- -- -- has tickets for you to go see -- Doobie Brothers had Peter -- they're coming to New Orleans playing at champions square Sunday July 20. At 7 PM. Opposite Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning when you hear a Doobie Brothers -- Peter Frampton song what you need to do is they'll stop the song. You need to come up with the next line of the song a first person come up with the correct next line to the song. He's gonna win tickets to the concert. And you can also went by going to our FaceBook page WWL radio but for The Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton contest. Like us. And register to win and keep on rocking with the station that loves rock and roll. I -- -- -- well. I'm from Texas roots here on this -- show good evening. Yeah I'll look big gave him vote in it was on the first art and soul train opening geno and only to honor your right about -- news. Yeah you vote in art teacher. In high school with Peter -- and father oh. Yeah yet. He's very interesting he's one of the more cerebral. Rock artists over the years has always come -- very very creative if you will have always admired did David -- in. I'm I saw meg and Kelly on Fox News sorry earlier today it even a little different -- her new hairstyle reminded me at a variety of David -- What. I'd Bruce's alleged cult like listing over taxes from Slidell John you're on WWL. Thanks cute. Given. What happened Saturday Sunday morning but with the other. Aren't going on skewed it a lot and their current -- and how you spent a lot of time there long -- Portland in the quarter. Com I want to keep open your. EU observer. You talk about thing you noticed -- people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can pick up. Eat pork or something they're they're wrong. First ball they just. They if it's if it's individuals are a few individuals together. They just standing there they're not moving. There standing up against doorways. Decides they're standing up against like polls that just. They have a right to do it or not questioning that but when you seat when you see. Different people who don't seem to be there for the same reason again I think it's like if you saw some money in a party and they look like they worked. Participating in -- are telling the party would wonder will wonder whether the party. -- -- I don't know what's going on in there in their minds and -- know when you get a five and maybe it was just me and maybe there wasn't a legitimate vibrant. Sometimes I trust my instincts and I've. Just identified this one particular time going to quarter. Turned to Garnett laughed and it made it might have been me I'd I don't I don't how to explain in two in put into words of five. -- -- don't know I would say it was. When I walked into the French quarters that one time line and decided not to go any further in the quarter. I was taught by a couple hundred people. I'm talking about. The people you're picking a -- on -- are or how are you talking about Lowell groups are just a couple guys are. Well what I had that bad but I had a -- five it was just it was from a couple hundred people in that in that first Plotkin you're just I just didn't. Have the sense of this being the right thing to venture into and again I might have been totally off because I certainly didn't -- the quarters since then I see individuals IC. On a couple of you know individuals together and then there are. -- quite often in the in the middle of the street there are different places there are congregations have may -- 1015. People. I don't always get bad advice from them by it. What I do -- is they're not. I don't know why they're there because they're they don't seem to be there for the reason that people go to Burma street and if that's a case -- have a right to be there I can have a wonder. It when he. You know what I mean. -- of the things could have been a lot of places where. -- get that feeling something just right in a kid and I -- wonder if you can -- on or. People who organ in time in the quarter in the near future in you know. There are there are going to. I I still encourage people to go to the quarter he's just that did you know there had been a few times -- over the last six months there have been a few times that I just really. -- felt a little weird about the crowd quite often it's after it's after 2 o'clock but I still go to the quarter and for the most part the quarter is a lot of foreign. But over the last six months I personally have just noticed. More people. Who make me wonder why they're they year. You don't like him. I don't know scooted. This kind of put everybody a little bit more lower you know -- The quarters that -- A professional port in the and it always has been -- and so I just hope it you know -- you were talking about in. You know it just open people be more or lower and treatment and maybe. Maybe there isn't -- time to sort of -- out of the quarter. Well there I think there is a time now if you have a reason to be there after 2 o'clock that's one thing but if you have an option. I'm not being in the quarter after two -- I can tell you that there is another element. That is. Staying in the quarter after 2 o'clock -- like you know it might be 145 it might be 2:25 but after 2 o'clock generally speaking. There is there's -- there's -- a change in the crowd that device since being here. Well what probably two by by that time you've probably alone intoxicated people. And and and interestingly -- -- -- some of these. People don't appear to be intoxicated but you know by by that time of the evening. Many are and you know and in New Orleans people don't necessarily start drinking at 10 o'clock at night they've been going at it for for quite some time. John I'm glad to -- -- thanks for -- here's a text that reads. On crime and murder issues. It is always best to stick with the facts. One is -- NO PD. Has