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7-3 9:10 Tommy, most passionate fans

Jul 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Stephen Rea, the author of Finn McCool's Football Club, about soccer and the United States

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David when I was in pardoning. When I was in Ireland I got to. And I completely different outlook on soccer because I I you know you think a sports bar full of saints fans are passionate but. These are people in Ireland -- and I guess it had something to do with the brackets -- -- had a team I guess they did not how far they went. But there was at a soccer games and getting excited like like a group of saints fans watching a playoff game Allen believes this it could have been gone against. Croatia and that's who had waited as some like Dan and older than any thing to do with Ireland's chances if they had their own team they do they were still in it. And noble thing I love about travel and other nations is you know you hear things and you think things and and you find out the true story. First and yeah -- a tremendous amount of immigration. From Ireland to the united states of course and serious problems in the eighteen hundreds but. It also went all the way to the 1960s. Did you realize I didn't know that Andy on most of them came to the United States for work. No looking for a Cracker Barrel. Our car. Apparently they don't have them in Ireland and -- yeah. They like reason to get on the potent the biscuits and they also like I just -- Eagles and there on the porch. Rock and plays some big giant checkers yeah. That's the whole thing -- since they came by the -- the multitude yes. You see that at the cracker barrels -- like not putting its Cracker Barrel but usually pull into the -- when you're just trying to. Shove something down UK Cole and keep driving right I just wonder who really has time to sit on the -- -- Lax in place in big giant checkers maybe you waiting for a table and used the image and yes men maybe that's. Maybe the -- and actually. I we you know you -- rock and roll when Davida BO has more great concert tickets for you Doobie Brothers Peter Frampton coming into Rawlins. Land line a champions square Sunday July 20 at 7 PM and WW LE AG tickets valued at a 130 dollars two ways to win. On -- -- on FaceBook listen to me every morning this week between six and ten and we're gonna play part of a Doobie Brothers. Where Peter Frampton song and this is a Doobie Brothers. Can't tell you what it is because annual go to lyrics whatever it is talking with -- but if you're the first call with the lyrics that follows it will play away. -- sing a song. Some of the zone and you'll stop and and you gotta give us our plans that follow like -- baby I love your way. And then you gotta keep going to write the next words. Yet that's been afraid I know -- Doobie Brothers today what I understand just trying to give you an example I just knowing body. Looking for Peter Frampton now want to Purdue's Brothers but the ideas -- got a complete the next the next word right exactly next in line so if you person called in summer many give he would then you win. So listen to music and sing along to win or another way get ordered to have a WL radio FaceBook page looks of The Doobie Brothers slash Peter Frampton contest likeness and register to win. So keep on rocking the station at love struck in world evidently well we're to talk about soccer now. And had assured David soccer fever continued to rage -- -- it hasn't broken it's gone it's gone. Because I wonder about that in terms of in anybody's way in red white and blue and really didn't in schools. I I it was the first. Soccer match that I watched the entire thing from beginning Dan. And I was excited and I was yelling and McConnell like Hussein's game yet you know mighty you don't get all excited by slow economic times during. And you know deal is July it's true but anyway and then it was over and that's that I put it to rest. I have no idea who's left in the tournament and unfortunately. It died. Well that's my sense other than if you had children and plays soccer they played in high school or you yourself play at. Think a lot of people unfortunately because I think it's a it's a tremendous game and I think it's played by very talented athletes. Sometimes actors. And I think a lot of Americans feel -- you know what that's it. Check it out again and another four years. So it's not to Stephen -- right now author. In my uncles soccer club the birth death and resurrection. About club soccer team in the city of the dead good morning Stephen. Good thanks taking the time now on a bit confused Steve. Are you in Ireland. Men are. Now. -- -- and let's let the light. And I act and the weather's the lights when you have a very beautiful country -- -- You sure you are what the hell yes. You don't appreciated. When your from there like tourists coming into long ones and we live here all the time that. We went from Dublin -- way to Belfast -- those beautiful now let's get our soccer. Does Ireland even have a soccer team because I was watching people in different -- Just going crazy in glued to the TV it would seem like no matter what match was on. There we have two -- actually in NORTHERN IRELAND which is where I'm from we are smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup quarterfinals. Which is why he said are you sure I found Ireland beautiful because there's still. Not a lot of friendship between NORTHERN IRELAND and the the. The Republicans -- -- certainly