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7-3-14 12:10pm Garland: on congressional waste

Jul 3, 2014|

Garland talks about congressional waste with Robert Hogan of LSU and analyst Elliott Stonecipher.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's trying -- things and talk radio. Just kind of accidentally. Happen. We we're -- scope political analyst and and after him. Demographer to come on to talk about it extensively something via helped that ethics committee congressman Washington. Something they did. But -- -- -- we had John Kennedy and then and then we had video. State representative from the you don't know through represented Jon bill Edwards. That the number of questions came up about state government. And -- -- we've been through all the -- law the shooting Sunday. Which brought about -- revenues going you know we we make billions of dollars in the Super Bowl. We we don't even get back 500000. And it is just kind of all accumulated tuned to give me. On a lot of resources. Disgorge over her and who Appleby Robert Hogan professor of political science at oh shoot. Professor appreciated called good talking news. Very simple fortune built via. Help the Ethics Commission came. And what they did in their reduced disclosure requirement. For privately lead troops by members. On. Which a lot of people -- animated order for her who has good government watchdogs. Rude to attract members Bible open and trips. By -- -- where -- you reporting requirement. On the annual disclosure. Forms. And the health -- and its moon knotted over just about streamlining. The process. As voters his constituents of these representatives. Shall we look at this is just. Something the -- from England or is that it's I don't know. Well I think on the saying that it -- he comes across -- the story. What -- we've seen in the past where. You have members of congress trying to hide. Through the perks of office that they have had that are available to them. Making it difficult to be able to find out information I think that is sort of the narrative that this story has taken however. I have been looking into it -- in the last few hours here and and I I think there is that there is -- more support story and it forcible story is that this is. A story of streamlining. The information that is available. Or the people were concerned about. Is available from another's worse than it is equally as accessible through these the -- web site. And and I think this was an attempt. By the committee to streamline things. In -- tended to eliminate duplication. The problem of course is the optics of it looked kind of bad. And in the way I think in today's form -- term journalism at the national level. From what immediately picked up the phone and and half the Democrats what they thought and they they of course and it was terrible and they called watchdog groups -- look at these issues and they're the response was well well this is terrible they're trying to hide things but. I think as people -- looking at this issue won't -- their findings that. There's a lot of smoke but as a whole lot of fire here. Are there is this blood have been something that the median drugs fairly regularly. Blow something out of proportion glued to sell to get more people watch this and really. And it -- the narrative that that the media often take and that is that hey they're trying to cover something up but in fact. I think this is this is an example of where they're they're not trying to cover things up. In effect -- have some of them. The really really good. Organizations that but the sunlight foundation for example one of their spokespeople said you know look I think this is merely just. Changing where -- you can find information it's still -- again has never. And now I think Democrats. Popped on and of course because it also fits -- an -- of an American they're trying to portray Republicans as. As as people don't wanna disclose their right and I think that is an and -- And accurately that. Criticism. -- of Republicans on issues such as campaign financing they have gone out of their way to to to make certain that. Laughter that is is as close as possible on the Democrats have sent down mostly for the most part been on the other side of that issue. So if -- that the Democrats. Desire to that is sort of pain Americans that Republicans as has not liking disclosure he even in this case. It definitely hard. Centralia comedy usual -- were we have this thug story called the fruits and I've always political sometimes. There. Country resumes subjects from where you we find out it's hyperbole or blown out of proportion remiss. Boom we come baca as -- general question. Congress'. Approval rating. According to believes Gallup poll that I can -- and it's now 7%. Course is in charge of -- But the 7%. Things are wondered does approval ratings mean anything at all well as it is push from we come back or do we need. Simply say I don't like him my the girl crooks are breached -- -- do a lot of -- lot of -- But he's my incumbent. I can afford to get rid of him because she's got a low seniority and he gets the good stuff like the Nazi don't light. Covered up -- push in the more double BO. Are welcome Banco we'd start out talking about a story you. I picked Oakland and New York. Another day -- no the reason for borders tool. Congress. And the dude just of the stories basically work via. House ethics committee reduced disclosure requirement for privately paid trips taken by members