not said whether the two persons of interest. Are suspected killers were simply witnesses. And our city's murder rate. If you take away murders of black victims each year judges dockets. Would be primarily. Or just dockets would be primarily duke he would not exactly sure where this coast. Just kind -- -- there. The murder rate in new worlds is down. When I left here. In 1995. I believe the murder rate that year. Was 435. People. And I think that's the year that two NO PD officers. Were convicted. Of first degree murder. While they were working. So things have changed a lot. But when something like shooting and urban street -- It just reminds us. That not everybody shares. The same mentality and I just think we should be aware of from New Orleans Janice you're under the WL. Yeah you know good tactic. That I -- I want to thank them and media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would really. That there are good that people. That but that it was black people will be wonderful people on innocent people that it it's really loud on the night that people and they have to white people -- -- good bit of the criminal -- and everything. Can it be attracted but the region sometimes when something happens. People -- even myself I'll -- and I think it gave them that they get young lady black teenager is it like that. And I think people think that. He became much of the crime. Not all of it now but a lot of it in the city here in New Orleans. In black people. You would be a black people off my property without -- conflict by a black. With -- -- appointment until yet again it was black people. Don't happen that a lot of crime didn't -- -- hate black people. I don't like could have hit you now. But can assure you're right about these statistics and I'm not I -- not I. I'm not I'm not denying the statistics that a disproportionate number of young black males are. Are perpetrators and and victims and suspect. Sort of like in victory they began a decade clinic. If you get a sudden hardly had anything like that these guys that -- -- today were responsible -- I think you know what I do with the I would give them went into it and they would be able to do what he. Now on any given the death penalty happily someone died. But. I mean if you don't and maliciously. -- killed somebody -- deliberately kill someone you know what I mean. Just got style OK and and and they died. So much to give to -- that penalty on now when but definitely I -- He didn't have system screwed up the police to catch them. But can -- -- And giving them that it yet so they don't get that second technical change and a few different things you do weakened it's it's alarming to me. Cut them down into my neighborhood association that get one week again. About a block away an announcement on up from me. I can walk and that I can walk and let -- side and how -- being. Actually lifting in the afternoon. And I don't know how they notice. But someone like to see something they couldn't sleep that night. But it felt. I don't know I really don't but it did it isn't it not gonna definitely feel it. -- sir I appreciate you calling and I understand the point you're making it but yet people are people are simplistic and they're thinking. If if if all these young blacks are committing these crimes. Then it must be a black problem he must have something to do with the black Rick that's the way some people process this in their in their brains. It has nothing to do with skin color. Skin color. That the problem is. That because of the news. Because of the statistics. People don't. People don't notice. The multitude. Of responsible blacks. So there's. There's no legitimate reason. To be so quick to define it as a black problem. In New Orleans it might be a problem. That is predominantly. Within the black community. But I don't think that makes it a black problem. If you enjoy an usher at our numbers 260187. Toll free 86680. -- series having a text numbers 877. A tremendous -- Daniel WW LR. Director. I couldn't help but marvel Moreno looked at the year. There on the front page picture at least incident at lunch -- years ago in. Thought that they were probably gonna get beat -- at them greatly span. And at night dial Horry hit fifty years ago column by and we have sandy. Yeah. These -- spraying bullets in the crime problem Mother's Day ambience and the other night. -- -- -- It took a long time it took a long time for this to develop and there it in my opinion their a few things that have going on not the least of which. Is parents not being effective parents parents not. Teaching their kids. The basic concept of there are consequences for negative behavior a parent's not loving their kids. If children -- loved. They don't understand what love is. They don't love themselves. Therefore they can't love others I also think there's a tendency to demand instant gratification. And and part of that I think manifest itself in in the people's thinking okay I'm amid an argument now I can in this argument right now like killing the person. It's just this idea of of instant gratification and it's it's it's generations of a lot of it has to do we have. And a nation that has developed a system that rewards. Irresponsible behavior. I think you're exactly right. You're exactly right we tape people that don't work -- great people. We're almost everything at that there's exceptions to that it's an abomination. It is and it's gonna take a long time to get out there -- so in addition to thinking about the long range of solutions. I think when you talk about short range solutions right now it's it's kind of like somebody's really seriously injured on of course you're gonna take it to the hospital. But in the meantime. He you know you got to treat we got to put a band they don't. And I I don't know idea I don't know what the answer is split there are answers out -- -- -- to