an African soccer -- that -- doesn't matter whether he could -- -- neighbors for centuries. So in order -- there. In a World Cup lose either team and it -- repeat not this year. -- does not -- they wanted. I mean soccer -- -- him and it's almost a religion all over Europe not just in Ireland NORTHERN IRELAND on Republicans aren't. I'm certainly on the we we grew up watching action. Editor for either team qualified I'm not quote part of the World Cup. 1980 X that's been almost thirty years. It would be perhaps fantastic if you own country is there -- -- You know the count as Archie actually not your own country you're watching him because -- -- spectacle the president comes won't be forty years that's one of the few occasions. Where equal work nations are on the world can compete on an equal parity you know we talk about -- -- for the Americans the Olympics. Israel -- the only sport that you compete. Other nations. But the Olympics it would seem that mostly -- throwers and jumpers and her as it would if it is. I'm in the World Cup -- it situation we all wasn't it taken on Nigeria. Around playing Argentina. Countries some difference socially economic regions first world countries and Third World. Congress and it really doesn't matter because we're -- there on an equal credit. Mean -- go to -- city park every week and you go to plantation athletic bloody unit. High school field -- did people are playing soccer all over the place of their children are involved. But why do you think that doesn't translate over to. -- passion for soccer like there isn't Europe. You know it really straight and are on the market that the government country's decade and I find that so strange that. About daughters and sent them like a -- war Czech coach and all these kids and teenagers. Playing the game legally done like Santa go to the park on Saturday as far as the -- can either -- playing soccer. What happens to them why when -- 151617. To accept stop. Because it's not just. A mommy and people say well so much one -- and basketball. Football whatever. But obviously most of those kids aren't going outcome professional athlete I think more than just not a bad it. And yet in the americans' psyche. They -- just -- -- -- -- seen him debt that we do in Europe and South America and Central America and -- in the rest of the world. I think here in the world scene of the him that he -- your kids' play when Mary. Unseemly that -- go to that our practice are. You know ballet or whatever something to do some syndicate and -- crime event and then once they become a teenager there on the Xbox or whatever it. I think in the rest of the world most of the rest of the world. It is yes. Part of our stopper that you play soccer that wouldn't -- out millions of kids plain talk they're the ones you stop not. They include coaching they get developed mental help I really don't think that infrastructure -- and twist. And the united stage yet but. I think it's coming. -- the richest most powerful country in the world you'd. The largest country in the world in terms of population. You better believe that ten years twelve years non. You're gonna kids growing up. There are going to -- sent the soccer world like. Do you think understanding of the rules has anything to do -- or the strategy of the game and when you coach. The kids do parents of the kids like you're saying other than run around and and great exercise which by the way I think it's on the most strenuous sports there is. You. I think most parents probably don't know that and in the seat up there at the great thing about soccer is -- the ball he couldn't call. I'm not holding him gone Hamachi year's title around the world I think on the sixteenth of autism and -- is what I watcher. Football American football. I feel like I'm neither a degree in economics by comics and everything else -- the ball point in this way but it's true with here you know he stayed here at that time that happened because he didn't get every play and he didn't you know I'm just. The soccer get involved could and the -- I think that that the that you talked to that point the coaching and a lack. A great coaches not just has -- the world -- all over the country has held back our members visibly. I'd be living now up on New Orleans just for a couple months. I was coming out my door to go play soccer and that's never stopped me on you to like soccer and yet you know. And he says well I like coach McKay should I coached my kid's soccer can never kicked the ball in my life you know but hey whatever. I was just really struck me this is this is that. Someone who is coaching. Children know that needs that golden age would need to be concentrating on the fundamentals that need to learn the game. And this guy has never played it doesn't know the first and buy it. -- he the one that's coaching at. I'm not something that you need here in this country needs. A complete nationwide network of coaches. They know to keep him -- can impart that knowledge to the next generation and the generation talked about. I appreciate your time seen -- -- really d.'s Stephen ray author of in Michael's soccer club the birth death and resurrection of pub soccer team in the city of the dead is at available at Amazon.com. Right tactical chemical at all Butler. And NAS and I'm not sure who my heritage. -- eight minimum and you know local bookstores. Do you get your listeners I'm sure there at it and sure they'll -- in the pick up about it. Have you ever seen a movie kicking and screaming. Now will Farrell I would suggest you