WWL>Topics>>7-3-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do for July 4th.

7-3-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do for July 4th.

Jul 3, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do around New Orleans for Fourth of July weekend. They talk with Bob Emery about the Uncle Sam Jam at Lafreniere Park, Jude Borque about what movies to see, and Debbie Bresler about Go Fourth on the River.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's not Friday but were thinking -- -- it because tomorrow beloved July 4 so we're going to be talking about what's happening with -- happening guide. Eight and hope you answer read I today as a -- are still sitting there. Saying to what am I gonna do that maybe in the day off over the weekend I made its essence festival and they do this but what else to a wanna do. It is going to be able to tell us everything but. We're gonna find out what -- gonna do for okay. First it's pretty simple. Munich get out here today you know did businesses closing around 3 o'clock so I got -- you know make sure role taking care of content wise for the weekend. In an -- today and and can go home. And -- relaxed because tomorrow's a huge day tomorrow's -- huge state so many get up first thing in the morning go for a swim at the pool. And then some friends minor having a barbecue weighed down in the by water a lot of the year people are artist comedian types are going to be girl all on my game so. Just barbecue all day and then the thing I'm I'm really. The penultimate event tomorrow for me is the crew of colossus boat parade. -- they have on by Saint John this is the sort of clandestine. Celebration where. And it's I don't know it's just it's sounds charmingly I've never gone before it's -- terminal areas lead disorganized. You know they have they wanna have a procession of boats. So they have all the official crew colossus boats and you know how Mardi Gras is just like these incredibly creative. And -- -- and and uses all these different kinds of pontoons and canoes and rafts where people can -- aren't little baby votes this is. -- -- dot I saw some photos are there you know decent sized boats so there's the official crew boats and then anybody that wants to can also be in the procession behind it. But all these boats go it totally different speeds you know so it kind of the line -- does current people -- So it's just kind of becomes this giant flotilla. On by Saint John and there's there's barges where people are dancing in and bands are playing and of course people -- lined up along the banks to seal the costumes and highly decorated boats and everything so I think that's going to be relief I think it's gonna be spectacular and I so late that night because we're gonna talk with Debbie Pressler about it. What about go forth on the river oh yeah yeah I never miss it I usually you know Entercom always has -- party the west and they're so I'm probably and stop and they're full of it and say hi to some people and then. You know crescent park down in the -- as this is their first time having. Having an open where there is going to be fireworks so you know they're expecting huge crowds are gonna keep the park open until midnight. So I mean I can't even begin to guess how many thousands of people are going to be able to do it and -- park here at. Spectacular views -- by nothing but great things and mark let me tell you about another great park tell me laughing year absolutely it's from its beginning. I have love that park and now with they've done with it is incredible and we are some lucky. To have. Bob Emery who is a great volunteer at their chairman of the lot Rainier park bomb. Yes I'm here and you all are doing a wonderful thing like starting in an hour. What very very. Sound checks right now they've been -- standing up. All the boats and trucks and that there were just about ready to elsewhere say rock and -- -- were about in the country and western. Country but. It's Uncle Sam -- -- and jam 2014. We -- -- up quite a few notches while we are Christian -- pacifist Argentine authorities. And Lee Greenwood. Probably the page except Iraq right now you start at 730 and go until it caught. Fireworks. Started and I. And then Jim Kramer threw accurately open comer. I think she actually has blown up in the top ten right now she will close out from 930 until. 11 -- It'll be spectacular. You really have such a special area of what you've done with that park. Is stripped everything from the dog park all. -- the staging and it just it's great which you've done. Well this will be our first major concert on the stage we did our. Great series up in your -- uncertain global bay and that was incredibly successful and so. We're looking for thousands out here we're ready. We have all of the vendors. True drink any thing at -- Doing -- why is -- that you can just kick back and take tomorrow off and recover from Hyde Park. That is a great idea and we have to mention that all of this is free. So got to -- well Oakland concert meadows staged on love your rundown and Lee Greenwood I mean what can you say. Absolutely community into exactly just. Because they called -- yesterday I can't remember which direction. He -- -- and so I think. With the wounded warrior project and they just an incredible American period. I'd send it to. Well we can't thank you enough for joining us I know it will be a huge success. And hopefully it will have the thousands of people out there again it starts at 3 o'clock 3 until after 9 o'clock. Eleven. Up until eleven. 