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Well he was mayor of New Orleans she a beloved news reporter and weekend anchor mark -- L and Michelle Miller met. Fell in love and married becoming the city's first couple. Together they -- the political winds and together have created a beautiful family. Now living in New York markets president and CEO of the National Urban League Michelle and award winning reporter for the CBS evening news. But I bet if we asked they would say New Orleans will always be home. Here for the essence fest the former mayor and First Lady our guest for the next hour to catch up on where their lives have taken them. And their thoughts on what's happening in the Crescent City. Angela Angela Angela for the group to be with you god bless you and congratulations to you I'm just so so happy. To share this Mike McConnell. I'm telling me on the big 87 W dot. You all and a mini -- from ear to ear and so excited if you. Excited to see you book and it. Thank you for doing so I know you're home you're home you're home to have fun and relax and be with friends and family and you're spending a whole hour and it means everything to me now thank you. It's great for you to have us in just you know good afternoon to all the normally unions everyone in the region. Everyone in the in the big listening. Area of WWL radio is just just great to be well. Thank you we are hoping to get scoop from you and if we want to talk about your lives gently to him. First of all. I cannot believe it's been ten years of her how to -- You know it's it's been ten fast years and of course. You know when I left office in May of 2002 I joined Adams and -- law firm here. And you know our our plan that's our son was a year old. And he was not even a year when I left off he's a muffle. And we were I think pretty settled so. I was gonna try to build -- law practice Michelle of course is that WW TV. And you know one day in probably November December. Of 2002. I had -- called a recruiter called. About the presidency of the National Urban League and one thing led to another ultimately I was picked and it was a it was a big decision and a big journey. Because we love New Orleans I love New Orleans it's always home big journey. To take the step to move to -- war to two New York City and take over the presidency the National Urban League so it wasn't playing. Him. And it these are addicted to maybe I'll ageless in time naked yes the mark told me. Around the time that he was in the process. He said that he was blocking. Along the train Tressel. Some place in Philadelphia. With a friend. And she looked at him and she said I since he was a friend who could have been a girlfriend. I'm Sarah there was some story there but of course I didn't ask that was the last thirty years ago. But she wanted him instead. You know mark she said and at CU is being like president of Blake. The national -- only at the time burden Vernon Jordan was the president and it was a very prestigious. Organization as this still is that I I just always think about that and that was free mayor -- I only home on my gosh you you. In college with your friends you know people sit around and imagine people imagine what their friends could be and I guess she was half teasing me at the time. But I told that story Michelle after the after I got picked that message you know life. Like his interest and sometimes it premonition that predictions. But for me and and of course Michelle. Took the leap in you quickly. Caught on at the CBS and I'm so proud because she's been. Michelle doing a -- -- you have an always on the air with with great great. Story polity of wonderful stories and let me tell you all of us when you beyond we were sitting on the senate channel for any time you came on I mean the -- stopped. And I've said this for many years I don't think CBS has a bad reporter I think all of the mark superb acting an amazing. Very rare to have one human issue and you and you. Every report to do whether it is something super serious or something a little lighter. Has you win it mean -- issue in your heart and it and a lot of reporters. Either don't allow themselves to do that or they've been trained differently but they missed. I was trained here in New Orleans by you and that's Sallyann Robert Alan Howard and I am I think you can start to cry before the hours over because. I -- I watched you I watched hold -- I watched. I want Sallyann and you know every morning. On on the show that every morning we prepared for this now and the phones. Are -- -- and the sound that. I would sit with Sally and her stand as we be in the makeup room. And we'd be putting our makeup line and she would talk to me always always lessons of life in Hewitt. I'll offer lessons of life and one of the things this used to always tell me. Was remember that the people. Always remain in the favor of the people tell the stories they need and want -- he year. And I don't hear her -- there is humanity. In what all of us were trained to do it Debbie Debbie I really I really mean that from the bottom in my heart. And it wasn't a perfect place for mean but it was a place. That I needed. And a place that trained me -- a place that I made some wonderful friendships and we think I'll be amazing correspondence. And on rumors. And anchors that it come out of rampart street. Right there on rampart. I got to go back I remember that how Claude answered yes and then Nash Roberts and the bill elders Pena and and Jim Henderson of course legendary. Sport I would remember women and you -- embezzlement. But look let's talk about out there in New York City and as you said the market is it is a journey that is a big league. It is a big -- mean running a city is huge but now you're on a