deal I find it rather humorous especially when it comes of the parents. Have a great day thank you Stephen. You at 921 would come back at all mines be open and and we not anymore guess that like to talk TU. At 2601878038668890878. Do you understand. The game of soccer and now that team USA is out of it. As your World Cup fever urges broken and you back to normal are you still. Raging with this World Cup soccer fever. And because you were exposed to it will you now. Kinda try to watch it more did you what did you like about the game what did you hate about the game. And when it comes to pay action. And fans. Which sport do you think has the most passionate fans. Inning it's NFL football. Do you think it is. Basketball. College basketball college football do you think it's. May be wrestling pro wrestling which. Probably is not really a sport although it is very very physical. Or maybe golf. Just want to see if you're listening -- -- 260187. Neitzel freak. 866889087. -- Tommy Tucker back in a flash on double WL. This hour of I don't know my friends and you hate you -- It's important thing. Yeah. I didn't. Want to. Be here it is easy to paint. You're out there to support us. Go to sport team member body Tony fifth anniversary of the airing of signed felt as a matter of fact coming up. On Saturday tomorrow into boats favored signed felt episode of year you favorite Steinfeld vote. -- about soccer this dollar ready jaguar being able reasonable deal like soccer or not yes or no Matt Morgan sitting in morning thanks a colony on -- W well. -- it -- you know. -- Via some odd that they that those guys you. All about once every four years. -- accurately and do it. You know Liam in India and England they would Hewitt in Poland and probably where World Cup while wanted to the end. And then my interest in -- and lasts for about a week after time goes away even lose interest did you play soccer's a young guy. I actually didn't. Although they -- it. But I know exactly why my interest in soccer -- and why not to the point as eight football. Or even a baseball or hockey in America. It might mean that as we are at war and we never. Club game on national TV like we we see -- LB she you know we see -- now one Ian -- EDT in DC. -- I can never in finding. Soccer match. I'd love to I'd love and are those hockey VA Stanley Cup Playoffs it on NBC ratings wise that really would because Jordan tells me the World Cup. The United States and and Belgian had a tremendous. Share of the audience. Yeah -- Beat either. Another big sporting event. I forget exactly what was in the ratings via. It is brilliant for. That. When you have to like that -- -- soccer game it doesn't translate. To you know -- good ratings obviously as a club play but it doesn't strictly to. Any other interest and negated the we don't see it. Outside of maybe. Soccer match or year local cable -- -- like local channel you know. Quick quick question what do you like so much about soccer. Well all I -- be easily export. Q do you get it down and -- in ninety minute match. I mean they're going to be in question in light of the action time at the end you know what our side -- back and be really easy on just watching the game. And I think it beauty it and -- simply. Would you like to be -- And I -- a lot of money need to understand and around that man when it comes time you better do your job. Yeah yeah. You can Howard yeah. You know when you have. You know a soccer ball -- -- say that about. -- I think look at them and leaving guys I -- -- In most passionate fans NASCAR. NFL soccer. Will. I was put me. All that other. I would -- -- pro or college football. Around the world. Got to think -- -- -- at the time to column and -- -- You've been. I'd in terms of the ratings Jordan tells me the US a Belgian soccer match. I'd did better in the ratings than every college football game last season except the Rose Bowl in the national championship game. So continued talking about it and are there any obscure of vans sporting events etc. That you love to watch on ESPN. Or some of the other sporting channels. Things like Australian rules football when you find it rugby. Maybe some -- sports and I'll tell you. What mine is when we come back right now time for them WL first news of and I would have David Blake -- so David Blake somebody takes -- to ask -- because here because apparently I confused NASCAR with NH RA drag racing. Why did you do that well probably because I drive so fast yeah own time and need to watch it live it. If you're listening at the insurance company. You did that once I am just. I'm sorry I. Our present the car refute an experience. That firsthand my god and oh still in an -- -- speed limit. Ready -- opinion pulled the likes soccer if you had against. Yes snow in the answers how do you think the numbers and breakdowns David. 