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7-3-14 10:10am Garland: on immigration

Jul 3, 2014|

Garland talks about the immigration issue from the viewpoint of young America with Carroll Doherty of Pew Research and David Teagle, student government president at UNO, then gets a preview of Go Fourth On The River with coordinator Debbie Bresler.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- busy do gold being -- twelve known. We're terrific collegiate congress once again they obviously knew there. Approval ratings -- in the tank but apparently they don't care of their Bristol bowed to make -- the public and the media. Bowler as you believed to enterprise they're privately and then each trip. So you talk to a couple of political analyst political scientists. In the twelve noon now war. Let the -- cursed treasures says. The state is short a hundred million dollars. Of the governors and -- for -- -- say the word yeah upping -- coming soon probably you know August. Shall talk to the state treasurer rumble through talked in his state representative. Who's. House Democratic Caucus urged chairman. Of -- Rocco gonna have something their opponent as soon. Ever since sub begin. To follow politics were quite frankly. With -- -- years ago that personally and Garden Show. -- become more more intrusive as whom exactly who's calling themselves. Democrat Republican liberal conservative. And even more so. I'm in pursued in the fact that we seem to be. So comfortable with Portland -- and dogma. That we have -- recognition that we do we don't care. That that means we can't get anything done. And a pure search and which I've read their studies and there were deployed on regular business. This come up with a study that takes a closer look who was founded -- and -- Democrat Republican liberal conservative. The Arab world we all there's Carole -- to with the rector of political search and moved the report's authors is pure search. Carol thank you so much for the tournament -- -- I don't know if it's always good to be review. Give me an idea how did this come about and walk -- what -- the Genesis of saying we need to do -- stuff. Well I mean it it's actually two studies and it's it's focused on. First off on polarization. Which has been growing divide between Republicans and Democrats excuse me double. Little poll tonight from -- -- little ragged. And and and then then we -- that we took a closer look at the people in the middle of the electorate. Those people -- kind of a program. And what we've found that as you noted. There is a bigger division. Ideologically. Between Republicans and Democrats. Than at any point the past forty years. In the but there is still the middle. On the day of the public and electorate -- and it's it's very diverse. And it's it's very fragmented and so organizing the middle and he sort of cohesive. Heated political group that is very different. Alone and I'm gonna talk to student government. President war. Local university has flown through and I've finished dog in the future of the and and no active part of this study -- -- -- -- -- outsiders. Fiscally conservative. But socially quite liberal. Introducing. Interest and wanted groups who comprise 71%. Of Republican registered vote. Tell -- about that. -- -- He we we agree we created the when we went through all of the data and and interviews we conducted in week we've divided the electorate into eight different groups. And that probably the most uninteresting as you know these outsiders. You know a lot of people say the millennial generation is liberals voted for Obama. But you know there are some young people under 35. People who do -- -- in the Republican Party. But they're not classic old school Republicans -- believe -- small. That they're worried about that. But dale as you noted there our liberal on issues like -- actually if things that marriage like that marijuana legalization. So you know it's there there kind of awkward trip from the Republican abuse of the kind of voters that Republicans need. Going forward because of their own demographic terms. -- do you think the Republican Party will accept them. Here if their -- remarriage of the year if they've got liberal leanings would call themselves conservative. That's that's where it's difficult I mean they they demo really. Real natural home and either party. And that's why they're kind of a difficult target groups for both parties. And they get more -- -- You know another word is that the Democrats and Republicans vote get more doctrinaire groups like this. Find themselves without a little them. Or a new look gutless to -- with the electric -- corporate conduct in -- couple more minutes. -- about it period cursing Cuba's shirts stuffed. That takes a closer look and certain as more of as soon who would partisan Democrat Republican liberal concerns. Over. -- about recent pew concerts and row study that looked at. The funds and those of you Democrats and Republican. Of the young -- particularly intrusive and we've got drug Harold or whether you for a couple more minutes a year. With the reports on route -- -- Can hold -- fund sued and correctly. Says a lot of