national state. Likewise with Michelle. A great television station on rampart street but now you're on the CBS evening news that transition -- had to go through it. -- the -- I'd say this you know everything. You know I owe everything to New Orleans and to the people in this city who supported my life in my career to -- the role models the teachers. The coaches the network of friends. Who prepared and this is a great great. American city great international city New York is center stage. New York is unique it's massive it's huge it's. It's global it's asked moving it's exciting it's exciting you know you when you leave New Orleans and New Orleans is always home for us. You always have this renewed appreciation because what we have here is a sense of community. The sense culture in the sense of connectivity yes that yes and you you understand it best. -- and you experience living someplace else. And when you come back people saying. Let's go on line via -- okay yeah -- And their sites there is interest in you as the person. I mean whether it's you know mark permits now lords you know Winston and Lindy it's. It's it's it doesn't it doesn't matter who you are because there's just this sort of communal feeling. Then it is in this part of every one here and you know we're in this there and there if something about the oil. It's interesting because in many ways it's got to southern aspect. In many ways it's got to a Latin American Caribbean. Aspect in in many ways is he -- is the south but it's not like the rest of the south. In some ways it's like cities in the northeast because it's old and it's got. You know great to great ethnic communities in great fabric and diversity of religion and diversity of a background so New Orleans is truly unique I mean I've I've the beauty of being at the National Urban League has been. The chance to visit. Probably. A hundred cities across the nation from Toledo I was just in Minneapolis. Dayton Ohio Cincinnati Ohio San Antonio Austin. And and to visit those communities and then reflect on New Orleans. You always say you know nor is is a special place. Everywhere I go people have a New Orleans story and New Orleans experienced. They visited here that they honeymoon here they've been here for the -- -- the essence fest. The French Quarter fast. They say they relate to what is uniquely New Orleans. I want everyone to stay with this how lucky we are to have mark and Michelle -- yeah. We'll be right back I'm -- on WW well. And we are back with former mayor mark -- -- Michelle Mario all the show Miller -- -- great reporter channel four now. Great reporter on CBS news Michelle we were talking about serious. I saw a piece you did last week on the father son re doing the -- -- I loved it. And I loved how you ended it because. That the young man the son gave tribute to his father who didn't expect it yet and -- I think imminent crime that's what I'm saying. People don't know how all these factories come together but. It starts with the person who does it the reporter what you saw and captured in them. You know Angela and her and you know this firsthand I'm never had a problem being myself around people. And I'm kind of -- he can kind of I I I love people I love the energy I get from people's I'm always relaxed in the moments. With the people I'm interviewing. And it and it I've hopefully that's -- says it is do you find that it is. Ten times harder to do which you do. On CBS verses. In its really the same thing it is still have deadlines you still have the pressures. And it's bigger and it it's bitter but I'll also give more help there -- -- is. The V most of local job in our business I think is a local reporter. In in a place. Like New Orleans because there's so much going on this is a microcosm. Of what is happening in major -- Across the country and it's going on lightning speed. This that this is it's it's the main thing but it when you all. -- because I know you pay attention to what's happening in the world when you are hearing stories. The good stores and this city has come so far post-Katrina. Oh my lord. In the entrepreneurship are businesses backed up I mean I can go wants is with destruction does. Every day of the week almost -- highlight great things but we also have some of the same problems. And we had this horrific thing that happens Sunday with the shooting on Bourbon Street -- ten people shot outrageous. And it just. Brings back we're still fighting the good fight. You know the the violence problem that the city faces. You know I candidly fail. Oh win my second term ended and we've driven them. Crime and violence problem that we had created a formula. Reformed -- police department. That was of the right size. A real commitment to youth programs and coalition. From the business community to religious community to really. Fight crime some where along the way this city lost its way. And the current mayor inherited. An ineffective dismantled. Police department and dismantle the infrastructure. And they've been fighting. To rebuild it. Shooting on urban street made national news and it is always. Was of the year I think and concern that. Some sort of big crime incident in the quarter. Could dramatically have a negative effect on the economy in the city but I think people have to remember. That. The many neighborhoods in this. Base violence and killing but that this problem. Is not a New Orleans only problem Chicago. Over the weekend. In -- In Brooklyn New York which is part of New York City. All across the nation. Too many guns. Too many drugs. Not enough economic opportunity. -- challenges with family structure there's a lot of issues that -- what concerns me is whether the resolved. When will weather the determination. Sometimes. I'm