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Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the third of July 2014. And it's the day before. Friday welcomed Friday even Independence Day EU as well and Dave with so much going on around the reunion -- I mean you don't have to wait for the fourth. I'll celebrate no I don't celebrations. Everywhere. Starting today. Including. Uncle Sam jam and -- Rainier park with leed green. Yeah that's -- what are my neighbors and proud to be an America. -- right there while the fireworks are flying around 9 o'clock and that's going to be you went for a certain that that's -- me that I liked that idea you know it changes things that mixes things. And makes little different and I know that. Jack Kramer performing after that as my kids really excited or ruling yesterday it Lee Greenwood from 739. And then Janet Kramer after that. If you wanna catch a baseball game and fireworks -- efforts field fireworks tonight. After the game and take them around -- rock and it's Thursday Thursday. So soft drinks are -- draught Beers YouTube. At that and -- I going to won the first 6000 fans and if you -- little many Americans like -- Kennerly -- fireworks -- town tonight. But now I've got fireworks to that's tomorrow. With a third of all this is our website by the way at WW dot com saint Charles there. As fireworks at whispering west bank park. So all the places he took -- fireworks tonight and don't have political climate MRI RO fireworks everywhere I should of course at city park. As the yes in Dade celebration tonight as well. Orleans. Jefferson. -- In payment Buick if fireworks at Charles tonight there's plenty of opportunities to do you wanna get patriotic. You'll find it -- going. Secure patriotism error darn right. That's the sport and and an arrest of a person of interest in what is now the Bourbon Street murder overnight anyone arrested for charges related to. The killing now they got a -- of bunch of other little things well he was wanted for shoplifting and traffic violations in Jefferson. I'd just and Odom the twenty year old person of interest. Says he's now under -- Stan if they bring charges related to the murder. The in here one of the victims in suburban street shooting night. Around one dead nine wounded. Changes things dramatically when it comes to you know how they end up charging these thugs so that's the order of the day is -- world keep and I am that TC now they move forward and if this person to become named a suspect. -- and then is charged in the case. Wharton and does he have maybe some of the information they're also seeking in this case. Going to be interstate and yet so we'll keep -- I am that for you as we get ready for the fourth of July a feel unpatriotic. Yeah. Senators I hear one of the -- jones' line OK. And you know something about. Fourth of -- music that it gets in -- Word around like this one and this. Adjustments. He's done. And I game. And still stands for freedom. And they can't. Who lives of laughter near park tonight all eyes on. And I. You don't get goosebumps and feel patriotic when you hear this. Then. I -- -- while Lawrence tells you about this day. I can understand it has the Americans. On American it. Thank you David like in 51. Of them. AM and a. Our idea man. The purple one himself prints. Essence music festival starts today here in New Orleans last weekend prince among the headliners catching my attention. -- man my very first concert was prints on the purple -- tour. Very first real counts oversized. -- brings back memories. I'm Dave John thank you so much for joining us here on the early edition of WWL first news we are talking about patriotic songs to be got a favorite patriotic song on the makes him feel -- and I mean it is here -- and you just wanna. Fly the flag and put on some red white and blue and his -- -- a -- some that are hot dogs. Let me know what it is text and dates of the gates that what's the forecast for this pre fourth of July celebration and for the fourth. If you plans for a holiday it looks like we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds today with highs around 93 we -- some fireworks festivities will be going off tonight. Looks like the -- should wrap up by then but a couple of storms still possible out there and tonight -- to -- dropping to about 75 but right back up to the low ninety's for tomorrow the July 4 holiday looks hot and humid with 830% rain chance. Haven't heading into the weekend chances dropped to 20% with a high of 92. Gonna pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell right now it's partly cloudy and 72 at the airport encounter partly cloudy and seventy in Slidell calm -- relative humidity a muggy. 