these. Coal in your -- Belarus -- young Republicans. That yeah or for small government. But attacks and tilts. In with the approval to as some liberal issues like gay marriage that yeah. -- like portions it is. It here in Louisiana and Mississippi. -- say constantly. We'd all like big government mortgage -- broad but won't turn things that states who were excellent. Is in the top ten states that get federal war chests in port. Number one -- -- said the number four is Louisiana and for somebody that tell that you -- we believe in small government. How do you know that true if they really think they do -- lived there for. Public and it's. Well. I think I think it does a little I think sometimes. People believe. In principle. The political philosophy. And then when it comes the girl lives. Made it feel a little bit differently. I changed you know you see it in especially on a national level I think you're right in the in this sort of you know bringing money into the district -- it's it's very important in some states. Actually an issue like Social Security. A lot of people on the right -- -- government. Trim entitlements spending. But when we ask in a very specific question on the service. Which you consider. The Social Security. Reduction reduction in Social Security benefits. In order to maintain -- for the program it's not even took -- the national debt. Just a maintain -- you know continue the life of the program. The most people -- though most conservatives you know. But some conservative idea than those of the conservatives who kind of you know there are against you want to walk and talk the talk. Tom -- but you're right I think people's. Overall principled views about what they think about government sometime during conflicts. Aware of what day you know you want on a personal level. Carol underwear limited time like talked to in the future when we have more talent they sort of -- for the -- -- great day. I appreciate it thank. You the reason why of one talk about. In the in my older generation -- year old -- criticism of the new young people. They don't have the pros there spoil old and so forth and so -- come from the Media General ration. And they said the same thing Obama. I think that's true of every new generation gold jewelry and criticize and meet personally and probably each customer's. I'll look at the young -- and I quoted him more with the great jewelry and live. The ones that sacked by some record. One. What the millennial that I have appear. Almost there retirement talk one. There are either on corporate and wars. Or there considering. Beating or they're working with somebody that is. And I asked him about blood and -- would get with the -- -- -- in -- Bill so that that -- of the pen floats and an open Beriault. We've got to do little world. And consequently I think we're in Seymour and -- more change. More exciting thing in the Christian relief from the real long time. But what that says aborted take a look at the political side this week to talk to your own people so. David -- Reid talked whose student government and president. You're an old David welcome -- -- Oh. -- what could cut through June. Talking to -- -- there report your arms or seller. And what they did say that took a closer look. Of what's happening is for those who would get -- plug themselves. Liberal conservative Republican them. And let me just read a couple of things to you. There's -- group that called -- outside. Fiscally conservative. But it's socially quite liberal. And in pursuing. This of one of the groups that compromise. 1% and a Republican registered vote. Do you see that -- collection you know argues you some big dip. You know I should probably think that a lot of a lot of them to answer definitely had to be -- -- skeptics who -- outsiders. I think that particularly I think this generation seem too much. Too much of the trouble that come from. Rampant spending yet you know you know and deregulation. A Wall Street so they're they're very concerned. About the future economy they're going to be a lot more conservative. That's how they plan their future but but socially speaking. They definitely are looking farther into the future then. Conservative view typically done as far as things like. He gay marriage and right. The employee at the both in order. And then gave Mary do you think. Majority. -- juicy did you ignore that -- it. I would say the majority yeah. I think for most people. Of that generation. It it's pretty much of a reality that that is that is. The future. And most people are are by the time. This generation content a position of power issue should be accepted. And and will they both Republicans. Knowing it's a party you better. Totally against that. It's really hard to say. Because right now what part does really. Offer any thing for college -- It's and I think one of the main reasons why college students out vote. Somewhat democratic or liberal because that party -- the talks about issues that are of the media interest. Two college to today. They talk about things like. Benefits. And education and they've -- that's the party that's moving. To protect higher education to protect