311. I'm sure your -- it's red. All these. Food -- It. But let me ask you we also had information that the city counter. Is going to have fireworks at 930 is that a different firework show. IA had lost eight because we do ours right here in the park. Okay that's right. It's wonderful to know have a beautiful night and thank you for playing -- Green and mark aren't. -- nailed it got us in the mood. Thanks violently time. YouTube. No it's ingrained thing out there on apartments sitting on those new rules yes it's just a great knowledge of the you know oh yeah absolutely and just how they designed it. We want and to that that Matthew good laugh in your partner. And wonderful show out there. At 930 the city's commissioner and the treasure chest teaming up from lake mine that is tonight at 930. And if you over when he when you go with river goes the other ones just enjoy it. And I think this is terrific. Tonight. And then your freedom. Hello. Yet to go to -- -- -- -- you know and we're gonna talk again about what's happening on the river others know. This time -- her head on out there and Jefferson Parish and come right back in it or -- Stay with everybody it's all happening here and Angela again. Mr. inhofe in nine. Not on the front ends on Father's Day and loving this job the box Thursday if they went out on the issues that one way to pick up Thursday one. Who but so much going on in town and done sometimes that people have days off. It just like to be quiet and they like to -- go to -- movie. To brings is to mr. wonderful -- or. I do I Angela hi Ian. Real good -- I love it out the box third day you know I've been out of the box in eighty. -- It's the holidays it's firework is by and and there are a lot of bills that are open actually two pretty big bill. And you may have heard of them are. Heard in the cart and -- -- lower court being. Great comedian from blind date quite can ma -- he's. A great actress. -- and -- -- and her but in any club group the ground when the ball and it. The court on this film for years for being in the -- they wrote together directing it. If you like heart is basically that -- page so is character has really really bad. Need to get out -- got a Cold War and I. Didn't know or get right. -- their daughter is. Two. Yeah. He did not. Because all the way in order. In the -- different direction. Virtual. Why. Is this is. Richard Norton -- You've got a lot reviewed them about. There are people a lot of critics are saying. You know work. Well. For them. To go. -- because that day. It's going to go wonderful. Holiday. Support. We but it's a -- rape and murder. Well out there. Just movies that came in the easily adding Papa -- They're kind of moving. They're also. You know -- -- it figured out their needs -- and in Summers both teenagers and this year have been injured or like he cared. They're the movie that we were able another. -- -- -- -- You know -- -- -- that would just whether in that church in the war of the fire and water that you are out there it is then go to. It we we have plenty so you'd have your you have -- it. So there'll be a -- court. Just like last week we talk about transformers. And we want to see it. The number one in the world. Without Megan Fox that's impossible I think one of the week is what we Ian made. -- 81 million. There -- a lot of but for three hours in your -- orders. -- certainly been running your air conditioning so other people but you know their popcorn is good for. Absolutely. You know -- think Kevin. It is with great is our economy a year pork to it cougar a year. Our market. Coke currently. It is what we should use vinegar. And that is. About it but they're real yeah probably -- -- -- Yeah. -- Go. Into -- we yet. You've -- outside they would do it in and so -- popular in. Order. I'm sure you're here -- -- Naked. Did you know called their pleasure. -- What are your partner. Strike. Oh cool awesome. You know let's go to -- here. Murdered. That's the price quote board of our -- Vermin and good common but there were. You want. So yeah I don't know how you could possibly have a list of fourth of July guilty pleasure films without the quintessential. Fourth of July guilty pleasure -- which is of course 1990 seven's. Independence Day. Great we've -- -- you know. I don't -- The corporate life is and duke. The green. It is and it. And movies. And a legend. And oh no you mean after all the. He made a decision he's not going to be an independent state to. Which is tentatively scheduled I think to start point sixteen but Will Smith not going to be in it but maybe everybody else well I don't know also associate. You know it didn't have that didn't -- and a blockbuster anymore so they're networks in red box. And -- -- -- -- -- movies are going to could have a button here as a human. Being hit. As Jimmy Stewart movie with Lieberman. Directed by Otto Preminger. Anatomy of the murder. Never saw but no -- On Netflix. And -- it is it was really good year for. Killer bird. And it was actually to and -- murder was spared in