90%. Sports time now on WW well. Jimmy Graham is a tight end that's the ruling from the arbitrator. Three judge panel could be asked issue. Revisit that -- the program appeals. In the meantime though we're -- long term deal we hope Steve Geller and with sports with that and everything going out else going on on this Independence Day eve here on WWL. Happy independence the keys like you thank you gave good morning everybody while he's listed on the saints' roster as a tight end. You went to the Pro Bowl as a tight and even called himself a tight end on his Twitter account. Now an arbitrator has ruled that Jimmy Graham. Is in fact -- tight end in this franchise tag grievance the one year tag is worth seven million dollars inside -- reporter Kristian -- says that now that we have a decision. It's time to hammer out a long term contract at the deadline to do so is now just twelve days away. It's gonna bring your -- camp and the saints back to the negotiating table where they should be an and a realistic number now of which to work from. Or bad news for the bills linebacker Kiko Alonso will miss the upcoming season after suffering a torn ACL. Alonso was an NFL defensive rookie of the year contender last season after leading buffalo with a 159. Tackles. Defending champ Andy Murray's been knocked out of Wimbledon quarterfinals by eleven see Greg or -- trough. Up next for the -- truck is Novak Djokovic who reached the Wimbledon semis for the fifth consecutive year. Seven time champ Roger Federer disposed of Australian Open -- -- -- -- he says it feels good to be back in the semis after being eliminated early in last year's morning. Thus it was rough you know this very disappointed them back to practice courts shouldn't have any you know -- -- at that point so I'm happy that one year later I'm back in a semi isn't with a chance to go further. Federal -- will now play Canadian knew those rode it. The women's semi finals are also sets -- bone health and -- bush -- -- with three straight set wins. They -- Patrick a bit of and -- -- a robot in the final four. Over to the end -- the Brooklyn nets have reached an agreement in principle with Lionel Hollins to become their head coach moving quickly after the departure of Jason Cade. Collins led Memphis -- 56 victories in the 2013. Western Conference finals before he in the grizzlies part ways. Kyle Lowry is staying with the Toronto Raptors after leading them through the Atlantic Division title the point guard has agreed to re -- with the raptors in a four year deal worth 48 million dollars. And over at the shrine on airline in this effort lost around wrought by the score afforded to. -- on sports talk Tiger Stadium was voted one of the best places to watch college football. Which sports venue tops your list as they must visit which early morning look at sports I'm Steve. You know when a few minutes after 5 AM the early edition -- W golfers Tuesday on Steve -- with you on your radius though. You thought that perhaps and by BA -- as well. The arbitrator would come back and say well maybe Jimmy Graham is not a man that he's not really a wide receiver either in panic. Split the difference. Declare some kind of a hybrid player and if you read the twelve page ruling that we have at WWL dot com. -- fascinating read a lot of legalese right I'm a lot of language that perhaps. Most people can't understand but -- get through all that. It really is neat to read the testimony. From Graham. From as saints coach Sean Payton. The guy even looks up the definition. Of tight end. And position in the Oxford English dictionary. And goes through their collective bargaining agreement and play books and all the information he uses to gather and figure out opposes and does this guy play. And in the end he sums it up -- one paragraph very simply by saying it lines up tight to the line of scrimmage to the offensive line. And -- by definition he's not a wide out that he's not lining up out wide. He's lining up in tight so basically. While they present lots of other evidence that comes out of the fact that. He did most of the time line up they said within -- line. Of their offensive line. Which by the definitions and make to make height and that -- -- to the line instead of wide out. Where you'd put a wide wide receiver. That also factoring out that he goes viewed the meetings with the tightening group he's not a wide receiver meeting. He has be tight and the manual and book and not he was recruited as a tied Dan -- -- goes -- the interest in details about the fact that he. Played tight end in college was drafted as a tight -- -- until -- played one year of football. In college as a backup tight end yet -- good battle a battle there. You really play tight -- that much in college he was a back up people it occasionally. A fascinating read at the WWL dot com we get to back and -- -- -- more sports you have been nice enough to provide me with a fascinating document. That says how much the average salaries of each of the positions the top five paid players at those positions -- You know this all came down to money for -- and. A tight end of the top five tight ends in the NFL the average salary is seven point zero million dollars. The time the average salary of the top five wide receivers -- twelve point three. I get like Jimmy wanted to be a wide receiver absolutely associate his