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7-3 8:10am Tommy, cell phone addiction and deserted islands

Jul 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Courtney Stewart, the Coordinator of Research Translation at the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, about technology addiction

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David Blake overtime and anxiety and a woman wants to hand for hours a change to flex time I guess is she doesn't like to drive and and rush hour and she says it causes severe anxiety and and you draw the line between things and make you uncomfortable and medication error we too quick to Medicaid in this country aren't too quick -- of fourth of July land of the free home of the breathe pure. Any Vijay and on an airplane without a dog to keep me company. Should you just not supply. Yeah I think that's the answer is you know but the job problem of -- is having was gonna do to get another job -- a -- get a job somewhere else their job with different hours and EAL one I think and I don't mean opening you know worms here -- open a pandora's box -- go ahead. But. I didn't notice in this country not in Ireland but in this country news flying in four different airports and and and and I am all for equal opportunity I swear I am Jerry York. But I think. If you're gonna have somebody make -- an announcement. Over a public address system about connecting flights about a rival of flights about lateness of flights. They need to speak pretty clearly I don't think just anybody can do that job I think that needs to be a prerequisite. Yes I would say you're accurate because so much is riding. Are you getting on that flights or picking somebody well whatever it's it's very important stuff are you saying these people satellite fast food. Or four out of four and it wasn't distortion was because of the thickness of the Alexander just couldn't understand what they were saying. I don't think it's races I don't think that's. The about not wanting equal opportunity but I think you need to be assigned to the job that. You can successfully. -- -- I don't think you know if somebody were to be a newsman though wanted to be a newsman and nothing you do is let him do that even though I don't know anything about being a newsman. Are not capable of you know somebody who can really speak the language and and be clear and concise hey how about -- And -- Larry Craig gets a job I don't know but it's I think your viewers about connecting flights and you're trying to get the information you need about gates or this or that I think you need to be able to. Speak pretty clearly in order to have the Japanese attacks against and why aren't we talking about the Bergen street shooter who turned out to be a white kids. Like he can if you like please at -- 60180. Yeah I don't agree we got a stretcher online for a couple of day 866889087. -- and I mean you know -- -- -- when -- -- -- and I guess this is why. I didn't bring up the race of the shooters yes every candidate didn't bring it up today now because. I think I would love when it comes to race I would love for assault him DNA tests. I would love that because. I would see probably that I have is some black blood in mean RSC that you have Italian blood. Maybe Shelden would see that he has white blood Jordan would see that he's part cocker spaniel what ever -- at least. We would get over all of this prejudice because. Then we would know that we're hitting on ourselves. -- there's always this story about -- you know. Aunt Matilda or whatever back in the fair and the -- here right that we were a mix of things on what. -- justice story sidebars there something with -- and Matilda add levity here live than we can do that needs are says Americans to. Unless the date without their mobile phones Smartphones and value them more than cars. Coffee TV even deodorant oh boy L about you if you're stranded on an island for a year and can have only one thing would it be your mobile device or something else they can only be one thing and you know we play some games here like you do in a bar where people sit around and talks so this these are the rules. You can't use the mobile phone to be rescued. It has an unlimited choices not gonna run out. And you will be able to serve the Internet but you're there for a year. You can't be rescued because we call you make it's better. I would pick ice cold diet -- before I would literally Smartphone and what about you you maybe on the settlement but let you gotta you're probably right Arnold would you take notes straight to -- lot lots of tropical lots of fruits and good things. -- Instead of the iPhone yeah I blows tools it would people think it's music -- 187 needle free 866. 88908. Set any text and sentences Kate Upton. I bush you have to see if if he is OK with that -- she doesn't sit on the other side of the island. 814 Tommy Tucker gimme a call let's have some fun on this fourth of July -- Yeah on an island for. If for a year could you do without your iPhone for that long -- Smartphone -- are. How long could you do without it I'll tell you this in Ireland it was very expensive to text. Or even get Internet access so I did miss it but not more than my diet coat back in a flash under the W. -- strange for the July tomorrow highs in the mid fifties. Little bit of a north wind no but it would be nice to think about wouldn't it. Cloudy hot humid Saturday at twenty to 30% chance for hours highs around. 