5050. Actually two thirds are saying no about a third are saying yes. And in terms of obscure things that when you -- and ran on ESPN. Or and one of the other sports network she got to watch do you have any. Any obscure are just have to watchers on an atmosphere like I'll be darn this is on and watch -- here. Actually. I did get into a hockey a little bit digit yeah. Here it's right you know Stanley Cup and -- go on a payment for that and stayed whether it actually. I have always armed -- I have low enough hockey doesn't do anything for him they would have always been a fan of I don't know why even since I was little -- Is lumberjack. All really winning and then on TV. I love watching over the log roll when and they got the -- when they -- in a tree and got to the plank in incline -- and and keep. Chopping and now losing their feet they put a big. Diesel -- it got to stand on it and their swing and this -- as fast as they can and in terms of danger man they miss the foot is gone is her song I'm a lumberjack and on Iran goes he's a lumberjack thing. And he shall that'll try to find them Leo hours or if it's if it's if it's clear enough I admire it while it might be announced in L Britney got. Are being very careful where those log rolling. I -- log rolling and flannel like is that the -- those on the of these looks like a car engine on a chainsaw and they go up down up. Crazy but I love watch more -- -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Do you like soccer or not if so why if so why not if not why not. And what do what -- sport has the most passionate fans. All of them all around the world. And a -- -- in out there for all of you out there that were critical of people like myself for not getting into the soccer hysteria I have a simple question. If Alex you're the saints were playing at the same time as alleged USA match out. What would you be watch in no need to answer because I already know the answer to answer birds are well and echoes of the question about the ratings and popularity maybe is so popular and beat college football games as was on against them. -- made 26018780366889087. Insists it's man or lady pose a question I'll ask it. If you had a choice of bludgeoned and LHU game a saints game or the soccer match on. Monday afternoon I think it was. -- Tuesday afternoon what would you have watched. You make -- six of 170 till 386 exit 890878. And what's award or event has the most passionate fans I think you have to put professional wrestling right up there a -- you think when we come back on -- WL. Wow what an object inaudible getting some sleep all night. Political day. They -- you that -- that in and only that was from money heights on I had no earthly idea not quite -- and but I do love. -- do love me lumberjack at Lewis and along one -- -- about soccer and you. Yeah I. Have to you know the light and -- Yeah I would say probably yours so. I couldn't stand it. And migrants and it is calm in the -- and this from under orders from. Sub. Yeah -- on the plane and it really want action to its orbit help teach -- and. One other reasons I didn't like -- -- -- they didn't understand the world it was such. And it was extremely confusing it was probably a ball where it was clear cut. I think it started noticing that really got into it more -- Actually found out. Item on that. College scholarship soccer. And tell me what's the rule and who can do Wharton and that relegated to look at that new world. Position that guy was in the wrong place or they should've made that -- And it just made it more entertaining. Now it's game at all and yeah are now there's no doubt about it. And I think the other thing is that it's a national pride thing you know we have a steady price or state pride thing here with the I think because -- Didn't understand. The wools of the -- and these you know what positions. In this guy that was in the wrong position. You know yeah. Across the ball got wide open. You know just like with the saint game you know -- Jimy a wide open -- yet. And and I am certain watchable game and gene played where. If the I would would keep it across the field these -- wide open in escrow and like it was a -- why -- you. -- the part we don't understand rules and why it looked all sides without. And this strategy which is what -- gone -- and I think that's exactly what it is. And -- you don't you don't understand and that's that these seven new -- and -- joint. I would say if if you wanna see a purely intrastate and it is it's sad that somebody that can explain game to view. Where you know accuracy and I tell you and I -- And and I'll watch. But yet not -- -- probably commitment deflect a ball out of baseball. Com saw me out I'll probably watch it in the future and you know and made -- until a game and be able to discuss discuss -- If things like the Winter Olympics where it and I -- that as those summer because not a lot of us here. Getting involved in in any of the Winter Olympic sports but because it's national pride and all of a sudden. Will like skating for four or five days -- like skiing Laura and those kind of things. And that is loses -- instead like I didn't think I would enjoy. And and once said that change depicting one year ago and yet it took our game and our. I think that sport is better in -- in person and it is on TV. Right exactly and that gets it but I. It's more exciting right right yeah and then you know you got to see what what strategy should it'll be right well -- and it kind of like that and a. What do you think are best conditioned athletes are many sport. -- -- absolutely. Talked about that that he got it scholar college scholarship. Soccer from South Carolina mark and I mean -- and ebony you know. -- a foreign country that's certainly as light. But just like to play the game any -- got a scholarship he tropical country for years playing as -- team. And com. Yeah I mean you know like. If -- did you understand. It it it's confusing game for. Too much power. To. Probably not Burlingame but to influence -- game. You know like silent in Mexico. And that basically. You know shut Mexico. A penalty in relation warming. Appreciate you -- it was a really deal opium dream of July weekend. Want to know reading involved and will -- -- Oral anti. I don't -- I'm about