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7-3 6:10am Tommy, Jimmy Graham's a tight end

Jul 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- got dead right now is 609 good morning everybody glad to have you witnesses though reasons Jimmy Graham is she knows and a couple of female members of the detonations that I was. In an elevator with yesterday on the -- like them while they all agree that Jimmy Graham did indeed have a tight end. Say you know that's not real. What the discussion was about the notes and his ability declassified. As a tight and or nine or water stayed named him a wide receiver what are -- sent them a wide end. -- -- -- Ladies of the elevator I cannot grow. -- AA items and a com so here's the thing. I think in this just my opinion eight. That Jimmy Graham and everybody else knew damn well he wasn't tight end but he thought you know one. -- -- on the line here what if I get half of that. I get my beak wet you know I'm gonna have so what everybody's happy sure. And I think on the arbitrators -- and he said you know what this would be opening a can of worms like thousands would not. Beaten yeah as we got closer to finally getting the decision I realized what a mess. This would have would -- you know started. -- all these you know and I know I'm not this on this on -- and you know right. As I just said you would not -- yeah. So adamant that evening did do you think now that the arbitration. And Jordan and we're talking about ready -- opinion poll but. Now that the decision has been made do you think the saints and Jimmy Graham play nice and sign a long term contract. That's when I'm hoping for an so wills and I guess in terms of negotiation. He still could get half -- -- right and easily. If he's negotiating on content I work adopt her don't get it back so it's known no harm no follow laws I don't think Jerry's gonna be taken care of and everyone's going to be will talked Mike -- but then a couple of minutes listen this woman is suing her employee. Because she says driving during rush hour worsens or anxiety. I didn't know it happens a lot of people if you drought in Russia now almost every Friday if lives are at their place you won't drive and the things that cause you. Anxiety like this for example are legitimate disability are -- on disability. Wet -- in this country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just and that's that's one man here and new survey saying Americans can last a day without their cell phones and valued at more than cars coffee TV even deodorant back I would do except which goes -- got lazy meal but listen. I'm not here for that. So if you were stranded on an. Sportsman. If you're stranded on an island for years and -- of one thing David would it be your mobile device or something Els. I don't think it's going to be somebody else -- they were on them that -- knowledge -- not -- and -- are and I'll just add searches on politically correct I await my mobile device but you can't have your mobile device like to ask somebody -- risky you are now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- listening music -- things are back and forth but you can't get -- yup but you can Google all kinds of things all day and finally -- -- -- The idea that Google things are absolutely can only imagine what it is like with team USA eliminated as you World Cup fever broken. Or is -- atlas highest ever be aware and red white and blue and go on crazy. And USA loss did you just feel like it's more about soccer for years from now. And what's what is most passionate fans and I of the sport and not let. I don't think you can rule out professional wrestling a lot -- an outlet you whether Sami Tucker David Blake Shelden Williams entertaining the bumper music. Jordan fetal doing whenever we play in the do and more and you of course back in a flash on them and hi Tommy -- with 618 cloudy hot humid today you figured that much out of 30% chance for showers and thunderstorms and down was possible. The -- crazy I want it to -- in the afternoon in the summertime it breaks the highs around ninety tree. Feel like 9500. Tomorrow fourth July's same things Saturday's. 20% chance -- hours 1% on Sunday. The chance for hours really changes that much I think sometimes they do it. With the weather just to make it sound of 72 degrees right now and Jimmy Graham wanted to be considered. Differently. Knotted -- and but at wide receiver about five million dollars on the line the arbitrator ruled yesterday and -- -- -- -- Expert draft analyst for -- and you don't ones now audiences more in my. It happened when you heard there isn't and what was your reaction and we surprised. I'll be honest with a budget yet one heck of a case. And -- -- -- -- warning did it today but analysts and get a lot of people who legally equality. And that -- -- new web site at wide receiver. And as always a place for compromised. In that sort of thing. And Britain though the waiver -- rules being rules bottle. Would -- -- it would. And what you did though is that maybe it would we've. Got -- it won't. It's not in the standard