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7-3 7:10am Tommy, anxiety and stress

Jul 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Marla Diebler, the Executive Director of the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, about anxiety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Using offers our budget and David -- and we can continue to talk about that. And doctor -- Diebler Atlantic a lot of phone calls about this. She's a licensed clinical psychologist. And an -- once titles -- named. -- as a woman it's her employers use and it driving during rush hour worsened during anxiety -- monitor dollars changed okay. An epic collection areas is she crazy yours are genuine disability and have we on disability for easy in this country now every time something and Roger the wrong way you can summit yeah -- mobile oil get them on the palm though so home. Go. That's neat thing in Rome when everybody makes that point it. Anyway yes and do what caused you the most anxiety and you wait two or from work. Mine would be people who -- -- -- -- I don't see too many people -- and are there any place you won't drive because there used to be. It is she's giant. Bias prejudice one handy as though crosses the Mississippi River. Was like in the old days where you got -- -- it is so many people listening on element mr. And it was about what's across the river it was about the drive across a bridge and a -- you're talking about. Aren't our West Bank attitude adding to our society -- I'm Margo Miller I don't think it was I think it's about the drive across the Broward County judges thought that was. New move on -- and prosperous. -- -- Run up against the. He in the video best connection and an unlikely place in the city don't feel. David you've heard of looters have the united asks I have ever been wanted to lie and do Ruder now okay welders and family restaurant. -- say a small Colorado town. It's getting some national attention it's called shooters. Shooters and lest you think you'd be about boiler makers of war some of the other just on one of them not to mention on the parents aren't lotteries and different shots that you yeah yeah the girl he comes around with a shot glass and that inner belt yeah yes. And hell yeah Lego bill that'll shock Hillary been hanging out but I wanna party with you you're wild. Wild -- shooters -- and of all places rival Colorado apparently the waitress carry sidearms. Armed it loaded sidearms. And then nobody one knows mine. -- -- -- -- -- little hand there when you write and the order sometimes there are noted on electronic -- and now guests and inside an annular salute you genius at. And on and the other side on the other -- beat you loaded sign it eluded a handgun with a holster and all I again I don't think they tighten their belt now. Bomb as a anyway she says they are there to serve people they don't worship guns they worship Jesus. I'll point this is crazy cup points basis celebrated. The restaurant. Two celebrate the history of guns and says it's part of our everyday life here they have guns on the wall and stuff I would I'm gonna preserve room. You know -- of things on display. I would guess on that make him there to actors go with the fame. And and the waitresses or are carrying their packet would you be hesitant to eat there. -- It makes me feel there's the -- one comfortable and start and -- data set be hesitant to send something back. On it a small tip off. Be terrible 713 coming back talking about. Driving in on their places in the city you won't drive and what gives you the most anxiety in on a larger scale. -- week on just disability crazy in this country or. -- there are things that always. Disabled people that are now getting the attention overseas Tommy Tucker back -- play -- that it. And to thank spinning with the July he. -- this -- -- WL mostly cloudy hot humid 30% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. Today. You really do the fourth of July weekend seminars downpours if -- under him. Could be -- and if -- nine under one of those downpours of rain is going to be extremely hot right now we're close and and on eighty degrees and as a woman that's won her employer because. They want her change her hours and she says. Traffic in this stressed that she some encounters during rush hour worsened her anxiety. And a question I think years is this a legitimate and disability. And -- we go on disability crazy in this country doctor Maria -- -- right now licensed clinical psychologist executive director of the center for emotional health. A greater Philadelphia. Good morning doctor Valerie. I would think Philadelphia would be nice places in the fourth of July given the history of the country. -- -- is bodies were crazy to see you reacted to so tell me when it when it comes to disabilities in this country how would one find a list of what. Makes you disabled and would entitle you to I don't use the word special treatment because. I guess that's pejorative but but treatment that is different than other people -- privileges that are different than other people to deal with your disability. The in the legal action so it's not actually. -- Would be disorder and then does. Someone mental health disorder. In Harriman and -- entitle them to. Treatment lower some kind of accommodation. According to the law. Somebody told me the other day that and I saw this on a plane on and she bought a ticket or not that the if you sufferings ID during