the program. To restructure student -- so kind of things where it's the Republican Party theory or those issues -- -- to address them. Or in some cases like that program. Actively attacks that issue. So but I think in the future that -- and their jobs. You know and they become part of the work force Academy Award -- going to. And working it I think they're probably millions that -- become more conservative. And then booted these young people that you talked to. Do you think the majority of them will vote for a party or for a kid. I accurately and -- -- a lot of young people I know several people in -- even in my on this TR. I would say are fairly liberal. But are working all one. Conservative candidate campaigned because there. You know company Stater energized by a specific candidates. And some of them are -- -- energized by specific. Like who they are energized specific party but. They're going to be more of the splinter groups -- they like the Tea Party or. The libertarian. A little yellow -- people were built like that to simulate libertarian. What would've thought she made in I don't know does not universal -- you being. Student body of student body president you probably hear what books the thoughts about illegal immigration. You know and so even though were at a university which is you know we have 96. Different countries represented here at the university and a large international population were still in Louisiana. We're still in it you know we have students from all. -- really. I would say you meet. Perspectives on that we you know. People who -- -- and throw her out altered naturally concerned about the perception. Of integration. And job loss and and abuse act but that we have. You know others to utopia that they look at. You know PUS needing a constant influx of a new immigrants Q you know add to the culture straight to the country. And -- and in that believes Simpson do you hear more talk. Would close the border war. We sort of well let some people and as. Temporary workers. And make it easier for qualified foreigners that come in or is it just drilled a ball -- -- You know I would say out of it and people here you know. Are. At least two people I work which are are probably more along the line vote. Forming the contract and emigration Arctic outpost cute. The wall I I I think most of I believe I know I believe that the wall kind of them. It is in untreatable. Are born one final portion I'm looking at via pure Richard sodium one of them born they're they're conclusions it is. It's clear that neither party can depend solely on its largest. And most ardent. And often go out and supporters to win election. Do you see any chance of a third parties being attractive to young people. Oh absolutely I. -- in and actually took you study some. Just -- it. And eat eat you know -- study to empathize portrait -- like if you choose it very clearly. A liberal Contra future use it to be clearly -- But I feel that modern. -- Americans. Are are tired of the content of their -- to choices they simply moving toward. Currently there's really four short either choose the Democratic Party choose the liberal art and she's the Republican Party are not. And just copy protect at all I think -- -- did. Irritated with those -- here -- to really start to move toward that we need but he did for eight -- -- to energize that. You know something to. Good luck to fight for the thing that we your pictures the site I think that their party is very likely at least. Saw it in mind. Utility -- -- that you reality. Totally different. David I'm appreciative to come that'll be good -- and -- court to due ago. The suit newborn days and just talk about the issues Georgian operation as a placing a Pritchard -- rated talk and come right back it's news to go rob what you would call it the thing. At least for those apartments and personal worth thinking about what should you would pure -- sooner. It is big ticket a detailed what one I don't think have been done for. To divide Democrats and Republicans in particular young people and they broke it and then to come -- like about -- categories. -- Conservatives. Business. Conservative. Human outsiders. Hard pro skeptics. Next generation -- Faith in -- -- left and solid. Liberals. And and a news group through a couple of violence here. -- -- -- says. Has so little bit. One group collection veteran of these surprisingly. Large percentage. In either group to majority in both. Who hold both liberal and conservative values. And in talking to be president. Of the student bodies student government that you know we were heard that reflected back. We're seeing young conservatives. Report gay marriage. I'm looking for on entered to -- illegal immigration don't think. The borders can be close. The media and screw bought it president. -- equal even pointed out. That they have very large diversity that you know from all Arab world a bit of they've got a lot of -- when it comes to. Illegal immigration. The the vice president and to this research with pew says there. Suspected many political observers would follow and what they called Yong outsiders. Right -- tendencies from