and I think that was football but Jimmy sexton. That he was -- -- -- some precedent here because of the fact that you wait almost 70% of the crime as a wide receiver. That you are saying. In the crux of it here at tight end. -- that topic -- the got signed the contract he used it before me and now. We basically break -- denied me any year. That -- that walk around and Graham and company wanted to around twelve. Won't tolerate it that compromise here that they have that there. All the long term deal and it should be done quickly. To get it. It's been one that does not so much. That is ten million dollars in the biggest contract. Ever given to a site. What -- back is that god book on. Burton statements will look for Jimmy Graham money this you what you would do what contract would -- out -- just how -- -- Denver. So -- push the envelope. And make it up the Lola that -- or didn't media. Harvard law. What happens to about -- back in I want to declassify that beat Clinton and what happens in that third. A lot of nickel belt line and say he played quarterback will -- the -- little. And I think he ruled that the same way in what would the tight end bottom line is all it is is Google. Because you -- come along the aquarium has an opinion ten million dollar a year unprecedented. For its position. As a tight end. But the way people looked at tight is that there really. It is probable not want secrets that -- that's -- in the Philippines using them the CPA. That means you can't. In -- somebody arbitrator and I agree with you totally that he thought it was going to be opening a pandora's box I don't worms well filling your own metaphor but should he have done better should this strictly have been on that. The merits of Jimmy Graham's case in the letter of the law and a collective bargaining agreement or do you think he used that to keep from opening a pandora's. He used that he'd keep it because if you look at production. OK if you look at it back Jimmy Graham and it's worse -- -- caught more than that she writes. The greatest what is he would only help the -- had its -- -- he. He -- And Calvin Johnson. In the worst sports -- -- about -- receiver in the open. He caught more -- -- Who is gonna be -- -- and they'll all important. And he's caught more apt than any -- In the history of the National Football League source sports. But it bought them all production and where. It is not a war. Because it boils down to catch. What you wouldn't intense war. -- would the -- will pay. Is there. Oh Burbank -- homes. Everything people I'll be it was. To do not open up that came. Have been actually knew what would happen if you want. To. Well where he played in production. The way. I think he did about it because there. You won't play cornerback -- -- -- and that on would want me to rule. Blatant that it won't be so if -- -- Called the board. Let me take a quick rate won't come back talked about the likelihood of the saints' Jimmy Graham get in the long term deal done. Andy holds -- the importance of him get in on time etc. six point three might retaliate against him any questions for him. -- the Jimmy Graham dealer about saints in general to music so -- seventy -- 3866. 889087. Right now six when he for it is time -- -- -- traffic and for that we go to its problems. Tommy Tucker talking in my that's EA about the decision -- anybody arbitrator that Jimmy grammys and that the tight end so. I don't know with the procedure calls or Mike is no appeal on his right that's an arbitrary it's all about. He can't he can't -- to an appeal that's when I said there is an appeal. There there is one agreement through it committee that you cannot that now they can get them back. I really believe. I'm being in a short period of time you can get his Vietnam and I think the weights. Good squad and Jimmy Graham. And -- and you'll get this done by July 15 and you -- go to an appeal with. And and so. Technically. I mean if you it would it would Burbank we've been waiting all -- -- was in -- A law. That you've got Burbank to rule on this. You're not gonna get anybody else to live in New York City. So technically if he were to appeal in the year and you say you don't think that's gonna happen saints are working out. But I'm just wondering if you -- you wouldn't have a contract at that point he couldn't go to camp -- You know basically what would be without it. They're gonna go to camp and you cannot sign a long term deal and go out there. -- it is not -- like it that you got killed sheer chip were up twenty -- didn't. So he would play what seven point five million dollars -- she. And that and that the thing you'll do you want -- -- In that you you don't get more than seven and a half million dollars. Million. So and that was kind of pushed the envelope -- -- you can -- -- And it elbow -- -- everybody shall get as much as they can that teams trying to save as much money they can't. The play it -- to get as much so it's a bit. And that the -- sport of the but it is not. Like it. Technically. That's why the setup the -- and which won't do which we want to lead the way. I