a flight you can bring up pet with you to comfort you any truth. Well yeah you can request actual comedy and you have. If you produce a doctor's note that request that you patent act that I I have heard that it's not very content but it. -- you draw a line between disability and and someday and -- just -- -- it and nervous on an error has a lot of stuff going on in in this country in other countries. A high paced. Lifestyles. Of many electronic devices to keep us. Connected. You didn't draw a line between. Tom OK I understand this you need this special thing need help you war you've got to get over this and is just the way life is. Is illegal turn actually to. The law. But in terms of the doctors. In yen terms of the doctors know that you're talking about how does. How does a doctor or therapist. -- draw the line between OK I know makes you nervous but that's like he got to deal with. Sure well. Respected. And effort on the front and and I am I normal. Q what we proceed as potentially. -- -- Continuum. An anxiety. Perhaps what worried a little bit on it might be some technical terms are strap. All the way you. -- parent. -- and when he hit hard that I do agree. We can't function that that person needs and accommodations and. But he would the problem here be with the lady work in. Hours that forced her to drive during rush hour -- would there be some underlying issue here announced just sent them any employer could. Very rightfully say you know what he got to deal with your issues he has a job if you work from from seven -- -- Four or whenever and if if if driving me she that nervous maybe this isn't the place for you. And I happen and then that there without her killer -- -- -- looking at. This kind of patient I would -- now in this. A generalized anxiety. Is about to get into work on time. You need. That job is it made -- I'm just a couple of I think. Into panic disorder perhaps. See I think had a land where cash strapped to the track you know a lot of ability. It could be contributing explain her I eat it every animal that is because they have -- about it. How her. Into -- acted pretty it would be reasonable. Day. You should look into tree and many players effort -- Am not. Saying. So it's no longer parent that lives there. Or perhaps provide an outside referral or they can get help the need. No longer had difficulty. So. If somebody is having anxiety. There is through one thing or the other maybe a lot of people -- meet new people are trying to come up with conversation that. To talk to -- -- don't know fourth of July barbecue or picnic tomorrow some different people are going to be there and that gives them a lot of anxiety. What are the general some general tips may be for people to deal with things that make them very uncomfortable. And saying really cannot believe it's. -- in that situation is. Actually we're. The more you. You proceed. To be -- is never -- thing. I got things that fear is nearly. The back way eventually. Overcome. Thank you doctor I appreciate your time the connection is deteriorating but I'm glad you spent the time when this on LP have. I'm very happy fourth of July weekend when we come back and take your phone calls at 2601878038668890. Late seventy do you think. Psychological evaluation and and and notes -- a disability is in your nervous flying -- and bring them. People just need to learn to deal with things and and not get special treatment for. For what he can bring on a plane for example or when you work etc. etc. And then when it comes -- driving. Do you think driving during rush hour and get nervous. Is a genuine disability. And what causes you the most anxiety. When you're driving on your way to a from morgue do you think that's a disability. Or their places that you still won't trying to get a -- Sears says Miami and and and grandmother still won't drive across the river because of some irrational fear of cross in the river. So you tell me is there anything that -- you that you think makes you disabled are people -- issues -- that as a crutch. Love to talk -- XL 170 toll free 866889087. When we come back personally I think. We're on disability crazy and I think now people are saying anything that makes them uncomfortable. Makes them disabled now if you if you physical problem limitation there and I understand that there is legitimate mental illness. But I think saying well I'm nervous lines I need to bring my dog I think that borders on ridiculous 725 time -- traffic big problems. On causeway from attacks I'm getting then Terrell Robinson is here to update you on all Barack. Pay less than sympathetic songs from the Eagles -- but is that the way you feel. Can somebody really suffer from anxiety so bad that it hinders them in their daily life and AM and I yeah. I get a text from an attorney friend of mine prominent attorney that says. What she's trying to tell you is that you're misusing the term disability there's a difference between disease disorder illness and disability. Disease disorder or illness may or may not cause -- to be disabled so let me phrase it this way thank you counsel let me for this. Do you think people use anxiety that happens in normal life as a reason to get special treatment and I'm getting some text let's say. Com. Tommy my daughters one of those quote crazy people who brings her doctors certified. It relaxes her anxieties and never causes anyone else in the airline problems no big deal well really I would say and and god bless