surprising. Because as stereotype. Of voters are a church. They had a slightly Republican Republican profiled in 2012. Even more -- In 2014. And that would from well outside the character -- that generation to Melinda you hoops who tend to in a lot of ways to be more left of center. So the challenge for the Republican Party going forward. Is that many of the younger outsiders that young conservative. Don't like the Republican Party. And again those student body president. And couldn't say that in -- Republicans. He -- even the conservatives. There. Haven't bought into some of the basic beliefs. Of the Republican Conservative Party. The city and it says meanwhile Democrats have their own challenges what they call hard pressed skeptics. Like the red leaning young outsiders the Democrats leading groups -- government. So now you've got young Democrat. That dish grows big government. And and here's the -- senator's own government hears the word that. They trust the government when it comes to ability. To help support. There's a lot to do with the boaters being an ultra left and 30000 dollars in income. The best way to characterize what they're talking about. Young people. That really do like government. They think government can do anything brought in. -- -- work cut the program. That they don't want to reduce the safety net. And -- like so author of the pew report is an outcome like Louisiana and Mississippi. We say you we absolutely hate big government. And report and the spending and the boys stay in the pearl but in the top ten recipients. Of federal pork. Mississippi is number one. And we've -- is number four right behind Alabama. Seoul on one side the bird revenues to the red. Say they don't want the federal board -- house. But in the meantime we will accept. More than -- the states. And it and it looks like this is reflected. In this few shirts to our ticket break come right back what do you think -- 60 wanted somebody -- -- but this. You think the young conservatives. Or or moving. Towards the center. Do you think the young Democrats or moving towards the center and and so what does that mean for the future. -- WW Oprah drug more opinion poll do you vote party candidate or an issue and 64%. Abuse say a and that. -- -- All right listen Richard figuring him think -- let's go to committee and from the urine double a bill thanks for the. I don't get old Croatian history can. It would happen in the right. Spot that country. That are back with about an immigrant. I got out without paper and that as an extra global without paper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- the country outlook outlook. Or that problem while we're getting very old Adam. I have nor did -- truth. Ron let me tell you a medical break -- And that it will not. Be created in that. America can. You guys in the without all of it back lately. Right of the green accompanied the couple tropical -- that looked upon anything. That you -- -- and got hot and things a bit of the bat like what they're able. -- And and I think that's where it's always been with the immigration Tuesday. -- should liberation comes in with -- varied tremendous work out. Lot of times they have language problems so vacated jobs had fever remarked. But it worked harder than most because they've lived an abject poverty in. After being fueled by drug cartels. And they've improved and in the connection liberation works a little left order. And then Bob third of Ford's European operation. The work -- or or the approach is not quite what it was before I think that toward immigration always says and group do you whom. That this country was founded on immigrants and in part -- one -- opinion. Of our success. Is that immigrants or the battery -- aura of this country. -- it's on the economy and there's -- new battery. And what it starts Rondo -- got more right behind it. And I think the very thing. That we've seen. Republicans in office and control of congress and senate. Witching Democrats in the big in the presidential chambers and in control of the house and the senate. None of them have been able to close the border. Norma college they say we sure would or or human moments that tell us about the problem to -- The situation has gotten worked so I truly believed we don't have either of these. Backbone. -- the ability or the money to close the border. And if we don't. Then we ought to be looking at a program that didn't have its ups the -- I give -- a prime example. Most people will -- as the bears' opponent. That illegal immigrants contributed to while they're working go get these big Social Security call cards. They get a draw Dave. Owner of the company bright sound so security and -- scented and Social Security. Have -- wide view of these people -- because some fake number and they putters and upon. And it's it's hundreds of billions of dollars to -- to. And if we legalize them they get a piece of it at all so that money grows and to society. To me if you can't totally shot to death on an up and -- -- proven beyond shallow but. You've got to decide which than the next step is and it seemed like. Some sort of program. Where you can bring in seasonal workers