don't you can play. What seven point five million dollars in one hot item number that distinct point the remaining pocket aren't you being. In our time playing from eleven that well and all of a sudden boom we've contract comes down on that Friday. Of the remaining came. And -- -- on the same timeframe world that July 11 mark. Sort of bleed the same thing will happen plummeted they'll come up with an agreement long term they get -- all the table. What you've got you -- player. Which is super ball between you ought not getting in the form of his career. -- And at that position. As ever done. Mike would take a break for Newsday and -- -- it's supposed to do that as you when we come back. What effect would -- him on the same salary happen. Are they gonna lose somebody else because they can't force him to -- leave room and -- anticipating this. And senators Mike VA's I guess if you -- any question who gets to six -- at any tool creates -- -- -- early seven or even comments. -- any hard feelings towards Graham for dragging it out and given it a shot I would have done what he did at a said you know what type about five million here. It's an and then more after that -- let's get a shot see what happens if not I tried 631 more magnitude VA when we come back. Another hybrid of WL first news that regular good friend David David we have decided to reclassify use an anchor. Okay not a newsman as an anchor and as a result you get aid. With the average of the top ten anchors in the country I liked it however most of that is deferred. Until he passed away. That is not transferable to any your third. Yes the -- not gonna work and you're the only one they can receive it but it's only payable after you saw the electorate the why that's fun my -- gas or -- NFL and college analysts TJ playing an offensive linemen and it. -- will be great for the Green Bay -- change his Twitter -- to expert walker. NFL quarterback. I guess trying to to get paid quarterback money but it's about. The most ridiculous border -- ruling of that because as we like they're talking about you'll really ticket please. Would you -- up but. You're -- -- the reasons for your ruling at that there at. Like if that's what you've got to allow the release of the unbelievable what you know look at it also see why -- Is that. I wanna keep -- court together. And I know long term view will actually coming give you will apple be illegal now what happens in your -- five. It is a different issue back on Monday actually -- an acute care. So he. You deal with it then well we'll look at it is long term is. What you and Jimmy Graham who struggled. Is now trying to lock up your long term guide the difference in Obama camp shortened. In their keen to. And you Google. In those contracts. You know 28152016. Common around the world so that I wanted you get -- And got a lot of money that is tied up into guys. And also -- -- war veteran bench of players I -- -- and I got on a way to make it happen financial. Thought he'd do it was deferred money think in that. Iowa you know line. It is -- time withdrew in is. An -- exit crime but do what does coming about Drew Brees what do you legacy. On a declining side of his prime has he already -- there and I know he's he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL I'm just asking you generally speaking. As you plot a long term salary cap strategy is now the time and how many years is a window open. Well the wind is still open for a couple of years and I am just look at his numbers. The last couple years what -- revolving. Door a little deal and want. In -- without numbers. That matches anybody in the national football and columnist dwindled to be open -- point you don't know because if you don't think it should it fail. Everybody hit the wall as an -- will be different. Some people -- and it's where actual. Some people it and it will be that all the the man gave Brett flawed that unbelievable 2000 and he's that we've looked like he was when he. It was thirty. He -- every sport. And forty what is low blows it out he could not get back that lightning in a bottle. In -- we look at look at sure what you did in the -- And what about. What does the defense of player in that one year I can't think of another player defensively -- that impacted yet. -- -- The dead and twenty and it you know this. Was not saying. So. You know you can say oh what -- decline. I think it won't show me. One of the it to say what you say is -- Now I won't say what you get that spot there. You're more susceptible to injuries. And did not quite as good. Now that -- around you can make you will be good. But you're not quite as good as you once worked -- well. Or poorly. Really flawed and you let you know glory a major injury which basically takes into the end of the -- Mike I appreciate your time -- -- a great fourth of July. You can dominate on the measure of quick continued do you do anything outside for the fourth of July do you think it's really an outside holiday here do you ever audience. Really. All of -- through this stuff out -- what -- July barbecue. Yeah nobody and