you daughter and you. But it did cause me some anger anxiety because he -- was yapping constantly. So then do I get a letter saying well I need a special permit not to be on an airplane with a dog. Because they yapping is causing me anxiety 1 am getting into this too. And flying at this machine and flying 36000. Feet over the the grounding gone 600 miles an hour. So I can't deal with the dog yapping because you can't deal with flying C need to have a dog no disrespect to your daughter. At all. So 26018782038668890. -- at any any other thing I would like to talk to get. About his driving in general and anxiety what is it that causes you. The most anxiety is it is it guys that followed visited rain is -- people merging on the interstate other people texting. Etc. What may be peoples and in the left lane and I go on fast enough when it comes to a commute because it's ladies problem is. Commuting during rush hour she says that are. Employers should give or flexible hours have you ever oral would you change jobs for an easier commute. And I wouldn't change jobs -- I know this I have always had very long commutes. Now not so much in traffic because of the hours -- work. By I honestly could save -- I don't think I I need this special treatment or anything. But I have a hard time dealing with rush hour traffic in our area do because I'm so used in condition to drive in when nobody else on -- road. Exactly the early hours have been a major benefit when you tell people you get up and 245. They always -- I mean. Feeling bad for area that's okay but really. It's kind of the face it is a sneak in with nobody yells out there -- get a tax gums and your causeway accident pushed across -- crossover traffic from drawbridge backed up. Pass sol plaza -- if you are in and Traficant -- -- information for yet. For us rather would love to hear from you at T six -- 170. Till 3866889087. Right now time for -- -- W -- news it you know I see so many people that go to the fifth floor and Social Security Office and he and you never know and you know that's a thing when it comes to. Anxiety can really be that -- somebody deserves some privileges to. To cope with that like flying with the York key on a plane and and but the dog which happened in Israel and nobody else crazies on and are you design. They decide rather rulings -- anxiety beat somebody else's. Downside and they always say you -- turndown service over the and you end up with a -- -- -- -- but I just see a lot of people go on Social Security Office which again now and anti human anxiety the retirement disability yeah. And seemingly fun for a domain meeting you never know though you know I mean you never know. But everybody seemed a lot of -- it was a little dog complainants seem to be walking around right health airline and just have a disability under disability. Would be thank you and again difference between disability innings and it's anxiety for god says -- Louise -- -- anxiety on a -- to mourn and -- There. But also. Saw -- chat -- call -- Porter and like. -- They do it occasionally we hate to talk about it in the lead and do anything wrong because we don't wanna. We don't encourage other people would do that kinda thing in here you know. Hello this is real quick we're talking about that restaurant in Colorado weather waitresses work. Man -- in a fully armed and ready to go locked and loaded. Gun pistol on their hips would would do you wanna -- at a place like that the name of the shooters or would you be. Hesitant to go to a place like -- feel safer more dangerous. -- -- -- Adds an interesting take -- anything cause you anxiety that you think you should get special treatment for. Our friend. To -- damn court and I can understand and and a league any special treatment fluent and it's terrible and thank you -- in that you call stands and on the cause late morning Dan. Good morning. Because the car toward the just told. Huge news -- about. I live news. I hate to tell you this because. Text comes in from the same thomas' third car and a cause and it was just move traffic to clear pretty quickly now. And then right after that they texted back and said we'll never mind another two car accident on the cause -- southbound. At the Tony two and a half mile mark so we'll keep you updated on all of that. Anxiety. Disorders or maim and hate the use of phrases order. Or are different anxieties of people experience. That entitle them to special treatment or do you think they should just. They as somebody texted handgun issue get a tissue. Yeah I think so I think. Disability equality -- -- security jobs that are born. Out of control. You know everyone -- In and took some certain point in an amateur recording disability or shall disability. Is this really on the taxpayers. -- so your drive and a work on a cause we have presume. Spring and fall can be terrible with the flawed do you think your employer has a responsibility. Today to change your hours because it makes you nervous gives you anxiety. -- I don't think so we thank you Dan had a nice fourth of July weekend include I will continue talking about this 260187. And Latin I'll tell you -- -- second -- 601878036. Exit 890878. As a restaurant in Colorado where the waitresses and I don't know how they're dressed. It's called shooters they -- -- keep -- locked and loaded that is their pack and they carry a gun on their hip. Fully loaded pistol and a -- in would you eat at a restaurant like that they say it's a family