agent yet I mean -- -- up five point three million more. In pay -- fiesta plan that tag but people may be surprised by which positions make the most money. Some share the list that you shared with me and we'll talk about that we need to back it was 25 minutes he Steve Geller I'm Dave -- take a look at your third. Fourth and fifth of July forecast coming up right after this. Thank you failed master control this. Lional Richie all night long also playing at the essence music festival that starts today here in New Orleans strike hundreds of thousands of people who support. The forecast. Here's your Thursday outlook a mix of sun and clouds today in highs in the low to mid ninety's just like yesterday in a few spotty downpours could be on the strong side. We'll keep a 30% chance in court today. And for tomorrow the fourth of July looking at 830% -- chance no surprises here still hot and humid high of 92. Rain chances start to drop a bit on Saturday down to 20% with highs in the lower ninety. The pinpoint forecast center and neurologist -- Sells 72 with the airport in -- 90% muggy relative humidity. Partly cloudy and seventy in the slide down coming up the songs that make you feel the most patriotic here on WW well. This is one of the songs people texting -- -- 87870. Born in the USA makes you feel America and the as we get ready for Lee Greenwood to play at -- Rainier park tonight as the fireworks fly. The third of July festivities are all over the place solicit the WWL dot com. Yeah now we'll play more of the songs that you're texting me at age 78 that he would make you feel patriotic coming up here on WW well. AM FM and dot com. 37 minutes. After 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news it's July it's the third its 2014. And a special. Day before Friday happy Friday eve and Independence Day eve is well and looked at the party started right now. With. Third of July activities pop off. This what surprised me that people texting me at 87870. Songs that make them feel the most patriotic as -- doesn't someone next in top gun and the our way to the dangers -- law again the fifth. -- the scenes of the top gun pilot zooming by. I'd never thought this is -- patriotic songs but I guess I was at wedding ones where there were -- to fighter pilots and when they played this they've -- now. They love this at all ranked. Get a favorite patriotic down. And decisive why he had a really American I certainly love your reverend Lee Greenwood earlier on its. And all that have direct awfully hard thing he's -- and the -- I was there at. And let me start at the Uncle Sam -- I'll be there. So proud to be an American by the -- with that's your favorite electricity we could play again for a while now. We'll do. It for. That's one of the USA. Which is another development taxing us another go to when -- Kamal on the list is long and they're good you know on them right you'll have got Sheldon. Fingers working overtime it was so many songs people are taxing your 7870. He's in the wind up yes indeed. Abuses is is proud to be an American League. It's so well let's get on some other ones people texting and stars and stripes forever he does nothing like here and a symphony orchestra performed Latin. So this is the battle of New Orleans. -- -- Yeah yeah that's energetic song it's very related written a Ray Charles the oh yeah America. I'll throw a lot of things that are home to England where all around. Just. But just in June and he's. Man okay. -- I'm ready to stand up. Just had to stand them. Feels right. There. Outstanding. -- -- -- -- Microphone works better when I'm sitting down regularly are killers were -- in twenty minutes more first news here on WWL AM asked them and that counts. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I figured morning. -- -- meteorologist Laura but now all war. Or Friday day before Independence Day where July 4 yeah bad feeling good now I -- off today that actually you get that feeling that. Three day weekend it's not good enough but. That -- As I'm able to the whole week that's true or power to yes in the so. Do you have a favorite patriotic song. He had you know I love the one -- is that Ukraine will explain that night and uncle Jim Turner art I might have to break my rule. Not going out on school nights if you -- -- just a patriotic about that hello hello to Cuba and school called on school night. They are eating at work nights but it's summertime they school nights during the summer yes it's the community. I note and -- -- -- school night that you automatically think Utley got to be an early I mean you know first you get ready for bed -- -- -- -- you know let's not -- nights of this -- school. -- -- for -- a -- tomorrow so yeah but I have to break my fan what I need to keys plane maybe it's early enough I can trip up. Well actually he's -- playing at 730. And we'll play right up until 9 o'clock presumably he'll play. The -- in our area and during the fireworks. At their flying a laugh and in part by it's eight. When you know plane hit the