of congress. Try and -- -- reporters and watchdog groups but. And talking to him. Professor Robert Hogan proposed for political -- into an old shoes for the -- look at and actually. It than that so much it was more like they were Jewish. Streamlining the process. Professor and -- them a -- -- if this had been accurate report. With congress'. Seven pursuit and approval rating. They only worried about what we think don't we put the incumbents back in almost regardless of. Well the that there's an element to it. Yeah. I mean incumbents were returned. At a very high rate in 1995%. -- -- election in the primary in the general election and things go back to congress. And. So so there is an element of that there but of course that is not the national public that matters which it's your own constituency that matters. And for reelection and so some members. Do. A lot a great deal to to keep their own constituents -- -- side. And in doing so days that is the reason they get returned. And the great irony of American politics is that people. You know -- as the saying goes percent for the break they've loved their congressman but -- congress. And the and the great irony is. One of the reasons they hate congress is because congress is in many ways much more accountable -- he used to -- Members are doing a lot. Of what their constituents want him to do. And unfortunately. The well they are voting in the manner that -- they would prefer them to vote. Days are. Bringing home. Goodies. Pork barrel projects for their districts. On the doing all the things individuals. Partners -- voters are wandering individual congressman to do. Unfortunately what happens is. They are often up against another congressman from another district. And the bickering and see the partisan wrangling that goes on the ball that. Which is now and much more full view that it was 3040 years ago. Voters see this and I don't like. And and that's the strange things about American politics. Today is that that people aren't getting what they want to. But they don't like what they're getting. -- of -- support that compete confuses me it was mentioned it. During the interview last hour of we we we can't be more risk or -- Alabama nor care and Mississippi. But when you said you know were were happy. With our people because they're doing our bidding. Well we're telling them no we likes small government you've got way east. You're spending more than you're taking in and but we're number of foreign Mississippi's number one and Alabama is number three in the amount of goodies we get from the federal government. All right we're getting Burton -- getting a lot absolutely. And -- about a range just staying with the you know that the conservatism that you see expressed by our members of congress were telling them you know. Vote this way and indeed they do vote in an extraordinarily conservative factions from the districts on the weekend. You know what to do so -- to. Well well -- well PLO that that that's true but I'm trying to say is that we don't want them to compromise. And a lack of compromise. Is what a major problem in congress right now. We want our members to vote very conservatively. You know districts in new York and California based in their members they want them to -- rather liberal. And they don't. Want to compromise and and so when they get together in the aggregate you get a situation which you'd see a lot of bickering you don't see people getting what. -- individual legacy UT don't seem that the country being able to adopt reasonable policy. Or what's your game to gridlock. That's and that's an excellent question but he's been on time pondering. You know. Sometimes. And you can look back in American history in NC -- hasn't been that we have come together. Is often. In the midst of tragedy or some. You know problem that. Requires an immediate decision. If you think about after 9/11 there was tremendous support for the president and for the -- higher higher levels of of public approve what those institutions were doing. And we gave them great latitude to make decisions. The problem is with some of these new problems that we are facing the State's. Growing budget problems on climate change those things that. They're not things you know we can't put them off until tomorrow. And that's what we do every day. They're very it is indeed -- that debt relief does require. A response in Iraq in the later on this is that I think that the. Such as in national security or something dictates. And so politicians put those hard decisions off. And ultimately they don't give me. So -- really true it'll take some sort of trauma. I I think that that made that maybe -- as part of the last and. I mean there -- ways of changing institutions. Of of of governance and and a lot of people have talked about that. Redistricting that is when he -- I think you're not gonna get much traction with I don't think that's going to be -- Is is gonna have you don't have much of an effect. You know the you know this US senate is is about as polarized that the US houses. Obviously it's not you know we drawing -- mine necessarily its corporate that is primarily responsible for polarization. I mean is that it's it's of it's -- require other sorts of things a lot of people talked about things like campaign financing. The fact that you're not beholden to particular. Interest confine your campaigns. You wanna get blogger wrote a lot of the them. You know. Pork and that sort of thing that that may