in the and begin aren't too big back out. And all so although the most. And educated. The one with the most important collect culture you don't. -- the most important. Professions and allow them to come in bigger numbers and faster. My thoughts in the think tech again bright and -- brigades celebrity -- by -- There's always been one heck of patrol on the river for the fourth of July -- of them gigantic Dooling barges. Firework show. It's called go fourth on the river and they'll be -- cooler it is always one bring in about that new -- going to show. Thank you. And while it wouldn't support of the event at it which equated in the country. Know the ropes get keep getting huge out there. So unique in that we money your. Money it's it's a community project from the river for a marketing group. Chevron -- the bar and Sammy eco tote companies they -- the two tried and -- barges for the show. 31 others sponsors to get together to make that happen. A bit different some who what when and where soon board -- bigness of what's coming up. 9 o'clock to nine you can see that -- it. From outside of the river anywhere starting like we want probably to the porch it's going to be you know. Couple fireworks show would need to keep your radio to -- -- our match one at one point nine of the -- -- look at that goes with the part -- it makes it so much more patient passionately patriotic. It's wonderful 9 PM on the equipment to -- encouraged by -- and it is. What families do they each broke a blank -- -- -- they bring folding chairs. Yes that's a lot of them -- Obama just sitting up there on the bench is on old -- our courage. Where we learned that we invited me but he comes down early part early I'm coming down and have dinner go to work. Quote -- have been -- about conferences. You know go to the shop at Jackson canal place. Expedia and go to the stadium and -- ready you got played guitar -- and into the Arctic site. So like -- always an incredible time anything and I -- and ask -- about -- -- -- the. Just one thing that we're going to be partnering in this court. Here which is they organization based out of I didn't -- -- -- -- and it's. People -- sustain life altering injuries and I Iraq and Afghanistan. And revealing what you learn more about it simply go to go forth. We're dot com and and find more that goes put on the river and according -- -- -- Gotta be one -- foremost. You -- in the -- roads gotten bigger and bigger congratulations. Have a great time. Right -- are double the bureau president -- or opinion poll do you vote parting. A candidate or and issues in 64%. -- Or saying that. The -- risk involved as we did show earlier Al Gore. On a search sooners' starting. Nvidia. Broke down deserve their study and it -- categories. And of course it's the regular -- conservatives. That wouldn't change it and then liberals would venture. But they've been electable record you don't outsiders. Hard -- kept its. And next generation left and right. What they're saying it is. Is the bleeding -- world of war we usually. Being. Brought in left. Public and -- young outsiders that category. Fiscally conserve. If they want small built. But socially quite liberal immigration gay men are rated. Abortion. They are usually -- Went through the end of -- -- a conservative. And this group. And and the young demo program. We're in all saying approached. Big government. But they still -- for the poor people or old -- to move towards the -- Again according to -- And and by doing that the push and be columns. If they broke elect -- or poll. And they're really do plan on voting for and that. Rather than party. What happens to those who -- what happens. If a third party. -- candidate who's a very attractive candidate. And appeals. To more and more people that movement to the middle. Do we change. A while in the coming -- -- And then via. Twelve noon hour. We're gonna talk to upload a political professionals political scientist. At a political analysts. And Libya in him. About the news of the recent. Information on May be Albee knew I didn't. That Mississippi is number one thing giving pork from government museum of number four Alabama is number three. We're the ones we're -- there were reports small government. And what more for him is how is that ruined or that that reality. Continued continued work. At a time. When we're giving pew or in view our doll from the -- In particular did demographer in the political analyst at Morgan. Although as Kim yesterday the of the firefighters union -- And I said -- don't compute when you go to legislature. In. And and and talk to one can to get them to. To give us like more money from Super Bowl more money from art conventions. More money from ought to grow they -- The house majority of the money that legislature goes to us through the room Tuesday. And he said. Should be able to do it because there is a lot of money. Now the multiple at a small. Shorts for much more difficult. So scream about the changing demographics. Of the age. And the political changes. I don't want big government but I want the money. Still want the money but there is moment. -- leg and bore you with a double a bit.