out of time there's one of the things but he texted in and they said if you wanna get Americans more interested in soccer. Eliminate the goal lead that way scoring will go away yeah. Malia I think it would RNA add text here -- got a text that said soccer is alive and well and offering year part. You can see it every weekend and every afternoon. Andy has something else -- alive and well it'll offer near park tons of activities of course go forth on the river well. Talked to -- resolute about that tomorrow night the dueling barges in the great. Fireworks show but tonight. Begin nine get a head start on the fourth of July with the -- Sam jam in -- Rainier park again so postponed. The soccer practice for that starts at 53730. And nine -- Greenwood. And they say you can't get more American at that then. Fireworks displays at 9 o'clock and and Indians and text about different fireworks displays a different place is you obviously know that it's going to be. After dark. So easily around 9930. -- at some country music after that for -- Seeing -- pick your spot by the Al Copeland concert meadows stage starting at three. Against you bring your lawn chairs and at 4 o'clock they get some prerecorded music food vendors food trucks. So I don't know that you can bring any food or drink into it. But I think if you go to -- WL dot com you can find out more of course fireworks and festivities tonight. In the Crescent City at city park on lake front and tanner zephyr field in Metairie book of July apart in Covington. Andy West Bank reach mark. In saint Charles one thing that surprised me in Ireland about July 4 is that they were running. Commercials on TV. For fourth of July specials. In the stores. And maybe that was common from NORTHERN IRELAND because you've been here. In the guests that we had talking about soccer. Not a lot of love between NORTHERN IRELAND in the Republic of Ireland so maybe. The Republic of Ireland celebrates the fact that the United States separated from. The UK -- Great Britain at that time and and got their independence much like Ireland did from. The the UK but I just found it interesting that of all places they would run fourth of July specials. So we're tomorrow to have a fourth of July show for you -- talk about a lot of things is it relates to the country and and what do you think -- is free as you ever -- world war is your freedom literally being taken away from you little by little. By little. That garlands coming up next on and Garland show he's used to talk about more and more evidence. Indicating that many are losing interest in being labeled Republicans conservatives are liberal and Democrat. And he says that raises the question are the party is gonna dogma themselves into a minority. Or irrelevance. Do you vote party like candidate or any issue. And they a lot of us might say we vote one or the other but then when it actually comes time to pulling that lever. That are the also is Bobby Jindal of fiscally responsible governor. Say treasure Louisiana says our state budget is coming up. Here we go again short. And his son is more than a hundred million dollars governor genitals workers say don't worry be happy the money is common. And who do you believe -- it seems like every year there is -- fiscal crisis. In the state that we managed to somehow magically. Avoid. And finally should congress take privately financed trips that we don't know about. A column Duncan seems congress knows its approval rating comes. Comes right after garbage Garland says and they don't care. They recently voted to make sure the public and the media do not have the ability to attract they're privately funded trips. And it called Joseph Gibbs committed -- they know will vote the incumbents back in regardless of what they do or don't do which goes. To Eric and so again on Sunday about all of fourth of July activities and I do you wanna mention. Go forth on the river put on your red white and blue join us tomorrow night 9 o'clock. New Orleans riverfront. One of the top five must cease fire -- shows in America. Features synchronized fireworks between two dueling barges. And it's set to patriotic music over the mighty Mississippi and you can bring your radios are Smartphones. And listen at home tune in July 4 at 9 PM for an amazing celebration on WW -- will carry the music. To which the fireworks -- Are displayed in -- amazes me how they cinco of this sub but they do so happy fourth and station that loves the USA. Double WL a couple of quick FaceBook messages I wanna get too just in T. He says he went to his first. Is it Major League soccer game last year the fans made the dome crowd wow. Look like they're watching a ballet. Those -- some pretty strong words. Roy d.s -- college football has the most passionate fans. And it's finally Sean G who tongue in cheek says. -- curling. From double a text real quick hate soccer liars cheaters and thieves or at this scum of the years. If they didn't fake injuries every ten seconds I would enjoy it guy goes off the field on a stretcher. And magically jumps up and runs back on the field really. Water polo has the best conditioned athlete sorry but proven fact low impact treading water for hours and it does amaze me when the Olympics come around. That these water polo athletes can keep themselves afloat for so long. Most conditioned athlete this text says either marathon runners we're trying athletes. Thanks to listen that they will be back spent in a fourth of July with the tomorrow morning at six.

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