be one way of not doing it. Another thing courses this thing that I would compact it means is voters sort of have to grow a lot of ways. And Rick. Yeah exactly they can't have their -- -- needed to they had finished and he can't remember congress. They're an expectant never compromised. You can expect. To get everything you want for your district but. Cut the budgets in every district for federal projects it doesn't work that way. And and and that's something. That takes an enormous amount of time it's it's really an issue and I would argue civic education people -- and the way the process works. That compromise is part of it and they are important problems facing the country that that require. You know congress to act. Let me switch horses here but for a solution. We did interview were ago all the rule book pew researchers study. 10 o'clock hour and it's showed -- a lot of -- young voters little bit more complicated than we fully understood. These -- tour the Poland and there's challenge for the republic of the Republican Party going -- raising quarter and and that is many of the young outside. Whose conservative. Young Republicans. Don't like the Republican Party. Then that immigrants have the wrong skeptics -- court and hard pressed skeptics. Who a lot of distrust. Government. But they still want the goodies. Is is is that something that that. Could bring about the possibility. Of a third party or does it just fracture. Along new ones. You know I I think Digi. I think the chances -- that are low one week. We have a large percentage of people you know about a third people who say that there independent vote independently. And they really don't. Partisanship. Has a tremendous impact on people's. Voting behavior. As well as the perceptions about political issues -- perceptions about politics in general. Is it really does. I think a lot of research -- -- -- dominate. The national debate and awaited -- distance fifteen years ago. Partisanship matters people belong to one of the to try and so speak and and that is that defines. The way politics works at the national level the connections that we have members of congress. We elect Republicans they go to congress and act like Republicans and other parts of the country. And then our results in this square block. People often say they would like a third option or fourth option on the ballot. Something other than the Euro are but when it comes down to it. You know their values to ideology are much more bound up and inconsistent within their party that it was. Many years ago and we here in southern states and you know just a few years ago. Democrats are tend to be rather liberal. Because there are Republicans tend to be rather conservative. And that ideology is bound up in partisanship. Do they do have -- Do they tend to be there or do they into speed that. Again and and soups island. How much we walked from the federal government. And its new report of the -- patient strictly. Don't like them don't trust and ways. And cut back with a move. More and more of independents to states. But I don't see the evidence that the -- would. Well I have to say that you were talking about you know we don't we get some much federal spending. We can't get far in excess of which share. And I think most people don't know that. You know I can state called its class that went nor do want to. Or right now I think they just don't know that and I think they also listen to. I mean especially in this state we have a governor who. Who is very often talking about not getting our fair share but he only pick out. You know the federal highway signs or some some little program. Such a little program but just one or two programs where it happens to be dictates we don't get our fair share. That we you're giving more to the federal government were sitting back and protect were being. Far in -- that then we get back I think there's a misperception. On the part of of voters about that -- is perpetuated. Politicians in this state -- were very conservative Republicans. You would like to keep that. Professor. There was some two in her class to learn -- thank you so much -- -- -- -- Our government and we'll talk to only its own suckered Margaret Peru political analyst and we'll talk about warning he gave to me about five years ago news. Correcting their meal -- like concerns about. Political establishment. And I think we're we're seeing what he predicted the chickens coming home to groups. Were. Waiting to talk only -- -- The political analyst that we use and all -- elections also happens to be -- demographer. And to whom about. Congress -- would John Kennedy. Have in -- 11 o'clock hour and a state representative. Representative John bill Edwards from the North Shore. Talking about the motive we don't. And the money we're spending and and these deficits were basing. Billion here. Hundreds of -- there are tens of movie actor. And the recent revelation. When we went through. Tragedy of the shootings Sunday here in the French Quarter were -- with the mayor. -- with so -- the federal government -- job and -- opens and the state state trooper job to job c'mon opens in these. It's India appeal. And part of the reaction. Is world we do that for you. Gibson did Talbot of the cities and towns and counties in Orange shoes. There are having trouble with crime. If we do that for you you get or we can get the money. And we're sitting here as acidity and that raises a total money put Tuesday there would be as soon felt