concerned people say well as long as it's not in my neighborhood. You know I am OK but I think this reminds us that. Everyone is at risk. When you have this sort of challenge in this kind of problem. It's a function of many many factors and you know we a lot of lot of false debates. False debates are what is it this -- that there's no one reason no one cause this it's so complex but I think that. We've got the essence festival in town I think affected visitors. Stay true to the city. Indicates it is still great confidence. That visitors are going to be safe and I think the leadership. Of the city has to do everything necessary to reassure. And everything necessary to respond. To what to what it. He has -- it's interesting it's an I I think -- the mayor had a press conferences in the game was very strong interest said. For bring an end state health we're gonna with Britain to the president we need help. I heard from someone this is on document that. That no city that has gone through an event like this has in fact ever lost -- it never impacted terrorism. My bigger concern is if you can impact locals from wanting to go to the corner people some guy from -- he -- take his wife on a date building not -- -- You know yes and we know it. Really think that the more important thing for the community this is news and and uses -- to really say. We've got Muster up the determination the city's got. To get the consent decree in the consent decree commitments behind him the city is -- To create a sustainable recruiting program -- police officers -- city mosque. Do everything necessary to expand. Opportunities for young people there. These are important thing. Religious leaders have to continue to get strong messages. The community leaders have to continue to give. Strong messages -- it's a big. Challenge and it's indeed a big problem and I think what we need to recognizes while. The incident on -- she gets. More tension. That these killings. These murders. Are unacceptable no matter win. They take place not just in New Orleans but in the entire region -- in the entire state. Or anywhere and we you know I say. To the leaders who are there today do not get frustrated. And be careful with the blame game. See there's a lot of this plane landing it's not only put politicians -- you know politicians. Its various parts of the community blame in various parts of the community. And and hopefully. They can work too hard to get it behind them are just have to say. You know we had twenty years ago. We have a similar situation we we tackled that we made significant. Progress and -- as it of people not that what. Was done in the ninety's. Should be replicated today. But I just saw the mayor of Baltimore last evening at an event Stephanie Rawlings -- she's going to be here at since. She's just experimenting with something we -- ninety's which was a very very stringent youth curfew. And I suggest to people you have to look at best practices that we used here in the ninety's but all over the nation to see what works through with -- Everyone stay with us we're gonna continue our talk with mark and Michelle. Right after this. The former mayor mark Mori now his beautiful bride camp believes it has been fifteen years. Michelle Miller Lori L. Great CBS reporter former reporter with channel four can -- to -- how fabulous -- yes you can -- a little louder I really needed on the posters on -- show is okay. Is that John georgians. Yeah. You'll want to menus. Again dynamic. Media. And then of course like me so much more though mark wants. I don't mind having a vote on the radio. And it's it's really great and one of these now and think about her next career move to the pond something in the war on than -- than. You know the words out of my mouth that was actually one in my my comments later in the show was going to be. When you decide that you know you want to ratchet up CBS sign that the -- Would you come back if -- -- and living John. Fabulous bag without that did. Well look where we put it in a competitive we're very proud of you -- then you know that that gives the edge on the -- -- at -- I thought I like that and. Down let me just say this John thanks for calling in that you know Angela thing. I judge George is certainly is and we have been incredible civic leaders and philanthropists in this community and I think one of the most. Important things that occurred years his his -- now ownership of the advocate. To create something unique. In American cities now on this is -- newspaper term. One daily of course that and and I think the advocates presence. Creates something healthy. You know discourse and you've got of course. You know both the advocate and and and the times Picayune. But you've also got great community newspapers like gambit and yes that -- -- we are very very Lucky Magazine and then in newsweekly in the Louisiana we you've got. You know lots of things like the lands in the uptown messenger and all of these new. Avenues for people to express their opinion on. Because we aren't we are a great news town. Great news to me that it should be an answer your question. People always want wanted what my parents my close friends -- as. I was on the market I want my children and -- children. So the only way that happened -- them and they don't plan. On their return to war. Let's look we'll be back and submit on the air right now I'm -- Let me you know what's interesting about our you know our kids are kids. You know Mason. The youngest cells oldest older boys born here. And but it. He -- hops off. Pot pies for a ticket -- engine -- being in the book that this thanks for -- you LA has had well. I mean you know our our our kids are like big time love in New Orleans I mean in it must be in in the DNA in