bright side though tomorrow's Friday it has -- student go to bed early tomorrow. What's the actual fourth of July and go forth on the -- I'm actually absolutely I think this is the first hundred per Everett that actually be able to use them and for like -- right usually -- Saturday not a final night. Happily -- abs I'm super pumped up this thing up to like 10 o'clock and everything. And everything I had to the fireworks are over yeah you can sleep with a fireworks going off anyway you really can't it's true right so for all these activities were planning looks like it is going to be hot and muggy for the most. Of the most part in a couple of isolated thunderstorms again later today kind of like yesterday not everywhere but water Q. Developing later on and those. Mainly come to an -- you know around sunset so okay for fireworks time anyway -- keep an eye out for things just if you are headed out -- -- park but even that you know the drill hot humid highs today about 93. -- -- so they go we shouldn't have too much trouble few folks may see a rain shower here or there but most of us of this be sweating it out whether we're going to. City park tonight at or near park zephyr field West Bank rich Americans saint Charles pressure any of the other places tenors lake town fireworks. And all of these play so many things to do you know excuses that you're off he got to go up and tomorrow lines up a while not just the same. Now think and it that would I think that kind of broke ounces at their beef on the night of apartheid is not everything all at one -- -- if you only does that make it on a grand -- -- got a whole -- at WW held accountable -- -- That this morning I am not a 100% sure but it appear at Boston Pops concert it's -- eight. Because the possibility of her partner and it does run pains while -- planning and go to Boston critics you can watch it on it's it. -- -- TV her maid and a you know what to call Watson do you not like you're going to be eleven -- with me. -- -- adrenaline in Austin with so DVR it. And maybe. And watch it on the court that at an annual field and more patriotic -- I'll watch it tomorrow well of their went there and their concern is now hurricane. Yet as of 4 AM. Now -- we have a hurricane off the East Coast of Georgia. Yet just east tour to just alpha South Carolina and rain and outer most rain bands actually going on -- Charleston Myrtle Beach areas there. Party getting the first dose of her. -- and Arthur now mandatory evacuations Jefferson outer banks here in North Carolina so folks if you're planning on celebrating our. Nation's birth out on the East Coast. Really my wanna check that hurricane forecast. Although we have a story this morning of course you know they've got to go out -- -- the people that are gonna stay for the store testament I was gone at just a category one I can ride that matter than that this this morning he was he was he was an interest in a cat he done. He said these things are fines I think it's going to be -- -- already never reader that I hurricane ever banner came before. All new experiences are flying experiences that were really looking forward. Well idea maybe we should put him in the what are. Now I and I've been through strong tropical storm and I've been through a category one hurricane in reverse and. No vacation in the hurricane I think the key it's Wendy's and I've never been through one before. And and body it -- put him in the what is wrong with people file along with a woman from new top. Who police say tried to buy eight match. From an undercover undercover officer writes you know why she was buying the -- I'm guessing -- -- -- -- that -- he said it was a birthday gift for -- this stern. People people apparently yeah you know. Haven't heard today have some crystal glass into gift cards could add a note 23. Asia 24 -- this on a smoking -- Houston now it's not mine it's a friend's sister's right now she's at the pipe was a friend that the drug over the -- the -- was -- -- a friend -- -- street and and while we've got a month shouted them can be held hunt. And I'm just say and I think maybe the -- is for her. I'm just saying. With and and she goes in the eight. Why is wrong with people file. That I'm right and there people -- -- as their favorite patriotic -- she's -- Lee Greenwood. Yeah how about little. Ray Charles. It's good wind. -- -- -- -- Man. Can be used bombs make you feel American teens might vote now one of the this how you vote for whatever we're playing yeah it is true. Thank you wanted to be patriotic. You're wearing a slinky black dress today it was comfortable with highs today wagon look at more drastic tomorrow aren't -- happily red white and if you remember at 2 o'clock in the morning where yet he can't. -- -- Thanks advocate like to outline. -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- if you -- -- and that's one man James Brown living in America at their favorite patriotic song. That's got -- appropriate as we go on to sports because that president. And -- -- -- theme but they