Chicago because they use the word. We don't happen in the senate in its patents that that you were. Scandalized. It's a great movie one. Lawyers use that he broke through an ethics about. What it would -- It is at 10. Wait acting to leave remic anatomy of -- murdered people conjecture. -- -- ninety. -- -- -- muscles and a lot of fun we love these hidden treasures you know everything Jude. And another in this hour. -- You know lower court have a great holiday week in. The our words -- -- about -- and -- in army errors. I love this stink up the box bird. Yes -- it's very usual for us to be here Thursday but I am thinking of the you know and really so many wonderful things happened here in -- -- not forget we have. 20000 wonderful visitors 30000 and visitors here for -- it some of the greatest music of all time. The convention center is going to be packed with great speakers. And just go to that you stay outside have fun get hot and go inside market cooled down plus if you just as I said. Wanna be client and just sit there and watch a movie. These are great ideas I love the idea to -- Asking your brother in law. 33 -- is just sit there and -- into space and now -- without -- FaceBook page right now what are your top three guilty pleasure movies that people don't go to our FaceBook page and chime in mean you can read a couple of those. And I can't just put him because my all time favorite movie they always -- -- your favorite movie itself and that. ET a -- side of ET you know those are the nice aliens need -- it was a good alien trying to come home. EEU. -- -- -- out there. It's go in the title I don't know that I really cool. -- -- And really -- -- ECW. Group you know there the opera concert series you're right that is one of those wonderful one of the guys you can watch. -- double agent and that company Dave Burba did an article. It is not marked the largest and earth to -- -- -- -- He. That we. Saw promotions since like ET meets wall. -- this adorable little Pixar character he's in and not computer generated films so. Permanent rule. I'm gonna come -- -- gulf. And look what that was is in -- it. What are both Burnett right. You in studio is like a treat it. But it -- -- the -- part of the law. And a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much -- and enjoy that swimming pool right. Thank you take care about how -- we'd have you -- in our lives we are very very lucky. Were also lucky to have the newsroom and that's where we're gonna go. Immigrant come back we're gonna talk about more fireworks stick with this I'm Angela under the human. Let him live as we talk about what's happening this great fourth of July weekend and non. It was great to talk to lock people -- lock your car hit an incredible event that they have. The Uncle Sam -- and that's starting at around 3 o'clock until 11 o'clock tonight they're gonna have fireworks at 9 o'clock all kinds of great. Music and simultaneously. Or an hour after so the city of Kenner. Is going to have some fireworks. And if so if you don't wanna go to the the Jimmy just wanted to be in like town area or -- -- to treasure chest. All of a sudden you've got another wonderful. Show so to special things happening in Jefferson Parish. But what is happening right here in the city of New Orleans unforgettable. Every fourth of July. Is of course our celebration of the four with the dueling barges. And Debbie Pressler probably lights the switch yourself. Culture club -- and the other but. It is and you know we really do it right. -- really that we do and what from the community supporting. So many around the country shouldn't that are paid quote municipal. This is a nonprofit that riverfront marketing group that was formed to produce and -- you. This tradition. And its thirty board different supporters and businesses organization. And. And it's spectacular to watch and I love the fact dubbed -- real radio in the -- unsolicited because long before I worked here. I appreciated that it was all simultaneously. Done to music that you can get on 870. Absolutely -- a backpack. Quality passionately patriotic action it would -- you know producer how. -- and if it's one of my favorite part in new together and a court in her that eternal over the world on the web on a match and -- and the -- in here I mean batted in July. I will put down my glass of wine as you do -- this beautiful event until I'm actually gonna go up and he would fuel because I just love it. We do it again. Run. It's wonderful we so appreciate it when it frequent you know that shut on or a bar in each of companies. Local spammers are. Donate it to drugs into -- that make. Him show. Every year featuring action so he constructed uncle spam and pop it in one. It. Chevron are buying the wrong true marketing thank you and -- -- -- -- that there were sponsored. Can't go to the back of port -- -- dot com 9 o'clock both sides that the ripper it's a free show. Cory at let me ask them Debian maybe you don't know the answer this -- I don't mean to put on the spot -- again -- hurt her. We were joking at the beginning about you throwing this switch who actually does throws which who's that guy or gal that's in charge a push in the blood that starts the whole thing off. What did you have displayed that actually. Is he board maker in