figure out what it is staying on political. I like the idea that at Louisiana state police gonna come here and help out not just this weekend -- essence fest is not. Any kind of a problem in and of itself it just that there are a lot of people and we -- there are a lot of people. We need more police officers in the first quarter a from Kenner Mike you're under the WL. Based here at -- Much of Saba. The naked -- satellite. On the situation like. Which people think. -- a suspect. Right now -- suspect -- -- he's a suspect yet but it. Yes you know it. Well in the same way that they -- who they thought did it. You know it's it's it's unfortunate that we we see somebody's picture associated with the crime yeah yeah automatically assume they're guilty. What the statistics at all. The reason people are confused because it is normal for black people. -- more violent cities. But I would say that it's a little white people from our experience element in the oil and -- transplants. And down more musically inclined artistically inclined people saying. Well I understand what year you know you're attempting to set. But I what I -- and I think it makes sense that where he's from current because -- They have a lot more like crime in the suburbs and country and cities that makes sense to me. That Iran and. Well that's because of the of the population. You know and -- in other cities. -- crime might not be within the black community as much as it's within the Hispanic community because of the make -- of this city. I just I think there's something just wrong -- as being so quick to say oh it's those blacks because. There are there are too many responsible blacks that defy the idea that somehow blacks are violent. It out yet so. That's that -- and -- for People's Bank. What -- moral crime in the country and suburbs like the West Bank. -- and all of the white people sooner and on top of that makes sense where it happened -- it. A lot of white people and the go to like -- street in the French court did drunk or hang out whatever. In the accent -- apparently. And we don't we don't know what the motive might be we don't know that the details but I don't retaliated and 2:45 in the morning while -- street is still quite alive for a Saturday night slash Sunday morning. Now also. No good can come of being on Bourbon Street. All night long Mike I'm glad you called a short thanks listing to -- -- -- on nine. Here is attacks -- needs. They are boy he's not man instead of fighting. With their fist they pull out guns. Chickens. Knuckle up don't be punks. Yeah -- gun is a convenient way to -- argument it's a cowardly way. To settle an argument -- as one of the words -- to achieve certain issues these these were this was a cowardly act. By the two people who were involved in the shooting. And again the people whose pictures on our website at WWL dot com their persons of interest. And won his turn himself in is in police custody not a suspect yet. But presumably NO PD is trying to match some evidence that they have. That they might believe would make one of these people suspect but again you're innocent in this country. Until proven guilty here's a Texan -- as a responsible black person thank you for saying that. Thank you yes we have issues in the black community but sadly. It's quite concentrated. Many offenses are committed. By a small group of us. And that I understand. I'm still we'll be right back on WWL it's wrong for a hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after -- which it believes is an abortion pill which medically it's my understanding it's not. And yet still do business with China. Our country that in many cases mandates abortions. Is that right or wrong. 33% say it's wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees -- still do business with China. But 67% say no it's not wrong for medicine -- Scott you're under the WL. And nudity in them. I was the one -- their picture earlier. About. I -- you were corporate politically correct -- Yeah. Well what I mean it is I mean. Basically -- you're ordered it was what -- in the term soccer. The -- -- statement. Other element that in the quarter. But you'll say who they are about that. What difference does -- There why does it make a difference if if you know who they are and and I I talk about it why is that so important to defined him does that make you feel good. Of course all first of all got -- -- if I were a politically correct pop it. That would suggest that the company is telling me not to define them as blacks and that is actually not the case. I am free to do whatever I wanted to do on the air obviously within reason but nobody said described in this way. Sorry -- -- in my corporate political puppet that's my choice for this particular show in any that I do. OK and so when you when you got about a few moments ago you came out remotely. Is that correct. I did. Okay but that's something that's so if you're if you're putting it out there that at this group of people -- me that -- young black man. Well permanent police I mean -- that was that was appoint a description. And it ultimately became a point of me saying it hasn't changed my opinion blacks. Which which people brought up to me that was not something that I initially brought up I I'd describe him as black males because. I was challenged who say that my opinion of likes it changed and it hadn't. And it was a point of description to the police and and one of one of the pictures was. Was released to the media. And that was of a point of description. But when I speak about a black a bad element in the quarter just -- matter whether it's black or white it doesn't matter what to -- It appears that if there is a bad element what difference does it make. Well first of all if you are on the radio okay if there is a bad element -- the recorder. Should you let people know who they are. I choose to handle