restaurant would you bring your family. And just left and because previous callers. To dance that he finds -- sexy. Nothing sexier and a woman with a loaded firearm. So long as you're on a good sized -- in a flash and -- well this Tommy Tucker talking about -- woman in. And Colorado Jordan where that is who she wants their employer to change schedules she's suing. Because traffic makes her. Anxious. And do you think people just now or using anxiety to get special treatment or so called anxiety and then there's this restaurant in Colorado. That says. -- guns are welcome on premises please keep all weapons bolstered in less need arises in such case judicious marksmanship is appreciated. And perhaps it's it's a gimmick the waitresses. Animal link this up to our page are not bad look in. But I don't know if that's. That they're old dude trained with the usable weapon -- concealed carry. Holders but. I don't know would that make you feel safer or less dangerous going into a restaurant I get a -- -- comes in here and says you know what. -- -- right. I'd bring my family there I love the sign in the front window do you really think a robber or not case is gunning go in there. So take your phone calls to 60187 -- 38668890. Eights of money. I mentioned lady on a flight that. Had Harry York he was there because in -- explain to somebody she had anxiety and she was anxious line so that doctor rotor notes she'll bring the dog whether. Unfortunately the dog which yapping like crazy giving everybody else anxiety -- idea. Could pick a winner in his anxiety off. Number one called in under the collar protection program good morning I want. It is is a guy. Yeah I did barely hear you look good morning -- tell -- what's up. -- All been hospitalized twice or bipolar condition -- And -- -- -- but what about -- an eclectic break in their electorate. On. And they kicked Erica -- -- back on track. And what happened and then there's a lot of people and that people would consider normal. And the bigger public advocate with chronic pain. Edit -- you get to the point we can't -- and a bit of everything. -- anti you know and pain is one of those things and back pain especially your knees or whatever. If sometimes of people don't seat. You know and open wound it's bleeding or something they don't they don't realize that somebody else can be suffering. -- about pot bipolar because so many terms -- thrown around. And and people don't really understand them what what exactly is bipolar and what what what do you suffer from. In its simplest -- that even when. It's very addictive very like. It should be miked depressed and Michael from. -- public kind of exciting as much -- that kind of like. You you would you wouldn't you know. And -- -- taught me try to. And might go about those political clout hospitalized light -- it. And that I thought about it and what brought about in Yemen. So what is it did when you hospitalized what caused that to happen. Like obviously that would that's doubtful -- -- -- in my life at work where I couldn't sleep at night like you go to what radiate out late. Boom you're done. While and what was it that degree I mean did you have some behavior -- -- -- no -- that'd that'd cause you to be hospitalized -- did you. No I got that I didn't want to go out go outside blocked the anyone doing anything. I just got -- -- And it dog was. Man they're as good dog chance so I hope you feel better number one I think -- -- honest and candid Willis. Well that one of the met him but I wanted to mention I do my thing what that would happen this disorder what if you wanna call it that -- And make her realize what normal looked so different how do you it was cold -- or not. Yellow and I struggle with number one when it comes dysfunctional family and functional if and it all goes to parsing words I guess is that 50%. Of the like marriages in this country end in divorce and there's so many single family households you write what. What -- what is normal anymore what is the norm what his functional what is dysfunctional. I'm glad you called and albeit a great fourth of July weekend in -- Or thank you so I appreciated -- 537 before eight trouble on a causeway. And -- Robinson's -- the tales with WW ultra Tommy Tucker apparently some of -- not taking this anxieties. Conversation seriously or maybe you are. Ones that. I get anxiety during my family gatherings -- wanna choke Mike -- brother in law that does not work. Plays tape over the mouth of -- know what all uncle and tell the truth about my broke in with the expensive -- and expect -- expensive car. That does not have any insurance. Must be a relative of mine -- -- -- inside your -- W -- the morning. -- I've called that. Act I dealt with depression and back and Italy and Britain who can't same. For many many years my -- had been lit by solar. -- He would and he can't so many about the damn it I. -- being put -- hospitals for geriatric psychiatry after an episode -- depression and it. It's just hard on the people who deal with people who have depression and in fact we hear from the people themselves -- -- but it was a. -- were edited thank you so much ambiance of candidates are taken -- time nickel and with that would take a break for news and we come back. Talk about Americans. And how long they could go without their Smartphones. Be surprised at home and they said we'll share it when we come back and evidently well.

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