the genes in them. You don't agree to and reminding them -- their routes and where they can problem. I don't want to applaud you keep coming back and thank you notes and I don't know. Every chance you get you. You do something went along and this year. Thank you thank you don't know where exactly -- leadership now that is fast thank you again. Now people are glad to see you come home and you know the adorable always BO yeah and I. I wanna say you know what the National Urban League has a great presence here in New Orleans. The urban league of greater New Orleans now led by very dynamic -- talented woman -- who can't -- the X. Is really doing important things in the community tonight they're going to be involved in. Power moves an initiative to try to connect. Entrepreneurs of color with with capitol. Venture capitalists that academy we did a whole -- on -- -- that's the exciting things that are happening -- -- -- something -- -- something. Something needed then and how I'm at a stop by because I wanna supported. And any encouraging and I hope that what little yield this the year 234 years from now stories of businesses. Birth story expanded through this effort that really make an impact in and are employing people here in New Orleans. And that is that that is the vision of it and it can happen the environment is right now I know something else that you all are going to. Is something with Urban League and all the games have been played all day long and. Yeah we're going over to the peacekeeping -- and the peace games -- an effort to. My very good friends of givens is involved -- them -- the new Zion Baptist Church where the young people participating and then let it came in Richmond -- today. Modeled off of something that's been done in Chicago so will be doing that of course. Proud to be here on the twentieth anniversary the essence festival which was founded. In the first year of my administration in my papers -- there as well and if it's amazing how. New Orleans has home grown embraced it. The essence festival and like the Jazz Fest like the French Quarter past these are events that. You know they don't rotate it's great to have a Super Bowl it's great to have the answer the NCAA is it's great to -- conventions but these annually -- Really crime. The economic impact we flew win. From Washington and every seat on the plane was filled with someone. Coming down and yes it's that's also it's great such as wanna -- certainly -- out to Michelle Ebanks in the leadership team. And Essence Communications so we will the National Urban League will be. Participating in any event we are going to be managing. The careers zone. Which is a place where people can go to connect with employers. And jobs over at the morial convention since starting tomorrow. We are thrilled to have you we want you to stay with us we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back. And we want to ask you your thoughts on what's happening with Ray Nagin and also your thoughts on what's happening in Washington DC. Priceless I'm -- under the W well. Marc Morial Michelle Miller Gloria now you know every news media probably more than some locals -- So I know you're keeping tabs on what's going on all the time here. And and just your thoughts on. On what happened to reining in. It's tragic. Means tragic because it perpetuates. Korea that is as mean it was -- was once a failure. And it's tragic for him. And his family and his actions let people. Tremendous trust is placed in the occupied that office. And the institution. The mayor it is. Not only important position for the people of the city -- It's also been an important national position because of the importance of New Orleans -- It's tragic because it was not a single incident which is why it's sprayed something. Happened along the way look the public knows he I would never close friends or allies in here honestly outs. About his ability to function and form. Effectively as mayor around the euphoria of this election because he had no relevant experience being. The manager of the local cable company is not relevant experience in my own opinion to be the chief executive and political leader. Of the city but it's it's tragic. I feel for his family -- feel for his children that -- for. His confidant who had too much trust. -- in him but I have to say in my sense justice has certainly been served -- and and while you wish no ill will. For anyone the important thing is that lessons to be learned about. How one must conduct in function. In high office the scrutiny. -- year at that level is extremely. Intense and some people get into public office and -- and they believe that. There is no scrutiny they -- not watching they beat the beyond if you will. The standards that are required in that -- high risk job. When you put it in perspective of the number of people on the Jefferson family. So -- going to jail even and when Edwards now I'll put in for ten years. It just one more blemish on what has happened status when I say this I want to say it is very clearly because. There's lots of political corruption in New Jersey when -- for Iran's political corruption in New York I mean I wanna say this. And I think sometimes New Orleans think wow you know it's all here you know. It's worked since we moved. Two. First the -- governors of Connecticut. New Jersey and new York and New York. Get in trouble and even have to resign. And now this is in a ten year period three governors of Northeastern State that the different cities. Is that when it happens there it doesn't make continuing news story. Where it's every single day day in day out. Even when it's high profile people. It's culvert. The indictments are covered the trials that -- but the conviction to convert the