93 to feel like 95 down hundred with the humidity and -- vehicle on under one of those -- Regina on is indeed downpour and and twenty minutes later sunny. Now closed and an on eighty degrees and Courtney Stewart Jones joins us right now on. Coordinator research translation. At the Indiana prevention resource center talk about cell phone addiction. Morning Courtney what more can you hang on my only ticket tax drew quick her. A lot of people would do that would they now. They were. Very common I have been you know I have a seventeen year old daughter and I have seen. The behavior. Way -- I know how to describe and on it'd be a -- I don't know who would be addiction I don't know what it is. But look at the phone every couple of sanctions. So this area of services that people. Like the phone so much that they were. They -- -- they -- could do without him more than a day in the rain and more important in coffee deodorant TV and some other things why is it. I think the need to feel connected. And because of cellphones are so easy to you know carry equipment and Catholic. And we feel like we're missing something different not able to return phone call -- tax. Or you know keep up with their email all. Are working -- dollar personal email I think it's they're just. It will passable for me to really have that need to feel connected. So honey do you balance that with. Or how do people balances or do you even care about melted due date is get the phone and. Now pretty you know I think some people there and number one priority and then like you -- thing with your teenage daughter. -- do you find now and because at that age it's really important to. To help. -- people understand that it's important that happened it gilt taste phase. You know putting the phone away during dinnertime. During you know you're seeing a movie order if you're having a conversation with someone. I'm -- much are expecting an extremely important phone call you know. Put it aside turn off at night you know don't leave it in Europe and around more in -- -- I've seen that happen and I have a teenage daughter twelve now. Setting and limit. Really at any age. And just trying to you know to recognize that can get really. If we know off topic here for a -- Courtney you have a teenage daughter as do ideas -- -- to be accurate advice for young parents and that is. Take however expensive you think it's going to be and go to the fourth power. To have but I think yes about a teenaged daughter because I have for you think it's gonna cause this much and I would say take that amount and go to the fourth power do you think it's accurate. Yeah I absolutely. If you have a young daughter just be ready for that name again and acted to be and on topic that does us. In any way. Indicate that people don't want talk to each other there there. -- speaking anxiety they get anxious when they meet another person so it's easier just attacks as I've seen people text each other ones and across the table from each up. And I'm not. Yeah. And I've been you know even within our house mobile text each other from other road -- -- it's like really like it. I could get up and up till after the question and even -- you're exactly and a user your loud voice. I name. They just you know people there that need. To constantly. Am. Could be. Not only connected but. This idea that. It's easier to communicate -- -- found -- -- -- thing I don't really like to talk on the -- attack. I don't get it from me I'll go right I do it here. Bright and. Part of your job well because I think it's at because I do it for four hours I'm not nuts about doing -- -- you know. Exactly and it's like now we have an alternative you know ten years ago even -- -- that we really didn't have the alternative to tax. Like we -- now. You know there's some people are opting now he'll face the paint -- action or phone conversation. And I think sometimes that social. Social skills and common courtesy honor -- fallen by the wayside because of that. And it goes beyond taxing because I notice that at sporting events and other things concerts. People would rather and it used to be FaceBook now I think incidents to grand they would rather. Show everybody that there at the concert and update their status on Nancy Graham that he would actually watch the event. That's true -- It hit kind of a strange. Phenomenon I don't know that it's going to. Necessarily get any better but in the ecology and things so that. And you're and that's what you're reading ahead here is as my next question events like that now what is going to be five years from now. Yeah I mean it it. It could. It could be worse or maybe there will be a backlash ran an out. I don't now hopefully people continue to understand the importance. You know good social skills in terms of phone conversation in terms of -- time. You know there are good things out of technology. So there's you know there are pros and con -- -- that plane. And increase thing you know there's been story in the news about people getting angry. There's the story commitment for a -- man shot another man protecting him underneath the -- -- He would I think you know especially young kid thinking cap -- that really firm rules and boundaries about. Technology whether laptop personal on. And that. When these kids get older they understand that there's time for. You know if you're interacting with someone at Hershey store. Look at times -- thank you and please you know what it means and not just. Mumble something -- you're texting can now. Thank you Courtney -- time I appreciate it. Have a nice fourth of July weekend -- -- -- -- you -- cola Courteney Stuart coordinator research translation at the Indiana Perez prevention re sorts. Resource -- so tell me how long you could do without your iPhone and our Smartphones the best thing. Or worsening than ever happens society. And you got to respect the rules of the contest series we sit around and shoot the bull over some pancakes -- going to a desert island for one year. -- only have one thing and presume your basic needs of food and water are meant. You can't call would be rescued in your phone's going to be charged forever. Would you rather have the phone or give the phone up to take something else with you for a year eight