this period many people navigate touch. And company by the -- -- can actually be coordinating chip market it's very quietly quietly and that honor. -- -- The Coast Guard by the fire Marshall by everybody not pretend which yes does -- him. But that the court -- by computer. In the wake up one -- -- some kind of patented product got to block out everything coordinated -- that the chip sergeant. Coordinating with the music backyard out from there. It's that may so that it does. Our sister say the way they've capped by a couple of that you like come down and he's doing gorgeous eyes were -- look at. It's a professional should take all measures. Can make dictate and colonel need but the -- -- the Coast Guard they all work very -- that can make sure it is going to be always our traditions. Attack and I think it's important to note that the American pyrotechnics association. Calls are one of the top five must see fireworks displays in this country. -- what we're very fortunate we're very fortunate everybody supporting it keep giving accurate -- twenty that -- urged the really hard to believe. -- 25. Years. -- back yeah of making people happy. And again I think you need to remind everybody it is both sides of the river. And you conceded show from anywhere from. Or that we getting a lot of calls both sides of the river yet you can bring -- and blanket and I'm currently parked car -- but it's probably good front all week so that support come visit the get on the could spin that they. Can be ready when it's time for the fireworks on the clock. I don't know so it's at 9 o'clock and goes for what. A good. It's about thirteen fourteen minute. Including I look at music and everything that could be -- bring your opinion -- And that magical at one point and I hear the music. O'clock. We'll also be streaming on the web so if people want to listen on their mobile devices. As well. I did that Alan sat down -- -- -- -- WWL happened. Lets you listen to. Success. Patriotic music it. Wonder what a lot of all accounts an excellent wedge -- -- -- -- ups and there aren't people on the barges it is strictly done by computer. Few people -- at. Any secret company and and there are. That would accomplish great one each by the court yet there are people on -- as well. A lot of sometimes in most of the time. Fire marshals in every video on the one of the board. Opted David spear into the. Yeah I think it was another stretch where it for me to have I would always -- just I always see the barges and -- sort of curious about what it's like to be on their back close to the action. Well Debbie Donnelly -- donating. Story could see it as -- extra clothing -- and day at a time and -- Uncle -- -- the economic. After question -- all that sport is if you think next you're next come watch every word. Deal on hold you to it. Will we will go forth on the river we will see you tomorrow night. Again the show was at 9 o'clock but -- come down as you say come thoroughly enjoyed the city enjoy our visitors and hopefully they'll be out there as well. Absolutely thank you so much for your support. Okay thank you Debbie what a wonderful wonderful job they have done 25 years that's often it is great I want everyone to stay with this as we got more coming up for our -- It is this week I really do this film was a wonderful weekend in our city and the city doesn't does it right on invites the world. Twenty years after. Very very side and I remember the first few they had it I had the talk show that fans and the absolutely magnificent woman who had a did not. Who -- -- name is Susan and and everybody else well now I'm blinking analyst. One most elegant women I think have ever met. But you could see the dream and the vision in her eyes and now to see what it uses is incredible and I don't know how they keep. Making it better and better every year but they do and I I was listening today they were on the channel -- morning news talking about. They call -- the I think it's the essence fest and culture the because they want only yes the music. But also the incredible talks -- -- poignant given -- the convention's outreach education programs like listening rate empowerment. So way to do it you know it's funny just real quick -- you say how to take they get a better and better every year and it economy -- table. Jazz festivals it's better known as the French Quarter faster better and better beer and I think part of that is due to the fact that -- music. Has become sort of the gravitational center of the music industry. In the 21 century since CD sales and and those things all kind of fallen off going to see it live music events. And you know also the concurrent speeches and an educational programs that's really where it's that's what the revenues through the opportunities for growth ourselves. I think that's a good -- and we can expect more and bigger and better. Festivals and events of every kind. But I remember in the early years when Malia and it was sort of a sort of a dead time in the city we had a far right and fun but for bringing true Christian. Essence fest was the cancer and -- look at an in her today. Lot of hotel room to -- I'm sure isn't that may even see -- point dressed down here it's already full I mean it's just -- looking crazy after that kind of food vendors