sentencing to -- -- and you really don't hear hole. Lot -- about it people team. Seen him attention. And saying that people of the city. And acted too well. You can't dwell on the challenges you've got to confront. The problems and certainly move on but the Palestinians. You know I grew up. Watching my father allies and friends. It was civil rights leaders and community leaders and politicians. They had in the biting cents. Public service. And change. And that's one of the things that motivated me. 21 idea and be involved in politics nothing but the ability to make a difference and try to serve him. And make things that someone to say that. I didn't -- It's rough -- and I know this isn't one of the immediate things that I call it was our first five years in New York. And the governor of New Jersey the governor of new York and the governor of Connecticut all war. Kicked out or resigned under pressure. I mean it's. So you know I think -- it is a blemish on the city but look and and I and I look at it is. A generation and fortunately. Of mayors the mayor Detroit. The mayor of Birmingham. The mayor earlier Chicago New Orleans time wasn't it. Luckily it hit the governor of -- -- and -- on but you know the generation. That comes I mean it's noteworthy. That day in the history of the city Ray Nagin is the first -- 300 years. To be indicted tried convicted person even being indicted so it's important people say well historically right. When it comes to city government they have been problems. And they have been ethical lapses in his been. Certainly challenges but that's what you judgment some. Magical words in that this public service and I want a leap over for both of you to Washington DC because -- and you know we talk gridlock but it's wrong. We are not functioning well and Washington and just your thoughts as a reporter as one who is its. It's a broken situated here tell you why. I. I've been there. Whether one agrees we have. The president or not. I think that. Not bringing important pieces of legislation to vote. Is not good for the country. I think the important things you take something like him and went -- the order against it let's have an all out on the merits. Those that -- vote no vote no of those that want to vote yes vote yes -- have a vigorous debate what we have is the use of procedural device. Filibusters. And caucus holds. To prevent things from coming to votes that I think is a challenger also think Angela. I'm I'm greatly concerned about. The changing of the rules. Of how campaigns are financed. Which results from the Supreme Court which creates a proliferation look. You know you can't walk. Around Washington these days without being stampeded by a lobbyist. And public affairs consultants. And people who work for all sorts of interest I mean it's become that kind of situation notwithstanding that. We still have a great democracy. That was standing there this is a great. Nation in spite of these -- well idiots in my opinion you have an. These people in Washington are representatives. Of the places from which they come. And their communities. That. These represented does feel as though -- -- stand -- So that you have a divide taking place across the nation. And it's it's reflective than what's going on in Washington DC at least that's what I have seen through my travels as a journalist. To see people who have very differing points of view. About very differing. Differ in different types of whether or do you let this elation or it's. The way people should be living or the types of people who should be involved in the political process. Severe that there are communities that are sorely divided on these issues. We've lost something and I'm just reminded -- senate before content Lindy Boggs funeral. Yeah the end of an era of compromise you know somebody who -- -- I can disagree but you know by golly we got a bigger picture here we're gonna have to take another break we'll be right back. We're back with mark -- L and Michelle Miller -- -- talk about what they're thinking of today both in the city and in Washington. And we only have another minute or -- and I know that they have many friends here and he mentioned two George duke and Sharon's. Tony I would not be here it says duke did not have faith in me and -- Italian tells students this all the time. Have integrity and there was something I shared with the duke. In the interview that. Without going through the whole story he remembered that I have the wherewithal to share that. Really tough experience with him and it's why he hired me. And that's why he brought me on its CBS he was the guy in charge of hiring is CBS how. Unbelievable he is now it. Syrian -- this is that so I just Torres -- they were such great supporters of mine. And I just want them to know how much I appreciate them I want you to know how much I appreciated. You took me out to -- my very first month affair we tell -- Democrats. And you made me feel so well them so I will never forget your kind. No thank you we love your Angelina you do love you Angela and I. I have loved this whole hour I wish it were ten hours I think people would love to pick both your -- come back. I bring you back bring a brand we will definitely always have an open. I should say thank you listening audience and the people out there and can I want to to encourage everyone have a safe. Yes happy fourth of July we -- And stop by the essence. And had enough -- to our nephews and our children and school unsure listening into whatever. -- -- -- All of us thank you again very very much and we will have you back. Continued success here both of you being Q you'll have a wonderful safe holiday he's right and we'll see on Monday.

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