when he five Indians and texting and books and candles. Another one says Diet Coke definitely like me that's what I said right now that centrally get traffic and. That wouldn't -- Robinson. Question is there firewood on the island. It's an -- bring an -- Noble's. As the Brooklyn. Fine. Physician's desk reference thanks for hollowed out inside waterproof matches iodine tablets. The seeds protein bars and -- -- -- hands. And to get bored Harry Potter and the sorcerer's. Now potter and the prisoner that's my question in my shoes tomorrow and -- -- Save that -- here's the deal which is trying to have some fun and giving -- chance to weigh in on this conversation just like you sit around Betsy is pancake house or maybe a bar. -- you shoot the ball had a conversation and in relation to its iPhone Smartphones are you addicted to them. And he had any rules at your house with OK enough put put the phone down are you trying to talk to somebody and and they take delegates you then they're looking at the owners and and again. And then you say something like and then I buried the different parts of the body in them in Oklahoma while at. So any other thing is here's the game. And -- and it's like Jordan played that bite from the office. You're going to do -- desert island for one year. You can only bring one thing with you your food and from the drink needs will be met in terms of water in the basics. But would you bring your iPhone which is permanently charge -- access the Internet but you can't. Text somebody to be rescued. Could you do without your iPhone three year could do about it for a month did you do without you Smartphone for a day. -- of withdrawals symptoms if for whatever reason the battery goes dead here are not on the island. And you feel like you're out of touch Tommy Tucker will shoot the bull when we come back right now the time -- WL first news. Davis they shoot the bull. Then all of a sudden who dads get mail and the environmentalists pants I don't know the blue book talked talent that we'll talk. Right now time for got a W offers news with David I don't mean to make fun of this incident that I'm getting a lot of text about this about suburban street shooters being white. Being black. I am not making fun of the shooting I am just talking about the silly news about race today. Apparently some of them had spent time in tanning bed. So I don't know where exactly that that goes not made fun of the shooting but I think if you're so worried about whether black or white you'll lose incite. Of the big picture. David onions and Anderson text here about what people would take on them with the island gas already is on the aisle -- clean one other thing up I was talking about being able to be understood in an airport. And so many interpreted that asked to do we do we have an accent according to the Irish are we kinda hard to understand and -- time at the airport in Ireland and talking about here. In Washington and in Newark, New Jersey -- You wouldn't bank in the do their work you can understand now -- groomed to take wall and one thing to the island I would trade mine Smartphone for an air conditioner. I would trade my Smartphone for my grandchildren. I can get that I would trade my Smartphone for my blood all the boys I didn't stay anywhere pol I would trade my Smartphone from my Xbox one. Moments as I wouldn't trade my Smartphone for any thing. And then there's this one swimsuit models lots of them that's what they would trade the land Smartphone how long are we start on this island a year a year but I differences at least. You know an iPhone can't they get away from. Well don't hold me anything like that -- antidote to morning thanks for calling on -- WL talk about cellphones. Thank you -- it. Recently the NC board restaurant associations have come out with a sort of a solution they do it two ways -- client -- simply say. We would appreciate if you do not usually cellphones during your -- is better than others say. We will give you 10% discount on your army while you refrain from the use. Of yourself well. I have been totally irritated. It. Six people sitting next to me all of them on cellphone while there were supposedly meeting. And and the one who was not as good at one point -- was handing it to a fourth. I was at a a restaurant eating lunch at Chinese -- the other day because believe it or not I was hell bent on eating Chinese food and Ireland is because Sosa well. It it is actually I couldn't get to I couldn't get its -- and some here. And -- two people at a table holding a child. One person was on a cell phone and it seems as though was a business call but she was holding the phone. In one hand and shoveling that the fried rice in her mouth with the other and mantle of the as a business call you shouldn't be eating. And it is not a business goal put the phone down and eat. And and somebody else had one of the hands free devices and it was almost like they were doing their own radio show. And -- -- and well why don't you just you know and trying to influence of the phone and talk to. Well that's the real problem that people and so like they'll bring about people talk in the blind people when they talk louder because -- -- When you're only to people -- did not blind people known -- right. And visually impaired certainly -- against but the point is on on on cellphones. In -- terms. People typically talk -- -- for some insane reason. And you don't really won't know how many don't want to spam today for. And they do for whatever reason I don't know why that is that's an interesting observations him maybe they want -- him I don't know. Is that it would go on an island for a year can FBI following you today dialing going to an island not Ireland. For a year what you need to will you take. So are creating a lot of stuff to read -- they did have a great fourth of July weekend Tim. Jordan