the show the way I handle it. -- -- that for the call in show and I honor him you know I'm saying is. I think. And it says are sure you know W. And we're to think that in you priorities. If you're gonna make a statement. That then -- maker make a statement. Whoever it is whether white you know native American Chinese. That's not something I choose to discount I mean if you think you've got it figured out with the you've got to think our. I'm not gonna have it figured out our understanding is that theological -- -- all -- would. Difference does it make if -- if there is an element in the quarter that seems to be change in the quarter what difference does it make what that element is. The fact that there's an element that I perceive is changing that's the important factor. Preferred it doesn't it doesn't matter what makes up the element that's an important that's a distraction to me. Ground I I don't I don't I don't. They don't put your rear -- you know agree to disagree on that you know. They're -- you're entitled to your opinion. -- -- and your partner -- where they're not the point and then took another quick quick statement about. You know. Again there's water you know work with a lot of great black people and allowed that -- affect. Interrupting that you know the problem is. You know in the black community. You know and that's that's where that's worked sparked. -- supportive what is the problem. -- -- -- -- -- Education issues. And we issues. I mean it is your quick. Partner that don't sector but I mean if you look at. That. You know it -- Let's just say in the war one. If you agree on this award from the -- likes it in the correct correct. So and it in Michael you can go to it's you can -- -- New Orleans are quietly. Crime -- whatever that you want to look at it from 2002012. In -- war on or three hours. OK on the flip side. You play it what year did they have 2300 murders. Until without a well. There was one under the lights don't appear that. On the flip side is there city where they coming in is currently like Mercury. And I guess yeah I I would assume that -- corporate. Twelve four hours. Bassist Scott what's your point. Up or -- That it is a problem. And what they've -- what they tell me what you really saying. Are you saying that skin color -- to a criminal. It be okay. And went and talked about drugs and violence and -- you know why people involved in that is well not just. Under strain is that you look at the -- Not to -- Portland. They shot. I have consistently said tonight and other nights. That a disproportionate number of blacks commit crimes are either perpetrators. Or victims and that is really sad. It has to do with culture. It has nothing to do with skin color but people want to define it as being skin color and I don't think that's a factor. Well I'm welcome football here agriculture but it but it is. Unfortunately it is the -- or the people say. Well but he just unfortunate that people blame the skin color for that I'd I'd you have to get to break -- alleged chance to express your opinion. It's convenient for a lot of people to define us as a black problem because if you're not black then it's like a -- that's not me. Is somebody else it's them it's their community. But he's human beings we should all realize that it's it's it's our problem. It should be a problem. And again I I just think it's convenient for people to to put labels on people what's it's it's not my fault it's their fault. It's then. -- it specifically what are you saying. People want -- conveniently say it's skin color and that's part of the racism that continues today. On this the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. I talk about an element in the quarter. And it doesn't matter what the element is it fine if I don't like that element that's the important thing that I get a bad vibe from the element not what what makes up the element. That's an important. I'm skirt we'll be right back on WL man I forgot about this -- John records studio producer picked is suing. Patrice Russian that are -- Forget me -- Here's a final update on tonight's -- WL -- jag my opinion poll is it wrong for hobby lobby to refuse to cover the morning after pill for employees yet still do business with China a country that mandates abortions. 35% say it's wrong 65% say it's not wrong -- -- tonight is titled is hobby lobby guilty of Christian hypocrisy. And if you become an annual net send it to me my email address is scoot and -- google.com I will share some of the emails so on the show tomorrow night. And my FaceBook pages -- on a year where we are generally postal video of the blogs. Hobby -- to -- cooperation on by devout Christians and this week the Supreme Court ruled. They closely held family owned companies like this like hobby lobby. Can opt out of providing certain contraceptives. For employees and this has sparked a huge debate because it's based on religious freedom in America. Hobby lobby is opposed to the morning after pill because as devout Christians that they believe the morning after pill to be an abortion -- Which from what I've read it is not. There is an abortion pill the RU 486. Which is caused a lot of controversy that induces miscarriage. And abortion. The morning after pill is designed to act in several ways one to prevent or delay ovulation. To to prevent fertilization. And three to prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus which I believe is the definition of pregnancy. So from what I've read the morning after pill is not. An abortion -- Your hobby lobby chooses to not cover that but yet they're happy doing business with China. So is it financially convenient for them to have their religious freedom applied in one case but not in another case. One thing John -- a studio producer Jack Harris also the other studio have a great evening. Back tomorrow night's bloody New Orleans.