completed their Iraqi foreign policy is when I hear that is Apollo coming down Apollo creed and not all dressed in red white and blue with his top hat and her that. At Steve -- Sampras boards on this day before the fourth of July. Good morning everyone in the next for the same check up on the to do this now is a lot -- Jimmy Graham to a long term contract. Now have an arbitrator has ruled this franchise tag is worth -- tight end. The two sides have a starting point for negotiations. The deadline to inked a multi year deal just twelve days away. But sideline reporter Christian -- is optimistic the saints and Graham -- -- done. I think I in all likelihood you're gonna see a deal come at a place that would pay Jimmy Graham in the neighborhood of ten to eleven million dollars per year making him the highest paid tied in -- in the NFL. Defending champ Andy Murray was knocked out in Wimbledon quarterfinals by eleven -- agree gore -- off. I'm proud of what they did put it's just something out of for a four to get into that station and come out and -- another year and it's quarterfinal match they used to defending champions two gentlemen again these so it's that adds a lot of. Next for Jimmy truck is Novak Djokovic reached the semis for the fifth consecutive year seven time champ Roger Federer -- the Australian Open champ stand maverick. Federer advances to play -- those road. The women's semi finals are also sets the Mona helping you -- we -- -- advanced with straight set wins they join Patrick have been evolve and juicy stuff well. -- a robot in the final four. Over to the NBA were Kyle Lowry staying with the Toronto Raptors after leading them to the Atlantic Division title. The point guard has agreed to resettle the raptors for a four year deal worth 48 million dollars. The Brooklyn nets have agreed in principle with former Memphis coach Lionel Hollins to replace Jason Kidd is their head coach. -- with the grizzlies with 56 victories and the 2013 Western Conference finals before he was like go. And round rock topped the zippers fortitude he's right fielder Jordan -- about -- being hit that his fourth homer of the year in the loss. Today a -- sports talk Tiger Stadium was voted one of the best places to watch college football what sports venue tops your list as a must visit. With early morning look at sports ice. The dealer they've -- Steve Geller with you on this day before Friday day before the fourth of July you know essentially green was plying Atlanta near park tonight. We've been asking people their favorite patriotic songs on people are saying is proud to be an American we've been plan that would like born in the they would like atlas USA summoned -- a danger zone. Top gun team nice some and also this one. Solid image that's that's recently experienced as John Mellencamp John Cougar John Cougar Mellencamp what every column little pink houses. -- to get patriotic songs -- yet it's. Really feel -- and yes you guys who it was. Like listening to this in that -- -- breeze coming through with my nice frosty beer in hand was a very America's most memorable day yes that. I Jimmy Graham loses his battle he can appeal but for now he is definitely a tight end. That means if -- play under is one year franchise tag he's gonna make seven million dollars instead of the twelve million dollars as a wide receiver. So you give me a list of all the franchise tag amount -- and I was surprised quarterback the top five quarterbacks the average salary sixteen million. Followed by running back nine and a half mile wide receiver at twelve million tight end at seven. What surprised me though is some of the other highest -- -- quarterbacks the highest. Followed by a wide receiver -- file by defense events -- defense events make more than wide receivers. And then. The next highest is quarterback. Followed by. Offensive line that make eleven point six million dollars well those -- the guys protecting the quarterback so. The got to figure of their pretty valuable as well tight end really. No load -- second the last the only good kicker beyond president make the last tight end as they kicker in the potter. At 3.5 million interesting side note to yes today browns tight ends. Cameron Jordan Cameron knock him doing. He changed his Twitter profile account account after the Graham ruling to. Pro Bowl receiver for the browns or pass catcher I'm sorry Pro Bowl pass as rat catcher Darren. And I'm not sure that the position thank you Steve affected fifteen minutes of march -- John WWL. Tommy Tucker what's up for the next four hours of well David Blake we have. They've played -- talking about an item mattered cannot -- to -- yet we're gonna talk about Jimmy Graham of course will be talking about drive endured rush Fowler. Not lasting a day without your cellphone I can -- it and soccer you sit at soccer fever is your fever broken out gone an -- You fever broke Don it oh -- and actress that I -- deal -- happy that that myself and have a great sort of dot.

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