reminds me Ireland is an island this is -- radio so I can listen the WWL. Of course keep in mind with the iPhone you can download the ad seeking to have the best of both worlds a 43 more calls. When we come back play along Lizzie on an island for a year what would you trade your eyes to an island for a year will would you trade your iPhone four. Iphone's gonna say charge your basic food and water needs will be met Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. Tommy Tucker apparently everybody wants to play along more on the text than they do. On the telephone elected talked he had maybe that in and of itself says something that the people would rather text in and phone in. Might get a text here that says. It says I will trade if I can leave my wife at home. Just give me a beer to take to the island for a year but remember what Johnny Taylor since. It's just the. Not just about the turmoil lady Steven mine alleged Johnnie Taylor in 1968. So here's the game here's the deal here's the thing we're we're issued -- Reads about this morning and that is it if you head to do. Without one thing and that's noses story about Americans that can't do without there iPhone for more than an hour and that's like half of Americans. For one day they couldn't do without -- -- an 80% say that's far more important deodorant or coffee or TV or any of that. So -- -- game is in and would love to hear from me on as play along if you had betrayed your high volume on a desert island one year basic food and shelter and water. Needs are being meant. Would you get ready bureau iPhone for something Els. Or would you take something Els or take the iPhone with yet. And when it comes a year house CF tech free time where it's nobody knowing that it. Turn off phones off turn the turn even the TV off turn everything off which is gonna actually tried to talk to each other how's that work out Tia. -- answers on ICI husband and wife both riding in the same car and both on the phone. I often wonder if there talking to each other with the phone. An ounce -- I've seen and it restaurants already where both people listened to the table talking on the phone and and you have to wonder will take out would be a lot cheaper than this or -- they say in the UK. Carry away. Somebody else's I'd trade my cellphone for girls and a -- assorted ages sizes and colors. That's lovely a 65 and Smart TV with Internet an unlimited channels. If you -- the Internet -- money. Beat compromise a little bit on the contest. Need more -- does is island have electricity to power my iPhone. That I'll be requesting well you're iPhone is charged indefinitely but you cannot use it. To summon help to get yourself off the island some money text in and I found this the size of a boat. The goal is not to get yourself off of the island their goal is to determine how important that Smartphone is T. Here's one -- I can't read but it concern it involves a freeze disease free. This is I would take a company panic. Try finding an app that makes a good dead. Another -- says once we have an -- for air conditioning and something that gives us a buzz instead of drugs and booze. And day -- replacement for relations. It is definitely coming were really be in trouble because everything else is already available and will never be able live without the damn phone. Here's a practical answer sun screens. You would need that. OK in line with my it says I would it would be an iPhone because my wife would probably call every five minutes early and Hammond good morning or double WL. -- I'm. Doing well thanks in its -- It might -- and just add mile -- give me gushing call will get back contract like forty years gone. They get back on trend. Well now I. -- like that and FaceBook page -- are bad. Get dropped the ball the it back but I doubt I doubt. -- -- I tell you what man it is and social media it's crazy it real hard. It's unbelievable man like. That celebrated bought it like yeah -- are hiring are. Not bad retire the baby you met them back -- like I now. Let him gone back to the phone. They appreciate are limited -- July weekend. Mario in Slidell in my area of your -- WL. A -- a good morning you. I arrived -- I believe Obama avenues used that much anyway just stoke. No objection no other crap but I have been have a radio cycle as usual and wanted. Lettuce and -- to say Mario or appreciate -- really do what what would you do we did take -- besides that it. You know presuming that you know you would you you'd get with pat after awhile political career it always did say -- would you want books would you want. Com fishing equipment Agassi goes to the point of the exercise is what would you rather have been said he your phone. 000. Yamana thanks ahead thank you Mario have a great deal I. Write things -- plan on 853. Seven before nine it's amazing. How so many -- you like texting in things that I can't read that tell me. It's it's not all about a phone and at some of you are missing. The basics. When it comes to. Shall -- -- Freudian existence. And you gladly trade the phone for that which makes me think maybe your significant other might be spending entirely too much time. On the phone sometime next hour you're gonna win tickets to The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton in concert champion squares Sunday July 20 tickets. -- valued at a 130 dollars you can also win by Conan WW -- FaceBook page. And liking negated details when we come back right now that time for them WL traffic. And that was good Terrell Robinson I Tommy Tucker only comeback will continue talking about cellphones will also talk about soccer. Easier fevers still raging for soccer as it just suddenly disappeared and gone back to normal. Normally we go again after the United States was eliminated. And sending humans and evidently well.

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