and -- just looks like it's going to be a very exciting couple days and I am so happy that the river walk is Don and opened because yes when it was not and it's healthy exchange that they would not rent -- -- during essence -- which was a great thing out and so you'd see life in there again and of course as this was over and it would be back. But now. I'm sure for the people who come to and -- who have been to the river walk. And now this is first -- that all my gosh American -- not gonna -- for shut up and take my money. The thing I don't know what it has been in the last couple of weeks but my life keeps intersecting. The victory bills -- so incredible women singers from the World War II museum. -- -- something at that at the Roosevelt 128 -- that you are they were the entertainment. They were walking out of this office there they are again. I do around town it's mourns his show on the Internet yeah at the boomer thing out of ten and they are they weren't an entertaining. Maybe I should be the fourth victory. -- -- Just you know you're all along but let me just tell you that they are going to being. Doing a with a great Americans on songbook. This is that the main stage at river town theatres. Tomorrow. -- Friday Saturday and Sunday. 7 PM both tomorrow night and Saturday and then on Sunday to if you have not seen these young women. Individually and collectively. Some of the most talented people we have in the city and they go all over the world and it -- so cool if it is and on the real for them. Anyway I'm done my bit is the fourth now. Also wanna say that out east Jefferson high school auditorium as were talking about the great tan. Peter out there. They're doing the complete history of America abridged and it's a barbecue dinner and show and it's tonight at 6 o'clock. I'm so sorry it is not out at the theater it's -- -- true Rico. To -- yes on last week which is a wonderful place yet and so can imagine how perfect for fourth of July -- tonight I'm sure they've still got some tickets only thirty dollars. If the dinner and. I have kind of a silly thing I would like teachers you know last week we talked about Indy -- which is that news sort of independent movie house guy out there it's really cool experience by 9 at 9 o'clock they have an event they've called spiked Tea Party. New Orleans first the -- they're going to be watching what I what I guess is a documentary film about the battle of 1812. And you know they'll have all kind of delicious adult beverages anyone dressed as Andrew Jackson or -- feed -- in for free. Yeah you have -- -- would -- constant sit around -- pull into Jackson out of the attic and -- -- the temerity and go to India would see this doc. I was. Really loved doing T aspect has been iPhone and ideas as teachings I love him and spikes and speaking of as all you know. CNN. Multi talented as he is here at the radio station is also an award winning actor this is -- and I think we did discuss -- we haven't I was remiss. Twenty to jump street yes I went last weekend this man has a good three to four minutes -- And I'm telling you I was almost jumping on in my seat I was so thrilled us and me and this is. I would say if you were not in the room you did a superb job won't think you are not that I didn't expected but I I was I was so proud of the. It's funny you know and I try to -- modest about it that is so I'm so great in this movie -- know Alex. You know the part I play in the movie is so close to what I actually do in real -- -- these comedy shows you know I've been doing in prop comedy my entire life and so in the movie. You know on plane this impromptu meeting who's taken suggestions from the audience and so. When I went to the audition so I'll just do you do -- -- show. And I did exactly that and that's exactly what ended up in the film. And so it's so interesting for people like thank you for your praise I appreciate so much but it feels like. I didn't do anything so special I just do what I do every Saturday night and I've done the last decade you know it's just who I am. And it's a school because that's how they cast these parts a lot of times. They don't go all who's gonna give us the best impression of this or that an adult let's go get the people that actually do this how Smart and lets put -- -- so a lot of New Orleans. -- creative types are getting cast in these movies just by doing exactly what they do and nothing more and audiences really acting. Feel that. Which -- -- the off authenticity. It's really cool well. As -- repeat my mantra is there's more talent in this city per square foot than any place on earth and now that we have the big movie industry here. Picking up that tell you in the many others -- three cheers while -- little guy I sat in the theater my husband or was there and I sat on when it's in the but the people around. When it's kept saying this is why we're going in -- I was I was very proud woman thank you very much for going am very grateful I also wanted to say because we're talking to an actor right here for anybody else. Lot Petit theatre is gonna hold joint additions for upcoming musicals Jesus Christ superstar. And Peter and the star catcher so if you are. An actor singer dancer they're looking for you. It all happens on July 14 so you might wanna just called