comfortable with a big super blow. And we keep get keep of actual part of so Obama talked -- we have to to better understand. OK dude -- and we. Keep kicking the can down the road. -- the with the state budget. Those that believe in the keynesian theory of economics. Have some valid points as to how you can keep spending more than eight -- and prolonged period of time and we've certainly been doing it. Prolonged period to. So one of chuck though you're number one to see if we can keep doing recordable. And number two what does that mean. Of let me take our first break a little bit -- -- -- it will come back. Questions or comments are all these shows of the skull 26001. -- -- -- -- And admittedly strange thought in my apartment on what it was assumed that the mayor in the police used conference of the day. In the wake of the shooting of ten people killing one in the French Quarter. Of the mayor was basically saying to the tulip beds to this day. Give us some stuff. It gives -- -- agents given its appeal give his state troopers. Make the state troopers permanent. And when it's under the state troopers when you listen the governor the governor goes. Well certainly -- have additional people there or else and the -- bug. They're -- -- -- out -- -- the state troopers using your week of the engine to put permanent people here we certainly incumbent -- And we do have a small contingent it's always here but our budget whose broad level of with a the state. And I was so into it -- conduct -- comes solution. Century get started hearing -- -- its own political. Was will reappear for a mid term election years ago. I was upset about something some politician. An exit of humans in the most important picture. We're gonna hit a point in this country in this state in this city and down in these -- We're gonna walk won't want one or more importantly actually need. In the movies like to be there. And is a listen to the mere. A thought to most of Cuba can't do -- with a -- the mayor saying we will bring and I think it's. He or eighteen billion dollars for the Super Bowl we get 500000. We want to tax ourselves through at least have a vote on property tax. And we have to get permission from the legislature. And put it to a statewide vote is whether or not weakened so it's -- So Elliott -- you know I hate to admitted when your right put. Wow. I think I sees the writing. But just on the ball -- Roma forward. Yet and in its current speaker -- we aren't there there's no question about it otherwise I'll read. Mayor -- comments that you just described himself -- ball exactly the same thing that you can assess. And and I understood it completely believe -- member yesterday and therefore I think he asked for a hundred. State police officers. In new York and only permanent basis. And it's. Actually makes cents in several contexts. Not least of which is that this is about. The degree to which tourist industry benefit the entire state to I mean after Goldman own but the point it is. We are at the point where those kinds of things are good talking points for politicians but -- note -- not gonna happen. We live -- for forty years laws on exemplary -- Form of credit and debt there. And I mean worldwide. We are now at an inflection point. Where an awful lot of things are gonna have to change their gonna have to be a lot of different kinds of bankruptcies. They're going to be a lot of different kinds of haircuts. There's a lot of stuff that got ahead. Happened but the bottom line is we have a tremendous amount of whether or tree or clothes or America or around the world. That we can't take back. The day -- year it's banging on the do or we're not going to be able to raise taxes to pay it in that atmosphere. It doesn't matter what happens. In the front -- it doesn't matter how horrible it is. New Orleans is gonna have to find a way to pay for -- extra things are acquire. That's just the way it is. Twenty years of ball well we didn't hand out. It's here it's now I'm worried about it owns several different. -- but particularly. Things like unfunded pension liabilities we've got a lot of the slow. We've we've got government walkers who who we have make contract with of course to pay them in the retirement that they believe that working for. And the truth is we need to happen -- the world deep detail. Those family members and friends and neighbors. That about a -- were going to be asking you to take haircut. But -- and -- hundred's state troopers to new or. I'm not insane it's not a good thing to have under state troopers in -- -- that also makes sense it's -- doesn't matter but not going to be the power. And it and and went when I sleep minus eighteen billion dollar. That's so much who don't. Show offs for the pensions yes as we kick it pin down the road does that just sit there like a long. Or is it growing or do we have to the India that out well and when does it explode. Or and intend to be contained predict it. The fear that we let's talk about the fear for the fear that we is that right -- on the court. Not in years not twenty years may be too much. We're gonna have eaten up there economic downturn that is going to be basically another credit crunch. And that that much more the troops. Is going to be now in 20082000. And we were all told it was about the implosion of the bank insist. The implosion of the banking system was about the crew did -- but it could not be made by the people who incurred. Fat years later we're doing the same exact thing. And