I mean like if you got Sam Wheeler about he sits outside you bring them all you just look outside you bring a Molly and well it later. It is a quick tags exactly as -- -- thank you Mike happy fourth of July -- -- pleasures sides 8643 -- FaceBook comment from tennis TH. A very vague FaceBook comment about how it's gonna turn out with Jimmy Graham five years 52000026. Million guarantee. So good -- nation umi call request. Do you have any hard feelings towards Jimmy Graham for taking a shot I don't. If I was MI did on the same thing and if you -- he would you have done the same thing you may call get to you real quick it is so when he said he told -- 866889087. Tommy Tucker that it W. I'd 648 well before sending me a phone call right now it's music so winning 7203866889087. Jimmy Graham and me and I know this was because. Of the saints it and lose and some big games I don't know if it was because of his. Appeal to be considered a wide receiver may be a combination of the both but I know Jimmy Graham it seems like at the -- the last season and in the offseason. Went from being an iconic saints hero of the best tight -- ever in. Now in the opinion of some who -- -- and the perception of some -- bats. To be weak people abuse phrases like he was called Edwards did defensive backs made him their pump that he's not tight enough. And I I don't know I'd like to know how you feel about Jimmy Graham and in terms of saints windows and com Drew Brees and and make Enron and another championship because like make no mistake about it every NFL team is cyclical yet the great years and -- and not so great years. Would you mortgage the house right now to do whatever it takes. -- Maybe get another Lombardi trophy at least take a run -- and then deal with what happens later later John Rollins ironed out of -- out -- Jimmy -- in future. Politics. -- he can get. Animation that's what it wants web. I think it's sort won. Once and put them out the game. That he's not. I don't blame. So -- -- his agent will would you advise and do at this point. So yeah. Okay do you think he's still murders he's still my healthy -- not heard. Stay -- -- shape of his life -- a minute he's not in the -- expect and it just keep doing what you got to understand. And now -- comes up next -- You can sit out the he'll probably make up Obama's awesome cause as the -- DC think he could sit out get the seven and a half million. On and he lost and more right back. And and anxious about salary negotiations many times it's it's said that it's you know it's just the businesses not personal. Anderson and that from the company's standpoint but when it comes of people and salary negotiations. If you think it's just business for them or game including just regular people aren't professional athletes and in the a lot of money or is it always intensely personal because. You're talking amounting to hear you man normally what you and gambling can't get -- your quality of life etc. -- ticket to look. At times it depend on me. Well if he gets -- society to make this point that -- And -- -- -- you play. And what he'd just peace and the last now I didn't then and and -- -- -- -- -- you have -- been salary negotiation poignant line. We now -- book is different than. I make Appalachia identity as a sales in god bless you -- -- a hard way to make Lebanon -- and obviously it's a tried. My dead and 34. Years and I have no regrets. If somebody's list and right now there are new salesperson and are wondering added that works on commission and Annie get one piece of advice to be successful and do it as you did for 26 years validity. Do you make you on page. They -- that in the Jamaican economy until he's -- it's not an option adopting the war. I got to thank you John I appreciate it's 652. Mark Slidell hang on year here -- on deck circle we will take you. As soon as we take a look at traffic 6528. To force said the I would imagine. It's a pretty light day heading in the fourth of July weekend that will see with -- Robinson right now into the W. -- second avenue -- well I get a taxi comes in about the Jimmy Graham situation Jimmy Graham in Jacksonville was to make the Pro Bowl I doubt it. I guess and only can maybe make the same case for Drew Brees couldn't Drew Brees and the and Jacksonville as he is successful productive. March Slidell iron got a W out the morning. -- NG a major project. Yeah exactly would Jim Ingraham on June came into -- 2010. Immediately achieve the difference maker. You know fighting with with our housekeeper -- ordered it and throw it straight years ago. -- just a bit short led to touchdowns. And it disappeared in the in the day. Having -- we have to -- secondary. Which we have not -- hoops we've got -- year. -- -- you know while -- Steals and sales. And you know yes we. Have to go -- or. Jimmy or are tried in the war chest of war chain was out there could yet. Not a bad stuff on them. Don't negotiate a contract that would the next week and they still -- the contract they use it on my bag really except for the timeframe.

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