the Peterson plane consider or go to the website Le Petit theatre dot com. Let us take a little break we will be right back. And and have more room. Yes you know I think I'd love. Every time we have special bunker music just -- -- giant smile but it marked Menard -- Incredible volume is mail you or doing huge amounts a because in the festive mood it is. It is a great weekend hand practically Friday and is fighting for me I don't know if it's Friday Good Friday community is invited -- that's right limited have been so few. July force a government off on them. The thrill so happy that it's fallen on Friday because until the last several years that's been known tomorrow Wednesday. To this -- and Wimbledon. -- Actually it would take any day we cut. But I'm I'm really thrilled -- -- -- of -- excellent -- you can go oh cool I've got 72 hours right around fifty to 72 beautiful our suite. Anyway we do have some other things happening on -- look. 2000 celebrates the twentieth anniversary and that is I think that is the award winning African dance in world. Pop music. That is happening and that is tonight. Over the weekend. And it's tonight it sweet greens Paula -- -- yes. And then Saturday able kinds of things happening at Congo square. And also big CD release party Louisiana music factory. And then Saturday also at 10 PM interfaith presents African to sport from celebration so we got good things. Sony has broken have you been to the movies and music factory since they moved into their new location of their Frenchman street I have not French streets can't live a long way in the last year you know they added that. That -- dog restaurants that are bamboo is open right across the street and a couple new clubs. And de Louisiana music factories in there and I you know I had been over when they were on Decatur in the in the quarter for a bit but I'm just in their last week to. To check out some of their and that's that's just to create lists. Is the greatest music store of all time. Of all time. I'm not immoral or different it's just so nicely organized -- -- I say it show me the revivalist section and they know exactly where it is and it got all these CDs from local bands. You know we hear a lot about these local brands you don't realize sometimes that they have albums that you can go out and buy you know and actually huge financial support what they're doing but you gotta know where to find him in the Louisiana music factories just really great about that so. Now and I never been to like it CD release partner in there but I'm sure they would be wonder what got a pretty good time and. That you mentioned that dog and god bless these wonderful people love creativity. Dimension. That dog is fabulous but -- -- -- I -- -- we drink any right but I have news this is important of one rampart street -- from the day they -- -- picture these guys on right. They were just -- on the top five hot dogs. By Pete because they had a vegetarian hot to pass and this is national all things are pondering and we mean Ryan on past reports are good for them yes. I'll -- training when you they have delicious but I know they're right outside the opera house not that the McCain yet so when I -- to the operating analysts -- go -- -- my -- my time super -- You can listen to. They're not done would Chilean and I think they stand up and applaud at that point absolutely definitely -- -- -- Let me take some cute things wonderful young people we have to cheer them on. Crescent City lights used theater yet this is all part ignored and some other very count -- -- but their big production is starting -- they do to. One of them is next weekend and the following weekend. And it is called I love this a math start musical. Mass start math start just like it sounds just exactly like that start OK I have been if you've never seen -- production. You must see it because you'll understand. The birth of the talent of this area. Kids from all over and they work so hard and they're still very very good. You know who's at Ogden museum tonight from 68 brought in after hours who the victory. Stock. Don't you get enough for the victory balls maybe they'll give you one of those little the little singer -- that they where it was my understanding the victory bills are also going to be at the hotel. Tomorrow night speeches I think there's going to be welcoming signal not a performance that welcome al-Qaeda victory bills. And Watergate I would do that will do that and RP let me tell you one of those victory bills is. Was believed in not willingness at -- some earlier -- -- one of the finest performances I've seen and I've seen it on Broadway I'm telling you. This was -- couldn't. What's with members girl's name right now -- -- mean I don't know please I don't know what we've done names are not -- was -- on Thursdays on -- is that whoever along with the wrong anyway. As a second individually collectively the victory bills are actually sent me to go Angela thanks for having me on I think got the box Thursday. This is the first but hopefully they'll be more but I do wanna say that our next hour. Counting the minutes because it is mark Mori now and Michelle Miller -- now so common home medical center talking about their lives. So stay with us we'll be right back financial Honda VW well.