that same trend line and all all the graphs of them -- and debt is a aunt salute. Straight up in the air almost parabolic. That's after the crash so we're gonna have enough. After the next one everybody's gonna start here in something closer to the truth. And that is. Hal do we refinance our debt and when we -- resigning Antarctic. We all remember. That means you're gonna make it here. That means people who were counting on India where another government money -- Atlanta. Taxpayers are title one -- another painful. We our goal to cut the debt. By asking those who -- even if we were just along for the ride it. But bird. I can Gordon back to them so this over or approved -- -- Over the years I've had neighborhood groups come in really good people highly educated motivated me you know what people what they do. Fighting for the things that truly need in their neighborhood. And and when we get right down to whether -- -- well. The mayor says that don't have them with the legislature does says they don't have a -- report would you pay more taxes no. Why I don't trust them there's a lot of fraud -- -- okay can you name me one politician. That if if -- read it correctly this legislature. And an end to a broad initiative. And they've raised 33 million dollars broadly Illumina. So -- -- can you name one. Politician. Who became and set. We're done as much as we can -- graft and fraud we -- duke Richard taxes that you would bully just give me and I've -- to get -- name. If if the answer -- we're all gonna pay more out of they get use to pay more of what happened when we don't. Well it's not gonna matter what an individual does or does not want to have happen this is too big for that. And the refinancing. Of debt capital a lot of different ways. Depending on which government entity which public entity were talking about. But the bottom line it is you're gonna pay more intellectual member. The first installment of this is that much higher. Now being paid by top owners for the affordable care. Remember that it -- calm without a special. Let's say 3% that's arguable that what the effective rate is -- that that's one of the new fees that is in place. And that was just on people -- at a certain amount of income or higher and basically it's 250000. Dollars. And it didn't matter if they -- can do it just happened. So a lot of public. Is going to be re poll and people who hold that -- are gonna pay the I'm a good example I invested an awful lot of things that have to do with the public. One and burned out there it's a good deal not the best in terms of interest rate but at least note -- -- helping the place -- live. Those municipal bonds can -- easily default. Don't take a break. Come right Doug don't leave me yet neither -- -- -- its moral with the Eliot -- -- live from will be back. -- broke all the way to rubilian so interpret whatever political analyst for people who. -- scroll Aaliyah when it's mid terms -- regular -- and -- if we're we're talking about basically. Kicking the can down the road locally statewide and nationally. One of Sorkin John Kennedy. He's talking about seventy million dollars university level and we've still -- play back. Talking about the use of one time revenues talking about a pension plan and that is eighteen billion dollars in the hole. Talking about eighty million in the hole for elderly. He's -- even being reports that the pulled nine million dollars of the casino -- That is by wall. Only four pre K through twelve in the educational program. To do we. As we've done over the last ten years time to keep kicking the can down the road. Or to assume we we have Brooke ball. Well we're hitting the brick wall. I think it's important forced understand national dead politically seventy trillion dollars. Where in the plan now we never been here before. We're if the definitely let interest rates are going. We you're not known to be it be able to today. What we will have to pay out in and interest payments to places like China. Who's who bought -- I mean liberal. If we suddenly went from paying nothing for money to 2% to our budget federally would be -- Because it is happening in the absence. The rioting that the lips well boats Garland and that is a vigorous economic recovery. Everybody worried about one we have want and I -- kind of you know I'm I'm having trouble understanding that we can't have one because of the weight of the debt. So all week what we can do about it well here it's now and I say in. You're gonna have to treat the what an awful lot of debt refinancing just like. How cold does it. -- -- -- -- And a lot of people are gonna give up things that they think they have come in their way. -- Oh hearkened back to what you told me. -- time that midterm elections. I was open would suit. Shall we begin looked. As always true pleasure -- on the show you agree. All right covered up lectured on Tuesday. And that and through and totally don't shows issues. -- buried in some. Are going to be talking about the movies it's what's in the movies -- on them and going to be talking about you we just about -- Maryland. Said we need a billion dollars for drinking water lots. We need I'm 5200 built in for wetlands and all coming in for structure. The trees can be take a look at that and she's gonna have more boring and -- -- film the world on the show. So say the burglary battery increasing true. Don't go away -- -- -- with -- group called the think tank units double BO brigades but he immoral wired to reopen.